Ex-Appropriation chair, Jibrin, releases more documents exposing lawmakers’ “massive budget fraud”

Dogara Femii-Recovered

A former chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Appropriation, Abdulmumin Jibrin, has released more documents purporting to show widespread fraudulent manipulation of the 2016 budget by lawmakers.

Mr. Jibrin, who was removed from his post last week, has accused the speaker, Yakubu Dogara, and three other principal officers, of padding the budget with fake projects.

He has released documents showing how lawmakers applied for, or received approvals for the so-called constituency projects.

The latest documents, which Mr. Jibrin made available to PREMIUM TIMES on Tuesday, are expected to further complicate issues for Mr. Dogara, his deputy, Yusuf Lasun, and other lawmakers caught in the unfolding budget padding scandal.

The documents purport to show how Mr. Lasun, who chaired the committee that approved the final House version of the budget, arbitrarily earmarked funds for “fictitious” projects to different lawmakers by embedding them in genuine projects proposed by the executive for ministries, departments and agencies.

In one of the documents, which Mr. Jibrin said was written by Mr. Lasun, the deputy speaker wrote that projects worth up to N594 million should be embedded in the Ministries of Agriculture, Labour and Trade and Investment as well as the National Boundary Commission for Chief Whip, Alhassan Doguwa and Deputy House Leader, Buba Jibrin.

Mr. Jibrin said the fraud totalled billions of naira.

See the three documents below:


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  • Ordinary Nigerian

    Okay, Dogara over to you.

    • DagarA NA APC

      Senate president Abubakar Bukola Saraki and Deputy Senate President Sen Ike Ekweremadu and the Speaker of the House—-Dagara–should stop disturbing the public with words and no action, I heard Ekweremadu is writing letters, and I laugh, Saraki on his part is doing press release while Dagara is helping to launder the image of Buhari via the CIA.

      YES they were there, when Buhari ruled for six months, you didn’t do anything, you were there Buhari and his cronies forged, stole and padded the 2016 Budget, you didn’t do anything, President Buhari has been presiding Over Nigeria without a certificate, you guys didn’t do anything, the man has committed so many impeachable offenses, yet you guys were silent, now he has used you to achieve his aim, he has used you to confirm his Ministers, and passed the padded budget, you are of no use to him again. Buhari is now sponsoring animals like Jubril from Mali to shame the House-The more seed of discord he sows with the aid of the aid of the APES in APC–the better for Buhari—Nigeria is like a ship without a captain NOW!

      Instead of you guys to commence impeachment proceedings against him, you are busy writing letters and doing press release, you guys should continue, you see how they threatened that lawyer and he withdraw the certificate case against him? Same way he will threaten the Judge handling your case and you guys will end in jail. In Nigeria every thing is possible

      You have the power to impeach Buhari, you have all the evidence, why then are you writing letters? I bet you if Buhari’s impeachment processes begins, he will shiver and know that this is democracy and not 1984.”………………………………..

      • jeepee

        Yeyeman, which impeachable offence r talk about? ..all dis things u listed hw did constitute impeachable offence…

        • Niyi Akinlabu

          Jeepee, stop answering those hungry poster.

          • jeepee

            OK my broda…

  • Dr. Junaid

    First, the most influential person in the Presidency today is one Mamman Daura whom as you know, is a nephew of the President. His father was Buhari’s elder brother. In addition, Mamman Daura was the one who single handedly brought up Abba Kyari, the current Chief of Staff to the President. In fact, Abba Kyari knows Mamman Daura more than he knows his own father. Next, the Personal Assistant to Buhari himself is the son of Mamman Daura, next is what they call SCOP, State Chief of Protocol, and is also a son-in-law to Mamman Daura because he is married to Mamman Daura’s daughter. Next, the Minister they unilaterally chose, against the interest of the party and against the wishes of Sokoto people, happens to be the daughter of the younger sister of Mamman Daura’s wife. Both of them are daughters of Sultan Dasuki, who was sacked by General Abacha. We have the Aide De Camp to Buhari himself, Colonel Abubakar. He is married to the granddaughter of one of Buhari’s elder sisters. Next we have the woman who represents Kaduna in the Federal Executive Council, she is a cousin to Kaduna State governor, Nasir el-Rufai. It is well known that el-Rufai is one of the closest governors to Muhammadu Buhari. Next, we have the Minister for the Federal Capital Territory. The Minister of the FCT is the man called Musa Bello, who used to be the Managing Director of the Northern Nigeria Development Corporation, which used to be the biggest holding company that belonged to all the northern states. His only qualification to be FCT minister is the fact that his father has been Buhari’s friend over the years. Now, there is a young man called Sabiu Yusuf, nicknamed Tunde – probably because of late General Tunde Idiagbon. He is another PA to President Buhari

    • Idowu

      In the light of the present, of what help or relevance is this unverifiable information?

    • Oswald p

      Why do some ppl expose their uncoordinated mental states by wasting space & time writn thrash like this ? What reliance to the Nat Assembly saga does it hv.Abi u no get work ?

    • Uzoma John

      Can someone get this man his morning pills? Who unchained him from psychiatry? The mention of PMB’s name is making him run naked in the market place.

      • blackkolly

        Pls where is Mr korede that chained his son last week to help us chain Junaid for mentally derailed.

  • Olu-Lion

    this is getting very interesting

    • msnaomi

      @joseph_olufadeju:disqus: I think Representative Abdulmumin Jibrin is a witness of truth. He’s put out documents
      to support his position that Speaker Dogara of the House of Representatives is almost a criminal.
      I prefer to believe the narrative of Representative Abdulmumin Jibrin because it is corroborated.
      Speaker Dogara should be arrested -along with the Deputy Speaker, Mr. Yusuf Lasun.
      Both men possibly masterminded the criminal alteration and padding of the budget.

  • Ashibogu

    Even the child that was born today knows the National Assembly is full of terminally corrupt persons. For verily verily I say to you all, it is easier for Donald Trump to become Nigeria’s President than for a National Assembly member to go to Heaven.

    • Tunji Olarewaju


    • Peter_Edo


  • Hassan Lawal

    Either way, Dogara is a goner!!!

  • TrueFairGame

    Let them keep fighting so that they dont unite against the masses since it is only when they disagree that the public get to know the truth about the atrocities they commit.
    This will help transparency. Nigerians should be happy. So let them keep fighting each other.

  • Atom Ant

    With these roforofo fighters at NASS, there is no how this country will not top the medals table in any corruptlmypics.

    • Micheal Onoh

      British PM said it that Nigeria is fantabulously corrupt and you guy’s in Nigeria demanded for his head, now he’s vindicated.

  • prevail

    This guy is really worsening issues. Perhaps he thinks is the right thing to do.

  • Mufu Ola

    It was that same budget that our Afenifere told the President to sign even without seeing the details! Will Chief Awolowo ever sign a document he didn’t see the detail?Of course NO!

    • Ade Omowest

      Don’t mind those ‘Afenifebi’ old men, Chief Obafemi Awolowo will be turning in his grave today as people like Chief Adebanjo and co have really debased his philosophy.

  • Dead End.

    What is the EFCC, the ICPC, and the Police waiting for? by the act that sets up the efcc they don’t need the approval or wait to be contacted by anybody before they move in because it has become a matter of public interest.

  • Jacky

    If this type of monumental fraud is coming from the House Of Reps, that of the Senate where Bukola Saraki presides will be an earthquake…..National Assembly of Thieves!

  • B. Messi

    This is a house controlled by an APC majority??
    Where then is the change?
    Allah ya ki’aye!
    A-fee-C ta kashe najeriya kwatakwata!

    • Hassan Lawal

      The opportunity to expose themselves to the generality of Nigerians,that to me ,is part of that change i voted for and its so unprecedented,we must thank God for our President.

      • Tunji Olarewaju


    • band olu

      Don’t forget most of them used to b in PDP & they think it’s business as usual, that things will continue as they were during d PDP era, but no Sir,they are wrong, d real change is here….

      • North/West Allies

        but you supporters now call them saints, this is why this anti corruption crusade should go beyond party

        • band olu

          They are not saints & are d bad eggs in APC…Sooner or later they will be exposed & punished…

    • Julius

      Did you ever seen corruption exposed like this under the Jonathan Administration ? This is a change indeed because Jonathan was sharing the stolen money with them.

      • B. Messi

        Hahaha! Still stuck in the past??
        Nawa o..SLAVERY has levels o. Be free brother..be free.

        • Julius

          Why do Ibos love the word “slavery” so much ?

    • Micheal Onoh

      You guy’s in PDP has been raping Nigeria for many years and keep covering up but it’snot like tthat in APC, I’m not affiliated to any party but I’m grateful to that PDP will never ever rule Nigeria again. Bunch of criminals, OBJ has been saying it time without number that you guy’s are criminals especially your uncles in NASS. Olee

  • Hassan Lawal

    The Heads of those government agencies in question should be at the gate of EFCC by now.

  • Arc_Deji_Alabi

    NASS just proved OBJ right. This is a big shame!!!

    • Etomi

      Don’t you have shame???

      Which OBJ was proved right???

  • Mbah Pascal

    this is more prove that OBJ was right when he said there are “thieves” among the law makers, now is the time to fish them out and send them to where they belong!!!!!!

  • Africa

    These guys should spare this country, people don”t get tired of stealing?

  • Nothing but the truth

    And some ppl were here accusing pmb of not wanting to pass the budget. It shows that this padding has been on for so many years and previous govts co-operated but this one refused to do so. I also remember that it trended when the minister of health denied “his budget proposal” cos it was completely different from what he submitted. Nigerian (the masses) should unite to fight these men cos they always unit to fight the masses. My 10k opinion

    • Bidemi Lukman

      Bros, why are you making your opinion so cheap? That opinon worths the value of padded figure in the buget and not 10k

    • Nkem

      Remember that Obj had a running battle with these crooks for eight year when he always refused to sign the budget or implement some aspects of the budget. It was just that Nigerians didn’t notice because media propaganda was heavily in their favour. Now there is no more money to share to journalists by the lawmakers that is why the story is different.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    And why is this Jibrin bringing out all these documents now? Is it because the whistle has been blown against him? He too has a case to answer for concealing wrongdoings.

  • favourtalk

    they told them right from the begiining that dogara is not fit to be the speaker, he has just showed his weakness

  • vagabonds in power

    APES in APC are all a National Disgrace–washing their dirty linens in public for who-to view? The Luciferic government of Buhari–is a global disaster—-Besides—-how much was voted by Buhari for the Aso Rock clinic-‘ And——who first stole the budget from the Senate—was it Jonathan and his wife or Buhari?—See folks——–when the head is rotten—-it often affects the tail of the fish———————Buhari is a thief–so he should spare the nation all these sponsored rubbish——————————–via Premium Times the mouth organ of the Apes in APC and the Hailers Club of Buhari————–separation is the main issue at stake-now in Nigeria—————-not these usual Fulani ati Yoruba thieveries in Aso Rock now

  • vagabonds in power

    A couple of weeks ago a 73 year old Christian grandmother was beheaded in Kano because she asked some muslims to stop washing their feet in front of her door before their prayers.

    A few days later a female pastor of the Redeemed Church of God was hacked to pieces by a mob of Muslims in the Kubwa district of Abuja simply for doing her morning cry of evangelism and urging the people to give their lives to Christ.

    Not too long after that two hundred Muslim youths burnt down a Catholic Church and attacked worshippers in Niger state claiming that they had no right to go to church on a Friday because it was the Muslim day of worship.

    A few days later a Christian traditional ruler in Plateau state was matcheted to death by a group of Muslim militants and Fulani herdsmen.

    Such attacks are now common place in our country and they are no longer isolated events.

    Worse still cases of institutional racism and religious bigotry are on the rise because our government appears to be encouraging it. Permit me to share one example.

  • Samuel Akpobaro

    My happiness is that very soon politics will no longer be attractive.

    • SB

      Thanks to PMB for making this possible