Chief Justice of Nigeria speaks; says Judges’ arrest “deeply regrettable, distressing”

Chief Justice of Nigeria, Mahmud Mohammed; Photo: Mahmud Mohammed
Chief Justice of Nigeria, Mahmud Mohammed; Photo: Mahmud Mohammed

The head of Nigeria’s judiciary, Mahmud Mohammed, has described the mode of arrest of seven judges as “deeply regrettable.”

The judges were arrested between Friday night and Saturday morning.

Speaking at a valedictory session for Justice Suleiman Galadima of the Supreme Court in Abuja, Mr. Mohammed urged Nigerians to pray for the country.

“It is indeed very saddening and deeply regrettable, the distressing and unfortunate incident which occurred on Friday 7 October and Saturday 8 October, 2016,” he said.

The Chief Justice said an emergency meeting of the National Judicial Council, “which will take place tomorrow, will comprehensively look into the matter.”

“Furthermore, I must express my sincere appreciation to the executive of the Nigerian Bar Association ably led by the President, Abubakar Mahmoud and indeed all members of the legal profession for their prompt action and continued support,” he said.

The arrested judges by the SSS include John Okoro and Sylvester Nguta of the Supreme Court, Namdi Dimgba and Adeniyi Ademola of the Federal High Court, Abuja; Kabiru Auta, from Kano; Muazu Pindiga in Gombe, and a former Chief Judge of Enugu State, Innocent Umezulike.

An SSS official had told PREMIUM TIMES that the agency could commence the prosecution of the judges from today.


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  • Public Record

    What is deeply regrettable or distressing on these clear facts?

    “When we brought in most of the children, wives and relatives
    of the Judges based on the papers we got from the banks, they did not
    even have an idea that their names had been used by the judges to open such
    accounts. But you see under the Bank Verification Number, you must put in your
    passports, name, signature and others. So, for some of the judges, who used
    fake names and their wives names to open the accounts into which they paid in
    the proceeds of crime, they foolishly appended their signatures or used their
    pictures, something that gave them out.

    From what we have found out, some of the suspects acted
    foolishly in committing the offence because they cannot prove that even if
    their children were to earn N1 million monthly since they were born till date,
    none of them can accumulate the amount of money we have traced to their
    accounts and the type of property they have.

    Look, it may interest you to know that one of the two Supreme Court
    judges in our custody has a property worth N1.5 billion in one of the
    South-South states. If we may ask, where did he get the money to set up such
    project? As far as we are concerned, there is nothing unusual in arresting
    corrupt judges and taking them to court because it would be an offence against
    the nation to continue to turn a blind eye to mounting corruption in the

    • Cleartruth

      So you believe the lies of daura dss?

      • Bamboo

        Nigerians really
        don’t need to like Muhamadu Buhari’s incompetence across the board to support
        the SSS sting operation against corrupt Judges in the Supreme Court, as well as
        those in the High Court. The SSS is on a distinguished road here. The courts in
        Nigeria stink. Those courts have become so corrupt they only exist in name but
        surely not as courts of justice, since bribery and justice cannot sensibly be put
        side-by-side. A clutch of educated people I phoned in Nigeria this morning said
        they are pleased that at last something is being done to fumigate the judiciary
        in Nigeria. The courts in Nigeria brim with bribe-swilling reptiles as Judges.

    • Gary

      It is not going after corrupt judges that the CJN and people of goodwill find distressing. It is the manner, reminiscent of Adolf Hitler’s Gestapo and quite frankly, similar to the tactics Buhari used 30 years as dictator, that reasonable people see as a threat to our democracy.

      The Secret Police, now led by Buhari’s cousin, cannot be breaking down doors at midnight to arrest and search homes ostensibly for evidence of graft. The Executive must not be allowed to muzzle the other arms of government lest the nation descend into tyranny.
      That is what is wrong.

      • Gbosa!!!

        @disqus_JF4keJPVpV:disqus: My brother, i don’t know law but i have common sense. From what the SSS said (above)
        – that one of the two Supreme Court Justices in jail has a house worth 1.5 billion Naira – there’s no way
        such a JUDGE will not be convicted and jailed, unless he can show his father was a billionaire and had
        left billions of Naira for him under a written will at death. The evidence the SSS has uncovered in this
        operation is damning and conclusive. A long term in prison now stares the Supreme Court Judges.
        How i wish President were honest! He’d have done same operation on Raji Fashola and others.
        Sanusi Lamido Sanusi and Rotimi Amaechi are two accused criminals in need of SSS operation.

        • Femi

          If they can believe that Buratai can have million dollar investments in Dubai, why not judges? Yeye dey smell…

      • Höly Wähala

        Not only that, the DSS are not graft investigating agency, that job is why we have EFCC and ICPC to compliment the CCB. Simply put, Mamman Daura really thinks he’s the de-facto President of Nigeria given the poor health conditions of President Buhari… DSS should be disbanded like I keep saying, thug agents like Marilyn Ogar have taken that agency to doing heinous jobs for the Party in power.

        • Dagashhh

          Your mental instability and chameleon nature is becoming very worrisome. Were you not the one hailing the DSS just yesterday and asking why they did not shoot governor Wike? Concentrate on selling your ‘female wears’ in Gabon and let enlightened people dwel on state matters abeg.

          • Höly Wähala

            Not until more details emerged as to the raids. That said, I live in Germany unlike your ignorant ass condemned to penury in 3rd World, my fight is to better your miserable life, moron. I will sell your fat mama the largest size XXXL underwear since your nama head damaged her dirty hole you crawled out of. Imbecilic Yoro asshole you are… Pig!

          • niran ade

            Your fight? “We fight the fights that need fighting” isn’t that how it was said? You keep complicating yourself with your jargon everywhere. Always ranting like a German shepherd on SR, PT believing you’re better off living overseas. Your black %%s is merely Tapping from a national wealth and endurance of a working system, yet you write bullshit about your land from 5,000 miles. Wake up from your dreams and contribute positively to good cause! Posterity will ask us all

          • Höly Wähala

            You are jealous, go and hang… my quality of life, standard of living and everything about subsitence livelihood is far better than you will ever experience, monkey… Caveman, again, go and drink poison that I live where I live. Asshole. Get Lost! DIDINRIN.

        • Man_Enough

          In 1999, in order to give the service more bite and reposition it for greater efficiency, Abdulsalami Alhaji ABUBAKAR (Gen./rtd) in exercise of his powers as President, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, by virtue of Instrument No. 1 of 1999 relating to the general duties of the SSS as set out in Section 2-(3) of the decree’s objectives, the SSS at this point, was mandated to carry out the following functions amongst others
          (i) Prevention, detection and investigation of:
          Threat of Espionage, Threat of Subversion, Threat of Sabotage, Economic crimes of national security dimension, Terrorist activities, Separatist agitations and inter-group conflicts, ………

          • Höly Wähala

            Thanks buddy… I didn’t know about that section. Respect!

  • Ebun A. Coker



  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    It is also deeply regrettable, traumatising and distressing to the ordinary Nigerian citizens to now know clearly that our judicial system is not the bastion of justice nor the last hope of the common man, Mr. Justice.

    That the bastion of justice is reminiscent of the citadel of corruption and synonymous with bribe-giving SANS and cash and carry judges is an even deeper scar on our psyche.

    Your Honour, we are more worried that ordinary citizens feel jubilant at these news and all you feel is distress.

    • vagabonds in power

      Mumu——-the issue here is not about corruption————————-it is about the Respect for the Rule of Law——–Monkey———–Aware———–the juges are from Biafra ati Oduduwa republic———-None from the village of Aisha Halliburton Buhari in Senegal———animals

      • loye

        Pindiga Tsamiya Auta are from Biafra

  • DD

    You should cover your face in shame that the judiciary which you preside over is so rotten to the core!

  • dudu

    I did not immediately realise that the arrested judges were no longer Nigerians, infact, I now know they are irunmoles who must not be arrested. Yinmu. Awon werey alainitelorun!

    • dey are from Biafra

      It is therefore shocking and saddening that the messy situation that Nigeria finds itself today, which is getting messier day in day out, originates from the foregoing. It will forever remain an indisputable theory in the world of sciences that something can never be derived from nothing. For no matter how brilliant a first school leaving certificate holder or secondary school attendee is, he or she can never conduct academic teachings in the university; and no matter how spiritually gifted a first school leaving certificate holder pastor is, he or she can never climb beyond the first step of a ladder in the Christendom. Where academic discrepancies exist at the altar of leadership, it is either enslavement or conflict or both with end-product being quackery or neo-quackery. As we now see in the draconian rule of Bingo Buhari-

  • vagabonds in power

    The raging regime atrocities of the Bingo Buhari Administration would not have found their roots in the history of the country again if Nigeria’s Mainstream Civil Society Community of Southwest or Lagos extraction; oiled by some of the country’s leading tainted personalities from the Fulani Nortth–and South East ati Delta axis of the South south zone, had not conspired to impose the present demo-dictatorship on Nigerians. It is extremely important, therefore, to remind all and sundry that the present demo-dictatorship ravaging Nigeria is as a result of conspiratorial roles of Lagos Politics, Nigerian Mainstream CSOs (i.e. rights groups, rights activists, activist lawyers, activist professors, activist professional bodies and industrial unions), Mainstream Print and Audio-Visual Media and a handful of leading online media———etc–Sahara Reporters and Premium Timers among others–such as Punch—and Vanguard. Had not allowed themselves to be used by the CIA to Impose Buhari on

    • loye

      Since igbos are wiser and richer than oil, they should just impose whoever they chose to rule next time. We don’t have to agree.

      • LLLeon

        Igbophobes like you are bigots.

    • Dualpolemedia

      You can continue with ur attack on Buhari, but what is critical is dt none of ds judges will go unpunished.

  • ijelejames

    Keep quiet. You are all corrupt judges. You want Nigerians to pray for corrupt judges who are making millions of dollars off our misery. You must be smoking some contaminated stuff. Wake up!

    • Rote

      We actually need to pray! That the Almighty will help the government with greater will to carry this effort to a logical conclusion. No corrupt judge should enjoy his/her loot even in retirement.

  • o.o excelsor

    @disqus_iGgvgQ1u3S:disqus :

    Chief Justice Mahmud Mohammed should have been more prudent in his public statements.
    I think the Chief Justice committed faux pas by publicly thanking the Nigerian Bar Association
    which condemned the arrest of obviously corrupt Judges without condemning corruption itself.

    • dudu

      That’s putting it mildly my compatriot

    • Bello Bidemi

      If the old judge has nothing to offer Nigerians, he should hold his peace and remained silence.
      We are tired of the supreme court cash and carry judgements.
      At this critical period, Nigerians knows her friend.

    • Rote

      On point @dudu. The outgoing CJN should have avoided making any statement. Can the DSS or EFCC get conviction on any of the suspected judges if they are brought before the court of the CJN that has already taken a biased position without full knowledge of the cases against the judges?

      Very sad that old age no longer guarantees words of wisdom in Nigeria!

  • agbobu


    • vagabonds in power

      Another Bingo Buhari Neo Quackery on the loose with his regioanl thoughts from the far east———sadly he is an Ibo man—all over again——————Unaware the—-ongoing atrocities of Bingo Buharis Administration would not have found their roots in the history of the country again if Nigeria’s Mainstream Civil Society Community of Southwest or Lagos extraction; oiled by some of the country’s leading tainted personalities from the Fulani Nortth–and South East ati Delta axis of the South south zone, had not conspired to impose the present demo-dictatorship on Nigerians. It is extremely important, therefore, to remind all and sundry that the present demo-dictatorship ravaging Nigeria is as a result of conspiratorial roles of Lagos Politics, Nigerian Mainstream CSOs (i.e. rights groups, rights activists, activist lawyers, activist professors, activist professional bodies and industrial unions), Mainstream Print and Audio-Visual Media and a handful of leading online media———etc–Sahara Reporters and Premium Timers among others–such as Punch—and Vanguard. Had not allowed themselves to be used by the CIA to Impose Buhari on us in Nigeria—————-

  • Nonameman


    I am a born again Christian. My conscience revolts
    at these cash discoveries of millions of Naira hidden under the beds of some
    Supreme Court justices in Nigeria. I feel like throwing up as if i saw maggots.
    It will take a more radical step than midnight arrest to repair judiciary image.
    Trust and confidence usually take time to build after breaching public trust.
    Nigerians were all along crying out for justice that no looter is in prison today.
    It is the irony of ironies that it is the Supreme Court justices that will go in first.

  • kusanagi

    A Judge convicting another Judge in court under these circumstances; is it possible?

    • Night Crawler

      Yes its possible, Ricky Tafa comes to mind… Even over 90 senseless SAN’s followed him to court when they know he actually took bribe or bribed a judge, they will all be fished out one after the other

    • Prince Obinna

      Gud one bro

  • Short & Sharp


    SSS must take its time to gather all the evidence against the Judges detained in prison on prima facie case

    of bribery and corruption – including the two Supreme Court Justices – for an urgent purpose of saving Nigeria.

    • dudu

      I agree with you fellow compatriot, I fervently hope that the Daura-led SSS does not bungle the investigations for that would be too terrible.

      • Night Crawler

        Weather Daura or Dauda, SSS are doing a great job, imagine arrest were made in the fight against corruption, no one has been sent to jail, only detain them because they have find their ways to manipulate judges

        • breaking’news

          Breaking News:

          •The Federal
          Ministry of Justice in Nigeria has today announced it will reinstate the
          criminal charge against BUKOLA SARAKI. According to the Ministry official, a
          summons is to be issued soon by the Police to invite Bukola Saraki for
          investigation on the forged Senate Standing Rules under which he was (mis)
          elected as Senate President. New criminal charges shall thereafter be filed in
          court with Bukola Saraki’s answers at his interrogation attached as required by
          the Administration of Justice Act.

          • ???asking questions


    • Night Crawler

      They have their evidence already and even took arrest warrant with them, that’s to show how ready they are…

  • olat

    January 31, 2013, the FBI arrested nine judges for “conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud, perjury, making false statements to the FBI, and aiding and abetting”.

    May 30, 2014, FBI arrested a superior Puerto Rico court judge for bribery.

    November 4, 2015, FBI arrested a superior North Carolina court judge for bribery and corruption.

    Source: The cable News

    • Ak+


      SSS should also arrest the irresponsible ex-CHIEF JUSTICE OF NIGERIA who is
      notorious for running errands on behalf of accused criminals and the likes who
      have cases in courts, by ferrying bribes to the presiding Judges to acquit and
      discharge those accused criminals. Anyone called to the bar as a lawyer knows
      this ex CHIEF JUSTICE who lives on the criminal commission deducted for the
      bribe-delivery services. The SSS cannot claim ignorance of this crass fellow
      who should never have been appointed a Magistrate in the first place. But if
      SSS is truly unaware, they could simply ask any lawyer at the gate of a High
      Court in Nigeria.

      • Pastor J. J. Jones

        A corrupt tree cannot bring forth good fruit. For out of the heart proceed

        evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, and,

        blasphemies. The love of money is the root of all evil; which, while some

        coveted after, they erred from faith and pierced themselves with sorrows.

    • vagabonds in power

      Were they arrested without full investigations——The FBI does not apprehend people just for the fun of it—–they are usually invited to embark on such acts by Federal prosecutors——————————aware the FBI is the local intelligence unit of the US–government whereas the CIA which installed Buhari operates outside the shores of the american government–

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Chief justice of Nigeria,justice Mahmud Mohammed, regret about those corrupt arrested judges from whose residences DSS, recovered Euro-currencies,British pounds and American dollars,sounds very insincere as chief justice Mohammed, had displayed non-cooperation with the anti-corruption fight of president Muhammadu Buhari,s government up till the moment those bribes-takers- arrested judges were arrested.Various petition letters were received against those judges addressed to the DSS hence, the arrest of those judges by DSS. Chief justice Mahmud Mohammed, legacy is corruption friendly and encouragement up till present time hence, his regret is after-thought and not sincere.

    • It’s here say from Buhari and his Gestapo to smear citizens. Let’s hear from you he accused.

      • shadow

        Don’t worry, soon, they will start singing like Canaries.

      • Mufu Ola

        Mr USA, so the judges will come to u say ‘oh yes, I’m corrupt’!? If that’s the way America is structured & allowed to function you think u’ll have the opportunity to be sweeping the streets of New York?

    • emmanuel

      $2 million was loaded in a 7 cylinder engine and sped pass the blockade mounted by the DSS? Your low intellect would not make you think beyond your nose.
      7 cylinder engine manufactured by Nigeria DSS or by an automobile manufacturer. I need to see a 7 cylinder engine.
      Break into a Judge’s home, freeze a Governors account? break into a federating state government house?

  • Roland O. Chima

    @disqus_UosmYntuZ2:disqus: Here in America,
    which is the richest country in the world, there’s no federal judge
    with a mansion worth 1.5billion dollars in local currency. When a salaried
    Supreme Court Judge acquires 1.5 billion mansion in local currency and puts
    millions of Naira into the bank accounts of each of his children just to disguise
    his personal ownership, in addition to keeping euros, dollars, yen and rupees
    stuffed in the pillow on his bed; rather than in the bank, besides stuffing Peak
    Milk empty cartons with another 400 million Naira, Nigerians must show outrage
    and scream on the streets.

    • That’s what Buhari and his Gestapo alleged. It’s called media lynching and straight from a dictators manual. Let’s hear from the accused.

      • shadow

        PMB is courageous and firm. Nigeria is lucky. When Dasuki and his co-looters were arrested there was this same outcry of ” media lynching” until the culprits accepted and started refunding the money looted. I don’t care if this is dictatorship.

        • Political ninja

          Illiterate!! Did you see dasuki in court, when did anyone confess to corruption? Your dullard in aso rock kept them hidden and away from their lawyers and just dished out stories and you are here backing it up with your impressive stupidity!

        • The last time I checked Dasuki has not been allowed to tell us in an open court his side of the story. It’s Buhari and his Gestapo that are feeding us with nonsense. Let’s hear from Dasuki in an open court.

  • JasV

    There is no doubt that he himself has million of dollars stashed in his house. Crooks like him are usually the first to talk of prayers. There is no way a body could have gone so rotten without the head being so so so rotten.

  • Prince Obinna

    Kudos to the Administration who signed, order and carried out this very arrest of this so called mother of justice i.e Judges….. my question is this, what about our past head of states who openly build houses, hotels etc in foreign land, even some were built in African neighboring countries, why are they not being investigated are raided?

  • Abidilagungun

    This CJN is corrupt to ask Nigerians to pray for the country; Daura Security Services, go and pick him up, he has dollars in his mouth

    • Iyanda

      Please leave the CJN out of this. He is a man of impeccable character. I have never and do not think will meet any Nigerian more content and humble than him.

      • Abidilagungun

        Just being sarcastic

    • emmanuel

      Government by blackmail and harassment is usually the last phase before a country enters into the state of anarchy.
      Watch how your support brigandage!
      Nigeria history has shown that the Presidents who were from or are from neighbouring Northern Country become very destructive once they find their way into power. That is were this man is today

  • Truthman

    The judges should all be jailed. They must be corrupt or how else would the court case against Buhari on his certificate be adjourned until after the elections?

    • Etomi

      If not for corruption in the Judiciary, there is no way Buhari could have been able to contest in the last presidential election for he clearly was ineligibility to contest by law. It is recalled that it was before Justice Adeniyi Ademola that the Buhari eligibility suit arose for hearing…It is possible that Buhari is aware that Ademola was corruptly induced by his lawyers, Chiefs Wole Olanipekun, Lateef Fagbemi, Rotimi Akeredolu, etc…He is aware that Ademola’s court was used to subvert justice the result of which was the judicial window provided for him to contest in that election….You know that Buhari has a genius for using and dumping people…..He knows Justice Ademola in and out…He knows that the man was compromised for his sake…He knows how much the man charged his camp to make room for him…I guess Buhari is taking his pound of flesh from a man whose bill must have been very outrageous….Buhari’s presidency is a product of a compromised judiciary….Very unfortunate….

      • emmanuel

        You are very correct, we have not seen the end of the certificate scandal.
        Let the Judges and Justices enter into plea bargain and the ones who perversed the Oluwole certificate fraud can own up and become the whistle blower.
        Only a fo**ish Judge would go down alone without taking Buhari along. The foreign press and Tinubu’s media would help you.

    • George

      You are right they pave way for him to be the president of the Idiots and today he is paying them with arrest.

      It served them well

      • Comfortkay

        George please keep your mouth shut

    • shadow

      Your cynicism will take you no where. Just watch and see.

  • joelaw

    Justice Mohammed is not proactive at all and, its too late for any crocodile tears. The judiciary has disappointed Nigeria big time, that branch of government has lost all respect and integrity. The judiciary is supposed to be a succor to the poor and downtrodden, but it has become a den of robbers. Love of money is indeed the source of all evil according to the bible. The law profession must do a house cleaning.

  • George

    Buhari ends will be worst than Abahca own.

    Very callous man he is.

    • Comfortkay

      Go to Hell

  • Lanre

    Aside from the Gestapo nature of the attack on the residence of Judges and Justices, the main target of these attacks are again southerners. Just like Buhari did 1984/1985. If Buhari is not a hypocrite and he is a real agent of change, let every public officer declare his assets publicly. Any other assets found in Nigeria and not declared be seized as the proceeds of illegal enrichment. But Buhari knows he cannot do that because then it will touch him and his favoured ones. I am not fooled by these theatrics. It is just so sad that Yorubas again have to go through the trauma they suffered under Buhari 32/33 years ago. “Those who refuse to learn from the past are bound to repeat it.”

    • Karl Imom

      You must be terribly ignorant of the law. STING Operations are Not Gestapo attacks. They are legitimate operations designed to get hardened criminals such as criminals in the judiciary who use government offices and the power conferred on them to perpetuate criminality. Sting operations are conducted in every democratic society – United States, UK, Japan, etc. These thieves disguising as judges belong to the jail houses not COURTS.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    The Bureau de Change Operators masquerading as Judges deserve to be summarily executed.

  • Tunde

    Learned but corrupt judges! Complaining about being arrested! When you were stashing dollars, pounds and euros at home; and your pairs in the NJC were only slapping your wrists and turning a blind eye to your ‘gestapo style’ perverting the course of justice! We didn’t see any furore! Well this is gureilla warfare! If the kitchen is to hot for ya’ll! Stop perverting justice!

    • Iniabasi Akpan

      D end is nigh..

  • Political ninja

    First , he rules that Muhammadu Buhari has a case to answer over certificate forgery. He starts getting threat calls and then he leaves his house. Goes into hiding .
    Festus Keyamo and co storms his court in defense of Buhari and gets a perpetual injunction on the matter.
    Months after , they raid his house and arrest him and claim they’ve been investigating him on charges bordering on corruption.
    And you still want me to agree with you that he is fighting corruption?
    As in, whatever happened to Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)? Are they not the anti-corruption agency set with extant rules to handle such matters?
    What happened to ICPC Nigeria?
    What about the National Judicial Council, Abuja? Why Dss? Do america use there secret service to make arrest bordered on corruption? Dumb country!

    • veritas

      “whatever happened to Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)? Are they not the anti-corruption agency set with extant rules to handle such matters?
      What happened to ICPC Nigeria?
      What about the National Judicial Council, Abuja? Why Dss? Do america use there secret service to make arrest bordered on corruption? Dumb country!”. Well said. I agree with you very well and this part mostly “Dumb country!”

      • Etomi

        Indeed the teeming population of Nigeria is made up of IDIOTS!

        A country deserves the kind of leadership it has…..

        Why wouldn’t this bizarre action of the Buhari government not generate mass hysteria in a country of majority IDIOTS!

        • Mufu Ola

          Nigeria is fortunate to be rid of your “brother”. Continue shedding tears.

      • tundemash

        Mor0n, how does it matter a rogue is caught as log as the rogue is caught. If your wailing was about the judges being innocent and wrongly accused, maybe your rant would be understandable but you can’t even vouch for them but you have issues with who does teh arrest.
        Instead of displaying amazing stupid1ty onine, go check up the acts that sets up the DSS.

        • veritas

          “Moron?. That’s a new one. i will remember that one the next time am climbing on your mother. DSS act you claim to know right? well let me enlighten your peanut size brain and intellect. The DSS are SSS and they are an arm of the executive. so that means their actions are ordered by the executive. Their actions are never in the interest of the state but of that of the executive in power in real-time. we all want Nigeria to change but Nigerians like you are not ready to evolve. its good to catch a thief but the right agency mandated to do that should do that so as the thief doesnt go scot free due to bumbling policing work. And stupidity is south of where my brain is heading. i flush more intellect down the toilet when i crap than in the brains of your entire generation extinct, current and future.

          • tundemash

            If it is the culture where you come from to climb your mothers, please feel free. A pig is looking for someone to join him in the mud.
            Who cares if the DSS actions are in teh interest of teh executive as long as no innocent person is punished. Just because you are hurting badly from your masers losing election does not prevent DSS from doing their duties !

  • Comfortkay

    There is nothing regrettable from flushing out criminal judges in Nigeria. Majority of Nigerian are suffering and they are in support of the present government. We cannot continued to operate in this country as if it belongs to a group of overnight Billionaire criminals.
    As for those PDP foot-soldiers that are making crazy comments here we (Nigerian) shall deal with you all.
    Nigerian voted for a change in our system and that is what we are getting now. Governance is about accountability and Performance, instead of Performing in the last 16 years PDP are only interested in who get what while honest workers have to wait for months before their salaries are paid.
    With this government there is still hope for Nigerian.

    • vagabonds in power

      STOP THESE BAREFACED LIES—————-NIGERIANS went through the same pain with Bingo Buhari—-over 30 years ago——————–when he locked up almost all the governors from the south west——South south and south east—-while he took over the junior wives of the likes of Late Sam Mbakwe———Was late Pa Tai Solarin a governor when Buhari locked him up—–in his Gulag?——What about Babatope –was he also in government-?–Did Nigerians not queue for essential commodities like rice———cooking oil—garri—-amala …sugar and tea bags–not to talk of Milk—-when Bingo Buhari arrived more than 30 years ago—Is history not repeating itself———-to day—————separation is the answer not the fake rule of the Fulanis again——biko!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Comfortkay

        Poverty is caused by lousy pay

        • vagabonds in power

          Are u still depending on the Salary that the Apes in APC placed u—all this while————

          • Comfortkay

            You are a confused man that live in perpetual darkness

          • Tunsj

            Please forget that crazy psychopath.

          • veritas

            LOL. good response…

  • KogiArena

    this old crooks needs to shut the hell up. He used his Mr Fix it Judge (Sysvester Ngwuta) to sell the Kogi Election Judgment to Yahaya Bello. The curses of the dying Kogi Masses will crash the supreme court. Justice Mamud your Nigthmare has just began. Yu have been deceiving people for a very long time. Unfortunately you will be leaving the courts in a very terrible situation. Baban Baraw

    • Burning Spear

      The Kogi state governor–Alhaji Fulani Bello is the Special (Abina) of Aisha Bingo Halliburton Buhari————-So what are we being told here my friend about–the Judiciary? That Bingo Buhari himself purchased for Bello—?————–INEC chairman was the man who stole over 800m from UBEC—is he in jail-?———-What about Amaechi and Fashola————–ati Dambazua—————-and———————–the Fulani crooks in the government of Buhari—–?———Do u know how much Buhari has collected so far from the Western Nations——till date as donations–for the IDPs in Borno state—-? How was the 2.1b loan he took from the world bank spent-by the Apes in APC from the Fulani North—–in charge of the said funds———————? Our concern is not about the fake anti orruption–war of the Fulanis and Yorubas—in APC————————What we are worried about is the LACK of Respect for the Rule of Law——-by Bingo Buhari———–If a judge is discovered to have made money from any of the judgements, pls investigate and prosecute him in an open court of law——And not for Buhari to remind us of the bad dark days of his rule over 30 years ago—————which led to the illegal imprisonment of—Babatope— Tai Solarin—Pa Ajasin and Sam, Mbakwe——–among others———Sadly there is no justification for this ongoing madness-by Bingo Buhari and the Apes in APC-period

  • Burning Spear

    The last Friday’s late night invasion and abduction by the authorities of the DSS of some eminent Justices of the Supreme Court of Nigeria and the Court of Appeal as well as Judges of the Federal High Court did not come as a surprise to the leadership of International Society for Civil Liberties and the Rule of Law (Intersociety).

    Judges Abduction

    (What surprises and saddens most of us till date are the ignoble roles of Nigeria’s leading civil society organisations (CSOs) and social egg-heads in setting the country’s democracy on fire leading to its present socio-political quandary (i.e. state of uncertainty) that has seemingly reached an intractable stage.

    The Nigeria’s mainstream CSOs of Southwest or Lagos extraction undeniably provided “the technical know-how” that brought a contraption called “the Buhari Administration” to the country. That contraption is best described as “demo-dictatorship” or dictatorship created through a ballot box. Dictatorship is not born but made!

    In other words, the makers of dictatorship afflicting Nigeria today are the mainstream CSOs under reference. The referenced mainstream CSOs got their hands soiled and conscience mortgaged unpardonably to the extent that many of them have frustratingly adopted conspiracy of silence under the Buhari’s demo-dictatorship while others choose to speak defensively in favour of Buhari’s dictatorial policies and actions through behind the scene or third parties or in the open.

    The rest have shamelessly come out boldly as “protagonists of dictatorship”. Attempts made of late by these conscienceless and shackled CSOs to regurgitate or reprobate have also failed and backfired on account of the fact that you cannot eat your cake and have it back. This is more so when their oilers know where and how to get them entrapped using EFCC and DSS, in the event they try to opt out of the inglorious and unholy agreement.)

  • Sobe.

    This man is retiring in disgrace. Sai baba.

    • Fulanazis are here again

      There is no way Nigeria can ever make progress with your likes in our midst——————–sadly even Hitler had his admirers the Neo Nazis———-of Germany—-Yours could be the Fulanazis—-of Bingo Buhari—————–Mumu————–So–STOP THESE BAREFACED LIES—————-NIGERIANS went through the same pains that we are going through today with Bingo Buhari—-over 30 years ago————-Remember—–he locked up almost all the governors from the south west——South south and south east—-while he took over the junior wives of the likes of Late Sam Mbakwe———Was late Pa Tai Solarin a governor when Buhari locked him up—–in his Gulag?——What about Babatope –was he also in government-?–Did Nigerians not queue for essential commodities like rice———cooking oil—garri—-amala …sugar and tea bags–not to talk of Milk—-when Bingo Buhari arrived more than 30 years ago—Is history not repeating itself———-to day—-given the level of economic–hardship being experienced by 9jas—–today—Separation is the answer not the fake rule of the Fulanis ati Bonkole ati Tinubu and his Yoruba Owambe dance band of south west—9ja——— again——biko!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Etomi

    But honestly, no true democrat, except turncoats, who understand that democracy is a set of values that include rule of law and respect for fundamental rights, will not be aghast, scandalized, depressed and devastated by this Buhari “raid” of the judiciary in the most debased fashion fit only for common criminals….In Buhari’s Nigeria the principle of fair hearing has been rewritten to read: “You are guilty until proven innocent…” Nigerians that support what is going on in the country today, because they feel obligated to remain faithful supporters of their choice for presidency, simply do not know the implication of this action for the future of Nigeria’s democracy….Here we have a president who does not obey any court order, who has not even the least regard for the Judiciary and constitutional separation of powers, commandeering a raid of an independent arm of government, claiming the action was prompted by his desire to cleanse the Augean stable….Nothing in the world can ever justify this bizarre action….As they say, time will tell!

    • Bem Gbue

      But they are common criminals. They are equal before the law.

    • wode

      It baffles me how some people still try to give honour to those that have shamelessly thrown it away. Despite the fact that these people have indirectly destroyed several generations yet unborn by their acts betraying the heavy trust and oath they sworn to, we still see people pitying them, supporting them and even go to the extent of condemn the ones doing the right thing. It is a shame!

      • Iyanda

        Thank you my brother!

      • Etomi

        Are you the one that convicted them of the allegation which their raiders brought against them to justify their rape of the laws of the land?

        Please stop peddling the thoughts of a sleazy agbekpo…I don’t blame you though…I blame your level of education and enlightenment….

        Need I fault you for seeing nothing wrong in the acts of the secret police, which without any court warrant raided the homes of sitting judges and justices of the Superior Courts?

        They did not stop there o….they even spoke of arraigning sitting judges before a magistrate court….they want to arraign judicial officers who are still in service, who neither have been suspended or relived of their duties…

        But you can only effect a proper arrest with a court warrant…..for without a court warrant, what the DSS did was not an arrest but an abduction (kidnapping) of the judicial officers….

        That is the point!

  • disqus_AmgOh3PE0E

    “A corrupt judge is more harmful to the society than a man who runs amok with a dagger in a crowded street. The latter can be restrained physically. But a corrupt judge deliberately destroys the moral foundation of society and causes incalculable distress to individuals through abusing his office while still being referred to as honorable.”
    Justice Muhammadu Uwais

  • Intrepid

    Apprehending the Judges was a good move, but executed in the wrong way. Militarising every process in a democracy, portends great dangers. Even if corrupt Judges face the hangman, they deserve it, because they remain the last hope of the comon man, as the saying goes. BTW what happened to Murtala Nyako’s billion naira case? This selectiveness of criminal cases, makes people like us not believing Buhari’s anti corruption measures. We still remember Buhari not acting when according to him, he knew before hand the planners of the coup that ousted him from power, because majority, if not all of the planners were his kinsmen from the north. This nepostitic disposition of the man Buhari,makes him not fit for Nigerian President, nothing he does will ever impress patriots like me.

    • pheliciti

      but Nyako was discharged and acquited by the Judges not Buhari….. why blame Buhari for that?

    • Mufu Ola

      Nyako’s case is still in court.

    • sarah

      I have not fully read about these judges arrest but talking from your own poetry seems to me you don’t know or understand the concept of how important it’s some time to use force hand to cub false ppl and this prompted me to ask if you know about any such arrest been made in the past even when Jonathan with PHD was in charge?


    Stop Complaining! Elections Are The Decider!

    DO SOMETHING! www electionoffenders ng

  • Man_Enough

    nobody has suggested how best these judges could be caught red handed with their illegal exhibits. maybe, dss should take a space in the newspaper and inform the judges that they should report to their office with whatever exhibit is in their possession at their own convenience. telling the police is as good as copying the concerned accused.

    • Simeon Nigel

      Hi, Man_enough, your idea is like informing a thieves or culprits to get prepare or find a hiding place before DSS would caught up with them. As you are aware, Nigeria is not a place for such adventure to work to perfection in the face of advance prior warning to them. Your laudable idea can only be visible for advance or developed countries and not corrupts infested country like Nigeria

      • Man_Enough

        i appreciate your view, but we have to start somewhere sir.

  • Simeon Nigel

    The head of Nigeria’s judiciary, Mahmud Mohammed should not have regret it for the arrests of those deeply ingrained corrupted judges, because it has been for so long time now up to today that Nigerian supreme courts and high courts judges often do strongly believed that they were far above the laws of the land, and also that the fact that they were the sole and final judgement arbiters for whatsoever legal cases or matters before them in the country, that they consider themselves as ‘SEMI-GOD’ of the entire judiciary procedures and processes. It is about time now these days that they should all be made to understands that the sanctity of transparency and the highest judicial integrity ought to be their “watch-words” before the eyes of the generality of Nigerians. Credo should be accorded to President Muhammadu Buhari for taking the bull-hones by a historical boldness steps to try to put an end or a big ‘break’ to all those unpatriotic and selfish and over-greedy Nigerian legal elites that term themselves as so called learned court judges whom were so bent into stopping or to renders Buhar’s highly committed anti-corruption drives as worthless and laughable policy by legal means before the entire eyes of Nigerians and its International friendly allied and partners and communities. I live in Europe, every day you will often hear about Nigeria Image as nothing but a deeply corrupted and 419s paradise country and thus this always make me so sad that each time I happens to come across this strongest negatives comments in Europe and by other countries that knew Nigeria in the world map today.

  • Mufu Ola

    What have the CJ done to curb this dirty habit of his judges. It takes him & NJC years to investigate & discipline errant judges.If he had been up & doing DSS need not wade in.

  • Simeon Nigel

    It is most of the Nigerian courts judges, (at whatever levels), up and down the country for over many decades years ago in Nigeria up till date that they had successfully renders the Nigerian police system to become so deeply corrupts, unworkable and worthless and not fits for purpose for all Nigerians safety and also the same courts judges have made it by far possible to induced almost 93.5% qualified Nigerian barristers and lawyers not to helps those majority down-trodden Nigeria poor citizens not to be able to access legal rights and representation into any Nigerian courts due to the high level of corruption’s endemic trends that they often employed and perpetrated by Nigerian courts and supreme courts judges. It is about time that they should be shown very boldly, loud and clear that they are not above the enabling laws of the land and not SEMI-GODS in Nigerian judiciary and justice system. Nigerian courts are too often were in the habits of dragging on expeditious legal cases for year on year to no ends, and also sabotaging genuine legal cases/matters that were brought to them by either the police and anti-corruption agencies; A typical example of ongoing legal test case today is that of the Senate’s President Saraki for his too long delays been applied in prosecuting him speedily and concisely by CCT tribunal today.

  • Simeon Nigel

    I am appealing to President Muhammadu Buhari to extensively look by far more deeper into all Nigeria courts judges for most of them were deadliest secret legal elite cults members and also many others are likely secret cults associations among Nigeria courts judges togetherness in up and down the country. Furthermore, these days majority of courts judges and judiciary structures have now turns courts outfit as a business house where quick bucks or riches can be made. Each time there has been any form of policy of government to tackling either recoveries of looted funds or fighting a system that is perceived to bring the Nigerian state into disrepute or internationally disgrace profile, Nigerian courts will often seems to view such efforts as a means for making money than ensuring a fair and equitable judicial system that should aims in installing the highest trust and confidence into the overall psyche of Nigerians, but not at all but only just for aiming for earns only for their selfish ends and furthering their potency taste for greedy galore goals.

  • linkhadj.

    The Judiciary under the present CJ is the worst in corruption and the NJC has become ineffective. If NJC has been responsive to petitions, the DSS would not have had cause to carry out the operation after the NJC refused to respond to its numerous letters requesting the Judges to be released for interview. The CJ should stop lamenting.

  • Simeon Nigel

    Almost 98% Nigerian lawyers as well as courts judges were so happy that President Buhari anti-corruption policy thrust is a mean for them to make a quick and so easy money ventures and opportunity to displaying of their laboratory legal prowess and a statue litmus test for treasury looters being identified and arrested by EFCC and other sister agencies. No wonder, that those courts judges did felt that an opportunity has come and arise by President Muhammadu Buhari to make a “kills”-(money riches), from the anti-corruption war. An example, is that of the Senate President Saraki who has employed all manners of qualified Nigerian lawyers or barristers up and down the country, while using the Senate budgetary funds to pay up all bills of legal expenses to those he hired to defend him legally and formidably in both tribunal and any court of law in the land, (Nigeria).

  • joe

    Look at this old wretched looking “Baba hege hege” like “keke elemu” (a palm-wine seller’s bicycle). He said It is “regretable”!!. But the fact that nobody can get justice and a fair hearing in this country any more is not regretable. Nigerian judges like this old wretch have turned the judiciary and the courts to a bazaar where judgements are sold! Shame on you, i wonder what sort trainning you people are giving to your children.

  • james

    It amazes me the way our youths and so called elite reason. The way some confidently express their ignorance baffles me a lot.
    These are the questions I asked myself before I concur to what the DSS did:

    Q1. Was a search warrant gotten before the arrest?

    Answer1: YES.

    Q2. Was the timing of the Search Warrant Execution and arrest right?

    Answer2: YES. According to Section 148 of the Administration of the Criminal Justice Act 2015: “A search warrant may be issued and executed at any time on any day, including a Sunday or public holiday.”

    Q3: Was it right the way the DSS used force to execute the search warrant and subsequent arrest when resisted (as Wike & his Judge Friend claimed)?

    Answer3: YES. According to Section 149 of the Administration of the Criminal Justice Act 2015:
    “(1) Where any building or other thing or place liable to search is closed, a person residing in or being in charge of the building, thing or place shall, on demand of the police officer or other person executing the search warrant, allow him free and unhindered access to it and afford all reasonable facilities for its search.
    (2) Where access into the building, thing or place cannot be so obtained, the police officer or other person executing the search warrant may proceed in the manner prescribed by sections 9, 10, 12 and 13 of this Act.
    (3) Where a suspect in or about the building, thing or place is reasonably suspected of concealing on his person an article for which search should be made, the suspect may be searched and where the suspect to be searched is a woman she shall be searched by another woman and may be taken to a police station for that purpose.”

    Let’s look @ the Sections 9,10,12 & 13 being referred to in Section 149 subsection 2:

    (1) Where a suspect is arrested by a police officer or a private person, the officer making the arrest or to whom the private person hands over the suspect:
    (a) may search the suspect, using such force as may be reasonably necessary for the purpose;
    (1) A police officer making an arrest or to whom a private person hands over the suspect, shall immediately record information about the arrested suspect and an inventory of all items or property recovered from the suspect.
    (2) An inventory recorded under subsection (1) of this section shall be duly signed by the police officer and the arrested suspect, but the failure of the arrested suspect to sign the inventory shall not invalidate it.
    (1) Where a person or police officer acting under a warrant of arrest or otherwise having authority to arrest, has reason to believe that the suspect to be arrested has entered into or is within any house or place, the person residing in or being in charge of the house or place shall, on demand by the police officer or person acting for the police officer, allow him free access to the house or place and afford all reasonable facilities to search the house or place for the suspect sought to be arrested.
    (2) Where access to a house or place cannot be obtained under subsection (1) of this section, the person or police officer may enter the house or place and search it for the suspect to be arrested, and in order to effect an entrance into the house or place, may break open any outer or inner door or window of any house or place, whether that of the suspect to be arrested or of any other person or otherwise effect entry into such house or place, if after notification of his authority and purpose, and demand of admittance duly made, he cannot obtain admittance.
    A police officer or any other person authorised to make an arrest may break out of a house or place in order to liberate himself or any other person who, having lawfully entered for the purpose of making an arrest, is detained in the house or place.”

    Q4: Did the DSS take the inventory of the items recovered?

    Answer4: YES. According to Section 10, subsection (1) & (2) of the Administration of the Criminal Justice Act 2015:
    (1) A police officer making an arrest or to whom a private person hands over the suspect, shall immediately record information about the arrested suspect and an inventory of all items or property recovered from the suspect.
    (2) An inventory recorded under subsection (1) of this section shall be duly signed by the police officer and the arrested suspect, but the failure of the arrested suspect to sign the inventory shall not invalidate it.


    • 1nigeria

      Thank you Mr James. The mentality of most Nigerians particularly the youths has been so deluded that we cannot think of a just and egalitarian society because of long years of suffering and mentality slavery. Today’s youth now sees corruption and fast life as a normal thing, anybody that tries to change that mentality is seen as a bad person. it will really time to correct such mentality. My concern is how to allow PMB to sustain this change for 8yrs then handover to someone who will continue with the zeal.

      • Solomon Brown

        Dude there’s no place on earth where you will find an egalitarian society. What we need is a society that provides “equal opportunity ” to all its members and your PMB isn’t the man that will bring about the change you so desire. Wake up from your slumber.

    • Ken

      You guys should just reason properly and drop blind and unreasonable support for the Dullard .

    • suleiman

      All your are talking here is crass and you sound like a pocket lawyer! Better find something doing. The manner of the rest has left to be desired. Nigeria is not a Banana republic. No body is supporting corruption, but if you must arrest, the DSS is not the Nigeria Police that is constitutionally given the powers to arrest. Why is the DSS sidelining the Nigeria Police? Remember that General Buhari has resurrected the Nigerian Security Organization (NSO) of the 1980s led by one of his cousins Alhaji Rafindadi which was disbandment by Gen. IBB who created the SSS. Remember that the NSO was disbanded because of its gross human rights violation and usurping the powers of the Police, an organization then used by Gen. Buhari to intimidate Nigerians. Remember that the NSO was the most dreaded and brutal security outfit then in Nigeria then under GMB as the current DSS under PMB’s cousin is behaving today! I don’t know how old you are and of course you seem too young to have known the work of the Gestapo organization then called NSO in the eighties. Please get a sense of Nigeria’s history and stop practicing your cookbook law here.

  • Okemute

    Democracy is still what will practice!
    The Judiciary still remained the third Arms of Government!
    Corruption must been fault with due process followed!
    The Judiciary who is the last hope of the common people should still keep that hope alive or else even wrong good intention but wrong approach to doing anything will be evilly spoken of
    Care need be taken so that will don’t destroy the beautiful of democracy and very courageous current leader who we have that is ready to fighting corruption.
    All things should be done it properly

    • joe

      WTF are you talking ?

      • Omoagunmate


        • Kitunde

          You see am too…lol

          • Omoagunmate

            Yeah, with my korokoro eye!

  • Maria

    The chief of corruption in Nigeria judiciary is speaking…How did this one become chief justice? He looks like a desert he-goat.

    • Solomon Brown

      And you look like a raccoon.

  • Eldorado

    It will be deeply regrettable because it’s affecting your bread and butter.
    Leader of the corrupt judiciary

  • Shina

    Why doesn’t this CJN of an old man just keep quiet and let the crooks prove their innocence before the law…Does he mean to say that being a justice of whatever court put you above the law? I see, the Nigerian judiciary of today is instituted to prosecute the common man who cannot bribe his way out of justice…to sentence a hungry man who stole a goat to 2 years imprisonment with hard labor and without an option of bail!… But for the man who stole #10billion, you sentence him to 6 months imprisonment with an option of #10million fine as bail condition since he has agreed to wire a couple of millions into your account. These guys are definitely out of touch with the reality of the day…they need to be told that it’s no longer business as usual!!!

    • suleiman

      Oh, my God! So everything in Nigeria now is insanity? Where in the world are justices arrested in the wee hours of the night? If this were a nation of laws, shouldn’t these judges be served with court orders to appear and defend themselves? Even in the worst dictatorship, I have never heard of judges arrested at night in a gestapo style. Why have many Nigerians lost a sense of morality and common decency? Shina, didn’t even the Shango you worship teach you what is moral and what is not? For God’s sake, you people should stop this insanity labeling everybody corrupt, casting aspersions on every reasonable Nigerian and declaring them guilty while the Ameachis, the Danbazzau’s, the Malami (AG), the Fasholas, the Buratais, to mention just a few of the most corrupt people in Nigeria driving policy in Nigeria. Please Shina, stop this insanity!

      • Shina

        Hahaha…If the press statement of the DSS is anything to go by, these people were duly served valid court orders. On the other hand the despicable and unfortunate attitude of the NJC and the creme de la creme at the bar led to all of these…Tell me, in what sane country of the world will the NJC be presented with undeniable evidence of corruption from it’s members and the punishment will be mere retirement so that they can go home to spend the money…More so, what about the loots found in their homes, did they come out to deny the allegations?…See, the truth is I don’t know where you are in terms of social status, but for me as a common Nigerian, the judiciary is supposed to be my last hope, it is supposed to defend the defenseless…if this is the only fight that will be fought and won, it will be a great victory for the future of our mother land.

      • gboyegaa

        The FIFA officials were all raided in the very early hours of the morning across the globe. It is done like that everywhere in cases where they want to arrest the suspect. Same was done in the case of Bayern Munchen president.
        What is this heck all about? In fact, they don’t open but break doors into apartment in Germany when they come for you.

  • Ken

    Thank God that we have an independent mind as the CJN, else Apc would have been everywhere. The grouse of Buhari is that the Judges have remained firm. Shame to all the blind and unreasonable supporters. We must fight off the Dictator and Dullard.

    • Izedomi Ohirein

      Corruption is a crime against humanity, our children, youths & senior citizens.
      Corruption in the Military lead to the death of over 20,000 Nigerians, Soldiers & 2million IDP in the NE. No one is above the law.
      You should be ashamed of yourself.

      • Etomi

        Stop being a mental sissy….don’t be duped..

        Buhari is not fighting corruption….the illiterate is playing politics….

        The drama is unfolding…Buhari will be exposed big time!

        His bizarre attack on the judiciary is the beginning of his fall!

        • Izedomi Ohirein

          Let Buhari be exposed and have his day in Court when due. Corrupt Judges are not the Judiciary.
          You represents everything bad in Nigeria.