Former Nigerian Naval Chief arraigned for alleged corruption

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The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, on Tuesday arraigned a former Chief of Naval Staff, Usman Jibrin, before a court in Abuja on corruption charges.

Mr. Jibrin, a retired vice admiral, was arraigned alongside two others: Bala Mshelia and Shehu Ahmadu, both retired rear admirals.

They were arraigned before Justice A. Umar of the FCT High Court in Maitama, Abuja on a 4-count charge of criminal conspiracy.

They were docked alongside Habour Bay International Limited.

The former senior naval officers are accused of buying a house worth N600 million from the account of Naval Engineering Services. The purchase was not captured in the budget.

Instead, the documentation of transfer of ownership of the property was done such that a private company owned by Mr. Jibrin’s family became the buyer.

The defendants pleaded not guilty when the charges were read to them.

In view of their plea, counsel to EFCC, Abdullah Faruk, asked the court for a date for commencement of trial.

However, Y. C. Maikyau, representing the first and fourth accused, through an oral application made pursuant to Section 36(5) of the Nigerian Constitution, sought for the bail of his clients.

Mr. Maikyau told the court that the defendants had been enjoying administrative bail granted them by the EFCC and had never breached any of its terms.

The counsel said that though he had earlier filed and served the prosecution with a formal bail application, he felt the need to move an oral application subject to the discretion of the court.

Counsel representing second and third accused relied on the same arguments in seeking bail for their clients.

In response, Mr. Faruk told the court that, he was served the notice Tuesday morning and asked for time to enable him respond appropriately.

After listening to the submissions of counsel on both sides, the judge adjourned to Wednesday for bail application hearing.


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  • Rommel

    So the entire Jonathan administrations machine was about stealing of public funds?

    • Sean

      It’s evident!

      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

        No doubt.

  • Sean

    A good development!!

  • Burning Spear


    • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

      Is that all you can say? The above mentioned suspected are no longer the witch hunted from the east but that the time of those who are prosecuting them will come. But why are you like this. Are you one of the beneficiaries of our present predicament? Please you can indulge in more beneficial thing than being the advocate of these people.


    The EFCC has as a matter of fact, outlived it usefullness to its

    orignal founder,OBJ.

    OBJ is nomore in power,and therefore EFCC must now be dismantled.

    The Chief,Olusegun Obasanjo,our erstwhile President, had in

    his time, used the EFCC to hound his political foes,real or imagined.

    But today,our rogue Fulani President,Muhammadu Buhari has

    reconstituted the EFCC as one of his Jhadist Institutions, like

    his Miyetti Cattlle Breeders’ Association of Nigeria, and its

    ramapaging Fulani Herdsmen, to intimidate and oppress us

    indigenous Nigerians.

    The EFCC is now used by the Caliphate of Sokoto in its grand

    plan to Islamise and make our fatherland its Usman Dan Fodio


    Our Former First Lady,Dame Patience Jonathan,is a daughter of Rivers State and therefore,one of our Oil Princesses.She got

    married to a Bayelsan Oil Princes, Prof. Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan,a former Governor of his State,an erstwhile Vice President of our Republic, and also our EX-President.

    At this juncture,it appers as if the current usurpers of power in

    the polity,are carrying their purported fight against corruption

    too far.

    When has there ever been such a harrasment of our ex- First Families in this country, like in this case of President Jonathan’s?

    Her Majesty,Patience Jonathan is not only the oil Queen of

    Rivers and Bayelsa, but also of our entire Eastern Nigeria.

    She is an untouchable.Period.

    Buhari and his EFCC morons,must plese, leave our Oil Queen alone!!

    • Okokondem

      It’s obvious you are not without a modicum of intelligence, yet you choose to be this caricature which could only mean it’s all a joke to you, except the pillaging of our commonwealth be it by the Ijaw, Ibibio, Hausa, Fulani, Yoruba or even Igbo, doesn’t make it right. You have this preoccupation with defending the indefensible.

      If you really want to argue regional politics, why don’t you explain to people of the SE why their regional president for 6 years failed to rebuild the Onitsha bridge that is in jeopardy of collapse.

  • Okokndem

    My goodness, it just keeps coming. Everybody is compromised. What kind of a society is this? Nigerians have contributed and in fact made it possible for this culture of thievery to thrive by their docile, noncommittal, nonchalant attitude towards crime and corruption.

    Elsewhere in the world people react, agitate and kick against disinfrachisement. Rightly or wrongly, the Brazilian female president was just impeached for far less than what Nigerians perpetrate every day. Yet every day brings a new revelation of another case of looting.

    To be frank, the name EFCC has become synonymous with ineffectiveness. Do we know of anyone actually convicted of anything by them?

    • FreeNigeria

      EFCC is just as corrupt as the people they’re trying. You wonder why they can’t get any conviction. Welcome to Nigeria, The country of ineffectual buffoons

      • Henry_Itopa

        EFCC does not convict. That’s the judiciary and it is where cases get tied because they are compromised.

    • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

      Did you read yourself at all. If efcc is to prosecute,is it the one that will give judgement at the same time? This is where judicial incompetent comes in. Despite all these damning evidences the judges still find it difficult to issue a conviction to these people. Can you blame buhari,can you blame the efcc? Please re frame and re post your comment as appropriate.

      • Okokondem

        You are right, conviction was a wrong choice of word as the EFCC has no statutory authority to convict. What I meant was their arrests never led to convictions. However, I still believe they bear some responsibility for the low rate of or no conviction due to the obvious propensity to collect kickbacks in exchange for compromising the case.

        But I agree with, you the preponderance of the failure to convict lies with the judiciary.

        • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

          We can appreciate this regime of efcc as those in the previous regime were in complete comatose. Yes the issue of kickbacks is not evitable completely. Take the recent discovery in the Russian anti corruption boss that was caught with several numbers of dollars cash. But in the case the evidence are more than glaring and the judge throws away the case on a flimsy excuse of technicality. Before we blame the efcc,blame the compromised judicial system,so that we would not be blaming the wrong person or people.

          • Okokondem

            Right. However, again, we cannot afford to excuse or exonerate any component of our judicial branch…POLICE, LAWYERS and JUDGES without absolute certainty that they are not part of the problem, and we don’t know that.

          • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

            One thing my brother,they continue to take us for a ride because they believe we don’t know anything. Hence the reason why we must drop this name callings and engage our leaders intellectually just like you have earlier done.I agree that we cannot exonerate any of those components, especially the investigating one which comprises the police and the efcc,since efcc is an appendage of the police force. Yet the onus still lies in the judiciary which is the final arbita. We must continue to put the blame where it is due and not misplace it. Despite over #30b accruing to the coffer of the judiciary annually, they are still subservient to the elites.

          • Okokondem

            I couldn’t agree more my brother. See you later.

          • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

            The lawyers?please don’t just go there. Did you remember the riki tafa’s bribery case?such were or are the lawyers who cannot argue intelligently but offer bribes to the judges. Many of them are stupendously rich,without any justifications other than the gratifications from the accused they defend. Nigerian lawyers are some of the shameless lawyer I have ever known. They defend anything in the name of human right and right to a lawyer. In the developed countries where shame seems to be a plague sometimes lawyers a deliberately paid to represent some criminals,at least to have a lawyer. But not in Nigeria where you see them scrambling over themselves to defend the criminals,no matter how dirty the offence especially when money is involved. Nigeria lawyers have no principle or shame. Am sorry for using that word.

  • FreeNigeria

    No wonder the military couldn’t defeat Boko Haram, they’re corrupt to their brains. Thank God our neighbors didn’t invade us, they would have captured the whole country in just hours.

    • vagabonds in power

      Mumu would the Navy have fought in the desert—-around the North east with boko haram also?

      • FreeNigeria

        You see the product of failed educational system in Nigeria, I said “Military”, not just Navy. yes, as info, navy send personnel alongside other fighting forces, mostly corpsmen.

  • Okokndem


    Did you just refer to Patients Jonathan as the “queen” of the eastern region? Did you use the term, eastern region? Really?

    Good morning, VAGABONDS IN POWER

  • Fadama

    Evil men. And look around them and you will see poverty among their extended family, neighbours and kindred.

  • Okokndem

    I’m tired, this commentary thing is an exercise in futility. If Nigerians, including me want to kick against the looting and injustices going on in their country for the past 50 years, they just have to leave their computers and smart phones and do what everyone else does, let the ruling class know they object to this style of democracy.

    I will take a break from this. I leave it to those who think this is all a joke, like VAGABONDS IN POWER.

  • Okokndem

    Before I go, I received a text message from my immediate older brother who lives in Nigeria, whose son is aspiring to get into a Nigerian university to do medicine, something we need so badly in my family.

    The young man has a combined score of JAMB and WAEC of over 320 using some convoluted methodology. Anyway, that is considered a good score that meets and exceeds the requirements. Even his high friend and classmate who scored far less than my nephew found his name on the primary list of applicants for medicine.

    So, my brother drove to campus, armed with his son’s scores, and was told a mistake has been made and was promised the son’s name will appear in the supplementary. There’s a caveat…he has to come up with half a million naira in kickbacks. This is the definition of a failed state.

    • Du Covenant

      My broda, this is what is deeply wrong with Nigeria and Buhari or this administration is not to be blamed. It calls for all meaningful Nigerians to say enough is enough and support this government to rid this country of the cancer that takes away HOPE from our youths…

      • Okokondem

        Thanks my brother. I personally don’t blame any one person, or tribe, or party because the cancer (as you accurately labeled it) that is corruption in Nigeria respects no boundary.

        I am willing to give any new leader, such as Buhari, the benefit of the doubt given the complexity of the country called Nigeria. However, Buhari looses me when most of his appointments suggests that he believes one region of the country has a monopoly on solutions to the county’s challenges.

        • Du Covenant

          My broda, we are essentially on the same page. Honestly, I have reached the stage that I don’t care where any person comes from provided he/she does the right thing wherever they are posted. What makes the Yoruba, Igbo & Hausa believe that Nigeria belongs to them and only them despite the diversity in our country?. So, one can be as decent as anything if you don’t belong to any one of the three, you are not qualified occupy any office in Nigeria?. Is this how those countries that have progressed think?. Obama would NEVER have emerged in such a setting yet, we all celebrated!. These three have reduced Nigeria into a laughing stock among nations and we have to live with it. I frankly do not know who is Buhari’s relative or not that is in government today. I am interested in doing the right thing so we can break the vicious cycle we have found ourselves 56 yrs post independence. The recklessness, impunity and arrogance has to stop for Nigeria to move forward otherwise we are stuck!.

      • Otile

        Why can’t you blame Sai Barbarian, didn’t he come in boasting that he was gonna wipe out corruption? Did he not lnstead appoint his corrupt relatives to high offices?

        • marcos avelino

          Sick small wicked mind never seeing anything good full of hatred and rancur. Low intelligence can get out of his prissoned turtured soul. Poor moron

          • Otile

            Which of Sai Barbaria’s high appointee is not corrupt?

    • LionHeart

      This is one of the reasons why Nigeria may never do well. They frustrate the intelligent ones and push the dull ones through bribery. No wonder we are producing half baked graduates.

  • Nkem

    Why is it almost every single one of them steals? Is it that only thieves get appointed to positions in government or everyone who gets appointed suddenly becomes a thief? I don’t just understand.
    Maybe we should commission a study into how the brains of these people work. Maybe it is in the blood of the average Nigerian – to steal simply on a whim, and in such senseless and callous manner.

    • Africa

      Good question, the honest answer is that the average Nigerian would steal if given the opportunity.

    • Kwarruption

      With at least 4 wives and twenty children. These people cannot but steal. When most of their wives have expensive lifestyle with caches of gold ornaments, travels to Dubai and London for holidays and shopping their men cannot but steal. The children and forced to study in big schools in UK, UAE etc. Some of the schools are paid to accommodate these children. With fleet of expensive cars to maintain and planned marriages and expensive weddings, these people cannot but look for easy money to take. Yet they can only plead not guilty while keeping their loot.

  • Spoken word

    this country has continously been gang raped by all these government officials


    Let our conscience judge us.

  • onyearmy

    What do you expect from a country whose president has no waec or proper qualification.

    • tundemash

      Mor0n, was it not under your Dumbo Jo this stealing of your destiny took place ? You have issues with a govt that is charging to court those who raped your future and you are here ranting; your future is bleak !