​‘OccupyNASS group received about N400, 000 daily for National Assembly protest’

OccupyNASS protesters protesting against an alleged denigration of the legislative arm by "fraudulent individuals"
OccupyNASS protesters protesting against an alleged denigration of the legislative arm by "fraudulent individuals"

The #OccupyNASS campaign group has denied being sponsored to move against the National Assembly, or its embattled chairman, Bukola Saraki, pointing instead to a robust support package from unnamed Nigerians, at an average of N400, 000 daily, throughout its campaign period.

The group on Thursday said it would bring down its tents and leave the main gate of the National Assembly on Friday morning, three days after starting a sit-in there.

At a hastily-arranged press briefing Thursday night, the movement listed its achievements, demands and plans for the future.

Bunmi Awoyemi, its convener, said the protest was ending on a good note for all Nigerians.

“This is the first time in the history of Nigeria that Nigerians from all walks of life were able to galvanise each other to come to Abuja to shut down the National Assembly,” Mr. Awoyemi said. “We succeeded in sending a very strong message that Nigerians will no longer be taken for a ride.”

The group denied that the protest was against Mr. Saraki who is under pressure to step down from office as he faces corruption trial.

The #OccupyNASS said Mr. Saraki was merely a symptom of a dysfunctional National Assembly.

“As we have said since the beginning of this protest, it’s not about Saraki. The aim of this protest is not to get Bukola Saraki to resign because he’s a symptom of the entire rot in the legislature,” Mr. Awoyemi said. “The aim of this project is to achieve fundamental reforms.”

It also denied being sponsored against the nation’s legislature, saying its activities were fully funded by Nigerians who are sympathetic to the movement’s cause.

“From day one, when Nigerians said they’re interested in occupying the National Assembly, contributions started coming in. Nigerians started asking for the account of the movement,” Mr. Awoyemi said.

“Five thousand, ten thousand, one hundred thousand and even one million. A Nigerian, sitting amongst you today, donated ₦1 million to this protest. From U.S., from U.K., people were contributing to this movement. We were averaging ₦400,000 every day.”

The #OccupyNass group, however, rejected a call to open its internal processes to public scrutiny, describing a PREMIUM TIMES’ question about publishing details of its account as “insulting”.

The group said a series of missteps by lawmakers in recent weeks informed their decision to take over the National Assembly.

“The National Assembly was trying to amend the law in order to escape justice. Some of them even said making laws that will further balance gender issues will make women turn to prostitutes,” the group said.

The group also held the lawmakers responsible for the ongoing budget impasse between them and President Muhammadu Buhari.

“We know the president sent a terrible budget,” the group said, “but they (lawmakers) took this terrible budget, mutilated it, destroyed it, pounded it, separated it and pocketed it.”

The group listed areas it believed the protest had been “resoundingly successful”, and acknowledged its agitation was buoyed by the overwhelming support from Nigerians on the Internet.

“When the movement of OccupyNass started, there were issues that were related to the amendment of the Code of Conduct Bureau and Code of Conduct Tribunal Act and the Administration of Criminal Justice Act, it was when this movement took off that they took those controversial bills down.

“We succeeded in sending a very strong message that Nigerians will no longer be taken for a ride.

“The senators also held a private meeting in which they said there’s too much negative publicity about the National Assembly because of our protest.

“They also cancelled the summons of the CCT chairman.

“This is a victory not just for the Nigerian people but the agitation on social media as well,” the group said.

The movement demanded an immediate return of newly-acquired Toyota Land Cruiser vehicles by the lawmakers, immediate passage of the petroleum industry bill as well as a reversal of all constituency projects proposed in the budget.

Its members said they will take their campaign to the country’s hinterlands where they will interact with other citizens on the need to recall their lawmakers if their demands were not met.

They also promised to continue their agitation for a better Nigeria by sensitising rural dwellers on the activities of their elected lawmakers.

Other leaders of the “OccupyNass” who participated at the briefing include Hamid Bakare, Isa Abubakar, Rekiya Sani and Jubril Gadzama.


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  • Disqus 2016


    Does Bukola Saraki pause to think?

    Protests don’t count. Crimes must be exposed and punished in a country
    with laws forbidding crimes. The criminal laws were not enacted for the
    sole benefit of Bukola Saraki but for all citizens and residents of Nigeria.
    Bukola Saraki is subject to those laws and answerable for violating it. Regardless
    now who is supporting or opposing Saraki; both camps are very irrelevant to
    the real issue of whether or not Bukola Saraki has violated the criminal law by
    holding out his hands to continually receive funds from the Kwara state treasury
    as (still) the governor of Kwara state whilst simultaneously receiving full
    salary and entitlements as a Senator of the federal republic of Nigeria.

    The Court of Appeal has little to do
    at this stage. Bukola Saraki’s trial progresses at the Code of Conduct Tribunal
    according to law. There are 15 counts separately on the indictment and he has a
    duty to acquit himself on each one. If Bukola Saraki has some sense and keeps
    good company of thinking people, he will be assisted to see far ahead that he
    has a long and painful way to go. But none of those around him is gifted with much
    reasoning power. He of course chose his associates and chose to stew in his juices
    of wholly empty-headed and silly rabble-rousers. The issue submitted to court is far
    above the heads of the likes of Dino Melaye and Dele Momodu whom Bukola Saraki
    naively parades as associates. But does Bukola Saraki pause to think? We should doubt it.

    • 24_okeke

      this country will never get better with the way things are going in this country,

      why must we base our demand on tribal sentiments?

      why must we always believe that if not my person no one else?

      how long can we continue to live in a country where the supper Rich who could not provide employment for the masses

      give them stipend for protest just like what has been given to my brothers Bunmi Awoyemi , Hamid Bakare, Isa

      Abubakar, Rekiya Sani and Jubril Gadzama.

      be rest assured that if this guys in quote has a better job, they will not be sitting in NASS just because of 400K per day.

      It time to think fast.

      God Bless Nigeria

      God Bless PMB

      God Bless Obiano

  • Abraham

    #OccupyNASS please publish your account transactions to proof this was indeed a movement of concerned Nigerians, please let’s show the senators/Senathieves what transparency actually is.

    There nothing absolutely wrong doing so.

  • amazing2012

    …..I think Bunmi is daft, so you believe people will just donates their money without any motive ? That is how Africans were use to engage themselves in fracas and conflict finance and use by their enemies. Shame unto them if they cannot organize protest on principles but has to be finance. This mean NASS will also find a way of financing you, you can be use by them. You are now “occupy for business” at the of highest bidder !

    • share Idea

      Just ordinary protest and all these monies were being bandied about. EFCC that are deligent in finding all campaign findings of PDP, should help the country to identify the real sources of funding for this protest.

      They did the same thing when GEJ removed subsidy and now, God have exposed some of their dirty trick.

      • Amir

        Still crying over your lost ineffectual buffoon?

    • BankyMons

      Very well put!

      • OlaT

        O, ok, so both of you not daft, do something. Nigerians and cheap talk.

    • OlaT

      O, ok, so you not daft, do something. Nigerians and cheap yarns!

      • amazing2012

        Everybody is doing something in this life. Life itself has life in it. Therefore, living is doing something. Even those believed are not doing nothing are actually doing something. You either not see it or ignore it or did not recommend it.
        Doing something is not the problem just like living is not a problem but what is define with the life.
        I urged you to read the book “Unconscious Slave” by M.M 2015 you will understand more about life of individual human.
        Back to “occupy for cash”. They are defiantly used by people with motives because no one will just give out money without reason. They might be used by those whom the motive is not good to both the country, the NASS and in extension to themselves.
        Only blind slave can lived a life of uncertainly and undefined future. Definition give way to personal objection, conviction and alternatives. And extend to planning which also extend to answer how, why, what and when ?
        Though life is free it is not made to live without reason or purpose. And you, yes you are the designer and executioner of your Life through fashioning your destiny. Not others behind the curtain !

        • OlaT

          Great article but out of context. Do something in context of “occupy for cash”. I’ll read your recommended book. If you join “occupy for cash ” you may just make a change. Do something boss, no cheap talk.

  • oge

    #OccupyNASS what are they afraid of disclosing? Its crystal clear that these groups are funded by the political class with scores to settle with one another. While Saraki still has his case before the tribunal, i would advise that instead of wasting the time of precious nigerians by belittling them to sing in front of NASS, they should demand stronger laws to fight corruption and special courts to achieve this…

  • Ajayi Newman


    But looking back at the steps taken by the Senate in defensiveness

    over this Bukola Saraki fraud matter – including scurrilous attempts to

    change the Code of Conduct Act and the Administration of Justice Act –

    Nigerians can glean the low intelligence intelligence of those governing Nigeria.

  • John

    The integrity of these men are been compromised by the highest bidder. Is there still for Nigeria.

  • Holy truth

    Nice one guys , thank u so much.

  • musa aliyu

    This is a leap into the right direction. We’ve just started. We’ll soon recall most of them. Kudos to the organisers

  • Eleniyan

    @amazing2012:disqus : Look, guys, you can abuse these protesters and curse them for mulcting the financiers,
    but that will not cancel the fact that there are indeed very serious issues besetting this crass APC party.
    We now see APC fractured down the line with the President of the Republic, Muhamadu Buhari, virtually
    mugging his party member who is President of the Senate over offences commonly committed by other
    party members with impunity. Just as a divided house cannot stand, a fully divided APC is not faraway.
    There is no way these odd creatures can stay together without mutual respect or even a basic fidelity to
    any common principle applicable to all APC members. APC is not a political party. APC is just a total mess.

  • Onosa Uvwie

    Premium Times Editor,

    There’s absolute rot inside the institutions of government in Nigeria. Bribes in the courts;
    morons in Parliament, and empty-headed retards in the executive arms wholly at fault for
    the wholesale darkness overarching Nigeria, due zero megawatts of electricity generation.
    I agree with the OCCUPY NATIONAL ASSEMBLY MOVEMENT for those convincing reasons.

    • SUKI

      APC is a fascist group where dissent is treason.

      No individual views are welcome. A herd of cows and APC are alike;
      in all but name, as one man leads them all to the ruins of slaughter.

    • Memoire

      “Let the Eko DISCOs sign a contract with me, giving part of their concessioning(?) to the (Lagos)
      state government. In about six to eight months, there will be power in all homes in Lagos State.
      So, let no one say that he has no money to deliver power for the entire country. This is the limit
      to which the law allows us to do, but we have done this to make a statement that power can be
      generated. So, when they (PDP) come with lies that power is impossible, you can tell them that
      we have power here; we make it possible.”

      …………..Raji Fashola (boasting as Lagos state governor)

      (July 2014)

  • smart G

    Next is #occupyasorock to protest the epileptic light and perennial scarcity of fuel.
    I hope the security won’t open fire.

    • MaskedPhantom

      Rather, Fulani herdsmen will slaughter any would-be protester around Aso Rock. Dare to trouble their Baba, patron and benefactor and you will see hell.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    The group must have a different concept of “success” than most sensible Nigerians. In my opinion, #OccupyNASS was a huge failure. Perhaps they could now try #OccupyAsoRock to force out the failure, illiterate, certificate forger and perjurer Buhari.

  • The Truth

    We must now move this protest to occupy Aso rock, to demand for fuel,light, better education ,end of impunity and all the promises made by Buhari and APC during election. The whole Nigeria can see that this occupy nass protesters are just paid lagos jobless people working for the Lagos APC to try and illegal get there way in the National Assembly.The whole Nigeria can now see that this CCT Chairman is totally biased and tainted. A judge that declares casually that he makes errors in Judgement? Even if Saraki is accused of the alleged act it must be seen that he is having a fair trial which is been overseen by a Judge that has no history with his accusers. A judge that cant comport himself properly in his own court room and cant hide his angst and hatred towards the accused? Is that the Change we voted for?

    • Abraham

      You are equally paid based on your comment. why havent Saraki’s lawyers able to prove he is innocent? why cant they stand firm in the court, cross-examined their client? just a few questions below would be enough

      1. Did you declare all your assets ?
      2. Did you have an account/accounts/offshore company in Panama?

      And let the accuse tell the world Yes/No, what is wrong with that? and let both parties prove their points by providing valid evidence.

      • Company man

        Both of you are equally paid. One paid by Saraki and his friends while the second one is been paid by Tinubu. Your heroes (Saraki and Tinubu) are criminals who have contributed greatly to the failure of Nigeria State. They have all cornered the resources of this nation for their personal use.

      • Suleiman

        Haba, Abraham, the case is still on. Let’s wait for the judgement of the biased judge that is being teleguided. Political persecution ends up destroying democracy. Let the occupy group move to Asso Rock or the Ministry of Petroleum resources to demand for fuel made available to Nigerians. This group is simply playing the scrip of its paymaster. The least they can do is to move to Oando and Forte Oil headquarters to demand Tinubu and Odetola refund their loot from the fuel subsidy or make fuel available to us. There are many places they can occupy

  • Kokoman

    Premium times should please read the publication by CUPS telling us they will publish soon how much Nigerians donated for the OccupyNASS match through a reputable accountant before making such insinuations. I am sure CUPS will grow and save our people from the onslaught of these thieves to your shame! Watch and see.

  • humm

    Preminum Times you are one of the most dishonest trash . CUPS at the beginning of their campaign said their programme was from 26-29. So for you to say they hurriedly left on Friday is just a flat out lie. Do some reasearch before spilling garbag and shame on you.

  • humm

    CUPS gave a list of ppl that donated and amount, so stop spinning information. If you made an effort in reaching out to them , you will have the information.

  • Company man

    You guys should go back to Lagos and collect more money to continue the crusade until Saraki resigns. Your sponsor has money Alternatively, you can change your slogan to ‘Saraki Must stay’..I am sure Saraki will double your daily pay to 800,000/day. Jobless and Useless group.Good Job PT for exposing these modern day criminals pretending to be our friends. God will deliver the masses of this country from our enemies pretending to be our friends.AMEEN

  • IZON Redeemer

    Only a dog will believe that these lizards, roddents and mosquitos were not sponored by the Apes in APC—This is their usual modus operandi—–Where are the remains of occupy Nigerian—–ati Save Nigeria–led by Bakare—-ati Bring Back Our Girsl led by Madam obj–nee Oby? Did Awadu Ogbe not reveal that BBOG was part of the APC scheme introduced to force Jonathan out of power’?–We have a country which has been experiencing power failures every second of the day-for almost one year———-Not to talk of the lack of fuel at gas station in almost every part of Nigeria-Meanhwile–Ibos are being slaughtered—in the south east as if they are refugees from Rwanda in search of a place to lay their heads—-And we have some unthinking apes claim that out of all rhe current woes of the country, some unthinking Nigerians would leave the nights they spend at gas stations to search for fuel to say Saraki should quit abi? While Umar the thief should remain in office?—Unaware the web is under the control and influence of the Apes in APC—They can with ease, muster 150m Nigerians within seconds to append their abstract signature on every Nigerian bank–so why would they not have 400 fake signatures for Buhari—————-Where were they when Buhari confessed to stealling the budget—-?In siberia abi—Animals-

  • Cleartruth

    Occupynass refused to open their account for public scrutiny but they want the NASS to open their accounts to the public. Wonders shall never end.

  • IZON Redeemer

    Only a dog will believe that these lizards, roddents and mosquitos were not sponored by the Apes in APC—This is their usual modus operandi—–Where are the remains of occupy Nigerian—–ati Save Nigeria–led by Bakare—-ati Bring Back Our Girsl led by Madam obj–nee Oby? Did Awadu Ogbe not reveal that BBOG was part of the APC scheme introduced to force Jonathan out of power’?–We have a country which has been experiencing power failures every second of the day-for almost one year———-Not to talk of the lack of fuel at gas station in almost every part of Nigeria-Meanhwile–Ibos are being slaughtered—in the south east as if they are refugees from Rwanda in search of a place to lay their heads—-And we have some unthinking apes claim that out of all the current woes of the country, some mumu hired Nigerians, would leave the nights they spend at gas stations to search for fuel-just because they want Saraki to quit abi? While Umar the thief should remain in office?—Unaware the web is under the control and influence of the Apes in APC—They can with ease, rent 150m Nigerians within seconds to append their abstract signature on every Nigerian bank–so why would they not have 400 fake signatures for Buhari–Did the Apes in APC nopt import Fulanis from Chad and Nigeri Repèublic to vote for Buhari–Are they not part of the marauding brigade of Fulani BOKO HARAM FIGHTERS KILLING IBOS IN THE SOUTH EAST UNDER THE ORDERS OF BUHARI?————–Where were they when Buhari confessed to stealling the budget–the Senate–? In siberia abi-?–Animals-

  • Cleartruth

    Occupynass refused to open their account for public scrutiny but they want the NASS to open their accounts to the public. Wonders shall never end. .

    • Aminu Baba

      Yes because NASS is an elected body subject to public scrutiny. You can’t say the same of #OccupyNass which consists purely of voluntary efforts of patriotic citizens who, rather than lying down comfortably on their Sofas and writing nonsense like you, decided to stand up and be proactive against our lousy legislators

    • The facts

      Are these not the same clowns who organized the failed #isupportbuhari March?

  • UOU

    This imbeciles called Occupynass know that, Buhari sent a terrible budget yet they did not occupy aso rock instead, they are occuping the legislature which is the last hope of democracy. No doubt, saraki has questions to answer even deserve jail over his sins but this occupynass has more dire questions to answer on its intentions and their sponsors. Easily, one can deduct from the names of the officers who they represent

  • Analyst

    North West alliance occupied NASS


    This story is an insult to the sensibilities of the entire Nigerian population–We often claim to be educated yet hardly ever have the guts to question the system–No light– no water–no food—for our kids——we suffer untold hardship in our daily–lives-But smile–within our dreaded souls–I go better one day—!—-¨Hece we become willing tools in the hands of our masters–from Chad————— How can some sane Nigerians aware of the mess APC, have made of the country—back Buhari?-‘–The murder of hundreds of Nigerians all over the country by the Fulani boko haram fighters– is not enough warning to us–Such blood chilling experince rather inspire us to align with our killers———————–Never able to scare Nigerian away from such evil minded political parties-like the Apes in APC———–They are just taking advantage of the level of powerty in the system period————-So that we can be hired for a fee to do the bidding of the luciferis spirits controlling our thoughts in aso rock –Same as d 400 fake signatures—-we have above—-what a shame——— what a country————–separation is the answer–for Saraki is not the trouble–Buhari is————–animals

    • MaskedPhantom

      Powerty… poverty + no power =powerty. Very apt indeed!

  • Es3

    A day or two before the =//=OCCUPYNASS began, it was widely report the uncovering of Tinubu and El-Rufai funding of the protest against Saraki with an initial sum of =N=500 million?!

    It simply means they disbursing the money in tranches of =N=400,000.00 to them on daily basis!!!

    • Muhammad Ajagbe

      Since you’re daft to challenge your senators who buys multy millions automobile for themselves while Nigerian groan in poverty. Someone has to take a lead. I guess your own governors were part of the looting so they maintain silence. Fake otondo news. Koshilo

      • Es3

        Daft you said???

        Unknown to you, you are actually the real life picture of that word on two legs!!! Yes, cos it takes one as daft as you are not to question the very source(s) of the (minimum) of =N=400,000.00 you (and the hired hands) have been receiving everyday to sit at the gates of the National Assembly?!

        Yes, it takes one who actually majors on daftness to be so used and made to believe that they are protesting against the purchase of cars by the Senate while in reality, you are there hoping to force Saraki to resign at a time that neither the tribunal nor any court of competent jurisdiction has pronounced him guilty???!

        On a wider scale I dare to ask: Are we running a constitutional democracy here where institution flourish and decide on the fate of all Nigerians or a clueless propaganda government that disrespects and disregards our constitution with party and government leadership wanting to get what they want by force that is overflowing with all trappings of illegalities???!

        Hoping that the ‘spirit’ of daftness would allow you just for a moment of liberated-mind thinking!!!

  • Peter

    Bunmi Awoyemi, your sponsors are those aggrieved members who felt insulted by Saraki’s Senate President position. They have succeeded in using you and all those you hired to do the shameful and inglorious act. You have succeeded in gaining nothing except making overnight profit from your disgruntled masters.

  • Sparzo

    Many ordinary Nigerians who donated to the occupy NASS wish to remain anonymous.
    The disingenuity in asking them to open their accounts to the public is criminal.
    It would be criminal for occupy NASS to do so.
    Premium times should behave like the investigative publication it claims to be. Find evidence of corruption and publish it and stop its insidious smear campaign and stories on behalf of its backers.

    Just out of interests, when did the PT ever open its account to the public.
    I should remind all those ignorant peasants of ipog/egbesu that an annual report is not the accounts.

    • Muhammad Ajagbe

      Dont mind PT. They too should let us know who is funding their one year Panama investigation or the person that did it is father Xmas. We can also peep into the annual budget n spending of PT. So Nigeria money n others wouldn’t be part of its expenditure. Let’s greet those that cook n those that eat the meal. If not bcos SR that gives bumper to bumper stories about Mesujamba, we wouldn’t have gone far like this. PT, take another lead.

  • Bo Biz

    I’m very proud to identify myself as one of the ‘Concerned Nigerians’ that donated to this noble cause of reclaiming and salvaging my dear fatherland from the bandits at NASS and their cohorts.I bless the organizers and all the patriotic Nigerians that either contributed or participated in one way or the other.

    We cannot succeed as change agents if don’t perceive a clear path from the people and country we are to the people and country we wish to become.It’s my wish that Nigeria shall be free in my lifetime and prosper like where am currently residing.I’ll keep wishing President Buhari the very best of luck in his struggle to reclaim and redeem Nigeria.

    • Saints Daniel Nwaru

      Buhari, cannot savage Nigeria cuz he lacks the honest agenda to do tht. He is more interested in ethnic politics.

      • John

        I am not a buhari supporter, but this has nothing to do with him. This just showed that the youth are not ready for the position of leadership. These people can just be paid to dance naked in the street and they will, because money is involved.

        • Otile

          Don’t blackmail the youths to drum support for your demi-god Imam Mohamed.

          • John

            I don’t like anything about buhari, but one has to say the truth. If the said amount was actually paid for this demonstration, then they are morally bankrupt.

  • Otile

    Children as young as eight are being paid teaching salaries by the state as part of identity fraud in north-eastern Nigerian state of Bauchi, officials have found. The scam, which involves drawing the non-existent civil servants, is widespread, a BBC correspondent in Nigeria says.

    Mun gode Allah this stinking corruption is taking place in Arewa Najeriya. If it ever happened in Biafra gbogbo awon omo Odua kuma mutane Fillanci would have surrounded the the Republic of Biafra for invasion, leaving Oduduwa Republic ati Islamic Republic of Arewa to share the booties. God is great.

    • Sparzo

      I hope all is well with you Otile.

      • Otile

        I know you will support the fraud, but condemn me for condemning the fraud.

        • Sparzo

          Well Otile, there is just no story like that on BBC Africa.
          There is a story about Buhari’s annoyance that some state governors are claiming they cannot pay workers wage. He will give them more money.
          Be well, my friend.

        • Otile

          Scroll down that story you will see Imam’s portrait. Underneath the portrait is a bold caption that reads “Nigeria’s ‘eight-year-old teachers’ draw salaries”. You know BBC loves to entertain their readers with sensational scandals from Nigeria especially when Imam Buhari champions such foolery.

          If you are still in denial you know you are lying to your soul.

  • Chukwuka Okoroafor

    We can see the attack on the young people from various individuals. They are saying that these kids are daft and are being sponsored. Whether or not this is true, (and whether or not they are attacking NASS or Buhari) it has gone beyond those things. There is a revolution going on and coming in different forms. There may be problems and even perilous pitfalls (in some cases) with each of the manifestations (MEND, IPOB, Boko Haram, the Occupy Movements, the Sharia movement, BBOG, OPC, recent activities of NLC, etc), but this comes down to one thing and one thing only, bad governance on nearly every level. These things are rooted in bad governance and the culture of corruption that comes with it. Now I have come out against groups like IPOB, OPC, and those pushing for Sharia via legal means and Boko Haram. They will carry their own version of slavery eventually. However, these are emerging to appeal to the discontent that has resulted from the bad governance that our elite has dispensed. Let this spread over to the executive branch also.

  • adeade

    I said it earlier that these protesters are paid agents ..I wish Premium Times can delve into the financial details of this #OccupyNASS, we will find out that some people have also embezzled in their own capacities…It is well with my country…

  • TrueNja

    These #occupyNASS members are paid agents. Bunmi Awoyemi you’re a 419er and more corrupt than NASS members otherwise why can’t you open your organization finance book to public. How can the rest of the world trust Nigerians?

  • Bambam

    This Bunmi Awoyemi must think Nigerians are idiots..the same one who wrote a lot of articles on PT and SR to praise Ayatollah Tinubu the Great Satan..is the one occupying NASS..why don’t you go and occupy Bourdillon Rd Lagos..where the god of corruption lives in Nigeria..Its only in Nigeria people donate money for a protest..Imbeciles..go to Burkina Faso and ask the people how much they spent to chase out Compaore..nothing..ask Tunisians and Egyptians if they spent a dime on the Arab Spring..ask the Brits who protested against corrupt PM Cameron..if any Brit donated money..ask those in New York who occupied Wall Street if they asked any American for money to do so..only in Nigeria imbeciles led by Ayatollah Tinubu the devil would tell you Nigerians donated money for a protest..when you have a popular protest and movement..it is hardly ever planned..people come out spontaneously in anger..and then leaders for the movement emerge naturally and take over its planning for the people..it doesn’t cost money..rather their time..struggle..sweat and even life..but never money let alone having an account with millions in it..awon arindin..

    We have the DSS who have gone to sleep and a President so slow like he has dementia..this Occupy NASS and their leaders starting with Bunmi Awoyemi..Femi Falana and co should be arrested..most foreign hostile nations use the cover of civil society groups to forment trouble and destabilise a government..this particular one used SR for propaganda for over a year whipping up sentiments against Saraki..hacking phones and emails with the help of the British spy agency M16..paid N100million into an account..bought tents..luxury cars..flags..food.
    mobile toilets..all paid for by the Lagos state government on the instructions of Ayatollah Tinubu..but could only muster a crowd of 200 people..even Saraki gets more crowd than that to rally in his support..they also planned it from the 26-29th on the instructions of their foreign collaborators the British government..but it was a MASSIVE FAILURE!!!..The Presidency has to order the DSS and NIA to probe this group..their sources of finance..political sponsors and foreign collaborators so they are not used to destabilise the country..though presently they are a laughable and frustrated bunch of failures just like their paymaster Ayatollah Tinubu the Great Satan..Imbe..Imbe..Imbeciles!!!

  • Akiika

    3 days sit in? real protesters sit in until their protests are met. Nigerians cannot sacrifice anything yet they expect the thieves ruling them to take them seriously?

  • Muhammad Ajagbe

    When we protest on how Nigeria is going to move forward, hardly you see Igbo extraction there. There’s nothing concerns them. When Abacha was dreaded Nigeria, it was Yoruba people. When Yardua sicked, it was Yoruba that fight for Gej legally. Even his political God father were found nowhere. When we need to uproot PDPig to a changed gov’t, it was still Yoruba affairs (Jagaban, the guru) Now here occupyNNA, its stil Yoruba people fighting. Its a mistakes mingling with Ajokuta Mamomi n their friend Gambari. Yoruba people who have excelled now competing with great countries of the world. One is BH, another one is kidnapper n saboteurs. O ma se o. God will deliver the son of Odudu da iwa. Amin

    • Oty

      You didn’t make sense. Hope it wasn’t English language you meant to write.

    • Smith Ahmed

      Its quite unfortunate that you have to write this here…ethnicity, mental slavery and tribalism is a big problem to many in Nigeria.. we talking about moving the country forward and you’re here talking nonsense.. igbo this yoroba that, what about the hausas and others..people like you should not be allowed into this group..
      #OneNigeria #FreedomForAllNigerians
      #TheChangeIsNow #GodblessNigeria
      #OneAfrica #Oneworld

  • Legislative wizard

    It is unfortunate that we have a bunch of rabble roussers who are suffering from acute ignorance. First of all there is no pending PIB Legislation before the Batson all Assembly. I have heard the Speaker Dogara call on Buhari 3 times to send an executive bill to Nat. Assembly. He had not done so. In desperation to pass the Bill. Members of NASS introduced 2 private members bills. The delay is squarely that of the President as every bill expires with every Assembly. Of you introduce the bill Kate it will never be passed because it will be caught up with political activities.