PDP Leadership: Obasanjo replies Okupe, says former aide a ‘hypocrite’

Olusegun Obasanjo

Photo: Atom Lim
Olusegun Obasanjo Photo: Atom Lim

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo on Wednesday described a former Senior Special Assistant to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan on Public Affairs, Doyin Okupe, as ​a ​hypocrite for describing him (Obasanjo) as the leader of the opposition PDP in the South West.

Mr. Obasanjo said he left partisan politics for good.

Mr. Obasanjo was reacting to Mr. Okupe’s comments that he (Obasanjo) remained the “undisputed and authentic” leader of the PDP in the Southwest region of Nigeria.

Mr. Okupe, ​a former aide to Mr. Obasanjo, ​who made the disclosure on his Facebook account last Friday, also blasted Buruji Kashamu, a senator, who lays claim to being the leader of the PDP in the South West.

The former presidential aide said it was wrong to describe Mr. Kashamu leader of the party merely because he runs a local non-governmental organisation in Ogun State.

“Senator Buruji Kashamu is not the leader of the PDP in the South West. He is not even the leader of the party in Ogun State. He leads an NGO called Omo Ilu which engages in empowerment programmes in the state, mainly in the Ogun East Senatorial district.

“Baba Obasanjo still remains the undisputed and authentic leader of the PDP in the South-West. The fact that he tore his membership card is not tantamount to resignation from the party. An action he has not undertaken to date.

“Tearing of the membership card though a very negative action is undoubtedly a knee-jerk reaction to certain unacceptable or intolerable happenings within the party which can and will be redressed,” Mr. Okupe said.

However, Mr. Obasanjo, who spoke to PREMIUM TIMES exclusively on Tuesday over the telephone said Mr. Okupe “does not know what he was saying”.

The former president said he did not apply to join the PDP in 1998, rather, what was given to him was a registration card and his decision to tear the card meant he wa​s no longer a member of the party.

He also said there wa​s no way he could be referred to as a leader of the party in the South West even if he w​as​ still a member.

“I was a national leader of the party for eight years, so, how would I now reduce myself to becoming its leader in the South West,” he said.

Mr. Obasanjo also said Mr. Okupe should be ignored because he was one of those who campaign​ed for his his expulsion from the party.


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  • fxt2000


    General Obasanjo is Nigeria’s immoral affliction

    Olusegun Obasanjo can’t say good morning truthfully. He exemplifies the utter dishonesty in speech and deed
    that’s now percolated all of the Nigerian society and turned Nigeria into a country of innate liars and thieves.
    When asked last year if he tore his PDP membership card, Obasanjo lied through his teeth. He seriously said
    he did not tear his membership card but rather gave it to the PDP ward Chairman to keep it or do whatever
    he wished with it. At the time he told that lie, Obasanjo was unsure if APC was going to succeed. A year on,
    and now seeing the APC in power, Obasanjo feels able to tell the truth that indeed he tore his PDP card.

    • Höly Wähala

      He indeed did not personally tear up his membership card but, he instructed an aide or Party faithful next to him to tear the card… it was captured on cameras so, he did not tear but gave tacit approval for the destruction of that card. He is an ugly lying gorilla no one should take seriously, he is indeed a two-faced old liar and opportunists…
      A thug!

      • Julius

        You wish you were him. Tell the truth, shame the devil..lmaooooo !

      • Wale

        The same “ugly lying gorilla” brought another “ugly lying, thieving gorilla” to lime light.
        Does Iwealla sounds familiar to wahala?
        Segun were lolorun da e.

        • Höly Wähala

          You’re a dirty son of a street hooker, and a damn liar too…
          Dr. NOI made her name working for the World Bank in South America before someone advised your Ota Gorilla to beg her to come and work for Nigeria as he was not able to get debt relief from The Paris Club… Chump, she ran that Govt. while the gorilla massacred the bananas in our tresury, just as she ran Dumbo’s Govt. while the Otuoke chimp drank ogogoro on duty. Stupiid creep you are… What is 16+6? Your olodo roadside calamity Kemi said it is 24… is she right or wrong? So much for useless Egba education, good at fraud and nothing else. Dirty bastards!

          • Julius

            Bro, you keep repeating this 6+6 as f its the Bible. Have you ever made mistakes, misspoke in your life ? Would you like to be defined by that mistake for the rest of your life and judge you by that ?. Let it go bro. She knew danm well what 6+6 is.

    • Kallah Bature

      True.OBJ made other African countries to distrust Nigeria when he betrayed Charles Taylor after reassuring him of his honest mediating role.

  • Rommel

    Baba is always on point,he says his mind without fear

    • Julius

      Yes, why he makes some folks pee in their pants when he speaks. lolz. Drives them crazy !

  • Arise O Compatriot!

    Doyin Okupe is now trying to be nice after he supported OBJ’s third term bid, GEJ’s corruption with impunity govt. He’s known to support everything lawless like FFK once he’s benefiting from it. Terrible!

  • Dazmillion

    I knew bastard Okupe’s comments will come back to bite him real hard. The man has a knack for pushing himself into a ditch without effort.

    • Julius

      hahahahha, good one. You nailed it. The bastard is looking for a favour because EFCC is on his ass. Obj just said no dice hose !!

  • True Nigerian

    Okupe the shameless! If Okupe is pressed further, he would also tell you without delay that the loss of Jonathan’s 2nd term bid is really a good riddance to bad rubbish. He will even claim that he “secretly” campaigned for Buhari. That is the man that Okupe is – a dangerous and destructive sycophant whose political careers should destroyed beyond redemption.

    People don’t understand it – that there would be no Dasukis, no Jonathans and no failed Obasanjos of this world if there were no Okupes who block the ears and eyes of their bosses from seeing or hearing the truth.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Okupe is useless. Obasanjo is hopeless. I don’t care what either of them has to say.

    • Julius

      lolz. Like Obj even knows you exists.

      • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

        Why is your English this poor? I am sorry for you.

        • Julius

          To annoyed you to no end !. Keep changing names and I’ll keep sending you the same shit. Oloshi

        • soyo

          Hahahahahahahaha…..This Omooba na Clown! Grammar no be the guy language na and Grammar no be money (apology to Sir Shina Peters), so why u dey sorry for am na? He just told you his mind that Obasanjo does not even know that you exist. That’s what he was conveying in his message, just pardon the grammatical explosion.

          • Julius

            lolz. Thats nyemiri for you o. Him name no be omo oba. The tout is a biafraudian. Let him keep yapping about grammar. Follow him and watch his grammar. Ibos are always in the habit of putting people down even when they are lower than who they are trying to belittle . Its in their DNA and thats the main reasons they will always be second to the Yorubas. Its jealousy, pure and simple.

          • Nwa_Africa

            You are a little child na……………………….

          • Julius

            Really ?

    • Tunsj

      Omo Ale.

    • Wale

      Then Buzz off.

    • TrueNja

      You must be a trash calling baba OBJ hopeless.

      • Julius

        what do you expect from an uncultured looser like him ? He is Ibo after all.

  • absam777

    I am glad that OBJ has replied to ‘ bastard ‘ Okupe’s statement. Okupe, like Saraki are two individual of the same kind; relatively good background, education (both of them are medical doctors that never practised) and blessed with opportunity to transform people’s life but they became selfish,greedy and egocentric . Their politics stinks to heaven.

    • Onike24

      Hmm, I don’t know about relatively good background, Agbonmagbe and Societe went the same way and caused many people grief!

  • Lanre

    Why is this news? Obasanjo needs information. The moles are at work. Intelligence gathering at its best. Trust at your own peril.

  • The “Navigator” of apc has spoken. Case closed. It’s a great relief. PDP all the way to 2019. All the fraudsters called apc are on notice.

    • John

      PDP has died nonredeemable death. Professional looters will never be allowed to come back by Nigerians that set them packing. Keep dreaming!

    • Tunsj

      Really? You got to be kidding. You can never be intellectually honest as a member of PDP.

    • Victor Aikhionbare

      Lol! Ogogoro is working

  • Kickboxer

    Hahahaa…..Yariba hypocites …….here we are with the grandfather of hypocrisy calling another hypocrite a HYPOCRITE……now we are making prog

    • Deolu

      It is not a surprise that you are quick to abuse Yoruba nation since you lack “Home Training” as manifesting in how you always wake your father from sleep by kicking him like football. Bastard!

      • Kickboxer

        Mumu Yariba…….you are an embarrassment for defending a CRIMINAL LIKE OTA BABOON Obasanjo……my father can account for sources of his properties and assets……..unfortunately the INTERNATIONAL LOOTER Obasanjo who you are defending can’t be compared with my father……NEVER…….Go yee the son of two mumus to embrace criminals because, like them, you have no mental capacity to survive without STEALING poor peoples’ development funds…..oloshi!

    • Olusegun

      This same Yariba made it possible for your GEJ, and indeed a south south to be president of Nigeria. Your hatred will drive you insane and Yariba will always triumph an be ahead of you simpletons. Obasanjo is greater that you entire tribe.

      • Kickboxer


        YES…..only a MUMU YARIBA INDIVIDUUM would take a good look at antecedents of OTA BABOON FULANI-HOUSE-SLAVE Obasanjo ad begin to compare him with any INTELLIGENT person….talkless of any tribe…..Obasanjo is an INTERNATIONAL LOOTER who can’t account for what he has…….UNCOMPROMISED AFRICANS do not take pride in honoring LOOTERS……only prostrating YARIBA would….

    • Julius

      You should be bowing down whenever you see and read that name Obj. He saved your drunk ass father from Ojukwu. Dont you ever forget that.

      • Kickboxer

        Yariba can’t produce an Ojukwu because thy are habitual cowards………..

        ……the best Yariba can make do with are Ota Baboon FULANI HOUSE SLAVE “general” Obasanjo, Crybaby-to-subordinate “general” Diya, runaway “general” Ogundipe or “general” COWARD Ransome Kuti……these are no coincidences…..

        • Toni

          You forgot to add Benjamin Black Scorpion Adekunle, Adekunle Fajuyi , Akinrinade and of course Ebora Owu OBJ just to mention but few or you deliberately ignore them because they whipped your ass then. Ogundipe you guys like to quote was very sick at the time of the upheaval in the country then, he died 6 months later of cancer at London hospital. On Ransome Kuti go and read the army report about the equipment that were given to them to fight the boko haram that were not only inoperable but unservicable. But Diya I don’t have any answer or explanation for his actions I would have chosen death rather than being humiliated by a junior officer.

          • Kickboxer

            HONOR TO FAJUYI…..Sometimes I feel like Ekiti people should migrate to SE/SS and we dash Itsekiri to SW in exchange.

            “You guys” should stop discussing Adekunle and Akinrinade………the test of a brave soldier is not determined when opponents had no weapons and at least TWO WORLD POWERS (UK & USSR) TOOK ACTIVE COMBAT ROLES…….I do not consider these people like Obj, Buhari, Babangida etc. as “generals” i the real sense of the word. That is why they LOOTED & Mismanaged Nigeria. TOMPOLO has seen real battle more than the so-called “generals.”

          • Arogbo

            You’re a dumb ass!

          • Julius

            Thats Ibo man for you !

          • Julius

            Thats Ibos for you. Loud mouth, empty boasters ! Ojukwu got them killed . ran away and when he came back what did he do?. He got busy getting his father properties back while he ignored his so called biafra veterans who are homeless with mental illness . Na so dem be oo.

        • Julius

          You are correct, Yoruba will never produce a General that will send their people on a suicide mission, got killed in millions and run away when the heat got closer . You should be ashamed of your gullible, loud mouth tribe.

  • Arogbo

    Doyin Okupe is a nonentity for betraying Olusegun Obasanjo who gave him political relevance. I guess he has obtain all he could under the clueless administration of Goodluck Jonathan. Where was Doyin Okupe when Jonathan and his gang of thieves including Doyin Okupe were looting our treasury like the money they were looting was about to go out of fashion? Yeye ole, barawo, omo akotileta, a hypocrite indeed!

    • The facts

      Obasanjo didn’t give Okupe political relevance because Okupe was a national politician during the aborted third republic. He was even NRC’s national publicity Secretary before Obasanjo became president.

  • UOU

    Wonders shall never and these comedians will not cease amusing us or would I say themselves. That is what blackman is cursed with, africans and nigeria heavily burdened by these misfits. So evil man obasanjo is calling some other person(okupe) a hypocrite, Jesus, and obasanjo is now what? perharps because he does not know the mean or understand the implications of using such words or better still, he has finally decided to take hypocrisy along with mischief to another level, ape obasanjo go and rest

    • John

      Take it or not, Obasanjo is bigger than PDP South West Leadership. Hatred cannot even change that.

      • UOU

        How can obasanjo be bigger than pdp sw when he said he is not in pdp, anymore, or are you blind, deaf and dumb or all? what is wrong with you people’s thinking, only this irreedemable bad conditioon apc? ok, give him award for claiming he is bigger than pdp, just like george bush will claim he is bigger than republican, sorry, obasanjo and his many thieves, have successfully, turned you people into vegetables amd unrepentant mumus

        • ikomi1984


          Only a crooked and self-destructive populace will look the way of Olusegun Obasanjo.

          Obasanjo has lived nearly 80 years on earth but has never been described as ‘HONEST’.

          That’s enough for decent people to keep him at arm’s length, but Nigerians are liars and thieves.

          • Extraview



          • Monkey go go market

            How about Premium Times?
            Are they not Mujahedeen organization too, for making the wearing
            of Hijab compulsory in their news-room? Why are you selecting only Obasanjo for
            his own faults? Expose everybody. I belong to the generation of IYALAYA
            ANYBODY. Hope you get? We see no heroes in the land. Just criminals and
            decorated monkeys calling themselves somebody. Very soon, my own generation
            will pull down the pants of these useless animals. It will be in public O.
            We want the whole world to see the craw-craw on their black yansh.
            Thieves calling themselves statesmen. Iyalaya anybody!

          • Extraview

            @monkey go go market,



          • Julius

            Why are you reading PT ? Next, you will be complaining about SR. Funny guy you are !

          • Gabriel T

            So true.

          • Julius

            He was honest enough for all your fathers to surrendered to him !. You trusted him then more that you trusted an Hausa officer. An hausa officer would have kill you all but, you knew better. If Iim your position, I would be praising that man till no end. Ingrates !

  • wazobia scatter!!!!!!

    okupe wants obj to put in a “good word” to buhari on his behalf …………….. ass kissing heap of fat ………………………..incredile that same okupe that goaded obj to tear his membership card is now saying this ……………..

  • Sir Louis

    Former President Obasanjo is a senior citizen and a Statesman. He cannot in all seriousness be labelled as Leader of PDP in the South West having carried out a public act which suggested a parting of ways between him and the PDP. Okupe’s declaration about Obasanjo, despite the fact that he had publicly declared that he was no longer a member of PDP, was childish, ridiculous and self- serving.

    • Julius

      Agreed !. Okupe is looking for a favour from Obj which he will not get.

  • utolason

    Okupe has lot relevance in PDP and has become desperate. He now realises that he was used and would have been discarded had the PDP won the 2015 presidential election.

  • IZON Redeemer

    Akupe is behaving like a typical Yoruba man-with no sense of direction——–Who is Obj—? It was not Obj who installed Jonathan as VP to late Yara Adua——–Again would a Yoruba leader from the South West, have hired an Ijaw man in the mould Okupe–if given the chance-to do by the gods? The answer is NO———–AKUPE is like the head of the hypocrites, Obj described –Akupe his Yoruba brother as the biggest hypocrite in Yoruba land- Same as their Fulani brothers that Akupe seems to be working for–The PDP will do well to avoid–Akupe——–sack him now–cause he is nothing but a traitor–like Obj————–

    • Julius

      You really need to stop drinking ogogoro. It has got into your brains.

  • Arabakpura

    Unless they make Obasanjo who was was national leader of PDP for 8 years their world leader and deliver a card to his bedroom with all kneeling, he would have nothing to do with PDP!

  • ayobamiba

    Jonathan made the greatest mistake of his political life when he handed over his image management and media team to yorubas who are landmark chameleons, Judas kiss specialists,betrayals,cunning crafty cross carpaters and highly treacherous mischievous bands who can be PDP in the day and APC in the dark, fact Jonathan betrayed himself, PDP and Nigeria by that thoughtless acts.