After freeing Saraki, Ekweremadu, Nigeria withdraws charges against N’Assembly clerk, deputy


The Nigerian Government on Friday withdrew all allegations of forgery against a former Clerk of the National Assembly, Salisu Maikasuwa, and his deputy, Benedict Efeturi.

Messrs. Maikasuwa and Efeturi were charged alongside Senate President Bukola Saraki and his deputy, Ike Ekweremadu, for allegedly falsifying the Senate standing rule to help the Senate President and his deputy emerge leaders of the National Assembly in June 2015.

They were arraigned on June 10 this year and pleaded not guilty to the charges.

On Thursday, the Federal Government dropped charges against Messrs. Saraki and Ekweremadu and filed an amended charge before the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, against Messrs. Maikasuwa and Efeturi.

A litigation officer with the Federal Ministry of Justice, Odubu Loveme, told PREMIUM TIMES that government had made fresh applications to amend the charges, so that only Messrs Maikasuwa and Efeturi would continue to face trial.

On Friday, however, counsel to the Federal Government on the matter, Aliyu Umar, said his client was withdrawing the entire charge at the Abuja High Court to allow a similar matter at the Federal High Court proceed.

More details later…


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  • I can now see the true meaning of change

    • Concerned Nigerian


      Why BUHARI is a let down before God and Man

      President Muhamadu Buhari is a let down before God and Man.
      He is not educated to be called a man of knowledge. He doesn’t
      hate hate corruption if it is inconvenient for his personal deals
      and pleasure, and so cannot be called an anti-corruption model.

      Muhamadu Buhari
      has not got any single policy right resuming office last year – not in
      choosing a sensible cabinet or in growing Nigeria’s economy which he instead
      worsened into a mess – and so, Muhamadu Buhari can’t be called “competent”.

      So, if Muhamadu Buhari is an incompetent let-down before God and Man;
      dishonest, and aids and abets corruption, how much longer can Nigerians
      bear the presence of such execrable nonsense? That is the next question.

      • FreeNigeria

        We need a new Babangida and Abacha to rescue us. Maybe the original Dasuki can finish the job this time.

        • Victoria

          Buari is failing now.If he eventually and finally failed.Sorry Nigeria it is finished

          • FreeNigeria

            Buhari will be finished. Nigeria will remain. Did he even start?

    • Folahan

      i am really dumb founded, with this action i hope buhari now knows that there is no difference between him and jonathan.

  • Europa Diaspora


    Nigerians should not hate themselves for voting for a rogue.

    The fact is that Nigerians are stuck with Muhamadu Buhari for now.

    My nephew told me i should see President Buhari as another Mr. Ibu of
    Nollywood who staged a 16-month comedy video film for Nigerians titled “THEY WANT ME
    TO FIGHT CORRUPTION, I NO FIT”. Please confirm if President Buhari has announced
    amnesty for all treasury thieves in Nigeria. I expect general amnesty to follow tomorrow.
    Let all official thieves in Nigeria rejoice! Someone who looks like them was voted into power.

  • Arabakpura

    So, who pays for the abortive proceedings?

    • FreeNigeria

      Great question, who pays for the wasted process and time?

    • vagabonds in power

      The good people of the SS——revenue from the oil revenue base of the Niger delta

  • vagabonds in power

    My brothers in the North are dying every day of hunger. Prices of things are so high, we can’t even eat three square meal a day. My Northern Elders are not worried. They are only after power remaining in the North. Not only that, my concern now is what is about to come. They have already planned on how to deal with the Niger Deltans. Of course you are aware that all the military personnel and weapons have been deployed in Niger Delta. They are planning to use the Leaders of MEND to penetrate the creeks. Their only fear now is that IRAN and Russia are behind the Niger Delta Avengers. They have also contacted Jonathan trying to make him sign an agreement that will further enslave the Niger Deltans but Jonathan refused. So Baba is very angry with Jona and will do everything possible to silence the Niger Delta Avengers. As am typing now, Niger Delta has been rounded up militarily. Magnus Abe, Rotimi Amaechi, APC chairman and the leaders of MEND are in the master plan. As for Biafrans, you people are very lucky. Buhari and my Northern Elders knew that Nnamdi Kanu has already created the awareness for you people. So they are planning now to cut South South out of Biafra so that only the five Eastern states can go with their Biafra.

  • FreeNigeria

    This Buhari administration is fast becoming the worst in Nigeria history.

  • Iskacountryman

    after messing up the reputation of the country…this katon banza then retreats…if i were saraki…i would sue the fgn…

    • DanJ

      He is making Saraki a hero!

      When Saraki bites back and hard too tomorrow, what can they say again?

      I am beginning to admire Saraki myself as he has used this opportunity to prove to be a fighter who never gives up.

      Maybe that’s the kind of leader we need. One that sets a target and achieves it with minimum resources. Not one that will take the whole country on a fantasy ride, then cave in after making us set out eyes excitedly on reaching the stars.

      After making us believe we are near the promised land, we are now confused and don’t know what to believe anymore. If this opportunity is blown, it may take another generation to believe in this Country again unless, we take our Country back come 2019 or earlier through perhaps Saraki and Co. (You’ll be surprised how situations turn villians to heroes).

      Vultures patiently wait for heroes to self immolate and then swing into action.

  • blueeyedkitten

    so many stup!d comments

    • kayfaj

      So many indeed

  • emmanuel

    Tinubu, Pastor Adeboye, Mbaka, USA, Obasanjo, Amaechi this is your shame. A man who was so scared of WASC examination and ran away to join the military with reference letter is now exhibiting his low brain every where.
    Sanusi, we are waiting for the proceeds of the $49 billion stolen by Jonathan at NNPC – what you rode to Emiship with.
    A nation of fraudulent and brainless leaders.
    Malami at best should help Buhari run his stagnant 150 cows cattle business and not run the ministry of justice in Nigeria.
    What transpired between Thursday and friday?
    I am sure the USA AND UK are happy that they have succeeded in setting Nigeria back by helping a confused old man become president.
    Afterall, with this kind of Buhari, how can we continue to press for a permanent seat at the UN?

    • kayfaj

      I wonder why you devote so much time and energy writing nonsense about people.


    We vote leaders into power. We can also vote them out.

    www electionoffenders ng

  • B. Messi

    Below are earlier comments from the lowest dregs of the APC e-zombie community:

    Spoken word
    16 hours ago
    actually makes sense.if the clerk of the senate is found guilty then the senate election is void

    Chibobo raji
    5 hours ago
    This is a good decision by the procecusion council to remove Saraki and Ekweremadu from the case. It will make the case less cumbersome and direct since there is nothing to directly implicate them. The duo of Efeturi and Maikasuwa have to go down along anyone they would implicate. If they are found guilty, the election would be annulled and save their days in prison. The level of ignorance is quite alarming amongst our youths.

    16 hours ago
    I’d really love it when your loose running mouth is put to shame. The fight against “Kwaropshun” is still on my friend, just you wait and see.


    • emmanuel

      Kay Soyemi and Onike were present too. yeye fowls wen nor know themselves. These two say dem be Lawyers – one dey sweep street for UK and the other dey do charge and bail for Naija.
      Na dem wan teach us how things should go.
      Fela knew these clowns would dot Nigeria scene sometime in this time!

      • B. Messi

        Ahahahahaha! Choi!
        Nice one bro. Luvin yur comments.
        I didn’t bother to mention those two ignorant clowns; kay soyemi & onike. Those rascals have COMPLETELY LOST RELEVANCE! They don’t surface at all..unless we ‘stylishly’ draw them out of their smelly holes. Anyway, I reckon they have been posting their dumbASS comments under fake names. That’s what they’ve been reduced to…Anonymous ghouls on self exile!

        • POPPINS

          Hahahaha! Kay especially has been reduced to anonymous mode, he was all over the place before and after the elections, watch out for media onslaught against PMB in the coming weeks from SW controlled media, politics cant be more interesting than now……….hahahaha. i have my pop corn ready for the season film that is about unfolding.

          • B. Messi

            Hehehe..real drama ahead.
            Cheers bro..

          • emmanuel

            The most sophisticated people on earth who know nothing about history or turn truth upside down to have their way. Unfortunately, they were outsmarted by politically savvy lot.
            We want to see the new alliance, how Tinubu, Olu Falae, Foyose, Fayemi, Fashola would handle their reconciliation and drop Kashumus charges. Where would OGD and Ota lord be? Abi ha Oshogbo babalawo?
            Will the alliance allow Iroko to produce his own successor? Will the Katsina/Northern Kaduna cabal upstage that? Will Jega’s remnant Amina zakari replicate Edo?
            Drama, drama, drama!
            Rommel, we await your skills and dexterity as you face the SW media liars and rumorniares enter the trenches against your lords.
            This is the time to know the real truth about the lies and propaganda that brought Jonathan down and led us like sheep to the slaughter of recession and the depression currently on ground.
            My stock in the capital market don turn to water right under my nose.
            Thanks to Baba do nothing!


    The confused Buhari regime cannot get a grip, it is now clear that the judiciary is not independent at all. The judiciary is a tool of oppression and witch hunting dishing out trumped up charges here and there. A judiciary that dodges court just to delay and deny justice to citizens in it’s prisons detained indefinitely without trial.

    • Uzoma John

      You have made no sense in your comment. If you read in between the lines you appreciate why the charges are being dismissed. You were told there is a similar matter in the Federal High court. Two courts of equal jurisdiction cannot be adjudicating on the same matter. You guys are terrible.

      • shakara123

        Keep holding water for PMB and CO. You’ll soon see the light.

        • Uzoma John

          Most of you are either moved by sentiment or tribal bigotry. There is no need joining issues with warped brains as a result of years of misrule.

          • Cleartruth

            What is the name of the other federal high court where the case is going on? Look, you yoruba e-rats will keep fooling yourself amd believing every lies fom apc. A man will have sex with your wife before your very eyes, you will console yourself by saying he only made love with her but didn’t have sex….

          • emmanuel

            Rommel, we know you. You don show yourself here. Those who are exhibiting tribal sentiments against your Buhari are either Igbos or SS. So where are you from?
            Uzoma John my foot. Abdul ni.

          • Mufu Ola

            Thank you. Their brains are blocked & they think they can get away with revisism.

      • sab

        Who took the matter to two different courts of equal jurisdiction? Was it not out of sheer desperation to nail the ‘culprits’ that the litigants rushed to several courts of similar jurisdiction? Think guys, think!

  • smart G

    This is much expected.
    The hands of the Jagaban is being soiled left right and centre.
    Never mess with the North.
    Dasuki will soon be freed.

    • TitoTX

      Is Tinubu giving you a sleepless night or hijacked your mum from your dad against your wish? What has Tinubu got to do with this story? Embittered loser.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    This is a grievous attack against president Muhammadu Buhari,s government vigorous fight actions against the national endemic corruption virus in Nigeria.This action by the government does not reinforce any average Nigerians confidence in president Muhammadu Buhari,s government fight against endemic corruption elimination from Nigerian strata of government.No one should be above the law of the land as any culprit of corruption or perjury crime must be held to the standard of a suspect who must face trial in the court untill he/she is found guilty or not guilty.This is not a good sign for president M.Buhari.

    • Tunji Olarewaju

      Dr., don’t mind the misleading, attention seeking headlines by the press, a similar charge is on going in a Federal high court

      • Cleartruth

        What is the name of the other federal high court where the case is going on? Look, you yoruba e-rats will keep fooling yourself amd believing every lies fom apc. A man will have sex with your wife before your very eyes, you will console yourself by saying he only made love with her but didn’t have sex.

        • Tunji Olarewaju

          Justice Kolawole. Read the Punch’s version

          • emmanuel

            Kolawole, abi? You are a joker. Kolawole is a jankara judge. Just pay money and you get judgement. he is the exact opposite of the semi-abino from Akwa Ibom Abang who would make a corpse walk as long as it relates to Buhari. But he has layed low for now, so that NJC will not axe him for doinh dirty job for a Buhari who chop alone with his cronies and would not settle him if he gets thrown out.
            By the way, where is Buba, another Jankara judge? Infact Ibrahim Buba should be made to do community service for ten years by the NJC Aafter dismissal.

          • Tunji Olarewaju

            Na you come sabi dat one

      • emmanuel

        Who is Dr.?
        Wonders sall nefa end. This mkpi na doctor? Anyway, All herbal dispensing concoctionist, charlatan pastors and title crazy Nigeria are all doctors, so this poki poki man sef na doctor too.
        Doctors (not MDs) are academics who have engaged in one form of research or the other and that exposes them to effective critical reasoning, which the maga called Kolawole lacks.
        If na Jonathan time, he for don abuse am and all him family. But hear him turn a counsellor to Buhari – the nemesis of a an irredentist mumu!

        • Mufu Ola

          What does a spare parts tout know about ‘Dr’ or no doctor?

          • emmanuel

            write an MSC thesis first then you would know. I told you in my post what a Dr. PHD or equivalent entails.
            I can understand your pains, yahoo yahoo boy. You know how to hack email account, personal profiles, steal credit card details but cannot pass WASC like your Baba do-nothing.

          • Mufu Ola

            It takes one to know their colleague. I have no idea what”maga” means.Maybe u can enlighten me since you’re conversant with all those ‘words’.

          • Mufu Ola

            Concerning your “thesis” it’s a huge wonder that you know of “effective critical reasoning”yet u can’t do an elementary reasoning of linking your wayward Jonathan with the present economic setback. Despite obvious & documented evidences of looming recession as far back as 2014 & earning over 50trillion in 5yrs, your lord looter went on looting spree in 2015 & you don’t see anything wrong in that, I don’t know who teach that thesis.

  • KBE

    To the shame of APC apologists. The nauseating e-rats should also defend this move. The hailing hailers hope you are still around. How far now. If you have any doubts that APC is fake I hope your doubt had been cleared. But the zombies and hailers will never learn they will still give excuses and blame Jonathan for this development. You can see the desperation in the camp of those who want to court Saraki and spite Tinubu.

  • agwamba

    People should not lament the turn of events. We should not be blinded by our dislike for Saraki and Ekweremadu because right from day one, it was obvious that the case was a political one designed to destablise the Senate Leadership. It stood on doubtful legality. It is a good thing that the government has decided to free itself of these distractions so that it can face the bigger issues. The continued pursuit of this case will do the government no good given the serious issues we have at hand. A wise general does not fight on all fronts. It is obvious that the most important war is the economic war – to pull the country out of recession and bring succour to the suffering masses. This also has implications for the unity and security of the country. More delicate trade-offs are needed and I hope that President Buhari should go the whole hog. I can see some positive signs and the right noises are being made. He should muster the will to resolve peacefully the Niger Delta crisis. This alone will ensure an additional dollar inflow of over US$100 million per week, which is sufficient to ease some of the pressure in the FX market.

  • Abidilagungun

    Finally, all those who were saying that the government had no case have been proven right. Says a lot of all this talk of fighting corruption, etc…In the end, politics wins. But come to think of it, what was the FG’s case against the foursome? Baseless!

  • Kenechi Casmir

    So no fight against corruption

  • Man_Enough

    it would have been better for saraki and co to win in court than to withdraw the case. i feel a sense of loss of hope.

  • dami

    Buhari consolidating power to fight Tinubu

  • Dejandon

    Why are people not reading or ignoring the section where it says “…withdrawing the entire charge at the Abuja High Court to allow a similar matter at the Federal High Court proceed.”

    • Efemena Edafiok

      May God Almighty continue to fill you with more wisdom, knowledge and understanding. My brother, let them say. Good to know that many don’t even know how to read. Association of Dullards!