Nigerian Senator wants Buhari to grant amnesty to treasury looters

Dino Melaye
Dino Melaye

A senator representing Kogi West, Dino Melaye, on Sunday said President Buhari should order a six-month moratorium on the arrest and prosecution of suspected looters.

Mr. Melaye said doing so would encourage those who had defrauded the country while in public service to return their ill-gotten cash and asset back to the federal coffers.

Mr. Melaye’s recommendation was contained in an Independence Day message he posted on his Facebook page Sunday afternoon.

“I sincerely want to recommend that Mr. President grant presidential amnesty or pardon to all those who looted our treasury provided they return all proceeds of their loot to the government within six months of the declaration of the amnesty,” Mr. Melaye said. “This, I believe will encourage the voluntary return of the looted funds.”

Mr. Melaye said the refund, if properly coordinated, will help mitigate the impact the lingering economic hardship is having on Nigerians — especially those on the bottom of the economic ladder.

It will “empower the government financially to immediately commence the implementation of projects and programmes that will stimulate the economy and raise the people’s’ standard of living.”

Mr. Melaye said his option is better than the current “fruitless” endeavour of using state agents to pursue suspects who could afford formidable legal representatives that would manipulate the law to frustrate judicial process or even evade justice.

It will “save the judiciary and other law enforcement agencies the agony of fruitlessly pursuing the looters in and out of the courtrooms,” Mr. Melaye said.

Sunday’s recommendation is the second from Mr. Melaye in a month.

On September 4, less than a week after the country officially slipped into recession, he urged Mr. Buhari to immediately dismiss some of his ministers as part of his administration’s response to the emergency economic situation.

Mr. Buhari’s clampdown on corruption in public service has seen several politicians who served in the last administration arrested and taken before a court or other anti-corruption tribunals within the last one year.


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  • wode

    Does Melaye know those who are ready to return the loots if not to be tried? Things seems to be getting tough for the looters. The loots are hid in unknown places still they are having sleepless night. I see this as a way of trying to negotiate. As reasonable as this may be, won’t it sound to be somehow unjust to the “smaller” thieves that were cut stealing goat, pepper, food, for example, and subsequently found themselves in prisons?

    • Whalerolex

      Did you say New Nigeria?
      Where is that one located?

      • wode

        It’s just a matter of time… at least, for those that can’t see it now.

  • Guest

    People in hell want ice water too……in your dream legislooters!

  • Man_Enough

    this idea is tenable considering the prevalence and enormity of the problem. however i am piqued the way politicians wake up and start putting up their suggestions on the pages of newspaper instead of discussing ideas in a forum and coming out with a conscientious. i see this as a way of trying to take glory unduly. does apc not have a forum for the cross fertilization of ideas? when a party member comes out to act alone, it smacks lack of team work and cooperative spirit. senator sani is the most guilty of this attitude.

  • Wise Counsel

    In a sane country, not a continent like Nigeria, one would have called Melaye’s suggestion a gross aberration comparable to felony. But in a Nigeria where a sitting President lied and flaunted the constitutional guidelines with respect to his High School (Only academic Certificate) credential, refuse to declare full details of personal assets and then turn around to initial and ‘champion’ a course titled “change begins with me” and deranged politicians and journalists praise such practice, then any action such as Melaye’s can only be seen to be justified however insipid.

    Hours ago, hundreds of Boko Haram members arrested by past government were released. These are men and women who actively participated, aided and abetted the evil acts of Islamic terror in Nigeria. On the list of the released are parents who willfully donated their wards to be primed for suicide bombing by Boko haram and those caught manufacturing explosives and their wives. If these animals who helped to murder people in such violent and dehumanizing manner are all let go then where is justice for the victims.

    SEPARATION or restructuring is the answer. Nigeria is not working and will never work. Present at the independence ceremony held at Aso Rock and in a group photo with Buhari were :
    1. Abdulsalami (Who invested in Independent power project worth Billions of Dollars),
    2. Oladipo Diya (Weeping cowardly General) with property and investment beyond his income
    3. Atiku Abubakar (Former billionaire civil servant with questionable source of wealth)
    4. …and other retired and active thieves (looters)

    With such a disgusting list of VIPs walking freely, not to mention Obasanjo who as president was unable to resolve 28 politically motivated murders from 1999 – 2007, then Dino Melaye can’t be crucified for his suggestion. What he is saying is that since past thieves were let free, all other thieves should be free too. SEPARATION/DISINTEGRATION or CONFEDERATION is the answer.

  • Rommel

    Only sensible moratorium would be for these criminals to return everything looted in exchange for 2 years community service and if after 6 months,we can prove that some is still being withheld,the person will face firing squad

    • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen


  • dike offor

    then what about the Yahoo boys? I believe they the one that need the Amnesty because most of them are drop out…they need to be reoriented,,,for better tomorrow. Treasury looters deserve to be punished.

  • nixon

    I agree. I wrote the same 18 months ago on my blog TellBuhariDotcom. I said so long as they are willing to bring back the money, they should allowed to invest it into the country. PREMIUM TIMES PLS DONT DELETE ME O, I am not advertising my blog, this is just a sensitive issue and I strongly believe I have the solution for it.

    • Yanko

      It’s amazing how many of us dont understand what due process is. Our judiciary needs to expedite the process and ensure that legimate use of the provisions in the law is enforced.

  • Compiling List of LOOTERS

    List of Looters from January 1970 – Date
    1. Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola (Billions missing @ITT) Fela sang about it
    2. Obasanjo Olusegun (Billions missing @ITT) – Fela sang about it
    3. Shagari Shehu (Missing billions from Austerity programs, uncompleted/abandoned housing projects etc)
    4. Mohammed Bokohai (4 Billion naira missing…Proxy fraud…money in suit cases moved by aides and Minister related to an Emir)
    5. Babangida Ibrahim ($7.6b missing been excess revenue from oil sales during gulf war in 1990/1991
    6. Mohammed Abacha (Direct cash withdrwawal from CNB Vaults)
    7. Abdusalami Abubakar (Depletion of foreign reserves without accountability/Security Votes/Bloated election expenditure etc etc)
    8. Obasanjo Olusegun…as in (1) above, and including Haliburton Bribe scandal etc etc)
    9. Etc etc etc

    Please add your own names to the list

  • thusspokez

    “I sincerely want to recommend that Mr. President grant presidential amnesty or pardon to all those who looted our treasury provided they return all proceeds of their loot to the government within six months of the declaration of the amnesty,” Mr. Melaye said.”

    (1) The President may –

    (a) grant any person concerned with or convicted of any offence created by an Act of the
    National Assembly a pardon, either free or subject to lawful conditions;
    (b) grant to any person a respite, either for an indefinite or for a specified period, of the
    execution of any punishment imposed on that person for such an offence;

    (c) substitute a less severe form of punishment for any punishment imposed on that person
    for such an offence; or

    (d) remit the whole or any part of any punishment imposed on that person for such an
    offence or of any penalty or forfeiture otherwise due to the State on account of such an offence.

    In other words, the President can only pardon people who had been convicted of crimes –something the ignoramus SENATOR of Kogi West doesn’t seem to realise.

    • Abass

      Since Buhari broke the provisions of the constitution by FAILING to present his miserable non existent WAEC certificates in all presidential elections he partook of from 1999 – 2015, where lies the moral basis to challenge any other Nigerian on the provisions of the constitutions and adherence thereof? We must first recognise that leading by example is pristine. In our own case, Buhari cannot even be described as a leader. He is more divisive than attractive. The code of conduct and asset declaration rules of FULL disclosure has not been honoured by Buhari and he is shouting with his elongated neck and jaws that “Change begins with me”. Is this not criminality? Why then would Dino not ask for pardon for all looters? If Buhari has pardoned Obasanjo, Abdulsami and Babangida why not Tinubu, Dimegi Bank Ole and others who looted? Or is pardon for only ex-military looters?

      • thusspokez

        Please go back and read my comment again and when you have understood it, then write an appropriate response. I have no time for tittle-tattle.

    • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

      He only admitted guilt in advance.

  • Pure Reasoning

    And this is the type of people running and making laws for Nigeria. It shows Sen. Dino shows he is a corrupt lunatic. Is he saying all this because he friend and mentor Sen president Bukola is the slammer on corruption charges? Every Nigerian must wake up to collective kill corruption otherwise, corruption will kill Nigeria.

    • MinkeyLickey

      What is the difference between Dino and Buhari? If you had a Billion Dollar business empire who would you pick as an MD? A vibrant active Dino or Buhari who represents the opposite of everything that DIno represent? Be honest in your answer and then you will be faced with the reason Nigeria will never grow.

    • kusanagi

      Nothing will happen to Saraki. And I mean nothing. All we’re hearing now is postponements and adjournments and soon newspapers will stop reporting about it because it’ll be buried so deep in in the court system it’ll be impossible to get it out again. All this because Buhari’s done NOTHING to change the corrupt judiciary like he promised he would do. Buhari has failed.

      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

        What if something happens

  • Commentsfile..!!!

    is this a consensus agreement
    coming from the treasury looters themselves ?.. or a mere
    suggestion that maybe seen as a sign of weakness from
    the part of the FG in continuing with this fight against corrupt
    individuals if such a proposal may come true. the Govt.
    have made their position very clear on the issue of corrupt
    elements in the society and would advice the so called
    looters to approach some of the non governmental organisations
    to make their position known as well. having said that.. the tendency
    of the culprits exploiting such agreements are very obvious. Mr Melaye
    often say few funny things in a serious way to remain in the
    media focus, one of them being his pledge to introduce a bill
    in the floor of the senate abolishing state of origine in the Nigerian
    constitution. today it looks more like a forgotten promise..!!

    • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

      Yes!it is the looters consensus.

  • yahayaomaye

    The suggestion falls short of a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Why do we have law? In fact if thieves are free to go free without punishment, then the looters could be allowed to go. It’s high time Dino takes his job seriously. The good people of Kogi must be regretting for the wrong choice of Dino. God help Nigeria!

    • Opekete

      I agree with you. If all we need is for looters to return their loots and go away happy, then we do not need the judiciary and probably the police. It means there is nothing like crime and punishment. Melaye is a ‘malaise’.

    • Kamalu

      If being a Senator is to make laws, then Dino Melaye is a wasted resource in the National Assembly and his constituency in Kogi State should commence the process of his recall immediately

      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

        Is he a resource? You mean to say resources waste. Like scap,yam peel,cassava peel etc.not b me talk am o.

  • agbobu


    • Marthin

      You are wrong Boy. While not read this posted by @Wise Counsel

      List of Looters from January 1970 – Date
      1. Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola (Billions missing @ITT) Fela sang about it
      2. Obasanjo Olusegun (Billions missing @ITT) – Fela sang about it
      3. Shagari Shehu (Missing billions from Austerity programs, uncompleted/abandoned housing projects etc)
      4. Mohammed Bokohai (4 Billion naira missing…Proxy fraud…money in suit cases moved by aides and Minister related to an Emir)
      5. Babangida Ibrahim ($7.6b missing been excess revenue from oil sales during gulf war in 1990/1991
      6. Mohammed Abacha (Direct cash withdrwawal from CNB Vaults)
      7. Abdusalami Abubakar (Depletion of foreign reserves without accountability/Security Votes/Bloated election expenditure etc etc)
      8. Obasanjo Olusegun…as in (1) above, and including Haliburton Bribe scandal etc etc)
      9. Etc etc etc

      Please add your own names to the list”
      My own analysis is that if the above are free and they once looted billions and even trillions, then why should the current looters not have peace? Dino Melaye deserves a Nobel Peace price for his sharp and intelligent solution. The other alternative is to treat ALL looters same…including all past Presidents and their wives living or dead.

      • Shahokaya

        Dr Erastus Akingbola​ N27 billion.
        Chief Osa Osunde​ N55 billion
        Charles Silva Opuala​ N2.4 billion
        Francis Okokuro​ N2.4 billion
        Francis Atuche​ N80 billion
        Okey Nwosu N95.1 Billion
        Sebastian Adigwe​ N277.3 Billion
        Raymond Obieri​ N131.8 Billion
        Dr Bartholo-mew​ N187.1 Billion
        Cecilia Ibru​ N160.2 Billion
        Tom Iseghohi​ N15 Billion
        Dr Ransome Owan​ N1.5 Billion
        Rasheed Ladoja N6 Billion
        Bode George N100 Billion
        Babalola Borishade​ N5.6 Billion
        Nyeson Wike ​ N4.670 Billion
        Roland Iyayi​ N5.6 Billion
        Chimaroke Nnamani N5.3 Billion
        Lucky Igbinedion N4.3 Billion
        James Ibori​ N9.2 Billion
        Orji Uzor Kalu​ N5 Billion
        Ayo Fayose​ N1.2 Billion
        Saminu Turaki​ N36 Billion
        Jolly Nyame ​ N1.3 billion
        Michael Botmang N1.5 Billion

        • Tunji Olarewaju

          Sarakonda the Mesujamba… Billions
          Dino Melaye the rapist… Billions

        • truth is bitter

          Haba bro! There is no Obasanjo and Babangida? Not even a SINGLE military officer serving or retired? No Generals Useni? No Abacha who looted directly from the CBN? What about Buhari’s Cousin who was caught with suitcases filled with Dollars at the Airport? ………………………Hmmmmmm, the EFCC must be magicians. This their list must be magical. What about Dimeji Bankole whom EFCC pursued for days? Did they forget to put the name on the list? Or has he been ‘pardoned’?

          ….This is why we need a break up asap! Everybody his own list of thieves excluding people from his region and laden with names from the other region. When Nigeria breaks into real countries every country can now deal with its own thieves with fairness and without ethnic bias. Be bold, and stop being a parasite. Accept restructuring and disintegration today and your life will never be the same again.

          • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

            Oya bring your own list of the military make I go bring the doctors own make another person go bring teachers own. Abi no b so?

  • Ed

    Pardon is only for ex-military looters. People like Babangida, Abdulsalami, Obasanjo, Oladapo Diya etc This is a simple matter and Dino should know by now. Simple!

  • kusanagi

    Dino: A serial crook and looter suggesting that other crooks and looters should get away with it. Makes sense. But having said that that he’s right in saying why bother… there won’t be any convictions in Buhari’s anti corruption war. The presidents failed. Too many crooks in his circle for anyone to take him seriously anymore.

    • Igando

      So what is the solution? Identifying the problems does not solve the problem. Can we conduct a secession referendum? My belief is that if the North conducted an election for presidency and only the North voted, a Buhari will never win. The same goes for a Tinubu. When the Nigeria breaks up, voting on the basis of ethnicity and religion will be a thing of the past and real leaders with exquisite credentials will emerge. It is the that people like Pat Utomi, Gani Fawehimin and others will stand a chance and not the present case where any Dunce or terrorist and religious fanatic can become president.

      • kusanagi

        Let’s be honest. Nigeria isn’t going to break up any time soon and I doubt it would be peaceful/bloodless if it did. For a little while I thought Buhari would start to turn things around and be the start of a solution.

        I thought he’d start to Improve and strengthen our institutions. Employ incorruptibles for ministerial positions. Set new agendas. But he hasn’t. It’s business as usual. Only he’s led us into a recession in the process. What is the solution? Revolution. But it won’t happen. Our citizens are docile and mostly praying that one day they’ll have their opportunity to ‘chop’.

      • Chukwuka Okoroafor

        And even that may not happen. Some ethnic groups have internal divisions within themselves (like the Igbo, Yoruba, and even the Fulani) and some of the successor states will still be multi-ethnic and multi-religious.

  • FreeNigeria

    Melaye, has just demonstrated the decay in the brains of Nigerian politicians.

    • BreakUp Nigeria

      Kindly name the politicians. I know Buhari’s brain is still working very well. Not so?

      • FreeNigeria

        The entire Politicians, including your Buhari. Did I say some?

  • Kevin Peter

    I align with Melaye”s suggestion for the simple fact that current litigations regarding the recoveries could outlive the present administration (including the additional 4yrs at second tenure assuming President Buhari succeeds in bringing the country out of the current recession). Thus, the ideal solution is the granting of amnesty to the looters to encourage sufficient recoveries in order to boost the economy. For now, no tangible case has been prosecuted to the letter wherein the looters are jailed. There’s definitely something to take home from the messenger, and that is, the message.

    • Sam

      The simple questions are:

      (1) How sure are we that they will return exactly what they have looted?

      (2) Dont you think others will start stealing and believe that they will also get amnesty and pay back a fraction of what they have stolen?

      • Kevin Peter

        Yes, it may be difficult to get back all that has been stolen, but this arrangement could guarantee available money for government to spend from. The ongoing litigations are responsible for the delay in total recovery; and this equally places the limitation on government accessing the funds that have already been recovered because it is not known yet how the case could go. Remember, it may turn out to be the case of a hunter becoming the hunted, especially where the culprits have enough to buy all the lawyers for defence.

    • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

      Don’t worry about that sir,let the heat be turned on and let’s see who blinks first,the corrupts or those who are fighting it. Thanks

  • Olu from South Africa

    Brain derailed of common sense.

  • SAM .A

    Dino Melaye is developing hallucination because PMB is very slow in not putting every looters in jail , by now the only industry that is booming in recession period is jail business with larger prison yards in all states and many of our Youths employed in this supposedly booming industry and Dina Melaye would have been inmate in one of the jails . The law would have tracked the source of his overnight wealth , without any super paid job or contract

    • shadow

      That’s the way of democracy and rule of law and not Buhari. It’s all about due process. Again, in Nigeria, the looters use their loot to hire unpatriotic lawyers, SANS in particular to exploit loop-holes and weak links in our laws to frustrate and prolong cases. However, all these antics and tactics will not delay the day of judgement.

      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

        Don’t you observe that the tactics is already failing them?Dino must have seen something greater than they can face coming,hence the appeal. He is representing some interest,with or without them Nigeria will move forward.

  • Apostel

    Melaye is a misanthrope; he is an irresponsible and a very corrupt Nigerian, a role model in looting and a champion in women beating, reaping and primitivity which he stands for. He will continue to disrespect the history, culture and excellence of all Nigerian people on the floor of the Senate.
    This 8 Nigerian senate is a menagerie of pedophiles, drug barons and criminals. These most barbaric examples of criminals and crooks has a clever way to stay out of jail in today’s Nigeria – they run for the Senate.

  • Lahoje

    I think the Melaye prescription is worth a trial. After all, the looters have been quietly returning the loots. Mr President attested to it. So, why don’t we do as Melaye suggested? By the way, he is certainly speaking based on feelers: He is somewhat an insider.

    • FEMI A

      Crimes pay?

  • vagabonds in power

    This is the hihest level of madness–every thief must be made to pay for their sins uin Nigeria–but the greatest undoing of Buhari is his selective justice system—–Those on trial are the PDP people-who else—————dudafa–tompolo————mrs jonathan—————–orubebe—————akpobolokemi———-chief roberts—-mrs madueke————————————————Dr. Jonathan———————–all of them Ijaws—————-who else—————————-in Nigeria——–is It Amaechi———-Tinubu————–Fashola——-Prof Yorukub who stole over 800 from UBEC———————Dambazuoa or those who shared money from the two budgets—of Bingo buhari ——separation is the only way out–not this Fulani ati Yoruba rule-

  • MammanJiyaVatsa

    A way to set precedence that embezzling public funds without consequences, is just fine, meaning i can steal 100 and return 40, what about the rest of the 60 which wasn’t even worked, sweated and labored for ?

    As deterrence to make public office unattractive for rogues, “firing squad” to looters, a thief is a thief – Period !

  • Curseless

    Melaye is speaking like a mad man belching after a keg of palmwine. People gang raped the country financially and he is asking for amnesty to encourage them to return the loot. What kind of audacity is that, Melaye. Those people should be locked up if Melaye has any modicum of integrity.

  • dankasa

    May be we should ask Dino to put that as another Section of the Constitution

  • musa aliyu

    Kolo mental

  • ijelejames

    Dino the goat.

    • Yak

      …better than the brainless blood sucking Dog

  • wonderboi

    I think Sitting senators like Dino, Sani and more should keep the mouth shut and face the tasks there constituencies elected them for and let the EFCC and judiciary deal with corruption and Corruptions charges

  • javscong javscong

    Who told this rogue that Nigerians are willing or even remotely interested in “voluntary return of stolen wealth”? This buffoon must be living in”cookoo” land. All the rogues including him and his “oga”, Saraki, MUST be prosecuted and sent to jail. That is the only way to restore some sanity in the system and let future aspirants to public office know that there are consequences for looting our treasury.

  • Scatter

    Who let the dog out?

  • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

    Mr Dino where were you when this government gave your colleagues a period to return their loots,after all I remember when the presidential advisory committee on corruption shouted on top of their voices for the looters to return their loots. How many of you was listening. You believed you can hire liars as lawyers,you can cripple the system, you can blackmail the government. Don’t worry we know where you belong as the spoke man for the corrupt. Are you for seeing a greater heat that is about to be turned on the corrupt?not too worry.we don’t need your stolen money to survive the situation but will definitely be put to better use when we eventually take it from you forcefully using the state tools.

  • Paul Young

    For once I have to agree with Dino. Grant amnesty to the looters just like the militants. That is the best way to achieve maximal results. Otherwise these thieves who have stolen billions will hire the best SAN’s and frustrate the cases in court



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  • Momoh Umar

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  • Tunsj

    The name Dino Melaye makes me regurgitate. Who are the people that voted for this clown?

  • Deji

    Sadly Kogi Senator that always slip, too bad a representation.

    • Powerlessconscious

      The guy is illitrate.