Constitution Review: Ekweremadu, others want life pension for National Assembly leaders

Nigerian Senate
Nigerian Senate

Some lawmakers on Saturday proposed life pension for presiding officers of the National Assembly after their tenure in office.

They made the proposal at a-two day retreat on Constitution Review organised by the Senate Ad hoc Committee on Constitution Review in Lagos.

According to them, presiding officers, who should enjoy life pension are President of Senate, Deputy President of Senate, Speaker, House of Representatives and Deputy Speaker of House of Representatives.

The deputy president of the Senate, Ike Ekweremadu, spoke in favour of the proposal, saying that principal officers of the two chambers should be entitled to life pension after their tenure.

Mr. Ekweremadu, who the chairman, Senate Ad hoc Committee on review of 1999 constitution, said it was necessary for the presiding officers to enjoy such benefits.

“This has nothing to do with an individual. It is about the institution. Let us not politicise it. Nobody elected the Chief Justice of Nigeria, but he enjoys pension.

“But if we cheapen our own institution, so be it. Let us not make this a personal thing,” he said.

Stella Oduah (PDP-Anambra) said there was no reason why legislators should not enjoy such benefit when other arms of government enjoyed it.

“The executive enjoy it. Let us stand by our leaders. They should enjoy this benefit. They act on behalf of us.

“They are equal to the executive and judiciary and should therefore, enjoy the same benefit,’’ she said.

Ahmed Yerima (APC-Zamfara), who also spoke in favour of the suggestion, said after being elected by all the lawmakers and their constituencies, lawmakers should enjoy pension.

“Governors, who spend just four years enjoy it, so presiding officers should enjoy it too,” Mr. Yerima said.

However, the leader of the Senate, Ali Ndume, spoke against the proposal.

“The case of the state governors and their deputies is different. They were elected by the public.

“But we elect our principal officers. To me, I believe that the benefit of the office of the senate president and other principal officers is too much. They are just one among equals.

“I am against any excessive privileges given to the senate president or the speaker. All of us were elected. If we are doing anything, it should be for all members of the National Assembly,” he said.

Also, the Senate Minority Leader, Godswill Akpabio, spoke against the suggestion.

“The governor of a state and the president cannot stay in office for more than two terms. But for a senator, he can stay in office for 35 years,” Mr. Akpabio said.

According to Oluremi Tinubu, I think principal officers have had enough.

“Principal Officers drive fleet of cars and they have other entitlements. They should not earn extra money when they leave office.

“In the last assembly, we in the minority tried to raise our voice against it. You are first, second and third among equals.

“Some of us do not even have cars, but principal officers have so many. I think we should drop that idea,” Mrs. Tinubu said.

In another development, lawmakers voted against the continuous operation of joint account between local and state governments.

Twenty four lawmakers voted in favour of financial autonomy for local governments, while six lawmakers supported the continuation of the status quo. (NAN)


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  • Watch man

    What else will Ekweremadu and his gang discuss? This senate has been engulfed largely in selfish and personal issues since its inception. Upon all the huge salary and allowances (enough to serve as terminal benefits) they garner yearly they still want more. These looters are terrible. The other day Mr James Manager said that life after senate is suffocating. May be that is what is informing this move. From principal officers it will then go round. Bunch of idlers!

  • agbobu


  • udemeobong

    In which Country? Let me see if the masses will allow that. That is a joke of the year

  • marig

    It’s always about their personal interest.

  • Man_Enough

    imagine these contumacious lots comparing themselves with the chief justice of the federation. it is completely immoral for the senate or house of rep members to pass laws that are beneficial to them. our constitution should strip them of such powers.

  • bigbang

    This must be a joke.

    life pension ko Life pension ni.

    Buhari better veto that part of the amendment.

  • NaijaMindOfChange

    Pdpigs region is always abt their personal interest..wot provision do dey have for d masses…nothing.

  • dami

    NLC where art thou?

    • Tunji Olarewaju

      Missing in action

  • hard soff

    Sure! they are entitled to it. My former employers gave me a lifetime pension in spite of the fact that I “LORDED it” over them all through the years. I got kickbacks, padded contracts, drafted and advanced no bills during my tenure, harassed many women, etc.. When I asked them if it wasn’t better for them to just send me to jail for life, they foolishly told me to just save them the embarrassment of exposing their imbecility. Now I’m thinking of changing my name and running to get into that company again – maybe, just maybe, I can get 2 life pensions!
    We should all support this show of effrontery – 100% employment rate, electricity available 24/7, portable water for all, well respected citizenry, food for all, healthcare for all, pension for all! Can this joint ever get better?

  • front man

    If I hear life pension again for Senate president and others God will punish all of you instantly
    Selfish people always fighting for there pockets

  • Blessing Usang

    This senators have gone extremely mad oh, most of them like Akpabio of Akwa Ibom is already getting pension as a one time governor, others had worked and retired from federal government jobs before venturing into politics and are collecting monthly pension. The masses are suffering and all they do in the Senate is put up selfish law to enrich themselves? You were called to serve as a servant to your different constituencies and all you do is think of enriching yourselves at the detriment of our already drained economy? I wish the Federal government will make your payments so unattractive so, we can know who is really worthy to serve as the masses have so lost hope on you all. Most of you that cannot survive outside politics and you want a life pension as a senator of few years? With all the big take home cash you collect every moment aside your allowances? You all are so greedy, comparing yourselves to the judges of the federation? You all must have a rethink cos no law you have enacted is for the betterment of the masses other than enriching yourselves. This is so uncalled for and insane; that’s why you kill to maintain your stay in the Senate, greed will take you many places but happiness and true joy will forever be far away from you all rogues in senate clothing.

  • Ade Omowest

    Senate Presidents, the Deputy Senate Presidents, Speakers of the House of Rep. & the Deputy Speakers, the States Assembly Speakers and their Deputies; including all Principal Officers are firsts among equals. In reality they are not entitle to life pension like their colleagues. Ike Ekweremadu should find another tactics to prevent his prosecution of the fraudulent manipulation of the Senate Rules in collaboration with the Senate Civil Servants. Because this proposal will not exonerate him of his misdemeanors among his colleagues in the Red Chamber.

  • Godwin

    Indeed God will visit all those useless Senators in support of life pension. Why is it that those PDP Senators are too personalistic, all they can discussed is how to share money and benefit more. Nothing for the Nigerian populates. Surely God is watching them all.

    • Onike24

      Please let us leave God out of it! Why do we let this people continue slapping our faces with impunity?

      • Tori Tautes

        LOL. God is always involved

      • dele20

        We will not allow them to do so, don’t forget that nothing is done without God’s intervention

    • dele20

      They are the selfish and callous people

  • Opekete

    May be this reporter did not hear the debate very well. May be they are proposing life ‘in prison’ not life pension for themselves.

    • Ndidi

      Ha ha ha – I wish!

    • dele20

      Ahhhhhh, I guess the same, they need life imprisonment not life pension

  • True Nigerian

    Look at the charade and idiocy that are being discussed in the name of legislative work. This country is in the pits.

    • dele20

      Not the country that is in the pit because the country never agrees with them, but the Senators themselves are the ones in the pit

  • Olatubosun

    This house of assembly nawa for them o

    • dele20

      Abi oo, they have many things to consider for the progress of our nation, irrespective of that, requesting for life pension

  • Olatubosun

    This senators
    They will all Perish

    • dele20

      Dont mind the selfish senators we have

  • Olatubosun

    Useless people

    • dele20

      Abi ooooo, can you just imagine?

  • Taiwo

    Chai! There’s God. Some of these people are former governors who are already drawing pension pay from their states.

  • joelaw

    This is one battle labour must take on and it will be massively supported. These insensitive buffoons must not take Nigeria for a ride. Firstly, they earn the highest salary and allowances for any sitting legislature in the world, now they want to rub salt on an injury. Labour should force them to reduce their salaries to dovetail with present reality on ground, secondly, citizens should rise up against them. We are their employer not the other way round. Labour please wake up.

  • dele20

    Did I hear life pension for the National Assembly leaders or just a dream?

  • dele20

    This national assembly leaders are not serious, they are selfish

  • dele20

    These senators need life imprisonment not life pension

  • Beewhy

    They should be sent for death by hanging … very big NO.

  • Joe Cee

    God will punish their generation unborn! Goats