Rivers election: 4 deaths confirmed as Army explains arrest of SSG

rivers elections_arrest of fake soldiers

The Nigeria Police have confirmed that four people were killed during the re-run elections in Rivers State on Saturday.

The Assistant Inspector General of Police, Zone Six, Calabar, Adisa Bolanta, said four deaths were recorded while 22 persons were arrested during the elections.

Mr. Bolanta disclosed this on Sunday at a joint security news conference in Port Harcourt.

He said the suspects were being interrogated on allegations of criminal or electoral offences.

He said deployments made by the police assisted in reducing election-related offences.

Also, the Commander of 2 Brigade, Nigerian Army, Port Harcourt, Stephenson Olabanji, confirmed the arrest of the Secretary to the Rivers State Government.

Also confirmed to have been arrested is a Special Assistant to the governor.

Mr. Olabanji, a Brigadier General, said both men were arrested in Gokana and Khana Local Government Area on Saturday for allegedly committing electoral offences.

“Many people were arrested yesterday for disrupting the electoral process and the law is not meant for just the lower cadre alone.

“No matter who you are, if you go against the law, you will definitely face the music.

“So, there is nothing like being Secretary to the State Government; many people were arrested as you have been told; a lot of people were arrested,” he said.

Mr. Olabanji denied claims by the state government that some commissioners and other top officials were manhandled by the Army during the re-run elections.

At a separate event, Governor Nyesom Wike said the Peoples Democratic Party, would win Saturday’s re-run legislative elections in the state because it prepared for it.

Mr. Wike told journalists in Port Harcourt that when the elections of the legislators were annulled in December, the party commenced preparations for re-run.

He said that the party began campaigns and started working hard to win the elections because it was on ground.

The governor confirmed that the Secretary to the State Government, Kenneth Kobani, and a Special Assistant, Cyril Wite, were arrested by the Army.

Mr. Wike said the government officials wanted to ensure that election materials were moved to polling units when they were arrested. He said it would be difficult to rig elections in the state because the people would resist the attempt.

According to him, when somebody is not popular and attempts to rig the election, the people will say no to such move.

He alleged that some people were creating problems to make the Federal Government declare a state of emergency in the state.

Mr. Wike said that such ploy would not work, because the PDP was more popular in the state.

He urged the media not to be emotional or sentimental while reporting events in the state, because such stories create wrong impression.



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  • Papa Oghworiodo [Warri]


    Please help me thank Nigeria Army for taking my advice. We have sensible army.

    When things like this happen, you don’t rush to count ballot papers, you must cool down.
    You first of all start by counting dead bodies. Then, you must carry the dead bodies away.
    That is the first thing to do. You cannot be counting ballots and dead bodies at the same time.

    This is where you are getting it wrong. One thing at a time and make sure each thing is done well.

    There can be election disputes later if you make a mistake on counting the dead bodies properly.
    The political parties can say INEC that cannot count dead bodies accurately cannot count ballots.
    So both must be counted well if you want to avoid another ground of election petition in Rivers state.



      • Buhari4Ever

        Deri Orbuka, why are you insulting yourself?

    • Burbank

      Elections results depend not on the number of votes, but on who bribed the Supreme Court judges.

      • desmond

        Thank you

  • Nigeria4u

    Buhari will kill Nigeria, ordinary election his administration can not organize

    • 9ja needs a new leader

      Buhari has already killed Nigeria—Some of u can now understand why IBB sacked his visonless government—We warned Nigerians but the Yorubas said they wanted Buhari at all cost in spite of the fact that Buhari was there with Abacha when Abiola was arrested by him–He was there when–Kudirat was assassinated- by abacha-again–Jonathan gave Nigeria free and fair elections–but when it got to the turn of–the Yorubas ati-Fulani Buhari—case changed–It was blood, sorrows and tears—————————separation is the answer instead of the rule by the fulanis ati Yoruba traitors—–The Supreme Court verdict said no soldier be allowed to supervise elections in Nigeria-That was the decison of the SC when APC took Jonathan to court—B4 THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS-Now nko?

      • Gaskiya

        There are two types of Nigerians in the world. Those who are honest and can say the truth no matter what and those Nigerians who are always spreading lies and false information just cause confusion and chaos.

      • Nazerine

        “The Supreme Court verdict said no soldier be allowed to supervise elections in Nigeria-That was the decison of the SC when APC took Jonathan to court”
        That’s why I wonder why Rotimi Amaechi came to Police Station with hundreds of soldiers and why the army was arresting people at the election areas.

        • Arabakpura

          You want them to leave Nigeria? Supreme Court said they should not be seen around polling stations but can stay in the peripheral; that’s what they have done because they must maintain the peace! Police station is not a polling station!

        • desmond

          Were the soldiers part of the monitoring team during jonadaft election? Were you in support or against of the use of soldiers during jonadaft election? But why are you against it now? Criminals like you are not suppose to live with humans but bush,. Your thinking faculty is compare with a Neanderthal man.

          • abodes_124

            it was wrong then. do you think it is wrong now?

      • desmond


      • Buhari4Ever

        Deri Orbuka, the army should have killed both the SSG and the Special Adviser to Wike. You always talk f00lishly. Was it not PDP the army that rigged Wike to power?

        • abodes_124

          We must be grateful they did not kill them. many have been killed so far for less under the new rules of engagement of this government

    • Gaskiya

      Everybody knows that what you are saying is a thrash and devilish lies against Buhari. And most people know that Jonathan government’s conduct of election was the most violent and deadly in the history of Nigeria and you can not rewrite history. So will it be OK if you just keep your mouth shut and stop spreading malice.

      • Nazerine

        Are you really “gaskiya”?

      • desmond

        You have spoken my mind. But the truth is bitter for him to accept.

      • Right Minded

        Did u say GEJ’s govt conducted the most violent election ever? You must be very sick indeed! Just eight months into Bokohari’s govt, all elections conducted were either marred with violence or tagged inconclusive. moron!

    • Burbank

      PDP killed Nigeria for 16 years.

      • desmond


      • abodes_124

        The Messiah was elected to resurrect Nigeria but it has now gone beyond the stage of rigor mortis.

        • Burbank

          So you agreed that the PDP had caused the rigor mortis.

          • abodes_124

            No assuming PDP killed Nigeria, the Messiah and APC were elected to resurrect Nigeria. While they have been going at their slow and steady pace rigor mortis has taken place and if they continue to dilly dally the corpse will rot irretrievably.

          • Burbank

            Nigeria had rot for 16 years under PDP.

          • abodes_124

            We were pursuing the interesting metaphor of death and resurrection but you appear to have run out of stem and gone to trot out the hackneyed phrase of 16 years of PDP rot.

          • Burbank

            That “hackneyed phrase” had rot your life for 16 years.

    • Buhari4Ever

      You must be a f00l of you don’t know that Nigeria died long ago before the advent of Buhari’s administration

      • Right Minded

        And if Nigeria died long agao, why did your illiterate god bokohari decided to be President instead of leading his own people?

      • abodes_124

        how far back do we go ? Perhaps Nigeria was still born on 1st October 1960.

  • 9ja needs a new leader

    REC instructs Electoral Officer not to accept Phalga ward 10 results.

    According to the Resident Electoral Commissioner for Rivers state (REC), “I have asked the EO for Port-Harcourt local government area not to accept the results from ward 10. Not with what happened at the mile one police station.

    “The official that was in police custody is a staff of INEC and not an agent of any political party. Therefore it is the sole responsibility of INEC to follow up on her release and not a political party.

    “How can members of a political party whisk my staff away to an unknown destination, then she resurfaces with result sheets and you expect me to accept it ?

    No, I won’t accept such results “

    • Buhari4Ever

      Deri Orbuka, that was exactly what Wike did and we saw how the resident INEC commissioner and the returning officer made f00la of themselves before the entire world

  • IZON Redeemer

    “I am ashamed of what the APC and Amaechi is doing in Rivers state.” – Prof. Tam David-West….

    • Nazerine


      • Burbank


    • Arabakpura

      Have you changed your name to Tam David West?

    • Buhari4Ever

      Deri Orbuka, you have always been a worthless goat

      • Right Minded

        And whar are you? a moronic minded vagabonic foolani bastard!

      • Julius

        lol@worthless goat !. Good one.

  • Godwin

    Nobody should bother abt d comments of some S/E and IPOB guys in this forum. They could be referred to as WAILING WAILERS of this government. They can never see any good thing in PMB and as nobody should take them seriously. This is how they will be wailing maybe till when d economy is back as Obasanjo said in him comments.

  • Godwin

    If River State governor knows that PDP is controlling d state and love d government then d question he should answer is why is d state turning to lawlessness and why is d SSG and others arrested for elections malpractices?

  • desmond

    “Many people were arrested yesterday for disrupting the electoral process and the law is not meant for just the lower cadre alone.
    “No matter who you are, if you go against the law, you will definitely face the music.
    “So, there is nothing like being Secretary to the State Government; many people were arrested as you have been told; a lot of people were arrested,” he said.
    Mr. Olabanji denied claims by the state government that some commissioners and other top officials were manhandled by the Army during the re-run elections”.
    Thank God impunity is over! Is it not a shame , Wike, for a commissioner for that matter to be caught in such act? Some times it zhocks me when i hear somebody defending criminal like Wike. Anyway, they say show me your friend and i will show you who you are.

  • Nwo Odoli

    Why Dakuku and Amaechi were not arrested. Videos show them moving around with tugs diturbing the peace and the voters.

    • Maria

      Post the video, please.

      • Marthina

        Tell him to also post the video showing how Mohammed Buhari failed Math with worst grade possible and his dismal performance in the overall exams. I am sure Prof Goodluck Jonathan will appear in the video because he has been accused of being responsible for Buhari’s dismal performance in the exams.

        • Julius

          You can also post the video of Buhari graduating at the U S Officers war college and came out as the best foreign officer in his graduating class. Also post the video of him fighting in Biafra as one of the Nigerian gallant army officer. Oya.

          • Otile

            I know you will defend your god Buhari to his grave. There was no examination after the much fabled elite military seminar Buhari attended in the United States. Nobody passed or failed at the end of the seminar; all that was required was attendance.

            It is ridiculous when praise singers start exaggerating that the seminar was equivalent to a Masters degree. In the good US of A you cannot get a Masters degree or its equivalent without possessing a Bachelors degree. Our Imam Buhari is no erudite scholar by any stretch of imagination.

          • Julius

            You are not only an uninformed tout but, a lazy liar as well. The United States War college do not do seminar at carlisle , Pa. Collin Powell was a graduate of the same college and so were many other United States Generals. You telling me that Gen. Collin powell only did seminar at the college? Otile, you really need to educate yourself. Your hateful ignorant behavior is appalling. Give credit to where credit belong . Its the traits in Ibos that you look down on others. Its really shameful. You dont have to like the man but give him his due. By the way, how long was the seminar ?. His classmates, other United States Generals has a party for him when he visited the States. Oh. my bad, his seminar mate. Smdh !

    • Julius

      Proof please !

  • Domingos

    “No matter who you are, if you go against the law, you will definitely face the music.” — Brigadier Bolanta. Really???….
    1. Did you arrest Imam Olodo after he consistently broke the law and the constitution by contesting presidential elections consistently for 15 yrs without presenting his miserable non existent school certificate?
    2. Do you arrest Fulani herdsmen from Buhari’s Northern Nigeria after they kill and massacre villagers? Is there a single Fulani herdsman in police or Nigerian Army’s custody?

    Dear Brigadier, stop displaying your arrant mumudity.

    • Emmanuel Maluba

      YOU have so much information! You can approach the court to get your Imam out of his seat. Lamenting here will not in any way help you. For how long can you do this when the courts can help you remove him?

      • Right Minded

        He doesnt need to approach the court, this is the best place he can make his voice be heard. If you are not comfortable with it, go jump into a Crocodile infested swamp!

        • Emmanuel Maluba

          Congratulations! The kind of words you use best describe your heritage! I need not ask further. Enjoy!

  • FEMI


  • Dodon Doya

    When will Nigerians learn their lessons? Why should we continue killing one another because of election? If we continue to kill ourselves during elections the time will come when everybody is dead and then who will vote or be voted? #STOPELECTIONVIOLENCE. And let’s move forward.

  • MushinSpeaks

    One begins to wonder how grown men cant comport themselves to conduct peaceful elections…must be brandish ammunition and oppress electorates? If Wike and his aides cant ensure safety of lives and property, the President, as a matter of urgency should declare a state of emergency

  • MuhammadKabir Wahab

    state of emergency is the answer to this killing

    • Kachell Daniel


      The exchange rate is in your favor seriously …1 Dollar is sold for N200 and above as at today. Smart investors are taking advantage of the situation and making huge profit over night.

      You can do this too. Its super simple.

      The truth must be said. Whats happening in this country favors ‘Exporters’. Be it small scale or large scale ‘exporters’.

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    • Action Group

      You are absolutely right.

  • Edward Osadebay

    Secretary to the State government was moving around to ensure electoral materials were not tempered with. A very hollow and watery explanation. Security in Rivers state has become a matter for serious concern. People are being killed at will. There is fear everywhere. Wike believes by murdering APC members, it gives the PDP a chance to win the election and the plot is succeeding. How he intends to govern Rivers in the midst of these river of flowing blood beats me. It should not be allowed. After all his fellow thug in Ekiti has not been killing his people. Wike must have signed a covenant with the devil that requires ocean of blood, Rivers people blood. Nigerians must be worried about this style of politics.