Why APC leaders are fighting each other – Minister

Barr. Solomon Dalong at the Ministerial screening
Barr. Solomon Dalong at the Ministerial screening

The Minister of Sport and Youth Development, Solomon Dalung, has said that the current crisis rocking the governing ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, is largely about the ambition of some politicians for future offices.

He said the problems inherited by the party made it impossible for leaders to pay attention to party members, leading to frustration.

The minister said this on Thursday, while speaking to journalists at the national secretariat of the APC in Abuja.

“I think we should try and appreciate the chemistry of what is referred to as APC today. APC started as amalgamation of different political groups then graduated into a mass movement and formed the government,” Mr. Dalung said.

“The significance of this was that these are political systems that are an embodiment of diverse interests.

“Now, the management of that interests is very critical, but the challenge the party and the government is facing is that the government itself inherited a situation where it has more challenges of fixing the country, and so nothing or no good attention at all would have trickled down along the line in view of the economic constraints.

“That is enough to stir bitterness in the party and this can give birth to crisis,” he said.

The APC is currently in crisis after one of is leaders and a former Lagos governor, Bola Tinubu, asked the national chairman, John Odigie-Oyegun, to resign.

Mr. Tinubu accused Mr. Odigie-Oyegun of going behind the back of members of the National Working Committee to nominate Rotimi Akeredolu as the candidate of the party for the forthcoming governorship election in Ondo state.

An Appeal Committee of the party had recommended that fresh primary election for Ondo State should be conducted after the exercise that produced Mr. Akeredolu was allegedly rigged.

Mr. Odigie-Oyegun has refused to resign and told Mr. Tinubu that he cannot use the media to remove him.

Mr. Dalung called on the leaders to forget their differences and allow the country to move forward.

He said the crisis was about the ambitious plans of politicians ahead of the next round of elections.

“The second perspective to the crisis has to do with the future; a politician is a very ambitious person. In everything he does including the step of his movement, he calculates ahead of time.

“So, It could also be that some politicians had viewed the future and they are already dusting their weapons for a political showdown to set the tone of their political ambition,” he said.

Mr. Dalung said those in government were worried over the development.

“There is no reasonable person in government that won’t be worried, because the unity of the party is the unity of the government,” he said.

“So we are concerned, our position is just to appeal because all those that are involved in the crisis are our leaders and we respect them very much as young people.

“What we expect from them is to bequeath durable legacies and I don’t think that crisis is part of what they intend to bequeath to us,” he said.

Mr. Dalung said APC leaders should know that younger politicians look up to the leaders for guidance.


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  • Harry Haruna

    Are you left out , as a politician?

  • Tunde

    Dalung, our honorable minister, you have good analysis of the problem but you err in your judgement, Because Buahari, and the so called chairman want to impose their candidate on Ondo state so that’s the problem , Akeredolu, is an Ondo state citizen, but he should be properly elected.

  • Rommel

    The problem is the inability of some people in positions of influence to control their unbridled greed and ambitions,
    unfortunately,the welfare of the people have never featured prominently on the priority list of these individuals

  • Mohammed Waziri

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  • thusspokez

    Mr. Tinubu accused Mr. Odigie-Oyegun of going behind the back of members of the National Working Committee to nominate Rotimi Akeredolu as the candidate of the party for the forthcoming governorship election in Ondo state.

    Obviously, the APC does not follow the principles of democracy with regard to the selection of local candidates. There should be primaries where local members of the APC can choose their own representatives to stand for election without interference from APC factional ego-massagers.

    • Olawuyi Oluwatobi

      Please, thusspokez, how did you copy what Lalung said before posting your comment? Your early reponse pls.

      • thusspokez

        Simply put your quote inside two “blockquote”. For example:

        …put your quote here…

        I have intentionally misspelt “blockquot”. If I use the correct spelling, you wouldn’t see the example on your screen. So replace “blockquot” with “blockquote”.

        • Olawuyi Oluwatobi

          Thank for your response, howvere, I have a few question, after highlighting what I wanted to comment on, how would I quote? You know if you want to comment one someone’s write-up or comment, I have to first highlight and copy, then paste and pass my comment as you did.

          • Olawuyi Oluwatobi

            Let me try this

          • Olawuyi Oluwatobi

            …Let me try this…

          • Olawuyi Oluwatobi

            I think I have gotten it, but would I pass my comment underneath? Thanks

          • Olawuyi Oluwatobi

            …The Minister of Sport and Youth Development, Solomon Dalung, has said that the current crisis rocking the governing ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, is largely about the ambition of some politicians for future offices…


          • thusspokez

            Write your comment outside the blockquote or after the last “”.

          • Olawuyi Oluwatobi

            Ok Thank you very much.

          • thusspokez

            If you have problem with the quote, check that “blockquote” is spelt correctly and surrounded by “”.

        • Olawuyi Oluwatobi

          The Minister of Sport and Youth Development, Solomon Dalung, has said that the current crisis rocking the governing ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, is largely about the ambition of some politicians for future offices.

          • Olawuyi Oluwatobi

            So how do I pass my comment that will be line as yours? Thanks

  • Arabakpura

    This minister that should have been sacked after the olympics is alluding to the fact that APC would have toed the sharing pact of the PDP if not for the economic recession! Well, I wish them luck! Should the PDP come back, what is happening now will be a child’s play

    • Reginald Dandeson

      Simply the truth.

  • emmanuel

    APC from the highest to the least are abnormal humans and care less of what negative impacts their despicable acts, body language and inactions have on Nigeria.
    Meanwhile, Atiku – the man who has devised restructuring of Nigeria as his own side of the fraudulent coin Buhari used to deceive Nigeria posted on his facebook page today, his photos in his gym. He posted jokingly that he was training to join Arsenal.
    His Arsenal could mean PDP, PDM or any other 2019 Presidential Arsenal Football Club. If i were one of TB Joshua, Mbaka or Olabayo the fake prophets; i would have converted the implication of his Arsenal to a prophecy that a big ubiquituous and serial Presidential Aspirant will jump ship from APC in 2017 to another party and when Atiku trully moves then, i will get PT, SR, PM News or Punch to announce that the prophecy came true.
    APC is fraud, including the character whose photograph is shown above. Ole, wen wan collect money wen Japanese man give footballers.

    • B. Messi

      APC is a plague.
      EVERYTHING they touch turns to..ASHES!

  • B. Messi

    A house built on sand cannot stand.


  • Burning Spear

    The same old Fabus——lies–manufactured-from the pit of hell! Which sadly for us—- can only make sense to a group of baboons and not human beings—–in 9ja!!!–A man who can not even run the Sports Ministry–now yearns to play the blame game——Unaware 9jas know the Apes in APC are all rogues———-from Amaechi to Dambazua ati Prof Yakubu of INEC—-Was Bingo Buhari a member of any Political Party in Nigeria over 30 years ago, when Bingo Buhari-ati Idiagbon overthrew the government of Shagari and threw the country into another economic hardship? Is this not the same Bingo Buhari who forced Nigerians to queue for essential commodities-such as Rice–Sugar Milk–Tea BAGs Cooking Oil—–Tomapep—-Onions and Match boxes?—-A bag of rice was 8,000 when Buhari took over from Jonathan!”Now it is 20,000–more than 100 percent increase–The man and party are a curse to the Nation period!———Maybe there was no crisis among the soldiers that was why IBB sacked his government—Sometimes certain people most especially those from the North Central, often attempt to be more Fulani on the pages of our National Dailies, than the Beroms and Tivs that they are supposed to be to their Fulani Masters from Mali –Chad —-Senegal —Sudan–and Niger Republic———–with their slave mentality—Separation is the only way out—We saw Buhari over 30 years ago—-in fake army Uniform-armed with his forged certificate—-The Demonic rule of Buhari 30 years ago paddy man— is not different from what we Nigerians are experiencing today—————–so buzz off————–Animals

  • musa aliyu

    But you too is washing your dirty linen in public. Don’t you guys have a mechanism to settle internally? No respect for elders? You guys have no elder? This then is worse than PDP

  • Omoba1

    The nonsense happening is because our vote do not really count. There is lack of transparency in the electoral process and it appears any reform is still warming up on the moon

  • ayobamiba

    Fellow citizens, evil can never give birth to good no matter the white Washing. Darkness can never give birth to light ,no matter the pandering, Lies can never turn into truth ,no matter how many times it is repeated. Devil can never become Christ no matter her cunning craftiness.
    APC is a terrible axis of evil,APC is a nest of wickedness ,APC is a convergence of darkness. No amount of media propaganda and conspiracy of silence can change a formidable evil conclave like APC into a progressive house.a marriage of vile whoremongers,homosexuals, prostitutes, murderers, armed robbers,occultists,etc can’t produce salvation .I will forever hold it against GEJ for allowing the budding of the most sophisticated evil and satanic house in Nigeria. As long as APC lives in Nigeria, so long shall Nigeria nation continue to die a slow and steady death in every ramifications. The death and disintegration of APC will bring life back to Nigeria. APC is a death certificate for Nigeria. Just 18 months of APC hold on Nigeria, the unimaginable have happened to this nation, fuel 145 per liter,a bag of rice 22,000, vegetable oil 20,000 for 25 liters,bag of floor 15,000,naira 535 to a dollar,Nigerian citizens being rounded up and murdered in cold blood by herdsmen, elections back to the inglorious days of results writing by inec. Nigeria hotly divided to the marrow.Nigeria on the verge of forceful religious conversion, economy on recession. Buhari about to sell off choice assets of Nigeria to his cronies. What a bad episode for Nigeria. May God Almighty implode,explode and utterly damage this evil APC so that Nigeria shall live again.