Saraki loses again as Tribunal refuses to quash corruption charges

Senate President, Bukola Saraki
Senate President, Bukola Saraki

The Code of Conduct Tribunal has dismissed an application by the senate president, Bukola Saraki, for false asset declaration charges against him to be dropped.

Mr. Saraki’s lawyer, Kanu Agabi, had argued that the 13-count charge was invalid procedurally because the Code of Conduct Bureau which filed the charges, failed to allow Mr. Saraki explain discrepancies in his assets declaration forms as required by law.

But in his ruling Thursday, the chairman of the tribunal, Danladi Umar, said there was no breach of law as the Code of Conduct Bureau and Tribunal Act, 1989, still allows the senate president raise his clarifications at the level of the tribunal.

Mr. Danladi said by law, the CCB could receive complaints of breach of the Act and refer such complaints to the Tribunal, provided that it will allow the person involved to give a statement affirming or denying the said misconduct.

Also, upholding the argument made by the prosecution, Mr. Umar said Section 3 (e) of the 3rd schedule of the 1999 Constitution gives the bureau the right to receive complaints of such nature and where necessary refer such matter to the tribunal.

According to Mr. Danladi, Section 174 of the Constitution also gives the Attorney General of the Federation the prerogative to file criminal proceedings and does not owe any explanations to any one on how to go about it.

He therefore ordered the continuation of the trial.

Mr. Saraki had earlier lost his bid to stop the trial after the the Supreme Court dismissed his initial objections.


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  • MilitaryPolice01

    The powers that be would no doubt have loved to set Saraki free to go and sin no more especially with latest reconciliations but unfortunately for the man the case cannot be dismissed now as there is huge awareness and interest from the public. Any attempt to ‘die’ the case will rubbish this govt and its ‘anticorruption’ stance.

  • Watch man

    So, I think the coast is now clear. let the real case now commence.

    • Sicillian

      Delayed justice is the bane of this country. Saraki was swimming against the tide from day 1.

      • Watch man

        And I wish an example will be set with this case

  • Issei

    The most Honourable thing to do is for Saraki to step down and allow the senate choose a new leader
    Because if he chooses to stay on the Nigerian masses will be the victims,by way of compromising the
    National Assembly as an institution in order to please the Executive,with hope that they may change
    Their mind and save him.

    • javscong javscong

      The man has no integrity or moral compass to guide him. He is totally consumed by his over bloated ego. So do not expect him to resign and do not expect that the senate ,with the likes of Melaye and the paedophile ( Yerima), will find it proper to impeach him. He has bought all of them over. It simply says all about the character of people we have entrusted our legislative powers to…….men and women totally bereft of integrity and morals.

  • javscong javscong

    Wow!!! The best piece of news to come out of our integrity bankrupt judiciary,in recent times. Well, Mr. Bukola Abiku Mesujamba Saraki, I guess you will now fire Agabi and hire Tarfa who is better at giving bribes. Now our senators will have to explain to Nigerians how a corrupt and morally deficient person can continue to preside over them and us. Justice Umar, please ask the SSS and Police to beef up your personal security because Saraki and his “brotherhood of thieves” will not stop at this stage.

    • NinjaK

      are you for real?

    • Monnie Uwa

      Its only in Nigeria that such will take place. Saraki should resign cum stepaside in shame. In advance countries, he should have not stayed for one day to save his shameful face. PMB said it that corruption will fight back. God will guide PMB to laid to rest all corrupt people in high places. All the senathief(s) should bury their heads in shame for supporting corruption.

  • john

    well if the court refuse to let saraki to be free, now that is the APC is ruling and they still holding him then there is some thing we don’t know about this issue.

  • The_Flying_Dutchman

    Hahahahaha! Saraki must be wondering why he jumped into the ‘chains’ bandwagon out of political greed. Everyone that has one thing or the other to do with the APC contraption is wailing.
    Tinubu has been sidelined and battling for survival while his boy Osinbajo has been caged by the Northern oligarchs.
    Big trouble in that one trusts anyone.
    Na laff I dey laff dem…

  • Nationalist

    Judicial rascality, if same court, same judge, same case was quashed for tinubus, why Saraki? There are powerful forces behind his travails, God will see this guy through, he will have the last laugh..if Saraki happens to be convicted they will no be stability in senate period.

    • Paul Graham

      The two cases appears to be slightly different. Tinubu’s case primarily was that he operated foreign account while in office and not that he laundered money. He was released based on 1979 constitutional requirement which has been removed in the 1999 constitution! Lastly there was no Rotimi Jacobs back then.

  • Ashibogu

    So, why was Tinibu’s case dropped? Tinubu should be brought back to answer charges against him. Period! Saraki, Tinubu, na the same Papa born them. His name na Corruption.

    • sunny

      pro corruption agent you have failed, you were there for 8 years after tinubu in office, you couldn’t do anything.

    • persona

      As much as that may not happen because Tinubu is no longer holding any public office, he had an acquittal also in the judgement which indicated that the prosecution could not prove that the female names in the alleged accounts belonged to him. The case was dismissed for lack of jurisdiction and substance. Saraki should strive for the same if he can.

  • Son of Law

    Does Judge Danladi Umar know any law?

    Mr. Danladi said by law, the CCB could receive complaints of breach of
    the Act and refer such complaints to the Tribunal, provided that it will
    allow the person involved to give a statement affirming or denying the
    said misconduct.

    In which case this whole trial before this confused Tribunal is a nullity. Judge Danladi Umar is confused.
    He does not know the meaning of condition-precedent but had only just used the phrase in Tinubu’s case.
    How can a proceeding start and a condition-precedent for the proceeding will follow later? That’s idle talk.

    Judge Danladi Umar is playing to the gallery and making the Code of Conduct Tribunal look somewhat daft .
    My advice to Kanu Agabi is to file stay of proceeding and proceed on interlocutory appeal to end this trial.
    The orders sought should quash the Tribunal’s proceeding and DISQUALIFY JUDGE UMAR for incompetence.

    • MilitaryPolice01

      No doubt Umar is a bit overwhelmed (I will not say confused). When you have over 60 lawyers representing one individual throwing numerous legal jargons at you just to prevent his case you would have to thread cautiously and carefully so as not to make any errors

      • LawWatch


        Here is the PROOF THAT JUSTICE UMAR is confused…..

        “There is condition precedent before this court (i.e Code of Conduct
        Tribunal) that the accused person (BOLA TINUBU) ought to have been invited by
        the Code of Conduct Bureau before this charge was filed,
        though the prosecuting counsel tendered the initial one-count charge dated
        March 22, which it eventually replaced with an amended charge dated September
        19, but filed on the 20th, as an exhibit before this court, it however failed
        to adduce evidence of invitation it extended to the accused person prior to the
        charge. Consequently, it will be proper for me at this stage to cease further
        exercise of jurisdiction since the condition precedent was not met before the
        charge was filed.”

        ……… Justice Danladi Yakubu Umar


        [November 30th, 2011]

        • MilitaryPolice01

          hmmm I didnt know of this one ….another thing I learned today… thanks

          • Sean

            And what you should know in addition is that Bola Tinubu assets declaration was solely based on when he was Governor and since he left as a governor, he has not been in any public office but Saraki had the opportunity to fix whatever discrepancies in filling his assets declaration after he left as a governor and has been a sitting Senator how many times? How many times has he filed in assets declaration as a Senator???? Your genuine guess is as good as mine

          • persona

            Even worse is the fact that he filled the forms 4 times and even assumed properties he didn’t have then just to fast forward his crime. He is the one seeking public office, his ambition brought him here and now he has to face the music.
            Saraki has pleaded not guilty to the counts but now evidence and witnesses will be presented to indicate his acts and that is what he is afraid of.

        • babatope

          Maybe you need to search for more legal information. This law was 1979 law and has been amended. You must be Saraki’s boy. Mumu

        • persona

          Tinubu’s lawyer made that statement and Tinubu indeed mounted the dock against the advice of his lawyers but the prosecution did apologize and the case proceeded.
          Umar has raised two valid points:
          1- He admitted that an error happened- This is due to the deftness of Jacobs who told him that the error of the past should not be carried over to this case.
          2- Umar alluded to the fact that Saraki, like Tinubu can make that observation while in the dock also.
          Umar has now gone ahead to establish that, far above what Saraki may claim, the AG has every right to go as he chooses in any case as the chief law officer and the office has already done that when the case began which was the earlier case Saraki was seeking to quash. Saraki said AG is a person, the law says its an office and so without any substantial appointment, the office can prosecute anyone.
          Saraki’s legal parole is over. He should man up and stop using archaic laws to try to skirt his trial.

      • udemeobong

        Well done

      • OGK

        Yes, they are not ordinary charge and bail. They are experts in buying judges and judgements, not justice. Many, if not all of them are ‘cash and carry’ SANs. Any SAN worth his salt would never join this legal train whose crash is imminent.

    • sunny

      you are a pro corruption, and you have failed.

    • Sean

      Explain what you understand by condition-precedent to the forum and how Jagabans case under Gej is same as Sarakis. Nigerians can’t allow legal technicalities to frustrate the rule of law, Saraki has the right to put his case across to the tribunal. You’re one of the enemies of Nigeria even as there were people, Infact loads to hated Jesus when he preached the gospel, the journey of a thousand years start with a step, Saraki should submit himself to the prosecution and as he has about 80 SAN defending him, if these socalled SAN can not find a way out of the mess he got himself in, then he should accept whatever befalls him. Some of you biafrans will defend anything be it murder or rape! Harbingers of corruption, but God is greater than you all and our country shall move forward.

      • LawWatch


        “There is condition precedent before this court (i.e Code of Conduct
        Tribunal) that the accused person (BOLA TINUBU) ought to have been
        invited by the Code of Conduct Bureau before this charge was filed,
        though the prosecuting counsel tendered the initial one-count charge dated
        March 22, which it eventually replaced with an amended charge dated September
        19, but filed on the 20th, as an exhibit before this court, it however failed
        to adduce evidence of invitation it extended to the accused person prior to the
        charge. Consequently, it will be proper for me at this stage to cease further
        exercise of jurisdiction since the condition precedent was not met before the
        charge was filed.”

        ……… Justice Danladi Yakubu Umar


        [November 30th, 2011]

        • Arabakpura

          it has been explained as a mistake and the latest explanation has nullified any other previous rulings! The law is an ass my friend!

        • absam777

          @son of law and @ law watch, So you are both saying the judge must continue to make the same errors and not correct himself.? This not how the law of precedent is applied.

      • Son of Law

        @disqus_y8TShAu8Pt:disqus : My learned brother – @Lawatch –
        has answered your question before i saw it. He gave a marvelous
        answer. See it below. He took the exact words Judge Danladi Umar uttered
        in Tinubu’s case, in verbatim, to put all doubts to rest. The Judge himself said
        in Tinubu’s case that there is indeed condition-precedent; meaning, that which
        must happen first and BEFORE any charges are filed at the Tribunal, so, what
        happened to Judge Danladi Umar’s memory in the instant Bukola Saraki’s case?
        Judge Umar is either incompetent or ignorant and is therefore liable to disqualification.

        • i.d noble


          “An act or event that must exist or occur before a duty to perform something arises.

          If the condition does not occur; and is not excused, the performance of the duty

          cannot be rendered.”


          [9TH EDITION]

    • udemeobong

      Stories alias torie o.

    • Paul Graham

      It ain’t happening!

    • Mr T

      Don’t be confused my brother. Read these two paragraph together for better understanding – “But in his ruling Thursday, the chairman of the tribunal, Danladi Umar, said there was no breach of law as the Code of Conduct Bureau and Tribunal Act, 1989, still allows the senate president raise his clarifications at the level of the tribunal.
      Mr. Danladi said by law, the CCB could receive complaints of breach of the Act and refer such complaints to the Tribunal, provided that it will allow the person involved to give a statement affirming or denying the said misconduct.”
      The chairman simply said Saraki could give his defence at the CCB or CCT. Which the new law allows.
      If Saraki is not guilty, let him defend himself and be free instead of looking for holes in the law of the land.

  • Olatubosun

    Saraki prepare your mind that you are going to Kuje prison………… You are criminal. If they give you chance you will sell all of us in this country

  • Olatubosun

    This is not pdp government, where some people are above the law, this is APC government equality before the law…… Saraki you can’t escape this you will surely vomit what you swallow

  • Olatubosun

    Saraki you will be sentenced life imprisonment…. You can’t escape from this. The wealth that belongs to everybody in the country you own it…… Tell me if you are rob by armed robbers , how are you going to do it? And later discovered where they are , will you ask police to detain them and judge them accordingly? Whereas you are the number one thief….. SARAKI OLE

  • Godwin

    @Nationalist is like you are blind to the truth on ground. The truth God we served cannot and will never see this guy Saraki through in Jesus Name. Peoples are just being blind-folded of the case 13-issues this man is facing. Please to make any remarks read content raised in any article before any remarks. We should stay away from any sentiments remarks but look at d main issue. U cannot compare Tinubu with Saraki case. We are using 1999 constitution now and not 1979. Saraki Lawyer is basing his argument on 1979 in which CCB used for Tinubu and which has been realized to be an error. And we can all see where the CCB Chairman is quoting from 1999. Saraki will surely go to jail.

  • FreeNigeria

    Saraki is going to jail on a one way ticket.

  • Paul Graham

    Senator Saraki should man up and answer the charges against him and save us further drama!

    • 9ja needs a new leader

      Did Tinubu man up enough to defend the allegation of stealing brought against him by the CCB—for which he was freed by the courts-that Efcc says is not capable of—-adminstering justice to the selective justice systm intoruced by Buhari into our polity———–

      • Paul Graham

        Yes Tinubu faced the charges against him and never ran from pillar to post. There was less drama!

  • K_Kenechukwu

    I wonder why this man will not just go to trial and prove his innocence like he said?! This drama drama getting out of hand and he is dragging the senate back with his baggage!!

  • 9ja deserves better dan Buhari

    Tinubu was discharged and acquitted of all the charges brought against him by CCB because–according to Justice Umar-Tinubu was not asked or called by CCB to defend the allegeds against him————Similarly Saraki was also not called by CCB to defend the accusations levelled against him by the CCB—————————time Umar is told to stop dancing to the tune of Buhari ati the CCB

  • 9ja deserves better dan Buhari

    Rotimi Jacobs, a senior advocate of Nigeria and the Federal Government prosecuting counsel in the 13 count charge of false assets declaration trial of Senate President Bukola Saraki on Thursday said the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) was misled to discharge former Governor of Lagos State Bola Ahmed Tinubu when he was arraigned before it in November, 2011.

    He was charged with operating foreign bank accounts, contrary to the constitution.

    The tribunal had then dismissed the case against former Lagos state governor based on arguments that the bureau did not establish a prima facie case and also engaged in abuse of process in filing the charges against him.

    Tinubu was accused of operating 10 foreign accounts during his tenure as governor between 1999 and 2007 in the charges filed against him by CCB at the tribunal.

    But the three-man panel of the Tribunal dismissed the case at the second appearance of the former governor at the court as it declared that “there is no significant basis to proceed against Tinubu as the charges were “defective and shoddy.”

    The tribunal also said that the prosecution abused the process of court by not seeking leave of the Tribunal to file two additional counts and that the filing of two sets of charges simultaneously constitutes an abuse of process.

    The Chairman of the tribunal, Danladi Umar who is also presiding over the ongoing case against the Senate President had also noted that the charges did not disclose a prima facie case against the accused person as there was no proof of evidence attached to the charge.

    He added that the charges against Tinubu did not show that the accounts were held by the accused persons. “some (of the foreign accounts) even bear female names…how can the accused be made to answer such charges?”

    Also, the Tribunal said in its judgment that contrary to the rules, the Bureau had not afforded Asiwaju Tinubu an opportunity to be confronted with the complaints against him and be allowed to admit or deny before the charges were filed against him.

    The Tribunal said opportunity to admit or deny was given to ten other Governors and public officers charged with violation of the code of conduct, but was not given to Asiwaju Tinubu.

    “The accused should have been invited to either admit or deny the charge. The complainant has no evidence to show that they invited the accused.” Justice Umar said.

    On Friday, Kanu Agabi, the lead prosecution counsel to the Senate President had made reference to the decision of the Tribunal in the Tinubu’s trial, asking that the former Kwara State Governor should also be allowed to go home.

    This, according to him was because Saraki was also not informed on the charges or asked to defend himself against the allegations before the CCB brought him before the Tribunal.

    “The result of the investigation by Bureau is expected to be presented to Your Lordship. Where is it?” Where is the reference? We don’t have it, you can strike it out and let them start afresh.

    “He has not been invited, he should be invited like Tinubu. He is the Senate President of this country. We have not been invited, it is not discriminatory.

    “My Lord, the reason you said you allow Tinubu to go home was that ten other governors was invited, but he was not invited, the defendant is a former governor,” Agabi said while asking the Chairman of the Tribunal to strike out the charges against the Senate President.

    But while countering the argument, Jacobs told the Tribunal that the CCB did not need to invite the defendants to make any clarification on the discrepancies in his assets because section 3, part one of third schedule of the 1999 Constitution has removed such conditions.

    • emmanuel

      We have no Judiciary in Nigeria, what we have is a department of the Executive arm of Government operating in the Courts.
      What Danladi and Jacobs did in Court today were fallacious and reprehensible!

      Saraki mus pay for his inconsistencies and lack of integrity, but the Courts must not turn personal estate determined by an owner. Laid down rules must guide the Judiciary; else be ignored and we revert to self help.

    • Babawale

      Thank you. I just understood all the legal jargons. So Rotimi Jacobs counter Agabi with newest constitution. So they can proceed with the trial.

      • Paul Graham

        As simple as abc. Only the dumb will not understand that the new law supersedes the old law!

  • +Truth -Lie

    I really don’t understand what concerns Tinubu in this matter. Saraki should face his case and deal with it. Lagos is 5hrs drive to Ilorin. Wetin concern Agbero with overload?

    • emmanuel

      Do you know what is called Jurisprudence in Law? You think like a typical Yorobber man who has no standard in anything; who bend an breaks Laws as long as it suit immediate gains.
      A Yorobber Commissioner in Lagos would get his Driver climb beautified median just to get out of Traffic. I saw that in Lagos State twice.
      That is exactly what you have just said here!

      • +Truth -Lie

        Haaaa! I am an unlearned Edoman. Fortunately for me, we are not here to study the science and theory of law. Forget the axe you have to grind with yorobbers. Follow the case and you will know that the man should answer for what he did or did not do in Kwara state. Beautiful legal mind, unfortunately you just displayed your total trader ignorance and bigotry.

        • emmanuel

          Your description of me qualifies me a true Nigeria – Learned, street wise and tribalistic!
          No axe to grind with Yorobbers, only trying to coroborate what tantrums Alake and Awujale have told the World about their tribe.
          Sorry, you acted like both of them by asking that Tinubu Issue be thrown away. Precedents in Law serve the Legal profession abundantly for future use, so trade your emotions with ignorance and lets have a break!

          • +Truth -Lie

            Precedents are solid resource in law ok, and that is it. Precedents are not relevant when laws have been amended or abrogated. The 1979 constitution and its provisions that was relied upon to try Tinubu is different from the provisions of 1999 constitution which now applies. Let Saraki go and answer to the koko of the matter and leave out legal gymnastics. The question is: did he make anticipatory declarations? Did he acquire properties in London which he did not declare? I believe you betrayed your emotions and bigotry by attacking a people that have little to do with Saraki in his criminal trials. Don’t forget that Saraki is a Yoroberman from Ilorin, even though he tries like his forebearers to hide it. Goodluck.

          • emmanuel

            you are inconsistent. my diatribe is not about Danladi alone, but also on Saraki and Tinubu.
            Recall i told you i am a tribalist and stand firmly on that, because Nigeria is built on extreme tribalism. If not, tell me why Herdsmen from Chad and Niger would Kill Nigerians in their own land and the President of the country will say nothing about it? Tribalism.
            Key Yorobber political players and their followers agreed they lied against Jonathan to get him out of office because he did not give them enough in his government – tribalism.
            so what qualifies me a bigot?
            Tell me what part of Edo state you are from and i will tell you how patriotic you are!

          • +Truth -Lie

            You are attempting sophistry and red herring and unfortunately, you are poor at it. Very poor at it. I doubt if you are learned. As an unlearned man, I should know those who are learned because of my ignorance.

          • emmanuel

            If a tribalist is unlearned, he is indeed most unqualified on issues of sophistry. Please let us into your World of erudite learning.

          • +Truth -Lie

            There are no issues with or in sophistry. It is an art, albeit a very negative one. But you are very poor at it and I didn’t say you are a sophist, but one mimicking.

          • emmanuel

            This space is not a judicial setting and i owe you no apologies, except that i have to be a bit civil; whilst letting other know my take on issues.
            At this point, i choose to remain on the issue at stake an ignore your attempt to make me answerable to a seeming non-entity!

          • +Truth -Lie

            Well, I thought you wanted to teach me jurisprudence?

          • emmanuel

            i did. You only came to the turf armed with emotional overload and attempted to make me subject to your warped and sentimental reasoning. Unfortunately, i am smarter than you and your Danladi who has bag load of moral issues to answer.
            I still maintain that Saraki must face his charges and Danladi should offload his baggage of professional misconducts, including the bribe he took in the past which the EFCC investigated.

          • Guest

            Likewise to you @ emmanuel

          • emmanuel

            speak English jare. Computer no get Fulani version of English yet.

          • Guest

            +Truth -Lie
            This is why i read comments here, ….thoughtful, insightful contributors from you fellas.

          • simple!



          • +Truth -Lie

            The judge and jurists have spoken. We are free to have our opinions.

          • Burbank


            That’s why Danladi Umar allowed the trial to continue, under the 1999 constitutions, against Saraki!

  • Concerned Citizen


    Justice Danladi Umar must go. There’s a real likelihood of bias in the Tribunal he heads.
    A Judge who applies a different standard to similar facts is prejudiced or malicious in law.
    There is no way Bukola Saraki can expect to get any justice before Justice Danladi Umar.

    Justice Umar applied the law to BOLA TINUBU but refuses to apply same law to Saraki.
    Whereas, both Saraki and Tinubu were not told the particulars of charges to firstly clarify.
    The law says nobody must be referred to the Tribunal without prior notice of the charges.

    • Burbank

      Have you informed Saraki’s 80 lawyers and 60 senators about this?

  • Ikechukwu_67

    Saraki would appeal again all the way to the supreme court. He still believes he has enough clout within the judiciary to thwart this case. With the way our judiciary works when the rich and powerful are involved, I am reluctant to doubt him.kobo-kobo judiciary

  • what next?

    • bomboy


      The whole proceeding before JUSTICE UMAR DANLADI has today become null and void.

      The sloppiness of Justice Danladi Umar in not reasoning the law has vitiated this whole trial.

      • Burbank

        So no worry for Saraki then,

  • ‘chuka’

    Please, if Justice Danladi Umar has injured the law or maybe killed the law,

    how many years imprisonment can he get for this sort of terrible behaviour?

    • Burbank

      Depends on whether Danladi has 80 lawyers!

  • Esquire2000


    NIGERIANS MUST STAND FOR SOMETHING for once in their history. Nigerians are blown by events like non-thinking animals, for the most part. The guilt of Bukola Saraki is not at issue at this stage. No, that’s not the issue for now.
    What’s at issue is the impression of corrupt mangling of the laws of Nigeria by the Code of Conduct Tribunal.
    Nigerians must not allow any Judge to do as he pleases. That will be giving a blank cheque for corruption.

    When a law says a particular thing must be done, a sitting Judge must see to it and not excuse its doing.
    Bukola Saraki was right to invoke the precedent set in the case of Bola Tinubu on exactly similar facts.
    No reason exists in good conscience why Judge Danladi Umar failed or refused to apply same law.
    A preliminary objection before him shouldn’t have been denied pending putting Saraki in a dock.
    That’s not the law. A motion in limine on jurisdictional incompetence does not wait for an event.
    Judge Danladi Umar is totally wrong on point of law and he gave a bad impression of his court.

    • +Truth -Lie

      I really don’t understand all this crying about Danladi as if he is the final arbiter. Saraki will have opportunity for remedy in case of miscarriage of justice. He has up to supreme court to defend himself. Let him go and answer for his deeds and misdeeds if any. All criers should reserve their cries for now.

      • emmanuel

        There are two suspect in the issue on ground, Saraki first and Danladi. You cannot gloss over Danlani seeming corrupt act; which became manifest in his Judicial pronouncement today.
        The best way to build tomorrow is to clean up the stable.
        The EFCC and ICC must print all Danladi’s bank account as far back as 2002 to ascertain if he is culpable. There is a big rat in the house.
        Saraki must face justice and squarely!

        • +Truth -Lie

          You see, as at today, Danladi whether he is corrupt or not is the Judge and Saraki is the accused. Let their roles play out. If Danladi is corrupt, our prayer is that one day he will be exposed and jailed for the good of Nigeria. To exonerate Saraki on the pretext that Danladi is corrupt is the height of folly and ignorance combined. Should these your accusations have foundations, you will be doing yourself and Nigeria a good favour by detailing them and sending them to the appropriate body. Otherwise, stop bandying around falsehood.

  • Battle AXE

    The curse of his father who he betrayed and ridicule will take vengeance on him because of his uncontrolled desire for power.

    • Burbank


  • Aluta2000

    Therefore, arrest Bola Ahmed Tinubu now!…….

    ”This tribunal has since realized that the decision it made on the case
    between FRN vs Tinubu was in error and has clearly departed from it.
    It is not out of place for the prosecution to charge the defendant now.
    The application to quash the charge is hereby refused. The Tribunal
    hereby reinforce its jurisdiction in line with the constitution and section
    3(d) of the CCB &Tribunal Act. Accordingly, the prosecution is hereby
    ordered to produce its witnesses for the trial of the defendant to
    commence immediately.”

    …………..Judge Danladi Umar

    (Chairman Code of Conduct Tribunal)

    [March 24th, 2016]

    • City Law


      Wait, wait, wait. We are getting somewhere. The Judge has confessed that he was in total error of reasoning
      in the case of BOLA TINUBU decided earlier. That is one step forward. The next step now is to look into his
      current decision which, of course, is wrong again, making two errors! Come with me, please!

      “Relying on the decided case-law in FRN vs Atiku
      Abubakar, 2007, 8-NWLR, the tribunal said it was vested with the powers to
      handle allegations bordering on breach of code of conduct by public officers
      ” Vanguard newspaper reports Justice Umar as holding. But that’s a no-brainer reliance!

      What FRN v. Atiku decided is not what is at issue here. Not at all. Citing that case irrelevantly,
      Justice Umar engaged in spurious appeal to authority to look less bad. What is at issue here
      is whether Judge Danladi Umar has the right as a Judge to nullify or override the 1999 Constitution.

      The 1999 Constitution incorporates the Code of Tribunal Act which makes it MANDATORY
      that anybody to be charged to the Tribunal must be prior notified of the frauds or errors in
      his filled Assets Form and given the opportunity to make clarifications or to admit the frauds.
      That is the law and the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria Judge Umar has violated with insouciance.
      The case of FRN vs Atiku that Judge Umar cited did not excuse non-compliance with that law.

      • Burbank

        Qucik, tell that to Saraki’s 80 lawyers and 60 senators!

    • Asuquo Etinan-Uduak



      • Burbank

        The ACJA 2015 allows a lower court to continue a trial while an appeal is ongoing in a superior court.

    • Burbank

      Ever heard of “double jeorpardy?”

  • ijelejames

    Saraki, the prodigal ole!

    • T. Benson


      • Sir Demo

        What is a court for?

      • Sparzo

        No need to shout, but you are going to , anyway.
        Can you shout louder than 80 Nigerian SANs?

        I think you can.

        • Raymondian


      • Paul Graham

        You are living in the past. It is condition precedent in the 1979 constitution. However 1999 as amended has abolished such condition so the new law supersedes the old. Sorry for your loss!

        • Issei

          Lion of Bourdillon was lucky to have escape the 2011 criminal charges filed against him.but since justice Danladi said that criminal charges are not time baund,I hope PMB will authorize the opening of case.aginst The lion of Bourdillon

          • Paul Graham

            The Lion as you refer to Tinubu cannot be charged again for the same offence because the Code of Conduct bureau failed to appeal the judgement. When not satisfied with a ruling, you have a right of appeal which has a time frame. Failure to file the appeal within the timeframe is fatal to a case. I am no lawyer but that is my personal opinion. However, i am open to superior opinion possibly from a legal practitioner!

      • Burbank

        Saraki should have employed you as his defence counsel, instead of 80 SANs and lawyers!
        Now sleep in your creche.

  • Paul Graham

    80 lawyers made up of SANs and others roundly beaten by one Rotimi Jacob. Well it is not the quantity that matters, it’s the quality!

  • Sir Demo

    The last bargaining or rather blackmailing chip is gone. The budget has been passed her rudely as the Narch 31 deadline loomed. Let the Rumble to Prisons begin. Saraki, Metuh or Badeh, who is going to open the prison gate

    • Burbank

      “who is going to open the prison gate.”
      Danladi Umar will, and after Saraki’s entrance, Umar will throw away the key into the lagoon.

      • emmanuel

        Danladi is also a jail bird. I have seen HR heads serve several staff with retrenchment and termination Letters, thereafter the MD called him to hand his own to him.

        • Burbank

          As long as the corrupts are jailed, so be it.

  • Contact Point

    Why is this man running round the “pepper tree”? He is a lawmaker and should please subject himself to that same law he has made for Nigerians. Otherwise, I would request that let him be sent to prison without trial having shown that he is guilty both indeed and character.

  • Burbank

    Bravo to Danladi Umar and Barrister Atedze William Agwaza of the CCT.
    Don’t forget to ask the CCB to forward that farmer (or is he a judge) Abdul Kafarati’s N2bn income and asset declaration to the CCT.
    To Saraki, now that the CCT has denied your appeal, asked your lawyer Kanu Agabi to appeal to FIFA to stop the CCT!

  • Action Group

    Gbam ! Loba tan !! It has finished now,let the hearing begin so that more lawyers can come in to defend him and senators can go on recess to support their leader in court. Yeye de smell !!!