Gunmen storm Nigeria police station, kill four officers


An overnight attack by gunmen on a police post in central Benue State has left at least four police officers dead, PREMIUM TIMES learnt Monday.

Witnesses told PREMIUM TIMES the yet-to-be-identified gunmen stormed the police divisional headquarters in Igumale, the headquarters of Ado Local Government Area, shortly after midnight on October 2, killing all the four officers on duty.

Ajibo Ochulayi, a community leader in the agrarian town, told PREMIUM TIMES the attackers carted away the guns and ammunition of the officers.

Mr. Ochulayi said while two officers died on the spot, two others later passed on in a medical centre in Makurdi, the state capital.

“It is sad that the gunmen were able to overpower the policemen and killed all the four of them with little resistance,” Mr. Ochulayi said.

He said the state’s police commissioner, Bashir Makama, visited the scene on Sunday afternoon with a few mobile police officers to assess the aftermath.

Benue is one of the states in central Nigeria that have experienced deadly attacks in recent months due mainly to clashes between farmers and pastoralists.

PREMIUM TIMES chronicled at least 1,269 deaths through herdsmen attacks in the last four years.

But Mr. Ochulayi said police have only launched a manhunt for the assailants, and no one has been identified on the motive of the attack.


PREMIUM TIMES’ efforts to reach the police spokespersons for the latest on the attack were unsuccessful.

When contacted, Ezeani Amaechi, who the police listed on its website as the public relations officer in Benue, said he had left the department.

He gave a number of a man he said is his successor, but the number was switched off after several hours of trying.

The telephone number of Don Awunah, the Force PRO in Abuja, has been switched off for weeks.

PREMIUM TIMES reached his deputy, Jimoh Moshood, who promised to make enquiries about the name of the spokesperson in Benue State and revert within minutes.

Mr. Moshood was yet to get back as at the time of publishing this report.


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  • Rommel

    In the end, anyone that sows wind will reap whirlwind even the Fulani will regret this very onslaught unless they arrest the situation immediate,when the Benue people were fighting Ndi Igbo during BIAFRA,they thought they were doing something and today,they are expecting sympathy from me, is David Mark expecting sympathy from me?

    • Ashibogu

      Major David Mark was Chairman, abandoned property commission. Now, his people are abandoning their properties for Fulani herdsmen. See life!

  • Ayinde

    Yet your President would beat his chest and tell he whole world he has achieved much in terms of security. While security challenges are now rearing its ugly head in places that were traditionally peaceful or calm in a long while. Ben, Niger Delta, Zamfara, Niger and so many other places .

    • Julius

      Niger Delta was traditionally peaceful ? The government need to do something about these Fulani terrorist fast. Its getting out of hand and we sure do not want this to consume us all.

    • Man_Enough

      maybe your president was part of the gang. even in advance countries criminals strike. how the law enforcement agents react should be what matters.

  • Foreign Reel

    Happy 56th birthday, Nigeria

    “Foreign exchange is in short supply, the economy in recession and the
    turbines of Egbin are now running at only 30 percent capacity because of the
    attacks in the delta. “We are owed over 86 billion naira by the federal
    government. We have been producing but we haven’t been paid for almost six
    ,” said Peavey (director of the Egbin Power Plant).

    Energy minister Babatunde Fashola, the former governor of Lagos state,
    tried to reassure investors earlier this week at a major industry conference at
    Lagos’ plushest hotel. “Debts will be paid. Leaders promote hope.
    Leaders do not create panic
    ,” he thundered. Not long afterwards
    there was a power cut in the huge conference hall”.

    …………African Independent Newspaper (South Africa)

    (October 2nd, 2016)

  • George

    I have no pity for them as they voted for changi.

    Anyone who contributed to this calamity called Buhari will pay for it.

  • Man_Enough

    give us the guns, let us protect our police.

  • O F

    Presidency,APC talking of CHANGE. Fulani Herdsmen out of control.Killing police men,Farmers,Catholic priests….
    May be the president is not made aware of all these,or doesn’t care.

  • EVIL man in POWER

    …and Buhari could not mention these killer Herdsmen who are members of his clan in his independence speech of threats. He found no space to mention the name of these ruthless blood thirsty evil animals who kill, kill and kill. Instead Imam Olodo could only mention the Niger Delta Freedom fighters he chose to call militants. Nigeria has become Animal Farm and Napoleon is alive and well. When the reactions starts the whole world who are silent now should remain mute. The clock is ticking….

  • Shokoya

    Buhari is really wicked. Why has he never mentioned dealing with Fulani terrorists? He only mentions militants in d Niger Delta who hardly kill anyone except blow up pipes. Is Buhari telling us that he is more interested in pipelines than lives of citizens? This is serious!

    • Otile

      Who said that Buhari is not a tribalist?

    • Olu from South Africa

      “He only mentions militants in d Niger Delta who hardly kill anyone EXCEPT BLOW UP PIPELINPES”…Really? Really? I’m wondering what specie of human are you these people.

  • Otile

    Chei, where is the traitor Abu Jihad Abubakar ibn Tundemash? Where is he? Let him come and lend his voice concerning these killings. He knows how to use the power of insult and name calling to ward off the critics of his Fulani masters.


    Nigerian police is inefficient. If the cannot guard themselves how can they guard ordinary people? They always expose themselves to dangers and thing that everything is fine in the society. They should know that we have so many guns Nigeria with criminals. They need to confiscate the weapons from people and melt them down. Because their inefficiency, put their lives in dangers. Any police station should be surrounded with close circuit television (CCTV) this will allow who is come and going to their barracks or stations. This call for Decentralization of the force but they are against. Even if this CCTV is provided, they will switch it off because their own hand work with people. Now, we have widowers and orphan children. Their souls rest in Peace.

  • Francisca

    …please ask that basket mouth Sultan of Shokoto. He knows where the gun men are from. Certainly not from Nigeria. Na laugh I dey laugh. Right before our eyes, animals from the North has turned every state into a killing field and the state Governors except Fayose of Ekiti are all quiet and looking like Lucozade. Judgement day is coming and when the poor gets angry the rich will have no where to hide. People supporting the evil regime of Buhari beware!

  • 1914

    Why Break-up is Necessary

    Below are the BENEFITS we all will derive from BREAK UP of Nigeria.
    There will be no more association with terrorism. The collective tag of terrorism will now be on only one country – Northernstani Republic

    Prosperity, accelerated development with no hindrances whatsoever. The laggards will be in their own country, subject to their own laws – religious, extremist or whatever. But never again will they have to impede development of other peoples/nations.

    3. PEACE
    Peace, peace and peace shall rain. Church bombings will never occur again. Pre determined Mosque bombings that never kill the rich except the poor will be a thing of the past

    The constitutions of emergent nations will include prescription of minimum education for presidential candidates to bar the unintelligent illiterates and academic inferiors from becoming president. High and equal standards will apply to all citizens – same cut off marks for admission to schools shall apply to all citizens irrespective of your ethnicity or religion.

    People will be elevated to positions of authority according to their level of competence and not level of influence in a forest.

    Human rights will be respected. No peaceful protesters will be shot and killed.
    Corruption will be a thing of the past. Even when it occurs there shall be no blanket immunity to any ethnic group or persons or past friends of politicians.
    8. PROBITY
    Any persons or group of persons associated with terrorism or who have made inflammatory threats in time past or supported terror by way of utterances or otherwise, shall be barred from seeking public office, and prosecuted like ex-President of Egypt

    9. FREEDOM
    There shall be freedom of speech and association. People shall be free to name their Dogs without inhibition

    There shall be self reliance and confidence in the ability from within and not the omnipresent overly dependence on, and/or looking up to imperialist nations for direction.

    11. NEPOTISM
    Nepotism shall be gone forever.

    Countries averse to scientific innovation and reasoning due to blind addiction and allegiance to religious prescription shall no longer retard the synergy in this direction.