Buhari under fire over arms panel’s exemption of Dambazau in latest probe report

Lt. General Abdulrahman Dambazau
Lt. General Abdulrahman Dambazau

President Buhari has come under attack over reports suggesting his government may have deliberately doctored the latest report of the presidential arms audit panel.

The reports have cast doubt on the integrity of an administration that repeatedly defined honour and transparency in public service as part of its cardinal objectives, critics said.

Mr. Buhari set up the investigative panel three months after he assumed office to help uncover fraudulent practices that might have occurred in the procurement of arms for the military between 2007 and 2015.

While the committee has so far uncovered monumental corruption in military procurement, indicting many political and military bigwigs, critics say there were strong indications the government doctored the latest probe report.

At issue is the suspicion that the government may have removed the name of the Interior Minister, Abdulrahman Dambazau from the report to shield him from prosecution.

Mr. Dambazau served as Chief of Army Staff from 2008 to 2010.

A deluge of comments beneath PREMIUM TIMES’ report on the matter showed that even the president’s staunch supporters were opposed to the exemption of Mr. Dambazau from the report.

Many Nigerians also took the debate to Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms to express anger, with some of them questioning the president’s integrity.

Some critics also believe the Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai, who served briefly as Director of Procurement, Defence Headquarters, from February until May 2014, should also have been indicted.

Below are some reactions sourced from our website and social media. (Some of the comments were edited to correct spelling, syntax, grammatical or typographical errors.)

On Web site

Adekunle Ajayi:

“I will be highly disappointed if these two generals are left out of this probe, but we will wait and see how they can wiggle their way out if other actors are arrested and tried. A thief is a thief, no matter what part of the country they come from. My President, your integrity and honour are at stake here.”


“All Buhari is interested in is the investigation of his enemies while he shields his friends. Burutai, who all his life has been a soldier, earned enough salary from FGN to own properties in Dubai?”


“If this report is true, it raises alarm with the way things are done with this administration and should be corrected immediately. This is where a serious and reliable Senate would come in and do their constitutional duty. But, as we all know, they are fighting for their own personal survival to hold on to power. They are failing us in every which way they can. The admin should also respond to this news. ASAP!”


“Buhari is a disappointment .Hypocrite. Shame on you! I supported this government because I wanted corruption stamped out but with this selective prosecution, I have no respect for you anymore. I was happy you started fighting corrupt people but leaving out this type in your government, and in fact, appointing that man in the first place is an indictment on your socalled integrity.”

On Twitter:


“This story will return one day. If nothing is done before then, it will be the coffin of Buhari’s vaunted integrity.”


“At some point, we have to come back and talk about how the @MBuhari government doctored that arms probe report and took out Dambazau’s name

On Facebook

Austin Emy:

“The hailers are now the wailers – such is life! When PDP said Buhari anti-corruption fight was selective, lopsided, vindictive, vendetta, witch-hunting, perceived political enemies and to settle old wounds, most people didn’t believe. Nigerians can see the full manifestations now. Anyone in APC is protected. No nation can go far or make any progress without sincerity of purpose. The APC apologists are now defending corruption. Nigeria we hailed thee. Shame of a nation.”

John Hamza Hamza:

“I love Premium Times. To be candid, Premium Times has fulfill all necessary requirement of being a standard newspaper based fully on international standard. Premium Times and Sahara Reporters remain my best newspapers in Nigeria. Even devil knows that Danbazzau and Buratai can never be clean in this scandal. However, since we have a government that is bent on religious, tribal as well as political bigotry, it’s not surprising that their names were removed. Good job Premium Times, keep exposing any foul committed by anybody as you are actually doing.”

Jude Chikwendu Njoku:

“Any indictment, probe, investigation and prosecutions without the involvements and indictments of Dambazzu and Buratai would amount to total and monumental failures like Buhari and APC to nigerians. In fact, the joke of the century.

Raymond Aisabor:

“These guys have no shame or conscience. They keep on deceiving Nigerians with their perfidy and perdition on some corruption campaigns only to sideline their friends and family members indicted for corruption. What kind of country are we in?”

Louis Akhigbe:

How can you probe arms purchase, indicate even people like Fayose that are not in military, and yet the army procurement officer has no question to answer. Nigeria has been reduced to a laughing stock. How on earth will the rest of the world take us serious? The same purchasing officer then is now having properties in Dubai and yet, the government gave him a clean bill.


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  • Simple & Straightforward

    “Many of the contracts being looked at had their genesis in
    the period that Dambazau was Chief of Army Staff. So as to avoid accusations of
    double standard, the period when President Umaru Yar’Adua was ill should be
    looked into because there was much stealing and corruption as the
    Commander-in-Chief was not well. If not added, it would make the fight against
    corruption questionable and it will make it look one-sided. It will be as if it
    is only the Chiefs of Army Staff from the South that are being probed.”

    ……………….Colonel Tony Nyiam (rtd)

    [July 16th, 2016]

    • Al

      You will help more if you establish facts, then the relavant authority most act, if not let’s look forward to more important issues that will move us forward that junk stories and gossip

      • Suleiman

        Al, please tell us the fact you want. Have they established facts for all being probled. Does it mean that if you are a campaign director that simply makes you a thief. But wait a minute, where did Tambwwal and Amaechi get the money to buy the private jests Buhari used during the campaigns? You dumbos, do you think all of us are as dumb as you? Straight forward? do you even know the meaning of this word?

      • MYWORLD

        how many steps forward have you moved in the last 14months? the level we are now we cannot afford to overlook all these issues because it has started and we must finish it. we must know whether pot is calling kettle black simply because it was favored.


      you cannot be less correct, that is being objective and honest bro

  • Nuhu Abba

    Please let objectivity reign. Does it means because these gentlemen were in such helm of affair they must be indicted. Let anyone come up with the fact.

    • Benny

      Lol. You are now demanding for objectivity when it’s obvious the vendetta seeking deity (Buhari) have been exposed of cherry – picking anti-corruption fight? Continue with your Azonto.

    • Sanssouci

      The facts are being denied us since buhari doesn’t want them probed. Besides, what other fact do u need than Buratai’s admission that he owns 1.5M$ investments in Dubai? That confession alone is as good as pleading guilty in a court of law. Pls sit down and think far and deep, of all the successfull career business men that you know personally in Naija, how many can afford 1.5M$ at a go? How much more a soldier on fixed salary with 2 wives and pikin yanfu yanfu? I am sure you posted this comment without thinking it through because if you did, you will know that debating whether or not Buratai saved 1.5M$ from his salary or from farming is akin to debating the existence of Santa Claus.

      • Iskacountryman

        the wives came with their dowries…


      i want to be objective here lets say his salary per month from the day he joined the military is 200,000 for 10yrs he earned 24m, another 10yrs with promotion 500,000/month he earned 60m, last 10yrs till date 1m/month he earned 120m total amount earned in 30 years of his career in the army 204m, this amount includes his family up keep and leisure, lets say he never touches his salary for this whole 30 years, $1.500,000 x 360 = 540,000,000,
      where did he get the additional N336,000,000 he used to purchase a property in dubaI?. Mr objective, we allow sentiment to always becloud our reasoning these men can never pay your bills except you his accomplice, how roads have tared in your community?
      we are not fighting corruption rather buhari is on a hate mission period like it or not.

  • Gwongworo

    APC/Brainless Buhari’s Govt.: Govt. of parasites by parasites for parasites (including foreign parasites)

    1. NO jobs, food, salaries, fuel, electricity, rule of law, & security of life and property…….BLAME PDP/GEJ,

    2. Ignorance of existing LAWS while trying to “fight” corruption…………….BLAME JUDICIARY

    3. Padded 2016 Budget…………………………BLAME MDA directors as PDP members

    4. Refuse to show Nigerians how much has been recovered from “looters”…………BLAME LYING MOHAMMED

    5. Created Fulani Terrorists to rape, maim, & kill Nigerians…………………….BLAME LIBYANS

    6. Use 6 months to select “saints” as ministers………….BLAME LATE HANDOVER OF DOCUMENTS BY GEJ

    7. Implement APC promise to foreigners to devalue the Naira……………..BLAME CBN

    8. Refuse to dialogue with Niger Delta militants………………….BLAME KACHIKWU & IJAW ELDERS

    9. Asked to Restructure Nigeria according to 2014 National Conference…………BLAME GOWON

    10. Asked to show his WAEC……………………BLAME the Nigerian Army


    12. Asked why he remains ACUTELY BRAINLESS @ 78 years………………….BLAME HIS TWO MUMU PARENTS

    • thusspokez

      Just wait for the Obsessive-Compulsive GEJ-Critics (OCGC) to arrive and blame GEJ for all of the above.


      13. Non implementation of budget………….Buhari is now blaming Niger Deltas Avengers.


        That Julius boy made the news in criticism of Buhari.

        It’s funny to think that some pf these Buhari supporters were really serious supporting someone you should know is evil just from his face.


          I read it on @PT, even @Maria too, the “Hailers” are now joining the “Wailers”. Hunger knows no friend and I keep reminding them that when the Titanic sank, it went down with those in first class as well.

  • Al

    PM help Nigerians with facts not comments

    • Sam

      God bless you. I hate sentimental journalism.

      Are those indicted generals dumb? Won’t they speak up in court that Dambazau knew about the arms procurement fraud? Why won’t you guys do your investigations and report facts?

      Do your home work and earn respect

  • Iskacountryman

    children…thse men are innocent…it is boko haram fighting back…

  • Suleiman

    Including Buratai and Danbazzau brings the credibility of the government into question. But is this government really have any credible? These are signs of a drowning horse. Nigerians are watching and 2019 is around the corner when all, including PMB will account for their sins! By the way, where is Liar Mohammed? He has ran out of lies so quickly ha? I said this before, and I will say it here again. We will get nothing from this government except nepotism, religious bigotry, ineptitude and corruption. These were the reasons that brought down the first republic and these are resurfacing again even in the Nigeria of the 21st century. The Buhari government has taken us back to the dark days of first six years of the 19th century. May God help and save this country.

    • Lanre

      Thank you very much for adding that clause and I paraphrase “Buhari has taken us back to the dark days of the first republic.” Now people can see why the Five Majors Struck, why the Young Turks in their anger saw the injustice being perpetrated; the manipulation of the democratic and political system. The Americans say you cannot put lipstick on a pig, to dress it up. It is still a pig.

  • B. Messi




    THANK YOU A-fee-C!!


  • vagabonds in power

    Redeemed Pastor Escaped Death in Hands of Muslim youths – Few days after a Pastor and street preacher of the Redeemed Christian Chruch of God (RCCG) was beaten to death and her throat sliced by Muslim youths another Pastor who was going to minister at a smaller parish vigil narrowed escaped death.

    Pastor Escaped Death in Hands of Muslim youths

    According to him, he took a bike at about 9pm to the church, it wasn’t such a long distance, just about 5 minute drive on a bike. As they were going, just about some distance away from his destination, the bike driver pulled some stunt and they fell and on getting up the bike driver stated shouting thief, thief and like a film, Hausa youths ran out of the area and descended on him, beating him with a long sticks, he fell inside a dirty gutter ( drainage) by the side of the road, his Bible fell on the road, he kept shouting Jesus, Jesus. the sticks they were flogging him with while inside the gutter broke on his body, they ran to get maybe some more deadlier weapons, possibly stones.

    Accordingly to him, Like a flash the incident that happened in Kubwa flashed through his mind and suddenly strength return and he stood up and ran. He said he didn’t know where to ran to but he continued running, they ran after him but suddenly stopped. he ran towards a shopping complex and from there escaped to his church office.The Pastor of the church where he was supposed to minister that night finally got through to him and he narrated his ordeal. When they got to the spot in the morning, they saw his torn Bible and its pieces all over the road. If this was a Quran, a piece of it would have led to the death of many.
    I am reporting this story to plead with every Christian out there. Please be careful. This pastor didn’t say a word, he wasn’t preaching,nothing! possibly just because he was carrying his Bible….. Godforbid that we get to a time where the punishment of carrying a Bible in Nigeria is death! Godforbid!

  • WAEC

    Until Mr.Integrity shows his WAEC certificate as required by the constitution he pledged to protect; he can try as many distractions as possible, all in vain.
    Remember according to Mr. Integrity, who himself, never stole a Kobo of public funds, Abacha also never stole. How then dare any one now expect Danbazzu and Buratai to have stolen? Mr. Integrity borrowed money to register his presidential ticket, but suddenly now “he can afford it”. Who is fooling who?

  • Truth Justice Equity

    Nigerians shall for a long time live to regret the national error of judgment committed on march 28 2015. Nigeria in a classical error of judgment chose darkness in the place of light,chose propaganda, lies and falsehoods in the place of sincerity and truth,Nigerians chose false promises and scamming words in the place of visible transformation agenda.
    The result have become visible within one year,145 naira per liter of fuel,200 naira per liter diesel,scarcity of aviation fuel,a bag of rice 18000,vegetable oil 12,000 for 25 litre gallon,floor 15,000 a bag,1 dollar 370 naira ,Fulani herdsmen hunting and killing Nigerians all over the southern and middle belt states,Islamic terrorists hunting down and killing Nigerians like games,discrimination and cheating of Nigerians based on their tribe,ethnicity, religion and gender.rule of law abdicated and fear of unknown take hold of Nigeria like in the days of Abacha.buhari is a damaging curse on nigerian nation.may God preserve Nigeria from total destruction before 2019 when we shall redeem our nation from this malicious calamitous ineptitude and disaster called ‘change’.

  • Truth Justice Equity

    Make no mistake about the matters on ground ,I am totally in full support of calling people who have held positions of trust for the people and government of Nigeria to come openly and give account of their stewardship to the government and people of Nigeria.
    In my own proposition, I even want buhari to go deeper and make it mandatory and a matter of life and death for any citizen of Nigeria from 1985 till date who have held political, governmental and commanding position,held and executed contracts for government in Nigeria to come before the panel of ‘Assets proof of ownership, justification, verification and forfeiture’ commission, to prove and justify sources for every of life acquisition and assets any where in the world.if any one fails to sincerely justify his /her assets ,the assets must be forfeited to the government and people of Nigeria as proceed of corruption. I also recommended that those heavy thieves and their collaborators shall get life sentences and capital punishment not minding their tribe,ethnicity, religion and party affliation. If our government should take my lines of thought, we shall forever kill corruption in Nigeria.
    The anger and disappointments of patriotic Nigerians over buharis kind of war against corruption had been the seemingly lack of sincerity ,fairness,hypocrisy ,lies and quest of the operators to cunning craftily arrive at premeditated ends simply to get at those perceived as buharis enemies. If Nigeria continue to fight corruption on such jaundiced narratives, the end results will be that while our nation keeps chasing shadows,corruption shall continue to undermine the growth and greatness of Nigeria unabated.
    I am aware that what buhari is using Efcc to do is not different from the style employed by obj ,but the question had been if that myopic style have been able to stem the tide of corruption after 17 solid years of beating about the bush.
    If we continue on the platforms that have stunted the growth and potentials of Nigeria for 56 years ,we shall continue to live in regret, dissappointments and bemoaning of lost opportunities and blaming and hating ourselves ,while serious nations are moving forward.
    When the first list of this military probe report came on air few days ago,Gen dambazu featured prominently but after submission and doctoring ,we are left with ihejirika,minima and others.This is why this war can never be seen as sincere and holistic by patriotic citizens.

  • tinubu nko

    Tinubu who is very well involved when it comes to corruption, has no integrity to call someone or call a project corrupt. If we are to go down the memoryblane of Tinubu’s administration as the Governor of Lagos state, what you will find is very disheartening. Lucky enough for him he has had predecessors who have been his tools to cover his corrupt deeds and with this, it has been difficult to uncover some of his corrupt practices coupled with his support for President Muhammadu Buhari who is very much afraid to confront Tinubu’s corrupt practices in Lagos up till date.

    It’s so sad that Tinubu have been able to bamboozle few individuals around him especially those who benefit from the food on his table and have been able to sell these lies to Nigerians and now on top of it all eating from the FIRS, by putting his puppet who was his accomplice in the looting of Lagos of several billions of naira in disguise of consulting for the Lagos state government.

  • Gwongworo

    APC/Brainless Buhari’s Govt.: Govt. of parasites by parasites for parasites (including foreign parasites)

    1. NO jobs, food, salaries, fuel, electricity, rule of law, & security of life and property…….BLAME PDP/GEJ,

    2. Ignorance of existing LAWS while trying to “fight” corruption…………….BLAME JUDICIARY

    3. Padded 2016 Budget…………………………BLAME MDA directors as PDP members

    4. Refuse to show Nigerians how much has been recovered from “looters”…………BLAME LYING MOHAMMED

    5. Created Fulani Terrorists to rape, maim, & kill Nigerians…………………….BLAME LIBYANS

    6. Use 6 months to select “saints” as ministers………….BLAME LATE HANDOVER OF DOCUMENTS BY GEJ

    7. Implement APC promise to foreigners to devalue the Naira……………..BLAME CBN

    8. Refuse to dialogue with Niger Delta militants………………….BLAME KACHIKWU & IJAW ELDERS

    9. Asked to Restructure Nigeria according to 2014 National Conference…………BLAME GOWON

    10. Asked to show his WAEC……………………BLAME the Nigerian Army


    12. Asked why he remains ACUTELY BRAINLESS @ 78 years………………….BLAME HIS TWO MUMU PARENTS

  • Otile

    I fee for President Buhari, for him not sacking his people Buratai ati Dambazua is like holding his nose while kissing the pigs. Again, it is like a fat tsetse fly perching on his scrotum. He doesn’t know how to handle the nuisance; if he strikes hard he crushes his own scrotum, if he strikes softly the fly escapes only to come to bite him again.

    • Otile

      I feel for President Buhari.

      • Maria

        Otile…you can edit without reposting…na where you learn computer literacy?

        • Otile

          I am trying. It is not easy to juggle many things simultaneously. Besides, many Yorubas tend to attack my innocuous comments to put me down. Don’t you praise me for being able to handle them well among other things I am doing? Often Yorubas mob me online, in those moments I thank Oluwa that I am out of their sight, lest they would lynch me. At any rate, I have to type fast to get back to all of them lest again they think I am weak.

          Maria, for all practical purposes you can see for yourself that I am a strong man, indefatigable.

  • Gerald Okoduwa

    This story looks pregnant in its trend. Is Premium Times cloned?

    • Enitan Williams


      Premium Times is not cloned, at least, not yet. This topic is trending worldwide. Nigerians seem fed up
      with President Muhamadu Buhari’s nepotism and would like to be rid of him as soon as possible.
      The Senate discussed the impeachment of President Buhari at a closed-door session last week,
      to underline how baleful President has become. Nobody sees President Buhari as the solution,
      but as a part of the problem of dishonesty afflicting Nigeria. His Wasc/Gce case was the start.
      The dishonesty then got worse as President Buhari divided Nigeria into two and went out to
      brazenly favour northern Nigerians; with or without merits, such that northern Muslims are
      the ones unerringly appointed to fill up all federal posts as head of all military commands,
      in addition to presently heading the Legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary as well.
      President Buhari does not flinch at this crass lopsidedness he fosters. He’s a tribalist.

    • Maria

      My comment quoted above by PT was what I posted concerning that story. PT is not cloned. This is what many Nigerians dont get. When we criticized Jonathan, they said we were enemies of Jonathan(forgetting that we supported Jonathan in 2010-2011, before he derailed)… now we criticize Buhari…government comes, government goes… whatever they do right we commend, whatever they do wrong, we condemn…. that is democracy.



        Buhari has never been different. You are insane if you think anybody cares what you do.

        • Maria

          Hahahahahahahahahahaha,,,millions of people like me kicked out Jonathan….get that into your head. If you think no one cares about what you do, why are you responding to my comments?

  • Ayinde

    Its rather unfortunate that we are all not good students of History. Had we been all of the activities of Buhari would have been known to us all. Check out the details of his anti corruption war after the coup of 1984, he dealt and persecuted mainly all the southern States Governor painted them black while leaving all his Northern Brothers as saints. We said it then he is not the messiah Nigeria needs, he has not changed and will not change. A BIGOT, FUNDAMENTALIST, NARROW MINDED, AND FAR FROM BEING EXPOSED.

    • No Commento


      “Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, writes of building an economic bridge to Nigeria’s future.
      It is hard to see how his administration’s inflexibility, lack of vision and reactive approach, will
      achieve this. Buhari notes that building trust is a priority for Nigeria.

      But an anti-corruption drive
      that is selective and focused on senior members of the opposition party, creates deep
      political divisions. Meanwhile, members of Buhari’s own cabinet, accused of
      large-scale corruption, walk free.

      Seventy percent of the national treasury is spent on the salaries and benefits of
      government officials, who make upwards of $2 million a year. Buhari is Nigeria’s problem,
      not its solution”

      ……………….Pete Hoekstra

      (U.S Former House Intelligence
      Committee Chairman)

      [June 20th, 2016]

  • Netanyahu

    Any Nigerian that still believes this jihadist called buhari should have his head properly examined. Buhari is a pathologically dishonest bigot. All those who trusted a man who instead of fulfilling a simple constitutional requirement of presenting his o level certificate chose to hire 23 SANs to defend him in court should begin to apologize to us. That not enough, he harassed and intimidated the litigant out of town until the later was forced to withdraw the case from court. Nigerians are possibly the most gullible people on earth. Some Yoruba “hailers” I am sure are beginning to have a rethink. That is how the cookies crumble, a house built on lies would collapse. It is a shame and pathetic.

    • Our name is Oh!

      Chineke! You are still on this case picking pimples out of your own rectum! It is you that will suffer the bleeding and swelling!.
      Education is your problem!

      Permit us to afford you this public service. The educational requirement to run for office of the President of the Federal republic of Nigeria is (AT LEAST) a secondary school certificate of education (in addition to the other things.)

      The phrase you should pay attention to is the “AT LEAST” in the statement. FYI, the rank of sergeant in the Army surpasses the educational requirement of a secondary school certificate.

      Buhari’s education:

      United States Army War College,Masters
      Mons officer Cadet school, England
      Nigeria Military Training College, Kaduna
      Army Mechanical Transport school, England
      Defense Services Staff College, India.

      Let us know if your father is this educated!

      • UOU

        Buhari enlisted in the Military, in his mother’s womb since all his credentials is Military this, Military that, in-born quota system, shame on you, endlessly. Do you know you can acquire Military certificate online, these days?

      • WAEC

        How dare you say that military training in a war college amounts to
        academic qualification? In fact this is the root of all corrupt practices in
        the country, when people assume positions they were not qualified for. In
        reality Buhari should never have been admitted into the military in the first
        place since the WAEC certificate was even then a prerequisite.

        If you think the constitution does not know what it meant by minimum of WAEC
        basic qualification, you can see for yourself through Buharis Incompetence. Here
        we have an illiterate who wants a chartered accountant to convince him that
        market forces drive the currency. We can draw a parallel here to the then Idi
        Amin of Uganda telling one of his ministers to print more money, accusing him
        of calling Ugandan money shit money. Amin attended military training also never

      • B. Messi

        Your education is a waste with this sense of reasoning.
        The crux of the matter now is not even if his other qualifications are equivalent to WAEC. The issue which all honest people find disgraceful is the issue of PERJURY!
        “GOD IS NOT MOCKED”.

        I dey laff ooo!

  • vagabonds in power

    History is repeating itself again in Nigeria, as the second coming of Muhammadu Buhari as Nigerian leader has ushered in a level of hardship last experienced in 1984 to 1985 Buhari’s military regime and the Biafra war.

    President Buhari who experts describes incompetent and beret of ideas to lead Nigeria has eroded all the gains the country achieved in the last 8 years leaving the people in abject and hopeless situation.

    The Buhari government has no answer to the cries and suffering of Nigerian than their usual excuses, lies and propaganda

  • Realitytalk

    If he is not quilty, they expect Buhari to nail him right? All this wailers association self. What a shame. Buhari will succeed and nothing will happen except progress

    • Daniel

      Even a baby can see that there is selective justice.

      Burutai and Dambazzau were in the middle of activities in their time.

      Buhari’s acclaimed integrity has finally been busted and gone with the winds.

      Young Nigerians are better informed now.

  • muazu wali

    Who has obtained a copy of the full report? Without this all is speculation and make believe. Because they served as chief of Army and/or Director Procurement they must have stolen money.

    • Baba

      My brother there’s no way on earth that the procurement officer can walk away scot-free. Even if the man himself didn’t steal, he as the procurement officer must answer for the misappropriation of funds. I know you’re trying to be diplomatic, you must also avoid being silly.

      • muazu wali

        Not all people are dishonest. Many can hold their heads high in the midst of evil. We should stop generalising Nigerians.

        • Daniel

          So how do you know Ihejirika and Minimah are guilty?

          We are reviewing the period in which Burutai and Dambazzau played active roles.

          Then Lai Mohammed is telling us the documents are not available.

          And YOU believe that?

          Anyway, I do not expect Buhari to get out of his parochialism at old age.

          That is why he was removed in 1985. I still remember the 52 suit cases.

          Well, young Nigerians can now know Buhari very well.

    • kiziking

      Even if they are angel Gabriel and Fatima the daughter of Mohammed, what we want is for them to be probed and proved that they are the holiest of all. Q.E.D.

  • Joseph Ubiagba

    This is the new Fulani Nigeria.

    • muazu wali

      What have the Fulani Herdsmen got to do with this?

      • Fuzio

        He did not mention ‘Herdsmen’ in his post. You are the one making the connection.

  • show me yr pals

    Would Burutai tender in his resignation letter, offer apology to all Nigerians, then bow his head in shame and leave the stage?

    Here’s what Daily Trust put forward this morning:

    It was 34 years since he had joined the army, and exactly 30 since he became Lieutenant.

    As he surveyed his terrain in 2015, and spoke about that grand vision, it didn’t come into question that he was a very wealthy man. So wealthy that, two years before, he had shelled out $1.5m to buy real estate $1.5m. In Dubai.

    Not in a bank loan, not in an inheritance. Not in a gift from Olusegun Obasanjo or Ibrahim Babangida or Aliko Dangote, but in personal savings.

    He had somehow, in 30 years, kept from spending his salaries, as many soldiers do, on women, or beer or suya or peppersoup.

    He had shown unusual savvy and energy in the thrift department, apparently making a business of saving every penny through three decades as a soldier.

    Three decades, and then he suddenly owned some of the most expensive property in Dubai.

    $1.5m is a considerable amount of money, especially for a government employee. You would normally be expected to be in a different line of business not simply to save that kind of money, but to make it in the first place.

  • kiziking

    The irony of the whole issue is that the same Buhari will come out to claim that Judiciary is an obstacle to his fight against corruption. This keg of gun powder and the depreciating economy will be the coffin of this old and archaic dictator, who has killed our economy by placing his incompetent kinsmen and has only fulfilled his personal desire of travelling the whole word before he dies.

  • vagabonds in power

    Arms Probe – Fresh controversy appears to be dogging the third tranche of interim report of the Federal Government’s probe into Arms purchase between 2007 and 2015 as a group, comprising retired military personnel and civil society, has alleged a cover-up in the report made public last week.

    The group, Probity Watch In Defence Institutions (PWIDI) said on Saturday that the government was not straight enough in its claims by leaving out reports of the period 2007 to 2010.

    According to PWIDI, there are at least 26 petitions already in the possession of the Army, seeking a probe into its activities between 2007 and 2010, wondering how the record of the same period would get missing in government coffers.

    The group expressed worry that the authorities might be working towards a cover-up of the activities of the Army between 2007 and 2010.

    A statement signed on behalf of the group by Danladi Abbas indicated that some aspects of the main report on the Arms Probe were missing.

    The Federal Government had last week in a statement by the Minister of Information, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, indicated the release of the third tranche of the Arms Probe report.

    The statement had indicated that “among those to be investigated are 18 serving and retired military personnel, 12 serving and retired public officials and 24 Chief Executive Officers of Companies involved in the procurement. All were either accounting officers or played key roles in the Nigerian Army procurement activities during the period under review.”………………………………………

    The statement listed those set to face further investigation as including two former Chief of Army Staff, Lt.-Gen. O.A. Ihejirika (Rtd) and Lt.-Gen. K.T.J. Minimah (Rtd).

  • emmanuel kalu

    if you are probing arms procurement, the chief procurement officer has to be investigated. in reality he is the one that signs off on all procurement. Nigerian’s are joking if they think their is one elected official that would clean up corruption, they are all the same. If Nigeria wants to clean up corruption, it is time to bring in serious none elected group of people, give them all access, back them up by law and create a special court to handle the cases. no politician can clean up corruption, because there would always be political consideration involved.

  • Excisionist


    , a mass murderer who was made Interior Minister controls all the security forces and uses them to pursue his jihadidt agenda. I am sure he is aware of the helicopter that supported Fulani herdsmen during the Agatu massacre or even sent it. If he claims not to be aware as Interior minister, he should resign in shame
    2. His term as army chief of staff would be remembered for

    a. The convoys of military equipment delivered to Boko Haram in Mosques and other places with full military escort.

    b. Danbazau is the former Army Chief of Staff the Australian lawyer referred to in connection with sponsorship of Boko Haram and supply of equippment to them. It was not Gen. Ihejirika as the Hausa-Fulani propaganda machine deceitfully made it out to be. Bad news for them – Western Intelligence Agencies are fully aware of this.

    b. Militarization of Fulani cattle herders who wore military uniforms and, using sophisticated weapons (including machine guns), slaughtered thousands of people in the Middle Belt areas and razed town after town and village after village.

    .Danbazau masterminded the genocide against the Birom people of Jos

    c. Extension of the heinous acts of the cow herders southwards to SS, SE, and SW as far as Suburbs of Port Harcourt and close to Lagos. They destroyed farms, raped women, engaged in armed robbery and kidnapping with impunity

    d. The beautiful city of Jos and surrounding towns and villages were destroyed during his tenure.

    e. Mismanagement of funds meant for equipping the army and building modern facilities such as hospitals for them.

    3. Danbazau’s place should be at ICC not in Nigerian government.