Chibok girls in U.S. ‘used by NGOs for money’ – Minister, Parents


The federal government and parents of some Chibok schoolgirls that escaped from Boko Haram, have accused non-governmental organisations of using the girls to get donations in the United States.

After the April 14, 2014 abduction of Chibok girls, some individuals and NGOs had offered to help the girls who escaped overcome their trauma. Some 15 girls were given offers to go to the United States for their education.

But the parents of the girls and the Ministry of Women Affairs said most of the girls were used by the NGOs to get money from donors.

On Thursday, the minister of Women Affairs, Aishatu Alhassan, was in Maiduguri the Borno state capital, where she met with the parents and later addressed the media.

According to the minister, of the 15 girls currently in the U.S., only five are in schools as promised.

Mrs. Alhassan, who spoke in the presence of some parents of the abducted girls, said the education of another five girls had to be taken over by the Murtala Mohammed Foundation after the intervention of the federal government.

“We have heard reports that some of the Chibok schoolgirls that escaped abduction were taken to the U.S. by some persons under a private arrangement of which the government was not involved,” she said.

“We wanted to talk to the parents about these girls in the U.S. because every Nigerian is the business of the government. The welfare of every Nigerian is the responsibility of government whether in Nigeria or abroad.

“Therefore when we got the information that the girls were being used as tools for making money – not prostitution – but in the sense that they will be taken here and there where they go and relay their experiences during the insurgency, especially the invasion of Chibok town by Boko Haram and how they were abducted.

“After that, people used them to ask for donations; by so doing they make money out of it. So the girls became fed up; and started complaining that they were taken to U.S. on an arrangement that they were going to send them to school and that they were going to pay for their school. But unfortunately they said they were not allowed to remain in school.

“The Nigerian government of course has business in the welfare of every Nigerian at home or overseas; so officials now went in and did some investigation and found that the case was true. So through the ministry of foreign affairs, my ministry was contacted; and there was a meeting held with the parents who we invited to discuss the matter.

“Now we had gotten a letter from one of the people that took the girls now making some demands pertaining to the girls and that necessitated my coming to meet with the children’s parents so that we talk now that I am in Maiduguri. We have discussed and understood each other and charted the way forward. And I am going back to report to Mr. President who encouraged me to meet with the ministry of foreign affairs and the parents.

“I have briefed them that the government is still doing its best to make sure that the ones in captivity are brought back home safe and sound. And they all appreciated our efforts and today they also dissociated themselves with any group including bring back our girls group that tries to use their name in order to insult the government or to undermine the authority of Mr. President.

“Most importantly, I conveyed Mr. President’s regards and how he feels for them as well as the concerns he has over the plight of their girls in captivity,” Mrs. Ahlhassan said.

Responding on behalf of the parents of the missing girls, Yakubu Nkeki Maiva, who identified himself as the chairman of the parents of abducted Chibok girls said “on the issue of our daughters that managed to escape from Boko Haram during the abduction who are now schooling in the US, we want the federal government to take over from those organizations and individuals, we want them to now study under the care of the federal government.

“When they were taken abroad we were told that they were going there to study and not going on tourism. We want them to return home with certificates and not tourists’ experiences. We want government to come in and take over their education there,” he said.

Another parent, Paul Ali Maiva, said the idea of the girls going abroad for free scholarship came through him when he was contacted by Paul Gadzama.

“I am one of the parents of the girls that were taken to the USA,” he said.

“Our daughters were taken abroad through Mr. Paul Gadzama whom we thanked for his kindness. But I never knew him but I just saw a call on my phone and he introduced himself, then informed me that he wanted my daughter to be taken the US in order to get her education. He said I should discuss with my wife and get back to him. I thanked him and then had a thought over it with my wife.

“So I allowed my daughter and the orphan daughter of my younger brother to be taken away by Mr. Paul alongside other girls from different parents who had also escaped the abduction.

“We are happy that they are there studying. But from the information we are hearing of late, it seemed they are not really studying in schools as we assumed. We understand that they are being used for show business where they would be taken to places for them to narrate how they escaped Boko Haram captivity; and then afterwards they will be given money. That was not want we wanted for our children.

“It is in that respect that we are pleading with the federal government to help us retrieve our daughters and let them if possible be under the federal government while they are schooling. We don’t want our daughters to be used for trading abroad; all we wanted for them is education that will enable them have useful certificates that can be beneficial to the country, our state and Chibok community. We plead with government to help us rescue our other girls. We need your help”.

But the minster said the government could not take over the girls’ education directly since it was not part of the earlier arrangement.

She however said the government would do all it could to get some other NGOs that could be magnanimous to take over the sponsorship of the girls education as it did with the five currently under the care of Murtala Foundation.


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  • dami

    “….the welfare of every Nigerian is the responsibility of government whether in Nigeria or abroad.”

    and those being executed as alleged drug dealers abroad are not Nigerians? did you make a case for them like how you are doing now for these girls?…’re just are as bad as the NGO’s you accuse of fraud…you only want the FG to get involved so you can pad and steal.

    • Dejandon

      Go to Indonesia and carry drug please. And then think we will use our money to support you. You ate strictly on your own.

    • Alhaji

      So, because you want government to rescue you, you are trafficking in drug? Carry your drug to Saudi Arabia, and government will rescue you in a second when you head is chopped off. And by selling drug, you promoting Nigeria’s “good” image?

      • Wetin Naija

        The minister is so wrong. She has no idea what is saying.

    • Oladele

      So govt should stop execution of your colleagues who committed crimes abroad and are been duly punished?

      • dami

        i don’t think they can stop it…but they can sure send in legal representation to ensure that whoever he / she is gets a fair trial…that is still some sort of intervention.

    • Rommel

      If any Nigerian carries drugs to any country that drugs is not punishable by death and the person is sentenced to death,then it becomes our responsibility but should you go to places where it is the statutory punishment, then I am sorry,we will only send embassy officials to observe their executions

    • Xray

      Dont mind these crooked opportunistic parasites. There are over 241 Universities in Nigeria in 36 different states with varied weather conditions – a “country” with vast space sufficient to Isolate these girls from their immediate Boko Haram environment. They could have gone to Ogun state, Cross Rivers or Nnewi to study where Boko haram will be far away from them…and the cost would be far less. BUT the COLO-MENTALITY in Nigerians and especially our brain dead politicians is second to none. Why take the girls to America in the first place? Why???????…..I hear Sokoto state has withdrawn her students from China, Kaduna and Gombe have withdrawn theirs from Russia, Sudan and the Islamic University of Uganda. Horrible isn’t it? – What were these state Govs thinking when they took state resources to send people abroad to study when Universities at home require the funds to meet up with the standards. It is pure stumpidiity.

      • solomon olushola

        Thank you my brother, just like the Amnesty program in Niger Delta. Why sending ex-militant overseas to learn a trade?.

        • alohsulo nomolos

          …in the first place, there is nothing like ‘ex-militant’. Once a militant, always a militant. All Niger Deltans are militants.

  • Babrutus

    Just Negodu..!

  • vagabonds in power

    The NGOs have all the rights in the world to raise money on behalf of the girls—-where was Alhaji Dangote ati Bingo Aisha Bello Buhari of Aso rock and Kagi state? Dangote a Fulani and the richest man in africa–what is he doing with his money—-the Apes in APC are just using these fake Chibok Girls to score cheap political points with Nigerians–there was nothing like the abduction of any chibok girls–in Borno state—These are hired school girls from Borno state—The entire mess was politically motivated by the Yorubas and Fulanis-If the welfare of every citizen is the job or concern of government then why allow the said NGO take control of the girls–change begins with Buhari not us—the poverty stricken Nigerians—This is no headline story my friend-

  • Ayinde

    Beware ! Beware !! Beware !!!
    Trust this arrangement and you are done with.

    Read through the Govt. is not taking over their management but handing them over to another NGO .

    The question then is what purposes is achieved with that ? if Govt is sincerely interested in their welfare, Govt should take them over and not hand over to another group. Besides there is a lot of suspicion around the whole of this govt. intervention. This same group related with the said NGO when they were aspiring to office, now when the relationship has gone sour, they are now condemning the same NGO they used .

    SMELL RAT !, chibok mothers please BEWARE ooo

  • canzete

    If the government was not part of the initial arrangement, should they then be abandoned by government?

  • Wetin Naija

    Some Nigeria government officials are deceiving the parents of these Chibok girls for their own selfish benefit. I can bet you that Nigeria government officials are looking for ways to make money out of these Chibok girls. As long as these girls are in America, they will get to any level of education they want. The civil societies of America and the United State government will protect the girls. It is not easy to be allowed into the USA, even I as a US citizen I knew what I went through to get my younger brother over to US. The parents of this girls should consider themselves very lucky and blessed because the future these girls will be bright. The NGO of course will need to raise money to provide for the girls need and education. We all know that the federal government of Nigeria will never be able to provide for this girls in America. I know an NGO that comes to Imo state every year for medical mission. They will come with American trained medical doctors and nurses, and they perform over one thousand surgeries every year for free. Of sudden some Nigerian local doctors planned with the government to frustrate the good work of NGO.

  • Rommel

    The traditional African mentality has always been to use poverty ridden looks to extract funds from benevolent people,we have heard how scandinavian NGO’s in east Africa give children tattered clothes,ask them to be bare footed,stage them to look poor and unkempt,film them,invent stories and use that image to solicit for funds which they spend on lives of luxury,it is an age old scam and so the people using Chibok girls will not be the last,there is even evidence of this in the bible where people who were using a disabled family member to beg for alms got angry after the person was healed meaning they were exploiting the situation

    • Wetin Naija

      I live in America and I understand how the system works. As long as the girls are in America, no one can exploit them. If one of the girls should report any exploitation to the school authority, an immediate will be taken. In fact the girls will be under the watchful eyes of the school authority. It is true that many NGOs collect money from western nations under the pretense of helping poor countries, but as long as the girls are in America, they are hundred times better of than any average school girls in Nigeria.

      • Rommel

        While what you say is true about systems functioning in America,the system can also be problems at times and there are many trafficked people in united states who are being used as sex slaves right under the very nose of cops with some receiving cuts,there are rogues everywhere

      • BankyMons

        I absolutely agree with Rommel (and this is a first I must confess). The western ‘charities’ or NGOs as they are known in most countries are nothing but a huge scam. 90% of donations from benevolent individuals and organisations are usually spent on pecks, fat salaries and pension pots for the Charities’ executives. In some instances, they are used to launder drug monies, channel money/cash for purchase and distribution of arms and weapons of war. My first question on BBOG was, who bankrolled and pay for their expenses? There are a number of the so-called BBOG campaigners who are doing the campaign full-time and I ask how do they pay their bills? As at the time BBOG was formed, Oby Ezekwesili was in the employment of Open Society Foundations – you can research for yourselves the activities of OSF around the globe. Whatever happened in this Chibok saga (Chibokgate) will be exposed in due course.

    • Otile

      You Muslims are deranged. Why are you want to use your Boko Haram cruelties to discredit the Holy Bible?

  • NinjaK

    Is this News?
    ….even one of the “founders” of BBOG (apparently planted by APC) had since used the same noise-making platform to first nack Chief-Of-Staff in Kaduna, pending upliftment to very “lootcrative” NPA job.
    Who is fooling who!

  • FineBoy

    Babylon system is a vampire.

  • vagabonds in power

    List of Sectors That Have Shut Down Business Due to Buhari’s Ill Advised Policies

    Below are the list of sectors that have shut down business within one year due to Buhari’s unfriendly policy.

    1. Aviation sector.Some airline have relocated to other countries to continue their businesses.While those who are still in the country have retrench workers to cut down on cost.

    2. Maritime sector.Last week 20 firms in the maritime sector shut down business and 3000 workers were retrenched.

    3. Banking sector.To remain in business,banks are sacking their workers.

    4. Manufacturing sector.The manufacturing sector need foreign currency to buy raw materials abroad to produce their finish goods due to the non availability of raw materials locally.Since buhari has restricted dollars to only his friends and family,manufacturers are finding it hard to carryon with their businesses.They have also resort to retrenchment of workers.

    5. Agricultural sector.The minister of agriculture, Audu Ogbe is the most inept political appointee ever under Buhari. Just as Buhari is calling for the Diversification of the nation’s economy from crude oil to agriculture and other mineral resources.

    The minister has removed subsidy on fertilisers. When farmers are planting their crops, Fulani herdsmen will move their cattle to eat farmer’s crops. When they complain, the cattle rearers who are armed to the teeth will be killing them.

    The president and his minister have not called for the herdsmen prosecution.But rather blamed the perpetrators as Libyans.

    The minister has also put measures place to import grasses for Fulani herdsmen cattle at a dollar subsidy.

    In conclusion.With all these businesses closing down, the government is also losing taxes and unemployment is on the increase.

    • kinsly

      We are still waiting for you to shut down then we can believe you. DSS will soon track you, watchout.

  • Wetin Naija

    I live in America and I understand how the system works. As long as the
    girls are in America, no one can exploit them. If one of the girls
    should report any exploitation to the school authority, an immediate
    will be taken. In fact the girls will be under the watchful eyes of the
    school authority. It is true that many NGOs collect money from western
    nations under the pretense of helping poor countries, in fact many of those NGO are operated from Nigeria by your very powerful and well connected politicians, but as long as the
    girls are in America, they are hundred times better of than any average
    school girls in Nigeria.

    • Contact Point

      You are saying nonsense by saying that for the fact that they are in the US, they are 100x better than any average girl in Nigeria. That is full of rubbish. The US is it the one I have not toured to severally? Has United States changed for you to compare girls been exploited to be better off 100x even than an average girl in Nigeria. It is this blindness of the mind that make people like you cast aspersion to everything Nigeria, that you even wished your gr8 grandparents were slaves in US. Nonsense, the gals are not better anything, not even a street hawker who is schooling here, they are not better off so make your investigation and tell us your yardstick

  • Conscience Speaks

    My People

    PREMIUM TIMES wants to divert attention from the meeting between President Buhari
    and Nigeria’s newspaper editors today. Premium Times is instead talking about events
    in New York, Arizona, and Massachusetts. Nigerians must be on alert and demand to
    know how much the Buhari distributes to the newspaper editors at today’s meeting.
    The money to be distributed as bribe to buy public support for Buhari’s nonsense
    is the people’s money in the treasury. It is not President Buhari’s monthly salary.
    Nigerians must demand to know how much cash is put in each brown envelope.
    Premium Times’ attempt to cover up for President Buhari must be resisted.

  • Infogistz

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  • thusspokez

    But the parents of the girls and the Ministry of Women Affairs said most of the girls were used by the NGOs to get money from donors.

    So what? Aishatu Alhassan sounds so backward. Obviously she is not familiar with the business of raising money in advanced countries.

    How else are the NGO going to get donation for the girls. This is how these things work in the West. Malala, the Pakistani girl, use herself to appeal for donation which she uses to fund her charity. This meant lots of travelling around the world to meet and seek donors and donations. To get people to donate, you have to appeal to them through the media, events where you speak and tell your audiences your stories.

  • Remi

    It is quite unfortunate that some people are trying to
    benefit from private, community & national trauma , in the matter of this
    group of Chibok girls. However, if our own government were alive to it’s
    responsibilities, in the first instance, those girls – who are bonafide
    Nigerian citizens, should never have been taken out of Nigeria to start with. Western
    NGOs – with their “white saviour” complex – thrive on, and profit, from African
    governments dereliction of their duties to their citizens. In my estimation,
    majority of western NGOS will be out of business, the very day African governments
    start to live up to their responsibilities to their citizens. Citizens whose
    governments do not care about their welfare easily fall prey to the shenanigans
    of dubious NGOs. Had government promptly moved in to receive and counsel the Chibok
    girls who managed to escape their captors, instead of playing politics, and
    being in denial, these girls would not be in the situation they are in now. What someone should ask this minister who is, again
    playing politics with the Chibok girls fate is: what plans – for treatment,
    counselling, rehabilitation and resettlement does her government have for the
    girls currently in captivity, upon release? I will be pleasantly surprised if
    she is able to articulate any solid plan.

  • Excisionist

    The girls are far better there in the US than they would be if they were to be in Nigeria. That is a fact.

    The present Nigerian government is incapable of taking care of very simple things there in Nigeria. One wonders why the interest in these girls who are doing well where they are. Buhari should concentrate effort in rescuing those still in captivity and those rescued that are still in Nigeria as well as the the internally displaced people who are starving.

    I have listened to some of the girls in the US. It appears that the interest of the Nigerian government is not necessarily in the welfare of the girls but in what they are revealing about the situation in that part of Nigeria. They want to gag them so that they cannot speak. That is the main reason

    The American Democratic party, under the influence of a corrupt lobby led by one witch (called Jean Herskovits ) has taken a position about Nigeria that shows a complete ignorance of what is going on in Nigeria, especially in the north. That is why in his state visit to Nigeria the US secretary of state went to Sokoto instead of Abuja. That is how the Northern Islamic cabal wants thing to be and to be seen about Nigeria.

    I can’t wait for Trump becoming president and the Republican party in charge.