SSS official releases details of how Judge allegedly took bribes

SSS operatives
SSS operatives

The ongoing crackdown on senior judges across the country will not end without the arrest of a judge attached to the Port Harcourt Division of the Federal High Court, PREMIUM TIMES learnt late Sunday.

Sources at the State Security Services (SSS), said Mohammed Liman allegedly took bribes from Governor Nyesom Wike to give favourable judgment to the Ahmed Makarfi-led faction of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

The sources also accused the judge of habitually crossing Nigerian borders to allegedly receive bribes from litigants.

In a nationwide operation, scores of SSS operatives descended on the homes of senior judges between late Friday and Saturday, arresting seven of them after searching their residences.

The development sparked divergent reactions across the country, with some Nigerians and professional bodies condemning the raids.

Most of the critics said the raids were reminiscent of the dark military era which Nigerians assumed had ended with the return of democracy in 1999.

But an undaunted SSS in a statement Saturday said the nocturnal operation yielded recoveries of huge sums of money denominated in different currencies, including the U.S. dollars, euros and British pounds.

On Sunday evening, a top SSS official told PREMIUM TIMES that operatives were still tracking Mr. Liman and would ensure his arrest in the coming days after the initial attempt was thwarted by Mr. Wike.

Mr. Liman is among eight other judges being investigated apart from the seven arrested in the Friday night raids.

The source said Mr. Liman allegedly took bribes to subvert justice in the leadership tussle within the PDP which has left the party factionalised for several months.

Mr. Liman’s July ruling authenticated the Ahmed Makarfi faction‎ of the PDP which had been deemed illegal by Justice Okon Abang.

The PDP crisis culminated in another botched convention in August, although the opposing parties are currently working to end the quagmire.

“We received a petition that he (Mr. Liman) received bribes to give his ruling and our investigations confirmed it,” a top SSS official told PREMIUM TIMES.

The source added that Mr. Liman is “also a distributor” who receives bribes on behalf of other judges and helps distribute it.

“He travels across the border to Ghana, Republic of Benin and other West African countries to meet lawyers in hotels to take bribes for himself and his colleagues on the bench,” he said.

The source also said the amount involved in Mr. Liman’s botched arrest on Saturday morning was actually $2.5 million, and gave more explanation as to why operatives’ failed to arrest the judge or get the money.

“The vehicle that was used to cart away the $2million was faster than our men’s own,” the source said. “They just couldn’t catch up with them at such a high speed. It’s like chasing a 7-cylinder vehicle with a 3-cylinder.”

“We will arrest him in coming days; we have no doubt about this as we have enough evi‎dence to nail him in court. By bringing Governor Wike in, he has worsened his own case.”

But Governor Nyesom Wike whom the SSS blamed for interfering to frustrate the planned Friday night arrest of Mr. Liman, in a statement early Sunday dismissed the allegations as an attempt by the SSS to divert attention from its gross desecration of the constitution.‎

The SSS “concocted” the allegations to justify an “unconstitutional assault on the nation’s judiciary,” Mr. Wike said.

Mr. Wike said he didn’t know the judge, but he moved in to prevent him from being taken away because the mode of the SSS arrest did not comply with the dictates of the law.

“In the police, erring and corrupt policemen are first given orderly room trial, sacked and then appropriately prosecuted,” Mr. Wike said. “For judicial officers, the SSS has no role.”

“I am not in support of any judicial support being involved in corruption,” but “this impunity must stop.”

Justice Liman has also been quoted as denying the allegation against him.

“I’m not asking anybody to believe or disbelieve whether I stashed $2m, an amount that is equivalent to about N1b,” TheNigerianLawyer quoted the judge as saying in a statement.

“Perhaps you might think the SSS probably exaggerated the amount, but all these would have been relevant considerations if they had actually searched my house.

“If I had $2m or even a quarter of it I would have abandoned this horrible profession that has lost its dignity.In fact I have already lost interest in it and have made up my mind to say bye bye to it. I believe there is a life beyond every other thing.”

The Nigerian Bar Association, the umbrella organisation of lawyers, condemned the raids as an attempt to intimidate judges and demanded an immediate release of those arrested.

“We are in a democratic society and we cannot accept a situation where armed, masked SSS operatives invade homes of the justices of the Supreme Court and judges of our high courts.

“This is a ploy by the executive to intimidate the judiciary and we will not accept it. The NBA will not accept it. I want to emphasise again that we’re not under military rule and we cannot accept this Gestapo style of operations.” Abubakar Mahmoud, NBA president, said Saturday.

But a senior lawyer, Femi Falana, said the action of the operatives was justified since the bar and the bench had allegedly failed to check corruption in the judiciary.

He called for the prompt trial of the arrested judges.‎

President Buhari also said on Sunday that the SSS did not flout the law in its arrest and detention of the judges.

“There is a convergence of views that the country has a corruption problem that needs to be corrected,” Mr. Buhari said in a statement signed by his media aide, Garba Shehu.


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  • Femi Ghadaf Ogunlesi

    DSS:How’s it ur role 2 fight corruption?Ate u Efcc or ICPC?Why didn’t u handover ur findings 2 NJC that’s d Constitutional roles over Judges.U’ve overstepped ur boundaries.

    • Dejandon

      Go and read the Act that set up DSS, then you will know that your statement is borne out of ignorance – like Wike’s obstruction of justice

      • Femi Ghadaf Ogunlesi

        It’s u that’s wrong.It seems u’re a layman compare 2 Wike who’s a lawyer.I repeat:DSS erred in law.By d Constitution it’s NJC that’s d role on Judicial matters over Judges.If DSS’s evidences of misconduct on Judges they should hand over 2 NJC 4 action.There’re separations of power.Dont let us encourage dictatorship.This’s not a Military Govt.

        • Dejandon

          Wrong Sir. The judges do not have immunity and can be investigated, arrested and prosecuted. Dont let us start creating another class of untouchable Nigeria body. The lawmakers are gradually testing that line, we should not encourage the judiciary to follow. Everywhere in the world, judges are subject to investigation, arrest and prosecution by the executive arm of government. Wike is said to be involved in this bribery issue as per the release from the SSS, hence his promptness in making himself available at the scene to obstruct justice. DSS has acted within the ambit of the law in this regards, they were armed with court warrants

          • Femi Ghadaf Ogunlesi

            DSS didn’t not follow d Law.DSS oughts 2’ve got their alibi b4 arrest&d arrest must be in consonants with NJC&d Constitution.Judiciary’s separate arm of Govt.FBI does things properly&they win d war.U can’t win d war fighting this way,especially with d Judiciary.U need them as d Executive can’t be d accusers&d Judge.Respect’s reciprocal.

        • Enemona

          You’re wrong. The matter may still be referred to NJC but the DSS is allowed to carry out raids and arrests as part of the investigations. Wike is a lawyer but, just like the majority of political lawyers, he has no credibility. Your point, too, is quite narrow.

          • Femi Ghadaf Ogunlesi

            Hear yourself:Wife’s a Political Lawyer&’s no credibility:But Rivers people didn’t agree with ur view on this as per voters&democracry.Its u that’s parochial&sentimentak in opinion that lack credibility in accordance with d law.How can u say they’ll contact NJC after they’ve overstepped their bond?D makers&drafter of d Constitution know d meaning of separation of powers:To serve as checks&balances so as not 2 breed an Emperor.What a layman.

        • Ade Omowest

          Wike is a ‘charge and bail’ lawyer, he has never practice law in court or face a Judge to defend or prosecute a case. Find out from experienced lawyers in Port-Harcourt and stop defending an executive thug here.

          • Femi Ghadaf Ogunlesi

            Rivers people didn’t believe in ur opinion of Wike.What I’m defending’s d Constitution 4 proper Nigeria.D beauty in Separation of powers’s Checks&balances of each arm if Govt 4 good governance.Recklessness&arbitrariness must be checked by them&that’s what d Executive arm doesn’t want.We must resist it by all means.

        • AyPoint Blank

          The word, “ole” (thief) can even be coined out from your name “O…le …si”. Why should I then be surprised by your comment????

          • Femi Ghadaf Ogunlesi

            Ur IQ’s very low.It’s an imbecile of very low intellectual capacity that engages in abuses instead bringing out a superior argument 2 win people over.Ur type’s of deranged specie.

    • Charles Coteen

      You could as well ask the governors forum to investigate and prosecute criminal governors. Dss did a good job

    • Miph Olusegun

      You are so Dumb and a Disgrace to Yoruba. What an ugly comment from an ugly man. They re sucking the future of your kids and ur happy. Ur a Goat

      • Femi Ghadaf Ogunlesi

        What’s Yoruba got 2 do with my position?D Judges arrested’re from different ethnic background including ADEMOLA that’s a Yoruba.Its not compulsory that u comment if u lacked d capacity&ability 2 do so.With words such as ‘dump’&’a goat’ve exposed u as lacking quality that Yoruba man’s endowed with naturally.U’re indeed a bastard of Yoruba&Nigeria specie.

    • tundemash

      Olodo, it is same way it is FBI’s role to fight corruption.


      • Femi Ghadaf Ogunlesi

        See yourself!U think ‘Oyinbos’ think&act like u? Did u even read d website that u mentioned?They don’t act arbitrarily&infridging on people’s rights.They’d conducted & concluded on their investigations b4 arrest.Who’s Olodo in this case@tundemash?Pls go 2 School.

        • tundemash

          And in all you have ben readin

        • tundemash

          So you have moved from querying the role of DSS to arrest criminal suspects to how investigations are conducted before arrest? You are just a loose cannon bereft of any ideas! What a twat !

  • dan

    lol, the car was build for james bond, very fast indeed

  • Benny

    The DSS must have some extra – terrestrial currency counting machine to know exactly how much was carted away! How ridiculous!

    • dami

      Seems you’re not abreast of modern surveillance and investigation techniques…I may be afraid of the capabilities of the SSS…but if you have done nothing then you need not fear anything.

      Remember the FBI had detailed figures as regards the FIFA corruption case – it’s not witchcraft or sorcery, it’s what they do.

    • Dejandon

      They called it a sting job, so they must have been tracing the cash movement before swooping on the judges

    • rayray

      Am sure if it were the FBI, you will agree. ‘sting operation’

  • Arabakpura

    If justice Liman were to be from owerri, his name would have been Justice Rimanu which means Ri-ma-nu; dey chop now!

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    The useless Judges should be rounded up and summarily executed. I am at one with the Buhari Administration on this.

  • dami

    Wike should shut up!!
    This level of detail should tell everyone that the SSS has been on this guy’s case for while…and they seem to have their ducks in row…
    I wonder how he (Liman) Wike, & others wants to deny this

    In Nigeria in 2016 we have a federal high court judge as a bag man!

    They had better arrest him quickly and move him to protective custody…before the receivers he was facilitating for assassinate him.

    either way, he has lost his job

  • Spoken word

    some human beings are despicable and Wike is one of them. He is better suited to the job of a thug than a governor.

    • NwaIgbo

      Thug Wike is collaborating with Lima , get them both now!

  • Mike udi

    Only justice Liman took bribe but justice Abang did not cos his judgement suit APC led govts

  • Nkem

    QUOTE: “If I had $2m or even a quarter of it I would have abandoned this horrible profession that has lost its dignity. In fact I have already lost interest in it and have made up my mind to say bye bye to it. I believe there is a life beyond every other thing.”

    Haba, Mr Justice Liman. This your logic does not hold water, now. How on earth could you have abandoned the only profession that was bringing in the dollars? Which other business will somebody like you be making that kind of money?

    You say the profession “has lost its dignity”? That you have “lost interest in it”? Pray, your lordship, when did that happen? When you were found out? Now that all eyes are now on you, you have lost interest in the profession?

    And now that you have been found out and can no longer make money from the bench, you now want to “say bye bye” to the profession, isn’t it?

    As for your threat to resign, please don’t think that that would save you, because you are going to land in jail whether you like it or not.

    • Enemona

      He wants to resign before the prosecution when he may be dismissed and then lose his retirement benefits. The guy wants to save more Naira and Dollars. It’s all about the Benjamins; there’s no dignity among thieves.

    • Hrf Mayowa Oloke

      Easier said than done. $2M just like that ,u didn’t work for it and you will just decide to quit ?? It is difficult really

  • Judiciary X-Ray

    Editor, Premium Times,

    Judge Mohamed Liman is a fugitive from justice

    Judge Mohamed Liman should behave responsibly
    and report to the nearest police station without further delay. It disgraces the judiciary
    That Judge Liman has gone into hiding to escape justice for bribery and corruption. The
    crass conduct of Judge Liman, as a fugitive, disgraces the position of the Nigerian Bar
    which attempts to make the public that innocent judges are being haunted.
    Judge Liman instead announces himself as a criminal by taking to his heels and running.

    Judge Liman is one of the irresponsible judges who engage in throwing “Lordship robes”
    away and fleeing to escape justice. In 2014, Judge Lawal Gumi of the Abuja High Court
    fled like a common pick-pocket too whilst the Judicial Council secretary was still typing
    a dismissal letter to formalize the sacking of Judge Liman who ran out of his chambers
    and started running without stopping out of Abuja F.C.T until he reached Gumi village,
    Zamfara state, where he begged the villagers to drape him in disguising cloak as Emir.

    • Kevin Peter

      I am sure he’s only running away from the physical assault and bad treatment he stands to receive from our untrained law enforcement agencies. From his statement, he said he’s already on his way out of the tainted judiciary which has been degraded by corruption.

  • Judiciary X-Ray

    Editor, Premium Times,

    Judge Mohamed Liman is a fugitive from justice

    Judge Mohamed Liman should behave responsibly
    and report to the nearest police station without further delay. It disgraces the judiciary
    that Judge Liman has gone into hiding to escape justice for bribery and corruption. The
    crass conduct of Judge Liman, as a fugitive, disgraces the position of the Nigerian Bar
    which attempts to make the public that innocent judges are being haunted.
    Judge Liman instead announces himself as a criminal by taking to his heels and running.

    Judge Liman is one of the irresponsible judges who engage in throwing “Lordship robes”
    away and fleeing to escape justice. In 2014, Judge Lawal Gumi of the Abuja High Court
    fled like a common pick-pocket too whilst the Judicial Council secretary was still typing
    a dismissal letter to formalize the sacking of Judge Gumi who ran out of his chambers
    and started running without stopping out of Abuja F.C.T until he reached Gumi village,
    Zamfara state, where he begged the villagers to drape him in disguising cloak as Emir.

    • Glavda


      Nigeria has no chance of succeeding as a peaceful and prosperous country because the forces of
      destruction in the country outnumber the few reasoning voices un-motivated by personal gains.
      Lawyers, bankers and accountants are wholly working to overthrow the laws of Nigeria and they
      are doing so in tandem with bribed Judges in the court – aided by compromised police officers.

      In the immoral equation, honest voices clamoring for justice or rationality in Nigeria are drowned out.

      With honest journalism also sold for peanuts in Nigeria, and with the entire justice system virtually
      thwarted by bribes, nothing stands in favour of Nigeria, moreso that Nigerian counterfeit religionists
      pick up arms to kill others en masse because they believe genocide is their divine obligation.
      In that matrix, there’s neither hope nor comfort for Nigeria.

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


        • Colonel Mariam

          Unthinking person.

      • Hrf Mayowa Oloke

        I beg to differ,it is negativity like this that is making us move at a pace slower than the snail’s let’s all continue to to pray for Nigeria

    • Hrf Mayowa Oloke

      Clear conscience fears no accusations, let him come out if truly he is innocent..

      • Short & Sharp



  • Bright Henry

    Wike should be sued to court for obstruction of justice.

  • Bright Henry

    The way liman spoke shows his criminal mind set. So he now suddenly realized that the judiciary in Nigeria has lost its dignity?

    • Alkali

      The corruption BUHARI sweeps under carpet: CENTRAL BANK audit result

      • ₦38.23billion developed legs and got missing in Central Bank under Sanusi Lamido Sanusi.
      • ₦160billion was taken by Sanusi Lamido at the Central Bank for self-determined spending.
      • ₦1.12billion was taken as spent by Sanusi Lamido on lunch for 12 CBN police guards
      in one year.
      • ₦1.12billion was taken in cash and entered in the account as paid to a non-operating airline
      for charter service.
      • ₦240billion was discretionally doled out at will as ‘donations’ by Sanusi Lamido.
      • ₦1.97billion was paid out in cash and entered on Central Bank accounts as “inexplicable
      expense” by Sanusi Lamido Sanusi.
      • ₦20billion was entered as paid out in cash as Legal Fees by Sanusi Lamido to persons
      • ₦3.086billion was taken by Sanusi Lamido and written off as expense ostensibly to promote
      Central Bank image.

      • Arabakpura

        All these things took place under Jonathan?

      • NwaIgbo

        Where was Jona while this was going on?

    • Justicia


      Justice Liman must be arrested and slapped all around before being thrown into jail.

      He has escaped running in his judicial robes into a forest to hide messed up Nigeria.

    • Factsay

      DSS loves spreading lies. They dont even care to flaunt their incompetence. What a mumuish story that his car ran faster than theirs. And they think that after his car running faster than theirs the man will keep the money in his house? This story dont add up.

      • Austine

        Usain Bolt car!!!

        • Factsay


  • Factsay

    Ur intelligence didn’t cover that his car is faster than urs?

    DSS = Lies + Deceit

  • Dejandon

    I can imagine the carnage Wike would have caused had there been a Rivers State Police Force in existence. this is one of the reasons many have argued against State Police, given that some Governors have turned themselves to demi-gods.

    How can someone of Wike’s level, a lawyer for that matter, not understand the Act that set up DSS grants them power of search and arrest like Senior Police Officer, more so when armed with a court warrant! Complete obstruction of justice that would have warranted him being taken to court but for the immunity clause shielding that office.

  • udom Ekemini

    Wike is a thief, corrupt elements but will not go unpunish, PDP. Proper Devil People. Nobody is above d law

    • Ak+


      SSS should also arrest the irresponsible ex-CHIEF JUSTICE OF NIGERIA who is
      notorious for running errands on behalf of accused criminals and the likes who
      have cases in courts, by ferrying bribes to the presiding Judges to acquit and
      discharge those accused criminals. Anyone called to the bar as a lawyer knows
      this ex CHIEF JUSTICE who lives on the criminal commission deducted for the
      bribe-delivery services. The SSS cannot claim ignorance of this crass fellow
      who should never have been appointed a Magistrate in the first place. But if
      SSS is truly unaware, they could simply ask any lawyer at the gate of a High
      Court in Nigeria.

  • Netanyahu

    Interesting times. I am all for the prosecution and possible jailing of corrupt judges or anyone else. But my worry is who will cast the first stone? Is it the so called DSS or EFCC? They are worse than these suspected judges. Saying these two agencies are corrupt is an understatement. They harbor elements worse than armed robbers or kidnappers within them. It is only if you have not had any dealings with their operatives. Just like the regular police elizza, they start asking for bribe from the moment you voice your complaint. You will provide every logistic input for the investigation of your complaint as if there is no single government subvention to them. Sometimes, if you ask me, I should say that the fight against corruption should begin or should have begun with sanitizing the security agencies first.

  • Marcus Ijele

    If you could not catch up with the car that took the money away, you could have at least copied the number and the make of the vehicle and begin from there. You could have also shut the tire of the vehicle to demobilize it. Here comes when you would have used your fire arm, but behold, your incompetency exposes itself here. You will need greater evidence to convince sane minds, than what only APC, can believe.

  • abdul dull daura

    I hope some SANs won’t withdraw from the certificate case. It is very obvious it is going to resurface. I just pity the one without a pass in Mathis.

  • Hrf Mayowa Oloke

    That is y,the constitution has to be suspended…

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Bruv, as much as I’d like corruption and the corrupt ones to be dealt with, I can’t support that call.

      There are too many immature “adults” in Nigeria and they, somehow, also end up as our “leaders”. Such a precedent would be too dangerous.

    • Kñîghtš Tëmpłær

      Lol…do you want to create a new Kim Jong-un in Africa?

  • justin

    See how blunt the so called SSS are, you are telling us that the man in question had a jet to fly, please look for a better way of telling lies.

    • NinjaK

      Noooooo. SSS is very clear……
      the Judge was driven away in a Ferrarri…..but, unfortunately as exceptionally trained professionals in disguise and, becos it was “Special Sting Operation”, SSS went there with plenty Keke Napep.

      • justin

        I tire for the level of stupidity this guys display.


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    If Politics Is A Dirty Game, Then Try Poverty & Hopelessness.

    Get Involved With Elections & Choose The Right Type of Leadership!

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  • Kñîghtš Tëmpłær

    Mr. Buhari is a deluded man surrounded by men of a worser evil who swayed his opinions…his aggressive use of administrative power is testing the boundaries of executive authority on several fronts, he’s intentionally violating separation of powers by ignoring constitutional limits of presidential power…According to Lord Acton- Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely…

    For those of you supporting the DSS method for raiding judges homes, you all are ignorant of the law and enemies of democracy…The authorities have presented no evidence in courts to substantiate any alleged criminal conduct by those judges arrested, how are we sure the monies DSS claimed they found during the raids were not planted by DSS as a way to draw support from gullible Buhari supporters…Jailing or removing judges without even the pretence of due process will cause profound damage to Nigeria’s democracy and justice system for years to come…The judges has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defence…Mr. Buhari should religiously observe the law for the sake of example else he will end up the same way he did in 1985…

  • NinjaK

    It is now high time that ALL Nigerian Traditional Rulers should come out for a meeting, on behalf of the People of Nigeria, to fully proclaim “OUR LORD, GENERAL BUHARI OF DAURA” as EMPEROR OF NIGERIA!
    – The Omni-potent, The Omni-powerful, The Omni-knowledge, The Omni-arrest”

    • Public Record

      “Where we stand on Judges arrested”………..SSS

      “When we brought in most of the children, wives and relatives
      of the Judges based on the papers we got from the banks, they did not
      even have an idea that their names had been used by the judges to open such
      accounts. But you see under the Bank Verification Number, you must put in your
      passports, name, signature and others. So, for some of the judges, who used
      fake names and their wives names to open the accounts into which they paid in
      the proceeds of crime, they foolishly appended their signatures or used their
      pictures, something that gave them out.

      From what we have found out, some of the suspects acted
      foolishly in committing the offence because they cannot prove that even if
      their children were to earn N1 million monthly since they were born till date,
      none of them can accumulate the amount of money we have traced to their
      accounts and the type of property they have.

      Look, it may interest you to know that one of the two Supreme Court
      judges in our custody has a property worth N1.5 billion in one of the
      South-South states. If we may ask, where did he get the money to set up such
      project? As far as we are concerned, there is nothing unusual in arresting
      corrupt judges and taking them to court because it would be an offence against
      the nation to continue to turn a blind eye to mounting corruption in the

      • NinjaK

        Mr Man people like you make me laugh.
        Look, if we were to be believing all of these SSS, EFCC, LIE MOH and GARBA stories then the Judges would have had no choice but to convict all those people that have been arrested since well over a year! Just wait until you start to hear the other side – because I have personally seen that there is already a major error with the arrest procedures. This will obviously be fully challenged in Court and once it is shown that the procedure of arrest if faulty, then the cases begin to collapse. It is then that people like you will now open your mouths wide to shout “CORRUPT JUDICIARY”!!!
        Let this Govt always follow due processes and procedures first of all, and then we shall be able to know who is a “looter, or lootee, a briber, or bribee”

        • Manuel Tobby

          hearing the story of the other side is the duty of the law courts and not yours or mine! just wait and meet them in the court if you are that interested in the story of the other side

          • NinjaK

            No reason to take quick, unjustified positions based on hearsay from one side then, except of course, it is sentiment rather than grey matter. bye

    • momel

      I wonder by brother. Buhari is not truly fighting corruption, when it is selective.Some of the politicians in Buhari’s current cabinet are corrupt, but he is look the other way.

      • NinjaK

        Oh havent you heard aready?
        All the corruption charge that you are shouting about, that N26million “ear” treatment no dey work o. And with regards that Buhari looks the other way in respect of stories, documents, and pictures of million dollar properties of Monguno, Buratai, & Dambazzau – na neck problem dey cause dat wan. The man no fit turn neck!

  • Rollingdollar

    Please I have a question: Where is justice Okon Abang in all of this sting operation? Has he been cleared because he gave favourable ruling to Buhari wing of PDP? My people abeg make una shine una eyes

    • Stone Thrower

      My good friend, I doubt you will ever get an answer to this important question. We are in a period of selective enforcement of the law , where some people are handcuffed and sent away without due process while the favourite sons and daughters with cases to answer roam free. Ever wonder why it is that currently serving officials who own mansions in Dubai( this does not help the Nigerian economy at all) still get to keep their jobs and houses? It is based on the same principle-favouritism . Anyway, my name is Colonel Mariam and I am hated by the owners of Premium Times for being rather brutal with the truth. I am blacklisted here as if much can ever be done to make me any blacker, Far out!

    • Spyman29

      Please send a petition to DSS or EFCC, if you have any against Okon Abang

  • thusspokez

    Spare me the SSS propaganda and excuses. Simply put, the SSS is acting outside its constitutional mandate. If the authors of the act of parliament — which created the SSS — had wanted to create the SSS as a police or military force, they would have done so and perhaps dissolved the Nigerian police force or army — What would be the point in having two competing police forces or armies?

    • OJERINDE, Olatunde A.


      This is a COMMINIQUE Issued by LAWYERS FOR BETTER NIGERIA (LBN) at the close of its emergency meeting held at Nicon Luxury Hotel, Garki, Abuja on Sunday 9th of October, 2016 at 1100hours. LBN is a Non-Governmental Organisation of lawyers, (mainly young lawyers) who have come together to demand good governance from government and in particular fight against corruption in the Justice Delivery Sector (JDS).

      Corruption in Nigeria cuts across sectors, and it is a major source of concern to every well meaning citizen of this great country, especially those of us in the Justice Delivery Sector. In our nation’s Justice Delivery Sector, corruption has nearly eroded our system to the point where some lawyers would nearly always add to their service fees the cost of bribing a judge for favorable judgement; where litigants engage and retain lawyers not on the bases of what they have to offer legally but on the bases of their relationship with Judges; where judgements and orders are no longer granted on the bases of judicial precedents, but on the bases of payment (highest bidder wins it); where Judges no longer exercise discretion in or care about their partisan relationship with politicians or the public perception of their outside-the-courtroom relationship with litigants that appear before them.

      As junior lawyers, who either have no competing powers or have resolved not to join the bandwagon, we are the most affected. We lose our clients daily, we lose our chances of growth, while the same persons use their proceeds of corruption to perpetuate their hold on the profession, planting their children, wives and cronies either as Judges or Senior Advocates of Nigeria even when their said children and wives have no real knowledge or values to add to the development of the Justice Delivery Sector.

      It is on these notes that we have resolved to support the fight against corruption in the Justice Delivery Sector and and Nigeria in general in order to return Justice to the people. The Court used to be the last hope of the common man, but they have taken that away from the common man. WE THE PEOPLE MUST TAKE IT BACK.

      Our attention, as LAWYERS FOR BETTER NIGERIA, is drawn to the trending issue concerning the arrest of some Judges, including Judges of the Supreme Court of Nigeria in what the Directorate of State Services (DSS) announced as a “move to rid the Judiciary of Corruption”. As Lawyers in practice, we feel the corruption in the Judiciary, and beyond what we feel, we are aware that even the Head of the Judiciary in Nigeria in the person of the CHIEF JUSTICE OF NIGERIA (CJN), who is also the HEAD OF THE SUPREME COURT OF NIGERIA (SCN) AND THE CHAIRMAN OF NATIONAL JUDICIAL COUNCIL (NJC) has come out publicly to confirm that just as in the other arms of Government, there is corruption also in the Judiciary.

      The CJN did also confirm that the NJC is investigating some allegations and taking appropriate disciplinary actions against judges that are found culpable. Only recently, the NJC pursuant to this resolution and drive dismissed and retired some Judge as the case may be on account of corrupt practices and recommend them for prosecution by the appropriate Law Enforcement Agency

      In the same vain, we are aware that it is the Policy of the Leadership of the present Executive Arm of Government to fight corruption at all levels, and it has done so commencing with the probe of government activities by Executive Arm, to the Legislature and now the Judiciary.

      We want to unequivocally submit that as LAWYERS FOR BETTER NIGERIA, we support in totality the FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION initiated by the present EXECUTIVE ARM of GOVERNMENT and would therefore urge every well meaning Nigeria to commit to this uncommon resolve and will power.

      It has also come to our attention that the NIGERIAN BAR ASSOCIATION, our parent Association as Lawyers, has come out to question the arrest of these judges and demanded for their immediate release. We understand that the NBA is also planning a boycott of the Courts if these Judges are not release by today (Sunday 9th October 2016).

      Much as were concede that the NBA has a professional duty to protect the Judiciary and the Justice Delivery Sector, we wish to remind the NBA that it has even a greater obligation which is to protect the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It is on this note that we call on the leadership of the NIGERIAN BAR ASSOCIATION (NBA) to clearly define and clarify its area of disagreement and concern in the arrests of these Judges. This is in order to avoid internal frictions within the NBA that would create room for independent Associations such as ours to begin to make public statements as body (Association) of Lawyer for or against the official position of the NBA. We do not think that this would be in the best interest of the Bar.

      Accordingly, we make our observations on the issue of the arrest of the Judges by the DSS as follow:

      1. LBN appreciates that Nigeria operates a democracy that runs under the principle of Separation of Powers, which guarantees the independence of the various arms. By this principle, in simple terms, the Legislature makes the Laws, the Judiciary interprets the Laws and the Executive (executes) enforces the Laws, using statutorily established Law Enforcement Agencies such as the Police and the DSS, etc.

      2. Each arm of Government is authorized to hire, discipline and fire it’s employee. Just as the Executive relies on Civil Service Commission to do this, the Judiciary relies on the Judicial Service Commission or the National Judicial Council, as the case may be, to do the same.

      3. Whereas, the various Arms of Government (Executive, Legislature, Judiciary) relies on its independent and appropriate Commission/Council to discipline its employees; NIGERIA AS A NATION RELIES ON HER CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM TO DISCIPLINE HER ERRING CITIZENS. The Nigerian Criminal Justice System is a process that includes Law Enforcement Agencies, the Judiciary, the Prisons, etc.

      4. We emphasis that the responsibility to sanction or discipline or correct any citizen of Nigeria who is “suspected” to have violated any Law within Nigeria, who himself/herself may be a lawyer, Judge at any level, Doctor, Engineer, Banker, Capenter, Farmer, Trader or unemployed is that of the Criminal Justice System and NOT that of his Employer (such as NJC, FCSC, Hospital Management, Bank Council, Farmers Union, etc). It is clear that whereas NJC’s sanction against an erring judge is limited to suspension or dismissal as the case maybe of that judge, but that of the Criminal Justice System extends to PROSECUTION in a competent court of law, FINE and/or IMPRISONMENT of that judge.

      5. We note that the Nigerian Criminal Justice System is a process and this process admits and permits ARREST as one of the procedures of the process. These Judges have just been arrested, preparatory to prosecution.

      6. LBN is not oblivious that the Criminal Justice System is also laced with corruption, which has resulted in Law Enforcement Agents arresting “suspected offenders” without the proper rules of engagement or procedure of arrest. LBN condemns the arrest of any Nigerian citizen that does not follow the law and will always do so.

      7. In the present arrest of these Judges, apart from the fact that the search warrant was executed and the arrest made between 2300hours of Friday to 0330hours on Saturday morning, LBN could not fine any other breach in this particular procedure of the Criminal Justice System. Another grouse seems to stem from the contention that it is not part of the responsibilities of the DSS to investigate corruption and so have no right to carry out the arrest. We wish to state unequivocally that based on the Administration of the Criminal Justice Act 2015, Law of the Federation of Nigeria, the DSS and indeed every law enforcement agent has the right and a duty to do so; and even a far higher duty derived from the Oath of Allegiance to protect the Constitution of Federal Republic Nigeria to make such arrest.

      8. We need not remind Nigerians and indeed the NBA that every single Nigerian is equal before the law. This no doubt operates to subject a Judge, Senator, Minister, Lawyer, Artist, Terrorist, Militant, etc who is accused or suspected of any act that has been defined as crime to the same legal standard. We do not operate two legal systems in Nigeria: one for the rich and influential and the other for the poor and lowly.

      1. Albeit, we recognize that the Nigerian legal system provides a robust grievance remedial process. We advise that should the Judges, as very respected citizens of Nigeria, feel very strongly that their human rights or integrity has been violated or bruised by the arrest made by the DSS, they should feel free to use any of the grievance remedial options. In the main, they should answer to the law and vindicate themselves.

      In conclusion, we urge the NBA to allow those who have been cited for violation of the Nigerian Laws to answer to the Laws. Large sums of money were recovered from some of them; let them come before the law, perhaps they will be able to explain away the sources of the funds. These Judges must desire, more than anything else, to clear themselves of the allegations and until they do so they no longer have the moral standing to preside over any citizen accuse of crime. Therefore, NBA should not be seen as a vehicle for self protection against prosecution; for shielding these judges from prosecution. None of these Judges is arrested for delivering judgement against the Executive, but for indulging in corrupt practices. NBA has a lot to fight against, the unfriendly policies of government, the unfulfilled promises of the Executive, the insecurity in the country and the economic hardship.

      Finally, LBN has resolved that its members will not boycott the courts but will rather JOIN OTHER NON-LAWYER BASED NGOs (bearing T-Shirt and placard) to call for the dismissal and prosecution of these Judges. This is for the NOTICE and ATTENTION of the NBA and the GENERAL PUBLIC.


      Abdullahi Abubakar
      National Coordinator

      Barr. Stanley Ibeawuchi Nwosu
      National Secre

      Barr. Adamu Ibrahim
      Coordinator, Zone 1

      Barr. Olujide Olorunnimbe
      Coordinator, Zone 2

      Barr. Igbokwe Alphonus
      Coordinator, Zone 3

      Barr. Micheal Diriya
      Coordinator Zone 4

      Barr. Aliyu Yahaya
      Coordinator Zone 5

      Barr. Timi Lake

      • Manuel Tobby

        God will bless all of you nationally and internationally!

    • momel

      I am not in support of any corrupt judge.However, the DSS did the right thing in a wrong way.They acted on the instruction and directive of a tyrant.

  • Austine

    “The government is merely a servant — merely a temporary servant; it cannot be it’s prerogative to determine what is right and what is wrong. It’s function is to obey orders, not originate them.”—- Mark Twain

    I hope DSS will arraign these judges in a DSS court of competent jurisdiction? We are watching as these anarchist splinter Nigeria…

  • thusspokez

    The SSS, according to the act of parliament that created it, is an intelligence agency — not a military force. It’s operatives should be clever people with a minimum university bachelor degree.

    Intelligence agencies recruit brains that would enable it to do it’s intelligence work, but looking at the gun–toting mumu-looking SSS operatives (see photo above), I can’t imagine that this is true for the SSS. It’s recent activities would indicate that it is more like an army i.e., and have an abundance of brawn but lacking in brains.

    • FreeNigeria

      Intelligence? There’s absolutely nothing intelligent about SSS or DSS. They can’t even get their own name right. Bunch of security guards.

  • Austine

    “The government is merely a servant — merely a temporary servant; it cannot be it’s prerogative to determine what is right and what is wrong. It’s function is to obey orders, not originate them.”—- Mark Twain

  • Harsh Man

    “When Government fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government there is TYRANNY!”

    • FreeNigeria

      Nigerian politicians believe they are elected to lord over the people (Their subjects), not to serve them. That’s why they loot the treasury with impunity

      • Harsh Man

        Don’t Pray for those in Authority: Rather pray for the right people to be in Authority!

        • breaking’news

          Breaking News:

          •The Federal
          Ministry of Justice in Nigeria has today announced it will reinstate the
          criminal charge against BUKOLA SARAKI. According to the Ministry official, a
          summons is to be issued soon by the Police to invite Bukola Saraki for
          investigation on the forged Senate Standing Rules under which he was (mis)
          elected as Senate President. New criminal charges shall thereafter be filed in
          court with Bukola Saraki’s answers at his interrogation attached as required by
          the Administration of Justice Act.

          • Harsh Man

            The same corrupt judges will preside over this case???

          • aisha ani

            The corrupt judge has seen the light, not gonna happen.

  • sammyctu ode

    The NBA, wike, Liman, all the arrested corrupt judges and all those who have been pulling Nigeria backwards for the past 56 years must all be given the Chinese treatment which is death by firing squad. I know NBA is a professional organization but all their principal officers should be rounded up prosecuted as accessories to crimes against the Nigerian people.
    Just yesterday a 70 old Chinese senior legislator was convicted for corruption and sentenced to death. The NBA can’t constitute themselves as a parallel government cos they were not elected by the Nigerian people. They are a deranged cult organization and not even a professional body anymore. NBA is shameless cult useless bunch of animals. They deserve no mercy or sympathy from Nigerians. I and millions of right thinking Nigerians support the actions of PMB & DSS.

    • Ewens Lawson

      yeah…bro. You have spoken my mind. Pls, don’t refer to NBA as a professional organization at all. It is a syndicate of demented, poorly educated but well certificated organisms. There is no better way to fight corruption than the steps being taken by PMB.

  • Kitunde

    Look, we live in extraordinary times, so there will be peculiar events. Is this not the same country where we have been seeing crazy, reprehensible judgements from our judges?Senior lawyers delaying the wheel of Justice, a place we cannot find one certain James Onanafe ibori-to begin identifying all the damage these so called shameless Judges have done via their pronouncements- i will be here till kingdom come. Have we forgotten the laughable Judgements of supreme court on electroral violence/rigging. There are cases of corruption in courts since 2007 for God’s sake! At the end of the day all whisperings point to money exchanging hands.

    The common man in our country does not enjoy rule of law or justice in any form-Let us stop shouting when the so called Elites get a dose of the medicine the planted and grew. If a Judge is suspected of receiving bribes, even if the SSS or Police go there dressed as masquerades so be it. Let us stop all these sob stories. Where were you people when a Judge granted an injuction stopping the Police and all relevant agencies from investigating a man for a crime in perpetuity? Nonsesense!

    • Lenz

      My brother, leave Nigerians o!
      They are the ones complaining of corruption, impunity and waste in society. But the moment somebody (whomever) stands up to start doing something about it they begin shouting “foul”…
      Let the government do what they can to sanitize the society. Even if they score 30% in the end that is something.

  • olayiwola

    Initially it was wike that didn’t allow them to get the money, now it is because the vehicle carrying the money in a surprise attack was faster than their own vehicle! Tomorrow another reason!

    • tundemash

      Cl0wn, Wike and Rivers CP prevented them and in the process, the get-away car was able to leave. Is that too complex for you d@ft to assimilate ?

      • Kevin Peter

        Has Wike and the CP become fast running vehicle?

        • emmanuel

          They are cheetahs.

          • Kevin Peter


        • tundemash

          Whatever they like they can be. The corrupt judges have been arrested and will be prosecuted, you can wail as usual; your noise is noted but it stops nothing.


      • emmanuel

        Abass or what ever you call yourself, need mental rehabilitation.
        How much FOREX did they bring out of Akwa Ibom Government house when they invaded?
        Developed nations are where they are today, because democratic institutions are respected and that help to stabilise their system.
        We are all angry at executive gangsterism of Buhari and Daura. Nigeria should out live them, but they want to destroy it.
        Which kind osi 7 cylinder and 3 cylinder engine? All these Secondary school dropouts for government wen do become seniors because of age, nor dey behave like say dem nor get train at all.
        Tell these cheap stories to children and cartoon and they will tell you the character who made the statement was a dull one. Just like Tundemess!
        For your information, all corrupt Judges and justices must pay for their sins

        • Austine

          “The heaviest penalty for declining to rule is to be ruled by someone inferior to yourself”…Plato

        • tundemash

          Oloshi Wailing Wailer, I guess America also does not respect democratic institutions when FBI arrested corrupt judges just as Nigeria’s DSS has now done ?


        • oche

          you are just here to display your ignorance brother. so you dont know that a V8 cylinder car has fast take off and can easily stabilize its speed than a 4cylinder car? well, out of the abundant of the heart the mouth speaks. you can’t give what you don’t have. its none of my business sha oh!!


    Buhari is the last hope we have to clean up this country, some of his ministers might be corrupt, but we have to let him clean Nigeria up to some level, if the wailers dont agree, any how Nigeria turns out either good or bad, Insha-Allah I will survive.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    The anti-corruption fight must be extended to all judges and justices in the judiciary as well as Nigerian police stations nationwide if Nigeria-state would like to reduce endemic bribery from our society.President M.Buhari, government is the last hope of Nigeria-state survival as a transparent developing nation.Others before him with the exception of former president Olusegun Obasanjo who established the anti-corruption agencies-EFCC & ICPC and late president Umaru Musa Yar,dua who contributed immensely to promote transparency in governance.

  • Abidilagungun

    Nigeria under Buhari is a peculiar mess (penkelemesi)

  • Adekunle Babafunmi Ojo

    It is only in Nigeria that a State Governor will stop a federal agency from arresting a federal judge. If the FBI tries to arrest a federal judge and a U.S. Governor obstructs that, he/she will be prosecuted irrespective of his intentions. The federalism practiced in Nigeria astounds me. While Wike has a right to disagree with the FGN on this, he goofed and his actions was unbecoming of a governor. He seems he has a vested interest to protect.

  • abu-shahid

    NBA – Nigeria’s Bribery Administrators & SAN – Supretandent At Nought

  • Akanji

    i wonder why this people think nigerians dont have sense! u just come up with a story without thinking about it , untrue story is called a lie. a good story teller will tell u dis your story is a lie. first of all i blv d so call SSS is the highest security guard in naija,before they operate well set plan would have be in place including alternative plan should in case things go other way round. the so call jet “that was used to cart away the $2million” took off and fly to d sky and cross the border . you mean u cant radio local ground patrol agencies dat u ar in pursuit of a flying jet ! to set up a road block ahead.i mean for you to confirm the car loaded with the money,is either you were told by someone that the car as left some hrs earlier not dat u pursue cos you u cant identify the jet with 9 legs u talk abot.unless there some missing script.