#PanamaPapers: How ex-Nigerian minister bought two penthouses in Panama for N837million

The Landmark Ocean Park Buildings in Punta Pacifica | Photo Credit: http://www.panama-guide.com
The Landmark Ocean Park Buildings in Punta Pacifica | Photo Credit: http://www.panama-guide.com

A former Minister for National Planning, Rasheed Gbadamosi, owns two expensive and luxurious penthouses in Panama, a notorious tax haven, documents retrieved by PREMIUM TIMES from the leaked Mossack Fonseca database have shown.

Mr. Gbadamosi, writer, businessman and bureaucrat, who was recently appointed co-chairman of the Lagos at 50 planning committee, bought the two properties in 2008, while serving as chairman of the Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA).

The septuagenarian shelled out a staggering N836.8 million ($2.6 million) for the penthouses located in a swanky tower in Panama, PREMIUM TIMES can authoritatively reveal.

Apart from its notoriety as a tax haven, Panama is famed for its modern skyscrapers, casinos and nightclubs that dot its capital, Panama City.

Mossack Fonseca's office Panama ... Picture Credit: ABC Australia
Mossack Fonseca’s office Panama … Picture Credit: ABC Australia

An official of Mossack Fonseca said in one correspondence, seen by this newspaper, that Mr Gbadamosi was so enamoured, and in so much haste to acquire the exotic properties that he once offered to fly to Panama in a private jet to inspect them.

Details of Mr Gbadamosi’s luxury acquisitions were part of the internal data of the Panama-based law firm, Mossack Fonseca, obtained by the German newspaper, Süddeutsche Zeitung, and shared by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) with PREMIUM TIMES and over 100 other media partners in 82 countries.

According to the documents, sometime in early 2008, the former minister approached Gilberto Aleman, a Panamanian real estate broker, to help him secure two posh penthouses owned by Nicolas Corcione, owner of Ciclones Corporation Inc and Cosmopolitan Corp, the companies under which the properties were registered.

Valued at N436,800,000 ($1,365,000.00), Penthouse 1, the first penthouse Mr. Gbadamosi bought, is located in Ocean Park Tower 2, and consists of a surface area of 537.33 square meters, on floors 35 and 36 of the Tower.

The property is registered under the ownership of Ciclones Corporation Inc.

The second penthouse, Penthouse 5, is located in the same building as the first, Ocean Park Tower 2. It consists of a surface area of 479.88 square meters, on the 39th floor of the building. It is registered under the ownership of Cosmopolitan Corp.

Ocean Park Tower 2, which was completed in 2006, is one of the most expensive residences in Panama City. Located within the lush, Punta Pacifica area of the city, Ocean Park Tower 2 is a 44-floor glassy skyscraper that stood at 463 feet tall.

According to Panama-guide.com, an English Language website in Panama, the building, which overlooks the Pacific Ocean, comes furnished with controlled security, high-end luxury finishing, internal jogging/walking, football field, basketball and volleyball courts.

Apart from its 70 apartments, the high-rise has seven penthouses including two master penthouses. Penthouse 1 is one of the master penthouses.

Owners of apartments within Ocean Park are exempted from paying property taxes for 20 years. Rasheed Gbadamosi

According to the purchase and sale contract, Mr. Gbadamosi was expected to pay for both penthouses via wire transfer.

The contract stipulated that Mr. Gbadamosi was required to pay $10,000.00 as guarantee of purchase of each of the penthouses plus 30 per cent of the value of each of the houses at the time of signing the contract.

The contract further stated that he was required to pay the balance of the value of the properties within 60 days of signing the contract.

“A very influential figure”

In order to process the purchase, Mr. Gbadamosi sent a scanned copy of his international passport at the time (with number A23418785) to Ramses Owens, a lawyer working for Mossack Fonseca, as part of the Know Your Customer (KYC) and compliance and identity verification process needed for drawing up the contract.

The law firm and the real estate brokers also needed to do a due diligence research on Mr. Gbadamosi before the deal could be finalised.

In an email from address pppra_org_1@hotmail.com, on April 3, 2008, Mr. Gbadamosi also requested the real estate dealers to proceed swiftly with the transaction.

However, pending the conclusion of the due diligent research, Mr. Owens also suggested the creation of an escrow account in either Bahama or Panama to warehouse whatever funds Mr. Gbadamosi transferred from Nigeria.


“Basically, we receive money in escrow accounts in the Bahamas, Miami and Panama. We prefer to use Bahamas or Panama. Generally, 1% is charged for the money that is handled in Escrow, plus a figure of approximately US $500 processing of contracts,” he wrote.

Also, in order to assuage some initial concerns raised by Mr. Corcione over the background of Mr. Gbadamosi as a politically exposed person, Mr. Aleman sent an email to the seller on April 3, 2008, describing the former minister as a “very influential figure” who should be treated with respect and care.

“I understand that we must be very careful in such a large transaction, but we must not scare off customers and lawyers who often get us patrons,” Mr. Aleman wrote in Spanish. “The Lord Gbadamosi is a very influential figure in Nigeria who has been Minister of State, and today is chairman of the regulatory body for oil in Nigeria and has so much influence,” he wrote.

Attempts to get Mr Gbadamosi to comment for this story was unsuccessful. He could not be reached on his known mobile telephone number. He also did not reply an email sent to him on the matter.

Mr. Gbadamosi and the Code of Conduct law

Mr. Gbadamosi was chairman of the board of PPPRA between May 2003 and December 2009.

He was chairman of the Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Committee (PPPRC), PPPRA’s predecessor, from March 2001 to May 2003.

Under Nigerian law, acquiring assets abroad is not illegal, but according to the Fifth Schedule of the constitution, chairmen and members of the Boards or other governing bodies and staff of statutory corporations and of companies owned by the Federal, State or local governments councils must declare their assets on assumption of duty and on leaving office.

Apart from declaring their assets, appointees are also expected to justify the sources of income for whatever additional assets are acquired in-between commencement of duties and departure from office.

It remained unclear on Saturday whether Mr. Gbadamosi declared his interest in the two penthouses to the Code of Conduct Bureau.

When contacted Saturday, officials of the Bureau declined comments on the former minister’s assets declaration.

One of the officials simply said, “The law does not empower us to reveal details of the assets declarations submitted to us. But we are following PREMIUM TIMES’ reporting closely. And we will press charges against anyone found to have broken the law”.


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  • Rommel

    This is getting more and more interesting

    • Sparzo

      You ain’t seen nothing yet. Wait till every detail and data are publish in layman’s language.
      A few weeks to go.

      • Olu Eben.

        No wonder the man was flown out of Nigeria pretending he was seriously sick. He knew his secret has leaked when PT contacted him and he refused to respond to their request about the Panama property he bought. Instead to respond, he feigned being sick and was flown abroad. I hope he would not stay put like Muazu and other looters, I wish him quick recovery so that he can come back asap to answer to his deeds.

        • John

          So d guy don run abi? Why una leave go na??? Chai!!!

    • kevenreal

      Yaribas are the most corrupt people in Nigeria. Yesterday you were posting rubbish on Igbo women, here you have the real crooks. The false allegations against Stella Odua’s now looks like a chicken change.

      • Julius

        There ya go ! Ibo people no dey steal. Abi. You sure say Odual be Ibo woman ?. Oloshi, always defending the indefensible !, Na Yoruba fault…right !

      • Sparzo

        It is not a false allegation you peasant.


        It’s not a tribal issue.

  • XTEE2016

    Premium Times Editor,

    Arrest Rasheed Gbadamosi for moneylaundering today!

    First thing first. Rasheed Gbadamosi must be arrested forthwith and put
    in detention to await trial for larceny and money-laundering. The facts are in.
    Corruption was incubated under General Olusegun Obasanjo. From 1999 to 2007,
    General Obasanjo grew and nurtured corruption. He diverted public attention by
    arraigning two or three political opponents and sought to be called anti-corruption.

    The world refused to be fooled. Obasanjo was not anti-corruption, the world said.
    His regime was instead corruption personified. He was described by the Senate as
    the ‘grandafather of corruption in Nigeria”. Now, the facts are unfolding in Panama.

    Obasanjo’s lies are exposed. Moneylaundering was the regime’s leitmotif. Whilst Obasanjo
    went after Adolpus Wabara – partly to ease his devious 3rd term constitutional amendment –
    RASHEED GBADAMOSI (whom Obasanjo appointed into Oil Subsidy Office) was virtually
    hauling bribes and thefts abroad to Panama under Obasanjo’s nose and he hired private
    jets at thousands of dollars per flight to oversee the proceeds of his loot in Panama City

  • Julius

    All these old folks and money. He stole the money, and he should be picked up and made to explain the source of the money. The sad part is they stole and invest their loot in some other country., even some African countries. mdh !

    • Sparzo

      I have seen that face an attire before I think.
      On the cover of Amos Tutuola’s Palm Wine Drinkard it is.

      • Julius

        lolz. You may be right bro !. these folks should be made to under-go mental evaluations before being appointed even as a dog catcher ! They are sick

  • Ayelala

    They steal, buy houses overseas and then die without sleeping one night in those properties.

    • kevenreal

      If you’re looking for oil subsidy thieves, here is one.

  • Nwa_Africa

    Look at an ugly man with ugly heart…………………………

    • Julius

      What is it with the look of men with you people ? Tell me yall aint gay. Please

      • Sparzo

        To be honest, he looks like he needs all that uber posh apartments to get laid.

        • Julius

          I dont think that old man is looking to be laid. Tge comment was in response to Nwa _ Africa the biafool.

          • Sparzo

            I know, like AFRICANER

      • Nwa_Africa

        Is he a brother to Obj your god? They are so ugly but all Yariba men are ugly na…………………..Even Yariba women are ugly bitches……………………….

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          Yorobber women make up with bleaching creams and end up with Yellow, pink and indigo skin colours!

          • Nwa_Africa

            Yariba people both men and women do not have fair people in their tribe as they came from Ape…………………..That is the reason of of them that are fair in complexion uses bleaching cream…………………………………

        • Julius

          humm, , I understand that Ibo women knows how to cook, make pepper soup with human meat. Have you look at Ojukwus’ picture side by side with an Ape ? I swear you would think that they are sibling ido nt know who are the yaribas but I do know who are the cannibals

          • Nwa_Africa

            Julius the Yariba chap……………………Yariba people both men and women do not have fair people in their tribe as they came from Ape…………………..That is the reason all of them that are fair in complexion uses bleaching cream…………………………………

  • ijelejames

    This people are not stopping. I wonder how these grand looters sleep at night when many Nigerians are impoverished. May the Lord have mercy on us.

    • Sparzo

      They sleep very well thank you. Better than most Nigerians until they are caught.
      These are people with the conscience of a granite.

  • Sean

    Rssheed Gbadamosi was already a billionaire since the 80s with massive business interests, Gbadamosi started bottled water business in Nigeria as I don’t know if anyone of you can remember RAGOLIS WATER?… I worked in one of Gbadamosis company in New York in 1988, before he became Minister. Gbadamosi had more than enough to buy anything around the world before he became Minister, the only thing he could have done is maybe he didn’t declare some of his earnings in Nigeria but to suggest Gbadamosi looted treasury in Nigeria is a big lie and this write-up is misleading and to those who are condemning Gbadamosi, you must have been born yesterday. Stop press!

    • ijelejames

      Take a nap and see if you can make sense. Because you worked for him in NY does not mean he cannot loot. He may be a millionaire in your small eyes then but who said that millionaires don’t loot. Relax and stop defending the indefensible.

    • ekiti man in USA

      You mean Naira denominated billionaire right?

    • Gbola

      Pls save us your long unsolicited Sermon.

      Since he’s always been rich before even sitting on the board at PPPRA oe whatever,
      So he must have nothing to fear ESPECIALLY if he DECLARED his Assets as required by Law .

      • Onike24

        Such a shame, that you insist on tarring everyone with the same brush!

        • Sparzo

          So he declared his assets while pricing our petrol for yrs.
          It is a criminal offence not to, kimosabe.

        • Gbola

          No @Onike,

          I simply insinuated that i hope he DECLARED his Assets.

          I never said he DIDN’T DECLARE IS Assets.

          Only CCB can answer that question NOT ypu or I.

    • Gbola

      Nobody said he wasn’t a successful Ragolis businessman before joining government.

      The question is did he DECLARE his assets upon assumption of Office.

      • Onike24

        @Gbola, not everyone is a thief, why do you presume he has done something wrong? I will be surprised nay shocked if he did not declare his assets which he owned before assumption of office.

        • Sparzo

          At the least, he is a tax dodger.

          • Psalm 35

            How is he a tax dodger?

          • Sparzo

            Don’t be funny. That is what panama exists for and fonseca is the god of tax dodging.

          • Psalm 35

            Am not being funny,it is not out of place for me to make clarifications on what basis you call him a tax dodger. Now panama is not the exclusive preserve of tax dodgers,it is also patronised by people with legitimate business interests who prefer to maintain some level of anonymity on their businesses which of course they are entitled to. Where it becomes criminal or an act of tax dodging is when it is used to deceitfully to hide wealth and profits deliberately to shortchange ones country of income,tax,customs and excise proceeds. Now how does that apply to this man?even PT has not accused him of tax dodging so Do you have any proof he dodged tax or is it down to your above blanket accusation that since it is panama then it is tax dodging ?

          • Sparzo

            Read the piece again. They were not in his name. Without the Panama papers no authority will ever know they are his. He is a tax dodger.

          • Onike24

            Tax avoidance is not a crime, tax evasion is a crime. I am not sure that this man has done anything wrong, except to have acquired property in a tax haven.

          • Gbola

            Tax Avoidance isn’t a Crime till it’s detected and established that you avoided paying Taxes.
            THEN that “Avoidance” becomes “Evasion”.

            This Panama Firm is linked to MANY Fraudulent officials.
            Quite a few Public Officials have resigned (Prime minister of Iceland, etc).

            Although this is NO Indictment on ALL THE CLIENTS of Fonseca BUT anyone linked to this Panamian Law firm would be highly suspected the same way Saraki, David Mark etc are also suspected.

          • Onike24

            It’s funny you are right to a point.Tax avoidance is a moral issue, there is no iota of criminality linked with it. In countries where the effective tax rate is 50% people, put money away in unit thrusts known as ISA which are tax exempt, that is a form of tax avoidance. The Prime minster of Iceland resigned because he his wife owned shares in Icelandic banks, for which he had to decide to rescue or not without declaring those interests. Evasion is different and sometimes. evasion can morph into avoidance with brilliant tax lawyers and accountants and avoidance attempted by less competent people become evasion! But again, you were quite quick in a previous post to accuse me of lacking neutrality.

          • Gbola


            Okay @Onike — my apologies.

            I’ll agree to disagree with you.

            But seriously,
            I do see your point.

            Sunday Greetings !!

          • Onike24

            Greeting to you too, bros!

          • Sparzo

            I suppose money laundering is not tax evasion too.

            Sending money form Nigeria into escrow accounts in Barbados, Miami and Panama to purchase the properties and registering the properties with a shell company is a crime.

          • Onike24

            It’s not a crime, if the money was not illegally obtained, there is free flow of funds between countries. Tax havens exist for a reason and they are allowed to exist.

          • Sparzo

            I am assuming you do not know what escrow accounts are.
            I suggest you get a dictionary and find out.
            Money laundering is a crime. Period.

        • Gbola

          But why are you being so defensive EVEN when I NEVER made any Allegation here ??

          I never pronounced this Man Guilty of anything.

          I merely hoped he DECLARED ALL HIS ASSETS upon assuming office.

          IS that such a wrong position to take ??

          • emmanuel

            JThe only investigative media house in Nigeria has the penchant for copyiny facebook gossips and tagging them authoritative news.
            I thought they told us they did the Panama thing with group of international Journalist? If that is true, they should have confirmed if Gbadamosi did declare those assets before they hit the press with it.
            Bunch of empty noise makers PT!
            People wen nor agree to investigate Buhari Oluwole WAEC he published late 2014 in which he attached photo.

          • Onike24

            I just find that you are quite quick to assume everyone is a thief, some people actually worked hard for their money, Perhaps we should wait to find out first. Rasheed Gbadamosi is an entrepreneur, who to my knowledge has worked tirelessly for his money. I just find it so odious that he is being paraded with the likes of Saraki as being dubious. If he didn’t declare his assets, he committed a crime; but until we know for sure that he didn’t, I think we should hold our peace, don’t you?

          • Gbola


            No one ever mentioned Saraki’s name in this discourse.

            You appear Biased — leanimg to Gbadamosi’s side.
            What happened to being NEUTRAL ??

            I simply posed a Legitimatr Question HOPING he DECLARED his Assets as Mandated by law at the CCB and you took that to mean that I had indicted him.

            This is the same response I would have for ANY (Again, ANY) Public Office Holder that’s found to have Assets in Tax Havens OR ANYONE of them that’s linked to PanamaGate.

            And I believe that this is the NEUTRAL Path we should all tread.

          • kunle Abbas

            This is the kind of peace of grave yard your fore fathers have been holding that push nigeria to this mess.Now states can not pay salary,unemployment is skyrocketing crimes everywhere,graduates turns to kidnapping to survive and the thieves ara passing laws to be killing them when caught,yet you want to continue to hold peace till all of us are dead or can not access good living?I am sure from the way you talk,you are waiting for your devilish opportunity to go to public office to steal if not yet there as civil servant,that is why current Nigerian enlightenment is a threat to you.

          • Onike24

            Please read my comments properly before you start pouring insults! Which forefathers of mine stole? May God forbid! Not a penny of stolen money to was uses to train me, not a penny of stolen money trained my father, nor will a penny of ill gotten wealth will train my children. And as for wanting to be a public servant in Nigeria, why would I do that? I am happy and content where I am.

    • Sword of Damocles

      must be dyslexic. we are talking about what the LAW REQUIRES(no one wants to obey the law, but they want to be a part of the Govt. tasked to enforce that same LAW)

    • kunle Abbas

      As far as I can remember for your information,he mortgaged some of his properties in 1989 or thereabout and that was when his tax papers were questioned.Do very rich and boyant people go about mortgaging properties to finance businesses?.If yes,then ,it is another way of duping the society because am cock sure he will not pay back such loan.

  • UOU

    They should publish the whole names and their corresponding loots, lets see and know who have the loin share in the looting programme then people can start talking, not all these half baked releasing of names


      I agree.

      • UOU

        We know the two tribes that brought Nigeria to its knees over the decades, the publication of full lists of these looters would only confirm it and some people will keep their mouth shut forever

  • wazobia scatter!!!!!!

    interesting ………………….. even saintly looking gbadamosi ……………………..naija,i hail ………………………………that money could have buil a high-rise in naija and provide employment at the sametime ………………………..

  • Look

    Get your facts right,Mr.Gbadamosi came from a very wealthy family,his late Dad was one of the Major financial back bone of Action Group Late Alhaji Cheif S.O
    Gbadamosi a prominent industrialist and philanthropist;He owned the First Textile industry in West Africa and a plate manufacturing company Ceramic in early 60ths to 70ths the company employed thousands of Nigerians from different background.

    Mr.Rasheed Gbadamosi himself is a well known business guru,and author playwright and he owned lots of companies in and out of Nigeria before he became a minister.

    Ceo and Directors of hundreds of companies in Nigeria a prominent Economist get your facts right Premium times this gentleman was a Multi billion before he became Minister stop the Propaganda.

    • Gbola

      BUT did he DECLARE his assets upon assumption of Office AS MANDATED BY LAW.

      That’s the Question NOT Wether he owned all the businesses you’re aware of.

    • duwdu

      You’re missing the point. Whether or not wealthy by birth or in any other way, Mr. Gbadamosi was by law to declare assets he acquired during the period he was a senior official of the government.

      So, the question remains: Did Mr Gbadamosi ever declare those properties the Panama Paper say he acquired while he was in government? Mr Gbadamosi will eventually have to provide an answer. Simple.


      • John

        Why are you underrating this innocent man the father was the first African Billionaire, who we were told loaned some money to Dangote family, and instructed some part should be given to Aliko, who’s now Africa Richest man. Please don’t do that again. Badamosi is so rich that the CCB forms can not accommodate the number of his properties, hence he declared only few while sitting on Nigeria’s wealth as the chairman of PPPRA board, what a clever and intelligent defense that is….. Mtcheeeeeeeeeew!!!! Lest I forget, the new list of the richest men in the world, has Badamosi name at the first position, who overtook dangote and paying back the money Badamosi father loaned to his family, that’s the latest, and CCB you better know you are dealing with a billionaire and should be careful how you approach him?

      • Gbola


        VERY SIMPLY PUT !!

    • kunle Abbas

      Soooo,Nigerians propensity to steal knows no bound.The more they have the more they want to steal.How come that only the rich can successfully aspire to political offices?

  • Wale

    The rate at which we rush to jump to conclusions in this country is terrible the press is also very lazy with penchant for publishing one sided stories we need more information before jumping to negative conclusion not every rich person is a thief

    • Paul Young

      Nobody said he is a thief. At no where in this report did premium times state that. They are only informing Nigerians that this man has properties in Panama and wondering whether he declared them amongst his assets. It is a legitimate concern. Even if he acquired these properties with money from his personal business, according to the law he is supposed to declare them. We can only hope he did

      • Gbola

        S.I.M.P.L.E. !!!

    • Sparzo

      At the least, he is a tax dodger..

    • Deen Tee

      So when PanamaPapers shared news with Premium Times and Premium Times were unable to get the side of Gbadamosi from him, Premium Times should have kept the news till Gbadamosi decides to talk with Premium Times – even if it is one year from now. A clear conscience has nothing to fear.

      • kunle Abbas

        Or even when he does not talk forever?

      • Akani

        Gbadamosi and the like have no conscience, he will for ever refuse an interview with Premium time . He would have continued to parade himself as a citizen of sterling moral value .Now we know at least, , he has a lucifered soul.

  • IZON Redeemer

    I am laughing my head off–at the Luciferic antics of the Fulani desporados in Premium Times–working to bite more than they can chew-This guy is too much for the Satanic government of Buhari—-U do not mess around with-Rasheed Gbadamoshi. That is a man who became Minister at the tender age of 24—-Apart from being born into wealth–unlike Buhari who is yet to point to his roots in Nigeria–I mean his family tree-Rasheed Gbadamoshi can with ease tell us everything about his family tree–unlike Tinubu—-ati Buhari——Never the thieving Tinubu ati Fashola type–Besides what kind of wealth was Amaechi born into? Oya let us know for heaven sake—U now attempt to tie Rasheed to evil Fulani Buhari controlled Northern Nigeria Petroleum Company–NNPC? So that the Apes in APC can score cheap politicasl points with it abi-Just because Rasheed criticised Buhari Luciferic government u now want to use the CIA cloned Panama papers to chase an innocent man–abi—-?—-Look PT, there are Yaribas and there are Yorubas-in Nigeria–Rasheed is a purified Yoruba MAN-

    • emmanuel

      Buhari is getting there with his sainthood. Who can be as clean as Buhari with 150 Cows in a decade and half that never grew or reduced in number.
      Na dis knid hypocrisy make IBB AND CO SEND AM PACKING IN 1985

  • time for buhari to go is now



    Suppressed conversation.

    “They have cattle in uncountable numbers. All they need to do is to go into the chilled beef industry, have ranches, slaughter their cows in factories, have corn beef industry, package these things and import. They have vast lands. They can go into agriculture, which is a renewable type of activity. They have abandoned all that, just because of Niger Delta oil proceeds that they can get without working. What I am saying is that the process they have set in motion is self-destructive. They carried it to the National Assembly, stalled all proceedings there with regards to true federalism, derivation and resource control. But at the end of the day, they are shooting themselves in the foot.”

    – Prof Itse Sagay, “Nigeria: Why North Won’t Allow True Federalism”, Daily Independent (Lagos), 11 August 2014

  • Sparzo

    This guy sent money from Nigeria through escrow account.

  • Bambam

    Gbadamosi has ran out of the country feigning illness..so sad how corrupt people in Nigeria address themselves..Lord Gbadamosi indeed!!

    • Truth Seeker

      OMG!!! You somehow know him personally abi? So u know when he is ill and when he is not abi, you are his cousin or better still brother? Mscheww

      • Bambam

        He was in Lagos for the meeting of the Lagos @ 50 committee which he co-chairs..and also with Ifeko Omogui to start the Lagos state N25 billion endowment fund..he was that busy..now Panama leaks comes around..then he falls ill and flies abroad..who is fooling who?..Have you heard from Wale Tinubu or David Mark lately?..They’ve all gone mute since the Panama Paper leaks..and there is more to come..some corrupt thieves would either faint and collapse..or get jailed when all their secrets are blown open..watch out!!

        • Truth Seeker

          Lwkmd… Get ur facts right. Unless u know his current location don’t spit Trash.

          He is in Lagos

          • Bambam

            Let him show up and respond to his tax dodging deals..and corrupt practices..if truly he’s in Lagos..bloody butt licker!!


    What laws have this administration promulgated to stem corruption?

  • kunle Abbas

    See let no body come and tell this country that Rasheed Gbadamasi was born with golden spoon .Where is the evidence that the wealth left by his father is for him alone and that the wealth is still intact.Is it mere coincidence that he purchase those houses when he was pppra chairman..Those whose brain had been lunged to extent of incapability of reasoning logically shut up and allow rRasheed to defend himself.

    • Bambam

      God bless the womb you came from!!

    • Truth Seeker

      And yet you have no evidence contrary to the fact!

    • paul irumundomon

      They all took away, the beauty of Nigerians, whether it was his father’s money, is a non issue. This fraud is across board, Nigerians cant work and collect their salaries alone, they must steal, no matter what thrir salary is. Take statistics at Ikoyi or Victoria island, majority of them were civil servants. How where they able to acquire those properties.

      Fraud is Nigeria and Nigeria is fraud. I’m a Nigeria, no one is spared of this crime (fraud). I came home to do business, to employ my fellow citizens, the only time I was not duped, was when I sleep, is that bad in Nigeria.

      • franknaija

        Lol. So true

  • Otile

    Where on earth is incestuous Obasanjo hiding himself nowadays? He he not heard about the tragedies of Agatu and Enugu? Elderly statesman my foot.

  • Truth Seeker

    Let me repeat what I wrote on Punch website about this story
    “This is the problem with investigative journalism in Nigeria. They always fail to verify the facts before publishing a story.

    MR or Mrs Eniola who wrote this story, when you did your cut and paste from Panama, did u even fact check?

    Let me point out a few things for you.

    1) The supposed passport no in that story has 9 Characters, Passports have 7.

    2)The supposed pppra email is @hotmail. Com, u do realise Pppra has its own mail server right?

    3) Did u check during which years the minister actually worked for pppra and against they years the supposed emails were sent?

    These are just a few holes, so if u can substantiate all of this, let’s see you proof.

  • Truth Seeker

    Dear Premium Times, Kindly publish the proof alongside the story o! I have tried checking the ICIJ site, your story is nowhere there o! we need proof ASAP!!!

  • Rev

    Wow…God is going to mete out judgement to upon all the thieves from, the self righteous number 1 thief, Buhari HIMSELF, to the the various criminals of every tribe, race and party cleavage that has plundered the entity called Old Nigeria. They shall not go scot not even their foreign partners shall be exempted from the judgement of God! Not one of them from Patience Goodluck to Obasanjo shall go free.