How Dogara, Gbajabiamila, others received N10 billion in illegal allowances — Jibrin

Dogara Jibrin

A former Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Appropriations, Abdulmumin Jibrin, on Friday accused some senior lawmakers in the House of living large by appropriating illegal allowances to themselves at the expense of Nigerian taxpayers.

The lawmakers, who currently serve in different capacities as principal officers of the House, have allegedly shared more than N10 billion amongst themselves as “office running cost,” a subhead legislators have used for years to corner illegal allowances to themselves.

Nigerians have complained about these illegal allowances for years but this is the first time in Nigeria’s history that a serving lawmaker would open up on the sharp practices.

Mr. Jibrin disclosed the details in an email to PREMIUM TIMES Friday night as part of the unfolding budget padding scandal he triggered more than a month ago.

The 10 principal officers and the funds they have allegedly received so far as running costs included the Speaker of the House, Yakubu Dogara, who allegedly got the largest share of N1.5 billion.

Others on the list included Deputy Speaker, Yusuf Lasun, N800 million; Majority Leader, Femi Gbajabiamila, N1.2 billion; his deputy, Buba Jibril, N1.2 billion; House Whip, Alhassan Doguwa, N1.2 billion; and his deputy, Pally Iriase, N700 million.

The rest included Minority Leader, Leo Ogor, N1.2 billion; Minority Whip, Yakubu Barde, N700 million; Deputy Minority Whip, Binta Bello, N700 million; and one Chuma he listed as Minority Whip, N700 million.

But contrary to what Mr. Jibrin stated in his statement, PREMIUM TIMES could not find any lawmaker by the name Chuma with the designation of Minority Whip.

Similarly, Mr. Jibrin listed Mr. Barde as Deputy Minority Leader who has been in the House since 2007. But findings by this newspapers showed that Mr. Barde was first elected in 2003 and he serves as Minority Whip. Our Efforts to get Mr. Jibrin to clarify these ambiguities were unsuccessful as calls to his known telephone number was neither answered nor returned.

Although the latest allegations primarily targeted the familiar names Mr. Jibrin had been waging political and media war against for weeks, it nonetheless, marked the first time the Kano lawmaker would openly accuse Mr. Gbajabiamila of being a beneficiary of fraudulent proceeds.

The inclusion of Mr. Gbajabiamila did not however entirely come as a surprise to observers. He was among the principal officers who jointly signed a statement last week to castigate Mr. Jibrin and threaten him with sanction when the House resumes from its recess in September.

In his statement on Friday, Mr. Jibrin said he listed Mr. Gbajabiamila and other principal officers to show that he was not only waging a war to remove Mr. Dogara from office but also to stop the questionable office running largesse, which he described as the sole unifying force for the 360-member House.

“Most of these members use it to acquire properties, cars and live a life of luxury they never lived before coming to the House,” Mr. Jibrin said.

Mr. Jibrin said he would continue the fight because “It is only when the legislature comes with purity that effective oversight will be carried out and investigative hearing to expose fraud and corruption can be undertaken.”

Mr. Jibrin said he was waging the campaign with the hope that it would bring about a lasting turnaround in the fraudulent premise upon which many aspiring lawmakers readily base their ambitions.

“The consequential effect of dealing with corruption in the House, especially the allowances issue, will take its toll on even elections. Candidates usually spend so much money hoping that they can recoup from the huge allowances they will receive when elected into House.

“When you know that there is no such money in the House to be shared, I am sure nobody will want to put in so much money just to win an election to the House.

“The resultant effect will be that only people who truly want to serve will vie for the office, and voters will be obliged to vote according to the dictate of their conscience. This is just one advantage,” Mr. Jibrin said.

Mr. Jibrin made the first revelations about the fraudulent manipulation of 2016 budget on July 21, a day after he was eased out as chairman of the powerful appropriations committee.

This week, he celebrated the first month of what experts described as of one Africa’s biggest parliamentary scandals and ascribed his perseverance to his natural desire for political advocacy.

“I have said it repeatedly that this activism has been running in my blood, and thankfully the fallout of the 2016 budget became the trigger and provided me with the right avenue.”

Mr. Jibrin, therefore, implored Nigerians to remain steadfast and vigilant as he leads the cause to liberate it from those he described as corrupt elements.

“As we continue this struggle to wipe out corruption and restore sanity in the House of Representatives, I will continue to urge Nigerians to remain vigilant as these corrupt elements can go to any length to change the narration and evade justice,” Mr. Jibrin said.

Mr. Dogara’s spokesman, Turaki Hassan, did not answer PREMIUM TIMES’ calls seeking comments for this story.

Abdulrazak Namdas, the spokesperson for the House, could also not be reached for comments as his listed telephone line was switched off the several times our reporter called.


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  • Olawale O

    Na wa. Who do we believe. The is even no honour among this thieves.

  • O.k is Okay

    Premium Times Editor,

    Femi Gbajabiamila is a misfit

    Femi Gbajabiamila is a misfit. He is a thug in reps’ clothing. He is not a person of knowledge.
    He is a rabble-rouser who speaks at the level of poor secondary school education. He does
    not read. He cannot analyze any complex public policy with understanding. The people of
    Surulere in Lagos state may as well be better represented by a vulcanizer. For so long
    as hare-brained fellas like Femi Gbajabiamila – who fights and wrestles others inside
    the Parliament after scaling the fence of the National Assembly – are those elected
    by Nigerians, the country can only worsen from economic recession into failed state.
    Nigerian voters make atrocious choices and get robbed for it by Femi Ghajabiamila.
    The only thing going for Femi Ghajabiamila is Islam. His APC party is Islamist party.
    Empty headed Muslims like Raji Fashola and Femi Gbajabiamila are pitch-forked.
    The preferment of Muslims in Lagos state APC throws up creatures like these.
    In turn, disguised dullards, like Alhaji Supo Shasore, then recur as appointee.

    • Pointsblank2000




      • J.J. Akin-Thomas


        Leave Dogoro and Dogara thief-thief for a while and see the big picture.

        See, my brother, once the majority Lagos Christians choose to be ruled
        over by poorly educated Muslims there’s nothing you can do to save the
        situation. That is just the truth. The Christians see the horrors but they
        accept the rule of Muslim ignoramuses. Go to Alausa Secretariat.

        Almost everybody
        in Lagos civil service today is either a Muslim Raufu or Salaaming Salawu.
        Christians are just educated taxpayers to the illiterate Muslim overlords in
        Lagos state. Is it a surprise that between Alhaji Bola Tinubu and Alhaji Raji
        Fashola Lagos state degraded in global city comparison into the 3rd
        worst city in the whole world? That is how far the rule of ignorant Muslims has
        destroyed Lagos.

        • Mama Kay

          Good try but Yoruba people do not care about your religion.

          Religion is personal and professing to be of a certain religion does not equate to piety.

          Leave religion out of your argument. Only God knows who worships Him.

          Many so called religious people have been shown to be wolves in sheep clothing.

      • Henry_Itopa

        And yet somehow Lagos is the most successful and best run state (relatively) in the entire nation.

    • Wale Adegoke

      Gbajabiamila is not a Muslim but a devoted Christian. Please always cross check your facts.

      • Uncle Gbenga

        @Wale Adegoke:

        Alhaji Femi Gbajamila is a good Muslim, please! Don’t take his Islamic credentials away from him.

        • a.a.ark

          ….are these people thieves because they are Muslims….or they are Muslims because they are thieves?……I know why i am asking this question. …..Many Christians are thieves too……it is not
          only Muslims…..Dizeani Allison Madueke is a Christian……Goodluck Jonathan is a Christian……..
          ………………what i am saying is let us call a thief a thief….and not call him a Muslim or a Christian….

          • Eko ti baje O!

            Raji Fashola stated publicly at his handover in Lagos on May 29th, 2015, that he got total
            revenue of 2.34 Trillion Naira in his eight years in office. But that figure is very false
            and understated, just to cover up thefts, because the Lagos state Planning Commissioner
            (Akabueze) has falsified it and said that an average of ₦400 billion Naira entered into the
            Lagos state bank accounts, yearly.

            Give or take, therefore,
            total Lagos revenue from 2007 to 2015 should be ₦3.2 trillion; no less.
            By intentionally fabricating the accounts, 800 billion Naira is deemed missing;
            and stolen; and un-accounted for till date in Lagos. Where is the money?

  • Aminu Baba

    Iam beginning to like this Jibrin. The world learns a lot from reformed criminals. As he himself confessed, it is God that entered his heart in the middle of the night to wake up and start spilling the beans on his partners-in-crime. The nation either listens to him or keep silent for ever about fighting corruption in the land

  • Ebuga

    Yeye set of people… Obnoxious…

  • Charlie

    Jibrin has done his part, it is up to the media to dig further by independently investigating, and the general public need to start mobilizing against all the bastards.

  • wally

    God is using Jibrin he should be protected

    • Tunji Olarewaju

      At least, until proven otherwise

    • Oj

      Which God? This is a case of the Devil fighting against itself or if you like his agents fighting against theirselves. This one no concern God at all. When God starts with them we will know because it will be an earthquake on the Ritchter scale of 17.7 directly under Aso Rock and another massive earthquake occurring directly under the building of the so-called National assembly. That is when we can say God has struck….and this natural events are what some of us are praying for so that all the problems of Nigerians can die away within a second all in one breadth

  • Omoba1

    What is happening to this case? Why is there no investigation currently ongoing? This questions the independence of the EFCC. I read recently on the real reason why Sakari’s money was stolen by his DSS security aides and as at now these principal officers roam around the country freely.

    Is Nigerian law no applicable to some people any more?

  • The fact that Hon Jibrin opened up on the alleged budget padding after he was eased out as the chairman of the appropriations committee shows that he lacked genuine commitment to the fight against corruption.
    He had the singular opportunity to expose his colleauges, but seemed dilatory, only to open the can of worms after he was booted out as chairman. Let no one be deceived, Jibrin is not fighting for the masses, neither is he trying to clean the Augean stables; he is an over-ambitious and corrupt man who he is trying to sieze this opportunity to boost his political image, thereby using it as a stepping stone to further his career.

    • Izedomi Ohirein

      Exposing them is a good thing for Nigeria. When & how Jibrin did it is immaterial. These are affronts to the tenant of democracy. Most of these people belong in Kirikiri & not in our national assembly.

    • Vivian

      …it is like after failing an exam, you decide not to do a resit because passing the exam after given a second chance is meaningless because the first attempt gone wrong defines your intellect in perpetuity. This is exactly your argument…and it depicts in very clear terms how immature your Medular oblongata is in matters of civilized discuss as this. Grow up Boy! Learn to place culpability where culpability belongs. The issue is: Have these 10 crooks erred or not?

    • Commentsfile..!!!

      Only a thief can point his gang members out.
      some situation in life change people from good
      to bad or vice versa, Jibrin is a product of the
      Nigerias political situation.
      if the FG is serious about this fight against
      corruption, Mr Jibrin alone standing as the
      prosecutions witness will nail all these fellows
      joined with the evidence. I personally commend
      his courage, Never happend in Nigeria History.

  • Khalifa kofar-mata

    This Jubrin guy is telling us his own hand are clean? HA!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha! If u want to know the truth about this fellow, ask national assembly staff or his direct staff working with him. Jibrin is soooooo bitter about his removal from his very, very juicy appointment. I hope he’s still taking his antiretroviral drugs? Unfortunately, he infected a lot of ladies…we also hear men with virus.

    • Emeka

      Slavery was not abolished by the Africans that were traded but by the same slave masters the Europeans who benefited from slave trade. Jubrin have never said he was clean or not no the less that does not mean we have to ignore these allegations because he is corrupted. My point here is use Jubrin to fight corruption in the National Assembly once and for all. If we fail to use this golden opportunity handed to us then forget Nigeria as a nation.

      • Kike

        Why do u yIbos always bring in useless arguments? Are u jibrin’s image maker? So if Dogara and co are not brought to book according to you Nigeria will cease to be a nation? why support jibrin a hausa man when u are a biafran? Ja de!!!

        • Emeka

          Obviously it is people like you who supports corruption and use religion and tribal sentiments etc as defense to justify your crime , why your likes are looting are nation to destruction. With your likes in the judiciary that is the reason no high profile politician can ever be convicted in a Nigerian courts. What has Jubrin been Hausa got to do with bringing Dogara and his band of thieves to account.

  • Pete

    Where are the Buhari worshippers who were deceived into thinking that he is the New Sherrif in Town to curb corruption?
    Now, corruption is running wild. From illegal recruitments at CBN, FIRS, NNPC, PTDF, etc. to dollar round tripping, to budget padding, to Abba Kyari, Dambazzau and SGF’s bribe collection to nepotism and so on and so forth.
    New genres of corruption are being developed by Buhari and his cronies. Lord have mercy!

  • Gary

    The antics of Mr. Jibrin have now veered from the absurd to absolutely comical. So PT now drapes this drowning rogue trying to pull others down with him as a socia crusader against corruption in the NASS?
    Pray tell, is it news that Nigerians have consistently complained about the excessive compensation and benefits of our lawmakers? Was Jibrin himself not party to the largesse of buying themselves SUVs as the economy regressed into recession.

    So the fellow who unilaterally redirects funds for a Coastal Railway Line to fund a film village in his home constituency which he then attaches to the name of President Buhari, is the hero fighting corruption on behalf of the people? Wonderful!
    While he tries mightily, with the help of a fawning press, to divert attention from the welter of corruption investigations he still faces, Mr. Jibrin, needs to be encouraged to provide his comic relief as he might yet tell us something new. Or at worst, help the Nigerian electorate in choosing people of better mettle and integrity to stand as their representatives in the future.

    As they say where I live: It’s all good but, sorry Jibrin, you ain’t a hero in my book.

    • bob norberts

      He is a hero in my book, we are all born sinners until one repents of his sins, Yes Hon Jibrin could have been a repentant and have decided to aid and abet the sufferings of Nigerian masses.
      I pray that he moves up the ladder, Nigeria need him in this fight of sanitization

  • VINDICATED-Avengers Vindicated

    The 10 principal officers are:

    1. Yakubu Dogara [1.5billion] ————(NORTH)
    2. Yusuf Lasun [800 million]————-(NORTH)
    3. Buba Jibril, [1.2 billion] —————-(NORTH)
    4. Alhassan Doguwa, [1.2 billion] ——–(NORTH)
    5. Yakubu Barde, [700 million]————(NORTH)
    6. Binta Bello, [700 million] —————(NORTH)
    7. Femi Gbajabiamila, [1.2 billion] ——-(WEST)
    8. Pally Iriase, [700 million]—————-(WEST)
    9. Leo Ogor, [1.2 billion] ——————-(SOUTH)
    10. Chuma (No surname) [700 million]—–(EAST)

    The AVENGERS have been vindicated!. It is clear why AVENGERS are avenging. My prayers and fasting go to them. I pray that they blow up all the pipelines and oil wells because that is the only way to stop these thieves from stealing. Separation is the answer. Nigeria can never work under a clueless Buhari. Impossicant!

    • gimba waziri

      ND ministry got N800B to dev d region, all the money was —— by ministers from —— regions. justly fill in the blank. Whether from the north or south, these are common enemies that should be rejected by all of us.

    • Gwazy

      Separation is the answer go and carry the gun Na and next time you post show ya face and real name. E-Rat!

  • Imam OLODO

    …and these are the same t.h.i.e.v.e.s who ran to Imam OLODO for protection (Dongaran visied Bokohari last week) when the heat was gettig too much and he held a closed door secret meeting with Napoleon. Too bad! D. Camerron was right after all, the Animals in Animal Farm are indeed fantastically corrupt.

  • Pat

    Buhari never promised that people wouldn’t exhibit their act of corruption in his government but he promised to fight corruption with all government apparatus he could use. The boldness Jubrin has in making these revelations is as a result of his awareness of president attitude towards corruption. We are already blessed with a president that has a sincere desire to fight corruption, we just need to keep on supporting and praying for him to be successful in the fight. In Nigeria of today, the pro-corruption politicians and leaders out-numbered anti-corruption ones, even within the masses. Police, judiciary and legislature, including journalists have been totally taken over by corruption, the president can only rely on the masses. Let the masses stop falling into antics of these corrupt driven leaders and shun ethnic and religion sentiments which they enjoy as a shield for them to continue mortgaging our future and the future of yet unborn Nigerians. It is a hard fight, but the masses will win.

    • Yeye Fowl

      Keep quiet for there. Mumu. Now that it would be nonsensical to still blame Prof Jonathan for the abysmal failure of Buhari and the corruption he has introduced into governance you chose to absolve him of the blame by saying he never promised his team would not be corrupt. Tell me one leader (I am not insinuating that Buhari is one becos he is clealy not) who ever promises that his team will be saints. If Buhari has any sense left in his brain and he claims he has integrity then why not resign? Can’t you see how David Cameleon resigned after he lost Brexit vote? That is integrity in action …not this Buhari’s style of using the revenue from the TSA to buy red lip stick for one Aisha in New York. Yeye Fowls!

      • Pat

        You would have made a bit of sense if you have called Jonathan to resign when Oduah, Dezeani and others were diverting public money into their private accounts or if you have asked Jonathan to surrender himself for prosecution as a result of confessions of stealing perpetrated in his regime made by his aides.

      • Alhaji

        If he resigns where is going to get free food, accommodation, free money and junket he and his family are enjoying now without any work?


        you need help

      • deansmart

        Resingne for what allegation .ARE YOU MAD?or something

    • Commentsfile..!!!

      The sad truth… thanks!

    • Femi

      Something must be terribly wrong with you my dear. Can’t u see that Buhari is the problem here? With him has come more corruption, deaths, tears , sorrows and bloodshed. From the farms to the homes of Nigerians death stalks…and the Islamization agenda is under way with Muslims having the license to behead any Christain without prosecution. 5 days ago, it was in Zamfara, and 2 days ago, in Enugu …and Buhari sent a condolence message to the Families of the earthquake in Italy but not the families of the victims of Islamic terrorist attacks back in Nigeria. Is this the man you call a leader. Pls see a Doctor without delay.

      • Pat

        You are too sentimental in your judgement to be correct in your analysis. Religion killing, though barbaric, demonic and highly condemned has been in existence before Buhari. All sorts of killing was enhanced by the corrupt-filled PDP regime. I cannot start to count them because they are in public domain. Mind you, the PDP regime comprised of people from all the Geo-political zones in the country, who are enemies of Nigerian masses. They promoted killings under different fronts (even Boko Haram,) in order to continue their perpetration of corruption in the country at the detriment of masses development. I am a Christian, and there is no way I can be forced to drop my Christian faith, not in Nigeria. Stop using religion propaganda to manipulate peoples’ orientation to cause trouble. I know many are finding it difficult to believe that their source of free money is being taken away, which your statement is suggesting you are one of them, it will be better if you change your mind, repent and cross to the side of Nigerian masses. If not, your hatred for good government will soon consume you through heart attack.

      • lanre

        According to you, Buhari is always the problem.

        These allowances have been paid and collected since 1999.
        Padding has been going on since 1999.
        Lawmakers have been quiet on these matters UNTIL NOW….
        may be its because they sense a change in the mood of the populace.

        We are far from where we want to be, but little steps matter.

      • Alhaji

        But you voted for him for change. Some of you did night vigil and prayed for him so that he could implement islamic terrorists’ agenda. 98% of Redeemed Church members fasted for him in 2015 for jihad, and he is doing what you told him to do.

  • Imam OLODO

    PT, where are you people sending my comments to?

    • No Comments

      Bukola Saraki is head of Nigeria’s financial crimes mafia

      “The prosecutor added that his team invited the Guarantee
      Trust Bank officials and some of the individuals making the payments into the
      account including the account manager. “One is Oluwa Tujimu who we
      asked to report to the commision. From our interaction with him, we discovered
      that some of the lodgements were made through his superior, Abdurahman Dauda
      was a relationship manager of the account. It was discovered that the cash sums
      were handed to him by the defendant which according to him, he used to report
      to the government house to collect the cash sum
      ,” he said.

      When Rotimi Jacobs, lead Prosecutor, asked where the (Bukola)
      Saraki accounts were domiciled, the witnesses revealed that they were in GTB
      ilorin branch. He added that about 77 million naira was lodged into the account
      in one day. “We discovered one name Abdul Adama who made the
      transaction 50 times into the account. The sums were broken down between N600,
      000 to N900,000 but were lodged on the same day. Shortly after that, one Ubi
      made lodgements in the account on the same day about 20 times in the same day
      of about N600,000 to N900,000
      , he said”.

      • ???



  • Wetin Naija

    Nigerian house of thieves, NASS. Only God will save us from these elected criminals

    • truthseeker

      No, not only God. You, me, protests, strikes will save us from them.

      Inaction and the status quo remains.

  • new republic

    Before these criminals and rogues of house of rep return from their useless holliday,things will never be the same for them again.All this agitations here and there in the country they caused it,all the constituency projects money pocketed by these rogues.