Adenuga, Niger Governor, late Ooni of Ife, Andy Uba, 106 others named in #PanamaPapers

Panama Papers
Panama Papers

At least 110 Nigerian individuals and companies have so far been identified by PREMIUM TIMES in the leaked internal data of Panamanian law firm, Mossack Fonsecca, as operators of offshore shell companies in tax havens.

Prominent among the new names being revealed today, in addition to the several that were published in the past one month, are the founder of telecommunication company, Globacom, Mike Adenuga; Niger State Governor, Abubakar Sadiq Sani Bello and the late Ooni of Ife, Okunade Sijuwade, among others.

The list also contained names of Arik Chairman, Joseph Arumemi-Johnson and his wife, Mary, as well as two serving senators – Andy Uba (Anambra) and Ibrahim Gobir (Sokoto).

Other top business persons, politicians, and their family members were also found in the infamous database, including those currently holding public offices. See full list below.

The publication details names of companies, their owners and the particular tax havens the offshore firms are domiciled.

PREMIUM TIMES is the only Nigerian media organisation with exclusive access to the documents obtained by German newspaper, Süddeutsche Zeitung, and shared by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) with over 80 media organisations around the world.

Since April 3, 2016, when the news of the unprecedented leak broke worldwide, PREMIUM TIMES has published series of exclusive reports about the offshore assets of prominent Nigerians named in the database that is now globally referred to as #PanamaPapers. Some of them, who are public officer holders, held the assets in violation of Nigerian law, failing to declare them to the Code of Conduct Bureau.

The investigation revealed the assets of some of Nigeria’s most powerful individuals, including Africa’s richest man Aliko Dangote; President of the Nigerian Senate, Bukola Saraki; convicted former governor of Delta State, James Ibori; the boss of Oando, Nigeria’s biggest indigenous oil firm, Wale Tinubu, in tax havens such as the British Virgin Islands, Panama, and Seychelles.

The unprecedented year-long investigation involving 11.5 million secret documents – which stretch from 1977 to December 2015 – exposed the hidden underground of the world economy, a network of banks, law firms and other middlemen that utilize shell companies, sometimes using them to hide illegal wealth.

The 2.6 TB files, involving 214,488 entities, also revealed hundreds of details about how former gun-runners, contractors and other members of the spy world use offshore companies for personal and private gain.

The investigation unveiled the cloak of secrecy provided by Mossack Fonseca, a Panamanian law firm that specializes in creating offshore companies, some of which have been used by con men and women to hide Ponzi schemes, predatory lending scams, and other financial frauds from their victims and from the authorities.

The use of shell companies is not illegal and there are individuals and firms who incorporate them for purely legitimate purposes.

Below is a comprehensive list of other Nigerians named in the leak, although this may not be final as this newspaper will continue its investigation in the weeks and months ahead.

Follow all our #PanamaPapers coverage here.

#PanamaPapers – Nigerians With Companies in Tax HavensInfographic

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post has been updated. Two wrong photographs erroneously used to illustrate Tajudeen Ayokunnu, and Olanrewaju Olumuyiwa were removed after we became aware that those were not the faces of the actual persons referred to in our report. We apologise to the Olanrewaju Olumuyiwa and Tajudeen Ayo Yusuf, a member representing Kabba/Bunu/Ijumu Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, for the mix-up.


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  • Ratedcranes Scaffold

    Well done sir @ premium times. Though some are legitimate , others may be not.


      None is legitimate. Those places where he put money are called tax havens because they allow you to put your money into companies there with little checking on how you came by the money. The Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca, makes it way too easy for very rich individuals to pay very little in taxes, for both legal and illegal reasons.

  • BobSolo

    And they say Nigerians are poor….well a larger percentage of us are poor…but those who stole our resources are now rich on our own money…na wa

  • Anonymous

    Those waiting to see the Amechi, Fashola, B.A.T will have to wait till thy kingdom come

    • Harry

      They are very adept and professional in covering their vast loot. They are masters indeed! But not for long… Another list will surface detailing both BAT and AMAECHI wealth

      • Jon Lawrence

        Why while you are waiting for Amaechi’s name that is still a mirage, how are you dealing with the one that is real right now with us?

    • Dan Naija

      Some of you think like fishes. Apart from the politicians on this list, the others are looters store houses for people like Amaechi and Fashola. E.g Dangote, Tinubu etc store looted money for looters in form of investments.

    • Anonymous

      They are all crooks just like you.

    • TrueNja

      Don’t worry, we will soon catch them. Nimuola Folorunsho Coker, former Special Adviser of Babatunde Raji Fashola on the Central Business District of Lagos State is on the list.

  • 9ja needs a new leader

    Premium Times is one of the most shameless media houses on mother earth–That these Panama Paper leaks are being sponsored by the CIA is not enough to push them into staying away from this rubbish—sadly when the average black man shakeshand with with the white man—he feels he has arrived——-Not realising that he is being used to destabilize the country–on behalf of the CIA that imposed Buhari on Nigerians-

    • Oty

      And your point is…

      Before i forget you celebrated buhari shake of hands in US and europe.

      Whats the matter with you self?

    • Jon Lawrence

      You must be at the top of those chain of black men without your own obsession about white men because all you can only think or talk about on every single issue irrespective is only CIA while the subject is 100% Nigerians. It is called a reversed inferiority complex.

  • IZON Redeemer

    Goodluck Jonathan once said,’I am the most insulted president of Nigeria but when I leave I will be the Most Praised’. It’s happening already,GEJ may have his flaws but he is one million times better than visionless –certificateless Malam Alhaji Dan Fulani Buhari…..of Niger Republic

    • Agofure

      A prophet has hounour except in his own home. President Jonaathan was a special breed who lived ahead of his time. Apt, calculated, gentle but firm with uncommon courage to confron the vultures that feast on the Niger Delta when he decided to run for office at the demise of that clown whose fellow clowns put Nigeria through the greatest embarrassment possible during his terminal illness. President Jonathan is in a class of his own. Certainly not in the category of the clueless vampires confined to the dustbin of history.

    • Arabakpura

      Jonathan also said,” what I want I do not get, what I get I do not want”; he wanted the Presidency and the Panama companies and got none of those!

      • D1

        He was just getting into the game.

    • Jon Lawrence

      His wife equally predicted that she does not want to be going to Kirikiri to feed him. The rate the cloud is cycling around him, it is only a matter of time. You must be one of the few diehard brainless Nigerians still praising him after knows about his special assignments to the likes of Metuh with our cash or his Dasuki’s ATM machine.

  • Iiberrte

    No Jonathan, Madueke, or Oduah. Still silence from Buhari.

    • wazobia scatter!!!!!!

      they keep their cash at home ………………………….

    • D1

      Those are new thieves, just getting into the game. Unfortunately they are being caught by the new sheriff in town before they go hay wire.

    • Odeomi

      The fact that your name is not in the list is not an exoneration of misdeeds and the fact that your name is in the list does not make you a thief , it may be that you are a tax dodger or doing business with people dodging taxes

  • amazing2012

    Thank you premium times for fulfilling your promise.
    My take on this, is not build on envy or sarcastic analysis because most of them are business men and women of honor.
    But my problem is their inability to invest at home, while their people are eating foot to mouth.
    Worst of the list are those with religous link, which are expected to led by example on the life of prophets of God.
    I am sure the root of the money to most is Nigeria, or from Nigerians or directly from government.
    It is a list of shameless and disgracful Africans who are happy to see their people in abject poverty while keep trillions in where after their deaths no one will recover the amount and the throughout the period of that safe keeping, Panama will be generating more money from the huge amount kept in the country’s shore.

    • D1

      It’s just senseless, beats all imaginations!

    • Jon Lawrence

      Business and women of honour? Really? There is no honour involved in secret banking anywhere in the world. It may not be illegal but honourable it isn’t.

  • Babanla

    PT we don’t need the entire list as some of these people listed here use their current company names for same business abroad. Just give us the names of the corrupt politicians among them and what they own. Leave the genuine business men and women out of this please.

  • Domingos

    So the Ooni of Ife was a thief too who looted the monies of his kingdom like Alamiesegha looted from Bayelsa. Well I am not surprised. That man was cunning. Very cunning. But while does Premium Times refer to people from the Niger Delta who have money in Panama as THIEVES but refuses to refer to other Nigerians as thieves? James Ibori & Chief Alamiesiegha arent the only Ex-Govs on the list but are the only ones referred to as thieves. This is willful mumudity on the part of reporters and Editors of Premium Times. Irreversible mumudity.

    • Odeomi

      that is because they have been convicted in a court of law. every other person is a suspect. Premium does’t want to be sued for defamation of character.

    • Jon Lawrence

      Its because one had served time and the other is serving time, i.e ex convict and a convict. The rest are still suspects, no matter what we think of them now.

  • Omotunde

    I have always known the former Ooni as a crooked man. I am not surprised at all. Pls check the list very well for names of IBB & Abdulsalami.


    It is sheer naivety for PT to assume that it is the only Nigerian news apparatus that has access to the original database. Many of us have it and have listed these names accurately in comment section here on ur own website. There is nothing special about having access to the database. It is a matter of how you get access or whether you want to have access. Period! By the way, the list is not complete. Release the names of traditional rulers from the North – living or dead.

    • Obosi Warrior

      Why don’t you go ahead and release the remaining list since you have access to the database, according to your delusional self. Why asking that from PT. Ewu – obi akpor!

    • Jon Lawrence

      They are the only one publishing it with detail as far as I know. They can afford to make their claim. Many like you are quoting what you read from foreign media without any major references to the Nigerian players in the papers.

  • bissy

    Why wasn’t I surprised about the late Ooni , because an average Yoruba person knows that the man is a greedy bastard

  • UOU

    Very very good, the list is showing who are the criminals are , their origin, tribe and and who have looted the country since independence and verily, it is those who are making the most noise that has held the country down , with their penchant for looting, stealing , greed and unreachable corruption.

  • Ibraheem Aruna

    I appreciate hard work and what you do with your reward is your business. My grouse is that almost all the Nigerians listed here have held political office, enjoyed political patronage or have used their position to convert public wealth to private wealth. It is sad. Worst still this is only one source, there is no doubt that there are others in Swiss outfits.

    • D1

      Thank you! At least, some are genuine businessmen, what of the ones without one single worthy corporation, declaring millions and billions?

      And why take the moneys abroad, to develop another country while yours wallow in poverty? It’s senseless.

      • Jon Lawrence

        The thing is this, when you carefully scrutinize any rich person in Nigeria, there is not a single one of them that was not directly or indirectly linked to governmental positions, contracts, patronage, special licenses or concession of some sort at one point in their lives. The is no such thing as a genuine millionaire or billionaire in Nigeria without any link to the corridors of power either local, state or at the center.

  • Burning Spear

    The question is what is the business of Premium Times with the CIA-‘ That is the million dollar question–cause the Panama PAPER leaks have been traced to the door steps of the CIA-So what is a Nigerian media house doing romancing with the CIA———————-aware Buhari was installed by them USA—sha


      Trying to discredit both the Panama papers and the Premium Times? It won’t work. You’re either one of the named persons or a stooge of one or many of them. Will you go away like a bad dream that you are?

      • Jon Lawrence

        I bet you, he is one of those that moans about hardship in Nigeria all the time but never realise that it is people like him and their attitude that give looters of Nigeria their over confidence.

  • Burning Spear

    Many around the globe, have called the validity of the Panama Papers into question. Now, former banker and financial whistleblower Bradley Birkenfeld has added his own doubts into the CIA sponsored leaks, believing that all signs point to a US government involvement.

    In 2009 the US Justice Department issued a fine of $780 million against Swiss banking giant UBS. The financial institution was found guilty in a massive fraud investigation after Birkenfeld came forward with insider knowledge of the bank’s role in tax evasion.

    Despite his high-profile role in financial whistleblowing, Birkenfeld has strong doubts about the Panama Papers released earlier this month.

    The company logo of Mossack Fonseca is seen inside the office of Mossack Fonseca & Co. (Asia) Limited in Hong Kong, China April 5, 2016

    • New Nigerian

      LOL…you are trying to cover a crater with your hands! Let those exposed speak for themselves, unless of course you are one of them. It is interesting how you are trying to discredit the source – these are genuine and factual documents that are incontrovertible.

  • Burning Spear

    Of even greater interest is the absence of a single US politician from the list – or indeed of a single US billionaire. As the nation with the greatest number of dollar millionaires per capita it would be reasonable to expect that US citizens would feature heavily in the list; as US politicians are the wealthiest elected lawmakers in the world (the majority of Congress are now millionaires and the average wealth of a Senator is $2.5 million) it is natural to expect they would feature heavily. Instead what we saw was people from the Third World—————–A clear indication that the CIA was working with a group of Journalists to discredit certain individuals in the Society-

    • hummmm

      Why make your ignorance obvious???. If you read world news,you will know that USA is already conducting their investigation. So, stop the obession with America.

    • Odeomi

      US got a list years back, they declare a period of holiday for people to come forward voluntarily, pay taxes and penalty and work free, majority of them took the opportunity and Banks like UBS and HSBC were heavily fined. So if you are a US citizen outside the US, some bank will not open an account for you because of IRS compliance. Some people were so frustrated they were renouncing their US citizenship. As for the politicians, they know if they were caught it is the end of their career,why would they play with jail because they want to avoid paying taxes?

      • Jon Lawrence

        You are wasting your energy explaining common sense to uninformed corrupt supporters club members.

    • Peter_Edo

      stop feeding lies!!!!

  • uOkwunna

    An Igbo proverb said “don’t throw stone into a market because it might landed on the head of your mother or your loved ones”. I knew that the case of Bukola Saraki verses CCB will lead to those that Saint Buhari cannot touch or risked being impeached by those that made president.
    Andy Ubah, Mike Adenuga, Wale Tinubu, Obi Asika don’t has the money attributed to them it belong to some heavy weight.

    • Jon Lawrence

      At which meeting did Buhari told you that there are those he cannot touch? You supporters of corruption always has silly excuses, the current one is: Andy Ubah, Mike Adenuga, Wale Tinubu, Obi Asika don’t has the money attributed to them it belong to some heavy weight. Who are these you mystical heavyweights?

      • uOkwunna

        My dear the heavyweights are Obasanjo, IBB, Ahmed Tinubu, Abdulsalam Abubakar, Jonathan etc if he can probe this people recover their loots and send them to jail then Nigerians will immortalize him but if he can’t them he should stop deceiving himself with this witch-hunting and window dressing called anti-corruption war.

  • hummmm

    This scandal is so deep that its not surprising. The entire country is corroupt going by this list. We are waiting for another shoes to drop.

  • Analyst

    Please help check if my dad’s name is there. I didn’t show all his assets before he left this world. I need to go claim them. His name is Late Buhari

  • time 4 buhari to be kicked out

    Of even greater interest is the absence of a single US politician from the list – or indeed of a single US billionaire. As the nation with the greatest number of dollar millionaires per capita it would be reasonable to expect that US citizens would feature heavily in the list; as US politicians are the wealthiest elected lawmakers in the world (the majority of Congress are now millionaires and the average wealth of a Senator is $2.5 million) it is natural to expect they would feature heavily. But they did not–why because the entire list was prepared by the CIA with the aid of the local press-like Premium Times working for the CIA in conjunction with the FAKE international investigative club of CIA recruited Journalists in Nigeria led by Sharia Reporters and Premium Times————————————-

    • Gary

      PT only focused on the Nigerians on the vast list. Each country’s media is mostly concerned with its own nationals. I’m sure it the US media will soon publish its own list. The IRS does not joke with tax evasion.

      • time for buhari to go is now

        Another mumu Buharimice—Hear him———each country will publish the names of her citizens—as the appear on the list abi? See how shallow minded some of u are–No wonder u have Buhari as President———————-because u hardly ever put on your thinking cap b4 u post comments.–Mumu–Was it the Russian media that published the name of Putin from the said CIA contrived Panama Paper——–leak–monkey?

        • Jon Lawrence

          You got the affront to be calling any person mumu judging by your recent posts? Funny world.

    • Jon Lawrence

      That is for American tax payers to worry about their own people. Concentrate on your fellow Nigerians. Instead of taking medication for another man’s headache.

  • Peter_Edo

    burning spear works for the people trying to destroy Nigeria!!!

  • Otile

    Was the late Ooni of Ife not the monarch who was cheek-kissing Imam Buhari before he passed away?

    • Gary

      He was good friends with Abacha and got into the oil business then as reward for persuading the Yorubas to give up on Abiola’s June 12 mandate.

      • Otile

        Probably Imam gave him a kiss of death.

  • Oty

    They are pdp.

    Stealing money out of the country to avoid paying tax.

    Imagine the injustice of Wale Tinubu avoiding paying tax while his corrupt brother specializes on enriching himself from the tax lagosians pay.

    Auuuchi!!! This is painful.

    • newday

      this is not just about taxes. It is more about hiding loot

  • Alhajivinco

    So Mr INSIDER why have you not published the expose if you have it? Or have you been bribed to suppress it?

    • Okafor

      Wale Tinubu must be another name for Bola Tinubu .
      Look more carefully we must see Obasanjo, IBB, Buhari, Abdulsalam, Atiku, Amaechi and Fashola and Fayemi

      • Tonnero

        Typical Igbo man. You did not list any Igbo people abi? You are all honest people. Mumu.

      • Jon Lawrence

        What next? let us exhume the dead one first and investigate them.

  • traitors in power

    Premium Times and Sharia Reporters are all working for the CIA period–That is what this Panama Paper leak has revealed to Nigerians—Because–USAID via the CIA, FULLY funds the media organs involved in reporting the Panama Papers leak.

    In the wake of damning claims by WikiLeaks that the United States government was behind the Panama Papers as part of a ploy to smear Russian President Vladimir Putin, a U.S. State Department spokesperson has confirmed that the government funds one of the media organizations involved in reporting the leak –an organisation which Premium Times claims to be a member—————————–the fake investigative journalism project-what a shame for a media in africa to be spying on her citizens for the USA–

    • newday

      What is your freaking point. against Premium Times.? May God Bless Premium Times

    • Jon Lawrence

      You need help. Someone told you how possibly, your future and that of your children had been stolen and starched in some secret banks, all you can come up with is some useless conspiracy? What has your so called Putin smear got to do with us as Nigerians?

  • D.T Noller

    What sort of country is this Nigeria? This looks like a list of who is who in money-laundering.

    Unless Nigerians who are victims of these spirited funds act, there’ll soon be no livable Nigeria.

    These funds in Panama, Jersey, Samoa, B.V.I and so on mostly belong to the people of Nigeria.

    A good portion of these funds derives from Nigeria’s crude oil and partly derives from false invoices.

  • emmanuel

    I can swear that Bola Tinubu is foremost in the list. Disd the 1970s $2.8 biilion not grow wings to Panama or part of Abache loot fragmet?

    • Jon Lawrence

      Its better to deal with the current reality, rather than wasting time on some conspiracy theory. Maybe we shall excavate Azikiwe, Awolowo or Balewa to investigate them first before facing what is right in front of us and all of the evidence still very fresh.

  • TrueNja

    Mr. Nimuola Folorunsho Coker, former Special Adviser of Babatunde Raji Fashola on the Central Business District of Lagos State is an interesting man. It is 100 percent certain that this guy is a front. EFCC and PT over to you.

  • Cincinnatus

    Big business requires espionage services which prefer the shadows, and plausible deniability is important in the case of power having to do horrible things for big picture sake. Never the less, don’t forget that the people that fund boko haram or bribe judges use these methods as well. Considering the great game is becoming infinitely complex, the line between good and evil is becoming blurred

    67% below poverty line. No empathy, no concience. Even a prophet is here with drone flying over his collapsed building and their planes moving weapons for political powers. The list is littered with fronts. And the people saying politicians are the only guilty party on the list, you don’t understand the relationship between money and power. If you think politicians use Ghana-must-go in the 21st century, na you sabi.

    That being said; it is true that it is impossible for American anything not to be named. These guys are the designers and builders of all these shadow banking systems for their own use. They still have more systems they are not allowing the rest of the world to play with apart from some of their European allies, systems like HFT. The leak is definately suspicious but i’m glad it happened. Now Nigerians can have a key hole peep of their rich people they worship and see how much of your soul you may need to part with to join these guys up there as quickly as you dream. God help us.

  • MaskedPhantom

    Conspicously missing from this list is the Eyo masquerade, His Imperial Majesty, the Jagagban of Yorubaland. Perhaps, he prefers to stash his loot in the soak-away behind his house

    • Jon Lawrence

      You sound disappointed. Let us concentrate on those mentioned in real time and not those we hoped should had been there until such a time.

  • LagosBoy

    Nigerian government does not have the effrontery, the investigative facts and wherewithal to launch a probe based on panama papers. We are not yet matured for this kind of fight against corruption. Let our government fight corruption based on what they can see and verify first before fighting based on reports from international investigative journalism.