Untold story of the Senators Dino Melaye–Remi Tinubu closed-door clash

Dino Melaye

PREMIUM TIMES has obtained further details of the altercation between Senators Dino Melaye (APC-Kogi) and Remi Tinubu (APC-Lagos) which saw both lawmakers calling each other names and charging at each other.

Those who witnessed the incident, which occurred during a closed-door meeting held by senators on Tuesday, said trouble started when Mr. Melaye urged the Senate to descend heavily on members who had offered to serve as prosecution witnesses in the ongoing forgery case against Senate President Bukola Saraki and his deputy, Ike Ekweremadu.

The Kogi senator is said to have accused the senators of being used by the presidency to destabilise the Senate and warned them to be ready to face the consequences of their action.

“You should go and tell those who sent you that nobody, I said nobody, no matter who he is, can ever control this Senate, ” Mr. Melaye was quoted as saying as he pointed at the affected senators, his face contorted in rage.

Our sources said when Mrs. Tinubu was recognised to speak, she rose, and said, “I’m just wondering why whenever Senator Dino speaks in this chamber, he is always threatening people and behaving childishly and at times like a thug.

“I think he needs to know that every senator here represents their constituencies. And that there is no need to threaten anyone.

“We are seeking and working towards reconciliation, yet you are busy issuing threats.”

One of our sources said at this point, Mr. Melaye jumped up from his seat and charged towards Mrs. Tinubu, saying, “Look this is not Bourdillon (referring to the famous Lagos residence of Mrs Tinubu’s politician husband). I will beat you up, ….. impregnate you and nothing will happen.”

Witnesses said as Mr. Melaye charged towards the Lagos senator, other senators, especially those from the South-West geopolitical zone, waded in and shielded Mrs. Tinubu from attack, and then calmed her down.

A few other senators also prevailed on Mr. Melaye to take it easy and let peace reign, sources said.

“We had to move in to save the situation because he had already overwhelmed her with his voice,” one of the senators, who calmed Mrs. Tinubu down, said.

“Many dirty thing do happen during closed-door sessions, but people don’t get to hear about it,” another senator said. “But now that the senate is divided, proceedings at executive sessions are being leaked to the press.

“Yesterday was one of such dirty sessions, there was ramblings, uproar and profanities. It was so sad.”

Also during the meeting, Senator Eyinnaya Abaribe (PDP-Abia) called on the Senate to go for President Muhammadu Buhari’s “jugular”.

When colleagues asked him what he meant, the senator said it had become clear that Mr. Buhari had no respect for the Senate and that the time had come for him to be impeached.

Mr. Abaribe said the president was encouraging his subordinates to disrespect the upper chamber and that only two options were now open to the senate – go for the president’s jugular (impeachment) or continue to seek reconciliation that might not work.

Mr. Melaye on Wednesday morning said reports that he was planning to initiate impeachment proceeding against President Buhari were untrue. But he was silent on reports that he threatened Senator Tinubu or used the “F” word on her.

The Kogi senator could not be reached to comment for this story. Calls to his known telephone number failed to connect.

Mrs. Tinubu too did not answer or return multiple calls made to her by PREMIUM TIMES on Wednesday morning.


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  • Watch man

    Truth is that the anticipated illicit revenue kid Melaye projected to loot under Buhari regime is not forthcoming as a result of the anti-corruption war. So, for kid Melaye any approach (including intimidation) to see how he could recoup his electoral expenses is good enough. No wonder he is acting like an “unchained dog infested with rabies”.

  • Monnie Uwa

    It is clear that the respect, honour and whatever that comes with that title senator is gone with our shame-nators, its obvious they encourage corruption, stealing and thieves-ery of the past adminstration because they all benefited. They forgot that the sojas and the masses are watching that two things await them, flush or vote them out. They are not happy with PMB is doing to create a new nation where all will enjoy the fruit of our labour than just few to emass wrongfully our collective cake. God will disgrace them, A M E N

  • Mama Kay

    This is very sad that these senators forget that they are representing their constituencies. They also seem to forget that there is a new sheriff in town and it is not business as usual when it comes to public funds.

    Saraki seems to have at least grasped the knowledge that he will go down when the case is concluded in the courts and he is pleading with the AGF for mercy.

    I also hope that he will have his day in court for the sake of the millions of Nigerians who have been suffering from the effects of corruption.

    • Gary

      Don’t believe everything you read on blogs. It was the AGF who reached out to the Senate to apologize for snubbing the earlier summons to appear before the body after it was made clear to him that the NASS has the constitutional right to summon any official of government as part of its oversight functions.
      Sooner or later, it will dawn on the Saraki haters and party chieftains that only his colleagues can remove him and freely pick their own Senate leadership. The National Assembly is not and should not become an extension of the Lagos State Assembly. Things will settle down when those trying to teleguide the parliament of the people from Aso Rock or Bourdillon Rd give up their fool’s errand. Our current legislators are not Boy Scouts but they are what we have now and voted into office by the people. So let them be just as we have to live with Buhari as President. The people deserve those they elect to govern them.

      • Mama Kay

        Whatever the case may be Saraki should clear his name in court.

        Nigerians know that the legislators are mostly looters who have or intend to loot public funds.

        So I don’t care about the politics of his court cases, all most Nigerians want is accountability.

        This age of social media will undo our politicians. Also tell Saraki his father got away with his, but he will pay sooner rather than later.

        • Gary

          I agree. He is neither above the law nor below it. So he should be availed of the same legal defense for which Mr. Tinubu was discharged in a similar case.
          Our courts and judges must not become tools for frivolous or malicious prosecutions. Nor the legal system be used to settle power struggles or personal scores.

          Our democracy is bigger than the intrigues and infighting of the APC. They were elected to govern, not bring hardship and misery to our people over fighting for office.
          Let the NASS sort itself out without outside interference from party leaders.

          • Mama Kay

            When people keep bringing Tinubu into the discussion, it amazes me. I don’t care about Tinubu and I’m apolitical but I love my country.

            Two wrongs will never make a right. The fact that when Tinubu was tried, corruption was the language of the day and he was freed does not mean Saraki and the others should also be freed. The people voted for change and we are happy with the change in the attitude of the judiciary and the executive.

            The NASS needs to change as well and the current leadership is an albatross around the neck of the change we voted for.

            Let Saraki go and clear his name in court and stop all the shenanigans. Otherwise, he should resign as a senator and do plea bargain and return his loot. QED

  • absam777

    “Mr. Melaye was quoted as saying as he pointed at the affected senators, his face contorted in rage.” For his face to be contorted in rage, Melaye must be doing drugs.

    Only God know why he has so much fixation for other men’s wives;first Oshiomhole and now Tinubu. The DSS and police should keep an eye on this randy man.

    • ijelejames

      He is on drugs and he is also a deranged rapist fixated on people’s wives.

  • FreeNigeria

    This is what happens when THUGS are sent to the NASS.

  • Papa Oghworiiodo


    How are you people today? Me i am not feeling very well. The weather is too cold for my age.
    Maybe it is this same cold weather that is making things to rise inside the Senate nowadays.
    I’m reading here that Senate closed the door and one Dino Melaye wanted to sex Remi Tinubu.
    Why did Senate do closed door session in the first place, when the weather is very cold in Abuja?

    Whoever closed the Senate door caused Dino Melaye to say he will impregnate Remi Tinubu there.
    My own suggestion now is that no more closed session again. Let the Senate door be open all the time.
    I want to also appeal to Dino Melaye not to impregnate Remi Tinubu on the bare floor of Senate chamber.
    There is no bed in the Senate for such a thing. Impregnating must take place only on a very big bed, please.

    • pdee


    • Martin O Powell

      Dear sir, you seem to be ok with the violent rape of another person or worse, find humour in it!

      • Netanyahu

        You wan make Papa cry? In every situation in life, get fun.

        • Martin O Powell

          Mr Netanyahu, sir, I maybe wrong, because I don’t know you, but I don’t think you would ‘get fun’ if he threatened your mother, sister, wife or partner!

    • Iskacountryman

      you have a dirty mind…

    • ijelejames

      Not funny but sickening.

  • Benny

    I am really enjoying this drama ,, beat her up and even impregnate her. The same Dino Melaye that was the beautiful bride of the APCians circa 2014/2015 and was applauded for his daily dosage of profanities and invective on GEJ is now regarded as a thug. Hmmm… You guys have not seen anything. This is the beginning and just pray you guys don’t scuttle our democracy.

  • arewethishopeless

    Senator Eyinnaya Abaribe, how you dey? How market? We hear na you dey look for Buhari’s jugular …. Well done ooo… Where is that your file sef ? …

    • Iskacountryman

      so you can see an efcc visit in his immediate future…

      • Gary

        So you are now reduced to making shameless jokes about the propensity of having the EFCC and agencies of this government used against its critics and opponents? It is no longer a whispered secret but something to be openly encouraged and celebrated? Yet we say that Nigeria is practicing democracy under Buhari, right?

        • Iskacountryman

          you and who say what?…nigeria is an electoral democracy…true or false?

        • arewethishopeless

          Why e dey pain you? You be Abaribe?

      • arewethishopeless

        EFCC is too softly for him …. something stronger …

        • Iskacountryman

          dss…okay…we would work on it…

    • erm erm Magu is dusting it

  • senatorojd

    Beat and impregnate another man’s wife, a senator like you? Lol…Na Kogi west people wey vote you I blame. They should have asked why you couldn’t get a second ticket as a rep member first before considering you for Senate.

    • Iskacountryman

      he used the expletive fcuk you…not i will fcuk you…

      • Stanislaus

        Either way, is wrong for any responsible being to use such most especially in African setting.

        • Iskacountryman

          what african setting?….do you send your wife to exchange words with a stranger in public?…idiotas…

    • Mz BeeHave

      That is ehnnn!!! I cannot understand at all. The man has no shame, it is obvious that he is just a tout and lacks any modicum of sophistication. Not only is she another man’s wife, she’s hus colleague, a fellow senator and he has the gall to speak to her like that.

      The Senate has to bring disciplinary actions against him. How dare any of them speak to a colleague in that manner?!! It’s this country I blame. When some only think that a woman’s place is in the background and she should be brought to heel by physical violence. Imagine the nonsense!!!

  • deansmrt

    I can’t wait to see president buhari impeached and see the anger of of the masses .and how Is that gonna happen anyway.then senates will know what they call Aboki.politics.thank God this not Obj regime bukola and Otoromagbe the red cap politician would have long gone.OBJ don’t mess around

    • Stanislaus

      Honestly, buhari is too soft on these rascals. How can a senator use the F word?

      • Senator D

        I see why you are against the freedom of speech!!!

  • Ajiboye .H.O

    These are the people we call honourable senators? The political majesty system we use in this country is the cause of all these shits. Who checks who??? May God have mercy on the so called country Niger area.

  • OJERINDE, Olatunde A.

    Unfortunately, these brats wont accept the fact that Tinubu is not on the same level with them.
    Tinubu ‘played’ politics in the most sophisticated region (SW) and his ideas triumph even over federal might when it was domicile in OBJ from SW. GEJ held the federal might and could not uproot Tinubu in SW. So, now that Tinubu has influence at the federal level, no matter how little as you may think, all these brats will end up fried for chop. Saraki is just a spoilt child enthroned by his late father on the family throne of Kwara. Melaye is a menace that got to the Senate on the back of his people’s ‘lethargy’. Tinubu has been around since the days preceding FEDECO. He was part of the struggle since then and he faced all the Yoruba Afenifere caucus and won metamorphosing AD to AC then ACN and finally forming a vital cornerstone in APC. Who the hell is Saraki? Where is his political skill, goodwill or know how? This is not to canonise Tinubu but to put the fact straight, as far as nigerian politics is concern, he remains the greatest schemer of this democratic era. If this is a war of political shemers, Tinubu is the champion of the ring. The best Saraki may get from these scenarios…..it is enough message to him that you don’t buzz like bees around your elders. Melaye will soon get a touch of what his mates are feelling….. He should ask others.

    • Whalerolex

      Wow, you seems to acknowledge Thiefnubu’s greatness but just thought I should let you know you missed something out. He is a BIG THIEF and the IBB of SouthWest.

      • OJERINDE, Olatunde A.

        i said ‘as a political schemer’….he is not on the same level with any of these brats. As for being a thief, let us have your evidence to back that claim. Better still, come up with other claims.

        • Whalerolex

          I might be wrong but you made it sound like he is someone to be proud of. Anyway as for being a thief, I hope you aware of;
          Drug trafficking and money laundering cases in America
          Lagos tax collection scandal
          The sudden sale of Oando guest house to himself
          Rise of Remi Thiefnubu
          I can go on and on but I know you might ask me for proof. Well I don’t have any but all I’ll say is this, stop praising these thieves because it means you will continue to see the rise of more thieves which is what we are experiencing in Nigeria.

          • Gary

            Please add Bar Beach. Tinubu and the Chagourys formed a syndicate to take over the most famous PUBLIC BEACH in Lagos and convert it into an ocean front mini-city of luxury condos and apartments. Right under the nose of the people of Lagos. They even brought Bill Clinton to flag off the biggest land grab in the history of Nigeria. Billions of state and federal funds was spent on beach remediation and sand filling to restore Bar Beach only for the Tinubu syndicate which runs Lagos like a Mafia stronghold to seize the people’s beach for private development.
            You will not hear a peep from the Lagos media or the Yoruba intelligentsia about this brazen daylight robbery by Tinubu. But they are quick to tell Niger Deltans that they are suffering at the hands of their own leaders. Just like the ethnocentric post above by Mr. Ojerinde. Go remove the log in your own eye before bemoaning the speck in the eyes of others.

        • Gary

          When it comes to your tribal leader in politics, you Yorubas lionize him but you’re quick to denounce when other people laud or protect their own own thieves in politics. Part of the current problem in the NASS today is Tinubu’s desire to control the NASS like he controls the Lagos Assembly with his handpicked cronies. We would rather live with Bukola Saraki than let Tinubu take over the federal parliament. Democracy demands that.

    • Netanyahu

      EFCC treatment abi? After you claim that your god in aso rock does not dictate to his attack dog, EFCC who to attack. Can you see yourself? Melaye run o before they come. Go join the NDA, like Tompolo and no one will reach you again.

      • OJERINDE, Olatunde A.

        I am sure i did not say anything about EFCC. You probably need to further your academic misadventure

    • Layo

      You nailed it. Dino just murdered sleep.

  • Watch man

    This senate can’t even impeach a housefly not to talk about human beings. How can a senate that lacks credibility even think of impeaching the president? Have they finished fighting? Their fighting will continue until this tenure finishes and nothing good will come out of there.

  • Rommel

    I ask again,is the national assembly serving us? when have we seen them defend Nigerians passionately? what has been the benefit of the billions wasted on maintaining these people?

    • Iskacountryman

      direct your question to your senator…

    • ijelejames

      They are not serving anybody but themselves.

      • Senator D

        The worst democracy is better than the best dictatorship… Militariocracy (apologies to Wole Soyinka) mentality is no good to any NATION…

    • Epsilon_Delta

      The national assembly is the last civil defence the country has against you fellow tyrant!!

    • +Truth -Lie

      It is unfortunate, the situation we have found ourselves saddled with these kind of people. Legislatures are a necessity in a democracy. To contemplate not having one is to ask for dictatorship. But we are in trouble because our electoral system is not working. I bet you if Melaye contests again in Kogi West, he will win. That is the quagmire we have found ourselves, but the chicken will come home to roost one day.

    • Micheal Onoh

      They are not these people, they are these idiots period.

  • ijelejames

    This is an attack on Nigerian women as a whole. These crazed men who treat their wives like scum if they still live with any, think they can come to the senate chamber and display their disregard for women by attacking mrs tinubu this way with profanities. This is unacceptable and also typical of men with low self esteem who feel threatened in front of strong educated women. Enyinnaya is a total disgrace. Why would he use such words on someone’s wife? Probably being a senator has turned him into a thug like Melaye. I expected this type of behavior from Melaye as he is a known houseboy/thug but not in the senate chambers. This is the reason his wives leave him and runaway. Melaye job ever since he was born has been to beat up women and impregnate them and now he threatens to do it to someone else’s wife as all his wives ran away for this same reason. They man has exposed himself. Case closed

    • Senator D

      A rapist is no different from a pedophile…

    • Aloy Kris

      Now what did Enyinnaya say about Mrs. Tinubu in the write up above, or is it that you have a score to settle with him? Enyinnaya only said the senate should go for the president’s jugular according to the article above. Melaye is the one portrayed as a psychopath. Please be guided accordingly.

      • ijelejames

        Go take a nap and stop defending thugs or maybe you are one of them

  • Adebayo

    He said he will beat her up, impregnate her. Are you sure he does not have mental problems.

    • ijelejames

      He is a psychopath

    • Jacky

      Obviously! He definitely does.

    • Oladele

      Dino does not have problems, Dino is a problem!

  • Bryan

    By saying he will beat and impregnate her and nothing will happen, he was indirectly saying he would RAPE her. This is serious!

    • Senator D

      Define rape in Nigerian context?

  • yusuf Mikail

    Dino is now a thug, a psychopath, a drug addict, a madman and so on. All because he is now scoring own goals. He was once their hero. I dey laff.

    • Gary

      Yes, the same way Saraki was a democrat and hero fighting PDP corruption after he defected to the APC. Until he wangled the Senate Presidency for himself. Then he became Lucifer’s disciple for chieftains and their media lapdogs. Hypocrites.

      • Senator D

        When Bukola Saraki and Aminu Tambuwal defected to APC they were praised to high heavens… I hope Tambuwal will not become the next Devil… Learnt his political god-father Wamakko is planning an impeachment proceedings against Buhari…

  • Gidi

    This is the most disgraceful senate in Nigeria’s history. An August body that should deliberate thoughtfully, and make law for the nation has descended into a chaotic market place where hooliganism is celebrated. A senator threatening to rape another fellow colleague, and boasting of no consequences could result of his action.

    The idea of beating a woman, raping her and getting her pregnant on the floor of the senate is not only unconscionable, but disgusting and irresponsible of a Senator from Federal Republic of Nigeria. The thought itself should outrage every father and mother in Nigeria.

    I am truly ashamed of Nigeria senators under Saraki’s leadership. Kogi State has managed to send one of the most disgusting human being to represent them in the senate. This is really appalling.

    I don’t even know how to explain this to my daughter…i just feel disgusted.

    • Senator D

      Watch your mouth… How dare you use the word “Disgraceful Senate”… APC cannot do anything wrong. They have the cleanest Senators, Politicians and best Rapist in town… Keep it up APC Senators… Keep it up!!!

      • Sir Demo

        I agree with you. The 47% PDPigs in the sinate are the only rational minds in that accursed chamber. The sooner the devil chamber is scrapped the better. Bring back UNICAMERAL legislature

  • Obosi Warrior

    I think Melaya has this thing about other men’s wives, what a pervert. We can now see why he carries Saraki’s wife’s bag around. The man is sick!!

    • Senator D

      If you are clean… You have never desired another woman that is not yours be the first to cast the stone of condemnation… The man has been eyeing that babe for long and she’s not giving him the green light so he has to voice out his frustration…

      • wazobia ninja!!!!!!

        ashawo …. lol

        • Senator D

          Bros you must be a virgin, a pedophile or possibly a gay…

          • wazobia ninja!!!!!!

            virgin ………………. wetin i go do ………………………

      • ’70

        Well, I will be the one to cast the 1st stone… I have desired many women, but NEVER gone to the extent of voicing it out loud in public.

        • Senator D

          Everyone has a big teeth but the one whose lips can’t cover his teeth is the one with the big teeth!!!

  • Senator D

    All of a sudden Dino Melaye is no longer APC’s hero! Nah Waoooo…. Is this not the same Dino Melaye that wanted to beat up Dimeji Bankole, the aluminium roofing agent turned Speaker House of Reps? The same Dino Melaye that Kogi people preferred to Smart Adeyemi??? The same Dino Melaye that was a drug courier boy for a former Military General under Sanni Abacha… APC is the cleanest party in Nigeria… PDP are just stinking…

    • Say the truth

      Before you castigate go and check Dimeji’s resume first. I am very sure you can’t even gain an admission to schools he attended.

  • Jacky

    And this is the same man who claimed today in a statement he issued; “I am a responsible Nigerian, role model and a champion of anti-corruption and equity…….” But Dino Melaye is a complete opposite of everything he claimed. In fact, it’s spurious and gravely criminal for a beast, a wild animal like Melaye to make such claims.

    • Senator D

      How? Just because he said (if he really did say so), “I will beat and impregnate you and nothing will happen”? Do you know how many women are beaten and raped in silence? He opened up and you are castigating him. Maybe he should do it silently… Dino you hear? Do it SILENTLY!!!

    • Apostel

      Melaye said: I am an irresponsible and a very corrupt Nigerian, a role model and a champion in wife beating, reaping and primitivity which I stand for. I therefore will continue to disrespect the history, culture and excellence of all Nigerian people on the
      floor of the Senate.

  • Senator D

    If you are clean… You have never desired another woman that is not yours be the first to cast the stone of condemnation… The man has been eyeing that babe for long and she’s not giving him the green light so he has to voice out his frustrations!

  • UOU

    Fight to finish, fight to the ground, all for greed and parochial hate and wickedness of man..they cant even share the bounty, talk-less of sharing it well

  • Senator D

    Dino Melaye are you now competing with Flavour and Tuface in impregnating fine fine women… Ol’Boy that Remi Tinubu fine shaaa oooo…

  • Abidilagungun

    That’s corruption fighting back

  • Apostel

    This mad dog Melaye should be stoned. I do not understand why the Nigerian women do not go en masse to the streets and demonstrate against this monster.

  • SAM .A

    When you mix seeds and weeds this is what u get when u elect thugs with decent people , this is what u get.

    • Senator D

      Show me one decent Senator there be it from PDP or APC…

      • ’70

        There are a few of them my dear friend…

        • Senator D

          Name one and you are being ambiguous…

          • ’70

            I don’t have to on this medium

    • Say the truth

      Who told you she can’t be pregnant again?

      • SAM .A

        Say the truth. The truth is that majority of women at 50 are postmenopausal.

  • MaskedPhantom

    … And Jagagban must must be frothing with rage at the thought of this competition for his wife’s feminine delights. Who knows what he’ll do next? Perhaps organize some hoodlums and miscreants to march on the NASS and “OCCUPY MELAYE”

  • ola

    Did he say he will impregnate her. I hope the jagaban will not allow this dinosaur to snatch his wife, whichever.

    • ’70

      Not to worry, Dino has just signed his death warrant… He will now find out that Jagaban is more streetwise than he & his foul smelling mouth are…

  • wazobia ninja!!!!!!

    ” ……………… impregnate you and nothing will happen.”

    yeah,diamonddick dino …………………….. very familiar territory ………………….. unfortunately,something go happen for this one ………..

  • Apostel

    Melaye said: “I am a very corrupt Nigerian, role model and a champion of
    corruption and primitivity which my party (APC) stands for.
    Yes, well said Dino, bravo, yeah yeah.

  • Hauwa A. Mohammed

    I think legal NGOS fighting for the rights of women should wade in, and if Senator Me laye is proven to said same, his constituency should recall him while he faces legal action. What a shame from our legislators!

  • ’70

    … & this is the closest confidant of our Senate President? OMG! We surely are in trouble…
    As for the “jugular” man please be the one to bell the cat…
    Senators, a word of advice: The only way you and the executive can ever bury the hatchet and come under one roof is if you guys come out clean. You have cheated this country enough!

  • ’70

    “I’m just wondering why whenever Senator Dino speaks in this chamber, he is always threatening people and behaving childishly and at times like a thug.

    “I think he needs to know that every senator here represents their constituencies. And that there is no need to threaten anyone.

    “We are seeking and working towards reconciliation, yet you are busy issuing threats.”

  • samsam

    saraki be ware.Your wife may be next in line to be impregnated by your bodyguard Dino. At least he’s tasted the goodness of been her bag carrier.
    All the same knowing the men Saraki and Tinubi– I think Dina has just dug his grave. May not be a happy ending for oga Dino. saraki is in enough trouble already and adding tyrant Dino serves him no good. He should remember the fly that went to the grave with the cadava.

  • Eze Epraim


    • Oskirin

      lol…….so nxt time bware whn u are wit him coz he fit break bottle 4 person head.

  • IG

    Just that action from Dino alone warrant an immediate sex offender tag in America, I hope the lady press charges against Dino, I bet Dino will be immediately tag as sex offender and will never step a footh on american soil again.

  • demgosoonknow

    Dino “the rapist” Malaye! Good job thugsenator from Koki, please stand up to be recognized.

  • Senator D

    Everyone has a big teeth but the one whose lips can’t cover his teeth is the one with the big teeth! (My Mother’s proverb)… Dino your lips no cover your teeth ntoooorrrr………

  • persona

    This situation should be investigated and witnesses assembled. The CSO should ensure that as madam senator had the floor and stated categorically that reconciliation was being sought, Dino clearly verbally assaulted her, threatened to rape her with a finality that nothing will happen.
    Clearly this is a threat to her life, her human right and above all the good people of her constituency.
    Civility is lacking in the senate and Nigerians are not getting the benefits of the votes given to most of the senators in contrast with the house of representatives. I expect nothing less from civil society and women rights advocates to ensure that Dino is called for questioning and just like Wizkid was dragged to police station to BEG Linda after attacking her via social media, this case should not be allowed to slide. Women are mothers, daughters, sisters and molders of our destinies. Dino is known to be a serial woman basher and if he has escaped in the past because he intimidated other women, a senator duly elected should not be put in that same mold.
    All the fellow senators that shielded madam senator should stand as witnesses against Dino. If this is allowed to be swept under the carpet, Dino will be further emboldened. No to RAPE, MOLESTATION and SUBJUGATION of WOMEN.

    • Jujubeans

      Thank you. How can people sit there whilst this id***t threatens to beat and rape a fellow senator?? What do the other female senators have to say about that? Naija women too… Where is your outrage? Or it’s only weave, fashion and nollywood we dey concern you nowadays?

    • NwaIgbo

      Serious talk my brother!

    • Nwa_Africa

      He started with Osho wife now Tinubu……………………Is Melaye above the law?

  • Layo

    Dino is a confirmed wife beater. Dino aka Dauda the nackson. Olosi. Now it’s clear why the senate is so backward with the likes of Dino as senators. Rapist.

    • Oskirin

      yeeepaaaaaa.u no go kill me.u make me remeba dt yeye comic.infact,dino resmeble d man wit head n mouth only b say dino tall pass am.

      Dino,u don get anoda title….Dino Dauda the Nackson..

      • Layo


        • Oskirin

          ds is 2 cofirm dt d man is a serial wife beater….coz of plenty allegations hangin on his neck.remeba her wife tokunbo n bisi ibidapo obe.

          dino d nackson.i pray u cum out of ds coz jagaban no go gree.if u doubt,go and ask dokpesi.whn dokpesi hear say Lagos State Govt wan use him office land @ alagbado 4 drainge purpose and dem go giv am anoda 1 inside bush 4 badagry,he had 2 go n tender apology.

          ya own just start.

    • Jujubeans

      Honestly this guy is the scum of the earth! People of Kogi state, when are you going to recall this disgraceful tout of a human being?

  • Wise Head

    It is like the only thing the APC regime does so well these days is to increase the number of its e-Rats. You can see them falling over themselves to post useless comments. They have seriously gone into overdrive. Afterall, they have no other job except to stay up all day looking for where to post profane comments and insult anyone that does not worship their failed president

    • Artful ºDodger

      Crawl back into the hole of the stup1d where you came out from and go into hibernation. When PDP- the descendant of dem0ns and everything wrong with the black race is ¨EVER¨ able to get to Aso Rock again come out to bask in the euphoria of the f0olish you are used to.

      • Wise Head

        My suspicion is that you wrote your comment in Greek. It is incomprehensible. Until you learn to write English legibly, you don’t deserve a response. That shows how intellectually poor Buhari and his regime are. They can only hire semi-literate e-Rats.

        • Artful ºDodger

          Even in Chinese it wouldnt have meant anything to you since you have deliberately sold your soul to foolishness and the evil spirit that comes with that. So you see, you do not belong to the reasonable but a self denying class who would rather thrive in make belief while your inside is rotten!

  • dami

    Dino…Saraki’s houseboy….Wanker!!

    • Daniel

      So Tinubu is yours… ehh? Or you are his?

      • dami


        • Daniel

          Hahahaa! Mumu plenty for town.

          Are they aware Nigeria is in recession?

          Misplaced priorities from an obviously clueless government.

          • dami

            Daniel the wanker!!

  • Artful ºDodger

    Abaribe the igbo bastard son of a wh0re, you have to elect someone to impeach him. Your 5% is not enough to do the job. Get it evil child?

    • Daniel

      Many Northern Senators want Buhari out.

      Apart from sharing political office, what has the North gained so far from Buhari?

      You are politically naive.

  • wazobia ninja!!!!!!

    e be like say saraki de dub dino o …………… i nor understand this love affair ……………………………

    • Sincerely Yours

      Me too.

  • Wise Head

    The senators should probe Buhari’s school certificate forgery and false claims. Unlike the Lagos State House of Assembly which probed Gov Bola Tinubu and cleared him, they should thoroughly probe Buhari and establish the truth about his false certificate. They should impeach him and recommend him for trial for forging certificate and false claim. The man has run down the economy within only one year and everything is in disarray. He needs to return to his cows – which is the only he knows how to manage

    • Artful ºDodger

      See, being igbo made you stup1d as well. How sad!

      • Daniel

        Dispute the facts.

      • Eziokwu

        this animal it is not Igboman that impregnated ya whore mother, it is a foolani cow that did the terrible job, that is why you reason like a cow

  • Victor Aikhionbare

    Yeepaaa! Dino is brown bread. Kuruminirukiki (point of no return). Dem go just give am a few years and then send him to his ancestors. He failed to realise and appreciate what oliver de coque of blessed memory said in his song ‘anewen obodo ewen’. He has touched the jagaban’s tail.

    • Daniel

      Is Tinubu your god? Sycophancy is part of our problem.

      How dare Tinubu nurse the ambition of controlling the Red Chamber of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

      This is Nigeria; not Lagos where he has political houseboys.

      Tinubu should face Buhari who has snookered him with Northern appointments all over the place.

      He is a loser.

    • Sincerely Yours

      He really is toast.

  • Kevin Peter

    Case of house divided against itself! As spectators, we shall keep watching events as they unfold.

  • Wise Head

    It is now more than two weeks since the 5-day ultimatum given to Gov Fayose to apologise and retract his statement about Aisha Buhari’s money laundering escapades in the US in involving jailed Congressman Jefferson. Nobody seems to be talking about it again. When will Aisha Buhari sue Fayose for tarnishing her image? Alternatively, when will she visit the US to prove Fayose wrong? A fugitive running from the law and a certificate forger husband are fighting corruption in Nigeria!!! Wonders shall never cease. What a shame. The world is laughing at Nigeria.

    • emmanuel

      You need help quickly because you fail to appreciate the fact that this administration is doing very well,a letter of intend to sue is condition precedent for an action in court and the fellow in Ekiti is still covered with section 308 of our CFRN 1999.On the miserable case of certificate that case has been dismissed by the court.Always get your fact right before you air them.

      • Wise Head

        Court did not dismiss any certificate case. The lawyer came under a barrage of threats and he was forced to withdraw the case. Don’t muddle up issues. He said so himself

      • Daniel

        The certificate case was not dismissed. Rather,the plaintiff withdrew it because his life was threatened.

        Or why would Buhari hire 13 SANs and 7 lawyers to defend a simple certificate he could tender.

        Buhari should tender that certificate and demand apology from his detractors ,if they exist.

        E no get.

        Get your facts right.

    • Xman Raji

      Check today’s Punch Newspaper. That’d give u an answer alternatively, u can do a private investigation to know which Aisha.

      • Wise Head

        Simple: Aisha Buhari should visit the US and return. Some people have volunteered to foot the bill. They are parading another woman as the Aisha that committed crime and you believe them? How can somebody that committed such a crime live in the US and she has not been picked up and tried – even after America has tried and jailed a Congressman for the same offence. They should spin another yarn

        • Nwa_Africa

          If she can be in UK then USA is not looking for her…………………Tell Kashamu to travel to UK and come back……………………

          • Wise Head

            Yes, USA is not looking for her. But let she just touch down on American soil. Why is that so difficult? Her husband has visited that country for about 3 times, why did she not go with him?

        • Sincerely Yours

          You do not visit a country that has extradition treaty with the country you are running away from. If the president’s wife is wanted in America, then it will be foolhardy of her to travel to the UK, where the
          Americans can ask for her extradition. And why should she go to the USA because people like you say so. She does not owe you jack.


      The world is laughing at those who have refused to move on after an election that was fought and lost. The world is laughing at those who have continued to cut their nose to spite their face. Even the man who lost the election has conceded defeat and moved on! Not so for the ‘Dumb Heads’ of this world.

  • zygote

    “I will beat you up, ….. impregnate you and nothing will happen.”
    These are persons making laws for a country. Pathetic!!

    • Nwa_Africa

      What do you expect from thugs in the National Assembly? He is busy insulting a woman because he is not yet married……………………..

      • Sir Demo

        He married severally but end up beating the poor women into pulp.

        • Nwa_Africa

          Aha, that is it……………I heard twice he married………………………But none is living with him now……………………..

          • Sir Demo

            I know THREE he legally married, but tons of sluts!

    • Omotolaaraujo

      Amen and Amen.

  • NwaIgbo

    Rapist, wife beater thug should be thrown into prison now. This animal DINO has even threatened treason,deal with him now!

    • ceweeco projects

      What do thugs do? They bit and rape and I belt you Senator Tinubu seems to enjoy their company

  • Adeola Gbenga Ajibade Osuntola

    If truly Dino Malaye said all those words, then shame on him. If truly he is representing Kogi state, then those he is representing should recall him and examine his dirty brain. Why would you threatened a woman for God sake. This man is sick and his brain should be examined. He should be deselected in 2019. If any of you senators has the recording of the altercation, then please send it to us so that we can finally stop Dino Malaye from entering the UK and the United States.

    • Sir Demo

      He beat his ex wife blue before thriwn her out like a rag. He is really sick.

  • Nwa_Africa

    Tomorrow he will ask to meet new UK PM…………………..He will also threaten the woman say way he did to Tinubu wife………………….Dino go and marry…………………….

    • Monalisa Chinda

      Who will marry a thug like Dino? We all remembered how he beat up is ex wife and thrown her out of the house…Dino is a lunatic

    • aisha ani

      Let us not forget that Hilary Clinton may be the next US President.

    • Fides

      Folks like him are contented with the ‘one night stand’ girls. They cannot successfully keep a home. What a shame.

    • Eziokwu

      nwa yoroba

  • Allen

    If this story is a true account of what actually transpired, I don’t expect senator Remi Tinubu to keep quiet about it. This man should be dragged to court and prosecuted for assault or is he also protected by immunity like his counterpart in Ekiti? This is an insult to the generality of the Nigerian women and should not be taken lightly.

    • Daniel

      What right has Remi Tinubu to describe a fellow Senator as acting like a thug? So both of them are wrong for using uncouth language.

      Or is it because her husband is the political lord of Lagos?

      The Senate belongs to the Federal Republic Nigeria, not Lagos.

      Tinubu should face his real enemy, Buhari, who has taken all the strategic appointments to the North.

      No amount of distractions will change the Senate leadership. I can bet you on that.

      • Kayce3

        Tell me how he had acted. Let’s call a spade a spade without any prejudice. His attitude appalling and disgraceful.

        • Daniel

          She got the right treatment. She should tell her husband to stop sponsoring political house boys to create trouble in the Red Chamber.

          That is why it is said, there is a government within the government.

          The AGF has a lot of executive bills to be crafted to serve our interest. Yet, he is fighting political battles to enrich his pocket.

          Elections have been won and lost. Time to move on.

          • Oladipo Oyefeso

            I wonder how some people reason. What has the simple advise given to Melaye got to do with Asiwaju Tinubu. Why should some people get so much biased to the extend that they lose their sense of reasoning. You should advise Melaye to stop displaying this childish attitudes which consumed him in the house of representative. He should now be a man.

          • Daniel

            Who is qualified to advise whom?

            Do you understand what this fight is all about?

            It is about you and me.

            The NA cannot be in one man’s or party’s pocket.

            Not sure you know the implication.

          • Sir Demo

            Who let this dog out really?

          • Daniel

            O yes! The dignified “wailers'” list is swelling by the day.

            You will soon know the source of your problems, if the Ostrich Syndrome is not in charge of your mind.

            Bourdillon bootlicker!

          • Sir Demo

            Swelling in ur erosion ravaged enclaves. That area count no more in electoral permutations. It can and will be conveniently ignored to lament and wail

          • Daniel

            Hmmm… I am Itsekiri oooo.

            Do you think the Yorubas are happy with this government?

            You must be politically unaware sir.

            Observe carefully.

          • Sir Demo

            U fall my hands bro! Yorubas never ask of any govt more that undiluted patriotic fervor, probity, responsiveness, people oriented policy and development orientation. This govt can not be faulted by any critical observer on any of this ground. OTHERWISE WE WILL FIGHT IT TO STANDSTILL as we fought IBB, Abacha, Soneksn and even OBJ and prevailed.

            The commitment is there, the honesty and probity is there, but the resources are only being mobilized. Pls let’s be patient, Baba Sagay will never support anti masses govt. As for appointive posts, though Yorubas never care, we never have it so good. The economy team is centred around hence the loathful and loathsome wailing of the never do good Yibos. They are even a disgrace to the Igbo nation.

          • Daniel, you disappointingly sound intelligent, just that your opinion on this matter sounds more personal than rational. You seem to be missing the point. Politicking can happen without being so vulgar and uncouth. Are you seriously saying you wouldn’t mind anyone addressing your sister, wife…any female relative you have in that manner? Are you actually trying to say that that animal in human skin was right to publicly announce that he would molest someone else’s wife, all in the name of opposing views? I mean, you are saying “she got what she deserved”? Are you for real? Two wrongs never makes a right, that’s just one. Secondly, that was a “sexist” statement and the coward of man is the one who should actually face his opponent, man-to-man, if he dares. There are certain things you just don’t say when you’re in a position like that. Sen. Tinubu could have been reprimanded without been called names. If everyone thought women should be degraded as to just be impregnated because they used the word “thug”, imagine how many babies would have been a result of such uncivilised behaviour. And if you can put your blind followership aside, you’d be reasoning like the rational people who can put political differences aside to condemn such rascality, so that no woman has to be insulted in that manner ever again; political affiliations irrespective.

          • Daniel

            All I am saying is that two wrongs cannot make a right.

            Tinubu should accept the reality of his political adventurism which may have backfired.

            I am married, never beaten or abused my wife and do not intend to use so.

            However, the political implication of having the NA in one man’s or party’s pocket is too grave to consider.

            Yes, those guys in the NA have a fair share of the blame on why we are not making progress.

            But, a stubborn head or independent-minded legislature is needed to check the the rising dictatorship in the land.

            Once the parliament is pocketed, democracy, free speech and alternative view of governance are doomed.

            We cannot afford that, in the light of sectional leadership in Aso Rock.

            You and I know this fight is deeper and broader than meets the eye.

          • eagleswing

            We have finally seen the subjective premises of your augment. i hope one day somebody will make your wife, mother, sister, niece, etc a foot mat for everyone to wipe their dirty shoes on, if only to keep the room clean..

          • Daniel

            The Senate is not where you settle domestic or private affairs or human rights abuse. Let her go to court, if she has a case.

            Will you take it lightly, if you are referred to as a “dog”, ‘thug”?

            Under no circumstance should such uncouth language come out of a Senator’s mouth.

            It means she has no respect for her husband.

            I will be scandalised to hear my wife refer to someone with that language, when she was not being attacked ab initio.

            You have been given the floor to speak, so why should that uncouth language be used from the word go? It shows she has an axe to grind with Dino.

            We know where that is coming from…

            Whatever impression you have of Dino should be a private conversation.

            That is my point.

          • Dura

            We must build a nation of integrity and rightness and this must be seen to be done in all our institutions of governance

      • Kayce3

        Take Tinubu out of this, Melaye’s attitude is appalling and disgraceful . I salute the courage of the woman for daring such uncivilised attitude. This man is becoming out of place

        • Daniel

          And I ask, when given the floor to speak, why should Remi describe him, Dino, with uncouth language (thug)?

          Why are we pretending as if we do not know where all these shenanigans are coming from?

          Tinubu should face his real enemy.

      • Bart, UK

        Daniel, Senator Remi Tinubu merely reminding Dino Melaye that he should act like a Senator and not like a thug does not amount to an insult in anyway. Therefore, Dino Melaye is totally out of order to issue a direct threat and insult to her person. Dino Melaye is a bully, opportunist and a thug and he should be ashamed of himself. No wonder Hon. Dimeji Bankole (eastwhile speaker of the 7th house of representative) froze him out of the house during his tenure.

        • Daniel

          No moral highground for either of them.

          Quit the hypocrisy!

          They should crawl into their Lagos’ shell.

          Nigeria cannot be handed over to political merchants.

          It is Tinubu who wanted a Muslim-Muslim ticket. But OBJ stopped it.

          This power hunger will consume them all, as the masses languish in poverty.

        • If you do not see gross insult then you must be biased.

      • Dura

        You keep quoting Sen. Remi Tinubu out of context, I read the report of what transpire how Sen. Dino Melaye was threaten and intimidating anyone who dare witness against the house leadership. Sen. Remi Tinubu observed that he cannot be harassing everybody and be behaving like a thug, since everybody have constituencies they represent. Was that to much an observation from Sen. Remi Tinubu. I was told by a person I respect that the greatest insult to a man is to observe he is not behave as a gentleman, he should re-examine himself so as to behave properly. I am shock you took this observation by Sen. Remi Tinubu as an excuse for Sen. Dino Melaye actions

        • Daniel

          So long those words were used, she overstepped her boundary of decency too.

          How do you correct a wrong? Is it by doing wrong?

          Well, let her go to court. The facts can speak for themselves.

          Besides, all these busy bodies protesting her treatment, where have they been?

          A woman murdered in Kano for not fasting;

          A woman murdered in Abuja for preaching the gospel;

          Where are the CSOs? Where are the women’s rights activists?

          It’s all for the lucre…

          Yeye dey smell… for Naija…

  • Arabakpura

    I don’t think it is too late to take a psychiatrist to the National Assembly to ascertain the mental state of our representatives before they make laws that will make us drive on the wrong side of the road!

  • excel

    Melaye is a beast, a disgrace to the upper chamber. This is a clear evidence that Melaye lack a parental up bring. His antics and clownish behaviour reduced the upper chamber to a mere kindergarten. Assaulting a woman is a sheer of cowardice. Real men prove themselves in the battlefield not on woman’s body. Dino Melaye is under a spell or generation curse.


    Melaye has finally over-reached and can only go downhill from here. Mark my words, Melaye’s political sun is about to set. Putting all his eggs in Saraki’s Basket is not a wise move at all, as he will soon find out.

  • Cleartruth

    Remi tinubu own too much. Last time she sat on the sit reserved for deputy senate president and refused to shake hands with saraki. Why must she call Dino, a thug. She got what she deserved.

    • akanni

      So if your wife called you thug the next thin for you is to beat her, sorry for you? biko

      • Blank

        Point of correction. Dino did not beat her up he only replied Remi in same profane manner she called him a thug shikina.

        • Alamu

          She did not call him a thug. Saying someone behaves like a thug is different from calling him/her a thug! It is only in Nigeria that a question like “Are you mad, or sick?” will be interpreted as “You are mad/sick”
          “Do not be silly” is different from “You are silly”

  • Burning spear

    Tinubu should stop behaving like a whore—she is not at all cultured—-I mean what did she expect from Dino after she called him a thug—–‘ He could have slapped the hell out of her Itsekiri whoring face–Anyway what else do u expect from a woman who was caught selling drugs for the husband in the USA?—Was Dino not the man Tinubu used in insulting Jonathan-? What about Saraki did buhari not travel with him to London to insult former president Jonathan–? Der is God sha!!!”All of them are cursed to be a curse unto themselves —-animals

    • Sir Demo

      God has mercy! Yibos indeed share genes with gorillas! This can never ever come from a complete human, no matter the level of insanity. It is unhumanlike to speak or write like this.

    • Ngozi nkele

      I am sure your mother taught you better than this!

    • Action Group

      Whoever you are and wherever you are from it shows that you are the real animal in human garb. We are sorry for replying you,it’s just to let you know that you belong to the zoo and nowhere else. Monkey !!!

    • Omotolaaraujo

      You have no class, or upbringing.

    • aisha ani

      Go and finish your K2 drug.

    • Eziokwu

      God bless you, Truth is always bitter

  • True Nigerian

    Useless institution! All of these needless battles, just in order to defend a horrifically corrupt senate leadership. I can’t help feeling sorry for Nigerians.

  • Sir Demo

    Time to stop these no senses and teach the thugs debasing public lessons the final lesson. Senator Tinubu should report that twit to the Police and he shd be arrested forthwith and lock up like a common criminal he is.

  • Charles

    He charged to beat up a woman. His mind must be very small, plus he must be a wife beater at the home front. I believe by impregnating her he meant to “Rape”. The legislative houses are full of sex perverts.

  • kingbaabu

    Melaye is still going to come back and prostrate. Doyin Okupe said worse things. Where is he today?

  • Fada4Life

    A restless grasshopper end up in the gizzard of a lizard………. Dino (aka Dinosaur), Saraki wahala will consume him and he will end up where he will never imagined…….. A senator threatening his colleague that he will beat her up and impregnate her at the same time, what a gutter words on another man’s wife

  • Action Group

    We are not surprised at Melaye’s outbursts and uncomplimentary vulgar language on a fellow senator,it only confirms what the great Obj said about the National Assembly members being made up of crooks and criminals. Melaye is a stubborn fly that follows the dead to the grave,he is crying more than the bereaved.He surely will soon meet his waterloo,useless uncouth “agbero” man.

  • Omotolaaraujo

    Thug and Gangster.

  • The senseless fight by tinubu’s clan to seize the senate leadership as bounty to financing the presidential election is leading him and his family to perdition. The financiers like fashola and Amechi were settled with multiple ministries where they are flopping big time especially fashola. Now tinubu wants to install his wife as senate president in the absence of saraki. Tinubu in his typical fashion has mobilized the press and judiciary. Today it is cct, tomorrow it is forgery. The goons are meanwhile hailing. The tyrants in power will not relent until they silence all opposition like rani kayode, olisa metu, ekweremadu, dokpesi, dasuki, fayose, mimiko. Kanu, omisore, saraki etc.

    • vagabonds in power

      it is really sad that Nigeria has come to this under Buhari and the Apes in APC—The woman is simply behaving like a whore——-It is like Dino knows she is very loose -free giver—————The same Dino who was organizing birthday parties for Tinubu—————-Friends today enemies tomorrow—-vagabonds in power–Separation is the only way out———————animals

      • Toyin

        I wonder how we reason sometimes. Sentiments should never take the better part and becloud simple reasoning. Why would you refer to someone’s wife as a whore? were you one of her customers? I doubt if you are married; and if eventually you do or you are, how would you feel if someone referred to someone close to you as one?
        You are deviating from the issue at hand.
        Argue more intelligently or prove your points maturely.

      • tunde008

        Why is Dino crying more than Saraki And Ekweremadu

  • Analyst

    The best way to win the battle is to cause your enemies to fight against themselves. That is what is happening in APC now.

    • abu saleh

      And the pdp is not fighting itself…

  • Chidi Andrew

    “I will beat you up, ….. impregnate you and nothing will happen.”

    Something or words are still missing. Since the press have started having access to closed door meetings, please I need the total words.

    Oluremi is exposed and I think the Husband fight is exposing her more to turbulent waters.

  • Saleh Ngaski

    Senator Abaribe, “you can try Buhari’s jugular” and see. What ever happens, forgery is a crime and if it proved against anybody, let the law of the land prevail. We cannot afford to have senators that will be forging our laws to serve their purposes. It should not be business as usual. Does people like Dino deserve to be in an important place like the senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria?

  • Joles

    Unfortunately unlike most Nigerian women, even those that are in high places, all his loot (stolen wealth) cannot match Tinubu’s (stolen wealth).

    In Nigeria, love is secondary, we are told.
    It’s always money!

    How much of it are these money hungried Nigerians taking to the grave?

  • Lydia


    • abu saleh

      God Bless you madam

  • Carlos el Primero

    This is no news to some of us who have always known that our lower and upper houses are full of miscreants and imposters whose only grace is the come one, come all nature of our politics. It is not a surprise that he would try to lay his hands on a woman, as I am sure this is how he plays the alpha male to all his concubines. I am no supporter of Mrs Tinubu, but this is what Nigeria has to offer? It is over for this country unless we find a way to return the likes of dino to the caves and cages where they rightly belong.

  • Kunle

    Pig will never seized to be Pig, no matter how well you clean it. Dino Melaye and his alike are not supposed to be among our law makers if we are serious about progress we claimed to be looking for. A pure political jobber and thug is him. What do you expect from a thug than fighting. Melaye that led a protest against Oduah for Bulletproof cars saga in 2014 suddenly turned to be friend of Stella in 2016. Dino that was protested in Abuja claiming to be anti corruption cruisader not quite long is now acting as bodyguard to the highly corrupt Senate president Bukola Saraki. I am not surprised to his behaviour, he knows that he would soon be found wanting for series of atrocities he has committed in the past.