Senate President, Bukola Saraki, in court as corruption trial resumes

FILE PHOTO: The embattled senate president is currently on trial for alleged corruption and false declaration of assets.
FILE PHOTO: The embattled senate president is currently on trial for alleged corruption and false declaration of assets.

Senate President Bukola Saraki has arrived the Code of Conduct Tribunal where he is facing charges of alleged false asset declaration and corruption.

Mr. Saraki’s bid to thwart the trial failed after the Supreme Court ruled that the tribunal had powers and was properly constituted to hear the case against Mr. Saraki, a former governor of Kwara State.

Last Friday, the tribunal adjourned the case by a week.

The tribunal took the decision after Mr. Saraki’s new lawyer, Kanu Agabi, asked the judges to rule first on the senate president’s objection to the powers of the tribunal to try him.

Mr. Saraki arrived the tribunal at 9: 54 am on Friday.

His counsel, Mr. Agabi, said there were 80 lawyers on his team, saying his client would surely emerge winner in the event of a voting contest.

“We are 80 of us on this side, my lord,” he said. “At some point let the matter be put to vote.”

The prosecution lawyer, Rotimi Jacobs, said the defence team had served him with a notice of a motion requesting that the charge be quashed.

He said based on the Administration of Criminal Justice Act, the new application was not ripe for hearing.

Mr. Jacobs said the sections clearly state that such objection shall not be raised.


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  • NaijaMindOfChange

    How can SP be seen on accused box in court room…it has appeared to d country as bad reputation and himself…saraki should be remove as SP finish.

    • Night Crawler

      Well said, the best thing for him to do is resign and stop showing how corrupt he his in front of Nigeria and Nigerians in diaspora

      • share Idea

        If Buhari can be ruling with NEPA bill, you expect the Senate president to resign – that is the CHANJI your APC have brought to country.

        • Ahmad

          That NEPA bill has more value and recognition both at home and in the international community than your so called P hd moron who glorified stealing and corruption.

          • Julius

            lolz. Yes Dr Fortunato !!

        • Julius

          Moron, Saraki looted/stole most if not all the monies before Buhari became the President. I guess you just cant help exposing yourself as a dumb-bell.

    • Julius

      Like Maria said, he/they are shameless. Do you think any of them care about the country ? No, they dont. Its all about them.


      I think this man should resign or be shown the way out of the Senate. the 80 so called lawyers are a big shame to the Nation.

  • Maria

    This man is shameless!

    • Holy truth

      He is obviously shameless. Anyway, don’t be surprised thief no dey get shame.

    • Julius

      He is not only shameless, he is a harden criminal. If you are as innocent of the charges against you, why do you need 80 lawyers ? He should also be investigated to find out how much he is paying them and how can he afford to do it. I told one of my friend here in the U S, he is still laughing.

      • Otile

        In what language did you ‘tell’ him? Definitely he was laughing at your kind of bad English,

        • Julius

          Ha, a bottom bytch like you talking about Bad English. No, he was laughing at your under the bridge prostitute mother’s language. You know, how they talk to your faggot ass mother when they come by your father’s house and tells you to get out. You and your loser , worthless father !. I hope you understand this bad English.

  • White Shadow

    This case is taking a disturbing dimension. Why is the tribunal hearing the motion by the defendant that it is not properly constituted and does not have jurisdiction when the Supreme Court had already ruled that the tribunal is? the Administration of Justice Act has also stipulated that the substantive case should go on and all technicalities should be heard thereafter. Something appears to be cooking….

    • Kitunde

      I wonder too. The initial motion raised has been settled at the SC…something just ain’t right.

  • Jacky

    Bukola Saraki is simply abusing the law by refusing to go on trial. This is an affront to the constitution, to Nigeria and to the people of Nigerian. And he is the leader of the Legislative Arm of the Federal Republic? It’s pathetic!

  • SAM .A

    “defense team had served him with a notice of a motion requesting that the charge be quashed.” If for technicality reasons, Sarakis case here is quashed as they want , it will remain alive in People’s Court. Sooner than later,the Tale of Two Cities will come to an end , where elites get away with stealing billions by pen robbery and poor thieves go to jail for stealing thousands of Naira or a goat or one phone . Those who had been perpetuating , midwife injustice or quash justice will be the fire wood of what is suppose to come.

  • Debekeme

    Its over. Saraki has won. Political solution has set in. You can see from the tone of the lawyers and their new found confidence

    I’m disappointed in Buhari. Totally re-evaluating my views of Buhari.

    Buhari is clearly not connected to the tempo of the times. Maybe because of his age, maybe hes trying to avoid being terms of dictator/tyrant.

    Whatever the reason behind Buhari’s behavior, I’m thoroughly disappointed.

  • Paul Young

    Nigerian lawyers are just so shameful and pathetic. i have never seen any where else in the world where a lawyer will question the ”powers” of the tribunal trying their client. A tribunal which was set up by legislature(the same legislature Mr Saraki now heads). Even a baby born yesterday knows that the CCT has jurisdiction to hear this case. If Mr Saraki will not subject himself to this trial then we might as well all disregard every single legislature made by the senate

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    What’s the point of being represented by 80 lawyers? Is the Code of Conduct Tribunal a polling station or what? Is this Kanu Agabi serious at all?

  • Debekeme

    Northerners, please tell your uncle/brother our President, that i am not impressed.

    President Obama has coming out openly to say he doesnt align with the values that Donald Trump represents.

    Thats what a leader does. A leader doesn’t say he doesn’t care who his Senate President is and allows Saraki to push over sensitive institutions of State! Why? See what Saraki did in the Senate! See what Saraki is now doing with the Judiciary? This is the man Buhari says he doesnt mind as Senate President? What the Hell is this!???

    I’m tired of this Buhari guy. He needs to drink some Red Bull to wake him up because he seems alseep.

    Tell Buhari there is NO change. Tell Buhari we elected him because we thought he would clean up Nigeria.

    knows the type of criminal Saraki is and yet Buhari said he didnt care
    who became Senate President. He allowed Saraki manipulate the entire
    Senate system to become the Senate President.

    Now, Saraki is manipulating the Judiciary under Buhari’s nose and again Buhari is looking like hes in a trance.

    Does Buhari understand what we elected him to do and why we elected him?

    • Paul Young

      You didn’t elect a dictator, you elected a democratic president. I think that Buhari is very unhappy by many of the nonsense going on but he cant openly criticize saraki. After all didn’t you watch the media chat back in December? If i remember correctly he said he wont interfere in matters of the senate. I really respect Buhari for maintaining neutrality on this matter. And by the way Obama called out Trump because he is a Presidential candidate. He is not an already elected senator. Why can’t Obama call out the Republican led congress now that they have bluntly refused to confirm his nominee for Supreme court?

      • Debekeme

        Paul Young, Buhari will learn the hard way that the same people like you who are hailing him for being a ‘democratic president’ are the same people that will judge him harshly when his legacy is being considered. Nigeria is at a critical stage and the enemies of the state are billionaires in USD with unimaginable reach and power. You can not fight these guys by looking the other way while they continue to play Nigeria like a football. If you don’t stand up to these guys and damn the consequences you will find that 4 years will come and go and Nigeria will still be in the clutches of these criminals. Nigeria is’nt moving forward and PDP and the forces of retrogression who were once afraid when Buhari became president are now more emboldened and are continuing in their old ways. When Buhari came to power many of them were running out of Nigeria because they thought there would be a 100% change from the old ways. Look around you, is anyone still afraid of Buhari? They are doing exact same thing as in the past except in more hushed tones and with less visibility. Buhari is 73 or 74, he needs to set Nigeria straight immediately without being a ‘dictator’ BUT showing open and clear impatience for certain old habits. He must set the tone and openly take a position on ALL matters so the so called ‘body language’ is clear.

        This Saraki episode sickens those who thought Buhari would have made his position very clear.

        You refereed to Obama. You need to google this, Obama is ruling through Executive Orders/Actions. Hes used more Executive Orders that almost any other President in the history of America. Since the House became hostile to him he just did away with them and started to make laws on his own and where the House tried to push through laws what Obama didnt agree with Obama just Vetoed it. Please don’t put forward the impression Obama sat on his hands in face of a hostile and dysfunctional House. He calls them out daily!

        Buhari is a tough man, a soldier. hes an old man and a man who understands that Nigerian is in dire straights. If he plays by the same rules as these criminals they will use their superior understanding of the system to strangle Nigeria and keep us in same spot.

        Let them call Buhari a dictator or a tyrant BUT let Buhari set Nigeria straight. When the history of Nigeria is written he will be judged kindly ONLY if he brings the fight openly to these criminal elites.

        Almost 1 year has gone, the criminals are all regrouping for 2019. Do you know that Nigeria can slip back into the hands of PDP in next 3 years and we continue on the path of criminal impaling of a nation and its people???.

        Look at Saraki and tell me thats the face of a man that represents a new and better Nigeria! Saraki and his crew are still firmly in control of Nigeria. The Senate is his right shoe while the Judiciary is his left shoe!!. We, the ordinary Nigerian, are the rubble and stones he steps on as he walks around his playground called Nigeria.

        Give me benevolent dictator any day that sets Nigeria on the way to becoming another Dubai within 40 years and not come ‘democratic president’ wasting a nations time!

        • Paul Young

          Good argument. Let me start by saying God forbid to PDP coming back in 2019. I know about Obama and his use of Executive power, but you should know that has made him one of the most hated Presidents. Obama has done a very good job in my opinion, but the republican dominated congress and frustrating his every effort and as far as they are concerned obama is the worst President ever. Now the only reason they have not impeached him is because it is America and they cant afford to create the crisis that might cause, plus they are deeply democratic so they will just rather wait till November and vote a republican. Now Put all that into context in Nigeria. If Buhari falls out with the senate so much, dont forget that saraki has the backing of majority of the senate. Buhari will be impeached easily and guess who will become president SARAKI

          • Debekeme

            Dear man, clearly, you don’t appreciate the potency of the soft and hard power of the Nigerian President.

            I put it to you; the ONLY reason someone like Saraki is still Senate president despite all he has done is because the president is looking the other way. Sakari’s situation can be resolved within 1 single meeting between Saraki, the President and the National Security Adviser. I don’t need to say more.

            In terms of Obama, again you misunderstand the concept and dynamics of what a ‘legacy’ is. Take it from me, when the history of American Presidents/administrations is being assessed, Obama’s will be one of the most celebrated. Please take a look at the indices; straight years of job growth under Obama, he get America out of recession, corporate America repaid the Billions in bail-out funds etc. Look, for the economy he inherited Obama has done mighty well. Again, you only need google this to find out Obama;s achievements. That hes reviled or unloved now is irrelevant. Politics is like that, in future when there is a clear headed review of his administration, he will get the commendation he deserves.

            My friend (if i may call you that) Buhari can not be impeached. Don’t be dramatic. The only reason the nation seems to be clueless and dancing ‘Talazo Disco’ is because Buhari has not yet made up his mind how he wants to handle Nigeria.

            His instincts is pushing him to jump in and clear the stables of all the rot and deal with all these criminals on one go, but his mind is restraining him and telling him not to justify the long term accusation of him being intolerant, undemocratic, inflexible etc.

            If Buhari had his way Saraki would be doing his 2nd month in jail by now. But on a serious note; Buhari needs to take control and set the tone. Right now, its gradually getting back to business as usual. The forces are finding a voice again and each time someone like Saraki gets away with such abuse of processes and institutions of state, its sending a message to others. the message is; ‘ Nothing Has Changed, Lets Continue In Our Old Ways’.!

          • Paul Young

            I am quite abreast of the american politics. I know Obama’s achievements, i don’t really need google. Just like you are saying, i also believe that for Nigeria to get better is for someone with a firm hand and preferably with a military background like Buhari to clear the Augean stable and steer Nigeria in the direction of Dubai in the next forty years like you said earlier. But there is a limit to everything. So far i must say i have also been disappointed by many of his decisions especially economic policies but that is not the topic of discussion here. Frankly i don’t really care who is Senate President, as along as the person is wiling to work hand in hand with the presidency.
            And yes, sure you can call me your friend

  • Paul Young

    I take it passage of 2016 Budget will continue to be postponed until Saraki’s case is dropped. All hail Nigeria!!!

  • blow fissh

    Is this Agabi a real attorney and a SAN for that matter? Since when does representing a criminal become a popularity contest?

    Please can someone tell me Agabi did not make the statement below. PLEASE.

    “His counsel, Mr. Agabi, said there were 80 lawyers on his team, saying his client would surely emerge winner in the event of a voting contest.”

    “We are 80 of us on this side, my lord,” he said. “At some point let the matter be put to vote.”

    • Burning Spear

      Saraki’s lawyer, Chief Kanu Agabi (SAN), argued that the tribunal lacked jurisdiction to entertain the charges, on among other grounds, that the Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice lacked the powers to file charges before the tribunal. Agabi, said the defence is happy to be in court and the opportunity to defend him. He argued that motion is part of administration of justice and the Tribunal should hear it. He reminded the Tribunal Chairman that he ruled last Friday that the motion would be argued today. The defence counsel said the motion is challenging the juridisction of the tribunal to hear the case–so show me where the lawyer declared that he was in court with 1million lawyers-APC shameless liars———-

    • isioku

      It was on a lighter mood brother. We do throw banters in the Bar. It’s not all seriousness. That doesn’t make him less a lawyer much more an SAN

  • Izon redeemer

    Only a president with ulterior political motives will elevate political violence above the kind of genocide carried out by Fulani herdsmen in Benue State – Gov. Fayose, so reports Vanguard

    Fayose, who spoke through his Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka, said that it was strange that the same President Buhari who did not utter a word until over 400 Agatu people of Benue State were murdered, swiftly reacted to the reported political violence in Rivers State from faraway Malabo in Equatorial Guinea.

    The governor said: “In Agatu Local Government Area of Benue State, Fulani herdsmen allegedly killed over 400 people, including children and pregnant women, destroyed more than 10 villages. President Buhari did not raise his voice against this genocide until I condemned his silence.

    “Also in Mile 12, Lagos, when 15 persons, including two children, were killed with property worth several millions of naira destroyed during a clash between Hausa and Yoruba traders, President Buhari did not give the security services any clear directives to deal decisively with anyone.”

    Fred Agbedi of the House of Representatives, Sagbama/Ekeremor, Bayelsa State, yesterday, said that President Buhari was insincere in his actions concerning the violence in Rivers State.

    According to him, President Buhari kept mum on the killings by Fulani herdsmen in Agatu, Benue State, as well as the violence which took place in Bayelsa State during the last governorship election, adding that what happened in Rivers State was a lesser evil.

    He said, “Better still, does it not show an emotional bias that Mr President chose to ignore the wanton, criminal ethnic cleansing going on in Benue State and rather spoke about a lesser evil?”

    “I must say that not many Nigerians are happy that the President kept quiet over the Agatu and Nasarawa killings that have reached genocide heights but chose to internationalise a local political heat in Rivers State. Until Mr President speaks on the killings perpetrated by herdsmen in Benue and Nasarawa States, I do not consider him a sincere leader. Mr President must speak out.”

  • Otile

    Islam is bad. Islamist militants from al-Qaeda and Boko Haram have killed four security forces in two separate attacks in Niger, officials have said. Three policemen were shot dead by suspected al-Qaeda members in a village near the border with Burkina Faso. One soldier was killed and two others wounded when a military convoy was attacked close to Nigeria’s border. Thursday’s attacks came three days before Sunday’s controversial presidential run-off election. The opposition has said they will not recognise the results of the vote, and their candidate Hama Amadou, is currently receiving medical treatment in Paris after spending moths in jail.

  • Dr.Dan

    By the time this case is brought to a conclusion, whether guilty or acquitted, Saraki would have spent 2 years in office. This is the challenge of our slow wheel judicial system. The rich with smart lawyers can exploit the loopholes and extend a trial until the judges are tired and bored.