Nigerian Army releases 348 ‘cleared’ Boko Haram suspects


In the Borno State capital Saturday, Maiduguri, Nigeria’s 56th independence anniversary was marked by the Army handing over of 348 suspected but cleared Boko Haram suspects to the state government.

The event held at the Ramat square civic centre.

The General Officer Commanding, 7 Division Nigeria Army, Victor Ezugwu, said the army had upon the directives of the Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai, investigated the suspects who were arrested at different locations in the state.

Those found to be innocent, were set free, he said.

Some of the cleared suspects said it took the army over five months to screen them and establish that they did nothing wrong.

Mr. Ezugwu, a Brigadier General, said “the review of the cases of terrorists suspects in our custody involves a painstaking and continuous process as directed by the Chief of Army Staff who emplaced measures to guarantee societal and individual human rights”.

He said the division under his command had investigated all suspects arrested and found 348 of them to be in the clear. The number comprises 114 males, 107 females, and 127 children. Among the children, 115 are minors.

The Governor of Borno State, Kashim Shettima, who received the cleared Boko Haram suspects, commended the army for ensuring that the suspects’ human rights were protected during their days in custody.

He said the minors who were not with their parents would be taken to state rehabilitation centres for care.

He urged those freed to return to their homes and continue to be law abiding.

The released suspects were given cash and 10 yards of wrappers.

But no formal apology was tendered to them.


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  • evidence

    Buhari keeps releasing and compensating his boko haram boys, later he will say he is winning the war against boko haram ‎.
    Meanwhile, he’s killing and hounding Niger Delta freedom fighters, IPOB and Shiites.‎

    • Observer

      Another baby factory product in display… If Police mistakenly raid you among criminals, and realize that you are innocent, so you prefer to be jailed or killed? You guys are sick with so much evidence

      • evidence

        We all know the baby factories are in your desert and flies infested north, where your underage wives are breeding like rabbits and sending them off to be suicide bombers and terrorists. ‎Why is Buhari fast in releasing your blood letting terrorists brothers but is busy hounding and killing Niger Delta freedom fighters,IPOB and Shiites that has not spilled any blood?  
        Blood thirsty suicide bomber candidate. ‎

        • Observer

          Lol, you see, I was never wrong to call you a baby factory product.. For your info, I’m not a northerner.. Secondly, the boko harams the Army kills in battle has no blood? I can see how myopic you are.. Are the Shiites southerners? Before the Army begin to kill the NDA’s , didn’t Buhari appeal to them to dialogue? They refuse wuth aim of crippling our economy by bombing our installations. They are indirect murderers. Do you know how many lives it affecys when our economy cripples. They deserve to die now and in the other life. You are just a crying wolf as long as you support mediocrity. I repeat, you are nothing an evident of baby factory in display. I awaits your sick vibes

          • evidence

            Stop laughing at your stupidity .
            Why are you ashamed of your demonic tribe from fouta Djallon? Imagine comparing your blood letting boko brothers with Avengers that does not spill blood! 
            When Buhari and his gestapo army started spoiling for war in the Niger Delta, hounding militants, raping women and children, you were singing his praises, now that the owners of the oil are fighting back, your selective amnesia is in full swing. Moronic animal.  
            Better go and impregnate that underage wife of yours so you can keep breeding terrorists and suicide bombers, or better still, strap on that suicide vest, you’re occupying useful space. 
            Blood letting almajiri vermin.‎

          • Observer

            Hahahahaha… Baby factory product.. Talk is cheap.. Death is real.. Stop supporting the NDAs on here, go to the creek and champion your course, kets see if you will die a hero or an asshole. What do your leaders do with your 13% derivation? What did you use the amnesty program to achieve? You guys are just bunch of lazy idiots.. Boko haram are killed everyday, you will never see a northerner supporting the terrorists.. Only the southerners support bad th8ngs just because they hate Buhari.. Hate and hate will not stop the man from doing what he will do.. You are not GOD , save your strength till 2019.. We shall vote him again, I’m happy that your united votes of both SS and SE doesn’t counts as long as the SW stands with thr North. You guys will continue wailing till thy kingdom come. Hahahahaahaha.. Thanks for liking my laugh. Hahahaha

          • evidence

            Suicide bomber candidate. It’s  called surrogacy in the western world and it’s for childless couples, not your own kind of baby factory that breed like rabbits and hand them over to become suicide bombers and terrorists. Stop using your children as suicide bombers or marrying them off at age 8. Strap on that vest and lead by example, your 72 virgins are waiting for you in hell.
            Your parasitic leaders in the north were in power for over 50 years, yet your region is still the most poorest, most diseased, most violent and most backward. Have you asked them what they did with the proceeds of oil blocks they are leeching off on since 1960? 
            Buhari’s started the hate with his 975% statement and went ahead to appoint only his family members in key sectors as if Nigeria is his personal property and you’re here showcasing your slavish worthless existence. 
            So you think the SW stands with you after what Buhari has done to Tinubu? 
            You’re in for a rude awakening. 
            Demonic tribe from fouta Djallon.‎

          • Observer

            Lol.. I dey laugg out loud your ignorance… O ma se o.. I’m a confirm Yoruba boy.. We rather pitch our tent with Northerners, than you SE or SS.. Because you guys unworthy set of people, power intoxicates you easily… What has Buhari done to Tinubu? Both are still very much in good terms… During your hero’s (GEJ), all the juicy appointments were given to his kinsmen.. But hell wasn’t set loose, so, why do you want to kill yourself now. We Yorubas don’t just jump into conclusion, we weigh things.. If Saudi Arabi , a rich country which is not tagged a corrupt nation or governed by a corrupt leader like your brother Jona, can be complaining of recession, by even cutting half of their minister’s salary, how more Nigeria a corrupt nation with many myopic citizen like the baby factory I’m replying now, with an erstwhile corrupt president, who squandered our national treasury, left us in agony in time in which oil price falls.. Why won’t the country be on recession? We know that recession is not Buhari’s creation, but from your ole bros. That is why we are still standing with Baba. Come 2019, we shall echoe the name that sent Jona paching again… SAI BABA, SAI BUHARI.. LOL. I say my write up dey pepper you for body, even as you see say your mumuni self blind you sote you dey call Oduduwa son Arewa pikin. Ode , ote nla.

          • Observer

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            Saudi cut salaries, but Buhari increased feeding in Aso Rock from Jonathan’s 570 m to 1.7 bn and is paying Aso rock rent, he has spent even more than Jonathan to maintain presidential fleet he promised morons like you he would sell, he has travelled over 30 times in less than two years, only to plunge us into recession. 
            Jonathan left $30 bn in the foreign reserve, $5.7 m in NLNG, $3.2 in SWF,oil is selling at $48, when the benchmark is $38, even Obj told your god that he met just $3bn when he came in and oil was selling at $9 pb‎. Obj told him to stop complaining and get to work, same thing every intelligent person has told him, yet fools like you have refused to use your brain. 
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            Cowardly Fulani asswipe.  ‎


    More terror re-enforcements released into society ………danger !!

    • ed

      The best thing to happen to Boko Haram is the election of President Buhari. Thousands of Boko Haram had been freed. To join Fulani’s terrorist herdsmen.
      The Christmas Day bomber in Abuja with connection to Sultan of Sokoto is probably among the released.