I warned about recession when Jonathan govt spent ‘recklessly’ – Obasanjo

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo whispering to  Goodluck Jonathan, a former president too while latter was still in power
Former President Olusegun Obasanjo whispering to Goodluck Jonathan, a former president too while latter was still in power

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo says he foresaw and warned about Nigeria’s current recession two years ago, but said he was ignored.

Mr. Obasanjo said he was concerned about recession when he saw how “recklessly” the Goodluck Jonathan administration spent the country’s resources.

The former president spoke on Saturday in an Independence Day message at a lecture organised by the Youth Fellowship of Owu Baptist Church, Abeokuta.

“Whoever that has lived to witness the celebration of today should thank God,” he said. “Things are not what they should be, but we should pray that next year will be better than this year.”

“We thank God for those who are alive, we prayed for the souls of those who have laboured for these country and who have passed on to rest in perfect peace.”

Mr. Obasanjo said one of the major issues threatening the peace of Nigeria now is the high level of unemployment.

“Unemployment is a major problem in the country today and if we don’t take care, it will consume all of us. In fact, the rising unemployment is a time bomb,” he said.

The former president recalled how he got five job offers immediately he completed his secondary school education at Baptist Boys High School, Abeokuta.

He said he received offers from the United Africa Company (UAC) and Moore Plantation, Ibadan, among others. He said the situation is different today in the country.

Mr. Obasanjo said the businessman, Aliko Dangote, told him that six Ph.D. holders were among applicants seeking jobs with his company as truck drivers.

Mr. Obasanjo said the high rate of unemployment was responsible for youth restiveness in the country, warning that the situation should be tackled with all the “seriousness” it deserves before it get out of hand.

The former president said the country cannot develop if it pays no attention to agriculture.

“That is why we have to take it as a key of our development else the many educated Nigerians who have no job are like time bomb, sooner than later, it will explode,” he said.


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    • Sean

      Gej was a f00l and the whole world was aware!

      • abdul dull daura

        GEJ IS THE BEST. You can only spend as a president what GEJ spent if you can generate income. You can never spend what you did not generate.

        • Nkem

          We know that we have asked Buhari stop the blame game, but the fact still remains that he was an absolute disaster. Nigeria would have been finished if the buffoon had been allowed to continue in office.

          • abdul dull daura

            To you, if a reasonable leader like Fasola, Kachikwu, Peter Obi, Ngozi come in today as president and do the right things to generate income, you will say that it is the recession created by Buhari that turned the economy around?

          • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

            You know the truth,but chose to be blind to it. Were you paid by Jonathan to this? Name one beneficial and successful project Jonathan excuted in your area? Yet you defend this drunken blind driver.

          • nasiru isah

            we should go back to farm

          • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

            Na so my brother. We must be able to feed ourselves and farm is the way.

          • abdul dull daura

            GEJ IS THE BEST.

      • Iskacountryman

        yes, he was buying cars for girlfriends…

    • i.c.c Noble


      General Obasanjo needs formal education

      There is nothing worse wrong with General Olusegun Obasanjo than lack of knowledge.
      He dabbles into what he does not understand and sounds silly to experts in those fields.
      Obasanjo says ‘reckless spending’ two years [2] ago caused a recession two years later.
      He didn’t say why the ‘reckless spending’ between 1999 and 2007 hadn’t the same effect.

      At any rate it’s ignorance of economics to explain recession in terms of ‘reckless spending’.
      What Obasanjo did here is clever-by-half attempt to cover up for BUHARI in military solidarity.

      Obasanjo excludes all that happened in the last 15 months from the causes of this recession.
      That’s implicitly saying that Buhari is right to devalue the Naira, hike both petrol and Nepa bills.
      Obasanjo then impliedly says Buhari’s policy blunders had no impact on inflationary recession.
      Nothing can be farther from the truth but Obasanjo does not have the schooling to know better.

      • Reposted by popular demand

        “Instead of a remake of “Horatius
        at the bridge” with the fearless hero Muhamadu Buhari cast
        in the lead role, the film we originally sat down to watch with great relish
        has suddenly veered into a totally different story, with the lead actor
        recasting himself as a timid character who is tottering on the edge
        of the bridge, utterly consumed by the need to avoid falling into the
        raging waters of the river below instead of striding forward manfully
        to deal decisive blows on the enemies of the Nigerian nation…

        And now, just as have begun stirring restlessly in our seats, wondering whether or not to start heading
        towards the exit of the cinema theatre, the film we had been watching has suddenly morphed into a dreadful nightmare in which the lead actor is captured by a dangerous group of extortionists and
        looters spearheaded by a certain pot-bellied General Aremu O (rtd)…, who have openly
        ganged up to rob the Nigerian nation of her few remaining assets by braying loudly for the sale of
        major public corporations at ridiculous prices to members of the mafia group of ugly conspirators
        under the guise of “saving Nigeria from the effects of recession”… WHAT is actually going on?
        HAS PRESIDENT BUHARI COMPLETELY LOST THE PLOT? Alas, alas, for our poor nation!”

        …………Dr. Ola Balogun

        (Professor of Dramatic Arts)

        [September 30th, 2016)

        • Lanre

          Love the literary description/twist to the insanity going on in Nigeria.

      • marcos avelino

        How can buhari prevent recession when you have been imorting 10,000 items while you sold onl one fr the past 40 years – dont blame buhari no miracle will deliver you

        • olas




  • Daniel

    This man is one of our problems.

    • Nkem

      Why don’t you be the solution?

      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

        Abi o

      • Daniel

        Help me be..

  • longben

    And this is coming from a man who spent 16billion dollars to produce 0 watt of electricity!!!! BTW, where are the 1000 snipers that GEJ reportedly trained to kill Nigerians as reported by this Gorrilla son 2 years ago? Nothing more disgusting than old men telling LIES, especially old UGLY men like OBJ

    • Nkem

      Ignorance is your affliction.

      • longben

        You are an irritant, a TINY one at that. Just buzz off

        • Observer

          You are the tinnybone, because you are so myopic in reasonings

    • Ade Omowest

      Are you blind and deaf at the same time? The 1000 or more snipers/crooks that GEJ reportedly trained to kill Nigerians as warned by Obasanjo two years back are now in the creeks bombing oil facilities and polluting the Niger Delta environment. They will soon get you killed if Buhari government relax the Operation Crocodile Smile.

      • longben

        So snipers are trained to bomb oil facilities and snipe pipelines according to your logic? Maybe you should Google the word “sniper” before rushing to type first- class TRASH. Am not surprised anyways. True-to-type, YOU ARE A NIGERIAN! The exact type men like OBJ and Buhari love to call “fellow countrymen” because they know for a fact, that there is a little difference between your brains and a plate of cold rice.

        • Lanre

          Longben. Thank you. Love your response. People keep wondering why they are suffering in Nigeria. They will not stop listening to fossils like Obasanjo, Buhari, Babangida, Anenih. Those are their leaders. The leaders in the politics of Amala and Gbegiri.

        • Ade Omowest

          Snipers may be called or described as long range killers, shooting from hidden or concealed positions. But generally applying the message Obasanjo was passing to Jonathan then; you will see that he was actually referring to killers and general saboteurs of Nigeria economic lifeblood, in preparation for the creation of anarchy in the S/South in case of Jonathan failure in the then impending 2015 election. You may not understand this due to your preconceived hatred for the old man (Obasanjo has never been my favorite too), and your delusion of Jonathan as a God sent highly educated leader from the South. All the ingredients of Jonathan’s derailment from normalcy were there, but you were so blind and brainwashed to the extend that you could not interpret Asari Dokubo and Tompolo threats to the dismemberment of Nigeria if Jonathan was voted out. The Sc-Avengers atrocity is the result of want Obasanjo was saying then.

    • Lanre

      The reason why Nigerians will remain perpetually in poverty and want is because they listen to people like Obasanjo. One of the most irritating individuals to walk this earth.

      • Ade Omowest

        Most Nigerians including you and your family would have been refugees now in some West African Countries and Central African Countries. If we had followed you to vote for your hero and leader Jonathan the philosopher of Stealing is not Corruption.

      • Observer

        Hahahahaha, Yoruba boy wey no get sense at all.. If not for Baba, by now you would have found yourself in perpetual poverty had it been Jonathan won the election. What we are experiencing is the aftermath of his administration’s massive looting

  • front man

    I’m not a fan of former president olusegun obasanjo but he has spoken well, he said he forsaw this 2 years ago and warned lord Jonathan administration

  • front man

    Lord Jonathan should have planned well for Nigeria

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    The ape of Ota and his messianic complex! God punish ugly OBJ for being a major problem of Nigeria.

    • utolason

      You are being too personal.What did Yar’adua/Jonathan govt achieve in 8 years? At least under OBJ, EFCC was established and it functioned well, telecommunication industry revived and some degree of progress was made in other sectors.

      • thusspokez

        You are being too personal

        I suppose, you don’t consider the first-class embezzler and even your own comment as being personal?

        You Nigerians are so gullible and so easily forgetful and forgiven — which explains why these embezzlers have the audacity to re-brand themselves as saints and evangelists of good governance.. It is an insult on the collective intelligence of Nigerians.

        • Ikenna Okwuchi

          The insult is getting unbearable

      • princegab

        So you don’t know that obj is responsible for the yaradua/dumbo’s 8 yrs term ?

      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

        Under Jonathan, efcc was tamed,the door to the Treasury was completely removed and the vault brought out for daylight burglary. They stole virtually everything at sight. They even sold the vault to make more money.

    • Datti

      The ‘ape’ actually saved your murderous cousin, Omisore from life imprisoment. Everybody knows that GEJ was not in charge and everyone had a free rein with the trasury

    • longben

      Yeah bro, a BIG UGLY problem is what he is. No fancy packaging at all!!!! Just bland, plain UGLINESS with a lying mouth to booth.

  • thusspokez

    Former President Olusegun Obasanjo says he foresaw and warned about Nigeria’s current recession two years ago, but said he was ignored

    Nigerians must be sick and tired of hearing Obasanjo, an odious character; early pioneer of corruption in Nigeria, first-class embezzler and traitor. It is about time he took the hint and stop seeking the limelight and piss off!

  • Mosley

    Baba, pls define recession and what precipitates a recession. I don’t know the kind of lecture these people are giving, nonscientific commonsense talk. Your govt changed NEPA to PHCN without any improvement in electricity. They are invited to give lectures by those who want to collect their money, otherwise who listens to their lecture. Army arrangement.

    • Ade Omowest

      And Jonathan the Dumb Dr. Fotunato changed PHCN to DISCO and GENSCO with no improvement after looting billions of Dollars. .

    • Observer

      At least he gave us telecomunication, which did Jona do?

  • Rommel

    Generations to come will never forgive president Jonathan,the worst disaster in Nigeria after the civil war

    • Dogon Yaro (Colonel Mariam)

      You are always suicidal.
      Why don’t you go take poison and end your miserable existence?

      • Reality

        Perfectly right, that is how the German Erwin Rommel ended it.He could follow suit.

      • Rommel

        As you can see,he was voted out of office for incompetence so there would be no need for that

      • onyema22ohaka

        On point!
        Disregard the low life retard.

    • I’mMythical

      You are not God that decides man’s fate; you speak like metal gunk that makes heaviest noise without any distinctive sound. What you should know that majority are always with the devil, as we all witnessing now. We don’t care whatever the 97% thinks about GEJ, it is only God that justify. So who are you to judge him? You are nothing and you will receive judgment that you will not escape from for speaking evil always of this good man.

  • princegab

    Obj, always on the wrong side and lying.

  • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

    The question those insulting this baba should ask themselves is,”was there recession during his teneon of office? I remember in his open letter this hat man other wise known as greatest Nigerian after the civil war. But when you give your new brand bently car to a drunken man to drive you and your wife on your wedding day,this is what we have. RIP,. We pray that may the punishment like Jonathan not be melted on us again. Now that he has blown all that we have,what prestige or honour does command aside the fotoshop one being praised by his fellow dreamers? Thank God for today, jonathan? Never again.

  • Commentsfile..!!!

    GEJ has betrayed the Political fortunes of the
    SS and S Eastern regions… this may never
    be corrected. people with loud mouth
    will never understand the implications of his
    miscalculations while in office because
    sentiment for them is a Birth rite.

    • Local Observer

      Goodluck Jonathan’s future could be painful

      Goodluck Ebele Jonathan was naive and almost daft in office. He still has no sense of history.
      He saw the presidency that fell on his lap in terms of himself and his family alone, then, for his
      friends and business partners. He had no understanding of what the presidency meant in history.
      He was too self-regarding to know and understand the implication of forfeiting the zoning system.
      Jonathan was too addicted to ‘profiteering’ to wet his greed to see the big picture of his actions.
      How long the south-south zone will pay for his perfidy is as untold as his own future is uncertain.

      • Abbeyshire



  • Isi Agwo

    When the rest of the world – from USA to Fiji – was in recession, Nigerian economy was the second fastest growing economy. Nigeria’s president then? Dr Goodluck Jonathan. The same Jonathan is accused by the incestuous chimp, OBJ, of being responsible for economic recession in Nigeria – one year after he had left office. And the iti bolibo who is now president? You can’t blame the brain dead because the dead ca’t be guilty of negligence, lack of capacity or incompetence. Buhari can’t give what he does not have. So he is innocent, according to Ole-sanjo

    • Broadway2

      Nonesense. Your statement has no facts in them…

  • Dan Hausa

    Whenever Obasanjo opens his mouth, the only thing that comes out is shit.

    • Dogon Yaro

      Obasanjo is full of crap, bud.

    • Nkem

      Like the shit that sent Jonathan packing.

      • Observer

        Hahahahahaha.. Nkem, i like this reply of yours. The shit that sent Jonathan packing

  • Olu

    Obj go and sit down – for you don’t see past American Presidents talk shit about their successors.

    • Commentsfile..!!!

      see who is talking…. sighhhh..

    • No Bull …..

      Yes, George Bush is still being attacked for the mess Obama inherited. So it fair to fault GEJ for his ineptitude. However, I blame OBJ for giving Nigeria ‘Goodluck’

      • Arabakpura


      • Ikenna Okwuchi

        Thank you for saying that, OBJ had options like Donald Duke but he chose a dimwit that he hoped to control, now see where we are and he still has the temerity to pontificate to nigerians.


    Jonathan is a man that did not have vision for the post of presidency he once occupied, so I am not surprised that he delivered failure.

  • MC

    Obasanjo shut ya mouth. Na only you be saint for Nigeria abi? Joo man.

    • Broadway2

      What are you saying?

      • Dogon Yaro

        He is saying the same thing any reasonable person should be saying.
        You may never understand that simple statement of fact for a very obvious reason. Need I say more?
        I am Colonel Mariam.

    • Arabakpura

      But even a thief can say the truth! Take the message and ignore the thief!

      • MC

        Clan of thiefs? It’s done like that in your clan? Abomination in mine!

        • Arabakpura

          We have one called MC thief in my clan!

  • Intrepid

    Jonathan, Jonathan, see how you have become a sacrificial lamb to all of Nigeria’s woes. Even an incestuous Felon have been pumellimg you at every opportunity without letup. When will they allow you to be? Even men full of pathogenic putrescence in their gut, will use your name to masked their internal, but well known infamy. Men who have have used the same state power they gave you to become Billionaires through plunder and rapine of the comonwealth.

    • Luke Akhide


      A friend of
      mine was telling me the other day that when he can’t get comedy films to buy at
      a video shop he will go to YOUTUBE and play President Buhari’s speeches for
      entertainment. I am sure millions of Nigerians look at Buhari as laughing stock too.
      President Buhari makes foreigners laugh too when he keeps saying he has defeated
      Boko Haram while Boko Haram keeps attacking and killing Nigerians every day till now.

      Those who told lies to make Buhari look less bad for him to win election are now
      running around with lame excuse. One of those liars is Olusegun Obasanjo.

      Instead of
      Obasanjo to confess that he lied to deceive illiterate Nigerians to
      vote for Buhari, the untruthful Obasanjo is running from pillar to post to
      explain Buhari’s failures as Goodluck Jonathan’s blunders. Nonsense! The truth
      is that Buhari is laughing stock. Nothing that Pastor Tunde Bakare said to make
      excuse for Buhari in the newspaper today can convince anybody. Like Obasanjo,
      the shame is on Tunde Bakare for bad judgment. It is rubbish lies he says that
      Buhari inherited problems as high as mountain. It is lies. There was no recession
      under five years of Jonathan. Prices of goods were stable too, unlike this useless
      Buhari regime, which is far worse.

      • olas



        • Ikenna Okwuchi

          ROTFLMAO nice one bro.

  • O.k is O.k

    Why President Buhari looks like a failure…..

    I think President Buhari began to look like a weak and confused leader when he lost sense on the Bukola Saraki case.
    To me, that was the moment Nigerians lost hope in President Buhari and wrote him off. I cannot imagine a reasonable
    person going to a mosque to pray with accused criminal beside him. I cannot imagine someone serious, like Obama,
    going to pray in church and sitting next to an accused criminal.

    When I saw the photo of President Buhari praying to Allah, and sitting next to Bukola Saraki, I was sure that Allah will
    never answer any prayer both of them were saying because Allah hates deceit and hypocrisy. A man who wants to fight corruption does not do the sort of nonsense President Buhari is doing and looking like sheep or giraffe with a long neck.

    • Chi

      So your Church are all righteous. Should the President interfere in the internal workings of NASS? If he did interfere shouldn’t that confirm your assumption that he is a dictator?
      You guys lack consistency.

  • Pointblank2000


    • Arabakpura

      No person except you! Ignore the man to your peril!

      • Nkem

        After what he did to Jonathan, I wonder if they will ever forgive him.

        • staaaaaaaaaaa

          where is your common ssense Nkem? It is the other waay round. And actually Jonathan went to ask for forgiveness few days to the election, dragging leading nigerian pastors with him. But it was too late by then.

        • Arabakpura

          But he was also the one that brought Jonathan “up”

        • Observer

          Hey Nkem, incase you don’t know, it was Jonathan that messed up, after all Baba did for him, at least he realized that , but it was too late as baba has already made up his mind. If not for baba, will a Bayelsa man be Naija Presido?

    • Williams

      You have spoken the truth and nothing but the truth.
      Obasanjo always seeks to free himself from the blame, often forgetting his wrong doing. He is so loud-mouthed that he does not even listen to himself. All our past leaders including PMB have contributed to the dwindling national economy and PMB is presently damaging it the more.

  • Victor Toks

    Nigerian worst crisis hasn’t come.Prayer that God forgive us and send us a reasonable and senceable person to clean up the mess created by PDD and fellow criminals calling theself advocates of good Nigeria.What is the difference between OBJ and Jonathan.

  • Bee

    It could just be wiser for Obasanjo, (the greatest beneficiary of the Nigerian status quo
    (all that is wrong with one Nigeria Unity)) to permanently keep his mouth shut.
    After controlling single handedly the affairs of the Nation for roughly one
    fifth of the country’s 56 years of existence both as military dictator and as
    elected president, not to talk of his influence in successive governments, he
    could have known if he has reasoning at all that he naturally single handedly
    bears one fifth of all blames of what went wrong with Nigeria.

    Just as a reminder, Obasanjo as the military head of state with Buhari as his
    oil minister, during the oil boom of the 70s could have without any distraction
    laid the solid foundation for the diversification of the Nation’s economy or
    rather industrialization, but rather they chose to spend the accumulated oil
    proceeds in celebrating FESTAC. Today as we can all see, that is money well
    spent, thanks to our self-acclaimed patriots and lovers of their country

    • Nkem

      He said Jonathan is an abject failure, a total disaster. Is that what is giving you running stomach?

      • Bee

        Not at all , if he himself is a success storry . Sorry.

    • Rommel

      There was no oil boom under OBJ,parts of the problem with many of you is that you are poorly informed,most poorly I must say.To help you,I have sent you a pg,please open it
      https://www dot statista dot com/statistics/262858/change-in-opec-crude-oil-prices-since-1960/

      • Bee

        You are probably the only one who never knew that there was oil boom in the 70s. For
        your records a statement credited to one of our leaders of those 70s says,
        “The countries problem is not money but how to spend it” At that time
        probably there was no electricity in his home village, yet the problem was how
        to spend the money. Maybe you are hearing that statement also for the very
        first time.

        • Rommel

          So even after reading what I wrote,you still misquoted me,you are talking about Gowon,he did what his mind told him and the reason we called it oil boom was because before then,oil was insignificant to Nigeria’s economy but by 1973,it became very relevant as a major contributor and FG started funding capital projects,that was when all the flyovers we had in Lagos were built but crude oil production was still low so it was not like what was witnessed under president Jonathan when price was high and production also very high.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    All that is wrong with Nigeria has been caused by Nigerians and their leaders, except me! That’s Obasanjo’s mantra philosophy.

  • Ichoku Konyesilifu Efoagui

    I always find it disgusting to read or listen to Obasanjo . In his holier-than-thou hubris he often says things that massage only his ego. If those who lived to see October 1, 2016 should thank God, should those who lost their lives to the recession course God? If he warned about recession in the past, what did he do during his time to stem corruption and impunity which produced the devil that recession is? Did he not surround himself with corrupt people like Adedibu, Andy Uba, Chris Uba et. al. and empower them to the point that they behaved as if they owned Nigeria? Did he not infiltrate the NJC so as to protect corrupt judges who assisted him to govern with impunity? Did he not practice the politics of “do or die” and thereby totally corrupt the electoral process ? What did he do to put in place strong and enduring Government institutions rather than empowering strong and transient men all over Nigeria? Did he not institutionalize political selection in stead or election in PDP and in politics in Nigeria? Did he not raise vendetta , retaliation and victimization to an art form in public governance ? Was he not the first person as President to deploy attack dogs as personal media assistants?
    The damage done to the psyche of the youth of Nigeria would take decades to remedy and he must shut up while the remedying is being done.

    • Nkem

      That means you enjoy being disgusted since you still continue to read and respond to him.

      • Ichoku Konyesilifu Efoagui

        Pity, but you are right. Wish I can take your hint. But you can’t wish him away can you? I just wish that one day I’ll catch him apologizing for his many wrongs instead of serving up himself as a paragon.

    • Truth is bitter

      OBJ and the PDP are the problems in this country. He gave enormous powers to corruption especially NASS so that he can achieve his third term ambition. OBJ, you legalized corruption and unemployment after they were imported by IBB, you legalized looting as Abacha imported it. God Almighty will deal with all you who contributed to cannibalisation of this country.

  • Ken

    Obj is not wise at all. Doesn’t he feel ashamed anytime Apc talks about 16 years of PDP waste? He always feels he is not part of the problem. Obj is the main problem. GEJ even uppedal the free and fair elections and improved on our infrastructure.

    • WOLE (Ogun state)

      @disqus_zttM2JR2Wz:disqus :

      A country promoting utter ignorance as public opinion will stay stuck in backward recession.

      In a normal country, a barely educated Olusegun Obasanjo will not attempt to lead public opinion.

      Obasanjo will know his place; and, keep shut to listen well to his intellectual superiors discuss issues.

      • i.c.c Noble

        Obasanjo excludes all that happened in the last 15 months from the causes of this recession.
        That’s implicitly saying that Buhari is right to devalue the Naira, hike both petrol and Nepa bills.
        Obasanjo then impliedly says Buhari’s policy blunders had no impact on inflationary recession.
        Nothing can be farther from the truth but Obasanjo does not have the schooling to know better.

        • ???



          • Chi

            PMB saved us from the corruption and financial recklessness that was PDP. We can only aspire to greater heights when we acknowledge the truth.
            If GEJ were in power at this time of crude oil price induced recession, I wonder how he would have coped with Vultures like Dasuki who he couldn’t tame.

    • Chi

      Some Nigerians have fading memories. That’s why OBJ can talk and be listened to as a Statesman. Tomorrow people like you will laud GEJ to also talk against corruption. A nation deserves her leaders.

    • okenwa

      They were only mocking him.

  • …see these yeye IPOBfraudists pretending not to know OBJ wrote a long letter of several pages to a drunken Ebele…u misled your yeye moron to ignore OBJ’s warnings then…but it turned out he was right…u should all be ashamed…yeye people….

    • Nkem

      Don’t mind them. It is even the clueless Jonathan that I blame. Instead of listening to people who meant well for him, he foolishly chose to be misled by those who had no clue about how he became president.

      • Rommel

        But the disciples of Jonathan claim that he performed so well,do you wish to tell me you have not been hearing or saying same?

    • Decimator

      If they are fraudist, and they even volunteer to leave Nigeria and form their own country,
      the logical consequence would have been an explosion of joy from your side .Nigeria
      is the only house hold I know that with all pleasure insists on keeping a trouble
      maker or rather fraudist in his domain, even when he expresses the willingness
      to go. What an irony?

      • Chi

        They, who are the “They” Does IPOB speak for the entire Igbo’s. Who appointed or elected them to play this role?
        If they had the support beyond paid media trolls and brainwashed youths, they should at least have been able to get a motion for referendum in one Eastern State House of Assembly.

        • Decimator

          Exactly the irony, since they are media trolls and brainwashed youths without any support,
          the logical means of silencing them would have been to allow a referendum. With
          that I am sure they will permanently keep quiet when they fail.What then is anyone afraid of? Thanks

          • Chi

            I should think the first action was to get a motion for referendum in any SE House of Assembly. Those guys were just elected by Igbo’s not the Hausa Fulani.
            IPOB forgets we are in a democracy. The President is not constrained to grant a referendum without even a motion for it being heard.

          • Decimator

            Happy to hear that we are in a democracy; What then for God sake was the military forces of a
            nation in a democracy doing in a peaceful demonstration organised by just media
            trolls and brain washed youths who basically possess no harm to anybody as you
            even acknowledged ,that resulted in a massacre, all happening in a

          • okenwa

            Didnt you hear mumhari said there must be nothing like refferendum in nigeria.

          • …what did u do during 16 yrs of FIDIFI?…anyway u do not need any referendum….first pack your fake electrnics like generators, fake vehicle spare parts and fake medicines from Lagos to Onitsha en route to Gabon or Equatorial Guinea…do u need a referendum for that?…stop deceiving yourself that u are being held down…sebi u claim to be Jews…use Exodus as example and vamoose from here instanta…

        • okenwa

          Did you watch rangers v el-kanemi? Please take a look on that game before you come here to vomit trash on IPOB and NDIGBO.

          • ..fans of Enugu Rangers are not Igbos only…even the coach is Kalabari not Igbo…stop pushing baseless fictional statements…

      • …then go to Gabon or Equatorial Guinea and stop pretending anyone is holding u back……

    • George

      The same letter he OBJ refused to yield to it contents during his madness era.

      • …see u writing fiction again without specifying the letter writer…IPOBs AND FICTION ARE ONE AND THE SAME!…

    • martines

      May GOD help you…bc your still very far from the reality ……very soon gej will not be the headline any more.

      • …my broda, may God help u too cos u are not in position to tell anyone’s reality by sitting down behind your lappy…okay?…

    • okenwa

      About one thousand snipers to kill political opponents abi?

  • sunny

    Was it ex president jonathan that caused it or apc governors who threatened to sue gej for withholdings funds that should be kept for a rainy day?Besides,Didnt buhari,during campaign,promised to fix the economy withing 3 month if elected?This is a broken promise by pmb.

    • Chi

      Where you deaf when the Governors complained of unauthorized payments from the Sovereign Wealth Fund?

      • okenwa

        Did they return the money?

  • government

    OBJ is a smart chap.He is afraid of investigation by PMB.That is why he is trying to be a good boy by joining PMB in his hate comments about GEJ.

    • City Lawyers Incorporated

      Premium Times Editor,

      Obasanjo’s reckless spending; as president, is criminal

      Olusegun Obasanjo signed $3 million from the national treasury as “legal fee” to “a single lawyer”
      for incorporating one Blackbone Galaxy in Nigeria. Nowhere in the world, not even in the United
      States or in Great Britain, is such fee payable to incorporate a company –
      which paralegals undertake.

      We can’t find justification for it even by
      extrapolating statutorily prescribed fee structure in conveyance matters. We
      therefore call on the Nigerian Parliament to open an inquiry into this
      $3million fee virtually wangled out of the treasury “to a single
      lawyer” for a job set at below $50,000 only, worldwide.

      We believe a clear case of fraud
      has occurred with presidential connivance and we call on the Senate to enquire and
      pass a resolution condemning it as fraudulent to enable the EFCC commence
      recovery proceeding of this $3million in a court of law in Nigeria.

      • Folabi Ajenifuja


        General Olusegun Obasanjo’s fraud
        in that Galaxy Blackbone deal opened the floodgates to stealing of Nigeria’s
        treasury onward; because General Obasanjo not only hand-picked his friend
        without any competitive bidding, he went ahead to decide the fees payable, and
        he paid the entire three million dollars to his handpicked lawyer upfront, and in a
        hurry, as if a covert round-tripping deal existed between both of them for kick-back.
        That is quite obviously a financial crime against humanity for which past heads
        of government in South Korea were jailed.

        • Williams


      • Short & Sharp



    • dr.f.smith

      @disqus_9BeO1rPXRA:disqus : Why was he stealing? That is the question! Nobody in Nigeria has ever described General
      Olusegun Obasanjo as a honest man – nobody! Go through all newspapers from October 1st 1960 till now,
      you will not see anybody call General Obasanjo ‘A HONEST MAN’. If after 80 years in this world Obasanjo
      does not have a public reputation for honesty; then, all Nigerians must pray never to be like Obasanjo,
      because a good name is better than gold.

      General Olusegun Obasanjo has lived a half-empty life of lies;
      deceit, dishonesty, fraud and theft. He exemplifies the worst afflictions which destroyed Nigeria.
      The history of the rise and fall of Nigeria is the same as the history of the poverty and sudden
      wealth of General Olusegun Obasanjo who bought 200 million shares at Transcorp at a go,
      whilst in public office, and could not explain till today how he acquired such amount of cash.

      • Observer

        My question about GEJ too is why did he steal? Is it to take care of his people of hinsekf alone. Wake up man

  • Simeon Nigel

    Former President OBJ was the bedrock main source of our today’s Nigeria’s current deep economy mess, woes and ongoing painful recession situation, now ravaging our dear fatherland, Nigeria. First of all; OBJ betrayed his fellow Christian head of State, of Retired General Yakubu Gowan, to open up the door for Islamic extremists like Maj-Gen.Buhari, late Gen. Murtalla Mohammed and a lots hosts of others, including the evil Retired Gen.Ibrahim Babangida, that the outcomes were what every Nigerians are witnessing today like Boko Haram deadliest terrors against Nigeria state and Nigeri-delta Militants insurgency. Retired Gen. Yakubu Gowan was spiritually attacks viciously by OBJ in-depth fetish and voodos practices when he was serving under Gen. Gowan. Furthermore, OBJ introduced the most highly corrupted American’s presidential system of Government into Nigeria during when he was the Nigeria military head of state in the 1980s, as also when it was obvious that Nigeria is a developing nation that is unlike the developed America country which can withstand very strongly their highly corrupted system of Government. As also the American system of Government is highly ever so expensive to maintains; 106 number of senators, 360 number of house of representatives, and high number of ministerial appointments, large numbers of a retinue of advisers, special assistants, and Federal Governments permanent secretaries, Director generals and security services chiefs with their own self-appointed assistants, and so many other appointments all consuming Federal Governments lean financial resources that should have been employed for providing a better and a quality services to all Nigerians and in fact, as of today, Nigeria would not have being experiencing economy recession if not for the expensive America presidential system of Government which OBJ brought and forced it upon Nigeria and its citizens. This American system was introduced by our Nigeria external big enemies which OBJ listen to these enemies of Nigeria, and that is why as of today Nigeria is in deep agony, pains and inflicted with sufferings and our currency value is fast becoming worthless like the rest of other African Countries. It was the same OBJ who made it possible to brought in worthless people like Jonathan Badluck Obele, former and immediate past president of Nigeria.

    • Dejandon

      I was going tinted your diatribe but as soon as you went I to tribal sentiments in the first paragraph, I knew the rest would be nonsense, so stopped reading

      • Simeon Nigel

        It is unfortunate that your thinking faculty appears not to be concern about your only fatherland current economy deepest problem and also you do not care to know the true reality of what has had happened in the past and those who had shape it up too badly into the present day 2016 yr, which of course OBJ was a key player that did ended Nigeria into so much painfully and agonising effects on almost all Nigeria people, whilst the economy recession is affecting everyone in Nigeria. You cannot tell me that the recession is not affecting you too. So, I am sure it does. So, what are the roots of it? Think deeper than what your negative criticism portents to my original comment. Nothing.

    • George

      People like you are coward who brought this present calamities upon themselves and now that your tribe are selling their wife’s and daughters to feeds you people want to start blaming GEJ.


      • Simeon Nigel

        It is sad that you failed to see the true realities of what is happening inside your fatherland; Nigeria. I guess that you are one of those who do not appreciate your only fatherland; Nigeria. Remember, you do not have any country in your life, but only Nigeria. So, the events and history that has took place in the past in Nigeria, and those actors and players that also shape-up such past history have included OBJ, Former President Obasunjo, who has manipulated and abused with impunity of his presidential advantages to foisted former and immediate president Jonathan Goodluck upon Nigeria and that eventually saw the emergence of the evil, deadliest and human beings’ bloods suckers group like Boko Haram sects ravaging today the North-East region of your fatherland, Nigeria, when even you yourself cannot move around freely in your own country which you call your own, what a pitty. So, please, your comment is cheap and codescented too low of a thoughts by you. Please, do gears up with something deeper thoughts for the rest of us to learn somthing new. And not talking too cheap.

    • Action Group

      You started well but deviated into religious diatribe which can mar Nigeria if improperly articulated. Nigeria is bigger than the two major religions,so when you write put religion aside and discuss Nigeria as a secular state.

      • Simeon Nigel

        It is interesting about your comment, but I’m attempting to exposed out the reality which dated back from the period from Gen.Yakubu Gowan regime time when he was the head of state of Nigeria, and as during that period Nigeria was a paradise where it was a common trend then to be proud to be upright and often show transparency in Government workers attitude and behaviour in any Federal institutions; i.e military, police, federal or state workers and others. Not until a moslem military person then eventually became a head of state for the first time that the entire Nigeria began to witness Islamic favouritism and an open displays in all facets of the whole of Federal Agencies, organisations, military, airforce, Navy, police and other vital institutions of the Nigeria Government embodiment service structures as of today, even though Nigeria population growths has increased since then, and things generally have had changed even world-wide. Also, take for an example of Jonathan Goodluck’s administration period, the moslems federal officials connived today to ensuring Boko Haram insurgency achieving success purposely for a moslem head of state to be head of Nigeria power in the next election, which produced President M.Buhari today. The question is that why did General Babangida took Nigeria into world Islamic organisation when it was obvious that there were a great and seizeable number of christians also in Nigeria.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    If Nigeria, is a nation of law and order where transparency is an utmost priority former president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan,his finance minister/coordinator of economy,Dr Ngozi Okonjo Iweala and his oil minister,Mrs Diezani Alison Madueke, should all be cooling their heels in the penitentiary after confiscation of their personal landed properties and bank accounts.

    • okenwa

      A man (obj) that slept with his daughter inlaw is worst than recession. If God has left nigeria, why cant you be in recession.

    • onyema22ohaka

      The gospel to ijebu babalawo.Enjoy your idiocy.

  • Agbe

    Some say recession is cyclical, others say it is GEJ, was it not the same Tinubu, Fashola, Oshiomole Amaechi etc who protested against the Sovereign Wealth Fund created by PDP govt to save a portion of the excess revenue from the crude oil earnings? It is devilish for Obj to discredit even his own initiatives because of his new found love-APC. I pity that old man. Go and settle with Iyabo before you die.

    • Rommel

      Go and get yourself properly educated first about how government makes savings before you start talking,how did other administration including OBJ save? did they save in SWF or ECA? Forex account is different from all those and Jonathan simply did what his cronies wanted,we are not now talking about saving,they simply stopped paying money to government accounts but sometimes using personal accounts for oil receipts

    • Tunji

      The space reserved in Hell for those who ran Nigeria aground will never be taken away by other occupants. So leave OBJ alone. He knows where he is going.

  • Observer

    Eeya, same shit sent Jonathan the Jina packing… On the contrary, you can’t shut his shit up. Hahahahah

  • Charles Effiong

    I am astounded by the parochial nature of some of the comments here. Obasanjo’s statements are unveiled truth and measured only to be courteous. When Nigerians face these facts and stop the senseless tirade against the present government simply because it is headed by a Northern Muslim, it will be a better day for us all.

    • dele20

      Blame GEJ who sucked Nigeria dry

    • Rommel

      Blessed are thou for the heavens made you to say this,today,anyone saying the truth is seen as lackey but the truth is crystal clear,president Jonathan was a monumental disaster and the ill wind he carries will need some time to clear.

  • dele20

    “Mr. Obasanjo said he was concerned about recession when he saw how “recklessly” the Goodluck Jonathan administration spent the country’s resources.”


  • Rommel

    Every reasonable person on earth knew and warned but the people would never agree,especially our harvard trained coordinating minister for economy under whose watch the FG could not pay salaries even in the midst of oil boom,those urging them on to keep releasing funds were just too many,it should be noted that the only industry that thrived under president Jonathan was sycophancy, and the practitioners of this shameful art because of the high remunerations it brought,far outnumbered the people who were doing any form of genuine work.Today,anyone that talks is attacked even the so called coordinating minister for economy has said similar thing to what the Ota high chief said only that she transferred the blames as usual to some other people when it was clearly her responsibility to save.

    • onyema22ohaka

      The gospel according to the factory moron. It is your fundamental human right to enjoy your idiotic drivel.

  • Rommel

    People should understand that records show that 56% of all oil receipts from crude oil sales since the discovery of crude oil in 1958 under the colonial masters to this present Buhari administration was received under president Jonathan which means that it is only fair that he takes 56% of the blame for whatever failings that Nigeria has suffered.

  • Colonel Mariam

    I wish that this old man would just shut up.
    There was no recession during or immediately after the election. It only began well into the second year of this inept Buhari administration whose economic policies are to blame. It is this simply.

  • Babagordy

    It is high time GeneraL Olusegun Obasanjo accounts for the 16 billion dollars he expended on non existent power project; he should leave Jonathan alone to carry his own cross and bear his father’s name

    • W

      The man has no shame, quite shameless.

      • okenwa

        A shameless man is far far better than him. He is trying to appease buhari to evade probe.

    • Mufu Ola

      Jona cannot be left alone. We have always been “leaving them alone” only for another thief to come & steal more.Remember Jona earned about 60trillion Naira during his reign as ’emperor’.

  • efada acha

    Obj exonerating himself and putting the whole blame on jona. Waku said Buhari should start corruption fight from Obj. we will know who is more corrupt

  • Nancy

    How can patients be prescribing drugs for self and other patients in a P.s.y.c.h.i.a.t.r.i.c hospital called Nigeria? Wonders shall never end.

  • NinjaK

    Baba Iyabo, pls pls pls just go & rest somewhere bo.
    Since Civil War, all ya mates don die finish except you, Danjuma (di oil baron looter), & Gowon!