What we are doing to end Nigeria’s recession — Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari
President Muhammadu Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has listed steps he said his administration was taking to end the country’s crippling recession.

In a speech marking the nation’s 56th independence anniversary Saturday, Mr. Buhari acknowledged Nigerians were suffering, but said the recession would not last.

“I know that uppermost in your minds today is the economic crisis,” the president said. “The recession for many individuals and families is real. For some it means not being able to pay school fees, for others it’s not being able to afford the high cost of food (rice and millet) or the high cost of local or international travel, and for many of our young people the recession means joblessness, sometimes after graduating from university or polytechnic.”

He added: “I know how difficult things are, and how rough business is. All my adult life I have always earned a salary and I know what it is like when your salary simply is not enough. In every part of our nation people are making incredible sacrifices”.

Mr. Buhari said the nation should not allow “temporary problems” blind or divert from the “corrective course this government has charted for our nation”.

Read his full speech:

Today – 1st October is a day of celebration for us Nigerians.  On this day, 56 years ago our people achieved the most important of all human desires – freedom and independence.  We should all therefore give thanks and pray for our founding fathers without whose efforts and toil we would not reap the bounties of today.

  1. I know that uppermost in your minds today is the economic crisis. The recession for many individuals and families is real. For some it means not being able to pay school fees, for others it’s not being able to afford the high cost of food (rice and millet) or the high cost of local or international travel, and for many of our young people the recession means joblessness, sometimes after graduating from university or polytechnic.
  2. I know how difficult things are, and how rough business is. All my adult life I have always earned a salary and I know what it is like when your salary simply is not enough. In every part of our nation people are making incredible sacrifices.
  3. But let me say to all Nigerians today, I ran for office four times to make the point that we can rule this nation with honesty and transparency, that we can stop the stealing of Nigeria’s resources so that the resources could be used to provide jobs for our young people, security, infrastructure for commerce, education and healthcare.
  4. I ran for office because I know that good government is the only way to ensure prosperity and abundance for all. I remain resolutely committed to this objective.
  5. I believe that this recession will not last.
  6. Temporary problems should not blind or divert us from the corrective course this government has charted for our nation.  We have identified the country’s salient problems and we are working hard at lasting solutions.
  7. To re-cap what I have been saying since the inception of this administration, our problems are security, corruption and the economy, especially unemployment and the alarming level of poverty.
  8. On Security, we have made progress.  Boko Haram was defeated by last December – only resorting to cowardly attacks on soft targets, killing innocent men, women and children.
  9. Nigerians should thank our gallant men of the Armed Forces and Police for rescuing large areas of the country captured by insurgents.  Now, residents in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa States, as well as several neighbouring states go about their daily business in relative safety.  People can go to mosques, churches, market places in reasonable safety.
  10. Commuters can travel between cities, towns and villages without fear.  Credit for this remarkable turn-round should go to our Armed Forces, the Police, various sponsored and private vigilante groups, the local traditional leaders.  Security is a top to bottom concern and responsibility.
  11. Besides Boko Haram, we are confronting other long-running security issues, namely herdsmen vs farmers, cattle rustling, kidnappings.  This Administration is firmly resolved to tackle these challenges and to defeat them.
  12. A new insurgency has reared up its head in the shape of blowing up gas and oil pipelines by groups of Niger Delta Militants.  This Administration will not allow these mindless groups to hold the country to ransom.
  13. What sense is there to damage a gas line as a result of which many towns in the country including their own town or village is put in darkness as a result?  What logic is there in blowing up an export pipeline and as a result income to your state and local governments and consequently their ability to provide services to your own people is reduced?
  14. No group can unlawfully challenge the authority of the Federal Government and succeed.  Our Administration is fully sympathetic to the plight of the good people of Niger Delta and we are in touch with the State Governments and leaderships of the region.  It is known that the clean-up of the Ogoniland has started.  Infrastructural projects financed by the Federal Government and post amnesty programme financing will continue.
  15. We have however, continued to dialogue with all groups and leaders of thought in the region to bring lasting peace.
  16. Corruption is a cancer which must be fought with all the weapons at our disposal.  It corrodes the very fabric of government and destroys society.  Fighting corruption is Key, not only to restoring the moral health of the nation, but also to freeing our enormous resources for urgent socio-economic development.
  17. In fighting corruption, however, the government would adhere strictly by the rule of law.  Not for the first time I am appealing to the judiciary to join the fight against corruption.
  18. The Third Plank in this Administration’s drive to CHANGE Nigeria is re-structuring the economy.  Economies behaviour is cyclical.  All countries face ups and downs.  Our own recession has been brought about by a critical shortage of foreign exchange.  Oil price dropped from an average of hundred USDper barrel over the last decade to an average of forty USD per barrel this year and last.
  19. Worse still, the damage perpetrated by Niger Delta thugs on pipelines sometimes reduced Nigeria’s production to below One millionbarrels per day against the normal two point two million barrels per day.  Consequently, the naira is at its weakest, but the situation will stabilize.
  20. But this is only temporary.  Historically about half our dollar export earnings go to importation of petroleum and food products!  Nothing was saved for the rainy days during the periods of prosperity.  We are now reaping the whirlwinds of corruption, recklessness and impunity.
  21. There are no easy solutions, but there are solutions nonetheless and Government is pursuing them in earnest.  We are to repair our four refineries so that Nigeria can produce most of our petrol requirements locally, pending the coming on stream of new refineries.  That way we will save ten billion USDyearly in importing fuel.
  22. At the same time, the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and the Central Bank have been mobilized to encourage local production of rice, maize, sorghum, millet and soya beans.  Our target is to achieve domestic self-sufficiency in these staples by 2018.
  23. Already farmers in thirteen out of thirty sixstates are receiving credit support through the Central Bank of Nigeria’s Anchor Borrowers Programme.  Kebbi state alone this year is expected to produce one million tonnes of locally grown rice, thanks to a favourable harvest this year.  As part of the 13 states, Lagos and Ogun are also starting this programme. Rice alone for example costs Nigeria two billion USD to import.
  24. The country should be self-sufficient in basic staples by 2019.  Foreign exchange thus saved can go to industrial revival requirements for retooling, essential raw materials and spare parts.  It is in recognition of the need to re-invigorate agriculture in our rural communities that we are introducing the LIFE programme.
  25. Government recognises that irrigation is key to modern agriculture: that is why the Ministries of Agriculture and Water Resources are embarking on a huge programme of development of lakes, earth dams and water harvesting schemes throughout the country to ensure that we are no longer dependent on rain-fed agriculture for our food requirements.
  26. In addition, government is introducing Water Resources Bill encompassing the National Water Resources Policy and National Irrigation and Drainage Policy to improve management of water and irrigation development in the country.  We are reviving all the twelve River Basin Authorities, namely;
  1. Anambra – Imo
  2. Benin – Owena

III.        Chad Basin

  1. Cross River
  2. Hadejia – Jama’are
  3. Lower Benue

VII.        Lower Niger

VIII.        Niger Delta

  1. Ogun – Osun
  2. Sokoto – Rima
  3. Upper Benue

XII.        Upper Niger

  1. The intention is eventually to fully commercialise them to better support crop production, aqua –culture and accelerated rural development.
  2. This Administration is committed to the revival of Lake Chad and improvement of the hydrology and ecology of the basin.  This will tune in with efforts to rehabilitate the thirty millionpeople affected by the Boko Haram insurgency in the Lake Chad basin countries.
  3. The second plank in our economic revival strategy is centred on the Ministry of Power, Works and Housing.  The Ministry will lead and oversee the provision of critical infrastructure of power, road transport network and housing development.
  4. Power generation has steadily risen since our Administration came on board from three thousand three hundred and twenty four megawatts in June 2015, rising to a peak of five thousand and seventy four megawatts in February 2016.
  5. For the first time in our history the country was producing five thousand megawatts. However, renewed militancy and destruction of gas pipelines caused acute shortage of gas and constant drop in electricity output available on the grid.
  6. There has been during the period June 2015 to September 2016 big improvement in transmission capacity from five thousand five hundred megawatts to the present seven thousand three hundred megawatts.
  7. There were only two system collapses between June and December 2015, but due to vandalism by Niger Delta militants the over-all system suffered 16 system collapses between March and July 2016 alone. As I have said earlier, we are engaging with responsible leadership in the region to find lasting solutions to genuine grievances of the area but we will not allow a tiny minority of thugs to cripple the country’s economy.
  8. In the meantime, government is going ahead with projects utilizing alternate technologies such as hydro, wind, and solar to contribute to our energy mix. In this respect, the Mambilla Hydro project, after many years of delay is taking off this year. Contract negotiations are nearing completion with Chinese firms for technical and financial commitments.
  9. The project is to be jointly financed by Nigeria and the Chinese-Export-Import Bank. In addition, fourteen Solar Power Projects have had their power purchase agreements concluded. Hence the plan to produce one thousand two hundred megawattsof solar electricity for the country would be realized on schedule.
  10. And in line with the objective of government to complete all abandoned projects across the country, the Rural Electrification Agency’s projects needing completion are provided for in the 2016 Budget. Bringing electricity to rural areas will help farmers, small scale and cottage industries to integrate with the national economy.
  11. Roads Construction and Rehabilitation has taken off. The sum of twelve billion naira was allocated to this sector in the 2015 Budget, not enough even to pay interest on outstanding unpaid claims.
  12. Notwithstanding the budgetary constraints, the current budget allocated two hundred and forty billion nairafor highway projects against twelve billion naira in 2015. Many contractors who have not been paid for three years have now remobilized to sites. Seven hundred and twenty point five billion naira has so far been released this budget year to capital projects.
  13. The Ministry of Power, Works and Housing has received one hundred and ninety seven point five billion naira. Work on the following highways has now resumed.
  1. Dualization of Calabar – Itu Road in Cross River/Akwa Ibom States.
  2. Dualization of Lokoja – Benin Road, Ehor – Benin city, Edo State.
  3. Re-construction of outstanding sections of Benin – Shagamu Express way, Edo/Ogun States.
  4. Expansion works on Lagos – Ibadan Dual carriageway, Ogun/Oyo States
  5. Rehabilitation of Onitsha – Enugu Expressway, Anambra/Enugu States.
  6. Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Enugu – Port Harcourt Dual carriageway, Abia/Rivers States.
  7. Rehabilitation of Hadejia – Nguru Road, Jigawa State.
  8. Dualization of Kano – Katsina Road, Kano State.
  9. Dualization of Kano – Maiduguri Road, Borno State.
  10. Dualization of Azare – Potiskum Road, Azare – Sharuri Road, Bauchi State.
  11. Rehabilitation of Ilorin – Jebba – Mokwa – Birnin Gwari Road, Kwara State.
  12. Construction of Oju/Lokoja – Oweto Bridge over River Benue, Benue State.
  1. Other major highways are in the queue for rehabilitation or new construction.
  2. Already contractors have recalled about nine thousandworkers laid off and Government expects that several hundreds of thousands of workers will be reengaged in the next few months as our public works programme gains momentum.
  3. On railways, we have provided our counterpart funding to China for the building of our standard gauge Lagos -Kano railway. Meanwhile, General Electric is investing two point two billion USDin a concession to revamp, provide rolling stock, and manage the existing lines, including the Port Harcourt-Maiduguri Line. The Lagos-Calabar railway will also be on stream soon.
  4. We have initiated the National Housing Programme. In 2014 four hundred million nairawas voted for Housing. In 2015 nothing. Our first budget this year is devoting thirty five point six billion naira. Much of the house building will be private – sector led but Government is initiating a pilot housing scheme of two thousand eight hundred and thirty eight units uniformly spread across the 36 states and FCT.
  5. We expect these units to be completed within 4 – 6 months. These experimental Nigeria House model Units will be constructed using only made in Nigeria building materials and components. This initiative is expected to reactivate the building materials manufacturing sector, generate massive employment opportunities and develop sector capacity and expertise.
  1. The programmes I have outlined will revive the economy, restore the value of the naira and drive hunger from our land.
  2. Abroad, Nigeria’s standing has changed beyond belief in the last 18 months. We are no longer a pariah state. Wherever I go, I have been received with un-accustomed hospitality. Investors from all over the world are falling over themselves to come and do business in Nigeria. This government intends to make business environment more friendly because we cannot develop ourselves alone.
  3. All countries, no matter how advanced, welcome foreign investments to their economy. This is the essence of globalization and no country in the 21stcentury can be an island. Our reforms are therefore designed to prepare Nigeria for the 21st century.
  4. Finally, let me commend Nigerians for your patience, steadfastness and perseverance. You know that I am trying to do the right things for our country.
  5. Thank you and may God bless our country.


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  • Ajani O.

    Editor Premium Times,

    A cry for help before we die!!!

    I cannot afford
    to feed my children. I want Premium Times to help me get the address of
    the food canteed in Bauchi state where Bayo Onanuga – the Managing Director of
    News Agency of Nigeria – said food is too much and that I can eat there for 700
    Naira only until my stomach will burst. I live in Abeokuta, Ogun State. My
    house is very close to the mansion of General Aremu Obasanjo whom President
    Buhari said yesterday is in the GROUP OF THREE evil men who destroyed Nigeria.

    Premium Times
    should please help me before my children die of genocide. One of them has
    joined a gang in the area called THE REVENGERS. I don’t know exactly what they
    want to revenge. But one of my neighbours told me that the REVENGERS have
    bought lots of guns to liberate Ogun State. They have a red flag. They wrote
    their motto on that red flag that: NO TREASURY THIEF WILL BE LEFT STANDING.

    • koku


      • Nkem


        Petrol per litre is how much today,
        after President Buhari increased the price few months ago? It is 145 Naira per litre.
        For 5kv generator, how many litres do you need per day to generate your own electricity,
        for just six (6) hours? You’ll need 10 litres. That is how much? It is 1,450 Naira per day.

        Now, since the zero megawatts
        Minister for Power Raji Fashola has no knowledge of how to supply electricity to Nigerians,
        how much do you need per month, to get six hours of private electricity a day? You’ll need ₦44,500
        a month.

        Follow me, please!
        What is the minimum amount you need today to cook a pot of soup for your four children, as a family?
        The minimum is six thousand Naira – with minimum ingredients. So multiply that by 15 days, if you will manage the pot of soup for two days. What will you get? You will need 90,000 Naira a month to feed a family of four.

        That means Naira devaluation by
        President Buhari plus the petrol tax by President Buhari have now made life impossible in Nigeria.
        Just to eat and have six hours electricity for a family now cost 133,500 Naira per month, without doing any other thing, not even going out, or, even going to school. How many Nigerians earn ₦133,000 per month? Answer me, please!

    • Akindele Thomas

      Your son who joined REVENGERS is on a distinguished road…..only a bloody revolution can save Nigeria.

      You the father are a relic in history and just trampled upon without your having the good brain to fight back.

    • Henry_Itopa

      No need to go to Bauchi – I live in Lagos and N700 naira will buy you plenty food in any market canteen on mainland. Is Ogun that expensive?

  • Jankariwo

    “Instead of a remake of “Horatius at the bridge” with the fearless hero Muhamadu Buhari cast
    in the lead role, the film we originally sat down to watch with great relish has suddenly veered into a
    totally different story, with the lead actor recasting himself as a timid character who is tottering on
    the edge of the bridge, utterly consumed by the need to avoid falling into the raging waters of the
    river below instead of striding forward manfully to deal decisive blows on the enemies of the
    Nigerian nation…

    And now, just as have begun
    stirring restlessly in our seats, wondering whether or not to start heading
    towards the exit of the cinema theatre, the film we had been watching has
    suddenly morphed into a dreadful nightmare in which the lead actor is captured
    by a dangerous group of extortionists and looters spearheaded by a certain
    pot-bellied General Aremu O (rtd)…, who have openly ganged up to rob the
    Nigerian nation of her few remaining assets by braying loudly for the sale of
    major public corporations at ridiculous prices to members of the mafia group of
    ugly conspirators under the guise of “saving Nigeria from the effects of
    recession”… WHAT is actually going on? HAS PRESIDENT BUHARI
    COMPLETELY LOST THE PLOT? Alas, alas, for our poor nation!”

    …………Dr. Ola Balogun

    (Professor of Dramatic Arts)

    [September 30th, 2016)

    • Viva Revo

      Unless Nigerians resolve to deal with treasury thieves by moving against these treasury thieves
      physically and with deadly weapons to stop those robbing the country and claiming a right to do so,
      the country will never exit the pains and poverty of economic recession hurting the honest Nigerians –

      Recession has no meaning to treasury thieves and their criminal business proxies who stash away
      billions of Naira, stolen from the treasury by false accounting and by false invoices signed to dupe
      a whole country. Only honest Nigerians bear the whole pain of economic recession.

      In short, until Nigerians rise and kill these known treasury thieves in each neighborhood, there’s no
      hope or comfort for Nigeria. Rise and kill treasury thieves in self-defence before they ruin your lives!
      President Muhamadu Buhari benefited from the proceeds of thefts for his 2015 president campaign.
      That is the reason President Buhari is now expectedly ambivalent on the corruption nearby him.

      • ???



      • Zy

        What treasury are you talking about? So long as free Oil money flows, corruption will persist and thank God the money is no longer flowing. The only way for this country to be productive is for people like buhari to start being productive, unfortunately this won’t happen until parasites like buhari take your hands of Niger delta Oil. Tell me which looting is worse than sharing oil blocks to Northerners and South Westerns, the richest woman today in Africa Alakija owns an Oil block and making more money than some states, yet that is not corruption. Until there’s justice, Nigeria will always be on the part of homelessness.

    • Segun Olowosakin


      How can you
      compare@viva revo with Muhamadu Buhari? @viva revo does not share the same
      spoon at dinner table with notorious thieves like Rotimi Amaechi, the way
      Muhamadu Buhari does and claims to be fighting corruption. Is that how to fight
      corruption, tell me? The problem with Nigeria today is the man called MUHAMADU
      BUHARI. He is clueless! Buhari is the one who drove Nigeria into this recession
      with bad policies of increasing petrol price, increasing electricity bill and
      devaluing the Naira. But Buhari will never own up and say he doesn’t know
      anything about economics. He will continue to fumble and wobble like a drunken
      mariner. All his speech today that i read above, there’s nothing there…no
      sense, no plan, no good thinking, no innovative perspective….just blaming the
      past and praising his own blunders!

      • O’ Jose


        …….My people……it’s not looking good O……Buhari is losing goodwill very fast……
        ….more than he’s gaining it…..and now…after 15 months…..he has negatives ……
        ………..numbering enough to write a book……….from his blunders overseas…..to this
        …huge suspicion… that he’s another Fulani Islamist hegemonist and northern tribalist……
        ……….but, that’s a smelly body odor to carry around…….if it also includes…… as it does…..
        …….jumping the window of parliament to forge appropriation bills…….. and merely winking….
        …at the genocide of Shiite Muslims… …..and winking at the murders committed daily……..
        ………………….by rifle-bearing mad and maddening Fulani herdsmen……………

        • Foreign Views

          “Muhamadu Buhari is Nigeria’s problem, not its solution. Muhammadu Buhari writes of building
          an economic bridge to Nigeria’s future. It is hard to see how his administration’s inflexibility,
          lack of vision and reactive approach, will achieve this. Buhari notes that building trust
          is a priority for Nigeria. But an anti-corruption drive that is selective and focused on
          senior members of the opposition party, creates deep political divisions.
          Meanwhile, members of Buhari’s own cabinet, accused of large-scale
          corruption, walk free.”

          ……………….Pete Hoekstra

          (U.S Former House Intelligence
          Committee Chairman)

          [June 20th, 2016]

        • Mike Eresemole


  • Republican in VI

    This is disappointing, one was expecting a robust plan to come out of the recession. This is more of the same. It seems like they are banking on raising oil production and the rise in oil price this is wishful thinking and very risky. The reserves need to be raised yesterday. Another thing, they are repairing the refineries again, I have to say don’t have much confidence in this strategy.

    • Henry_Itopa

      Did you read the article at all?

    • kinsly

      You can as well outline your own robust plan if you have any. We the masses would like to read such.

  • Chidozie Stanley Nwabia


    • No Comment

      “Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari plagiarized quotes from US President Barack Obama in a speech

      promising change in the West African country, according to a statement by his office. President Buhari’s office

      said on Friday that a paragraph in the speech urging Nigerians not to fall back “on the same partisanship,

      pettiness and immaturity that have poisoned our country so long” was copied from Obama’s victory speech

      after Obama’s election in November 2008.”

      …………….AL JAZEERA

      (September 17, 2012)

  • I just dey ask

    “Who is this person (said to have financed Boko Haram from inside Central Bank of Nigeria)?
    What is so special about him that he cannot even be named? Why can’t he be brought out for
    the public to see the person who has helped in sending thousands of Nigerians to their early
    graves, while the nation is faced with the greatest threat to her unity since the Nigerian civil
    war nearly fifty years ago?”


    [September 19th, 2014]

  • Borode


    • Zebra Crossing


      Hahahahaha! The thing don tire me! Even Premium Times that wants to show power ran away
      after one hooligan wrote here yesterday to threaten to come to their office and break things if
      Premium Times should ever congratulate Nigeria on Independence Day. The mood of Nigeria
      is so bad nowadays. I have not seen so much anger before! It is like Boko Haram has now
      converted Nigerians to anger. Any little thing a Nigerian is ready to break bottle and stab.
      No civilization again in the country. Hunger everywhere. Prostitution and smells all over!
      President Buhari is governing himself. Nigerians have lost all hope in the Buhari regime.
      Nigerians will not read Buhari’s 56th anniversary speech. Nigerians want to break up.

      • Pastor J. J. Jones

        “A corrupt tree cannot bring forth good fruit. For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders,
        adulteries, fornication, thefts, false witness, and, blasphemies. The love of money is the root
        of all evil; which, while some coveted after, they erred from faith and pierced themselves
        with sorrows.

        For what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul?
        The getting of treasures by a lying tongue is a vanity tossed to and fro of those
        that seek death. There are thorns and snares on the path of the crooked.

        Anyone who guards himself prudently will stay far from the crooked.
        Brethren, you shall not steal. Theft entails deceit; and in a heart where
        the spirit of deceit is, there, the spirit of God cannot be.”

    • Aliwaziri

      We should be realistic an considered, becouse of regionalisation someone should not forget about what is wrong an ritht pls. Gmb is trying solve nig problems so that in the feture our great grand children will see a better nigeria, tribalism will not solve our problems, we are one nigeria, we entract with one another iether in the couse ofacadamic, , religoin, neghbourhood an many ways. When a leader is good nomatter where he is coming, democracy is a continous process. Many will be there in feature in rezpecting of where theyare coming. Thanks nigerians long live federal repuplic of nigeria. Happy independence day.

      • Otile

        Aboki, sorry you’re a lone wolf here. You are on your own, gaskiya ne.

        • Premium Idiots

          Gaskiya ne? Haba aboki mutum Otile, mainini magana wana? Bam seni magana wana, wahlahi ,tahlahi.
          Sona ne Colonel Mariam.

          • Otile

            Don’t do this. I thought you were Bahausa, but you are not. You write Hausawa like a Southerner. Don’t make Imam Buhari and his people laugh at us. You write superb English, stick to that. Don’t try to show off you knowledge of Hausa, you don’t have it, Colonel.

            Don’t say sona ne Colonel Mariam, say suna na Girma Colonel Mariam. Ka ji ko?

  • Homo Nigeriana

    But the thing now is that
    we did not vote this Buhari man to take us into recession in the first place.
    Why is he telling us that he has taken us into recession already and wants
    to take us out of it? Is that why we voted for APC CHANGE or what rubbish?

    INEC should better conduct another emergency election in this December,
    before it is too late. We the people have made a mistake to vote BUHARI.
    We want to vote him OUT as fundamental human right to change our mind.
    Nigerians cannot withstand four more years of ignorance and nonsense!

    • Uzoma John

      Buhari didn’t take you into recession. You guys took yourselves into recession when GEJ was depleting our foreign reserve (even as oil price was at it’s peak during his tenure). Stealing and all financial fraud activities perpetrated by PDP Govt over the years. Accumulation of public debt without commensurate infrastructural development, which the present Govt is now paying with meager financial resources. Campaigning by inducing voters and traditional rulers with billions of dollars by GEJ. Borrowing to fund recurrent expenditure (NOI claimed they were borrowing to pay salaries). So tell me when things got wrong? You want to blame PMB. What makes a leader is the ability to seek solution out of a very bad situation, which PMB and co are doing as outlined in his speech. Anyway, wailers will always wail. You guys want free money without working for it. The era of share the money is over.

      • Ken

        You don’t know what you are saying. It is confirmed that he puts Nigeria into recession..

        • Uzoma John

          Who confirmed it? People like you. Pity

  • vagabonds in power

    Retired Col Sambo Dasuki, the former National Security Adviser (NSA) has in the last two days been declared “missing’’, following the inability of the Federal Government to produce him before an Abuja High Court for trial, in the charges of money laundering, and breach of trust, brought against him since last year.

    President Buhari Blocks the Court Decision to Bail Dasuki.

    President Buhari Blocks the Court Decision to Bail Dasuki.

    The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) who arrested the retired army officer, has lost track of his whereabouts as several security agencies of the Nigerian government that have interest in the case and the person, Dasuki now keeps him in unknown location. In the last few weeks, there have been any prove to know if Dasuki is alive or what his current health status is after reports of his failing health.

    The former NSA boss was charged along with five others before Justice Peter Affen, was granted bail when he was first arraigned, but immediately re-arrested, and had been kept in custody of the Department of the State Service, DSS, since December 2015.

  • Ken

    Buhari should just go and seat down in the He is the worst leader so far.

  • vagabonds in power

    Only some few Fulanis imported by Buhari from Mali and Chad voted for him in the K states——-That is why Kano alone which registered 1.9 voters gave him the same number of votes with none reporting sick- The same type of rigging that took place in Edo recently—-was what the Apes in APC gave us in 2015——-Buhari is not going anywhere until the Army overthrows his fake corrupt government—-The facts surrounding his nomination is that he was imposed on Nigerians by the CIA via Obama whose father is also a Fulani like Buhari-period——-That is why he does not know his left from his right—The same thing happened over 30 years ago–when Nigerians had to queue for essential commodities.such as milk–sugar–rice–cooking oil—beans—even Garri ati Amala flour. Now 30 years after his first rule we are back to the same economic hardship—–Yet some mumu Nigerians are blaming Jonathan who was not in power when Buhari arrived on the scene some 30 years ago to destroy Nigeria-

  • kamal

    If person hates you, even if you will bring them back there death parent they will never love you. so don’t mind about wicket people Mr. president up up PMB.

    • Otile

      In other words you are shouting Sai Barbarian on this day of Independence.


    The singular fact that he led the military to retake territories lost to Boko Haram gives Buhari a huge credit in my eyes.

  • Ahmed m sabitu

    Same old story, blame,blame then lousy excuses. I thought this year’s independent speech will be different.Baba please wake up if your sleeping because from this your usual plan, I don’t think you have immediate or quick measures/ steps to get us out of this economic problem. How could you build thousand of houses with locally manufactured building materials while the manufacturers cannot access foreign exchange to import raw materials,we cannot manufacture even a tiles because there is no power.we cannot produce roofing sheet nor Aluminium profiles for window,even common nail we have to import the ware as raw materials to produce it,please baba wake up innovates rubosts plan on this economic problems before you start day-dreaming

    • Bingo Buhari na dog name

      20 WARNING SIGNS BUHARI WOULD DESTROY NIGERIA’S ECONOMY WHICH WERE IGNORED – We told them that General Muhammadu Buhari is an economic assassin. But they claimed his integrity will block loopholes.

      20 Warning Signs Buhari Would Destroy Nigeria’s Economy

      But now, naira is on free fall, falling oil prices, inability to sell oil, Biafra agitation, Boko Haram moves, governors’ inability to pay salaries.

      We told them that he’s corrupt just like his fellow cronies, but they claimed he never stole a dime.

      We told them that Buhari is OLD, DULL, and SLOW, but they said they preferred a dullàrd that created Western Germany and President Mitchell’s to a Ph.D. holder that transformed the Agricultural sector of the economy.

      We told them he doesn’t have the moral standard, will and the technological knowhow to tackle corruption, but they claimed even witch hunting is fighting corruption.

      We told them he’s full of LIES and DECEIT, but they hoped on the mirage NGN5,000 salary for the jobless and one meal per day for their kids.

      We told them that since he knew nothing about fuel subsidy, then he knows nothing about the petroleum industry/sector of the Nigerian economy but they claimed he’ll stabilize world oil price and reduce PMS price to NGN40 per litre.

      We told them he has no respect for the rule of law, but they claimed the judiciary was corrupt.

      We told them his government is usually marked with heavy job losses and too harsh economic policies but they said they preferred to be jobless in a change government than to be gainfully employed in a Transformation government of Jonathan’s administration.

      • resourxes

        You’re a kid, most probably born in the late eighties or nineties, you know nothing, you experienced nothing, I don’t blame childish individuals like you, I blame Glo and PT, that there can be no regulations guiding posts, any kid with a phone and Glo data can come online and spue waste. PT is already being petitioned this cant continue. we’ll bring sanity soon, post with hate, insults, etc shall be censored. Watch out

  • The Fulani man

    Shocking confession by Musa Abdullah on Biafra, N’Delta* As Received (11/SEP/2016) Good Evening Biafrans, My name is Musa Abdullah from Kano state. I studied at Lagos state University and presently working with Kano University of Science and Technology, Wudil. Due to my education, I have been enlightened as to the happenings in Nigeria. We in the North voted for Buhari because he is our brother. We wanted power to return to the North. We knew he cannot fix anything in Nigeria. In our mosques, they always taught us to make sure we remove that infidel call Jonathan. We were meant to hate Jonathan with our spirit, soul and body. Infact, Igbos living in the North were very very lucky. They escaped death by the whiskers through the victory of Baba. Had Baba lost, my brothers where already on standby waiting for instructions to lynch any pig from the South. I was personally in the situation room as things unfold. I felt for the Igbos then. I really pitied them. I knew that my brothers in the North had been brain washed but I dare not speak. I sighed in relief when Baba was declared the winner and my brothers where told to relax, that they should go to the streets and celebrate. That was how the bloodshed was averted to the glory of Allah. I knew something was really wrong with my brothers. Kano gave Buhari the highest vote. It was massively rigged in his favour. That was why the INEC officer in charge of Kano was burnt alive with his family after the election to cover up the rigging. I wept for my people. Now what are we seeing? Baba has abandoned us. My brothers in the North are dying every day of hunger. Prices of things are so high, we can’t even eat three square meal a day. My Northern Elders are not worried. They are only after power remaining in the North. Not only that, my concern now is what is about to come. They have already planned on how to deal with the Niger Deltans. Of course you are aware that all the military personnel and weapons have been deployed in Niger Delta.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    The recession is truly impacting Nigerian households as there was a news on the BBC-America, yesterday at evening showing mostly, Nigerian ladies who were smuggled into Libya, and loaded into the rickety boats for illegal entry into Europe-Italy.
    Many of them who are refugees in Italy that were rescued by the Italian-security and are living in refugee-camps in a district of Italy, are being used by smuggling-barons that brought them from Edo State,Nigeria, to start bringing money as cost of their transportation to Italy by working as prostitutes on Italy streets in order to pay the smuggling-barons, back.
    Most of the women are mothers of three or two or four children they left behind at home before embarking on the illegal-hopeless journey to Italy.Quite very unfortunate that our ladies would leave their children and families behind in Edo State to make dirty money in order to get rich quick in Italy as prostitutes.

    • Otile

      Dr Mumuwole,
      Kil’oshe. I thought you were going to congratulate Sai Barbarian on this Independence Day but you are here talking about refugee camps and prostitutes in Italy. Na wa for you.

    • Commentsfile..!!!

      Happy Independence Day Dr..
      so Italian Connection started this year?
      when previous Edo state Govts. stopped
      issuing passports to young ladies from that
      state it was because of recession?
      I guess for you its a breaking news but
      its an old story sorry!

  • Lanre

    Another meaningless tripe. You cannot end recession by mere words. There is something called confidence. All stakeholders in the economy must have confidence. You, Buhari have eroded that confidence through mismanagement and bone-headed policies. Please continue appointing all your relations from Daura and Malufmashi to sensitive security and economic positions in the country. That is the way you can end your own recession.

    • dami

      I doubt if there’s anything Buhari can say or do that will satisfy you – unless of course if he appoints you to his cabinet then you will sing his praises.
      Therefore I suggest you solve your own recession problems..after all I’m sure you’re fully limbed and all our faculties are in order, so look within yourself for a solution; I won’t cry over spilt milk and have moved on to solve my own issues – however opposition parties have not given us a viable option to APC and Buhari (looking at the pdp disaster of edo state) how do you field an igbendion stooge for governor and expect to win?
      Anyway goodluck and Godspeed to Nigeria and Nigerians.

      • omoeleniyan




        • akindees

          @disqus_HTJ5f4bQSt:disqus :

          Please mention just one thing that BUHARI has done since coming to office that is good?
          Is devaluation a good thing where one million Naira is now equal to two thousand dollars?
          Or is it petrol price increase that is to be praised when there is no electricity supplied again?

          • dami

            We had no choice with the devaluation, though Buhari and co should of did it lot earlier…like a year ago.
            Petrol price was always gonna go up – let’s not kid ourselves, the only remedy to fuel price is to refine locally…unfortunately our refineries are down and the only serious private refinery seems to be dangote’s effort…till then fuel prices won’t come down and may even go up.
            We all need to understand that we don’t have the amount dollar we used to have and secondly this government wants to spend the little we have on infrastructure, education and necessities..and not rice or French fries importation.
            Or would you rather he spent it all on PTA / rice / BMW?
            Let’s be patient…and remember the so called opposition only want to come and steal the little we have…they haven’t come with one serious candidate as an option or a plan…they are busy hiding their loot and funding smear campaigns against his government…in fact in some cases even sabotaging their efforts.

          • musa aliyu

            Both are good. May the dollar equal 10,000/1$. Amen. We don’t need any toothpick imported. We’ll never allow your paymasters to shortchange us through fraudulent subsidies.

          • YOMBO

            So, you are still blind to all that Baba has listed in his speech so? Then, may u remain blind forever and not see his achievements till u kpeme!

  • Otile

    I know the reason the President did not cite Change Begins With Me program as his major achievement is because people hooted him for plagiarizing Obama in that important presentation.

    • musa aliyu

      Plagiarism my foot! Mtchewww.

      • Otile

        Plagiarism your foot… go ahead and plagiarize, but don’t praise Buhari for plagiarizing Obama. Plagiarism impugns people’s integrity.

        • musa aliyu

          who are the people? Certainly not you cause you can’t be one.

          • Otile

            You don’t make sense at all. ” … bla bla bla Certainly not you cause you can’t be one.” Why are you saying that you can’t be one, are you saying that plagiarism can’t do you any harm? Stop praising Buhari for plagiarizing people.

  • Decimator

    This Train has no destination. Anyone boarding it is doing so at his or her own risk. Sorry

    • musa aliyu

      Then bye!

      • Decimator

        At your own risk !!

  • Ayinde

    Three key focus Security, Corruption and economy with focus on unemployment yet let us see what has he done ever since-
    Security; Yes Boko Haram had been degraded. But there are more lies than truth in all that is happening. Boko Haram had shown of recent it is still very potent and dangerous and we cannot afford to go to sleep with both eyes closed.
    In addition the administration had created another security challenge due to the statement and mis-handling: Herdsman and farmers, resurgence of Militancy in south -south , resuurgence of Biafra agitation etc
    Rate him on that will score him 2/10

    It being more or talk and no action. Nothing concrete in form of system to ameliorate if not stop, corruption. Its even goin on on a larger scale besides the fact that there is no money in circulation. I expect some system measure that is enduring that would tackle corruption. This however is difficult without some systemic restructuring of the country. Therefore will score him 1/10

    On Economy
    Unemployment is currently worse off now that he met it. Most Companies have closed shop and are still closing shops. Rather that solving the issues there are no evidence of any measure or policy initiatives that is visible for any to follow and adhere to. Its more of rule of thumb. That make that matter worse .Therefore score him 1/10

    In all this is a failure and his already have way his tenure . Scoring 13percent implies his failed.

    • Tunslo

      Nice rating abi? In the rating factors specified above, tell us what he should have done to make it happen and go up the ladder. You see we cannot sit at the corner of our house and just say things and first not putting ourselves in position assuming we are in charge. Assuming you are PMB now and faced with all these problems, what actions you would have taken. I have sat down with great economists – academician and practicing I could not harmonise their advice on this Nigeria problem. In fact I was more confused. Is that they have not seen the root of Nigeria problems from the point of view of being a mono economic and even the constitution that is sometime a clog in the wheel to development. For example, why I said why is state or local government is not allowed to do her on rail or generate her own power. The problem is the constitution. I think these are some of the things that we need to keep making noise about for change. This is PMB now another PMB from any section of the country will come and it is going to be the same old story.

      • Ayinde

        The story about constitution is for another date. Be on the look out. Thanks

  • Man_Enough

    Only haters will fail to see the honesty in this man. God will prosper him over and above those who have sworn to bring him down and open the eyes of those who genuinely misunderstand him.

    • Ayinde

      Trust you are among the die hard supporters that do not see any thing bad in what his doing. Its not about hate but about US ALL. The country belong to us all and our children yet unborn. Buhari has no greater stake than i do. But we owe not just him but all of us the duty to safe and salvage this country rather than praise singing like you are doing.
      The fact is it is not well with Nigeria due mainly to his action and activities and its hutting BAD.
      He needs to change not for his own good alone but for the millions out there. By boot licking you are not helping Him.

      On prosperity i think God has prospered him beyond his imagination. But millions out there can barely afford to feed themselves talkless their children and millions are dying daily as a consequence of this yet you claim we hate him. Delude yourself the more.

      • Omoba1

        God bless you Sir. I cannot believe that people in Edo mortgaged their future for N2,000 to vote. My country has derailed.

      • Man_Enough

        I said some hate him, others misunderstand him and the rest have their peculiar way of reasoning. Place yourself in any of the categories you choose. I decide to love him. At least I have the right to that.

      • musa aliyu

        Which government ever fed those your hungry lot? Abi, this is the first time we have hungry Nigerians? You guys are funny. If your means of livelihood is corrupt, it is blocked forever. It’s left for you to decide on what to do, or to advice, take Festus Keyamo treatment.

      • Olisa Maduka

        God bless you for this comment, well said.

      • Tunslo

        please joo tell us what is wrong with Nigeria and why this recession. PMB said part of it was the drop in oil price and the activities of the militants. Maybe we should start providing actual advice on exactly what to do. For example what do we do to increase our foreign earnings and how we do that. Some people said diversification but how do we finance it. Knife cuts you in the hand and you then drop it, but the damage has been done. Some people will commend comments here but they are not being honest about it. They have a hidden agenda which is beyond what I can say here. These people have been supporting the northern hegemony for years. When their warlord came back from exile he joined NPN Shagari. I leave here for now

  • vagabonds in power

    The EFCC has as a matter of fact, outlived it usefullness to its

    orignal founder,OBJ.

    OBJ is nomore in power,and therefore EFCC must now be dismantled.

    The Chief,Olusegun Obasanjo,our erstwhile President, had in

    his time, used the EFCC to hound his political foes,real or imagined.

    But today,our rogue Fulani President,Muhammadu Buhari has

    reconstituted the EFCC as one of his Jhadist Institutions, like

    his Miyetti Cattlle Breeders’ Association of Nigeria, and its

    ramapaging Fulani Herdsmen, to intimidate and oppress us

    indigenous Nigerians.

    The EFCC is now used by the Caliphate of Sokoto in its grand

    plan to Islamise and make our fatherland its Usman Dan Fodio


    Our Former First Lady,Dame Patience Jonathan,is a daughter of Rivers State and therefore,one of our Oil Princesses.She got

    married to a Bayelsan Oil Princes, Prof. Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan,a former Governor of his State,an erstwhile Vice President of our Republic, and also our EX-President.

    At this juncture,it appers as if the current usurpers of power in

    the polity,are carrying their purported fight against corruption

    too far.

    When has there ever been such a harrasment of our ex- First Families in this country, like in this case of President Jonathan’s?

    Her Majesty,Patience Jonathan is not only the oil Queen of

    Rivers and Bayelsa, but also of our entire Eastern Nigeria.

    She is an untouchable.Period.

    Buhari and his EFCC morons,must plese, leave our Oil Queen alone!!

  • corleone

    “A farmer who bothers himself with insects while harvesting his crops will never get to harvest those crops”. Old proverb. Nigerians are the worst insects any farmer can ever hope for, unrepentant, unjustified pessimists, the average Nigerian’s judgement is mostly based on misinformation, falsehood, unproven theories, third party beer parlour gist, follow follow mentality, poverty mentality, which is why most Nigerians educated or not are basically sophisticated illiterates, they’re empty upstairs, you meet a guy with a PhD with an IQ lower than that of a mai Ruwa boy, once a vocabulary is publicised by the press….pronto, everybody logs on without study or research, for example: “economic team”…ask any Nigerian the problem with our economy…of course you know the answer; economic team! Meanwhile tell them to expanciate and you get nothing! Another one; restructuring! Ask what’s wrong with Nigeria… Restructuring! A lot don’t even know the meaning of the word, now we have a new one; Recession! Everywhere u go, you hear that word. And its basically why our leaders won’t waste their precious time trying to communicate with the “insects”, as for this president he shouldn’t even bother, destiny is on his side.

    • YOMBO

      I agree with you, brother. God bless you and your opinion!



    • excel

      Wailers has nothing Tha to wail. Keep it up

      • Otile

        Are saying that this is a struggle between wailers and ass-licking hailers?

  • UOU

    They may have lifted this speech as well from some where, as usual. Regrettingly, the illiterate reader does not understand what is written for him to read. Thanks to internet these days, all the lies, propaganda and stealing of other people’s intellectual property, by this senseless, ill prepared and half baked regime headed by a herdsman, will be easily traced and exposed more

    • excel

      Stupid*ty is in your dna.

      • Tunji Olarewaju

        Stupidity IS his DNA

  • excel

    Recession will not last, and Nigeria will come out stronger. This government has the will and determination to make Nigeria a great place. Kudos to Mr President and Happy Independence.

    • Otile

      So you are saying – Kudos to Mr President for good and effective recession. You are also sure that Nigeria is better off for this crippling recession.

      • Commentsfile..!!!

        if coach no loose match he will never
        re-strategise . Nigeria as a blessed
        country now know its bad putting all
        her eggs in one basket.
        I know you will never understand that.

        • Otile

          Yes, I do not want to understand the principle of going to hell before going to aljinat. Leave me alone.

          • YOMBO

            You can go to hell and remain there permanently, that’s your headache!

          • Otile

            Back to you sender. Traitor

  • Olisa Maduka

    “These experimental Nigeria House model Units will be constructed using
    only made in Nigeria building materials and components. This initiative
    is expected to reactivate the building materials manufacturing sector,
    generate massive employment opportunities and develop sector capacity
    and expertise.”

    This is good to hear and the kind of thinking we must all adopt to create a beautiful future for our children. I hope to see more of this in other initiatives.

  • Commentsfile..!!!

    sincerity at its best.. just the fact.
    no time for wrong diagnosis like
    in the past, Buhari has a clear
    picture, lets unite in our support
    for this administration…
    Happy independence day to you all.

    • Otile

      Right-on aboki. Buhari is the master of good crippling recession. He has a clear idea of how a deep recession will help Nigeria. While the past administration was avoiding good recession Imam’s administration is embracing it. As a result of this recession everybody is happy on this Independence Day. Aboki huta lafia.

      • Commentsfile..!!!

        independence day comes every year, you are
        sad this year but we remain happy because
        we know we are already coming out of recession
        stronger than ever.. but people like you may not
        be carried along because you are too heavy. remain
        in your sadness, it was not everyone that left Egypt
        got to the promise land,

        • Otile

          Don’t preach to me, you sound like a deceiving imam. Mun gode Allah you are an ordinary Muslim not imam, you would sway so many unsuspecting believers.

          • Commentsfile..!!!

            believing yourself like always..
            no wonder you are stuck in your little world..!

          • Otile

            I cannot trust my life in your hands, you will be preaching to me aljinat, good virgins, and jihad. Despite the fact that you are not a cleric you can easily convince weak people to strap themselves with explosives and commit suicide bombing in public places.

  • Excisionist

    Last week our mobile phone operator sent us message indicating that Nigeria has increased tariff by 400%. This means that it will cost us 4 times more to make calls to Nigeria

    Apparently those behind this increase figure that the call volume will remain the same and that they will make 400% more money as before. How wrong !

    The fact is that call volume will decrease as people will resort to other means of communication. Many who do not know how to circumvent this .. will simply not call. So these greedy cabal will not make the money they hope.

    This will ultimately reduce diaspora contribution to the economy and hence make recession a long term phenomenon.

    Countries like India, China, South Africa etc make calls from abroad very cheap and sometimes free. This is because they understand what positive impact effortless and cheap communication have on economic growth in those countries..

    Having lost their grip on oil, the cabal is now resorting to Voodoo economy which will lead to deeper long lasting recession

    What a shame !

  • Well said Mr. President.

  • Taiwo

    I don’t regret campaigning for President Buhari because he was the best available alternative to Jonathan at that time. However, I don’t think that he is smart enough to lead Nigeria out of the current mess. I’ve not seen any strategic approach to resolve the problem. He does things at his own pace, not reacting promptly to issues as they arise. For example:
    – Why did it take him close to a year to appoint his ministers?
    – Are the ministers performing to his expectation?
    – What action did he take against Abba Kyari – his CoS who was reported to have taken a bribe of N500m from MTN to cut the fine imposed on the telecom company by NCC?
    – What action did he take against the CBN and FIRS for the shady recruitment widely reported in the press?
    – What action did he take on the allegation of budget padding in the House of Rep?
    – Has the trial of Saraki by the Code of Conduct tribunal now been concluded?
    – In the spirit of transparency, how much has been recovered from treasury looters and from whom?

    • YOMBO

      You are so senseless. Out of all these developmental issues reeled out by the president, none of it makes any sense to your dull brain except these rubbish you are spewing?

  • jake

    Look at what Nigerians are saying on their independence day, with people like this how do you have a nation? Nigerians have seen NOTHING, we don’t even have natural disasters, no external aggression or war lije syria, no famine like Ethiopia, we SHOUT over repairable issues, we’re spoilt and undisciplined people, empty and stone headed.

  • ayobamiba

    My take is that Nigerian leaders are very very deceitful people, both the man who is talking and those listening to him have one thing in common .there is no point in over emphasising on the root cause of Nigerian problems because we are all conversant and very very familiar with them all.I say it again Nigerians are terribly deceptive, hipocritical and cunningly crafty.This guys preaching long sermons are the very same people that mismanaged the sacred trusts of Nigerians with a nepotistic mindset .let’s be truthful to ourselves, the national leaders we’ve had in this nation except probably obj,Jonathan and shagari to some extent ,are promoters of ethnic dichotomy and cheating. If we have tried to be a nation for 60 solid years and could not succeed, why not we agree to try something else than to keep deceiving our selves that a rickety, outdated,rustic 404 will turn into Lexus 350 just by applying paint on it .it is on record that the only time we ve had a near semblance of a nation was when we practiced regional governments .let’s go back to it with a more better and mordern constitution to guide against extremist tendencies. My take is that the government should convoke a constitutional assembly of 30 delegates from each of the 6 geopolitical zones making 180 delegates only without any federal government, state government or local government interference and let them go to any location of their choice, elect their leadership without any federal government interference and sit down for 6 months together and fashion out an acceptable way of government, relationship and integration for Nigeria. What ever decision they arrived at must be promulgated into law without any amendment or review by anybody. Every zone shall be at liberty to select their delegate through any method they deem fit.the funds for the confab must be budgeted and drawn down from the first line charge of the federation and paid into the confab account without any interference from anybody .The national assembly must pass a bill to put the confab into effect and make its resolutions binding and sacrosanct on every governments and authorities in Nigeria. On the submission of the resolutions of the confab to an august joint seating of NASS with the speakers of all the 36 states houses of assembly,a resolution and a proclamation shall be made by the President of Nigerian senate to make their resolutions the new constitution of Nigerian nation and a 30 days state of emergency declared by the President to put into effect the government, political, judicial, geopolitical structures prescribed by the confab resolution. Nigeria needs to do something urgent before something do Nigeria. Buhari have succeeded in driving a sharp sword into the heart of Nigerians unity.all this buharis long and expired sermons can’t save Nigeria from the pit where buharis thoughtless, biased,malicious, nepotistic and clueless acts of leadership have cast Nigeria. To say that Nigerians are suffering is an understatement, the truth is that Nigerians have badly crushed and gravely traumatized by buharis hollow minded leadership.

    • Excisionist

      Good point, excellent. Only that perhaps another sovereign national conference is not needed. What is needed is for leaders in each of the 4 geopolitical zones (NC, SW, SS and SE) to go ahead and implement the decision reached at the Sovereign National Conference previously held. I didn’t include NE and NW because they are the ones who benefit from the present confusion and are likely to remain stumbling blocks.

  • slate

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