Over 500 killed in Agatu “genocide” — Ex-Senate President David Mark

Displaced women of Agatu in Och'Idoma's palace shortly before they were evicted
Displaced women of Agatu in Och'Idoma's palace shortly before they were evicted

The immediate past president of the Senate, David Mark, has described as barbaric, wicked and inhuman the attacks and destruction of lives and properties in Agatu local government area of Benue state by armed men suspected to be Fulani herdsmen.

He said: “I’m shocked beyond words at the extent of destruction I have seen here in Agatu today. This is unbelievable. It is unimaginable . Nothing whatsoever justifies this brazen act of destruction meted out on the people of Agatu. My heart bleeds.”

Mr. Mark, who represents the area, and was on assessment tour of the ravaged communities along with some members of the National and state Assembly from his Benue South constituency, urged security operatives to do all that is needed to bring the perpetrators to book.

Mr. Mark said the attacks could not have happened by accident. He said it bore the markings of a planned and orchestrated genocide against his people of Agatu.

Ten communities were razed down while no fewer than 500 lives have been lost to the recent hostilities, Mr. Mark’s office said in a statement.

It said some of the villages visited by the former senate president and his team had been deserted and virtually turned into ghost towns.

“The villages are totally bereft of any social or economic activities. All the primary and post primary schools, health centres , worship centres as well as the police station in the area have been burnt down.

“What is left of a hitherto boisterous Agatu communities of Aila, Akwu, Adagbo, Okokolo, Ugboju, Odugbeho, Ogbaulu, Egba and Obagaji are the debris of the wreckage,” the statement said.

Mr. Mark however told a handful of survivors of the attacks to remain calm and law-abiding no matter the level of provocation just as he assured that the government would intervene to bring succour to them.

Mr. Mark advised the people to take advantage of the proposed public hearing by the joint Senate committee on the crisis to bring the matter to public domain and seek redress.

Last week, Mr. Mark through a community leader and former commissioner in Benue state, John Ngbede, distributed relief materials to the survivors .

Items distributed included mattresses, bags of rice, salt, indomie noodles, clothes as well as toiletries.

Mr. Mark also visited one of the Internally Displaced Persons ( IDP) camps located in Apa local government area where he counselled the victims to remain calm as authorities would do the needful to ameliorate their situation .

Some of the survivors and community leaders including Haruna Bawa from Odugbeho, Yakubu Ameh from Adagbo, Stephen Mathew from Aila and Aduba Abraham from Okokolo in their separate remarks alleged that the Fulani herdsmen invaded their communities shooting and killing every thing on sight .

They pleaded with the state and federal governments to intervene and help rebuild the wrecked villages and rehabilitate the survivors.


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  • Truth Sayer

    Nothing will be done to stop the trend because one of theirs (the fulani hausa herdsmen) is in power, according to FFK speaking nothing but the truth. Nigeria is in for a very long night, sadly.

    • Piecemeal

      It also happened under Jonathan. While Jonathan refused to act to protect lives for political correctness, Buhari seems biased and unwilling to act because his kins are involved. Either ways makes one really worried about the value of life in this country.

      • O’Jose

        ……..My people……it’s not looking good yet O……Buhari is losing goodwill……
        …more than he’s gaining it…..and now, after 8 months…..he’s got negatives ……
        …….numbering enough to write a book……….from his blunders overseas…..
        to this huge suspicion…that he’s just another Fulani Islamist hegemonist…..
        ……and northern tribalist……but, that’s a smelly body odor to carry around…….
        ……if it includes jumping the window of parliament to forge BUDGET bills……and….
        ….winking at the genocide of Shiite Muslims……..as well as murders committed…
        ………….daily in Agatu, Benue state by mad and maddening Fulani herdsmen…………
        …………..in Nigeria today where there’s been no electricity for four days running……..
        ……..in a near nationwide blackout….. without petrol or water for four days till now………….

        • FirecloudOFGOD

          You got people like me thinking that Corruption may not after all be bad as you still have your life to lead! What is the point in wiping out corruption in exchange for your family and a whole community being slaughtered like Rams?

    • Jayjay


      The ongoing 4-day triple tragedy in Nigeria under President Buhari is as much a genocide
      as the intentional murder of the people of Agatu in Benue state by Fulani mad Jihadists.
      There has been no electricity supply in nearly 90% of Nigerian homes since Tuesday,
      ditto; there’s been no petrol at the fuel stations since last week, both failures causing
      the taps to run totally dry since Wednesday. So, without water, electricity or petrol,
      the recipe for nationwide economic genocide in Nigeria is complete and brewing.

    • Amir

      Because we were so misguided in presenting a world renowned ineffectual buffoon whose knowledge of leadership is squandering and sharing of national resources with his cronies, to contest against him. Otherwise how can your drug damaged FFK be sitting at home with no verifiable means of income and be teaching you rubbish? David Mark, Dumbo, and their like played a part in impoverishing and dividing citizens that now, Boko Haram has perhaps infiltrated cattle rearers. Why his senatorial zone? Sadly nemesis of his long years in public office with nothing to cheer. With leaders like Mark Agatu genocide on innocent and helpless people is outcome!


    As the Fulani Marauders kill other Nigerians with re-invigorated viciousness and impunity on the assumption that they own Nigeria and occupy Aso-rock. Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari has kept mute on the recurrent orgies of Fulani blood-letting around the country . This is the same government which shoots peaceful and unarmed Igbo Biafran agitators even as they pray. It is also in the same country which can afford to kill more than 300 unarmed Shiite Muslims and bury them secretly just because they blocked a road .



      I just don’t know how he’s getting away with it. How can Igbos, Yorubas, middle-belt, North East, Shi’ites, Christians, the international community, everybody let this go?


        Well,the disunity amongst the south is directly responsible for the impunity.

        • Sparzo

          Shame the Southern minorities do not trust you one bit. They believe they are far better off as it is than under your biafran lot, that would think of nothing, beheading them and burying them in front of their own houses.

          They do not want to be your human sacrifice. Hence they will hold on to your abandoned properties for ever. Make sure you do not abandon anything when you leave Nigeria and fcuk off to biafra this time.
          You start with all the houses and business from Lagos to Maiduguri. Do not forget Abuja yeah? Or you want to take those too to biafra?


            You are suffering from extreme paranoia,you need help.

          • Sparzo


        • Amir

          For me I’d rather vote a goat in power than waste it on an Ijaw man. I learnt my lesson of their wickedness to Igbos in 1979. Nothing has changed since then. Those Igbos who learnt theirs in 2015 are late joiners. As we write the Ijaw is busy building PDP for expected alliance with the North come 2019 than spare a thought on APGA. Most daft Igbos do not realise that the refusal of the last administration headed by an Ijaw man to build the second Niger Bridge was part of the Ijaw hatred and plan to shrink political and economic unity with their brothers across the Niger. With neighbours like the South South, no Igboman needs another enemy.


            Your divide and rule is a failed and out-dated strategy…….try something new !!

          • Amir

            You said more before the elections! Only the truth and your conscience can divide, enslave or liberate you. Your 5 years bondage under fortunato expired last year. Now you have the opportunity to start reasoning well again.

  • Kickboxer

    For me, I don’t understand why Middle Beltans would vote for an almajiri who have been killing them for decades and the killings would only escalate not subside.

    Is it that Middle Belt folks are MUMUS, CONFUSED, or that votes are rigged? States like Plateau, Benue, Nasarawa, & Kogi should stop voting Hausa-Fulani or they would be wiped out!!!


      This is a serious comment. I’m also curious.

    • Sparzo

      Simple. They do not trust you further than they can throw you.
      They will tell you, the ”almajiris” are straight and never devious or utterly selfish.
      They will rather lay down with the devil, than a biafran.

    • Babso

      So the governors in those states you mentioned are Hausa- Fulani men. Nonsense post.

    • Guest

      These states, and other states where Northern minorities are found, mainly voted PDP since 1999 untill 2015 elections when three things happened:
      1. Senseless, annoying imposition of candidates by the PDP
      2. Demonisation of GEJ, especially the role of his administration in mismanaging the BH genocide, initially targeted at the minorities communities, which are majorly christians.
      3.Effective anti-KWARAPSHAN propaganda by the APC coupled with deliberate sabotage of the PDP by most of its Hausa/Fulani members
      So, the baby was thrown out with the bath water, only for the northern minorities to find out that they have jumped from frying pan to fire.
      Moral of the story? Always look at the bigger picture before pitching your political tent!

      • okenwa

        If not because blood was sheded, i dont have mercy for meddle beltans because they were used to kill biafrans.

    • Darlington

      Idoma should openly declare their support for Biafra Republic. Biafra will ensure a separate province or state for Idoma tribe. Biafra will equally protect Idoma from oppressive tendencies of Hausa/Fulani.

    • Buhari4Ever

      The same Agatus were killed in 2013 when your demi-god GEJ was in Aso Rock while David Mark was the Senate President. What did they do?

  • New Nigerian

    Dear David Mark –
    mincing words, the civil disturbance in Agatu leading to loss of life
    is regrettable and should be investigated and criminals made to face the
    wrath of the law. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and
    their families. Having said that for you to infer it as a systematic,
    government sponsored genocide against Nigerians stretches the facts to
    breaking point. You’d recall how you refused to acknowledge the genocide
    that the world knows – the systematic extermination of 36,000+
    Northerners by Boko Haram while you were the force behind the
    ineffectual buffoon. You were asleep at
    the legislative oversight function, as the all powerful leader of the
    NASS, even as the commonwealth and funds meant to buy arms to stop the
    genocide and ethnic cleansing (of your fellow northerners, no less) were
    spent as your party’s petty cash thereby exposing the people to be exterminated even as you were duplicitous in assuring the people of the
    protection you knew were systematically withdrawing through weakening the
    armed forces.

    If you think you can use the Agatu
    civil disobedience like a similar one was used as a ruse to kill Ahmadu
    Bello and other heroes in the first republic and then sunset the first
    republic, leading to strive and 50 years delay in progressing Nigeria to
    greatness, then you need your head examined. And like you like to say,
    it is not over until it is over, keep fighting, God willing the wake of
    corruption, plutocracy and concerted enslavement of Nigerian masses by
    pdplutocrats is on – for God is God is justice and His will, will be
    done. I am sounding this out, so all authorities would do the needful to protect the principal leaders of this administration and ensure that the armed forces do not do to Nigeria what another armed forces did to Egypt. It is better to be safe than sorry.

    Your file would be opened by men, it is
    already bare before God, and the schemes like envelope budgeting at the
    national assembly to the tune of N150billion per year under your watch
    would be laid bare for the masses and justice will be served in the
    recovery of whatever is stolen therein of the commonwealth. Finally the
    revolution to kill corruption, which is the root of all evil in
    Nigeria, before it kills Nigeria, God willing would succeed and would
    never be rolled back, even if all the forces against it detest it. May
    God protect the government of the people for the people by the people
    under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari. May God Bless the
    Federal Republic of Nigeria.

    • ed

      The genocide by the Fulani’s herdsmen a.k.a Boko Haram under the able leadership of President Buhari is there for all to see. New Nigeria is actually old Nigeria. Where Fulani’s kill and go free to rape time and time again. The insanity is the silence of the Christian middle belt and the southerners.
      Where else do you see people matching to villages and towns raping, killing by the hundreds.
      The president pretend as if the human being been killed are worthless.
      Fulani’s want one Nigeria for their own protection at the expense of all other Nigerian.
      One day the rest of Nigeria will wake up and discover the sick terrorist mind.

  • Mizch

    “Mr. Mark however told a handful of survivors of the attacks to remain calm and law-abiding no matter the level of provocation just as he assured that the government would intervene to bring succour to them”. IS THE GOVERNMENT YET TO ATTEND TO SURVIVORS?

  • ed

    David Mark is one of the problems in the middle belt.
    The man is distance from reality on ground. Fualni’s are busy taking over their land, farms and villages. Instead of mapping out a plan to win back the land and restore some dignity. David is appealing for calm.

  • FirecloudOFGOD

    There has always been an Islamic Agenda to turn Nigeria into an Islamic state.

    When Shia muslims were wiped out in their 100’s I warned that our silence means acquiescence! Today it is the turn of Agatu. Yesterday it was the peace loving and accommodating Plateau people. I see a plan to “cleanse” the North of Christians. I mean it.

    Yes, to cleanse the North of Christians and and then advance to the rest of Nigeria. Did the initial plan not start in Kano (Maitatsine), Kaduna, and Jos? These “Fulani herdsmen” have gone deep and advanced to the other middle Belt states. They are making forays into Kogi and Ogun state and other Western states of Nigeria. I do hope Christian leaders will reason and accept that “Islamic fanatics” or “Fulani Herdsmen” and their leaders are no bogey; they will stop at nothing to complete their left over agenda from the 80’s. This has been clearly articulated in their master plan that was perfected in North Africa under Qaddafi some years ago. You have been forewarned.

    Sharia is coming to the whole of Nigeria by way of Genocide. Wake up people!

    • musa aliyu

      Hear this nincompoop, higledy-pigledy. All these you mention have nothing to do with Islam. The Shiites are not muslims, but use Islam as an alibi to their nihilism. Jos massacre was perpetuated by a governor who thought of using Christianity to rubber stamp his hatred for the Hausa -Fulani. The Agatuans killed 10,000 cattle belonging to the Fulanis and they are paying dearly for it, for the Fulani never, I say, never gives up when his cattle are touched

      • FirecloudOFGOD

        We know the Islamic Agenda and I assure you, it will fail, and woefully too!

      • Danjuma

        It is good to have people like you here because you define the agenda very clearly for those Christians who may have doubts

        • FirecloudOFGOD

          Thanks! He says ” Shites are NOT Muslims”! So, they can be killed. What a horrible individual! Or is it his religion? What treatment do we expect them to mete out to Christians, even though Shites claim they are Muslims?!!!

  • musa aliyu

    Let him pay the Fulanis 10,000 cattle that the Agatuans stole from them. To the Fulani, their cattle are dearer than human lives. If this is not done, the Fulani must still come back to take their pound of flesh, no matter how long it takes. A stitch in time saves nine

  • emmanuel anizoba

    “Armed men suspected to be Fulani Herdsmen”? Why not investigate and get the facts before naming the culprits as Fulani Herdsmen? Suspicion is not enough to smear a whole group of people. The politico-religious undertones of this hype are evident. As with Boko Haram, the politicians and priests are working hard to pit Christians against Muslims, Northern Nigeria against Southern Nigeria. We must be discerning, vigilant, and not believe easily. American politicians and priests conspired and blew up the New York Twin Towers, all in a bid to find a scapegoat in Bin Laden and Al Quaeda to justify their invasion and pillage of Iraq and Afghanistan. Politicians and priests are heartless and ruthless people who care only for themselves. Cheers!

  • Excisionist

    Pastor Martin Niemoller (1892–1984)

    First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for the Communists and I did not speak out because I was not a Communist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist.

    Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.

    In Nigeria, First they for the Igbos, then the Biroms and the whole of middle belt, then Hausa Shiite Muslims, now for the Idomas . . .

    All hands must now join together