Nigerian Government withdraws forgery charges against Saraki, Ekweremadu

Senate President Bukola Saraki CCB Trail
Senate President Bukola Saraki CCB Trail

The Federal Government of Nigeria has filed a motion to withdraw the charge of criminal conspiracy against Senate President Bukola Saraki and his Deputy, Ike Ekweremadu.

An affidavit in support of the motion was filed before the High Court of Federal Capital Territory on Thursday by a litigation officer from the Federal Ministry of Justice, Odubu Loveme.

Messrs. Saraki and Ekweremadu, as well as a former Clerk of the National Assembly, Salisu Maikasuwa, and a former Deputy clerk, Ben Efeturi, were first arraigned before Justice Yusuf Halilu on June 10, 2016 via charge No. CR/219/16.

They all pleaded not guilty on July 27, 2016.

In the motion filed Thursday, Mr. Loveme said counsel to the Federal Government on the matter, Aliyu Umar, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, on September 30 in the office of the Director of Public Prosecution told him that he had studied the case diary and “ had decided to amend the charge in the manner stated on the face of the motion paper”.

Mr. Loveme added that he has, consequently, filed an amended charge.

“That I depose to this affidavit in good faith believing same to be correct to the best of my knowledge and information and in accordance with the Oaths Act Cap 01 laws of the Federation of Nigeria,” he said.

Based on the amended charge, only Messrs. Maikasuwa and Efeturi would face prosecution.

Count 1 of the charge against the two civil servants, is that of Criminal Conspiracy punishable under section 97 (1) Penal Code Act ( Northern States) Federation Provisions Act, 1960, Cap 345, laws of the Federation 1990 as amended.

It read that “ Salisu Maikasuwa and Benedict Efeturi, on or about the 9th day of June 2015 at the National Assembly Complex, Three Arms Zone, Abuja within the jurisdiction of this honourable court agreed to do an illegal act, to wit to make the Senate Standing Orders 2015 as amended without the authority of the 7th Senate of the Federal republic of Nigeria which act was committed by yourselves and that you thereby committed the offence of criminal conspiracy.”

The two officials are accused of fraudulently amending the 2015 Senate Standing Orders without the authority of the 7th Senate “ with intention that the Senators elect of the 8th Senate would believe that the said Senate Standing Orders 2015 ( as amended) was made by the authority of the 7th Senate of the Federal republic of Nigeria.”

They are also accused of forging a document punishable under section 366 of the Penal Code Act ( Northern States) Federal Provisions Act, 1960, Cap 345, Laws of the Federation 1990 ( as amended).

The Nigerian Government also accused them of giving false information with the intention to mislead the public.

The Court had on September 28 adjourned the matter to Friday, October 7 for commencement of hearing.

Mr. Umar, in his written address in support of the motion to amend the charge on Thursday, stated that the sole issue for determination is “ whether the Court can permit the amendment of the charge in terms of the amended charge”.

He said the Court has the powers to permit the amendment based on the provisions of Section 216 (1) of the Administration o Criminal Justice Act.

The Section stated that “ A Court may permit an alteration or an amendment to a charge or framing of a new charge at any time before judgment is pronounced.”

He also quoted Section 216 (3) which states that “ Where a Defendant is arraigned for trial on an imperfect or erroneous charge ,the Court may permit or direct the framing of a new charge, or any amendment to, or the alteration of the original charge.”


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  • kezman

    Finally. …

    • Europa Diaspora

      I just phoned Nigeria now. My nephew told me there’s anger against President Buhari. He told me
      that President Buhari may soon withdraw charges against JIDE OMOKORE and SAMBO DASUKI.
      My nephew said since President Buhari himself is not clean and does not have Wasc certificate,
      he cannot fight any corruption. He said i should see President Buhari as another Mr. Ibu of
      Nollywood who staged a 16-month comedy video film for Nigerians titled “THEY WANT ME
      TO FIGHT CORRUPTION, I NO FIT”. Please confirm if President Buhari has announced
      amnesty for all treasury thieves in Nigeria. I find this Buhari behaviour too provocative.

  • dami

    No difference…if the clerks are found guilty then senate presidency election would be nullified..?

  • Civil servants. Looking interesting.

  • Watch man

    Settlement, settlement, settlement!!! The Lootocrat General has been let off the hook. Nigeria we hail thee.

    • k. Olu

      Who let him off the hook?
      The minister for justice or ‘Mr integrity’?

    • MegaEfDee

      Think before you talk, dumbass.

      • Watch man

        Mr Dumbass, it is amazing that you are full of hogwash and kine feaces and you feel this is the avenue to vent your frustration and wasted life. As a man thinketh in his heart so is he; of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. Your uncivilized vomit in this post expressly shows the sorry and pathetic state of your heart. Seek help if you will. Koun!

        • MegaEfDee

          Lmfao! You dey vex oo. I think I have gotten my point across, trading words with you is unbeneficial and just an ardent waste of my precious time.

  • Decimator

    What a waste of Tax payers money and state funds in a drama they call governance?

  • Usman Inuwa lau

    Honestly speaking this people have no shame/respect on follow Nigerian. Nigerian need to revolutionise this country be it bloody or otherwise to stop this nosense sheet

  • KBE

    In your face the hailing hailers. The false declaration of assets will also die a natural death. It will then be cleared that the Presidency had been playing a game all this while. Another card and episode in the power game and equation. Quietly, smoothly and systematically they are dismantling Tinubu. Bukola will be recruited by the Buhari group and they will give a good fight to Atiku and Tinubu wings. How market now those of you die hard? Body language seems to be changing.

    • AbdulHamid Adiamoh

      Though, I’d love to say I hope you’re wrong, but I can only really say that I think you’re right.

    • MegaEfDee

      Be positive for once, a single move like this isn’t the end of us. Just waiting on the opportunity to unleash your silly ranting skills ba?

    • Just that same guy

      Nope , watch and see tinubu camp and atiku with saraki will work against the northern APC , saraki and atiku will go back to PDP and work against buhari

  • Burning Spear

    Pls stop deleting comments for the Apes in APC————————what a shame

  • ayi-baba

    The more you look, the less you see. Story of my country!

  • Spoken word

    actually makes sense.if the clerk of the senate is found guilty then the senate election is void

  • B. Messi

    Where are those APC e-slaves??
    Only a BLOCK-HEAD will still believe buhari is fighting kwaropshun!
    Some of us discerning told the e-zombies all you have to do to have your sins forgiven is pander to the wishes of the Northern-oligarchs APC block.
    This block is out to ‘decimate’ the Tinubu SW-APC block. All the SW-APC have going for them is media propaganda and their online slaves. Curiously though, the e-slaves typified by tundemess/tunsj, Kay soyemi, amazing2012, Maria, Rommel, and the myopic wahala have been in GHOST MODE..ON THE RUN!
    Na hia we go dey dey laff dem as 2019 dey come!
    DiaRis God o!
    DiaRis God o!!
    DiaRis God o!!!

    • MegaEfDee

      I’d really love it when your loose running mouth is put to shame. The fight against “Kwaropshun” is still on my friend, just you wait and see.

      • yemi “yemolala” lade

        A few convictions will sway minds. For now it’s looking iffy

  • farouk

    So this is how the APC Tinubu fought to install will disgrace him?
    Allah sauke!

    • yemi “yemolala” lade

      Game of thrones bro

    • MegaEfDee

      Dude, sure you are Hausa???

    • Riltin

      Na so oo, bros. Tinubu has just learned a bitter lesson in politics.

  • Omoba1

    This is a shame to the ministry of justice. It shows we do not have any reliable institution in the country and some people are above the law. Nigeria is a shit hole and a waste of geographical space.

    • Bashir T.

      Ministry of Justice??
      You guys are funny. Stop living in denial. Such decision can only be agreed upon after clearance from the HIGHEST authority in the land. Stop consoling yourself. Even Tinubu your lord has realised the yorubas were scammed by Buhari.
      Lay the blame squarely where it should be.

      • yemi “yemolala” lade

        How long will it take yorubas to be wise ?

  • k. Olu

    Some nincompoops actually think this is a better way to nail saraki??
    You mean some adults here still fail to realise Tinubu’s battle with the APC ‘cabal’ signals the end of the government’s ‘anti corruption’ fight against saraki?

    • MegaEfDee

      This is only your thoughts, doesn’t make it the truth.

      • Darlington

        The guy is on point. Saraki has become the beautiful bride.

        • MegaEfDee

          What do you even mean?

  • omo56

    Afonja betrayed Alafin Aole and he paid the price. Tinubu and his modern day Afonjas are now learning their lesson. Tinubu and his gang are nothing but “useful idiots” for the Fulani

    Is Buhari still fighting corruption?

    • B. Messi

      Some sorry clowns here either believe he still is..or are too ashamed to admit he is NOT.
      It has been one major disappointment after the other for them.

      • MegaEfDee

        Some other crazy clowns will try to instill their own beliefs on others, I usually tell them to keep their crap to themselves.

    • MegaEfDee

      My guess is you really do not need an answer to that question. Tell the Tinubu gang to be smart about it next time.

  • FirecloudOFGOD

    Who is afraid of Firecloudofgod? Premium for most times conspicuously avoids publishing my comments. I made a comment they refused to publish, yet this is published immediately. Why? I am always civil, but truthful. Is it because truth hurts?

    • MegaEfDee

      You probably just have a bad connection. Consider moving closer the nearest mast. Thank you. Nice wordplay by the way.

  • thusspokez

    Nigerians know what has transpired between Abubakar Malami, the Minister of Justice and Saraki (and by extension Ekweremadu). But what are the typically nonchalant Nigerians going to do about it? This is the outcome of a deal cut in dark rooms between the head of the Saraki crime family and the crooked Abubakar Malami.

    The criminal case against Saraki which is before the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) will go down the same path. That deal is probably work-in-progress and then will come the announcement from the dodgy Ministry of Justice to drop that case too.

    The groundwork for that deal has already been put in place, when in September, Abubakar Malami ordered law enforcement agencies to compile pending “high profile cases” which were to be transferred to the National Prosecution Coordination Committee (NPCC) headed by Abubakar Malami’s brethren and cronies in corruption.

  • B. Messi

    While hypocrites struggle to give baba buhari the benefit of doubt, slowly slowly, Monkey don dey waka enta bush…

  • Dazmillion

    If anyone still thinks Buhari will catch even a mosquito for corruption should quickly check himself into a psychiatric hospital for mental evaluation

    • share Idea


  • raji

    This will teach the rest civil servant lesson and they will now know how to relate with politicians, saraki and Ekweremadu that benefited from forgery of the Senate rule will be enjoying and they will now pay darly for their actions.

    • Chibobo

      This is a good decision by the procecusion council to remove Saraki and Ekweremadu from the case. It will make the case less cumbersome and direct since there is nothing to directly implicate them. The duo of Efeturi and Maikasuwa have to go down along anyone they would implicate. If they are found guilty, the election would be annulled and save their days in prison. The level of ignorance is quite alarming amongst our youths.

  • Truthometer

    Really? Corruption finally won!!!

  • Okokondem

    This is what happens when a society isolates itself into little boxes marked by either tribe, religion or party affiliations, among others. They become oblivious of common threads that unit them, such as recognizing that the people who have looted everyone’s commonwealth does not subscribe to those same idiosyncrasies that separates the rest of the people.

    Let’s keep it up Nigerians. Let’s keep up the lackadaisical attitude while we are being robbed.

  • Ade Omowest

    The Civil Servants Salisu Maikasuwa and Benedict Efeturi are on their own now. The question is: who gave the order or instructed them to amend the Senate rules? David Mark, Ekweremadu, Saraki etc will definitely denial them. They are left to present the relevant laws that gave them power. Chaiii, Civil Servants should beware of Politicians in carrying out their official duties. A big lesson, but the targets are Saraki and Ekweremadu seats that now seem illegally acquired.

    • share Idea

      Very soon you will understand that FG does not have any case. How can FG charge people working in NASS with Northern Nigerian penal code… are we no longer a federating country. Nigeria we hail thee

      • Ade Omowest

        FCT is in the North like Ilorin-Kwara State, the town of your “lord” Saraki that are operating Penal code. The Southern States operate Criminal code. Meanwhile, just watch-out for the fire work. Saraki with CCT, Saraki to ensure that he is not implicated in the forgery case and Saraki to finally defend his looting of Kwara resources, Trade Bank, SGBank and finally his so called wife’s investment in offshore Panama expose while still in public service. All these wahala after Saraki must have been removed as Senate President. The seat he is presently polluting.

    • Chibobo

      You are very correct my brother. It was a smart move by the government to single them out. These men would not want to go down alone. Watch the outcome!

      • AlBsure23

        Just continue guesswork while Nigeria burns.

  • Arabakpura

    I just want one thing: the head of the Attorney General only!

    • koku


      Please guys,
      let us be restrained and not judge President Buhari by any global standards.
      President Buhari is not so educated but not quite an illiterate though. And so
      fairness demands that his blunders be judged by his own rather poor standards,
      not by the standards of President Barack Obama. Nigerians will be hypocrites to
      say they thought they were voting for real genius as president at last year’s poll.Nigerians with their eyes opened voted for Buhari as their president. Nigerians
      must accept the consequence of their electoral vote. Nigerians deserve the
      government they have.

    • Luke





  • Vbootandall

    @arabakpura:disqus : After removing his mask and showing up as a morally lax person without honesty of purpose
    on matters of right and wrong, my advice to President Muhamadu Buhari is to remain consistent in his new
    status by running to the Code of Conduct Tribunal tomorrow morning to withdraw any other naive charges
    he may filed against Bukola Saraki at that Tribunal. That’s the way President Buhari can become less
    amorphous and be known for who he is, as a man who will enter into a trade-off on crime and fraud.
    The hero of the moment is Bukola Saraki who predicted accurately last month that his ordeal under
    Buhari’s anti-corruption show will ‘come to and end soon’. It has come to and end two weeks after.
    Bukola Saraki can therefore be more relied upon than Muhamadu Buhari on policy matters.

    • Will O’ the wisp

      ….Muhamadu Buhari is too local and rustic to be president of a country……it’s as simple as that….
      He does not have the administrative competence…..or even the gumption….to administer a country…
      ….The earlier Nigerians realize this….the shorter the time of Nigeria’s ongoing economic destruction….
      Muhamadu Buhari is a misfit….any other explanation is an alibi……Buhari is an albatross on Nigeria….
      …Buhari does not know right from wrong….and falls like a drunken mariner from blunders to messes….

  • Kickboxer


    Shakara oloje ni o

    We get the Shakara man for Aso Rock

    We get the Shakara woman for Aso Rock

    We get the Shakara APC in power

    Shakara man, them go say “CHANGII”

    “I dey fight kwarruptciun be so, I go nearly jail you for life”

    Na Shakara,

    I go attack militants, Na Shakara

    I go rescue Chibok girls, Na Shakara

    I go make Naira=$1, Na Shakara

    You no know me, na Shakara

    Wait make I commot my dress

    Na Shakara



  • Iskacountryman

    apc magic….

    • Mighty One M.

      there is nothing magical here.. the apc led govt just didn’t have a case. …remember that ekweremadu continues to be a card-carrying member of the pdp.

      • Iskacountryman

        please read up on senate rules…any member of the senate irrespective of party could be appointed to lead…and nyamiris make good deputies…

  • Abdul

    Never will I vouch for any man again, they are all the same. This govt and the one before it. Shameful and disappointment.

    • Sunday Udeh

      You should said never will kill man for another man. You have murdered them with your tongue before now.
      You can never hide truth for all long time.

      • share Idea

        When we were telling them about building institutions, they called us names and said that strongman – Buhari is the answer. Nigeria we hail thee

      • Abdul

        Stop this your careless accusations.

  • Sunday Udeh

    Could it be because of the summon of the national assembly that saint buhari should appear before them.
    He should appear before them and answer some questions about the economy.


    With Dambazzau, Buratai and Kyari walking the corrupt corridors of power, it is beggar’s belief that Saraki will be convicted.


  • Myson

    Magu may throw in the towel as things develop. Corrupt Nigerians, who forfeited their money to EFCC, will be rolling round in their bed as they sleep. It seems Buhari wants to die in Aso Rock. As the plans thicken, Nigerians may realize the real Buhari. If you want to know what will happen in 2019 presidential election, you have to check what happened at last Edo Gubernatorial election. Political party lead by President Buhari, who promised Nigerians to fight corruption sheared money to buy vote to win that election. How can you claim to be fighting corruption, if you are at the same time sowing the seed for corruption by paying for vote? Bola Tinubu like him or hate him, once he used his political clout to make Buhari President, the Fulani North realized he is a bad person. Many people may not know that President Buhari and Oyegun were party to installation of Saraki as Senate President just to checkmate Tinubu.

    • AlBsure23

      You are reasonable.

  • Mr T

    If Buhari’s anti-corruption is “shakara”, why are people returning stolen funds and illegally acquired properties?

    • share Idea

      Just like GE is investing $2.2B on Nigerian railway. Nigeria we hail thee

    • GBJY

      That is exactly what shakara is. Smoke screen. Make a lot of noise, Plea bargain with a few, and compromise the rest of the investigations, especially those of allies. The objective is to continue to deceive people like Mr T.

  • Nkem

    Govt majik.

  • 47Code

    How can he fight corruption when he came into power through corrupt means; where did they get all the Billions of Naira that was used to Finance his campaign and election into power? It was from the dividend of corruption and from corrupt people in his government. One thing you must know is that they all know themselves very well. They have incriminating documents against each other. I have been following this case closely and we have all been listening to one side of the narrative. Sark has been saying that some people do not have the moral right or qualification to be Judge over his case……..why do you think he will say such a thing? This is because he has a lot to say about the people in question that will bring this Government to shame. At the end of 4 year of this man administration, we are all going to be asking ourselves “what just happened’?. 4 years on absolute noise and nonsense.

  • Egbuhuzor Chinomso Collins

    No no no. Am not just comfortable with this.

  • McAlfred Uta

    As an independent arm of government only the NASS commission (employers of these civil servants) can charge them for forgery. Firstly they have to be queried and their representation obtained before disciplinary action will be taken. Finally they may be further prosecuted. If these procedures are not followed, I foresee a deliberate and orchestrated effort to kill this case. Is somebody somewhere listening?

  • LionHeart

    I will not accept this. If this is true, then the APC led government have lost it’s dignity and the fight against corruption is just a deceit.

    • Cry Nigeria


      One term President Muhamadu Buhari

      Nobody else has deceived Nigerians so much like Muhamadu Buhari. He fooled journalists, scammed Muslims,
      duped Christians and sent them all on fool’s errand that he is fighting corruption. Whereas, he’s fighting nothing
      else but for his own enjoyment, travels and tours. With five houses built for himself and with billions of shares
      in the Stock Market, Muhamadu Buhari can never fight corruption which he himself suggests by his acquisition
      in excess of a soldier’s salary. Only a few Nigerians saw through it and warned all Nigerians at the beginning.
      Muhamadu Buhari is an immoral person. Nigerians did not take heed. Seeing Buhari tells lies without blinking
      Nigerians still put stealing past him, whereas the African proverb says lies and thefts will usually go together.

  • PLAN A

    “I am for everybody; I am for nobody”. I now understand what Buhari had at the back if his mind when he made this comment.

    • Public Interest


      Oh, God. This Muhamadu Buhari stinks!
      He stinks. Let all Nigerians sorrow and mournfully declare a day
      of mourning today, October 7th. Muhamdu Buhari has destroyed public
      morality beyond repairs.

      Let all Nigerian prostrate
      and fall before the incorruptible, clean and innocent BUKOLA SARAKI.
      Let Bukola Saraki himself publish any LETTER OF APOLOGY Muhamadu
      Buhari wrote to confess that his arrest and trial of Bukola Saraki is a deceit
      to waste Nigerians’ time.

      Let Bukola Saraki now step forward to save Nigeria
      from Muhamadu Buhari’s lies and frauds. Let Bukola Saraki initiate impeachment
      proceeding in the Senate, forthwith, for Nigeria to be rid of Muhamadu Buhari’s
      plots and lies against innocent people once and for all.

  • Mohammed Waziri

    Model: 1998-2015
    Contact: CUSTOM MOHAMMED WAZIRI ON: 08066741455..
    Condition: Clean
    Description: Factory Fitted A.C , Automatic Drive, Low Gas Consumption, Engine: Cylinder, Injection Engine, Steering controls,Leather Seat, All wheels Drive, Power Steering, Driver Air Bag, Passenger Air Bag,Cd player, FM/Am stereo,Power Windows, Power Lock. etc
    Price:#200,000 – N1,500,000

  • Hello

    if they continue you people will say they are witch hunting Saraki and Ekweremadu, if they drop the case u people will say another thing again. Nigerians will always complain. if the FED drop the case then you can take it up and sue them.

  • smart G

    This is ridiculous!!!!
    It is now time for Saraki and Ekweremadu to fight back by suing the prosecutor for character assaination.
    They should claim N 50bn in damages.
    Next time they should investigate before coming to public or allow the case to reach its conclusion .
    I know who will laugh last.

    • Sincere-Voice

      Don’t delude yourself bro. If saraki and Ekweremadu get out of this, they should thank their star.

      • AlBsure23

        They were already out when the case was initially instituted. Just stop hallucinating because APC is in crisis like PDP.

        • Sincere-Voice

          They were already out but they haven’t stopped lamenting all this while. Be real for once bro.

    • emmanuel

      That would be the cost cost of running government by propaganda and of course they do not care, as long as the initial case distracted the attention of Nigerians from their inept governance

  • Man_Enough

    not the best of news. how can those who benefited from the proceeds of crime be exonerated from prosecution. shall the righteous bear this cross while the heathen go free?

    • Uzoma John

      They are not yet exonerated my brother. Na suffli suffli them dey catch monkey. Let the House Rules first be declared illegal by the court, then you will see how both Saraki and Ekwereforgery will automatically vacate their seats. They don’t need to be in court if there is no substantial evidence to link them to the actual forgery but since they have benefitted from it, that is where they will be affected if judgement is passed in favour of FG.

      • AlBsure23

        More grease to your elbow in guesswork. In next six months I will expect another hunch from you. Just continue to rigmarole till you end up achieving nothing in your life.

        • Uzoma John

          There is no guess work. You have to reason deep (out of the box to understand) not beer parlour gossip you guys are peddling. I wish you remember this day and find way to reach me again in future when this case is decided.

          • AlBsure23

            On a sideline: ‘guess work’ is one word “guesswork”. One of its synonym is “hunch.” Just if it wasn’t a typographical error.

          • Uzoma John

            It doesn’t matter, you might be a grammarian which I’m not. The most important thing is that I made some sense. But also believe you don’t understand the workings of the legal profession as much as I do. P.S: Now the forgery case of Maikasuwa and the other civil servant charged have also been withdrawn. Reason – High Court of coordinate jurisdiction is already handling the case, so no need to continue. This tells you that Saraki and co are not in any way free. It is all Premium Times sensational headline which you gullible guys keep buying into. Hatred is a disease. Hate him or like him, PMB is on course. He is our President until 2023. Wailers.

          • AlBsure23

            You are unhappy person. It is written all over your comment. Positive psychology will do you better.

        • Onike24

          Why? What did he say? What has his life got to do with a simple observation? Why are we so uncouth?

        • Jagunlabi

          Uzoma John knows the case is all settled and rested. He is not oblivious of his hallucinations. He is playing his own part of the script.

          • emmanuel

            The character is Rommel, a desert rat who work for El-Rufai online. His wish must not be dashed, so he extrapolates on every issue.

          • Uzoma John

            Nothing is settled and rested. Two different courts of coordinate jurisdiction can’t be hearing same case. You guys should please understand why the FG now withdrew the case totally. Stop being deceived by sensational headlines when you can conduct your own research on this matter.

      • emmanuel

        Rommel, if you uderstand what legal manoeuvre is, you would rather wait until this new case is concluded. I am not here to support Saraki, but would rather the PDP man remain deputy to balance power.
        See that Saraki cannot travel out of Nigeria for now because Ekweremadu would preside over the Senate? That is the beauty of democracy where a despot intends to hold a country to ransom

      • Man_Enough

        I really hope so.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          So do I because their positions are what is called fait accompli.

  • Uzoma John

    You guys are quick to jump to conclusion. The fact that the Federal Govt withdrew the charge against Saraki and Ekweremadu means there is no strong evidence to show they connived with the Clerk of the National Assembly to forge the Rules. But those who are now calling PMB names are making a mistake. Nothing linking Ekweremadu, Saraki and the National Assembly to the amendment of the House Rules has now given the Govt an opportunity to now sack both Saraki and Ekweremadu. Reason is that if it is proved that it was the 2 aforementioned Civil Servants in the National Assembly carried out the forgery, that will render the House Rules null and void thereby disqualifying both Saraki and Ekweremadu as Senate President and Deputy. Nigerians, make una take am easy. Hatred no allow people reason again. This doesn’t mean Saraki and Ekwereforgery are free. Saraki also has more cases coming his way.

    • Onike24

      Very few people are able to join the dots….

      • emmanuel

        Hey you still dey for UK? Dem go soon send all of una back the way Pakistan don send Afghanistan refugees back to their country, irrespective of the fact that some who are close to forty years and born in Pakistan have never known their country of decent.
        By the way, intelligent persons already know where the FG is going and would have sieved their evidence from the withdrawn case, so it is easier to ambush the new case ahead with such evidence.
        Everyone knows where the government is headed and i can assure you that they have also failed on arrival.
        There are too many blank brains in this your APC government who go to court before determining why they are in court

        • emmanuel


    • George

      So why the president was so in a hurry not to study things well before charging them to court. You think everyone reasons with their anus like your tribe.

      The gragra early stage in this useless administration was to cause fair in people minds behold the people foresaw pretender in action hence all the retracce actions here and there.

      • Uzoma John

        The President did not charge anybody to court. It is the Attorney General. And again, you can review your charges if you believe you do not have enough evidence on an accused. This does not mean Saraki and Ekwereforgery are free. The election into Senate President and Deputy is based on this forged document. Once the court upholds that the document is forged that is where Saraki and Ekwereforgery will be hooked in – They will be made to vacate their seats because they benefited from the forged House Rule to be elected. In Igbo, we say, “there are many ways to kill a rat”. By setting a trap, by direct capture, by poisoning, by using a cat, etc.

        • emmanuel

          Wether you like it or not, the FG is heading for disaster. Which body approved 2016 budget? who passed some of the bills since the house was inaugurated? Are you going to revoke all of that?
          Una be small pikin for legal and political matters.
          Ignorance is a disease and can be healed by education, exposures and enlightenment.
          By the way, the eight Assembly already put an updated rules in place, so make una dey day dream.
          Please note that Buhari never had problem with Saraki becoming the Senate President when he plotted thecoup against Tinubu and his choice. He only got an upper cut when Saraki negotiated his Deputy with his PDP brothers to come in.
          So it became a counter coup and they all want to fight back, but that is rather too late

  • God help us

    We are also waiting for Saraki CCT case to be withdrawn.

  • endipin

    One down.. Next case please.

  • SAM .A

    Fela song , comes alive here , “which kind government be this ? “.They will soon withdraw the CCT case before Danladi Umar and apologize to Saraki , for stealing the right way . The big question will arise later , Is this the President we voted for ? Is this the kind of CHANGE we all anticipated ? Is this the new method in fighting corruption? Since the recession started a lot of night crawling ,fence mending, prostrating and arm twisting behind the door have been taking place . Time will tell.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      I feel your pain, brut.

      But I like your closing point. Time alone, will, indeed tell.

      • SAM .A

        Thanks, brother.

  • ayobamiba

    Only irredeemable F00ls will expect anything good from buhari and his band of hypocrites led by the bewitched Yoruba fake pastor osubade.Ab initio I am certain that buhari have nothing to offer Nigeria both spiritually and otherwise, all the almajiri dance going on since may 29 2015 is geared towards one aim,namely to take power back to those who it rightly belonged to before their gamble with obj turned into a regrettable mistake. The bewitched hollow minded Judas race was used in the same way abacha used them to ascend and consolidate power before bursting the bubble.
    Majority of bewitched children of Judas race are too blind and overwhelmed by their igbophobia that they can stand in support of Lucifer so long as there is chances that he will treat ibos unfairly.
    This is the reason why yorubats can do the unthinkable to shamelessly stand in support of a calamitous ineptitude.
    Those who are in the know are aware of the games playing out now ,it is a game aimed at oiling the formidable total take over of Nigeria by buhari cabal,buhari is about to seek for an emergency powers to breach the constitution and use unconstitutional powers to quicken the game plans. He wanted total control of NASS before hand ,but saraki spoilt his show .he tried to swallow saraki and ekweremadu but they seemed as deadly . subtleties and cunning craftiness must now be employed in the manner of chuba okadigbo ,audu ogbe etc and obj.At the end Nigeria shall be the victim.mark my words.

  • George

    There were no corruption before its all intimidation to have Ekweremadu step down for yeye APC member Nigerians wake up.

    • Europa Diaspora


      My nephew said since President Buhari himself is not clean and does not have Wasc certificate,
      he cannot fight any corruption. He said i should see President Buhari as another Mr. Ibu of
      Nollywood who staged a 16-month comedy video film for Nigerians titled “THEY WANT ME
      TO FIGHT CORRUPTION, I NO FIT”. Please confirm if President Buhari has announced
      amnesty for all treasury thieves in Nigeria. I find this Buhari behaviour too provocative.

  • emmanuel

    Buhari sure lacks character and modern exposure. Only people who lived in centuries back charge people to court before determining the reason for such charges and what they hope to achieve from such.
    Let the duo sue Nigeria government for unjust arrested and prosecution.
    Nor be Nigeria judiciary the two ex-clerks dey go? okay oh. Saraki and Ekweremadu would serve out their term.
    Imagine a twenty first century president saying he had never heard about budget padding before year 2016. That tell me that the man lack modern exposure as such acts are not limited to Nigeria, as such anyone who is conversant with political history and global news would know.
    It is a shame that we have such a man as our president and would also not understand how he got us into recession by not working, paying contractors, running budget or doing anything for one full year.

    • Hank

      If you have any brain in your head…you ought to know that it is easy to destroy anything, but it takes time and careful planning to repair and build things.

      • emmanuel


      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        He doesn’t, brut.

        Don’t waste your time.

        • emmanuel

          If your position about me is true, what i infer from your kind of Legal practise is that you are among the cheap Lawyers who collect brief for electoral cases from clients, charge huge monies and loose on technical grounds for cases that should be won.
          Then thereafter, you console your client.
          I advise you to restrict your practise to the Police stations for bail or notary public offices where you can help draft affidavits.
          II hope you have heard that the new charges has been dropped too?

      • emmanuel

        with the new charges against the two Clers dropped? Blind people with blind followers, including the charge and bail called Kay Soyemi

  • omoagbala60

    PMB is a big joke. The masquerade is now naked.

  • emmanuel

    Sad, some Yoruba maggots have asked that the Muslim New year day be observed as public holiday. This is five days after the Saudi Government converted to the Gregorian modern calendar.
    What manner of backward people we have in Nigeria?
    Why not declare everyday as public holiday because you want to practise your religion/ Meanwhile, these same Yorobber muslims are known and treated as fake by their Northern Nigeria counterparts.
    Ajimobi is becoming demented and should be sent for mental rehabilitation.
    In which country of the World, not Saudi or Indonesia do people gather in their stadium to observe Islamic New year day . May be this man thinks that Buhari would drop Osinbajo in 2019, so want to be endeared to him by promoting islam – shame

  • emmanuel

    Laolu Akande in his usual fraudulent press statement, has just said Buhari has commenced payment of N5,000.00 to the unemployed beginning from Bornu state.

    But we all know that that payment is part of funds made available from the Danjuma committee and all other interventionist agencies towards alleviating the sufferings of the IDP’s.

    Recall that Buhari, four months ago said that there is no were people collect salaries for not working – without him having a faint idea of what unemployment benefits is in the social safety net of advanced countries.

    If Buhari and his APC lot tell you good morning, know that it is actually dusk and early evening.




    • FuzzyLogic

      This was a fake case to begin with. The senate has the authority to write their own rule and the executive branch has no right to intrude into that process. The case was instituted simply to give those with bruised ego stemming from the loss of their preferred candidate time to heal. They knew it was a frivolous law suit from day one.

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        By your fuzzy and convoluted logic, the lawbreakers are also right to fix their monthly remuneration at almost 18x the average salary of the average Nigerian, right?

        You guys give space to oppressors to oppress you.


        • emmanuel

          Your ogas wife – Oluremi is among the thieves fleecing Nigeria dry. Your Lagos State set up a very high powered fraud recently when they got a local Energy firm to go put up a platform in the waters claiming Oil exploration in Lagos and immediately asked for derivation.
          The descerning minds know that production to be declared would be made up mainly of crude stolen from the Delta or at best bought from bunkerers.
          Now that the military is everywhere over there, lets know how much Output Lagos now declares? It is all why a new entrant of Lagos was used so that the secret can be so tight.
          Nigeria needs restructuring or at best fragmentation so that every man can go fight his brother in their villages or cities for plundering their wealth

        • FuzzyLogic

          Your Tinubu has made a somersault and now thanking the Federal government for dismissing the case that he engineered in the first place. Why do Yorubas always blow hot and cold? That is why a lot of people find it difficult to deal with you. You guys never take a firm position on anything.
          It is ‘chameleonic’ and does not speak good of you.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            He’s not MY Tinubu.

            You’re welcome to him, if you want.

  • FuzzyLogic

    Area boys will now go berserk if they have any modicum of courage.

  • FreeNigeria

    Nigerians are now seeing the rotten Buhari.

  • Hank

    Maybe Saraki gave back most of the money to avoid legal bills and jail….Saraki, do Nigeria a BIG Favor and step down from your position…you’re a disgrace already!

  • Gary

    About time too…the charges were cooked up as an act of malicious prosecution and had no legs to stand on from the get-go.
    Just a waste of public time and resources in the infighting of the APC for position while the country drifted into recession.
    Hopefully, commonsense will now prevail in the party to prioritize governance over political posturing while our people remain jobless and hungry.

  • front man

    God bless Nigeria

    • okenwa

      These people has really finished tinumbu.

      • front man


        • okenwa

          Meaning he is caged and efcc on the standby. National leader my brokos.