It’s official: APC’s Obaseki wins Edo Governorship Election


The candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Godwin Obaseki, has been declared winner of the Edo State governorship election.

The APC candidate won majority of the votes cast, getting a total of 319,483 votes, the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, announced.

Mr. Obaseki’s closest challenger, Osagie Ize-Iyamu, got 253,173 votes.

Mr. Obaseki also won majority votes in 13 of the 18 local governments in the state, losing the remaining five to the PDP candidate.

The INEC chief returning officer in the state, Professor Kayode Soremekun, who announced the final results, declared Mr. Obaseki the governor-elect of the South-South state.

However, the PDP in the state has rejected the results describing it as adulterated.

“If you go by the results that were announced at the polling units and wards across the state, it shows the PDP would have won by over 30,000 votes,” said Dan Orbih, the party’s state chairman in a press conference.

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“What INEC is announcing is clearly different from what we got from our agents and independent observers in the 192 wards and over 2,000 units across the state.”

The PDP agent at the collation centre also refused to sign the final result sheet.

“I cannot endorse it,” he told the INEC officials present. “You said I should get ready for court instead of looking at it here and now. I cannot be a party to that,” he said.

The agent of the Young Democratic Party also refused to sign the final result sheet.

“I have the mandate of the Young Democratic Party not to append my signature on this result sheet,” he said.


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  • Sean

    Massive congratulations to Governor-elect Obaseki!!

  • share Idea

    Oshimhole was rigged out in his first election and later got his mandate. If truly APC rigged the election, PDP will surely get their mandate. They should assemble their facts and take their case to court. Nigeria we hail thee

    • Arabakpura

      Once you have won at the polls, the present team at the Supreme Court will validate the mandate for you! Otherwise, Wike would not have been governor today!

      • emmanuel

        Wonder why Buhari appointed his village people, in-laws and cronies to all offices in the land? Nigeria in his pocket

  • Istandwithsherrif

    Pdp agents were just tweeting rubbish SM yesterday. Apc deserve the victory from whatever angle you may want to look at it.

  • Manmbombano123

    The better Candidate won

  • ’70

    I don’t know why elections is a do-or-die affair in this country. Can’t people just simply accept defeat and go regroup to fight another day? Why must we always be going to petition tribunals each time we lose an election?

    • Arabakpura

      PDP still would have fought internally on who their authentic candidate is! Their fights are always in rounds!

    • Man_Enough

      Let them go and finish the remaining money in their pockets at the courts.

  • peter

    ize iyamu will definately decamp to apc.does he have another job apart from political hussling? no hope for food again. i can bet on that.

  • Peter_Edo

    Na So!!!

  • MakPen

    PDP has never won any Election in the history of this country free and fair. all they do is rigging and Manipulating of result. remove rigging and PDP is gone for good.

    • systematic

      exactly u are wright

  • systematic

    congratulation mr obaseki up up a p c

  • Man_Enough

    Congratulations to Adams Oshiomole. He can now spend his retirement in peace.

  • Rommel

    Finally,the people of Edo have woken up,this result is the best thing that happened to the state and a confirmation that the legacy of comrade will endure,my heartfelt congratulations

  • Aminu Baba

    The most decent way to go, if you are dissatisfied with the election results, is the election petitions tribunal. Please don’t go to the streets and cause the loss of innocent lives. I take God beg Edo PDP.

  • O’ Oshoh Gabby

    My People,


    The truth has come out today. Thank God. Wind has blown. We have seen the buttock of the chicken.
    Look at. Throughout today Premium Times was doing stories anyhow to favour APC to win Edo state.
    First story they said APC likely to win Edo state. Is that a headline or a curse they put on other parties?

    Next story. APC ahead in Edo Polls. See jumping to conclusion! Just on nine (9) local governments only.
    Another story. Finally confirmed: APC wins Edo state governorship election. Can you see real bias now?
    Premium Times people can now order jollof rice and chicken to celebrate APC result in Edo state, not so?
    Look, let me tell you. Tribunal will nullify this nonsense result. APC has no valid candidate for this election.

    • West

      Tell your father to go and float his own media too. They call it democracy

      • vagabonds in power

        A typical APE in APC———————-this is how they react when challenged

    • emmanuel

      Relax, go see SR and PM News, dem nor dey get adverts again. Before long PT would dry up too. Let all of them continue to side evil. What goes around comes around.
      When the subsisting adverts expires, there would be no renewals

  • Comfortkay

    Nigeria l hail thee who will say that they did not see the good job Governor Oshiomole did in the past years. Only PDP . Now it is timew to move move PDP please wait for another 4 years.

    • vagabonds in power

      Protesters storm INEC office

      Some angry youths from all LGs in Edo State are currently protesting the results so far released by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) from the Edo state governorship election held yesterday.

      The youths on thursday have been barred from gaining entrance into INEC’s collation centre in Benin City.

      The protesters alleged that the results currently being released by INEC “were manipulated over the night”, saying that they want their mandate.

      Also, the PDP Returning Officer for Oredo LGA disputed the results released for the local government area by INEC and called for cancellation of poll results which he termed as ‘fake.’

      The angry youths have vowed to destroy and burn the INEC office to ashes where the results are being announced.

      Police officers deployed to Edo state have called for more reinforcement of police officers to curb the situation.

      • serubawon70


    • emmanuel

      US Dollar is N492.00 and the free fall continue. Hear this, in another two months, Nigerians would hardly have essential drugs – Industrial Pharmaceutical Association. By then those you clap for would enter their jets and go abroad to treat malaria.

      • Uzoma John

        As a result of GEJ and his 40 thieves emptying the treasury plus our $31million already frozen on Mama Pieces wuruwuru bank accounts. If Mama Pieces alone has such amount in a Nigerian bank, only God knows how much they stashed away in foreign banks. Naira will rally when we recover more stolen dollars from GEJ and the 40 thieves.

        • emmanuel

          It takes intelligent people to know where we are headed. I pray you do not join the numbers opting for suicide in coming weeks when the hardship exacerbate.
          Na Jonathan stop productive activities or move liquidity into TSA? Do you know that it did not take Obama more six months to jump start the USA economy from the crises when he entered in 2008?
          For you, brainless people, your President better hold down the economy and clean his cow stable for nineteen months.
          I will know the day i stop seeing you here that you could no more pay your data subscription.
          Emptied treasury, but save NLNG dividend which AB spent withing six months and depleted foreign reserve by over 38%
          What can be more of emptying of treasury than that?
          Meanwhile, we are yet to see documents supporting the $49 billion Sanusi shouted was stolen from Oil money

  • vagabonds in power

    B-R-E-A-K-I-N-G News!!!

    INEC Manipulating PVCs to Favour Buhari, -and the Apes in APES– Balarabe Musa.

    A political interest organization, Credible Alternative Alliance (CAA) led by former Kaduna state Governor, Alhaji Abdulkadir Balarabe Musa has alleged that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is tilting the distribution of Permanent Voters Card (PVC) to favour areas believed to be strongholds of All Progressives Congress’ candidate, General Muhammed Buhari.

    The group presented a statistical analysis of the distribution of PVCs which showed the number of registered voters yet to collect their PVCs in various zones.

    According to CAA, South-East has (3,287, 530) , South West (7,411,205), South-South (3,844,370) , North-East (2,429,763), North West (4,835,556), North Central (3,907,849) and FCT(421,559).

    On the distribution of PVCs, CAA said it has observed “a criminal gross disparity of voter spread designed to tilt the election to a pre-determined outcome.

    The group insists that all the 68.8 million registered voters must be given unfettered access to freely collect their PVCs and cast their vote as provided for in the constitution, adding that it would be forced to take INEC to court if that condition was not met.

  • emmanuel

    Hurray, the Us Dollar is N492.00 and would be over N500.00 by the end of tommorrow. Who can controvert the APC leadership skills?
    By December 2016, the US Dollar would be over N1,000.00.
    Someoen commented today that Nigerians would rather commit suicide out of the hardship brought upon them through the APC no-governance than join in civil disobedience to oust the dead FG.

  • kunskunsnoble


    Premium Times will never want Nigerians to know that Naira has fallen today to 492 to a dollar,
    because Premium Times wants to protect President Buhari with all their heart and their soul.
    Premium Times is supporting President Muhammadu Buhari to spoil Nigeria completely.

    • emmanuel

      Let them wait, the hardship will sweep all of them from their feet soon. Where is Kay Soyemi and co?
      A company that pays FORX component of their expatriate salaries had to delay for 6 months hoping that the exchange rate would come down, unfortunately is has doubled and they are now in a fix. all expatriates want to return back home and that would ground their operations soon.
      The end result is to fold up, because they also do not have newer businesses or patronage to carry on

    • Datti

      Wetin concern you with dollar, na dollar you dey spend? Buy made in Naija goods.

      • Kalashnikov AK47


        I am not surprised. Mass suicide is coming soon, since Nigerians prefer suicide to stopping Buhari
        from destroying the country. Me I have no hope in Buhari at all. There’s no reason I should have hope
        in somebody that has got everything wrong since coming into office on 29th May last year. Today now
        Lai Muhammed said the cabinet of 24 Ministers is the one to decide the solution to economic destruction going on. I now look at the 24 Ministers.

        There’s no one with knowledge or good thinking inside Buhari’s cabinet of Ministers that i can see.

        Is it Lai Muhammed I should depend on to take my country out of recession? What does he know?
        Or is it the other criminal rogue called Raji Fashola that will rescue Nigeria from economic recession,
        when he’s been part of the reason for the recesssion by stealing and stealing? Who is there in Buhari’s cabinet that I can rely on? Nobody is there! Or is it the self-confessed rogue called Rotimi Amaechi
        who said he will continue to steal until people stone him? Is that the person to rely on for solution
        to economic destruction?

      • emmanuel

        Did you just say that? Do you know what is called global economy? Wetin dem dey take make panadol when sharp & short mention above? Abi na only food you dey chop?
        Even Nort Korea still import lots of products indirectly through third parties.
        I conclude, you are from Nigeria Arid desert – nama brain

    • john

      buy made in nigeria my friend .

  • Kamalu

    Congratulations to the people of Edo State. It would have been a nightmare to have the likes of Tony Anineh, Raymond Dokpesi, Lucky Igbinedion et al call the shots and reverse the development legacies of Governor Adams Oshiomole.

  • God help us

    Is there still people supporting APC in 9ja. More hardship ahead

  • Proudly Nigerian

    If the PDP wins the APC will go to court and vice versa. Lets hope the state gets developed.

    • emmanuel

      What are they developing, their debt burden is so high and may never do any meaningful thing again. Oshomole has mortgaged that state in decades ahead

    • Aristotles


      All the foreign companies running out
      of Nigeria are doing so for very good reasons. Nigeria is not a human
      habitat because it is not superintended by rational thinking but rather
      supervened in evolutionary terms by the worst form of idiocy where political
      parties present a moron to contest with a retarded fellow and both candidates
      are accepted by unthinking Nigerian people as final choices.

      History shows that wherever a daft man is enabled to get into power he
      will bring down the economy to the same level of his low IQ. That is partly why
      South Africa fell into shambles after electing Jacob Zuma as president. The
      South African financial bonds are now globally rated as junk, as treasury theft
      overtook all else in the unfortunate country. Nigeria has been on the same path
      but with higher risks, because Nigeria elects morons at all levels. That’s one
      reason the economic recession now worsens rapidly on a daily basis to the risk
      of implosion.

  • korea

    i av sead it time withiut number that pdp cannot win edo state take it or leave it. we are satisfy with buhari and his govt. i believe nigeria will be greater again IJN AMEN CONGRATS TO ALL APC SUPPORTERS

  • Kaycee

    Premium Times Editor,

    When the Naira fell to 492 to one dollar this evening do Nigerians really understand the implications?

    Do Nigerians know that it is goodnight to any change, hope or comfort for the remainder Buhari years?

    Wished Nigerians could think but ignorance is bliss as Nigerians carry empty heads on their shoulders.

    Nigerians are not just illiterates – which is bad enough – they cannot also interpret their own situation.

    • Short & Sharp



      • emmanuel

        You cannot be correct?
        Na im be say trouble don start. If people cannot buy such basic drugs, then would resort to drinking agbo with the consequent kidney and liver problems (no room for dosage, so the thing go just dey wear out peoples organs.
        Unfortunately, even Aso Clinic nor get dialysis machines or drugs too,

  • Time for Buhari to go is now

    The truth of the matter is that PDP actually won the elections in Edo state—-For the INEC chairman to announce such–will have meant the end of the Bingo Buhari government-They would have invioted the army to take over his government—Even now we are not SURE of what will happen—Because the entire landscape shows the environment is ripe for a coup—to remove Buhari from Power!!!!!!!What took place in Edo state is a rape on democracy—————–it is nothing but daylight robbery–Sadly the people of edo operate like women—–fear fear–The Bayelsans died in spite of the intimidation for them to uphold the mandate that they freely gave the PDP—Unlike the Edo state——-who were intimidate to submission————–It is not over yet sha——————–

    • emmanuel

      Brother who go do coup, nor be the same desert namas when nor get brains to lead?
      You don see where leader dey follow the led from behind? na their nama style be dat.
      Where did Nigeria get the zeal for looting in the last 17 years plus?
      The cattle rearers.

    • Anthony Ediese

      I am sorry for Edo state.
      APC is a coalition of illiterates sprinkled with thieves, demagogues and rogues.
      Politics is not rabble-rousing. Politics is not the art of screaming which APC does. Politics is about thinking.
      Nigerians have eyes but cannot see that there’s no single person in APC with good thinking ability – not one!

    • jambiti

      “Bingo buhari” is what you call your president, where in the world do u hear citizens of a nation calling their president a dog??? This is bad from any perspective we want to look at it, why won’t your kids become kidnappers, armed robbers and rapist in future, we don’t have culture anymore, social media has turned us into beasts, check any American news site and read comments from citizens, of course some are angry with their leaders but no insults…calling yr president a dog is most unfortunate and irresponsible, you’re a man with no character, no respect or regard for elders simply put you got no home training

  • Time for Buhari to go is now

    The truth of the matter is that PDP actually won the elections in Edo state—There is no doubt about that—-Again for the thieving INEC chairman–who stole over 800m from UBEC yet was retained by Buhari to head INEC–Means to announce the victory of PDP at the polls—will have meant the end of the Bingo Buharis government-They would have invited the army to take over his government—Even now we are not SURE of what will happen—Because the entire landscape shows the environment is ripe for a coup—to remove Buhari from Power!!!!!!!What took place in Edo state is a rape on democracy—————–it is nothing but daylight robbery–Sadly the people of edo operates like women—–fear fear–The Bayelsans died in spite of the intimidation from the army and other security agents—–for them to uphold the mandate that they freely gave the PDP—Unlike the Edo state——-who were intimidated into submission-by the army and the police—-Most especially the MOPOL————-It is not over Until it is over sha—-Separation is the answer not the rule of the Fulanis and Yorubas——-ati their Ibo agnets in APC——-Animals

    • Abdulkadir

      Unrepentant recalcitrant

  • Abdulkadir

    The PDP tried its best shot. It is a hard won feat for the APC. The PDP is only shamelessly trying to discredit the election without revealing a single instance where results were adulterated. This should convince everybody that the PDP cannot change, and would forever remain the dubious collection of criminals in the polity.

  • Okokondem

    How Nigerians would leave substantive issues that have direct or indirect impact on their lives, such as the persecution and scapegoating of Mr Jibrin to gather here to engage in aimless debate over PDP and APC.

    Be truthful to yourself, how did 16 years of PDP rule or misrule benefit you (with the exception of those who partook in the pillaging of Nigeria.) And for the APC diehards, how is it working for you so far?

    Why then ladies and gentlemen can you justify gathering here to debate and argue over the two men vying to become the next billionaire simply by becoming the next governor of Edo state? Isn’t that what all this noise boils down to? If you are a PDP supporter, what exactly are you proud of about your party? Same question goes to the APC apologists.

    After what has befallen Mr Jibrin who made personal sacrifice to expose the shenanigans that takes place in the Nigeria national assembly (despite the love I have for my country) I am ashamed to call myself a Nigerian.

  • Realitytalk

    congratulation to the new governor of EDO state and we wish him all the best as he takes the state also to the next level

  • Wilfred Bankole Ademokun