Nigeria’s Attorney General stalls Saraki’s forgery trial

Senate President, Bukola Saraki
Senate President, Bukola Saraki

The trial of Senate President, Bukola Saraki, for alleged forgery was stalled on Wednesday, because the prosecution counsel, Aliyu Umar, said he had not prepared his response to a fresh motion by the defendants challenging the jurisdiction of the court.

Mr. Umar is prosecuting the case on behalf of the Attorney General of the Federal, Abubakar Malami.

Mr. Saraki, Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu, former Clerk of the National Assembly, Salisu Maikasuwa, and his deputy, Benedict Efeturi, are facing trial for alleged forgery of the Senate standing rules used to elect them as leaders of the Senate in June last year.

The matter was adjourned in July till September 28 following the annual vacation of the judiciary.

At the opening of session on Wednesday, Mr. Umar informed the court that he had just received a motion from the defendants challenging the jurisdiction of the court in respect of the charges against them and asking that the case be dismissed.

He added that since the matter has to do with the fundamental right of parties to fair hearing, he needs to properly prepare his response to the motion.

“Just now I became aware of a motion by the first defendant and served on us on September 26. The motion is fundamental because it is asking your lordship to decline jurisdiction and quash the charges. It is a short notice‎,” he said.

“I have not filed anything‎. It is fundamental to fair hearing. Under the circumstances, I will ask for an adjournment to enable me to respond to the motion.

“Honestly, I’m not ready for this motion. If it is only just two days, grant us the adjournment to respond to the motion,” he said.

Mr. Umar further said he had some internal issues he needed to attend to, before responding to the motion.

Malami’s fault

‎The counsel to the defendants objected the application for adjournment.

“T‎he act of prosecution is serious business, especially in a criminal charge. The office of the Attorney-General which is the chief prosecuting counsel was served months ago. They had all the opportunities to respond to our applications,” said Mahmud Magaji, counsel to Mr. Efeturi.

“I urge your lordship not to allow us to descend to the internal working of the prosecution. In view of this, I’m objecting to the application for adjournment,”

Counsel to Mr. Saraki, Paul Erokoro, also asked the court to refuse application, describing it as lacking in merit.

“O‎n behalf of the third defendant I submit that the application has no merit. If the Attorney-General has not deemed it fit to pass the entire case file to the counsel, then we should be allowed to move our motion. We are ready to proceed,” said Mr. Erokoro.

The trial judge, Yusuf Haliru, adjourned the matter till October 7.


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  • Watch man

    Yes, the delay tactics is at work. Nothing will come out of this case in the end. This is one of the characteristics of Nigeria.

  • Sanssouci

    Since the time I read that All APC senators had met in Saraki’s place before they resumed last week, I knew that it was game over. Saraki has escaped the gauntlet

  • absam777

    Change indeed. Buhari can not make any change.

    • dpfrank

      Buhari is our man, he is the best

      • Gabriel Olasebikan

        You are very very right.Particularly now that i am buying fuel for 145,rice for 20,000:00,dollar for 440.

  • ephraim000


    i WILL NOT DRAW A CONCLUSION until the next adjourned date – 7th October – because as yet,
    it is not clear when the Prosecution Counsel appearing was served with this motion to contest the
    jurisdiction of the court. It is also unclear if he was served through the office of attorney-general,
    in which case, one will firstly want to know when attorney-general Abubakar Malami was served.
    The impression got so far is that the attorney-general is either remiss or has acted irresponsibly.

  • excel

    This delay tactics stupidity should stop, so that this rogues in the red chamber face the warrant of their crime against the nation.

  • Esquire Mark


    The rule of parliamentary autonomy over internal legislative affairs does not include

    any right or liberty to criminally forge or feloniously fabricate SENATE STANDING RULES;

    for once criminal forgery begins, there, the jurisdiction of a court to convict and jail, begins.

    • Conlawxpat

      All said and done,
      under no rule of constitutional law is Ben Efeture – as a civil servant and as Clerk of the Senate –
      authorized by law to alter, change or amend Senate Standing Rules, or, and to enact those Rules
      so altered as binding on all elected Senators of Nigeria’s National Assembly.

      The Standing Orders of parliament – otherwise called Standing Rules of Senate in Nigeria – NEVER lapse at
      the end of a legislative session but continue to apply in perpetuity unless altered by legislators themselves at a
      session called for that purpose, preceded by debates on proposed amendments to be adopted or rejected by a plurality of votes.

      No such session was held on the 5th of June 2015; and no proposed amendment of STANDING RULES
      was tabled for a voted motion. In effect, the Senate Standing Rules used for Bukola Saraki’s election as Senate
      President on 5th June 2015 was forgery of the extant Standing Rules it purported to be.

      • Rosebud

        By what Senate rule or constitutional dikta does it continue to apply in perpetuity? What is your reference source? Reveal the authority from which you’ve drawn your fallacious conclusions.

        • Conlawxpat


          By the same presumption at law that a country’s national constitution will continue to apply
          in perpetuity unless amended by state and federal Parliament, the STANDING RULES
          of Parliament shall apply in perpetuity until it is amended by vote on a motion to alter.

          • Rosebud

            No dear, standing rules of parliament are not a constitutional given but mere club rules for a distinct and tenure-defined assemblage. And being so, expires as soon as that given assemblage retires or folds.

  • Vbootandall

    President Buhari has not handled Saraki trial with administrative skill or knowledge. That is the tragedy.
    First of all, Bukola Saraki has no immunity against criminal prosecution and could be remanded in jail.
    The basis of a completely lawful remand order can exist side by side with all other court proceedings.
    A court of law has jurisdiction to remand an accused criminal in jail over 65million dollars in Panama.
    Bail cannot be granted in a case where a criminal has laundered enough money abroad to flee.

    • Aaaapeecee



  • donMe$$i

    They are joining forces to mess up their ‘national leader’.
    Crazy contraption APC..

  • Alhaji

    What do you expect when a quota aboki is put in charge of our law? Nigerians are waiting to see how many ” corrupt” people he will put in prison in four years. Alhaji Buhari has spent almost two years, and we have zero prisoners for “corruption.”

  • Okokondem

    The tactics and machinations of the lawyers and judges in this Kangaroo Court is at the crux of what is wrong with our country because it is tough to make progress with a corrupt and compromised judiciary. And the man most Nigerians perceive as agent of change is getting ready to spend money the country doesn’t have on some frivolous “CHANGE BEGINS WITH ME” campaign. This is all a joke.

    It’s ok to sit around commenting on this but I would rather have you take a look at this troubling statistics. There is no way a nation such as ours can survive under these circumstances.

    PLEASE READ THIS. …………………

    Nigeria imports $18m tooth picks yearly –Minister— 28th September 2016

    From MAGNUS EZE, Abuja

    The Federal Government yesterday bemoaned Nigeria’s over dependence on imports for its daily needs including food items.
    Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Chief Audu Ogbeh said it was ridiculous that the country spends over $18m annually on importation of tooth picks.
    Asked how he arrived at the figure, he said it was from a recent Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) report, stressing that it was pathetic that Nigeria was spending its hard earned resources on non-essential items. The Minister reeled out some scary statistics on the nation’s food import situation for example; where over 7 million tons of rice consumed annually in the country were imported from Thailand, India and Vietnam.
    Ogbeh said: “We depended on Thailand, India and Vietnam to feed us with rice, we depend on other countries to feed us with tomato paste; we depend on others even for tooth picks at the cost of 18 million dollars per annum. We depend on Brazil for sugar; and we also depend even now on other countries for pepper and so on. We import 5million eggs per a day from South Africa.  We bring sliced potatoes from South Africa. We spend $600 hundred million in importing fish a year. There’s no reason why we can’t grow our fish here.
    “We bring in milk and milk products to the tune of $1 billion dollars per annum because our cows don’t yield enough milk. One litre per a day and the meat you eat is as good as plastic because the cows walk too much. To walk from Maidugiri to Lagos is a bit of excessive exercise and when we spoke of special grasses to feed the cows, we got all the abuse in the world on the internet because those who don’t know about the subjects got involved.”
    While he said the Buhari government was making efforts to reverse the trend, the Minister regretted that the country lacked enough machinery for food processing.”
    “We don’t have enough rice mills even now that rice paddy is increasing in large volumes. We are behind schedule in our capacity to mill our rice. We don’t have enough mills to produce enough cassava starch for the upcoming textile industry,” he lamented.

  • NwaIgbo

    Delay Tactics is the game plan well oiled thieves escape justice in Nigeria aided by the yellow enveloped lawyers in our judicial system. It seems only hungry pick pockets and common people with no connections in high places go to jail in Nigeria. A sleepy drunk knows that apart from Saraki known as a heartless, arrogant master thief, also forged Senate rules with Ekwerenadu, their case will continue to be postponed forever and ever, while Madam Peace will give us the middle finger, that is if another paid group will not spring up tomorrow to threaten Nigerian’s breakup if Mama Peace is found guilty.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    If it is true that the attorney general of the feder under president Muhammadu Buhari,s government stalled the forgery trial of the senate president Bukola Saraki,a known advance-looter of public treasuries,that would seem like president Muhammadu Buhari government is impeding judicial -court process and trying to continue to encourage looting,stealing and embezzlement in all strata of Nigerian governance.This is very sad as the AG of Nigeria works against anti-corruption fight of president Muhammadu Buhari.

  • Arabakpura

    These guys are trying to withdraw the remaining balance in Buhari’s goodwill account! We have new and urgent major cares that if care is not taken, the hunter will become the hunted!

  • Opekete

    Malami to the best of my perception through observation is the next to the worst attorney general we have ever had.

  • DJ makky LOGIC, Kad.

    Since Tinubu started having internal crisis with Oyegun and some APC chieftains in Abuja and Ondo, and everybody who is properly following APC politics knows that its self aclaimed political god-father, Tinubu, is d one behind the legal case of forgery d senate leadership facing, just bcos they out smarted him on Ahmed Lawan and Suswan’s candidacy. Thats why d Attorney General is indirectly buying time for d crisis to settle down. These are people who want to change things in Nigeria. We still dey wait o.

  • hardnuck

    It is crystal clear that the AGF and co does not have any evidence against them. Looking back since about three months ago that they were served yet they could not come up to open the case today. Clueless AGF and co who are bent on only looking for a way to bring down the leadership of the senate in order to install puppets that will work according to their dictates. Time shall tell.

    • joe

      Well, these guys in the Nigerian Senate could hardly be brought further “down”. Because they are already crawling in gutters. Is that not the assembly of the likes of Buruji,Saraki, Oduah etc? An assembly of the most despicable characters and hardened criminals in our part of the world.

  • Simeon Nigel

    APC was elected into Power with cardinal promised to tackles head-on the evil cancers called; Corruptions virus that has had eaten deepest into almost the entire fabric and psyche of Nigerians, especially the Senate president Saraki with his deputy, Ekweremadu were the products of this evil cancerous corruption viruses which had led them to seized the senate leaderships by force and through the back-door. The trends in our today’s Nigeria and nowadays is that, if you cannot get what you’re seeking for or want, then do plan to engages into taking it by force or through voodoo or fetish practices or cultism tools method. This sorts of devilish method of practices is openly happening in Nasarawa, Kebbi, Niger, Kogi, Adamawa, Taraba and Kaduna states. These states were pre-dominantly Christians believers own states, but Nigeria INEC organisation, (mostly dominated by Senior moslems cabals officials), often helps and abetted with their connivance with those moslems electoral candidates in those states to had taken by force all elective positions inclusive Governorship position, whilst thereby heavily short-changing Christians populance inside these states. Therefore, with President M. Buhari today in the top helms of Nigeria affairs, nothing has change, and corruption galore viruses are still actives and alive up till today in Nigeria. In fact, to crown it all, Nigeria is the land of the legalised thieves or Ali Baba gangsterism practices. No wonders that Boko Haram is today very comfortably having a fields day for their blood-tasty spreading killings and moving away freely inside Nigeria and also Niger-Delta militants are also enjoying Federal Government’s negotiation patronage before stopping their destructives skills at their own ‘whims’

    • sab

      Simeon Nigel, please point of correction. Saraki and Ekweremadu did not and NEVER EVER seized the Senate Leadership by force. I’m not a politician and I don’t belong to any party. But truth is that the same way AMINU TAMBUWAL emerged Speaker of House of Representatives in 2011 was same way Saraki and Ekweremadu emerged Senate Leaders in 2015. If you are not guided by party affiliation or sentiment, please google out facts about Tambuwal’s emegence and the Press Statement issued immediately by Lai Mohammed.

  • Bello Muhammad Sharada

    Ultimately this case will be closed. AG shouldnt have started it in the first place. This is political matter as such it should be resolved politically. But this is a set back and very unfortunate indeed

  • Edward

    Give them till 2019, the ‘persecution’ Counsel will never be ready. It’s often said that not he who runs to court eventually wins the case. Tell me why the AGF is learning on the job; you have no evidence and you chose to charge a matter to court. Ok oooo

  • Rominiyis

    When a government let loose corrupt politicians who were caught stealing it undermine itself and the country. The have now form core opposition working to take the government down. With huge stolen resources at their disposal and freedom from real prosecution they can eventually succeed.
    President Buhari should Deal with corruption as he promised during campaign that brought him to power and Nigeria problems will abate.
    A looter in the first instance would be convicted and jail for stealing thus how would a thief be holding public office? or even be active politically. In a sane country the political party would expel such party member. In Nigeria Thieves are in control thus they protect themselves.
    Buhari that we placed all hopes on to deliver the country is wavering, At his age I don’t know what he is afraid of. His attorney general is weak and unable to deliver. It takes more than mere paper qualification to be an attorney general that can tackle corruption. The passion and personality are critical ingredients. The current one appeared scared to take on the challenge. The special court to deal with corrupt politicians is no where to be found instead they are arrested and bail only to continue running for political office to sabotage the law that can ensnare them.

  • ukoette ibekwe

    This is Nigeria by Muslims for Muslims. The prosecutor seems to lack basic knowledge on the charges. This is case that has been ongoing for about a year and the defendants at every hearing have asked for the court to squash the charges yet the prosecutor appears in court to argue that he is just made aware that the defendants want the case to be terminated.
    Rarely do defendants go to court to ask the court to continue their cases.
    The federal government continues to stall on this and other cases just for political showmanship.