Proceeds of President Buhari’s biography donated to persons displaced by Boko Haram


The American author of the biography of President Muhammadu Buhari, John Paden, has donated the proceeds of the Book “Muhammadu Buhari: The Challenges of Leadership in Nigeria” to charity efforts in the North East of the country.

The book was launched Monday in Abuja at the International Conference Centre.

Mr. Paden, a Professor of International Studies said “let me say that the proceeds of the launch of this book will all go to some select charities including humanitarian aid to the Internally Displaced People (from Boko Haram activities) in the North East.”

Although the event was well attended by very wealthy individuals, the organisers also announced that no one would be allowed to make huge donations or purchase copies in millions of Naira.

Rather, one of the organisers, Samaila Funtua, announced that the cover price of the book was pegged at N1500 for the soft cover, N2500 for the hard cover and N10,000 for the leather cover.

Therefore, the two presenters of the Book, Abdulsamad Rabiu and Tunde Folawiyo, simply announced they were purchasing two copies for each of the nation’s tertiary institutions.

Before the presentation, chairman of the occasion and former Head of State, Yakubu Gowon, said Mr. Buhari “deserves all the praises” being showered on him.

He said Mr. Buhari has always done well both as a soldier and a politician “in all assignments given to him within Nigeria and outside. Hence he catapulted to the top within a short time.”

Mr. Gowon said Mr. Buhari had been told several times that he would not see the inside of the Presidential Villa as a president. He said after four attempts, Mr. Buhari finally succeeded.

“2015 was an affirmation that persistence pays,” Mr. Gowon said.

The former Head of State said Mr. Buhari is doing his best as a president “to restore the economy and alleviate the sufferings of Nigerians.

Shortly after the presentation by the chairman of the occasion, four persons were called upon to review the book.

The first to mount the podium was a former Governor of Lagos state and leader of the governing All Progressives Congress, APC, Bola Tinubu.

Mr. Tinubu praised Mr. Buhari for what he termed his “heroic role” in the formation of the APC which he said led to the “rescue of Nigeria”.

He also recalled the failure of the major opposition parties to form alliance on the eve of the 2011 election. He, however, said efforts made were consolidated after the election which saw the formation of the APC in 2013.

On his part, a former US Ambassador to Nigeria, John Campbell, said even though he has spent an appreciable length of time in Nigeria, he was speaking from an American perspective.

He said the US has always been paying attention to Nigeria, especially in the area of oil and gas as well as peacemaking efforts across Africa. He said Mr. Buhari has always been involved in both projects.

Mr. Campbell said the book should be widely read not just by Nigerians, but “in Washington, New York and London”.

He also commended Mr. Buhari for his “deep concern for female education” and his consistent patriotism both as a military officer and later Head of State.

The Minister of Science and Technology, Ogbonnaya Onu, who also reviewed the book said Mr. Buhari is one of only two Nigerians to serve both as a Head of State and a President.

Mr. Onu said Mr. Buhari is the first person to defeat an incumbent president and that he is the first one to win an election and have his opponent call to congratulate him and without going to court.

He also said Mr. Buhari is the “first to Command three of the then Four divisions of the Nigerian Army “.

A former Nigerian permanent representative to the United Nations, Ibrahim Gambari who also served as Nigeria’s foreign Minister under Mr. Buhari, took time to brief the audience about the humorous nature of the president.

Mr. Gambari also said contrary to perception, Mr. Buhari always succumbed to superior arguments during cabinet meetings.

He said Mr. Buhari as Head of State withdrew memos due to superior arguments from cabinet member who were ” bloody civilians” .

He also said it was erroneous for some to consider the president as a religious bigot. He said if he was one, he would not have chosen Tunde Bakare and Yemi Osinbajo accomplished pastors of some of the largest Christian congregations in Nigeria as running mates.

The Special Guest of Honour at the event, former President Olusegun Obasanjo, in his brief remarks also eulogised Mr. Buhari.

He said he has had a lot of “encounters” with the president due to some political differences. He, however, said those differences never affected their personal relationship.

Mr. Obasanjo said he took time to read the book and that it is “is surely intriguing, inspiring and a mix of history and current affairs together”.

On the insistence of the chairman of the occasion, Mr. Buhari was invited to the podium for a remark. The president simply thanked the audience for sparing time to attend the launch.

He said he was surprised by the large turnout given that Monday was a public holiday and many would have taken advantage to be with their loved ones.

He also thanked Mr. Paden “who tolerated me for the stories I tried to tell him”.

He said the ability of Mr. Paden to put everything he was told in the way that he did showed his high level of intellectual capacity.

The presentation was attended by the Presidents of Niger, Chad and Benin Republic.


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  • Baahir

    Impressive and sobering! More grease and wisdom to the tall one!

    • Peaceometer


  • evidence

    Shadow chasing. 
    Up till now, budget has not been implemented, people are dying of hunger and hopelessness and Buhari is launching book.
    What has Buhari contributed to humanity aside bloodshed, backwardness and recession,that he is writing and launching book? 
    What example has he set for others to follow ‎aside vindictive politics and sheer hypocrisy? 

  • Isi Agwo

    Does the hagiography offer any explanation of how Iti Bolibo Buhari joined the officers ranks of Nigeria Army with a testimonial written by Katsina College principal and how he covered the fraud for 60 years?

  • Peaceometer

    While my comments on Bhuari is reserved, the first to mount the podium was a former governor of Lagos state and leader of APC Bola Tnubu. ” the Jagaban of Africa. You deserve the honour Ahmed Bola Tinubu.

  • vagabonds in power

    A gathering of rogues from the old regions of Nigeria—————————-the main thieves who destroyed Nigeria–Look at the hypocrisy in Obj and Gowon———-what a shame—-Nothing on his school certificate sha———————One Nigeria inside the 3 old regions of Lord Lugard————–Separation is the only way out

  • That is APC for u

    A former Governor of Bayelsa State, Timipre Sylva, who paid the 27m for the nomination form of Bingo Buhari-in APC- has retrieved 48 of his properties seized by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Our correspondent, who visited some of the properties, located mostly in highbrow areas of Abuja such as Wuse II and Maitama, observed that some of the inscription ‘EFCC, Keep Off’, on the gates or fences of the properties, had been wiped off the buildings while some of the buildings had been rented out.

    Our correspondent, who posed as a prospective tenant, was informed that the rent for the properties ranged between N2.5m and N6m per annum.

    Our correspondent was informed that the 16 units of service apartments at Plot 1181 Thaba Tseka Crescent, off IBB Way in the Wuse II area of the Federal Capital Territory, cost N6m per annum including a N1.5m service charge. The building provides seven hours of power supply from a generator.

    • musa aliyu


  • Olubayo Ayodeji

    We shall be remembered by what we have done.

  • Burning Spear

    I pity my oil money again–being wasted on Bingo Buhari—-nad his family memebers—–Money from the SS oil field to be used to apeease the Fulani boko haram fighters–while the Ibos who were slaughtered by the buhari tribes men remain in the dark———-In the North Central those displayed by the Fulani cowhands from Mali in Benue and Plateau–will not benefit from the fake history of Buhari——————Yet not a single man from the SS–was present—at the event————————it was a show designed for the tripod———-only———————separation is the answer


    If that book does not include a true certified copy of President Buhari’s Cambridge O’Level (WASC) certificate then it is clearly not worth the ink that was wasted on it.

    • No Bull …..

      You know the book is not mandatory for you to buy? BTW, who says you gotta have a PhD to have integrity?

      • Otile

        Why do locusts and predators of Nigeria fortune always gather to portray Buhari an an intellectual? Buhari is no intellectual by any means.

        • No Bull …..

          There is difference between an intellectual and the right man for the job. Didn’t we just have a six years of “an intellectual experience” in Nigeria? I don’t know about you, I don’t miss the intellectual.

          • Otile

            I understand you are anti-intellectual, but does it not strike you that after shading much blood and committing blunders due to illiteracy arna
            Gowon went back to school to improve himself? Similarly Ogagun saw how
            limited education took a toll on him and he went back to school. But 30
            donkey years after Buhari left Dandan Barracks he was too lazy and too dumb
            to improve his educational deficiencies. I also know you will defend him even if he presents a NEPA bill as his own school certificate. Go on, bro.

          • No Bull …..

            Henry Ford was no intellectual in his time but he knew how to get problems solved. What good is an acquired knowledge if it does not benefit people. Case in point GEJ

          • Otile

            Buhari is no march for Henry Ford. Simply sated, Buhari is intellectually dull and it is taking a terrible toll on Nigeria. Dishonest people will however, blame Jonathan for Buhari’s dullness, and we understand why.

          • No Bull …..

            With all due respect, education was wasted on Jonathan. This is a man who “forgot” to develop his own area (ND) after six years in office. It doesn’t get worse than that.

          • Otile

            This is your own opinion. Nigerians are suffering terribly under Buhari and this is but the beginning. Jonathan is no longer the president, and you know it, I know you would rather like to blame Jonathan for all the calamities Nigeria has suffered from arna Gowon to Turai Yar’Adua’s administrations. We understand that too.

          • No Bull …..

            How bad can you be as Christian president for the Western powers to support a Muslim candidate in this day and age? Think about it

          • Osakue

            I notice uncle jona did not attend? Shame dey catch am?

          • Gary

            Abeg stop the nonsense. Buhari did not meet the Constitution’s basic educational qualification for the Presidency without a valid High School Certificate. He entered the Army without this requirement as well. Then he rose the ranks via coup plotting. I’m not sure if these facts are accurately reflected in this biography.
            Try as you hero-worshippers may, you cannot rewrite the facts about Buhari’s history. At least not until you manage to wipe out all Nigerians who were of age when Buhari shot and killed his way into power. A coup plotter by any definition is a traitor to his nation. It’s only in Nigeria that they are lauded as heroes and statesmen. In civilized societies, they are executed or jailed for life. Sorry, just the facts, sir.

          • No Bull …..

            Buhari is almost two years into his presidency and you are still worried about a piece of paper from some sixty years ago? How pathetic. I wonder why Wikipedia does not know about Buhari’s missing certificate. My I remind you that Jerry Rawlins was a coup plotter and approves of Buhari’s work. That “civilized society” also supports Buhari’s presidency.

          • Gary

            You are now reduced to moral equivalence in noting coup plotters in other nations? How pathetic.
            As if that justifies anything about Nigeria’s sorry history of thugs in uniform seizing power and responsible for massive corruption and the country’s stunted development. They are now recycling themselves again in power as civilian leaders and still making a mess of the country and our lives as citizens.
            I know the truth hurts but Buhari has neither the qualification nor intellect to have led Nigeria, past or present.
            And if you think a high school diploma is just a mere piece of paper, look no further than how your cult-hero has brought the country down in just sixteen months.
            Last time, as military ruler, it took him only six months before the bottom similarly fell out of the Nigerian economy. Again, he also blamed his predecessors in office after he seized power without a plan or vision for the country. The cancellation of the Lagos Metroline project and his refusal to pay the $70m penalty for voiding the contract set the ball rolling for Nigeria’s compounding debt to the Paris Club.
            That’s a little history for you that I’m certain will not make this book Buhari got an Oyinbo to write about him. Awon ode paraku.

          • Julius

            Did you ask for his certificate when he was sent to the war front to kick intellectual Ojukwu out of Nigeria ? An assignment he did so very well !!

          • Julius

            Dont waste a minute on that demented hateful bigot.

          • Otile

            Why do you always insult and call me hateful names whenever I condemn in strong terms wrong doings of any Muslim? I hate it when your fellow Muslims behead people or slash throats. We understand you would like to be a Christian yourself, and that is why you are faking a Christian name. Unfortunately for you if you go for conversion to Christianity your people will place fatwa on you. See how you are calling me a bigot because I condemn Islamic deceit, cruelty, and forgery.

          • Julius

            You are a hateful demented bigot. That has nothing to do with religion, its your wasteful life that Im talking about. Period. You have this hatred for others you consider to be outside your religion and its so sad for somebody that claim to be a Christian. My Christianity is so much different from yours and others. I’ll leave you to whoever you worship. Calling me a muslims doeant make it true but, a retard like you wont know that.


        That particular WASC certificate is important to the vast majority of Nigerians, we must see it .

        • No Bull …..

          You mean the “vast majority of Nigerians” who did not vote for him? I am guessing you are still stuck in campaign mode…. It is time to move on.

        • Ichoku Konyesilifu Efoagui

          Obsessive obsession . After you had found the head of the dog, of what use are the jaws to you?


            That very certificate is vital, Nigerians need to see it desperately.

    • Mufu Ola

      Let’s have your own educational history self & your societal worth.U never stop exhibiting extreme pettiness.

      • Anasieze Donatus

        Good response from a well mannered person who have the interest of this great Nation at heart

    • Julius

      Hatred will kill you. Maybe you will be better off for it.

  • Olu from South Africa

    May project Nigeria not rubbish your achievements and be successful with it as well. Amen.

  • Gary

    Hagiography. So Buhari could not reward any of his army of media boosters who sold him to Nigerians as our Messiah in 2015?
    He had to go for Bature, an Oyinbo to whitewash his life story to his countrymen? As if we need a white man to tell us when the rain started to beat us under Buhari.

    Another waste of our scarce foreign exchange that the Oyinbo will carry back to his country. When Buhari could have used the money to settle one of his media boys who helped delegitimize GEJ’s presidency for the APC to gain power. God dey sha.

    • Wale Adegoke

      Why cant the so called Professor write book on the out going US President Barrack Obama?

  • Otile

    Chei, a few years ago with a competent economic team Nigeria was
    recognized by the world as the economic powerhouse of Africa. But last
    year the locusts flocked in and ravaged the place, today what we got in
    place is economic doom, misery and blame game leveled against the past
    administration. Yet next year depression will set in and the last state of man will become worse than the first, then the sheepish
    leadership might invade the Niger Delta to divert attention. Nigeria
    has what it takes to be a great nation but sheepish leadership laced
    with nepotism and illiteracy has prevented the country from moving

  • abodes_124

    Not available on line to purchase . Where can I buy please ?

  • Lanre

    There is nothing to this. John Paden is a scholar on Northern Nigerian affairs. He has written books on Ahmadu Bello, Islamic Relations in Nigeria, Lectured at Ahmadu Bello and Bayero University. But of course the slavish mentality of Nigerian Rulers will make them all line up for an Oyinbo. When are we going to get out of this self-imposed mess? This ridiculous cortege of poverty and lack; rulership by imbecilic intellect that has little or no ability to establish priorities.

    • Gary

      Just another example of the BBC-mentality of our Northern rulers. Every major interview or policy statement comes to Nigerians via the BBC when a Northerner is in office.
      If you want an old-school Northerner to do anything, just have an Oyinbo suggest it to him and he will eagerly embrace it. John Kerry just came to town to tell them on growing concerns about the human rights record of the Buhari regime.

      Same thing we have been telling them since the Zaria massacre, ignoring court orders and detentions without trial. They can keep our countrymen at home in the dark but those of us abroad only have to ask our Congressman for up to date information on current US policy on Nigeria.

    • Mufu Ola

      You yourself is not exhibiting any intellect here with your parochialism.

      • Tunsj

        My thoughts exactly! Have a great week.

  • UOU

    How many nigerians have written book on obama, clinton, or bush even reagan or carter?a line-up of failures, waiting to be executed by nature

  • Olu from South Africa

    In present situation, who else can we earnestly yearn for? According to Confucius ” people who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it”. Haters! Look for nearest transformer and hug it. PMB is on the path to immortality. It is not a rocket science to be a great leader in a corrupt crippled society like ours. Just do needful, simple! There can never be Mandela without apartheid. He did needful, simple!

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  • George

    I hope the book contains how not to implement the economic policies of any nation.

  • Momoh Umar

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  • Abidilagungun

    Professor Paden, oyibo jobman

  • Ichoku Konyesilifu Efoagui

    I am not unimpressed, but why did an American have to write the biography of Buhari? He cannot find a competent Nigerian writer to do this? This effort is quite clearly not for Nigerian readership . Thoughtfully some launchers purchased copies for tertiary institutions . Since History and civics are not in the school corriculum in Nigeria I wonder under what platform school children can access and profit from the biography of President Buhari, let alone discuss it.

    • Hank

      If you really want to be patriotic then stop eating foreign food and wearing foreign clothes or living foreign lifestyle. Look how Olusegun Obasanjo is holding the book in that picture like a little boy… pathetic!!