Senate bows to public pressure, suspends amendment of Code of Conduct law

Nigerian Senate
Nigerian Senate

The Nigerian Senate has suspended the ongoing amendment of the Code of Conduct Act which was initiated and referred to its committees on Judiciary and Ethics, Privileges and Public Petitions last week.

The legislative body also resolved to suspend amendment of Administration of Criminal Justice Acts (ACJA).

Similarly, the report of the Ethics Committee on Kabiru Marafa, a senator known to be opposed to embattled Senate President Bukola Saraki, was also stepped down.

These decisions were taken during the Senate’s closed door session on Wednesday.

The lawmakers had on April 14 introduced a bill for an amendment of the Code of Conduct Tribunal and Bureau Act, rushing it through second reading just 48 hours after it was first read.

In Nigeria’s lawmaking process, rarely do bills get such accelerated legislative action.

The bill, sponsored by Peter Nwaoboshi (PDP-Delta State), passed second reading and was subsequently referred to the committees on Judiciary and Ethics, Privileges and Public Petitions.

The committees was to report back in two weeks.


The bill seeks to amend Section 3 of the Code of Conduct Bureau and Tribunal Act “to give every public officer appearing before the Bureau fair hearing as provided for under Section 36 (2)(a) of the CFRN 1999 which provides:

“For an opportunity for the person whose rights and obligations may be affected to make representations to the administering authority before that authority makes the decision affecting that person.”

The existing law, Mr. Nwaoboshi said in his lead argument, does not provide for the Bureau (CCB)to take written statement from concerned public officers before referring a matter of alleged non-compliance to the Tribunal (the CCT).

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  • Watch man

    Crooks that have no shame in their life! Why won’t they suspend it? It is glaring to the whole world that the journey of ignominy they embarked upon was a case of corruption fighting back. Irresponsible Sin-net! Shame on you lootocrats.

  • Akanji92

    Olorun yoyin, eyin ole wonyi

  • ogechi

    Dan Banza!!,Nigeria on the match again….

  • Josephrainz Allwell

    Bunch of domies called senators…

  • Power must change hands

    EFCC Recovers N1.8m Bribe Collected By CCT Judge Handling Saraki’s Case, Justice Umar.

    The N1.8million part payment of bribe allegedly given to the Indicted Judge of the Code of Conduct tribunal, Justice Danladi Umar by an accused standing before him, Alhaji Abdulrasheed Taiwo Owolabi has been recovered by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commissio

  • Watch man

    Εθνικός μισαλλόδοξους, Γράφω Αγγλικά

    • Helena Davies

      @disqus_2ZP9pbGSmf:disqus: We know you write English. So why not simply write the English?

      • Watch man

        Thanks for your observation. It was written to actually elicit comments. I would also encourage everyone to use the lingua franca of this forum, which is English language, to desist from doing otherwise. If everyone of us start turning to our local vernaculars I believe we would end up not communicating. Because of your observation, I am going to rewrite what I earlier wrote in the lingua franca of this forum. Thanks!

      • Watch man

        Thanks for your observation. I actually wrote it to elicit comments and to draw attention to the fact that all those commenting on this forum should stick to the lingua Franca here (EnglishLanguage). If all of us should resort to our vernacular then we would probably not be communicating. I have also rewritten what I wrote earlier based on your observation. Thanks very much!

  • vivizuela


    This Senate is full of fools

    It is time to DISSOLVE this 8th Assembly of the Senate as worse than idiotic.

    This is not how a sensible operates by reversing itself like a dunce in public.

    The problem with this Senate is that it has low intelligence quotient on average.

    An order of prorogation of this Senate can save Nigeria from continuous idiocy.

    • Watch man

      Correct! What we have at the Sin-net is a bunch of kindergarten children sitting in a bath tub and splashing water at themselves and every other person gleefully. Sin-net is a cesspool of irresponsible crooks!

  • Spoken word

    our voice is being heard by those clowns

    • Karl Imom

      Finally, we are winning. Lets continue to attack injustice by these thieves.

  • Toughie Man

    The voice of the people. We will keep winning. Next is the return of all the exotic cars they procured at a staggering 36500k for all the senators. The senate Must bow again to public pressure and suspend the latest cars they bought for themselves in the face of the harsh economic crunch.

    • Peter

      What about Buhari and his fleet of presidential jets? Does it also not call for concern in the face of staggering realities when some reasonable African countries sold off their own in order to cut costs and curb wastes.

      • Toughie Man


    • Kallah Bature

      The Senate spokesman asked us to check the internet for the price of Toyota 4 runner V8,which he claims sell for N36million. I did and though I found the cost of V6 selling for about N10million,I could not see how the difference between this and V8 engine could be about N26million.Can someone help me out?

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Our senators and representatives are bunch of criminals whose ulterior motive is to continue to loot,steal and embezzle our national commonwealth in order to enrich themselves.Nigerians should start throwing every senator stone in order to force them out of the chambers.

    • Otile

      How can you be relaxing in your heated Canadian living room and incite Nigerians to haul stones at Buhari’s colleagues who are well protected? Don’t you know that Buhari will give a signal and the protesters will be mulled down to the last person. We have to send you pictures of what happened in Zaria where Buhari troops slaughtered his enemies.

      Please enjoy your life in North America, don’t start a war at home.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Our senators are bunch of very selfish idiots who are only in the national assembly to enrich themselves and live flaboyant lifestyles by focusing our scarce national funds on luxurious Toyota-Landcruiser SUVs for themselves while president Muhammadu Buhari,continues with his efforts to borrow foreign loans to make-up for the required total funds to implement the massive power,rail-roads infrastructure in order to provide jobs for our unemployed graduates and train our unemployed youths..

    • Otile

      You don’t get it. Imam is not borrowing money to improve Nigeria as a whole. He is doing so in the narrow interest of himself and his people. Wake up and live.

  • Jacky

    Those thieves saw the handwriting on the wall and have realized that Nigerians are ready to throw them out by mass action. But they still need to quickly return those V-8 Land Cruisers for a refund of our money.

  • Debekeme

    Let 20,000 people camp outside the NASS for 2 days demanding for the resignation of Saraki.

    Saraki will resign and be thrown out by his colleagues in the Senate within 48 hours.

    It only takes a very rich Nigerian to donate about 5Million Naira to transport to Abuja and feed a crowd of 10 to 20 thousand people for 2 to 3 days. That’s how citizens in other countries put pressure on Government and get Government to bend to the will of the people.

    The problem with Nigeria is almost every rich man out there is a criminal thief who has also stolen money from one place or the other! Which thief will want to sponsor a movement against another thief?

    But today, we celebrate! Power to the people!

  • Gidi

    This is democracy in action. Many thanks to Sahara Reporters and PT for a job well done; the two organizations have just highlighted the importance of vibrant press to the survival of the republic.

    The media has a lot of role to play for fight against corruption to succeed. By informing the citizens about the danger of the senate’s amendment to CCT and ACJA, we all became enlighten, and thus, mount pressure on the elected officials to back down. This is how it should be. We elected the senators to serve the public not special interest.

    • PolyGon2013

      I totally agree.

    • Kallah Bature

      How I wish our main stream media will wake up to its responsibility like Premium times and Sahara reporters.Nigerians will in the end be better for it.

  • onimisi

    it doesn’t add up. how can they just give in all of a sudden and at the same time to all the issues listed above

    • Debekeme

      You dont seem to realize that these are not responsible men and women. They are there to steal and most of them are the worse type of morally deprived persons you will ever meet.

      They have no scruples and they are just empty shallow materialistic people. They are no better than street thugs and confidence tricksters. They are con men and women. Hustlers and gamblers.

      They knew what they were doing was bad and just tried to see if they could get away with it. The second they saw resistance, they dropped it and ran.

      if they allowed a long fight about these laws with Nigerians, the long fight would have drawn attention to the Committee members and to the Senate, These guys are all shady characters that dont want any attention or publicity at all. They are just there to steal and have no conviction about anything positive for the Nigerian poeple.

      Dont be surprised. They are useless as you can imagine.

      • Gbola

        Well said.

        You captured my mind.

        They basically gave up on a fight they knew they could NEVER win.
        They thought they could sneak in the amendment like they’ve always done in the past before the era of Social Media.

        But Social Media has fastened the pace at which information reaches the global community.

        This news would have had to be disseminated via NTA which is Government owned.

        Social Media is the best thing that ever happened to Nigerian Democracy & Politics.

        That’s why you, I and everybody else is here commenting on it.

        Our Democracy is growing.

        • Julius

          Indeed !!

  • WilliamWilberforce

    I guess they saw it coming!

  • True Nigerian

    Overpaid f00ls! They should have seen where this was going to end. It was a lose-lose situation. It was either they bow to incredible public anger and withdraw the bill or that they successfully passed the bill, in which case that useless house of senate will be shut down by the tsunami of public anger from Nigerians.

    • Kallah Bature

      The National Assembly simply didn’t get it.True PMB symbolizes anti-corruption and struggle for the masses, but the sooner all corrupt individuals and kleptomaniacs realize that the fight is now beyond PMB the better for them.The electorate who put him there are ever willing to take care of themselves anyday.

  • Hamman A. Abdulkareem

    The whole act negate the principle of patriotism, it simple reflect nepotism. It has really reveal the truth aspect of our Legislature, just on Sunday they where allegedly purchasing cars of whooping 3.8b.

  • Kokoman

    The merely suspended the bill in order to revisit it in the dark of night when we are not looking. They must be asked to expunge it completely. Before it comes up in future again, there should be a public vote on the bill!

  • Ike Masha

    It is now imperative that the ARCHITECT of this ILLEGALITY, Senator Peter Nwaoboshi representing Delta North Senatorial District make himself available to the Anioma people – Delta North District, to explain his complexities in the failed attempt to smuggle an ILLEGAL bill into the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigerian.
    In addition to what amounts to conduct unbecoming (of) a Lawyer and a Senator of the House of Senate, Federal Republic of Nigeria, it is absolutely necessary that the people of Delta North Constituency start with immediate effect the process for the RECALL of Peter
    Nwaoboshi from Abuja and the Senate.

  • Rommel

    This Peter Nwaoboshi should be investigated,he appears to be hiding some things

    • IZON Redeemer

      That he said CCT should be removed from the control of Buhari amnd the secretary to government. So the Buhari Gestapo that is the DSS should be sent after him abi? U must be an insane Ibo man-wishing your fellow Ibo man evil-Sadly u are an Ibo man-all over again—Animal

    • New Nigerian

      He conceded as such in the interview he granted. He said if your neigbour has problems and you do not help him, the problem will soon be yours (paraphrasing)

  • Ajayi Ifayemi


  • Man_Enough

    They will continue to stumble and fall. Saraki will continue to rub mud on whatever remains of their integrity.

  • power must change hand

    In its one-year in office, the government has not established a single institution or passed any legislation necessary to fight corruption. The much-ballyhooed Whistle-blower Act is still blowing in the wind.

    Corruption cannot not be fought with human rights abuses and violation of the rule of law. It is better for the guilty to go free than for the innocent to be wrongfully accused and convicted.

    If President Buhari were truly interested in fighting corruption, he would be faithful to the pledge he made to Nigerians in his acceptance speech as president in April 2015. He said then: “I pledge myself and the government to the rule of law, in which none shall be so above the law that they are not subject to its dictates, and none shall be so below it that they are not availed of its protection.” If he was true to his word, he would not have gone on national television to declare Dasuki and Kanu guilty without the benefit of trial in a court of law.

    • Otile

      You are talking about an illiterate, does he understand what a pledge is?

      • Kallah Bature

        Please contribute meaningfully and stop being childish.

        • Otile

          How am I being childish; is Buhari borrowing money to improve Nigeria as a whole?. Is he not
          doing so in the narrow interest of himself and his people? Wake up and

    • New Nigerian

      The relevant Oath here is the Oath taken by the Senators who are belying their oath. Just saying.

  • New Nigerian

    The Senators should all refund their salaries and allowances for the time spent on this naive, wrong-headed misadventure initiated by real pdplutocrats and apologize to Nigerians.