EXCLUSIVE: Untold story of SSS raids on judges’ homes in Abuja, five states

SSS Officials
SSS Officials

The State Security Service raided the homes of some senior Nigerian judges late Friday and early Saturday to gather evidence of corruption, officials have told PREMIUM TIMES.

The raids on multiple residences in Abuja, Port Harcourt, Gombe, Kano, Enugu and Sokoto, were not aimed at arresting the judges, they said.

An official said the operation was ordered after months of investigations, during which the secret police established credibly that the affected judges were involved in questionable financial dealings.

The SSS initially submitted parts of its findings to the regulatory body, the National Judicial Council.

Officials said the SSS moved in after the council merely recommended two of the judges for retirement, and not prosecution.

The council also refused to cooperate with the SSS as the agency launched wider investigations into the cases for more evidence.

The source explained that judges whose homes were raided include Adeniyi Ademola, and Nnamdi Dimgba of the Federal High Court in Abuja as well as Sylvester Ngwuta and John Okoro of the Supreme Court.

In Kano, the source said the home of a high court judge, Kabiru Auta, was raided along with another residence in Enugu belonging to the Chief Judge of the state, A. I. Umezulike.

The two judges were earlier recommended for retirement recently by the NJC.

The residences of a Gombe State judge, Muazu Pindiga, as well as that of his counterpart from Sokoto state, Justice Samia, were also raided during the operation.

Our source said during the search, documents linking Mr. Ngwuta or Okoro to estates worth over N1.5 billion were recovered.

At the residence of Mr. Ademola, the SSS recovered at least $400, 000 and N39 million in cash, in addition to documents of landed properties belonging to the federal judge.

The raid at Justice Mohammed Liman’s residence in Port Harcourt, our sources said, was ordered to allow operatives search the house because he was believed to be in possession of $2 million.


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  • Shahokaya

    No more hiding place for these corrupt kobo kobo judges. A good clean up operation should also be extended to National Assembly and the police.

    • Reposted by popular demand

      Breaking News:

      Two Supreme Court Justices in Nigeria thrown into jail

      “Supreme Court Justices Sylvester Ngwuta
      and John Okoro arrested at their official residences in Abuja in the early
      hours of Saturday are in the custody the Department of State Service (DSS). It
      is gathered that the two men will be arraigned on alleged corruption charges on
      Monday in Abuja. Media aide to the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Mr. Ahuraka Isah,
      confirmed to our correspondent the arrest of Justices Nwgwuta and Okoro. He
      however said the reasons for the arrest were still not known to him. He
      clarified that Justice Walter Onnoghen, the next in rank to the incumbent CJN,
      Justice Mahmud Mohammed, was not among the Justices of the apex court arrested
      as earlier reported Sources confirmed that Justice Adeniyi Ademola of the
      Federal High Court in Abuja was also arrested by the operatives of the DSS
      after breaking into his official residence at about 1am on Saturday”.


    • Oleku

      Bollocks. Buhari is playing with fire. This assault on our democracy ati judiciary will hound Buhari in no distant time. He will regret this.

      • emmanuel

        impeachment is a tool to correct democratic anomalies, but the NASS is a house full of rich scoundrels and would rather try to outdo the other with dress style, than get Buhari to think democracy.
        They will all be in soup by the time he gat another Daura as the CJN.
        NASS your days are numbered

    • Kallah Bature

      Well, all well meaning Nigerians saw this coming and are not surprised one bit,especially when they witnessed the drama during the collation of River’s State election results.Remember the comedian returning officer (a Professor)who entertained the whole nation by claiming he couldn’t read the results because he couldn’t see properly and had to be offered additional light.

  • Truthism

    Finally PMB is taking charge of the country. Corruption can only be defeated when the judiciary has been subjected to law and order. Shame on the Senate & Reps, Nigeria needs to discard the two wasted houses & PMB needs to declare martial law. God save Nigeria, PMB you must be brave and discharge your duties with might and fearlessness.

  • Omoba1

    This is a clear case of intimidation. However, if evidences have been provided and only a few were recommended for retirement rather than prosecution, then jungle justice may be preferable

  • Rommel

    We now know what Ezenwo Nyesom Wike was protecting,meanwhile importers are busy looking for forex and blaming Buhari

    • emmanuel

      Shhhhhhh, Justice Onoghen is the reason for the Gestapo operations. The DSS would get US Dollar from anywhere to plant in his house just to change the NJC recommendation to him.
      You guys cannot carry on forever, but the hate generated for the foolanis now would transcend generations and would one day end up the Rwanda way.

  • emmanuel

    We knew since when it became clear that Justice Onoghen was the next most qualified person as the Chief Justice of Nigeria, that Buhari would play the Foolani game up to remove him and get to the next foolani person to occupy the seat.
    Therefore, we did not find the Gestapo operation of Mamman Daura strange. Afterall, he was appointed to execute the foolani Jihadst agenda.
    It the Yorubas think they would continue to keep quiet, then we shall all be laughing when the constitution would be amended to read we the foolani people of Nigeria.
    I think it is time we determine Nigeria by any means.
    Na God go purnish Obasanjo into his grave that will burn with fire and brimestone – he does not know that Nigeria is more divided today more than at any time in the history of Nigeria and where are his letters?

    • Sean

      Respond to the allegations against your heroes not bringing ethnic sentiments into the situation, you imbecile!!

    • blackdove

      Ignorance is an incurable disease. Read the statement from DSS about the CJN in waiting before coming here to make your wild allegations.
      Let me ask, are you corrupt?
      If not, why do you defend corrupt people?

      • emmanuel

        Where is Buritai, Dambauzzau?
        How did certificate forgery which Mallam Buhari posted in his facebook prior 2015 election? Are you too evil to have seen that result?
        He who goes to equity must come with clean hands.
        The Bible that i know as the truth in Psalm 24 verse 3 “who may ascend the presence of God, he who has clean hands and a clean heart’.
        over to you.
        Was justice Yunusa or the others who were dismissed by the NJC houses raided? Only a babarian waiting for the state of anarchy would bring down the door of a Jdge or justice house because they thought there was US Dollar. Na story una dey tell
        Who ever hate democracy and try to destroy it want anarchy in its place

        • blackdove

          Your arguments are presented from the prism of ethnicity and religion which renders it useless.
          Read the DSS press statement carefully and you will understand that legal warrants of search were duly obtained and executed.

          • emmanuel

            Warrant to pull down the door of a Justice house? Common, even the Fat kid in North Korea would not do that.
            Meanwhile, All of Buharis acts – appointment, herdsmen carnages, corrupt cases of his cronies have all been on ethnic and religious basis. So who is the saint and who is the satan?

  • Watch man

    For me, the question should be: you that has been arrested, did you commit or not? Orubebe’s property was seized and he began shouting that there are other politicians guilty of the same crime he was said to have committed. The issue is: did Orubebe commit or not? Those that have not met their Waterloo now may meet it tomorrow but for now, let those that have been alleged to have committed go in for it.

    • emmanuel

      When the Southerner meant to be the CJN has been delisted? If the DSS produces US Dollar feign to be found in his house, would you controvert if?
      Afterall, they said they received security report that there was going to be vioence in Edo state three clear days after the initial election date and INEC in the same Cabal quickly postpone to complete their rigging game.
      Go ask PDP how similar trends help to destroy Nigeria.
      With inflation over 93%, Buhari is only bothered about how to consolidate power among his village people.
      A laptop i bought in January 2016 for N266,000.00 now sell for N481,000.00, A kilo O Titus now N1,000.00 against N350.00 six months ago. A woman went to replace her Sons electronic calculator she bought in June for N1,500.00 and she got it for N3,700.00 this morning. Garri, melon and Beans are not imported, how come their prices have either doubled or trippled, yet out inflation rate is 17.6%
      Buhri and Kemis wonder.
      our inflation rate today trully stand at about 108%. Buhari pursue judges and put your towns man there. everything has terminal or expiry date

      • Watch man

        Beside the laptop and calculator that need forex to import, all the other items you mentioned can be produced in Nigeria. Besides, was it PMB that increased their prices? The woman that sells beans why would she increase the cost of her beans when she produces it here without any imported machinery? Many traders are pure fraudulent profiteerers. Again, many importers get forex and instead of using it for the purpose they claimed they will go black market to sell it so as to make huge profit and thereby putting more pressure on the Naira. Truth is that most Nigerians are unpatriotic and would not even mind selling their birthright for a plate of porridge.

        • emmanuel

          This is why people like you should be flushed down the toilet. A farmer or trader who bought calculator more than twice the cost within six months must pay for transport, get more money to pay her rent, pay increased school fee, get more volume of money to buy Titus.
          I now understand why Buhari does not know the meaning of inflation recession and depression.
          It is a pity that you do not understand basic economics may be you have been limited to the teachings from your alfas who have only done cramming the quaran all of their lives.

          • Watch man

            This is why I hate responding to koun like you on fora like this. Why are you so full of the product of the night soil man? Must you comment with foul language? Saiyr!

          • emmanuel

            Okay very sorry for my foul language.
            Go ahead and address the effect of inflation on all sectors of the economy so we can understand where your patriotism is derived.

          • Watch man

            Sorry too! Bye!

          • emmanuel

            Na lie oh. address what you know about economics and how galloping inflation lead to depression.
            We must find solution to our unending woes while we abuse ourselves and whip up tribal sentiments which today drives the leadership of Nigeria.
            What i know is that what happened in Rwanda, Burundi and Central African Republic is closeby

        • Diarisgodo

          Tell them. Emotional intelligence.

        • abodes_124

          Yes if the prices fall GMB will be hailed. If the prices rise he should be equally blamed. That comes with the territory of being head of state.

    • abodes_124

      Olisa Metuh is yet to meet Trafalgar not Waterloo. All they did was break the poor mans body and his spirit – have you heard what happened to him when he was locked up in the same hall with hardened criminals for nights on end. i hear the Oga laughed merrily when he heard and said they had ‘taught him his lesson’. Have you heard pim from Metuh again ? they tried same with FKK but somehow did not manage to break the mans spirit.

  • News Critique

    Editor Premium Times,

    Where is that $2million in Port-Harcourt now?

    The SSS must wake up and chase after the two million dollars the SSS sloppily
    allowed to be taken away from the crime scene in Port-Harcourt, Rivers state.
    It is a lame excuse that such tampering with evidence occurred so blatantly
    only because Governor Wike allegedly recruited a ‘sister security agency’
    to intervene. No sisterly or brotherly security agency is permitted by law
    to tamper with evidence at a crime scene. The $2million allowed to be
    taken away is nearly ten times the entire cash intercepted all through
    this ‘sting operation’. There is no reason for such operational laxity.

    • Henrik Anthony

      I laugh when Nigerians allow themselves to be fools by numbers,$2000000, my brother wake up!
      This act of the DSS should be condemn,we should not support it in what ever disguise,if you want to

      prosecute,charge people to courts,dont brake into their house and harass them.This is not Democratic.

    • abodes_124

      Yes oh bring back our $2million or face the wrath of the people.

  • Hillary Isife

    It is Imperative at point for all the security apparatus to act in accordance with Democratic Principles. The act of invading the residence of Judges at the wee hours of the night without any report of evading arrest, no matter the strength of evidence at hand negates in all it means the doctrine of the rule of law. Over- zealousness and vendetta should not shadow caution .

    • emmanuel

      Justice Onoghen of the Supreme Court is the target. They only got others including of Hausa, Foolani and Yorubas involved so that it woul have a national outlook.
      If Liman Had phantom $2m in his house just like the type they said made them invade Government House in Uyo last year, how come other justices and Judges under investigation were raided same time?
      I beg we know these thing – ethnic agenda

      • Saydo Shan

        Why should Justice Onnoghen be a target? He was one of the three Justices that gave the minority judgment while dissenting on the 2007 Presidential election petition, which said judgment PMB appreciates for ever. People just run their mouth and babble without facts.

        • GEJ FOREVER

          But Buhari’s Islamisation agenda cannot accommodate or tolerate Justice Onnoghen no matter what favours the Judge had done to Buhari in the past!

          By the way even Bola Tinubu could not get a place in Buhari’s Islamisation agenda because Bola Tinubu … though a Muslim … is not perceived as a Jihadist by Buhari and his people!

          • Saydo Shan

            Apparently you quaff the same Ogogoro like your benefactor.

          • emmanuel

            Ogogoro is to expensive for your people who drink the chemical used for preserving corpses at the mutuaries, smoke Gum or inhale pit latrines to stimulate themselves.
            Go buy a litre of Ogogoro and you would know it is for the big boys.
            Meanwhile, Ogogoro is of higher quality than all the Baby Oku etc.
            We know your ethnic jihadist hate truth and that is why your brothers saywestern education is eveil, yet they use the internet developed by the western World, they visit western nigt clubs when they go abroad

        • Henrik Anthony

          whoever is the target is not my concern for now but this administration is sending out dangerous signal of dictatorship daily and this is the loudest of all,very soon,the press will be the next,students and union group.Is Buhari ready to fight recession , we need brains to solve our economic challenges,not all this show of we will kill every body that stand on our way.When people say this PMB administration is having a Northern agenda,he is impressing it daily by his action so the fight against corruption have lost its taste by this action,PERIOD!

          • Mr T

            Which economic challenge can you solve if corruption is not checked? The singular problem we have in Nigeria is corruption at all levels, and any government that fails to tackle that first will only labour in vain. Suffocate corruption and Nigeria will become the pride of African continent.

          • emmanuel

            Corruption can never be solved with corruption. Flouting the rule of law is corruption of the highest order

          • Demola

            Well said!!!

          • amah sossy

            Even in USA it happens; it’s called sting operation. It was the type that led to the arrest of former rep William Jefferson when a rap of marked $100,000 note supposedly given to Vp Atiku then was discovered in his freezer. Let us read little more than exposing our complete ignorance in public.

          • emmanuel

            Bring down a judges door? Invade a federating state government house, freeze the account of a Governor?
            Only mafia knock down doors to get their enemies. It is criminal for anyone who has a warrant to break down doors

          • amah sossy

            Only the wicked runs when no one pursued them. Justice Ademola has nothing to fear as a search warrant will cause him no harm if his coast is cleared and no skeleton in his cupboard. My neighbor’s house was searched last two weeks in port harcourt when the police got a wrong information that he was hiding a criminal proceed. At the end of the search nothing was found by the police and they left asking him to report to their station the following day for discussion. He did and nothing happened. Stop defending evil.

          • Chisom Stanley Nnodimele

            Google world news you will find out why they are doing what they are doing.How will there be cleansing if the last hope of a common man is that corrupt? Could you imagine how much they are saying they found? That is not paper as per say, But real cash in different currency.That money is among the common wealth of the nation that has gone into the wrong hands. Are these judges Traders? How can Economic Espionage be explained?

      • Onike24

        Onoghen has absolutely nothing to do with this.

        • emmanuel

          We are waiting.
          Recall the issue of Saraki and Ekweremadu which you, Kay Soyemi addressed we – wailing wailers on? the other was dropped yesterday and your hailers said it was because of the other case in another High Court. You went under on the issue.
          I I will remind you when the dead has been done on Onoghen.
          Same way we reminded you of our prediction on Osinbajo and Tinubu before and after 2015. You seem not to know history and have little ability to look into the future

      • Green

        Tribalistic foolery….

    • Profy

      It is called sting operation. It is allowed in law. Be guided. Check ur dictionary for d meaning of sting operation



    This action by the Buhari and his Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani controlled Security Agencies has nothing to do with so called “fight against corruption”.

    It is all about silencing Judges of Southern origin with Christian backgrounds to pave way for unhindered advance of Buhari’s violations of the law and the Constitution in the course of implementing Northernisation, Islamisation and Sharianisation agenda of Buhari.

    • Saydo Shan

      Utter nonsense. BULLSHIT.


        Truth Hurts!

        • Apostel

          no, it’s your stupidity that hurts; if you think that SSS is wrong, just go to Ecowas or international court, they will laughing at you. You’re only a lackey of those corrupt criminals who call themselves judges.

          • abodes_124

            ECOWAS judges have been bribed. they just ruled against GMB asking him to release Dasuki immediately and pay him N15 million in costs. I guess they are in for the DSS treatment if any of them live in Nigeria.

        • Green

          Mumu will kill you.

      • emmanuel

        Na nama shit!
        It will not take a month from now, when the issues would play up. Unfortunately, you cannot retain one moniker because your ae a questionable character

      • Henrik Anthony

        is no BULLSHIT, We are now realizing that this Govt is not Fighting Corruption but it has other agenda

      • Jaja Majaja

        You have eyes, but you cant see…woeful.

    • jude L/A USA


  • RestructureNigeriaNow

    Your sources. When the fire that will come after this destroy your entire family and all you have ever known in your lives as journalists please call your sources to help you. Useless i-diots.

  • Burning Spear

    Blame Nigerians who rewarded a dangerous, insensitive, dishonest, mean, cruel, partial, egoistic, religious, fondamentaliste, conscienceless human being like MOHAMMADU BUHARI and the APES in APC with the presidency of Nigeria. Given his kind of scary blood chilling track record. So why do we still wonder why Nigeria has not and will not make it to the promised land? A Fulani oligarch who does not believe in equality before the law. The way he jailed Lateef Jakande, Jim Nwobodo, Ambrose Ali, Pa Adekunle Ajasin, Chief Ayo Ojewumi on cases that had no foundation in law–alone is enough to have scared Nigerians away from Bingo Buhari—-But the Yorubas said naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa—————-and went on to impose a Fulani Monster——like Buhari on us—————————–Now busy framing people up and sending them to jail the same way he locked humans up like sardines-until his semni Fulani brother–IBB them from his Gulag——Buhari is now back—————–trying to lie his way to hell in the south east again

    • Carlos

      Sir, did you observe that as soon as Oyegun met with Buhari, he came out to issue scathing comments against Tinubu?

  • NinjaK

    With this Buhari Govt, this is just ONE SIDE OF THE STORY as usual……until we start to hear the other side in due course……

  • dami

    now that the $2million was not found corrupt Nigerians too will come out and say that the SSS was highhanded….SSS you should not of allowed that $2million to escape.

    either way the justice has lost his job.

    • abodes_124

      Please DSS bring our $2 million back. Meanwhile more than a year on Olisah Metuh the first person arrested in the anti corruption war is yet to be convicted. PLzzzz.

      • dami

        Actually the police and Gov Wike’s crew absconded with the $2million during the melee….that’s why he came from his house…the money was hard evidence…but i’m sure with or without $2millinon the SSS have even more damning evidence.

        • abodes_124

          Ahh you were there then. Please do tell.. There is a race to grab this $2 million and I want to lay hands on it before the bad men do. How can I best contact you. In fact ring me on +234 803 205 1690.

          • dami

            sorry ooo…u were too late…as i said in my post the bad men already have it.
            but i really blame the SSS for this shoddy job…now people like you will be here claiming that there was no $2million…sigh

          • abodes_124

            Abeg stop wasting time now. Just tell me which of the bad men took it away so that me and my boys will go and ‘recover it tonight ‘ – for the state of course.

  • Ayinde

    Democracy under threat! Nigerians please take note and defend Democracy

    • Green

      Do you think we need democracy?

  • time 4 d army 2 sack buhari

    Wonders shall never end–in Nigeria————look at Bingo Buhari—–who snubbed the same Nigerians he lied to by refusing to appear before an Ibo Judge– Justice Oputa Truth and Reconciliation Panel. Despite the fact that Buhari knew how important reconciliation is to the stability of democracy. Buhari has never apologized at anytime for refusing to appear before an Ibo High court Judge–Late Justice Opeta–can any from the SS do such to a Fulani Alkali Judge and get away with it–?———–Enough of the insult by the Fulanis against the people of Rivers state-and by extension the entire SS————–

    Aware Buhari executed Lawal Ojuolape (30), Bernard Ogedengbe (29) and Bartholomew Owoh an Ibo man(26). To put it quite plainly, one of those three – Ogedengbe – was executed for a crime that did not carry a capital forfeit at the time it was committed. and At the time Ogedengbe committed the crime it did not carry that punishment. If we must live as civilized citizens we must go by the Rules of Law. Article 11.2 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights reads: “No one shall be held guilty of any penal offence on account of any act or omission WHICH DID NOT CONSTITUTE A PENAL OFFENCE, under national or international law at the time when it was committed. NOR SHALL A HEAVIER PUNISHMENT BE IMPOSED THAN THE ONE THAT WAS APPLICABLE AT THE TIME THE PENAL OFFENCE WAS COMMITTED. Killing people with retroactive laws is not the civilised thing to do – and for as long as we will have people who refuse to see the truth only because their heroes are inching to rule when they have not purged themselves of the crimes they committed against Humanity we will continue to wallow in misery under the rule of the Fulanis and Yorubas ati their Ibo surrogates in APC…………………………….

    • Green

      Rubbish talk

    • Abdulkadir

      Can you please shut your trap up? We are discussing serious business here.

  • amah sossy

    There is nothing wrong with sting operation carried out on strong intelligence gathering. It led to the arrest of rep William Jefferson in USA when he claimed he had given a marked rap of $100,000 US dollars to Vp Atiku but was later found in his freezer. Unless the NBA is showing it corrupt and bias position as usual, this operation needs to be commended as the evidences speak for themselves. Is Justice Ademola’s salary paid in dollars? or is he now a money changer to keep various currencies at home? Please let’s be responsible in our comments. For the time been Nigeria is the country we all have. It will be good for us all if this country is moving well and we will all suffer the bad consequences if things go wrong.

    • objective

      I understand your position; but we should not forget however that, Adeniyi Ademola’s father, grandfather and great grandfather were men of extraordinary means. That however is for him to prove.

      • amah sossy

        We are not there yet as he will be allowed to show the source of his $400,000 cash in court under a serene atmosphere where no one will intimidate him.

    • share Idea

      for the example you cited in America, the rep was setup, and the authority have been monitoring him, in addition, the CIA (FBI) did not raid his house in the wee hours of the day.

      According to this article, DSS is saying that because NJC did not prosecute those judges, they now decided to “imprison” them. Does it mean that DSS have not heard or read about incriminating allegations against Tinubu, Sanusi, Amaechi, Fashola, Burutai, Dambazza, and including Buhari…why have they not invaded the houses of those people?

      When this administration started chasing shadow (Senate Standing Rule forgery case) in the name of fighting corruption in NASS, we complained, and some of you guys called us names. Today, same government have withdrawn the cases.

      Please tell me how this government tends to make progress by this attitude of fighting other agencies of governments that they need in order to make progress.

      • amah sossy

        1- Nigerian constitution did not stipulate the time a suspect should be visited, searched or arrested. 2- Jefferson was only shown a search warrant and he submitted himself. Time of search is of no use here.3- Yes it will be very wrong and unethical to only dismissed our revered judges when found wanting. This is sending wrong signal and made them look untouchable. i support the DSS wholeheartedly in this mission. They have no immunity and should be treated as others. 4- If you have a strong evidence against the people you have named so far please bring it up as i offer to be of great assistance to you to take it to appropriate authorities if you cannot yourself. Whereas stop gossip and hatred. 5- Finally we should not encourage rogues judges on our bench sending petit thieves and innocent nigerians to prison to protect the interest of the highest bidders.

  • Imea

    Did they have any intelligence that these judges had arms and ammunitions in their homes. What was the point in the gestapo style raid. These are the people who will not provide security for innocent Nigerians being butchered by herdsmen and yet feel it necessary to visit judges homes armed. Shame on Nigeria.

    • Abdulkadir

      How would your security be of concern to them when you have agreed the lawyers can sell judgements? You might as well buy security. You are killing your country with your minds.

  • Short & Sharp


  • Umar

    Incorruptable Judges! God save my motherland.Judges are corrupt. How can they deliver uncorrupt judgement?

  • Burbank

    “documents linking Mr. Ngwuta or Okoro to estates worth over N1.5 billion were recovered.”
    “At the residence of Mr. Ademola, ..at least $400, 000 and N39 million in cash…”
    “at Justice Mohammed Liman’s residence … $2 mil”

    Now who says Nigeria lack US and Naira hard currency?