PDP defies Southwest chieftains, zones chairmanship to Northeast

Ali Modu Sheriff
Ali Modu Sheriff

A defiant Peoples Democratic Party on Thursday assigned the position of its national chairman to the Northeast geopolitical zone, ignoring threats of mass defection by some of its chieftains who insisted the position be zoned to the Southwest region.

The decision was reached at the party’s 70th National Executive Council meeting held on Thursday at its national secretariat in Abuja.

The decision, which was made by the party’s zoning committee led by Akwa Ibom State’s Emmanuel Udom, has now cleared the way for Ali-Modu Sheriff, the national chairman of the party, to contest for a full term at the party’s national convention next month.

The newly adopted zoning arrangements as contained in a statement signed by Olisa Metuh, the party’s spokesman, are as follows:

i. National Chairman – North-East
ii. Deputy National Chairman – South-South
iii. National Secretary – South-West
iv. Deputy National Secretary – North-Central
v. National Legal Adviser – North-West
vi. Deputy National Legal Adviser – South-South
vii. National Treasurer – South-South
viii. Deputy National Treasurer – North-West
ix. National Financial Secretary – North-Central
x. Deputy National Financial Sec. – South-East
xi. National Woman Leader – North-West
xii. Deputy National Woman Leader – South-South
xiii. National Auditor – South-West
xiv. Deputy National Auditor – North-East
xv. National Publicity Secretary – South-West
xvi. Deputy National Publicity Sec. – North-Central
xvii. National Organizing Secretary – South-East
xviii. Deputy National Organizing Sec. – North-Central
xix. National Youth Leader – South- East
xix. Deputy National Youth Leader – North-West

Mr. Sheriff, appointed in February to complete the tenure of Adamu Mu’azu, has been pushing to hold on to the position amid opposition from mainly southwest PDP leaders.

Thursday’s decision highlights the unwavering influence of the party’s governors’ caucus, which has remained Mr. Sheriff’s most supportive bloc within the party.

The party’s Board of Trustees, which took a hard stance against him before today, gave a backhanded support to the decision.

Walid Jibrin, the BoT chairman, was present at the meeting, although several other members were not.

The party’s national secretary, Wale Oladipo, told PREMIUM TIMES that some of the absent members sent in a letters and apologies.

“The BoT is part of NEC and some of the BoT members that didn’t attend sent in letters to explain and apologise, Mrs. Maina Waziri is one of them,” Mr. Oladipo said.

Mr. Jibrin, a senator, urged all aggrieved members of the party to eschew their discontentment in order not to leave the party fractured.

“Many of us who are founding members of the PDP will not leave the PDP and the PDP will never die. We will continue to be in PDP whatever mistake is there we might be there to correct it and make our contribution.

“Leaving PDP is not the answer, I will like to appeal to everyone who intends to leave the PDP to stop that. We must unite and all work together in order to build PDP. PDP is within a very good marking and I do not think I see anything wrong with PDP,” Mr. Jibrin said.

“Every party has its own problems and we should use our own problems positively. I’m sure soon the whole problem in PDP will be resolved.”

Doyin Okupe, a former presidential aide, said the party had “entered the road to perdition” with the decision.

Mr. Okupe, who has become one of the most vociferous voices against Mr. Sheriff in recent weeks, had said he and other party leaders from the southwest agreed to defect if the southwest is denied the chairmanship position.

“The PDP has now entered the road to perdition with the appointment of someone who’s only known public image is that he’s a Boko Haram sponsor,” Mr. Okupe said. “This is shameful, and I hope all Nigerians, especially loyal members of the party, reject this unfortunate development.”

Mr. Okupe also added that the decision of the PDP’s NEC, which is the party’s highest decision-marking organ, to circumvent the zoning arrangement of the party in order to impose Mr. Sheriff on the members is another slippery slope that the party is unlikely to escape.

“This leaders of the party in NEC decided to ignore the zoning arrangement of the party so that they could impose Mr. Sheriff on all members, this is a very dangerous cliff that the PDP can never escape,” Mr. Okupe said. “It is over for the party.”

But Mr. Oladipo said all those threatening defection are only exercising their right to free speech, as he did not expect them to leave the party because doing so is “not an easy decision”.

“We’re in a democracy and they have the right to talk anything they want, but I can tell you confidently that they have no intention of leaving the PDP,” Mr. Oladipo said. “It’s easier said than done.”


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  • Say the truth

    It is clear PDP had been bewitched. With this development it is the PDP is prepared for extinction.

  • power must change hand

    Allow the Yorubas leave PDP for the Apes in APC–how can any sane Nigerians trust the Yorubas again after what they did to Jonathan—They will have one leg in PDP the other in APC–why was the Yorubas not able to protect the post of Speaker zoned to the south west-

    • Sean

      Is Yoruba what you’re reading on this? You’re a shameless person, your people have been relegated to 4th Tier and SS trumped you and you’re still talking about Yoruba that shared the arrangement on equal measures with the north, you’re confused imbecile and your dis ingenuity is the reason you all will keep being relegated to the last tier, you have fought and abusec people here over PDP and what have you gained now? Non- recognition, cover your face with your different monikers and apologise to Yorubas for holding theirs in PDP where you and your people failed!

    • Julius

      Moron, it was a Yoruba man that insisted that Jonathan must be allowed to run for the president in the 1st place. See how an ingrate you are. If it wasnt because of Obj, your drunk, clueless , unintelligent asshole brother Jonathan wouldnt have amounted to nothing .

  • alabi olubunmi

    Just 2 positions to the south east? I tot pdp was now an igbo party abi it just proves that the online horde are just noisemaking barbarians who talk in thousands. I dey laugh ooooi. Those wey get mouth no dey talk tooo much

    • Julius

      Yes, somebody did say that pdp now belongs to the Ibos. I read that on here about a week ago. I guess he was right. lolz

  • Nkemjika

    Who cares about a dead carcass! PDP is dead and gone as far as Nigerians are concerned. For sixteen years it stole and stole and stole until Nigerian coffers went dry. The last six years of the very corrupt and bumbling ineffectual buffoon of Otuoke was worse. As it is, PDP must count themselves the winner of the 2019 election if they win up to five states in that election.

    • Sean

      Confused Noise makers always get relegated to the last tier… Now you know PDP is bad, your brain just came out of comatose! Ode! Dumbass dafts!

      • Höly Wähala

        Yoro tout… shut up dia! Who voted for PDP in Ekiti State and, what is the margin victory of APC in the entire South West? My bet is you don’t even know. Our Noisy Neighbors… The Yoros! Dirty rapists.

        • Julius

          There was no election in Ekiti and you know it. So, just stop your nonsense. Oloshi.

          • Höly Wähala

            But there were elections in the entire SE according to you Yoro touts abi? Didn’t you read that the PDP simply wrote results in the SE, even Gov. Okorocha and aides (ati many others) were locked down on presidential election day? But Yoro idiots insult all Ibgos as if we all supported Jona Dumbo to beat Buhari ati APC… see ya sef now? Oloriburuku!

          • Julius

            How many states in the SW did PDP win and how many states did APC win in the SE ?. All the SE governors except the IMO governors voted for PDP. Right ? So , who supported who ?

          • KBE

            Sometimes I wonder why and how someone who claimed to be well travelled can be this classless and abusive. I am sure your so called ‘German wife’ and daughter don’t read what a scoundrel of a husband and father write on the net. Your are so pathetically inconsistent and dangerously unstable that it becomes difficult to engage you in any reasonable discuss. Your ego and false sense of self importance has made it impossible for you to even appreciate a superior arguement. You realy need to change your way.

  • owhonda

    A whole Ijaw party, a whole South East party just gave 75 percent of its congress positions to the North. How long will we in the South keep bowing to the North. All the positions zoned to the South East and South South are to me of lesser value to the North. Little wonder the North feels it is born to rule us.
    We in the South have told them so. How did Udom Manuel sit down and draw this kind of list? Na wa o

  • Sean

    Baba Obasanjo said ” I still dey laugh o” We still dey laugh ooo, mess with Yorubas at your own peril!

    • Höly Wähala

      You are so crass your stupidity borders on insanity…
      Can’t you see what has happened in broader light? Goes to prove your brain is agidi floating on ewedu soup.
      Sheriff is married to President Buhari’s daughter and his emergence is purely a permutation to sink the PDP forever. There will not be a PDP by the next general elections mumu, they will have to collapse into another Party without Modu Sheriff in it. For you information, your midget VP Osinbajo, will be dropped for an Igbo man because Tinubu will soon be chucked out of the permutation when Buhari consolidates his grip on power. Truly, many clowns must be banned from thinking… you qualify! DIDINRIN!!!

      • Truth is bitter

        You said “VP Osinbajo will be dropped for an Igbo man”, really?. Do you think Igbos will then vote for Buhari?

        • Höly Wähala

          It is pure speculation based on foreseable circumstances… I believe people will still follow their conscience in voting if Nigeria survives till 2019. The chap just got on my nerves… disregard!

          • Julius

            hahahahahaha, u dey craze.I was gonna ask you the same question, does it means the Ibos will vote for Buhari ? You don anser ! lolz

      • IZON Redeemer

        BRAINLESS–MONKEY WAS BUHARI NOT IN THE SOUTH EAST TWICE—WHERE HE GOT HIS TWO VPs FROM–was he able to win the election——-yet he claims to be an Ibo man–rubbish

  • Suleiman

    Obituary! This is to announce the funeral service of the PDP which will take place NOW at the National cemetery. The PDP died on April 25, 2015 after a protracted illness. Burial Mass will be conducted by their Lordship, Southwest. Boko Haram will give a special Eulogy about the party. APC has sent a special condolence message to the bereaved BH members and their supporters. May its soul rest in perfect peace. Amen

  • Dele Awogbeoba

    In business, especially the stock market, the millionaires of the future have identified the major new business opportunities or stock picks in the midst of a downturn. The most savy investors learn to go against the prevailing wisdom and go in the opposite direction of the herd.

    Politically speaking and looking at the prevailing political environment in Nigeria at the current time, one can see great upside for the PDP in the next 2 years. Ironically, many PDP members are rushing to join the APC at a time when the most savy political operator should be looking at getting entrenched within the PDP.

    Winds of Change

    The current government of Muhammadu Buhari has made great strides at reducing places for corrupt persons to run to after looting Nigeria dry. He has also allowed EFCC do its job of meticulously investigating Nigerians alleged to have corruptly enriched itself. No convictions have yet been obtained but in Nigeria the rule of law is a notoriously slow moving wheel.

    On security, the Boko Haram threat has been greatly diminished. Security for the people of the North East has been looking up in a positive manner. For the people of the South and the middle belt, APC has transferred their relative security under Jonathan for the insecurity and fear for life from the other major terrorist group euphemistically called the “Fulani herdsman”. The Terrorists herdsmen are allowed to move unhindered within various communities of the middle belt and south leaving in their wake murder, genocide, economic sabotage and destruction. The lack of any condemnation from the president of Nigeria let alone any effective means of preemption by the DSS has added to the general feeling of insecurity felt by the people of the South and Middle belt of Nigeria.

    On the economy, the current government’s game plan for turning around an economy previously mismanaged by President Jonathan’s economic team was to stimulate the economy by spending 2 trillion naira more than it can optimistically get in revenues. It aimed to borrow 2 trillion naira to be used for infrastructural spending, whilst hoping to obtain 2 trillion naira from FIRS, Customs and the NPA. Ironically, the CBN’s forex policy will without fail depress revenue obtained by the Customs and the NPA as well as send many local and Nigerian based foreign firms into bankruptcy. The sum effect of that is that even revenue raised by FIRS will significantly decline. As oil prices have hovered within the $38-40 a barrel range, its projected income from oil sales may be the only thing that holds steady. When one considers the 10,000 expected hire of police officers by the FG whilst in the midst of having problems paying the wages of its existing staff, one can only say that this government is going to increase its recurrent expenditure, increase FG debt whilst suffering a significant fall in FG revenue as well as a marked increase in its yearly debt service interest levels from 1.45 trillion naira a year to God knows what by the time this year is out.

    The notoriously inflexible Buhari is clearly unaware that monetary policy is not lawfully within his power. The CBN Act of 2007 has placed foreign exchange policy in the hands of the CBN governor. It is not for anyone to convince Buhari why the naira should be “murdered”. It is for the CBN to start to do its job and operate monetary policy in a manner that is consistent with the growth policies of the Nigerian economy when the Nigerian economy is in a recession. At the current time, both Buhari and Emefiele are on the same page. The economy will sink as the fiscal and monetary policy of Udoma and Emefiele aim to go against the economic laws of nature.

    The power situation has also suffered a marked decline. One is unsure at the current time whether the power situation is a temporary setback that will be solved once the budget has been passed or whether the issues are far more substantive.

    Political Implications

    What is clear is that the combination of the manifestation of the declining economy (though not caused by Buhari is being exacerbated by the CBN and the fanciful fiscal approach of the federal government), the horrors of the terrorist herdsmen and the nonchalance and ineptitude of the Buhari government has left a potential opening for the PDP over the next two years.

    Buhari is notoriously inflexible and is unable to learn from mistakes. He is also a very average administrator at best. His current time as head of state has practically mirrored his stint as head of state. Consequently, I do not see him improving in his areas of weakness even if he has the best advisers available to him.

    All will depend on the actions the PDP takes. Its current inclinations suggest it is being led by emotions as opposed to clear strategic thinking. APC won the last election by adding the SW and the NC to the already strong support the erstwhile CPC had in the NW and NE. For the PDP to win in 2019, it must do the same. It must pick its main candidate from its area of maximum strength (which at the current time is the SS) and choice a running mate from an area that will push it over the top. At the moment, PDP has no less than 40% residual support in the SW and NC. It cannot choose a running mate from the SW for geo-political reasons. It should therefore aim to choose its running mate from the NC and possibly from Kwara or the Okun part of Kogi. A Northern muslim Yoruba (preferably with an Islamic surname) may do the trick in getting both the SW and NC on board for the presidential elections even if the states stay with APC when the governorship elections come around. The speakership and Senate president should then go to the SE and either the SW or the non Yoruba parts of the NC.

    The PDP should also aim to get a candidate with a track record on economic issues and a candidate that is not so identified with corruption (if at all that is possible). That will be its challenge especially as it no longer has anyone within its ranks that can be said to have been identified with the boom years of the PDP before Jonathan’s ascension to power.

    The PDP has 2 years to create these two hypothetical characters that maintain its areas of maximum strength whilst adding other areas of realistic support. Choosing a northern candidate as its presidential candidate makes sense on an emotional level only but not on a strategic level. PDP lost the elections because it lost the NC and the SW by equal margins and not because it failed to choose a Northern presidential candidate. Both NC and the SW are concerned about the decline in the economy and the actions of the terrorists herdsmen. The core North are becoming increasingly alarmed at the increased harshness of the slow economy and lack of power. Buhari will still get most of the votes from the core North but he will not engender the same fanatical support of 2015 and that will reflect itself in turnout numbers. I also doubt he will get the same percentage level of votes in places other than the NE.


    The key to a PDP victory is the NC and the SW. It will do well not to alienate those two swing zones. The strength of the PDP is still the SS. It is from there that the Presidential candidate of the PDP should come from. Indigenes from states such as Akwa Ibom or Cross River state are states that no do emit any negative emotions or adverse stereo types from most Nigerians. That may be the ideal place to comb for a worthy candidate.

    • Otile

      This nothing but a heap of nonsense, unintelligent, and waste of space. No value added, the more you look the less you see.

      • tundemash

        Stay focus Otile Shekau. Topic is PDPigs has zoned the Chairmanship and Presidential slot to the North you so much hated ! And mostly likely Chairman Boko Haram will continue as Chairman of the political wing of Boko Haram, PDPigs. Your source of crumbs is getting diminished daily !

    • Arabakpura

      Interesting but highly theoretical! Well…nice try!

      • Dele Awogbeoba

        People said that same thing when I analysed the possible outcome of the 2015 election a year to that election. Other than Fashola being exchanged for Osinbajo, you will see that my analysis correctly mirrored the outcome of the results in Nigeria’s election a year later.

        Re- Jonathan 2015 and the Parable of the Prostitute

        By Dele Awogbeoba March 5, 2014

        Having read the article entitled “Jonathan 2015 & the Parable of the Prostitute” published on Saharareporters[dot]com on the 4th of March, I found myself in agreement with aspects of the electoral configuration alluded to and disagreeing with others.


        The performance of the Jonathan Presidency (if objectively considered) is a bit of a mixed bag. It has excelled in some parts of economic management such as reduced level of yearly inflation to 8% a year, relatively low interest rate levels, stable levels of the Naira (although this has been due more to increased central bank interventions than the effects of balance of payments performance), consistent 6-7% of yearly GDP growth (which was the yearly averagely GDP growth recorded by Nigeria since 2000) and the substantial increase in the Gross National Income of Nigeria. Ironically, a significant portion of its successes can be attributed to the sound macro economic policies of the suspended governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (who has made up for the average macro economic performance of the Finance Ministry).

        Its failings have been the incompetent handling of Boko haram, its incompetent handling of the Fulani herdsmen led clashes all over Nigeria, persistent oil theft in the Niger Delta, its significantly increased debt profile, its lack of foresight in dealing with (x) curtailing the large scale exit of the huge multi-nationals from the countries oil and gas sector and the effect that will have on future earnings of the country and (y) the shrinking market for Nigeria’s oil and gas exports over the next decade due to the surge of US shale oil, Nigeria’s persistent budget deficits, perceived increase in official corruption and the ineffectiveness of the EFCC and ICPC under Jonathan, significant fall in the FDI from 2012 onwards (which is indicative of reduced confidence in the Jonathan presidency) and the unconscious increase in sectionalism in Nigeria.


        I concur with the view that Buhari is at one and the same time the major electoral asset and hindrance of the APC. It is true that with Buhari, 13 states of the North West and North East and Niger state of North Central will or should be in his column. The votes of Nassarawa state will be split (with a slight advantage to Jonathan). I also agree that the only viable vice presidential choice for APC will be Governor Fashola. That choice will ensure (x) SW votes for APC and (more crucially for a zone that has the second highest numbers of registered votes but one of the lowest numbers of actual voters of any zone) (y) a high turn out of SW voters.

        Fashola will, therefore, add to the APC column, the 7 predominantly Yoruba states (which includes Kwara) and will increase the share of the votes obtained by the APC in Kogi.

        That gives the APC 20 of the 36 states. APC should have strong runner up performances in Nassarawa, Kogi and Benue states. Edo state is the sole swing state. Where EdoState will go is presently unclear.

        Religion and the SW

        At this point in the game, the muslim/ muslim angle is irrelevant in so far as the chances of the APC winning is concerned. Its only viable way of winning the election is through the NE, NW and SW. Its sole concern will therefore be how to reassure the Yoruba Christians as opposed to Christians generally. The APC will not win sizeable votes in the SE or the SS. That part of the Christian population is therefore unobtainable. For the Yoruba, Fashola is not seen as being identifiable with religious politics or any religion. He is hardly seen in a mosque. I honestly do not think that Yoruba Christians will vote for President Jonathan if vice presidential candidate Fashola is one of the persons on the APC ticket (especially if the APC fields a number of Yoruba Christian candidates for gubernatorial positions in Yoruba states).

        Jonathan is widely seen as anti-Yoruba. It will be politically expedient for Buhari to make it very clear that in his government, Fashola will be a powerful vice president with significant duties to be delegated to him. He may also have to state what Fashola’s duties will be. An enpowered vice president Fashola is more likely to get the SW on board in overwhelming numbers. This strategy is believable because Buhari (like Obasanjo before and after him) have histories of empowering their second in command to be very powerful political figures.

        Strategic blunder

        The biggest strategic blunder for the APC would be to pick a vice presidential candidate from the SE or SS. The SE is firmly in the president’s column. That will not change even if someone from the SE is picked as the vice presidential candidate. Secondly, the SW will not come out to vote in significant numbers for Buhari if the APC fields a SE candidate. I think that analysis also holds true for a running mate of SS extraction.

        Its pick must therefore do two things. It must ensure that the SW has a huge stake in the election and translate the huge numbers of registered SW voters into actual voters. A Fashola pick by Buhari and a clear and unequivocal statement of the dominant role he would play in a federal government under Buhari should do the trick.

        Christian Northerner

        A northern Christian would be a very good pick if only that ticket would still be guaranteed the support of Buhari’s supporters. If the 2011 elections is anything to go by, Buhari’s support is not transferable. The CPC carried almost all core Northern states but its gubernatorial candidates only won in one state and its senatorial candidates only made minor in roads. The issue then is will the core North support a Northern Christian against a Southern Christian? May be! Not a risk I would take though.


        The APC will have to thread the needle and apply the wisdom of Solomon in its choice of presidential candidate and vice presidential candidate. What it cannot do is alienate General Buhari. The support of Buhari is critical to the chances of the APC.

        Additionally, it has to pick the right SW vice presidential candidate as well. A non- descript SW candidate will not motivate the Yoruba to come out in significant numbers. The SW running mate must be a known performer and there must be an explicit commitment by Buhari that that candidate will be a very powerful vice president with identifiable duties being delegated to that candidate.


        • Arabakpura

          Again, I will say that you made wonderful analyses for the 2015 elections but the truth still remains that the things that determine elections outcome in Nigeria can only be predicted six to twelve months to the elections! Nigeria is a very dynamic entity with numerous sentiments that come into play when the game begins; sometimes, it is not due to your economic and physical achievements; most times the things that determine electoral outcomes at the federal level are primordial sentiments and sometimes the character of the man in the leadership! Judging by the recent news in the media, it is not unlikely that inducements and what we call rigging still play major roles. However, it was worth celebrating that the Jonathan’s administration, despite bribing all the way still failed to clinch the crown. I however appreciate the way you apply your education!

          • Dele Awogbeoba

            My analysis of the future is based on current trends that can be discerned. The emerging political, economic and security trends in 2014 was used to project how certain parts of Nigeria will vote. I was largely accurate there. The trends emerging currently are economic and security related. Buhari’s belated attempt to curb the herdsmen may throw off my analysis (which was written before Buhari took a strong line against the herders). My analysis on the economy will however hold. The APC followed my advice by choosing Buhari and a SW deputy and chose a Yoruba christian in Lagos. They won all the states I projected they will win and performed better than I envisaged in Kogi and Benue. They narrowly lost Nasarawa as I projected.

  • JB2000

    Those of you belly-aching about Yorubas should continue because that’s our strength. Holy Wahala and Nkemjika, we know your forebearers are locked in a supremacy battle with us but you have all failed since the days of Zik. When your Eastern region went cap in hand to London before independence to borrow money, you were referred to Southwest Nigeria for rescue. We are always ahead of you and no apology dor that. We have always known that you don’t believe in Nigeria project. That’s why your stock stole Nigeria blind under Jonathan. It’s your people in drugs, armed robbery, 419, importation of fake goods….. the list is endless. Anything for money. You say Osibajo is a midget. When has it become a sin to be short. His brain is 100 times of any of your leaders. He is as straight as a ruler in character. You people can’t just stomach the fact that you took a gamble in an election by voting to entrench your hold on Nigeria. By the time PMB has completed 2 terms and hands over to southwest I am sure your people would have been wiped out of your crooked businesses and your population would have swelled in jail houses in Nigeria, China (where they will be removing your body parts alive), US and other places. Bloody onyi oshis!

  • Arabakpura

    Congratulations to Buhari and the APC; their road will be very smooth! Apart from the SW loosing the chairmanship, the Igbos have technically been removed from the PDP! Theirs is like telling them to go to APGA or go to hell! We shall see what becomes of the PDP in the days and weeks to come!

    • share Idea

      My gee the arrangement is the best of decision PDP could take now in order to have a chance for 2019.

      • Arabakpura

        There is no chance at all and I am heavily ashamed of those from the SE who make the most noise and settle for crumbs!

        • Julius

          Always and at the same time, they fake cry about separation . Its sad !

      • tundemash

        Cl0wn, PDP has a chance in 2019 ? What brand of snuff was served at the amnesty camp today ?
        Hypocrite, since both the Presidential slot and Chairmanship sot has now been zoned to the so much maligned North, how come you are not shouting your usual ethnic and religious sentiment ? ShareDunce is more appropriate to you.

        • share Idea

          In as much as I detest foul language as manifestly used in your comment, I will address some of the points raised therein.

          1. I have expressed severally in the past that left for me, I will like PDP to zone their chairmanship position to SW
          2. There is a world of difference between reality and fantasy – what do I mean, currently, most Northerners still feel pained about PDP treatment of them with regards to zoning, and PDP is being painted as SS/SE party. We all know that in democracy, the majority will always have their way while the minority will continue to have their say (excluding in Nigeria at the moment where the government send security agencies against perceived opponents).

          Hence, PDP wants to prove to majority of the northerners that are still undecided that SS/SE are not really the owners of PDP, by zoning all those positions your like thinks makes a tribe great.
          3.What majority of people like you do not understand, is that average Igbo person does not believe that Igboman must be made a president of Nigeria or Chairman of PDP, rather, they want a level playing field where everyone can achieve their potential without undue advantage of place of birth or state of origin.

          How many non Igbos have gone to Igbo area to setup industry – very few if at all, but tell me any part of Nigeria where an Igbo is afraid to setup industry – we are not afraid of competition. Competition brings out the best in society and absence of it has been Nigerian greatest problem and not Igbo people.

    • Dele Awogbeoba

      I don’t see it that way. The igbo holds the highest political position that the PDP holds at the current time (Deputy Senate President). I am sure that was factored into the sharing of offices.

      • Arabakpura

        Ekweremadu is not an effective DSP! It will be mischievous to count that as a position zoned to the SE!

        • Dele Awogbeoba

          That may be so, but it is the highest political office holder of the PDP at the current time. DSP comes after President, Vice President, Senate President and Speaker. DSP is the 6th highest Nigerian in order of protocol (after the CJN).

          • Arabakpura

            I know that but he never attends any meaningful meeting and that is the measure of presence and representation!

          • Julius

            Yes he does. He follows Saraki to court everyday !

          • Arabakpura

            Is it the basketball court or the CCT? if it is the CCT, then he is going to occupy the second accused box!

          • Julius

            Oh, he will be. Remember the Senate rule he forged with Saraki and the Senate clerk ? Well, thats coming up soon and he will be in a box then.

          • isaaac omafuaire

            He also follows Saraki to buy 36 exotic SUVs, abandoning made in Nigeria brands assembled at Nnewi.

          • Julius

            Yes he did. Imagine that. This is a man from the SE who should have been the leading champion for the zone and Nigeria in general. Unbelievable !

  • wazobia scatter!!!!!!


    here at last! mutually assured destruction of the pdp …………………………

  • bigbang

    South East lack political experts.

  • gabriel olasebikan

    The alliance that gave birth to the APC was between the ACN,ANPP and CPC. The major contributor to the alliance was the ACN,followed by the ANPP,then the CPC.
    CPC had ONLY Buhari and Almakura,while the ANPP had all it’s senators,members house of reps and governors led by it’s then chairman Modu Shriff.The ACN had all it’s govenors,senators and members house of reps led by Asiwaju.
    Without the ANPP in the alliance,there wouldn’t have been an APC.
    Now that the arrow head of the ANPP is pitching his tent with the PDP, Let’s see where the loyalty of those in the former ANPP lies.
    This is what is about playing out.

    • mmw

      you forget to mention new PDP the like of Saraki, Atiku, Nyako, Ameach and co. they also form part of APC.

  • favourtalk

    Finally the party is gone and we are all happy for the final burial of the corruption and looters association party


      Final burial indeed…lol

  • Power must change hands

    stop deleting comments Premium times–biko-power must change hand–Once beaten twice shy-Fool me once shame on me—fool me twice shame on me-no way for the Apes in APC–leave the Yorubas to be fooling themselves in APC

  • Power must change hands

    Did PDP not ZONE the post of Speaker of the House to the Yorubas–what did they do with with-it?-Sold it to the Fulanis–via Tambuwal—-Now they are back crying for the post of Chairman of PDP again?—Na lie let them remain in APC—else they will destroy PDP with their antics—–The Yorubas can never leave tinubu–the Sango of the Yorubas-

  • nelson

    Okupe is only stating the obvious that PDP is doomed for perdition and nothing by no means will stop this. PDP is a symbol of: 1) Boko Haram sponsorship as exemplified by Sheriff, Dasuki and Jonathan, 2) Corruption is not Stealing as exemplified by likes of dumb Jonathan, Dasuki the thief, now voiceless Olisa Metuh, the humbled Dokpesi and their rest in the party, Lack of democratic virtue as exemplified by Fayoinsane, tout Wike and their likes. PDP is definitely doomed for perdition.

  • tundemash

    “The PDP has now entered the road to perdition with the appointment of someone who’s only known public image is that he’s a Boko Haram sponsor,” Mr. Okupe said. “This is shameful, and I hope all Nigerians, especially loyal members of the party, reject this unfortunate development.”

    So did this self-confessed bast@rd tell Dumbo Jo this when Dumbo Jo was junketing between Abuja and Ndamenja with the “known Boko Haram sponsor”? And what did the FG under the control of PDPigs do with the information bast@rd Okupe is now telling us about their Chairman being a Boko haram sponsor ?
    May the soul of PDPigs and the looters NOT rest in peace. God riddance to the bad rubbish.
    Another good day, another blow to the wailing wailers; Deri, Oleku, AFRICANER .aka. Mr. Career Liar, MilitaryPolice01, Omo Ole Orafidiya and others.

    • 9ja needs a new leader

      Ibo man with Yoruba name—-Even if the Fulanis kill all your people u will be here to sing their praise—hardly ever have a mind of your own……My mother is Ibo Father is Fulani from Niger Republic———-So ca not think right–Tell us why Buhari allowed his Son to Marry the Daughter of Sheriff–Aware Buhari knows he is the main backer of Boko haram-yet allowed his son to marry the daughter of Sheriff-?-The Yorubas should go look for better things to do with the drug infested brain of Tinubu–But for them to be made head of PDP na lie”Let then not vote for PDP again–Abi did they vote for Obj in 1999?————–What about late Gani did the Yorubas back him him up—-when he contested against Obj in 2003? The Yorubas will never leave their Fulani Masters–never–happily we have a Real Native of Nigeria—-heading the party instead of a Fulani from Chad like Buhari

  • kunle Abbas

    Yes,I am now convinced PDP is dead,its burial is slated for may 21 where those who plotted it death will give it descent burial.

  • IZON Redeemer

    Predicting the death of PDP is like saying Buhari will live forever–to BE 950 years on the throne in Aso rock–If Buhari has an expiring date with Allah his creator, then who are we to say PDP is dead simply because a Kanuri man instead of a Fulani rogue from Chad ati Niger Republic is the head of PDP-?–If Sheriff was that bad——Buhari would not have allowed his son marry his daughter—PERIOD——–So Nigerians should stop fooling us here again–The Yorubas were given a chance to lead the House of Rep–they sold the seat to the Fulanis led by Tambuwal—-To now hand over the chairmanship to a cursed party like APC–is an abomination——–a taboo which cannot be contested by any in 9ja–The Yoruba agents of darkness working for buhari—-should for once think of what Awo suffered in the hands of Buhari—ati the assassination of kudirat abiola by buhari-and his fulani head hunters should guide their thoughts to the grave of MKO—

    • Free Mind

      no need for grammar. PDP is now officially a Boko Haram Party. It is dead.