EFCC rejects Ekweremadu as anti-corruption ambassador, disowns National Assembly officer

Ike Ekweremadu, Deputy Senate President
Ike Ekweremadu, Deputy Senate President

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has denied decorating Ike Ekweremadu, the deputy senate president, as its anti-corruption ambassador.

In a statement Wednesday, the commission said reports widely circulated in the media on Tuesday, quoting its National Assembly liaison officer as bestowing the award on Mr. Ekweremadu, was of no consequence as the officer acted on his own.

Read full statement:

The attention of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has been drawn to some reports in the print and online media, on April 20, 2016 claiming that the anti-graft agency has decorated the Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, as “Anti-Corruption Ambassador”.

According to a statement issued to the press by the Special Adviser to the Deputy Senate President, Uche Anichukwu, the purported decoration, was carried out by the EFCC National Assembly Liaison Officer, Suleiman Bakari, who was quoted to have said: “On behalf of my acting chairman, Mr. Ibrahim Mustafa Magu and the entire management and staff of the EFCC, decorate you as an Anti- Corruption Ambassador and formally present this frame, as a token of our appreciation to your person and office, and as a symbol of the institutional partnership between the EFCC and the National Assembly”.

The EFCC totally dissociates itself from the purported action of Sulaiman Bakari as he acted entirely on his own. He clearly acted outside his brief as a liaison officer as the management of the Commission at no time mandated him to decorate Ekweremadu or any officer of the National Assembly as Anti- Corruption Ambassador.

The statutory mandate of the EFCC is the investigation and prosecution of all economic and financial crimes cases, which does not include the decoration of individuals as anti-corruption ambassadors.

The Commission is not in the habit of awarding titles to individuals. And those enamoured of titles, know the quarters to approach for such honours, not the EFCC.

Members of the public and stakeholders in the fight against corruption are enjoined to disregard the so-called decoration.

Wilson Uwujaren

Head, Media & Publicity


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  • Hassan Lawal

    …that EFCC officer at the National Assembly should be fired or redeployed with immediate effect,if not Mangu has shown that he’s making a joke of the anti- corruption war.


    Another shocker for the wailing wailers !
    They would quickly interprete this as Buhari’s handiwork to armtwist the EFCC

    • Marcus Ijele

      Thank you for getting the reason. You have intepreted it and rightly too.

  • ogechi

    Har Har Har harrrrrr….ekwereForger again in another magomago. arraingee

    Nawa for Igbo people,always high on ibo!!!

  • Arabakpura

    This is another forgery taken too far by Ekwereforgery!

    • Kallah Bature

      Honestly this scam calls for an investigation by the EFFC or ICPC to establish why the officer did what he is clearly not supposed to do. Did money exchanged hands or a simple attempt to rubbish the anti-corruption crusade.

  • Analyst

    I said it, it was a setup. They set Ekwe up and he fell. Just to rubbish him when they will bring up a case against him soon.

    • tundemash

      So Ekwe is d@ft. He loves title … doesn’t he ?

    • Battle AXE

      prophet analyst, may your spiritual engine room not go up in flames. you said it jare

    • Marcus Ijele

      He has always won, let them come, he will win again. What case they bring up now is just to ensure he does not take over the Senate after the criminals in APC have chased out Saraki.

  • tundemash

    The EFCC National Assembly Liaison Officer, Suleiman Bakari ought to be sacked or demoted for defrauding Ekweforgery with some fake title. Money must have exchanged hands.

    Ekweforgery , anti-corruption ambassador? Then Imam Shekau or Chairman Boko Haram Modu Sheriif must be Peace Ambassador.

    • Höly Wähala

      Lol @”Peace Ambassador” title for Modu Sheriff… a good one there, Respect!

  • share Idea

    APC is governmet is a huge joke. Always contradicting themselves. Who can correctly authenticate government pronouncements.

    APC made a promises during campaign and once declared winner, Buhari denied all of them, and claimed that those promises were made by the VP.

    EFCC officer says one thing today and tomorrow, the agencies denies the statement of one of their own. If tomorrow, EFCC sends invitation to someone for interrogation and the person refuses to honour such, and claim that the officer who delivered the invitation has not proofed that he was actually mandated to relay the invitation, will Nigerians not condemn such person that refuse to honour the invitation without acknowledging that double-speak of the current government is creating so much uncertainty in the country.

    • tundemash

      Mr. d@ft Idea, the plan of your title-loving Ekewerefraud backfired, it’s as simple as that ! Ekweforgery , anti-corruption ambassador? Then Imam Shekau or your Chairman Boko Haram Modu Sheriif must be Peace Ambassador.

      • lo

        Best Still, Wole Soyinka that Amaechi spent N84million to host for a dinner deserves the anti-corruption ambassador stuff.

        • tundemash

          That fake story has served it’s purpose and that was to tickle the mind of little minds like you. Why don’t u advise your Wike to do something about that info? How about prosecuting those who stole the money ?

    • Afolabi

      The most senseless contribution

      • Otile

        This is indeed the most senseless contribution Premium Times has made so far. What is the purpose of this article other than to incite hateful Yorubas to pour insult and scorn on Ekweremadu? It is not like the Panama scandal where Danjuma and other unpatriotic Nigerians siphoned Nigerian money to Panama yet the Yorubas do not insult but rather sing their praises.

    • excel

      You see your life, EFCC just kill your joy. stop folly around pig that fraudster lacks what it takes to be an ambassador to the anti -corruption agency.

  • Maria

    Ekweremadu is a criminal…. he bribed the useless EFCC liason officer to declare EFCC has made him ambassador… what a man of dishonor!

    • newday

      any evidence or just running your mouth

      • Maria

        Check my ass you will see the evidence, idi0t.

        • absam777

          LoL. Be careful what you wish. He may just be an ass leaker.

        • Otile

          This is rude. How do you dare him check your smelly ass to find evidence, evidence of what? Do you want him to choke from the pungent odor emanating from your ass? You are rude indeed.

      • Marcus Ijele

        Do not mind the ashawo kobo kobo. At 48.still living with her papa and mama. Just be a second wife for your papa, or let susu marry you.

    • Bayo Ola

      I agree with you. Corruption is fighting back from every angle. This liason officer should be dismissed from service immediately. Crazy country!

      • Marcus Ijele

        Please send the sack letter to him

  • Ojeleye Iyiola

    Denial is expected.We get the game.

  • debarim

    The more these goats try to climb, the harder they fall. Keep digging until it is deep enough to bury you.

  • Rommel

    Fraud everywhere,this is how low Nigeria has sunk,they have made sure that no office is immune to scam

  • Dazmillion

    How far with criminal Ekweremadu’s forgery case? I hope that case has not been swept under the carpet. When I heard the police was handling the case I knew it will soon disappear like a mythical winged horse. Hence the situation we find ourselves, where a notorious and nefarious criminal has clothed himself in righteous robes in full public view.

    What a sick and nauseating picture.

    • Peter_Edo

      Ekweremadu said that all members of senate that are taking them to court should drop their charges… its left to see if it would be dropped.

  • 1nigeria

    Whenever I look at the picture of this man, all I see is a man that love chua chua, conny conny, padi padi arrangee, chop I chop government and all ways of shady deal within official position.

    • Dazmillion

      In short, the face of an utter criminal

  • uduakomiri

    This Ekweremadu is a bloody swine, he is an embarrassment to any right thinking Nigerian. This decoration is a bold play at deception. an attempt to deceive the public. I guess no one is surprised because Nigeria’s dishonourable senate is a lair of dishonest, corrupt and dishonourable politicians. The Nigerian senate is the A-Z of corruption

    • Fuzio

      The biggest swine of all in Tinubu. Who has no shame at all. Look at the childish pranks he ans his APC are playing. Meanwhile he is busy hiding his drug and stolen money in safe haven abroad. He and his supporters like you are the real villain here.
      Prof. Ekweremadu is the next Senate President in the waiting. Your ‘gragra’ can’t stop that. Your messiah’s presidency would be over by the time the prof becomes the senate president.

  • monti omeka-agu



    —Longer Throat—LongerThroat—Longer Throat—

    Mega-Chameleon ———-this’s EkwereForgery for you.
    A disgusting “Timid Man” from a slum town called “MPU”
    Where men and women still walks the street NAKED.

    What an ineffectual Buffon.
    EkwereForgery STINKS…

  • Paul Graham


  • excel

    Of cos not, how can a fraudster be an ambassador to an anti-graft agency. Only the wailers will swallow the fake report.

  • Afolabi

    Corruption is really fighting back seriously. This epitome of corruption wants to claim another name. Your days are numbered

  • Debekeme

    This criminal Ike Ekweremadu is always playing the ethical and tribal card for his own PERSONAL interest.

    He will soon say EFCC is attacking the Igbo nation and that EFCC hates Igbos.

    Whenever Ekweremadu wants to achieve anything, he will play the Igbo ethinic and tribal card and rally the Igbo behind his ‘ Igbos are victim’ message.

    When Ekweremadu gets what he wants he forgets the Igbo nation on whose back he got what he wanted. Please tell me what this dark skinned criminal has done for the Igbo people? Tell me what Ekweremadeu. Pius Anyim, Stella Odua, etc etc have done for the Igbo people and nation? Tell me.

    Give it a few hours now Ekweremadu will go to the media and start to rally Igbos behind him that hes being victimized and you will SADLY and PREDICTABLY see ignorant and misinformed Igbo people falling for his trap.

    Ekweremadu speaks and cares only for Ekweremadu. He doent give a s**** about the Igbo unless he can exploit them for his personal gain. Criminal minded man.

    • PolyGon2013

      He knows his people are gullible.

    • sabosuji2000@yahoo.com

      Debekeme, please may I ask you: did Ekweremadu decorate himself? Dis he go out of his way to beg the EFCC man to confer him with the award? These are questions you should find out before raining abuses on someone. Or could it be that because he’s occupying a position you don’t like so whatever he does or says is evil? It’s important for us in life to realize that what goes around, comes around. Use the circumstances of the emergence of Aminu Tambuwal as Speaker of the House of Reps in 2011 as test case. Also consider the emergence of Saraki as Senate President in 2015 as another test case. Both instances confirm that what goes around, comes around. But rather than handle it the way PDP did in 2011-2015, APC decided to dance naked in the market and this resulted in what we’re seeing at the moment.


    How did the EFCC Liaison Officer decorate Ekweremadu? With the words of mouth? For an Organization like the EFCC to decorate someone, they need at least two things: Instrument of Award which is a Certificate and a Plague. Did Mr Suleiman Bakari print the certificate and make the plague from his own salary or Office Imprest? Definitely NO. The institution of the EFCC is a highly disciplined one that Suleiman will not go out of his brief to decorate anyone without the express authority of his Headquarters. I leave you to guess what actually happened. It’s a mandate turned awry necessitating a denial and a scapegoat. Poor Suleiman, he dares not deny he acted on his own.

  • Otile

    Nigeria must divide, the hatred is too much. b I hate when
    Yorubas drag their victim out to the public square to public
    booing, humiliation, and mockery. What is the purpose this story
    other than dragging Ekweremadu out for public ridicule and
    caricature? Ekweremadu was going about his business all of a sudden
    the Yoruba tribal paper in league with EFCC a political organ of the
    ruling clique concocted an imaginary award to ridicule him.

    every Yoruba and their mother is raining him with insults and abuses for
    no good reason. Some are calling him swine, One Maria? islamic
    impostor, went as far as inviting people to check her smelly ass to
    fight the truth, what a rude_idiot! One Abubakar tundemash put him in
    the same category of their Islamic brotherhood as Imam Shekau and
    Sheriff. Before the day is over these Yoruba haters will net over 5000
    insulting comments on this man.
    This is uncalled for.

    • Aplus

      E ya, sorry o!

  • ijelejames

    Thank God the decoration is quack.

  • Jeno Cosi

    Thank God that it was a fake award. Ekweremadu is an embarrassment to the Ibo race. His presence in the senate has not been of service to the southeast. He only cares about himself and his masters in PDP. In my book,Ike Ekweremadu is corruption personified.

  • Nigerians adore bogus titles- Chiefs of all shapes and sizes, High Chiefs of all criminal dispensation, Pastor and Pastor most Highs, Bishops of 419 corner-corner churches and now we have this one: “Ambassador of anti-corruption campaigns” What actually is the job brief for this timber and calibre sounding jargon. How much stipends is attached to this load of drivel? We have so far concluded that the anti-graft agency, the EFCC is as useless and hopeless as the fight against corruption in Nigeria, but what on earth do they need an “Ambassador of anti-corruption” for? By the way, and before we forget, how many successful prosecution of alleged crooks have they achieved since the inception of this administration? Perhaps the Agency is going to appoint a “High Commissioner” next before they can do their job.