Niger Delta militants want to “colonise Nigeria economically” — Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari addressing World Leaders at the 71st General Assembly of United Nations in New York 7000/21/9/2016/ICE/HB/BJO/NAN
President Muhammadu Buhari addressing World Leaders at the 71st General Assembly of United Nations in New York 7000/21/9/2016/ICE/HB/BJO/NAN

President Muhammadu Buhari has described the militancy in the Niger Delta as an attempt by raging factions to “colonise” Nigeria economically.

Mr. Buhari said Germany could help curb oil theft in Nigeria through assistance in the areas of equipment, training, and sharing of intelligence with the Nigeria Navy.

The president spoke Monday during an audience with the Foreign Minister of Germany, Frank-Walters Steinmeier, at State House, Abuja.

“Nigeria’s oil is stolen, and taken away through the Gulf of Guinea. Adequate training and equipping of our navy will prevent this,” the president said.

He told the visitor that the security challenge in the North-east of the country was under control, with Boko Haram largely defeated

“But another serious form of insecurity has reared its head in the Niger Delta,” Mr. Buhari said. “The objective is to colonize the country economically by sabotaging oil and gas installations. We are trying to speak with their leaders, to know how many groups there are, and we are also working with the oil companies.

“The militants engage in sophisticated sabotage, using skills they had gained from trainings either by government, or the oil companies, to vandalize installations deep in the sea. We need to understand who the real agitators are, and engage with them, so that confidence can be restored in the region,” the president added.

President Buhari said the Niger Delta situation was more complex, since the militants had no central command, and some of them were mere extortionists. But he promised that a handle would be found to the unrest soon.

Mr. Steinmeier, in his response, said Germany was happy to hear of the strides taken by the Buhari administration against insurgents in the North-east, adding that they were equally willing to lend a helping hand in resolving the crisis in the Niger Delta.

Applauding the war against corruption, Mr. Steinmeier said it had his country’s support, adding that Germany was also interested in investing in renewable energy, gas exploration, mining, among others, to boost Nigeria’s economy.

“Germany will support development in Nigeria. We want closer cooperation on migration issues, urbanization, and supporting the navy with equipment, training and intelligence,” the Foreign Minister said.


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    South South Must Elect Leaders That Will Protect The Interest of The Poor and Weak.

    SS Leaders Must Not Exploit The Weakness and Hopelessness of Their People.

    Apart From The Government in Abuja, The Worse Abuser of The Niger Delta People Are The Niger Delta Elites & Leaders.

    Take Elections Seriously. Elect Only Leaders That Will Serve You and Not Themselves ,Their Families & Friends

    www electionoffenders ng

  • Marcus Ijele

    Yes, because the North has been the Nigerian Economic colonial masters. Ask yourself who owns the economy? They are only asking for a fraction of what belongs to them.

  • Muhammad

    The complexity of the realities that define Niger Delta militancy require an unusual maturity and emotional intelligence to resolve by any genuinely interested party . Unfortunately very few can be this endowed and should at least come from any party involved in the problem .

    • George

      Evil people pls go and carry your bomb

      • emmanuel

        Nor mind am.
        Na by force, a people say they want independence and you insist they must not go. They even ask for referendum and you say they should keep quiet.
        There are climes where such struggles have been on for decades, so imagine if this one continue for another three to five years? Nigeria would have stopped to exist then and the fraudulent owners of the Oil block would continue to count their losses

  • Felix Udoh

    That won’t be such a bad idea , after all, Northern Elders Militants have been colonising Nigeria’s Economy and the Niger Delta Oil Blocks since Independence. I guess the Freedom Fighters from the Niger Delta are only learning from the best.

  • emmanuel

    You lie oga AB.
    What they are doing is very correct and similar to what we did to the British when we got independence. They led us, and continued to take our resources to develop their land, so we realised and engaged them to leave us alone so we can use our resources ourselves.
    The foolanis have ruled over the Niger Delta, used their resources to develop folani land and the people realised and want their resources to develop their land just like Nigeria before 1960 and you say never.
    The end result for such temerity is war and that is what is ongoing.
    God bless the Niger Delta people and those leading the struggle like the Ahmadu Bello, Awolowo, Azikiwe, Enahoro of blessed memory.
    Alhaji Buhari search your conscience. Make we seperate, you say never, make we restructure you say never; meanwhile restructure to regional administration is not evil. Then the cliche ‘the unity of Nigeria is sacrosanct’ when the call for restructure is made.
    That on its own is tantamount to inherent structural fraud.

  • emmanuel

    Fall out of the Niger Delta Self determination fighters – The inept APC/Katsina Cabal government tell the World they have released N350 billion first instalment to contractor and another N280 billion.
    The lies in what we have been made to believe is that they has not been cash backing for those release, so the monies have actually not be paid to the contractors.
    Who say that doomsday is not here?
    The Army has been deployed to stop those fighting for the independence of their land and the Country is gettig poorer. The cost of administering Nigeria became too high for the British and they had to let go.
    Foolanis, what is your cost of administering and repressing Niger Delta people, which is cheaper? have them share is what is in their land and have some peace or have all of us starve to death?
    The thing dey hurt me as i dey o, we must handle justly make we and our children survive this depression ooooooo.
    In wars, even the victors also count their losses.

  • Lanre

    Muhammudu Buhari. Message for you. You cannot subject all of us to the rule of the Hausa-Fulani. Your brother Sani Abacha tried and failed and you too will fail. Now two Northerners have been appointed to replace Igbo judges on the Supreme Court. Just to reinforce your policy that only Southerners are corrupt. We keep watching.

  • George

    Hearing this callous evil man sicking my stomach.

    German the offspring of Hitler will always support evil man as Buhari.


    • Rommel

      hält die Schnauze

  • Sarah

    You extract Oil from their backyard, pollute their water and air, then you give them pitiful 13% as derivative allocation. When they protest against internal colonisation, you say they want to colonise Nigerian economy.
    Haba PMB, fear Allah!
    How was it when the North had Groundnut Pyramids, the West had Cocoa and the East had Oil Palm?
    You all kept most of the value and contributed a fraction to the government at the centre, not so?
    How can it ever be fair by Quran or Bible or whatever holy book you follow, that FGN (IBB’s FG) paid Julius Berger with crude oil to build all those fanstastic roads, bridges and skyscrappers in Abuja and the Niger Delta (source of oil) is left in Swamps and mosquitoes?
    Fear Allah PMB!!!, You will die one day, Fear Allah!!!
    Send emergency bill to parliarment to review allocation to oil producing communities (not states) to minimum 50% value of their resources, be it Oil, Gold, Nickel, or whatever.
    End internal colonisation!!!

    • Rommel

      They polluted the environment themselves,it started as a means of extorting the companies since compensations were paid for pollutions in the 80’s but when the frequency of genuine pollution was not enough,they started helping the situation

  • Rommel

    We will prevail,no matter how hard they bomb the pipelines, in the end,they will lose and regret it

    • u-best

      super story

  • NinjaK

    Mr President, na simple matter.
    Leave their land alone and they too will leave nigeria alone. Equation balanced!

    • veritas

      Gbam! well said and an accurate mathematical calculation. will you be my maths teacher?

  • o

    Mr. President, just like Northern politicians want to colonize Nigeria politically.

    • veritas

      50 points for you. Highest ever i have issued. Well said… one who controls Politics, controls national resources. Thats why His tribalism riddled kind are against restructuring back to the good old better days of regional autonomy.

  • Abidilagungun

    …So you would rather colonise them economically!

  • George

    Useless tribe God hate them all.

  • Ben Ikari

    It’s Buhari and his Northern oil criminals and their political cohorts in the East, West and South who are stealing from Niger delta giving the fact that Nigeria owns no oil rather communities in South-South or Niger delta region are the rightful owners of their land and oil. Since the British colonialists left and handed over to Hausa-Falunis, Yorubas and Igbos the South-South or Niger delta communities have remain colonized. Therefore, Buhari will agree that it’s the North, Hausa-Fulanis like himself particularly that have been colonizing the rest of Nigeria, but owners of the oil and gas lands or communities especially. Recolonizing the oil owners is clear when most of their oil (see historical or contemporary oil blocs owners) is controlled by Hausas and Fulanis whose land has no oil on record despite claims not authenticated by independent investigation or review. If Buhari is honest in any fashion and not the obvious lair he’s been when considering his statements including that Ogoni clean up has started whereas no such work has started, and the Boko Haram “independence” or dependent speech story, which Premium Times recently concluded Buhari lied about he will not make such untrue and criminally trending comment. It’s of course true that these so-called Ijaw militants misnamed Niger delta’s aren’t representing the interest of the oil owners, but their interest. If they’re representing the oil region’s interest hence the fight to stop the oil from flowing to the north and other places oppressing them organized, by now there will be no pipes and flowing oil for Buhari to talk about and framing as a national resource to attract foreign investments. You can’t fight and kill for what you don’t have. Therefore, it’s criminal for the north or Nigeria and its president, Buhari in this case to claim and fight, killing for oil they don’t own. The north and Nigeria in general have stolen from the oil owners for more than 50 years, killed the people when they complain and demand justice, then left the land in deadly pollution and degradation with no honest plans to restore the environment, but Buhari is seeking $14 billion dollars to restore Lake Chad Basin in the north. Well, I blame ignorant Goodluck Jonathan the most. He had the opportunity to right the wrongs against Niger delta or mobilize the people to the knowledge of their rights and to demand justice from hardcore Nigerian oppressors such as Buhari or face disintegration. He ruled as president for six years, did nothing but exercised or reenacted historical Ijaw political class’ marginalization of Ogoni in old Rivers State when he formed HYPREP, which spreads the UNEP report and recommendations made for Ogoni to other Niger delta communities including his (Otueke) as a way to deny Ogoni its right and opportunity. HYPREP has no scientific or expertise basis nor did Jonathan order any environmental assessment for these communities not covered by UNEP work which their inclusion contravenes UNEP report and recommendations. The lazy Jonathan should be blamed most by Niger deltans for his incompetence which only breed the worst corruption, even though Buhari and his Northern politicians and rulers have no moral right or justification to accuse any Niger deltan of colonization-a system Buhari and his kinsmen have been operating against Ogoni and Niger delta communities for decades while stealing the people’s oil and gas.