2016 Budget: Buhari, National Assembly leaders meet, resolve differences


President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday night held a closed-door meeting with the leadership of the National Assembly to find solution to the 2016 budget impasse. 

Mr. Buhari, who received the budget passed by the National Assembly two weeks ago, declined to assent to it, claiming it was distorted by the National Assembly. 

The president later returned the document to the Assembly, saying some grey areas needed to be reviewed.
Mr. Buhari had earlier on Tuesday met separately with the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, before an enlarged meeting involving the President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki, and other principal officers followed. 

The meeting was held at the Presidential villa, in Abuja. 

Mr. Saraki, who spoke briefly with State House correspondents after the meeting, said the executive and legislative arms had now found a way of resolving all the grey areas in the budget. 

He said a committee to carry out the task was formed with membership drawn from both the presidency and the National Assembly. 

“We came to work out the solutions that we found in moving the budget process forward and we are happy to say that we have agreed on the way forward, and we believe that this process will be completed in a matter of days rather than weeks,” Mr. Saraki said. 

The Senate President also said in a matter of days, the budget would be ready for the president’s assent.

Mr. Saraki added that the committee formed “will engage over the next few days, to just tidy up a few loose ends and ensure that the outcome is satisfactory to everyone.”
The Minister of Budget and National Planning, Udoma Udo Udoma, who was also at the meeting, confirmed that the two arms of government “resolved all issues”, adding that an agreement was reached on the modalities of resolving the issues.

“It was a very good meeting, very positive and within the next few days all issues will be resolved,” Mr. Udoma said.

“We are working together, both the executive and the legislature, to sort those things out and within the next few days all matters will be resolved,” he said.


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  • nelson

    This is a good devpt. I pray for the success of PMB, the NASS and all the leadership of the country, to bring succour to the suffering masses of the country. The masses urgently need: 1. Light 2. Fuel 3. Good Roads 4. Massive Youth Employment and 4. Security of Life and Properties (Comprising of: Alienating Boko Haram, Resolving of the Fulani Herdsmen Menace, Discouraging Kidnapping for Ransome, Solving the problem of Gas and Crude Pipeline Vandalization. May God help our leaders to lead us well and make life more comfortable for the masses

  • javscong javscong

    Not too hard to notice the “sheepish” smile on Mesujamba Bukola Saraki’s face. He must be wondering what else to do to assuage PMB. Well, you may not assuage PMB, but if you resign from the senate, not just senate presidency, tender unreserved apology to the people of Kwara, return their stolen wealth, then face your trial and accept the consequences, you may be on the way to redeeming your soul. That is the only path to your salvation.

    • power must change hands–

      The sheepish smile is better than u who does not care even if your entire village is wiped off the face of the earth by marauding fulani cowhand and fighters from boko haram–Tell Nigerians what the empasse was about—-In the USA we knew it was about the Obama care–But in Nigeria what was it about–? The theft of the budget by Buhari—the padding of the budget by Buhari ministers-or what—–‘ Abi the lies about his budget of madness————-? We cannot all be mad like u and Buhari-Do u know what Nigerians have suffered because of the delay in the signing of the budget by theif Buhari?

      • blackdove

        It is funny that Biafra cannot wipe out an invading Fulani cattle men on foot, but want to test the will of the Nigerian armed forces. The question is who is really Mad?

      • javscong javscong

        You are so blinded by your ethnic jingoism that you seem to have lost the argument. Your pay masters led by Mesujamba Bukola Saraki, manipulated the original budget by removing capital projects and inserting “constituency projects”. That is what the impasse was all about. You know why Saraki did that? To bribe the senators so he retains his office and that they continue to foolishly troop to the CCT with him. I guess that is the old order you are craving for.

  • The road to Kigali

    In reaction to this horrific situation,

    Mr. Babatunde O. Gbadamosi, a highly respected Lagos-based businessman, wrote the following on Facebook:

    “Scores slaughtered by #FulaniTerrorists in Enugu, but the Fulani President, Muhammadu Buhari, his Fulani senior security commanders and government functionaries are more interested in pipeline vandals that are killing no one!

    Nigerians, if you don’t arm yourselves and fight back, na una sabi.

    Those of you Yoruba APC zombies that think you are special, when they finish with the MiddleBelt, the South-South and the South East, you will be next, and there will be no one left to defend you.

    I am referring to you, my Muslim uncles and aunties, who think the Fulanis will see you as kindred spirits and spare you. They will not.

    Just as they are fake Muslims in the eyes of the Arabs, you are also fake Muslims in their eyes, only useful to help subjugate your people under their rule, then you will see pepper

    • endipin

      Ask the Yorubas in Kogi and Kwara States. Fulani bororos kill, rob, rape and destroy their farmlands on a daily basis, for years and counting. The man that defended his farm by shooting the yeye bororo was sentenced to death, which sentence was confirmed by the Supreme Court last week. We are in soup if we fail to rise up in arms against those pre-historic animals.


    APC planning to roll out its drums in few weeks time to celebrate one year of political victory. The grand finale would be sort of marching to standing with Muhammadu Buhari. For what? If we may ask. Is it for the skyrocketing prices and cost of living? Is it for the perennial scarce fuel? Or the grand conspiracy to wipe out indigenous Nigerian communities through the marauding Fulani herdsmen? Is it the never-ending futile travels Buhari embarks on while relegating our numerous domestic issues to the background? Or the recent confusion demonstrated by Buhari’s economic team in China?

    Folks, that will be the highest insensitivity to the plight of ordinary Nigerians on the street. We are stuck with these mediocrity in government.

    • dami

      ask google

  • power must change hands-

    Muhammadu Buhari: I don’t know what oil subsidy is.

    Even when you padded it in you forged 2016 budget, huh? Lies and deception do not go far especially in this age and time.Muhammadu Buhari: I don’t know what oil subsidy is.

    Even when you padded it in you forged 2016 budget, huh? Lies and deception do not go far especially in this age and time.

    • excel

      You don’t need to rant before you air you opinion. Learn not to allow you hate or frustration be the guide your comment.

  • cursed govt of Buhari

    As Nigeria’s electricity scandal deepens, do Nigerians need another Tinubu to call Fashola out on this? The inability of Buhari’s government to generate power for Nigerians indicates another ineptness underlying his ‘lame duck’ government. (How is Muhammadu Buhari going to get out of this one?)

    On this fraud and scandal, Osy Nkemakolam writes:

    Biggest fraud of our nation exist in our energy and power sector, Nigerians are not following the money. Days back I did asked folks to probe for more info about the new owners of our Gencos and Discos and stand up to this decades old institutional fraud that has ripped our people off. Sometimes it seems like none is protecting the consumers and ordinary folks. Fashola should just either resign or relieve himself of positions he knew nothing about as I can’t just piece together why a non-engineer will be the person in-charge of our ministry of power. Who approved average/estimated billing that has been used for so many years to defraud Nigerians? And why are such practices still alive now even after ownership have exchanged hands. Besides with these record low in our power supply who will ask consumers to continue to pay for whatever they never used or owed for that has been forcing down their throat for as old as most of us can barely remember. Not impressed.

  • excel

    Saraki and is gang of rogues should stop the game and realised the fact that PMB will not bow to their illicit demand. NigerianStandWithPMB

    • Dan Naija

      Forget this story. Nothing has changed. In Nigeria, both the executive and legislature are both the same in looting. Nigerians are very poor historians, uncritical, shallow in thinking, unschooled in understanding simple trend, persistently and emotionally hijacked etc to understand that there is no difference between the past and the present executive and legislature. The persistent war between the two is about loot. No less , no more. God will definitely expose both the executive and the legislature.The judiciary is not different. That is why Nigeria is what it is today.

      • Dan Arewa

        May be you are living outside this world.

  • Rommel

    We are witnessing the last kicks of the saboteurs,Nigeria will survive and the haters will be put to shame

  • Dazmillion

    I hope the resolution does not involve Buhari accepting the fraudulent constituency projects smuggled in by the the criminals at the national assembly?

    • Dan Naija

      Nothing has been resolved. Two groups of thieves fighting over loot. God will definitely expose both the executive and the legislature. Nigerians should wake up!