EXCLUSIVE: 150 courses unaccredited in Nigerian universities — FULL LIST

National University Commission, Abuja.
National University Commission, Abuja.

At least 150 undergraduate academic programmes in Nigeria’s public and private universities are unaccredited, PREMIUM TIMES can authoritatively report today.

According to the 2016 accreditation status report by the National Universities Commission (NUC), exclusively obtained by this newspaper, the unaccredited courses are domiciled in 37 of 143 universities in the country.

The Quality Assurance Department of the NUC is in charge of accrediting courses in the universities.

For a course to be accredited, the NUC says, it must meet the Benchmark Minimum Academic Standards (BMAS) that has been drawn up by the commission.

Such a course, officials say, must have qualified faculty members, good learning environment and adequate teaching materials – equipment, books and journals.

Courses with full accreditation are due for re-accreditation every five years during which some courses might lose or retain their certification. Some fully accredited courses could be slammed with interim accreditation if their facilities and faculty are found to have depreciated.

Courses with interim accreditation are due for reassessment after two years, and back to back interim accreditation automatically leads to loss of accreditation.

The NUC says accreditation of courses is necessary to ensure “employers and other members of the community that Nigerian graduates of all academic programmes have attained an acceptable level of competency in their areas of specialization.”

The commission says it is also important to certify courses to assure “the international community that the programmes offered in Nigerian Universities are of high standards and that graduates of the institutions are adequate for employment and further studies.”

According to the NUC, pre-accreditation activities include drawing up a list of academic programmes to be certified, compilation of list of panel chairmen/members, time-tabling, budgeting and organizing the accreditation coordination meeting for panel chairmen and members in a simulation workshop.

The post-accreditation activities, according to the commission, include analyzing accreditation reports (technical and administrative), ranking of programmes and universities based on their accreditation status, publishing of accreditation status of programmes, issuance of certificates to programmes that earned Full and Interim accreditation results.

PREMIUM TIMES’ analysis of the accreditation result for 2016 showed that 150 courses are currently unaccredited in 13 federal universities, 16 state universities and eight private universities in the country.

The affected universities include universities such as the University of Nigeria, Nsukka; University of Benin, University of Jos, University of Calabar and the University of Abuja which has 15 of its courses, including Law, unaccredited.

See full list of unaccredited courses and their universities in the table below:


1University of Nigeria, NsukkaRussian
2University of BeninAnatomy
3University of CalabarBusiness Management
Theatre and Media Arts
Public Health
4University of JosHistory and International Relations
Medical Laboratory Science
Science Laboratory Technology
5Federal University of Technology, OwerriArchitecture
6Modibbo Adama University of Technology, YolaBanking
7Federal University of Technology, MinnaBiology Education
Chemistry Education
Geography Education
Industrial and Technical Education
Mathematics Education
Physics Education
8University of AbujaAccounting
English Language
Agricultural Education
Biology Education
Chemistry Education
Economics Education
Education (Social Science)
Geography Education
Integrated Science
Mathematics Education
9Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, BauchiAutomobile Education
Building Technology Education
Business Education
Electrical Electronics Technology Education
Integrated Science
Industrial Design
Survey & Geo-informatics
Applied Geophysics
Engineering Physics
Physics Electronics
10University of UyoEfik/Ibibio
11Nnamdi Azikiwe UniversityNursing Science
Industrial/Production Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
12University of Petroleum Resources, EffurunChemistry
Environmental Management & Toxicology
13Federal University, WukariEnglish/Literary Studies
14Rivers State University of Science & TechnologyQuantity Surveying
15Ambrose Alli University, EkpomaMaterial & Production Engineering
Political Science
16Abia State UniversityEnglish Language Education
French Education
Igbo Education
History Education
Religious Studies Education
Education (Library Studies/Igbo/English/Social Studies/Government)
Biology Education
Chemistry Education
Economics Education
Geography Education
Guidance & Counselling
Mass Communication
17Enugu State University of Science & TechnologyLibrary & Information Science
18Olabisi Onabanjo UniversityChristian Religious Studies Education
History Education
Islamic Studies Education
Electrical Electronics Engineering
19Ekiti State UniversityAfrican Traditional Religion
Religious Studies
Civil Engineering
20Lagos State UniversityEnglish Language
21Imo State University


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  • UOU

    Chimamda’s father, Professor Adichie is the first statistician in Nigeria, a UNN Professor yet Statistics is listed as non-accredited in UNN, what a contradiction or would I say, a shame of a list

    • Aboutsomthing

      narrow minded. what a shame and am sure u go call urself graduate…everything to u is political or ethnic bias even if its for ur own good.

      • deansmart

        What do you expect from m*nkey modifying human race.they think upside down.everything is negative to them.whenever issue to be discussed is against their nums

      • UOU

        Man mad, read again, hypocrite!! tribalism is innate and everything to you else you should counter the corrections I just made or if the list is genuine and not questionable, how can you say that Yoruba language is not accredited in a yoruba based university same as Igbo language in a university in Imo state or that Law is not accreditted in Uniabuja yet their graduates attend Law school every year. Monkey illiterate confused lost charlatan

    • June

      @ UOU
      So because chimamanda’s father is the first ever Nigerian statistician in Nigeria and therefore if the department don’t meet the standard is his fault and sole responsibility???
      Very shallow

      • UOU

        Read if backward again, remove sentiment then you will hold your very self responsible for the head of shallow minds. Monkey

  • Ifeanyi

    The author of this report left out an important information to the effect that courses are due for accreditation every 5 years during which some universities might lose, gain full or interim accreditation for their courses.

  • MammanJiyaVatsa

    Restructure Nigeria – Period !

  • Observer

    Why should the useless govt led by a man who did not pass WAEC exams bother about standards in Universities in Nigeria. Why should they bother? After all Buhari and all other govt officials send their children to schools in London, US, Philippines, Ghana, Sudan and even Benin Republic. Uneducated Buhari and his crooked govt should leave Nigerians alone. Leave us alone with our unaccredited courses. We love the courses like that, whether accredited or not. Ok?

    Meanwhile, the parents of the children that constituted 47% failure in the just released WAEC results have held a multi-religious thanksgiving service in Lagos and Abuja to celebrate the failure of their wards. Speaking at the event, one of the parents told reporters that they are excited about the failure of their children because it guarantees that at least one of them will become Nigeria’s president in the near future so that s/he can turn around the economy of Nigeria the way Buhari has turned it around.

  • Julian

    …how can you say that Efik, Ibibio, Igbo and other languages are unaccredited? But you have not listed Hausa Language as unaccredited. Why? Why???????????????????????????????????….Why is Hausa language not on he list of unaccredited courses? Are you saying that other tribes can’t speak their own languages very well? This is ethnic cleansing.

    • Alhaji

      Well, if you don’t want Hausa to be accredited then Buhari will not be able to talk to Nigerians. This is the only language he is fluent in when he is addressing the nation and the BBC.

    • Analyst

      How would you want Boko Haram to talk to Buhari? With English?

  • vagabonds in power

    The first question Premium times should have asked herself is whether Fulani President Buhari and the leader of the Apes in APC–Alpha Tinubu themselves were ever accredited to vie for the post of the President ati Governor and Senator of the FRN by INEC—–respectively————?——–Were they able to meet the requirements—-of INEC? Instead of Buhari to present his certificates to INEC—during his recent certificate less case–with the courts—which was later postponed till the coming of Our Lord Jesus –Christ———–by d trial judge, Buhari unexpectedly fiened sickness- and traveled to London to remove the mnaggots in his left ear——————–What is the qualification of Buhari—–Some now claim he has a Masters Degree from an Internally arranged course he attended in Virginia the USA—-which even a primary school lad could have attended provided that person can read and write-and is sponsored by the army period—-Those are the only requirements needed to attend the said institution———–But today Buhari is using his certificate of attendance to deceive gullible Nigerians——-animals

    • marcos avelino

      This is what your Lord Jesus –Christ did read —>

      But all the beautiful nubile young women who have not had sexual intercourse with a man you can keep for yourself but for pregnant women rip them open and kill all the young ones also.
      Bible Numbers 31:18

      Deuteronomy 2:32-34

      Then Sihon came out against us, he and all his people, unto battle at Jahaz. And Jehovah our God delivered him up before us; and we smote him, and his sons, and all his people. And we took all his cities at that time, and utterly destroyed every inhabited city, with the women and the little ones; we left none remaining. (ASV)

      • Gabriel Olasebikan

        “Umm, Abu Talib’s daughter, said: “The Apostle went on no journey except
        while he was in my house. He slept in my home that night after he prayed the final night
        prayer. A little before dawn he woke us, saying, ‘O Umm, I went to Jerusalem.’ He got up to
        go out and I grabbed hold of his robe and laid bare his belly. I pleaded, ‘O Muhammad,
        don’t tell the people about this for they will know you are lying and will mock you.’ He said,
        ‘By Allah, I will tell them.’ I told a negress slave of mine, ‘Follow him and listen.’”

        Do you believe this?

  • separation is the answer-


    Suppressed conversation.

    “They have cattle in uncountable numbers. All they need to do is to go into the chilled beef industry, have ranches, slaughter their cows in factories, have corn beef industry, package these things and import. They have vast lands. They can go into agriculture, which is a renewable type of activity. They have abandoned all that, just because of Niger Delta oil proceeds that they can get without working. What I am saying is that the process they have set in motion is self-destructive. They carried it to the National Assembly, stalled all proceedings there with regards to true federalism, derivation and resource control. But at the end of the day, they are shooting themselves in the foot.”

    – Prof Itse Sagay, “Nigeria: Why North Won’t Allow True Federalism”, Daily Independent (Lagos), 11 August 2014


    The Learned Silk is currently the head of the President Buhari Presidential Advisory Committee against Corruption, which is supposedly set up to advise the country leader and his administration on anti-graft war and implementation of reforms in the criminal j

  • Wey



    • Real Ph.D

      @Wey: Nigeria is a lawless country. A person with a certificate in a non-accredited course
      should not be employed by a corporation or appointed into public office as a matter of principle.
      Otherwise, what’s the point of accreditation in the first place. Reuben Abati is to be regarded
      as a Wasc school certificate holder being the only accredited certificate he has. But because
      Nigeria has no rules and operates more like a jungle of savages, no consequence follows
      for a supposed graduate with a non-accredited certificate. Those asking for restructuring
      of Nigeria are quite right. Nigeria does not work as it is. Nigeria is not a country presently.

      • Franklin

        Is having a certificate (pass status) from an unaccredited course from an accredited university (Dr Ruben Abati) not better than having no certificate (fail status) from an accredited course/institution (Mohammed/Mohammadu Buhari) ?

        What difference does it make anyway if an academic inferior like Buhari who could not pass common WAEC secondary school exams with record failure in Math and other courses except Islamic studies can become the supposed head of a Government?

      • Ha

        I think you missed the point. Lacking accreditation only affects current students who are present at the time of non-accreditation and not other passed students who obtained their qualifications when the courses had accreditation. Accreditation or non-accreditation is a temporal thing which can be reversed any time certain conditions are met. Again, the consequence of non-accreditation is that those departments would not be allowed to admit new students until the courses become accredited in the future.

  • Analyst

    Nothing is remaining in the Hausa school.

  • Commentsfile..!!!

    “Adult day care” called universities!
    after 6 or 7 yrs to the so called graduation
    you will be surprised to know that most only
    graduated in watching “HOME VIDEOS” ,
    and “CRIME ADDICTS” only a few take their
    thanks to PT ADMIN… for bringing this to
    public notice. your standard has been unimaginable.
    Education Minister you have more work to do.

  • Femi Oladele

    I woke early this morning to find news about 150 unaccredited courses highlighted by the National Universities Commission (apex regulatory body for universities in Nigeria) released in March 2016.
    More alarming is the fact that that list has public universities as major culprits. My grouse is with public reception of the news. Assuming private universities have fallen short or are in the majority, social media will be awash with insults, insinuations and the sorts clamping down on the effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of private tertiary institutions.
    I have not seen tweets, pictures, and the likes with insults on the capacity of private tertiary institutions to produce employable graduates.
    Nigerians like to stay with a single story and it is now affecting our reception of an evil. How come public universities (adjudged to be the best) are floating programmes without accreditation? Why? What went wrong?
    More questions as I sit to analyze the accreditation result…