Buhari breaks silence, vows “decisive” punishment for sponsors of Rivers killings

Buhari in France

President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday in Malabo condemned recent political violence in Rivers State, saying the killing of people over political differences was “primitive, barbaric and unacceptable”.

“We will deal decisively with all sponsors of violence. I have given the security services clear directives in this regard,” the president said.

There has been an upsurge of violence in the oil-rich state ahead of National and State Assembly rerun elections on Saturday.

The All Progressives Congress, Mr. Buhari’s party, accuses the Peoples Democratic Party-led Rives government of sponsoring and stoking violence against its members.

Some APC members have been killed and beheaded. The government says the violence was a result of a supremacy battle by cultists.

In his first public comments about the growing violence in Rivers State, Mr. Buhari said, “We will show that violence in any form will no longer be tolerated before, during or after elections.”

He spoke at an interactive meeting with Nigerians resident in Equatorial Guinea.

President Buhari said the Independent National Electoral Commission will be encouraged to explore the possibility of allowing Nigerians abroad vote in the 2019 general elections.

Noting that some African countries have started allowing their citizens resident abroad to vote in national elections, the president said he fully empathised with the desire of Nigerians in the diaspora to vote in national elections.

President Buhari pledged that he would therefore do all within his powers to fulfil that desire.

“I want all Nigerians to know that I respect them and their right to choose their leaders,” he said

The president also said that establishing a new national airline was not currently on the Federal Government’s list of priorities.

President Buhari declared that his administration’s main area of focus now was reducing the level of poverty in the country.

The president said that developing the infrastructure needed to boost production in all sectors of the economy and create more jobs for young Nigerians, as well as other actions that will directly improve the living conditions of ordinary Nigerians will continue to be prioritized by his administration.

President Buhari was responding to complaints by members of the Nigerian community about the absence of direct flights between Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea.

The president assured them that his administration’s war against corruption will remain “fearless, relentless and merciless”.

“We will be merciless and relentless in pursuing all those who abused public trust. Nigerians will see how some of the elite conspired to run the nation down,” he said.


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  • bib

    May be because they now know, violence cannot be cited as an evidence to nullify election.

  • 9ja needs a new leader

    Buhari is the brain behind the trouble in Riovers state-Soldiers from Bori Camp—cannot go about killing people in Ogoni unless they receive orders from above-in abuja———–Aware Buhari was installed by the CIA—what can they do than help Fulani Buhari control the thoughts and resources of Rivers people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The same Buhari was with Abacha when Ken Saro Wiwa was hanged by him Abacha–Buhari has started his usual 5 minutes madness again—in Rivers state–with this threats—-How many boko haram agents including Fulani cowhands who attacked and Killed humans in Benue– did his government put on trial-?–Is this not the same APC government that took Jonathan to court saying Soldiers should not be deployed to supervise election now posting armed soldiers—to go and kill innocent civilians in Ogoni because of some Senatorial elections for a trouble maker like Abe—and Amaechi—-who stole to appease Buhari?

    • nick

      political killings in any guise should be condemn by everyone.people are daily killed and beheaded in Rivers state and for the first time the president is speak against it u are here doing post and re pasting your rubbish.have you ask yourself who where the criminals the attacked the military at Ogoni that led to the dead of some innocent people..or is the military doing the kidnapping in ogoni….God will judge u all for be economical with the truth….PDP lapdog.

      • 9ja deserves better dan Buhari

        Another Ape from the stable of the Buharimice in APC————-where was Buhari when Ken sarowiwa and his Ogoni brothers–were hanged-by Abacha?——–Was Buhari not working with-him Abacha?—–Is buhari not with the officer who supervised the murder of Ken Saro Wwiwa–Col Ali—who sanctioned the murder of Ken–Is he not the head of Customs today—? How many Fulani cowhands has Buhari been able to put on trial in Benue—?———–Monkey

        • nick

          continue to cry more than the berieved…The Ogonis have moved on ..i believed Saro Wiwa will be happy where ever he is now as the process of Ogoni clean up begins…Bigot like u will hide there ugly face in shame….wailers will will continue to cry.

        • musa aliyu

          So what about Ken saro wawa’s hanging? How many did he kill before he was hanged? It was an eye for an eye, imbecile.

          • Mickey


      • Mickey

        You are insane. The people behind the killing in Agatu should not be condemned.
        After all the deceit displayed by APC both in the state and federal level and u still can’t see the handwriting on the wall. Receive sense now or never

        • nick

          mad man…PDP lap dog….where were u when Mr president condemn the Agatu killings?..continue your killings in Rivers…one day you will be killed and your head will be chop off….killer!

          • Mickey

            Well that’s better than a Fulani Nama like you. Just don’t attempt to come along with your herdsmen to PH or else. We will see to it that nick the Nama will be used for the next suya BBQ I host monthly at home. Mugu

          • nick

            cultist..u will meet your end very soon

  • Kickboxer


    Brainless Buhari/APC Strategy in Rivers State: go cause chaos to force me to declare state of emergencydo

  • 9ja needs a new leader

    Buhari is the brain behind the trouble in Riovers state-Soldiers from Bori Camp—cannot go about killing people in Ogoni unless they receive orders from above-in abuja———–Aware Buhari was installed by the CIA—what can they do than help Fulani Buhari control the thoughts and resources of Rivers people in the South South-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The same Buhari was with Abacha when Ken Saro Wiwa was hanged by Abacha?–Buhari has started his usual 5 minutes madness again—in Rivers state–with this threats-to Ogonis—How many boko haram agents including Fulani cowhands who attacked and Killed humans in Benue– did his government put on trial-?–Is this not the same APC government that took Jonathan to court saying Soldiers should not be deployed to supervise election now posting armed soldiers-and law enforcement agents–to go and kill innocent civilians in Ogoni because of some Senatorial elections for a trouble maker like Abe—and Amaechi—-who stole to appease Buhari?-Let my people——–More Ijaws were killed to keep Nigeria one–Ijaws did not die in the Biafran war because they wanted to protect their oil wells-as the Fulanis ati Yorubas did———-Sadly Ijaws were killed to make Nigeria one—

  • Right Minded

    He only pour out his evil mind whenever he is out of the country. Is Buhari scared to tell Nigerians his mind while in the country or what? Why must he always mis-yarn anytime he flies out of the country. 300 people were killed in Benue by Buhari’s kinsmen and he has not said anything about dealing with the killers just because they are his wretched people. We know Buhari’s plans for the Niger Delta especially Rivers State and how he intends removing Gov Wike from office by whatever means. Let me say this, whatever they plan to do, surely it will consume Buhari himself and that leaky mouth Judas called Rotimi Ameachi who doesn’t know how to keep his smelly mouth shut. We are ready for them, let them bring it on!

    • Sword of Damocles

      Right Minded ??? you must be kidding. You said this:”He only pour out his evil mind whenever he is out of the country”
      (Question for rightminded), if the President’s mind is “evil”, what do you make of the minds of the people BEHEADING other humans in Rivers? Let me guess, you haven’t given it a thought. Friend, let me let you in on a secret: there are a lot of WORTHLESS & peculiarly STOOPID citizens in Nigeria. Guess where you fit it? what a cursed country to be saddled with “slow”/SELF-DESTRUCTIVE citizens like Nigeria. Tufiakwa!!

      • REDEEM

        u mean the soldiers buhari sent to kill rivers people

  • Darlington

    One million soldiers will never help APC win election in Rivers State. APC failed in Bayela, Akwa Ibom, Delta, Rivers Governorship, Abia and Ebonyi States, respectively. THEY MUST SURELY FAIL IN RIVERS COME SATURDAY.

    • Man_Enough

      The more important issue is peaceful election. There must always be winners and losers, but there shouldn’t always be killings and maiming.

  • yukkmouff

    Just like you punished the Kalashnikov-Wielding cattlemen who butchered indigenes of Agatu town and its environs, right?!

    • musa aliyu

      Just like you paid for the 10,000 cattle the Agatuans stole and killed from the Fulanis

  • Otile

    Has Mohamed Buhari punished the Fulani herdsmen who beheaded over 500 hundred non-Fulanis in Benue state? Why is he more interested in the lives of Rivers people? Parasite banza.

    • musa aliyu

      Have they returned the over 10,000 Fulani cattle they killed in four years? Do you know what a cow means to Fulani. Go research before you open your latrine to talk. Ignoramus

      • Otile

        If you ask me whether I know what a cow means to Fulani, I will also ask you whether you know what human life means to non-Fulani.

        Do research before you open your pap brain to display your Fulani imbecility. Parasite.

        • musa aliyu

          Then ask your village people to kill Fulani cattle, unjustly, and we shall see the amount of soldiers you will deploy to prevent them from taking their pound of flesh, moron.


            Violence is nothing to be proud about but mind you,the fact that the southern Christians hold the sanctity of human life in esteem does not make them unable to defend themselves.


        Only a moron equates cattle to human life. Meanwhile if the cattle is so important to you then do not use them to invade peoples farmlands,keep them up north,because the crops they destroy is also the livlihood of the farmers.

  • IZON Redeemer

    Publish what Buhari told——–Abacha when he placed the Noose under the neck of late Ken Saro Wiwa–?—————Tell the people of Ogoni where Buhari was when Ken sarowiwa and his Ogoni brothers–were hanged-by Abacha?——–Was Buhari not working with-him Abacha in PTF?—–Is buhari not with the RETIRED ARMY OFFCER who supervised the murder of Ken Saro Wwiwa–Col Ali–the man-who sanctioned the murder of Ken–Is Rtd Col Ali not the head of Customs today–in Nigeria-? How many Fulani cowhands has Buhari been able to put on trial in Benue–Plateau– Kogi–Ekiti ati Osun state-?———–Monkey

  • evidence

    Sunni and fulani herdsmen terrorist president. So your fulani marauding brothers killing 500 in Agatu, including women and Children are not “primitive,barbaric and unacceptable” enough for you to deal decisively with your demonic brothers?  
    The military invaded Niger delta, killed‎ and raped women and children and you were silent until some APC members were killed in retaliation, that is when you found your voice.
    What a demonic creature. ‎

  • SAM .A

    Thank you Mr President for your willingness to stamp out these animals who has no respect for human being , they killed the man , killed his wife and the daughter, not satisfied , they chop off the head . we live in a civilized society . They must not have a place or seat in the cohabitation of Human beings . Let the cleaning up begin .

  • new republic

    I have no confidense in Buhari again because his words carry no action.

  • forestgee

    …but the request for the blood of baboon and dog is happening! The solution is free and fair elections in Rivers State and if that happens APC will not WIN. Remember we inconclusive INEC

  • George

    This Daura man is a coward.

    • MushinSpeaks

      And you what? A saint?

  • Omotolaaraujo

    Rivers is a crime pit. Buhari should stand up for equal rights for women, if he has the balls!

  • dhepo

    Welcome development by PMB! Please deal with the Fulani herdsmen who killed over 300 Agatu people too. They are human beings too.


      Those are his people….he expects Nigerians to take it like that !!

      • dhepo

        I am one of those who supported his election but this is sheer display of hypocrisy by PMB. Charity they say begins at home.

        • MushinSpeaks

          Charity begins at home. David Mark was Senate President for eight years. Ask what he did to end the crisis then. Or do you just think the crisis started now? Go back to history and be informed.

      • MushinSpeaks

        You have no shame. No one shame on you. Those that pay you to be here are robbing you of value. Get a meaningful life for yourself.

  • Akatikpo

    How I wished you used stronger words to condemned the Fulani herdsmen who massacred over 300 Agatu people including women and children. Nepotism is an incurable disease.

    • MushinSpeaks

      That he was not asked the question doesnt justify actions are not being taken. Go to Agatu today to see if measures have not been put in place to end the escalation of violence.

      • Jaja Majaja

        Again i respond to you , this final time as i have noticed that you lack elementary wisdom.
        Over 300 people were killed in a country , and a President doesn’t deem it fit to commiserate with the bereaved either by words or actions.
        Now tell me Mr Mushin, have you been to Agatu recently ? or were you there after the attacks ?
        If so name the exact location in Agatu and the time and dates you were there for this forum .
        If after 24 hrs and you do not or refuse to, then we would have finaly put an end to your reputation.

      • emmanuel

        I kew you since Jonathan (i am not campaigning for his return), how you cried to high heavens about not visiting Boko haram slaughter locations and victims.
        How come you never asked that Buhari visit Agatu? Yeye Yorobber fowl.
        I am not surprised, person when nor know im Papa is called an Omo Ale in Yorobber.
        True to it, Yorobbers do not know their origin, typically misbehave like you. If i lie, go ask Gbadebo of Ake and Adetona of Ijebu.
        Make i tell you, what the fulanis did to you at Mile 12, was to ascertain if Buharis oppression of the Yorobbers can lead to any resistance and you proved to them you were trully cowards!

  • Akatikpo

    The blood of all those murdered in Rivers state is on the head of the tribunal members and appeal court who annulled the election and ordered a rerun. See what they have caused because of egunje.


    Buhari only reacts when the victims are Fulani or APC, if the Fulani or the APC supporters are killing,he stays aloof happily.

    • MushinSpeaks

      What then can you say to the killings of APC men and women in 2015 in Rivers? What did GEJ do to it?

      • Jaja Majaja

        Now u are responding ,but still yet shallow in thought.
        Now i will respond to you. First you said “killings of APC men and women in 2015 in Rivers “- Question 1. Where you in Rivers State on the day of the Presidential or Governorship election ?.If you were there , kindly tell this forum your particular location on those days and the time.
        Secondly can you as you are right now prove beyond any reasonable doubt with names , those who died and tell us if they were actually APC members (with proof)
        Lastly without Parroting the media , can you please tell us how the elections happened in the south west states were you come from , kindly please inform this forum whether the threat by the Oba of Lagos against the yIgbos prior to the day of the election was not electoral intimidation. and if not , what is it called
        in the “sophisticated Yariba” were you come from .

        • emmanuel

          Yorobbers are not sophisticated, they are lazy liars, lousy, timid and noise makers.
          They cheat in every exams and at work places too. they get support from Babalawo, Alfas and Cele worshippers at every slight obstacles.
          Their low IQ led Tinubu into his current one-chance with Buhari. Obasanjos timidity has left him a perpetual slave to the Fulanis to date

      • emmanuel

        yeye fowl, every cult man, crooks who refused to pay proceeds of Oil Bunkering to his fellows and are slaughtered at the appropriate time, Overlords whose cups are full for their misdeeds or armed robbers are all APC people shame!
        Same kind of rubbish Amaechi did before 2015 is what he has started again. Magnus Abe was seen ordering extra food onboard the Aircraft he took to London after all their lies of teargas and coma, leading to his Airlifting by an Ambulance. Meanwhile, it was calculated to diminish the PDP and Joseph Mbu then.
        If Amaechi likes, let him kill everybody, Rivers people hate Amaechi and the APC. i AM SURE HELL WILL LET LOOSE IF HE TRIES TO RIG THE ELECTION.

  • Mickey

    Dumb dumber dumbest. I’ll no longer take it from anyone that BUHARI is wicked or has any form of evil plan. He is just the dumbest president ever produced in the 21st century.
    BUHARI, have u dealt decisively with those behind the killing of 300 people in Agatu. Have u dealt decisively with those killing people in SW and Enugu in the name of cattle herdmen. U get useless info from your drug boys in PH and just yan opata.
    Chai, in a country of great men today. We produce this thing and call him president. Chai Diaris God o

    • MushinSpeaks

      I’m sure you have never been in position to act as an head before. Likes of you are fed on crumbles…..

      • Jaja Majaja

        Counter him point for point Mr mushin or may i call u Mr oshodi , that is how a reasonable man responds to issues.

      • Mickey

        Look at this Fulani nama. I’ve acted as head severally from school to where I currently work for past 16 years. Go and get a job so you can feed yourself. I bet you will also see the nonsense your lord and master Buhari is turning this country into

  • efada acha

    buhari cud not condemn the killings of idoma people in agatu lg but interested in his party apc.what a president.bcos fulanis are his brothers

    • Sir Charles

      End Time!!!


      Rosary of the Unborn

    • MushinSpeaks

      If this is how you can reason, is this not a shame on yourself?

      • Jaja Majaja

        reply his post with counter points and not abuses okay.
        The truth is that Buhari did not condemn the killings in Agatu , but sees it fit to talk about APC vs PDP fightings, that were to be honest started by Rotimi Amaechi and his gang, the chief sponsors of the APC cabal.

      • Etomi

        And you are the one reasoning well…

        That Buhari failed to condemn the sacking of whole community, the erasure by dint of arson of an entire community by a terrorist band of FULANI marauders does not worry you….

        That the tragic development did not attract Buhari’s attention as to merit his comment and show of solidarity for wailing fellow countrymen….

        That this is the way a so-called country leader is carrying on, does not worry your slavish mind, means if you are thinking at all it must be through your stinking anus..


  • favourtalk

    Nigerians are very happy with the steps taken by PMB so far in tackling the corruption in Nigeria, better nation and we are behind you

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  • Jaja Majaja

    Have the people in this Forum noticed how Mushin speaks , has been going around attacking every person in this Forum that says something against President Buhari’s current action.
    He Seems to think that every criticism of President Buhari translates to animosity.
    Wake up, the Country is bleeding all around.

  • franknaija

    Well, the last Fulani vs Idoma clash in Agatu was the third or fourth time. Fulani’s have been sacking villages in Adamawa, Zamfara, Sokoto, Taraba for over two decades. Its just getting into the interiors. As at today, in Zamfara state, precisely Anka LGA, there is a vast farmland that the indigenes can’t cultivate due to the activities of the Fulani’s. The Fulani increasing arrogance in carrying out there acts of violence has to to do with failure in our systems especially security systems caused by corrupt practises. Fulani’s always buy their way out from the police. After all a cow is enough to settle a police man when you are lucky to arrest him for killing a farmer that attacks him for grazing on his farmland. The people are also afraid of fighting back claiming that the Fulani’s use juju. What makes the difference is that the Fulani have weapons which they get from neighbouring countries and they always try to surprise the people by attacking at ungodly hours when they have completely studied the environment and habits of the people. It can take them as long as 6 months to prepare for an attack.

  • emmanuel

    Deri thank you ooo.
    The APC and the host of Nigeria devils insisted Soldiers must never go to States where elections are held and idiots like Falana, Tundemess, KaySoyemi, Awosan Babalawo, Onike, Mosaku, Burbank, Amazin2012 etc cried wolf.
    It is now fashionable for APC to kill, maim, snatch ballot boxes and rig election with the military and they all celebrate it.
    Who will set up military Tribinal to prosecute who deployed them?

  • Henry

    started getting worried about how much violence is gradually taking over Rivers state, and worst of all, no one seem to blink an eye. but beyond d rivers killings, there has been wanton killings that has shook this country, and begged for national attention. that the presidency was supposed to show concern for. Agatu, Borno, and the likes… i am happy that at last PMB is lending his voice, but something tells me it is because it concerns his beloved son(Amaechi) and what he holds dear. it is because it is election season in rivers and APC has special interest in that state. suddenly the president is speaking. am also bothered that he has to make his pronouncement from outside d shores of the country, as am not sure how much it could amount to, especially for the dead and the endangered rivers pple. time will tell sha