Onaiyekan slams Nigeria’s membership of Saudi-led Islamic coalition

John Cardinal  Onaiyekan
John Cardinal Onaiyekan

The Catholic Bishop of Abuja Diocese, John Onaiyekan, has described President Muhammadu Buhari’s dragging of Nigeria into the Saudi-led Islamic coalition as dangerous and unwise.

In an exclusive interview with PREMIUM TIMES in Abuja, Mr. Onaiyekan said Mr. Buhari’s decision posses great danger for Nigeria’s armed forces as well as for Nigeria as a nation.

“I am not sure it is a wise thing,” Mr. Onaiyekan said. “Once you talk of an Islamic coalition and you are bringing Nigerian armed forces into it, my fear is that this is a dangerous step.”

“We have been trying, and I think successfully, to keep religion out of our armed forces. Can you imagine what will happen if Nigerian armed forces were fighting in the North-West on the basis of religion?”

“So I hope government will be better advised.”

Mr. Onaiyekan, who noted that countries that joined the alliance before Nigeria were not faring well, said Mr. Buhari conceded to an ill-fated advice to take Nigeria into the coalition.

“Those who put the alliance together have not succeeded in putting their own houses in order,” the archbishop said. “It’s not as if they have succeeded well in Iraq, Syria and other places.”

“So whoever advised him (President Mohammadu Buhari) did not advice him well.”

On the comment by Nigeria’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Geoffrey Onyeama, that the alliance was not religious, the bishop said the Minister’s comment depicted ignorance and self-contradiction.

“When I heard the minister of foreign affairs saying that there is nothing religious about the coalition; I’m sorry that the Minister of Foreign Affairs does not know how Nigerians behave and think,” Mr. Onaiyekan said.

“You cannot tell us that something is Islamic and at the same time say it is not religious. That is a contradiction. It’s like saying Islam is not a religion.”

Mr. Onaiyekan urged Nigerians to reflect on the last three days of Easter, beginning with Good Friday and never forget that Jesus died for them.

He also prayed God to continues to lead Nigeria on the right path.


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  • abuasmau

    Islamic Coalition against Terror. It is the “Islamic” that the Revered Bishop frowns at while the Honourable Minister who seems to be on the same page as the President considers the utility of the body. But must those elected always seek for opinion of all Nigerian “opinion makers” before taking a decision? Would that be the right way to show good leadership? The same Nigerian soldiers (Muslims, Christians and Pagans) are fighting BH. Muslims are not crying foul. The same soldiers are drafted to the Niger Delta, Christians have not cried foul. When soldiers killed Shi’a muslims in Zaria heavens did not fall. Now, now, the Bishop sneaks in to knock our heads.

    • Sean

      An intellectually composed post, this is the type of comment we need on this forum to educate and inform ourselves, as no one person has sole knowledge of everything. Kudos my guy and God bless you

      • abuasmau

        Thanks Sean for your kind hearted comments. As citizens we need to be positive in our thoughts and strive in our little ways to more this country forward.

    • Haykay

      What a factical post.
      Keep it up bro

    • share Idea

      Did those group of soldiers went to the various places under any religious coalition. We’re talking about Islamic coalition and you’re talking about a task-force. Can you imagine what the Northerners especially Muslim will be saying if Israel or Italy have a Christian coalition and a Christian Nigerian president drag Nigeria into it?

  • All Trust

    The Bishop himself; how far and how market? Those of us who put Buhari in charge of Nigeria claimed to know what Buhari had in mind. Am sure by now you are feeling like you will be eating your words by now going straight accepting that what was actually motivating Buhari to rule Nigeria is this and other similar Islamic agenda. He has now achieved it. Mr Bishop, try to be straightforward, dont deceive us; you know quite well that Buhari was never advised regarding this Islamic coalition thing but that that was one of Buhari’s primary intentions – to Islamise Nigeria or to give Islam an upper hand. Your statements are unfortunate as they still indicate that you pretend to believe that Buhari we know could not have thought up the plan to drag Nigerian into an Islamic affair. FYI, the man Buhari has many more ways to shock us. Check Buhari’s antecedents in case you have not come to terms with who the man really is – a man who promised to fight for the spread of Sharia to the nooks and crannies of Nigeria. Let me give you this hint: at the moment Buhari is a pretender; you will see that Buhari will force all Onaiyekans to convert to Islam by the time he gets his second term to preside over this nation. Mark these words.

  • donMe$$i

    So, is Onaiyekan a ‘bigot’?

    “Why can’t those Christians that complain go and fight terrorism in Nigeria…or fight the militants in the South(AN AFTER THOUGHT). It is Nigeria that matters, not the opinions of some religious BIGOTS…” -President Buhari on Aljazeera.

    • Hans Oreva

      Yes Onaiyekan is a dirty religious bigot and I’m a Christian… he should come up with another alliance devoid of any country that has even 1% muslim… maybe then the #ool will be happy mtchew

    • okenwa

      Islamic coalition to fight boko haram in nigeria, na lie. They are coming to help buhari fight biafra when the time reach.

  • ed

    The reality will seek in, on the southern Christian and the middle belt sooner rather than later. President Buhari is going full blasts to making Nigeria Islamic Sharia rule country.
    El Rulai has already put in place, requirements for Christian to obtain permits in Kaduna State before calling on Jesus name. That’s a sample of what’s in stock for the rest of Nigerian.

    • isa tukur

      Are muslims exempted from obtaining permit? This is a forum that whatever you are posting should be objective without acrimony or hypocrisy. But, your posting/comment lacks that essential ingredient. What does the law say about muslims when they want to preach? Tell us! Then, we pass our judgement whether it is one sided or all religions are effected.

      • ed

        Please go and read the legislation as proposed. Stop your efforts to pull the wool over our eyes.
        El Rufai has no business requiring Christian to get permits before calling on Jesus for Gods sake. Sharia agenda will lead to total disintegration of Nigeria. Mark my words.

  • MilitaryPolice01

    What else would you expect an appointed Minister to say? If he said otherwise he would have been sacked immediately with Daura or Magu knocking on his door the next day. We all know Buhari was properly advised hence his initial opposition to joining but something happened when he was granted ‘exclusive access’ into the ‘holy’ kaaba – when he came out he started singing a different tune. But we are happy GOD Himself is interested in what happens politically in Nigeria and this has been proven over the years, at the right time He will show His powerful hands again

    • Otile

      If Buhari believes that Kaaba is holy he is deluded. That place where they stone the devil is unholy. To say Holy Kaaba is like saying Holy Satan. God forbid evil.

      • Hans Oreva

        But in church you can jump and stomp on the devil… you disgust* me with your intolerance……

        • Danjuma

          “I am a christian” Hans Oreva. What an impostor you are. Shame on you

    • donMe$$i

      Excellent…you have a perfect grasp of the issues..

  • atlasian

    Bishop, why complain now? You helped put Buhari in power. Have fun with him.

    • Hans Oreva

      No, that Bigot has always being a jonathan apologist ahh you should know your fellow people nah… infact by their utterances we know all those that do not have Nigeria’s best interest at heart

  • McAlfred Uta

    Nigeria cannot join the coalition without NASS approval. But as usual, no opposition will come from that angle as it doesn’t involve bulging agbadas. As a christian I don’t oppose all these anomalies and goofs for sooner than later it will remove the scales off the eyes of most discerning Nigerians.

  • Ordinarily forming a coalition to destroy these jihadist bastards should be a normal strategy. But nothing is ordinary with anything Islamic. More so with Buhari’s antecedent and his avowed obsession with Nigerian islamization. We must watch and monitor every step made by this man. Our nation is not in safe hands with Buhari.

    • Etomi


      And the clouds are gathering!!!!!

  • Mrs. T. Oladele

    Editor Premium Times,

    The goat ate my school homework, Says BUHARI

    The last GAIN POLL
    put Buhari’s approval rating at 32%. But that was a month ago. Today I will be
    surprised if he has close to 15% approval rating. He’s lost it all. He just does
    not make any sense. He has no solution to anything facing him or facing the
    country. Buhari is blank. Nigeria can hardly endure Muhamadu Buhari for much
    longer. He’s not personable, he’s not lively, he’s not thoughtful, he’s not schooled.
    Absolutely nothing stands in his favour. Professor Wole Soyinka and knaves like
    him have tried but failed as un-official presidential spokespersons, to convince
    anyone in Nigeria that anything good can ever come from Buhari. Like my cousin
    who runs away from school work, Muhamadu Buhari has quite a handy excuse
    for his serial FAILURE. “The goat ate my school homework”, he’d say.

    • donMe$$i

      My goodness!

    • MUSIK

      ……….Oga buy me bottom belle coolu my heart

      Oga buy me bottom belle coolu my heart eh (coolu my heart eh)
      Oga buy me bottom belle coolu my heart eh (Everybody say).
      Bonsuwe! Azikiwe (aha) Bonsuwe! Ah yo ah yo Bonsuwe!
      Azikiwe (ehe) Bonsuwe! Ah yo ah yo o (oya Oliver)

      “Even if you give BUHARI 20 years to prepare, it would still be beyond his capacity.
      The complexities and issues involved in ruling a country like Nigeria are huge.
      Leading such a complex country is an intellectual issue and Buhari doesn’t have
      the intellectual capacity to comprehend what it means to govern the country”.

      …………Professor Ben Nwabueze

      (March 16th, 2016)

      • musa aliyu

        Senile fraudulent ‘prof’

        • MUSIK


          Make we sing the real song for Wole Soyinka. Oya, second base, as FELA sing am, let’s go:

          ……….Jeun ko ku professor…… o de….waki and die…..o de……chop and quench……o de……

      • Oyepitan Sola

        What did Jonathan achieve with his questionable P.hd ? Obasanjo wasn’t a University graduates , so is Buhari , who at a time was a state governor , a petroleum minister and a former head of state. Elder Nwabueze was alive when GEJ wasted our collective wealth (external deserve , sovereign wealth fund , Abacha’s loot and excess crude) . Throughout those wasted locust years he never for once criticized the last regime. Nigerians voted for Buhari and the tenure expires in 2019. Whether Baba Nwabueze and his co-travelers like it or not PMB will complete his term. And if Nigerians wish he will go for second term.

        • Gary

          Before budget padding, we’ve always had resume padding in Naija. Na wetin soja know to be Governor and Oil Minister? Na civil servants do all the work, abeg. Teacher don’t teach me nonsense as Fela talk.

          • musa aliyu

            You mean den never hold the positions since dem no present your type of fake results gotten by the grace of miracle centres?

        • musa aliyu


        • Etomi

          And the foreign reserve has gone down to nearly zero since May 29, 2015….

          And all rating agencies like Fitch and JP Morgan declare Nigeria’s economy toxic for foreign investment since May, 29….delisting and downgrading Nigeria, as such…

          But the most painful was for Buhari to declare the 2014 report of the National Dialogue trash!

          @Sola I don’t blame you for not seeing that Buhari is driving Nigeria to the precipice…after-all you and the rest simpletons voted for the vile illiterate!

          • Oyepitan Sola

            May I conclude that you are an educated illiterate like the GEJ whose disastrous administration you were defending. Could you please , tell me the factors responsible for the downtown of our country’s economy ? I will also like to hear from you , any success , achievement or foundation laid by the PDP administration in one sector of the economy ( power , energy , aviation , health , education etc ) for those uninterrupted sixteen years the party called the shots at the center. If new refineries had been built over the years , the current energy crises would have been averted. How much did Obasanjo , Yardua and GEJ spend on power ? As for the National Conference , PMP made it clear right from the onset that he wasn’t interested and yet Nigerians voted for him. So , what is your headache ?

          • Etomi

            This is not a GEJ v. PMB canvass…

            The elections are over…

            The man on the hot seat now is Buhari!!!

            He is the one to whom we ought to squarely direct all our hate or love…

            And I am not ashamed to state that I have very scant regard for his person….for one he is an illiterate; I place high value on learning and erudition; secondly, he is a Fulani jingoist, with a pedigree of religious bigotry and ethno-regional chauvinism; thirdly, he’s a fraud who projects an execrable affectation of saintliness….

            Suffice to note that none of the leaders since 1999 ever inherited a fantastic national economy…

            Obasanjo inherited a country that had been decimated and pilloried by military rule for 29years; he did not go about whining about how the Fulani-dominated military oligarchs destroyed Nigeria for those number of years, hence his inability to perform….

            Neither did Yar A’dua inherit an Eldorado from Obasanjo; nor did he for that very fact blame his inadequacies in government on Obasanjo…..

            Jonathan did not inherit a brilliant economy from Yar A’dua either. He did not on that score go on with the inanity of blaming Yar A’dua for all his false-starts and foibles…

            Then enters Buhari the mister perfect, and all he has been doing in the last one year is blame and blame and blame and blame all his woes, his non-performance, his failures, his lackluster administration on his predecessor, who even deigned to conduct an election that was heavily manipulated by Jega to foist Buhari on Nigeria…..

            My conclusion on Buhari: the vile pervert is a hopelessly presumptuous and self-conceited rudderless gossamer!!!

            I don’t need to add more to the erudite professor’s assessment of Buhari….

            It is no surprise that this paragon of ignorance can never see the imperative import of working with a document produced by Nigerians from the canvass of consensus and national dialogue!!!

            And such a man is your hero!!!


    • MUSIK

      ………..Jeun ko ku professor…… o de….waki and die…..o de……chop and quench……o de…………

    • news break



  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    We warned all of you so-called men of God and our other gullible Christian brothers that a vote for senile, illiterate certificate forger and perjurer MuhamMADu (alias Customs and Exercise, French Franc, Deutch Mark and President Michelle of Western Germany) Buhari was a vote for Islamization of Nigeria. So, shut the fcuk up and enjoy APC and Buhari’s “CHAINS (not CHANGE) while it lasts.

    • TrueNja

      Don’t be troubled, Buhari and his Fulani men cannot Islamize Nigeria. Their forefather Uthman Dan Fodio and Hammadu Bello, the Sarduana of Sokoto did it, they failed.

      • musa aliyu

        If only you have something doing, I’ll have answered you. But as it is, I better live you in your hallucinations.

  • musa aliyu

    Onaiyekan is just baying the moon. A country can decide to call itself Islamic or Christian, does it matter? Are there no churches and Christians in all the said countries? Ate there no mosques and muslims even in the Vatican? Are the evil forces preaching extremism not using Islam as a cover? So we are waiting for onaiyekan to go and repatriate all Christians from those countries so that Nigeria can go out of the coalition. Afterall which army is sent to join forces yet. Even if they join them, are they going there to conquer Christians? Surely the mission is to conquer terrorists. Should the devil offer assistance to Nigeria today, isn’t it worth taking, as long as the assistance will help solve the scourge of Boko Haram, which has pillaged both muslims and Christians ? Please stop playing hypocrisy (politics) with serious issues. Where was onaikan when Christian nations like America refused giving Jonathan assistance over the same scourge? Oh, he wasn’t born then, I forget.

    • TrueNja

      Nigeria is not an Islamic state. We Christians who are majority in Nigeria say capital no to be part of satanic Islamic coalition .

      • musa aliyu

        Good news, Christian majority !!! Wish you luck in your dreams. Mtchewwwww.


      The main objective of this coalition is to fight the Shiite Muslims, it is a known fact that most Sunni terrorist organisations get their funding from those countries in that coalition including Boko-haram, Al Queda,AlNusra,Al Shabab,ISIS etc. The major terrorist outfits of this world are Sunni.

  • Olu

    Religion and ignorance is a bad mix for Nigeria. Am not disappointed in people of Onaiyekan and the other bigoted Nigerians. This alley everyone is talking about,it’s a good one and just to let everyone know that the members of this alley includes the Americans and in Israely and other major Christain country why is Nigeria different?

    • TrueNja

      Where is it written that America is a member of this satanic coalition?.

      • Olu

        Go and do your research, you can use google and you will see it there. Please stop being shallow minded

  • Sparzo

    Maybe if Buhari and APC gave gave this bigoted charlatan money meant to fight boko haram like Dasuki did, for prayers in the churches, he will shut his ignorant mouth.

    I wonder if there was the fear Nigeria will become a Jewish state when Jonathan takes him and governors, senators, member of the rep. cabinet ministers and PDP on his various retreats to Israel. Even with the signing of agreements, and trade treaties with the pariah state, Israel on these retreats. Jonathan had a state visit to Israel on a religious retreat.

    Jonathan wrote a solidarity letter to that apartheid state with Nazi like policies saying to the man, Nathanyahu, and the nation Israel, accused of war crimes:
    ”… I assure you that we are in solidarity with you, as we believe that any act of terrorism against any nation or group, is an act against common humanity……..”

    I have a feeling that onaiyekan would rather have boko haram still bombing churches at will.
    That gives him great support and excuse to preach his religious bigotry and tribal hatred.

    As for the rest of his congregation on this thread, they are not Nigerians nor do they have the interest of Nigeria at heart.
    They are his masters voice and ipobs.

    • TrueNja

      Nigeria is not a majority Muslim state and cannot be part of any Islamic coalition.

      • Sparzo

        Does it really matter who helps you defeat evil?
        Should Nigeria vote by religion now.
        Is that why Nigeria stopped the recognition of a Palestinian state by the UN on the new years day of 2015?

    • Mizch

      Why is it that someone always think that only his or her opinion counts and no other person’s?

      • Sparzo

        Because they are religious bigots.

  • Mizch

    Right now the people of Yemen are protesting against the coalition. Nigerians wake up!


    A coalition being accused of genocide in Yemen is just what Buhari dragged Nigeria into. Now Nigeria has adopted the entire Shiite Islam world as perpetual enemies,what a senseless venture .

  • Etomi

    The sad truth is that a grand plot to Islamize Nigeria is already set in a Marshall Plan format….

    And Buhari is the best man to roll the plan to its logical conclusion…..

    With his anti-corruption mantra, many simpletons among the citizenry are already bowled over….

    It casts him is a saintly light, while he pushes the agenda like the angel of light….

    Nigerians wake up; please smell the coffee….

    • New Nigerian

      Are you saying there was a raging christianization of Nigeria by killing muslims in the North through a militia a.k.a Boko Haram and driving them off their lands during the past administrations and attempts to stop that genocide infers islamization of Nigeria?

  • Karl Imom

    Bishop Onaiyekan comes across as someone who is politically inexperienced, sophomoric, or radically confused. Nigeria is a nonaligned country. That means Nigeria has no permanent allies. It aligns with countries on-case-by-case basis. Nine out of ten times Nigeria aligns with western countries on issues of security and other matters. When that happens, Bishop Onaiyekan does not complain of anybody making Nigeria a christian state. Why does he have to complain and even interject religious sentiments into the fact that Nigeria has now aligned with Saudi Arabia on security matters? Do we not have needs for security in the country that warrant that kind of arrangement? Does the United States and the E.U. not routinely get security intelligence from the Saudi group to fight terrorism? I view Bishop Onaiyekan as a religious bigot whose opinion should be disregarded.

    • Jujil

      Your cments here shows your not are in touch with the realities in Nigeria, hence your lame argument and name calling. Which of the Western countries you mentioned ever formed a Christian coalition? Is Nigeria an Islamic country? Tell me the outcome of such coalitions in Yemen, Syria, Lybya etc. We do not want to be dragged into a Sunni, Shiite fight between Iran and Saudi. To call anyone that complains a bigot shows your level of bigotism. Christian soldiers are also dying alongside their Muslim and traditional believing colleagues in the NE and you want to drag all these guys into a religious coalition they don’t believe in? Pls give me a break. You can use Hisba to join the coalition and not the secular Nigerian army the belongs to all Nigerians.

    • The problem isn’t about Nigeria joining Saudi Arabia on security matters, it is about Nigeria joining Islam on security matters. So there’s really no need for the straw man argument you’re putting up. No well meaning Nigerian will be against an alliance with Saudi Arabia.
      The coalition is not called “Saudi Arabia Military Alliance against Terrorism”, it’s called ” Islamic Military Alliance against Terrorism “. This name, I believe, makes the alliance an Islamic one. This is the problem for those of us who feel our country is not an Islamic nation and calling us bigots doesn’t solve the problem in any way, it doesn’t even answer the issues we’ve raised.

  • Excisionist


    Is Nigeria a Muslim country ?

    Out of 36 states and the Federal Capital territory, sharia Islamic law was imposed on 12 states that were supposedly predominantly Muslim during Obasanjo’s administration. Out of these 12 states about four were hotly contested leading to destruction of lives and property. Still, this gives an idea of the population of Muslims in relation to others in Nigeria. Muslims are so aware of this that during the last national census they swore not to participate if religious affiliation was included as part of the data to be mined.

    With this background it is difficult to understand why Muslims leaders in Nigeria (e.g. Babangida and Buhari) had often prioritized Isamization over economy and other developmental issues.

    By joining this group, Buhari is stating that Nigeria is a Muslim country. He shows his insensitivity to the opinions and feelings of Nigerians by calling objectors bigots. Buhari is an agent of instability. Neither his words nor actions show that he cares about Nigeria or Nigerians. The Bishop is absolutely in order . . .

    The NASS should seriously consider Buhari’s impeachment. If they fail, his violent overthrow will be acceptable to most Nigerians at this moment. BUHARI IS A FAILURE!!

    Excisionist (Copenhagen)

    • New Nigerian

      Thanks but no thanks, no violent overthrowing is in the cards. The Nigerian Army is very loyal to the constitution of the federal republic. …and yes, all stolen commonwealth would be recovered everywhere – even if you keep it in copenhagen

  • Action Group

    Mr.President must have weighed the pros and cons before joining the security coalition against terrorism which is being fought in the North East of Nigeria and other Maghreb states of the world. Bishop Onaiyekan just like raising objections to anything Buhari since his crony Jonathan lost the elections.Where was he when Nigeria under Jonathan voted at the UN against Palestinian state living side by side the Israeli. Any move by Muslim leaders always generate suspicion and distrust, at Onaiyekan’s level he is expected to show some decorum in other not to drum up religious sentiments that may tear Nigeria apart.

  • New Nigerian

    I have been told by many people that Nigeria is a Christian country, first and foremost. In the 16 years before Buhari, Nigerian government was led by a Christian 14 out of the 16 years – I was told this point to the fact that Christians are in the majority. The only Muslim that was voted in died 2 years into his term. Jonathan, the ineffectual buffoon set up an ambassadorial posting to the vatican – a first, during his administration. So Catholics especially had a strong sense of claim of Nigeria being a Christian Country. I do not recall any Muslim leader berating Jonathan that Nigeria was not a Christian country. It is on record that Rev. Fr Mathew Kukah saw no wrong in whatever Jonathan did and was dismissive of anyone who suggested that he was driving Nigeria to the ground – so long as Jonathan was Christian, it did not matter whatever level of buffoonery governance had become, it did not matter whatever death, destitution or destruction was being visited on Nigerians. CAN’s Oritsejafor who succeeded Rev. Fr. Onaiyekan at CAN’s Abuja headquarters was more crass, voluble and culpable in ratcheting up the Nigeria is Christian, first propaganda.

    The presidency has become an office that Muslims in the southwest dare not apply for – Abiola was haranged and killed by friendly fire from his own people for having the temerity of putting together, get this, not the best leadership material of his generation in Abiola-Kingibe (which Nigerians voted overwhelmingly for) but for a muslim-muslim ticket as it were!

    I recall the pre-emptive strikes against those that were being considered to be running mate to Buhari from the southwest because they were Muslims.

    Folks have been canvassing for violent death on Buhari for a while, I read how some fellow in Ibadan claimed to prophesize that Osinbajo would be President same way as Jonathan had to serve out Yaradua’s term. And I have read posters on this page calling for violent overthrow of his government. They plan and God plan. And God is the best of planners. So I say this, everyone around Buhari should enhance the security around him. the air that he breathes, the food& drink that he consumes and the space he traverses should be made impregnable. We pray for his security. However folks around him should “tie their camel’ and leave nothing to chance. Buhari is the chance in a generation for Nigeria to get it right – we know and believe that nothing will befall him except what God has written for him. They tried to kill him in 2014 and God had other plans. And God is with those who do right. May God protect Buhari and his administration and facilitate the best for Nigeria through complete execution of killing corruption before it kills Nigeria, recovering stolen commonwealth, eliminating terrorism and reviving the economy. So help us God.

    • Excisionist

      Your “dogo turenchi” has only affirmed your background in nomadic education. – always making twisted analogies and mixing things up. This is not about having diplomatic relations with any country. Please drive into your nomadic head once and for all. OK? This is about the identity of Nigeria. Nigeria cannot join OIC or coalition of Islamic countries because NIGERIA IS NOT AN ISLAMIC COUNTRY

      If you are exposed as you claim, you are the one who should be explaining this matter to your people. Instead, you are the one promoting it and stoking the embers of confusion and anarchy.

      By the way, what do you thing of the devastation being caused by Fulani herdsmen in the Middle Belt and Southern Nigeria?

  • Prophet

    Whoever wrote this article has no business being a journalist. You report the news as it is without your biases and allow readers come to their own conclusions. Liaten to this:
    ” The Catholic Bishop of Abuja Diocese, John Onaiyekan, has described
    President Muhammadu Buhari’s DRAGGING of Nigeria into the Saudi-led
    Islamic coalition as dangerous and unwise.”

    The fact that the writer chose to use the word “dragging” disqualifies it as news and relegates it to gossip. The writer is better off writing for Ikebe Super.

  • S. A. Maigari

    Let’s suppose that the coalition is truly Islamic, the bishop can therefore say all these things because there are no Muslims in Nigeria. And when Jonathan instructed our UN representative to cast Nigeria’s vote against Israel last year, reportedly on the prompting of Israel’s Netanyahu, that was alright for the hypocrite Onaiyekan because, for him, Nigeria is a Christian country.

  • Some persons have turned an argument on Nigeria joining an Islamic coalition into an argument on Nigeria joining a Saudi Arabian coalition. There’s obviously no need for this straw man they’ve put up.
    The problem here isn’t about Nigeria joining Saudi Arabia on security matters, it is about Nigeria joining Islam on security matters. No well meaning Nigerian will at present be against an alliance with Saudi Arabia. But an alliance with either Islam or Christianity (religions) is something else, except we want to strip Islam/Christianity of their religious status and make them nations.
    This coalition in particular is not called “Saudi Arabia Military Alliance against Terrorism”, it’s called ” Islamic Military Alliance against Terrorism “. This name, I believe, makes the alliance an Islamic one, a religious one. This is the problem for those of us who feel our country is not an Islamic or a Christian nation and calling us bigots doesn’t solve the problem in any way, it doesn’t even begin to address the issues we’ve raised.
    Our president should take these objections into consideration.

    • Excisionist

      This is not about having diplomatic relations with any country. Please drive into your nomadic head once and for all. OK? This is about the identity of Nigeria. Nigeria cannot join OIC or coalition of Islamic countries because NIGERIA IS NOT AN ISLAMIC COUNTRY. No amount of noise making here will change the subject

      • Please read my post before replying insultingly. I’m saying exactly what you’re saying. Please read.

        • Excisionist

          Sorry, it was intended for the comment below yours. A mistake. I’m sorry