Yobe Deputy Governor, Abubakar Ali, in auto crash in Kano

Onlookers at the scene of the accident.
Onlookers at the scene of the accident.

The deputy governor of Yobe state, Abubakar Ali, was on Monday involved in an auto accident along the Kaduna- Kano expressway.

A witness, Sunusi Abdul, told PREMIUM TIMES that the incident occurred in Daka-Tsalle town, along the expressway.

“The SUV he was travelling in had a head-on collision with a Toyota Avensis vehicle,” Mr. Abdul said. Fortunately, the deputy governor’s vehicle did not somersault, but the Toyota car was badly damaged and some of its occupants injured.”

Mr. Abdul, who said the accident occurred around 9:30 am, added that he also narrowly missed hitting Mr. Ali’s car.

He said the deputy governor’s convoy later continued its trip to Kano.

The accident happened a day after the Minister of State for Labour, James Ocholi, his wife and son died in a crash along the Kaduna-Abuja expressway.

Efforts to speak with the Yobe deputy governor was unsuccessful. He did not answer or return calls.

A source at the Government House in Damaturu however told PREMIUM TIMES that the accident occurred as Mr. Ali travelled to Kano for a condolence visit to the Kano State governor, Abdullahi Ganduje, who lost his mother on Friday.

The Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) is yet to comment on the accident.


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  • Cogito ergo sum

    Editor Premium Times,

    Was Minister Ocholi murdered?

    I have read yours and all other media accounts. I saw no clear-cut evidence of an accident. This is why.
    Even assuming that the driver of Minister Ocholi was overspeeding and pressed on the brakes suddenly,
    to cause the car to somersault, how come the driver suffered no skin bruises requiring hospital treatment?
    And how come the security car behind Minister Ocholi – which reportedly ran into Minister Ocholi’s car from
    the rear (according to some news reports) – did not report any injuries at all to any of that car’s occupants?
    I have raised these questions to enable the Police raise its gaze on other causes of death than a burst tyre.

    • PolyGon2013

      If it was collision with another vehicle, how come no one reported any injuries from the other vehicle. Something smells fishy here.

      • Danladee

        The Ocholi car somersaulted because of front tyre burst, please.

        • PolyGon2013

          Thanks for the information. I rest my case. May the souls of the departed rest in peace.

          • Otile

            It does not matter the color of the truck that ran him over. Good riddance for bad rubbish.

          • PolyGon2013

            No comment.

    • Sean

      Have thought as well some of the issues you raised here! Very concerning!

    • Shahokaya

      The driver and the orderly were sitting in front with their seat belts on. Always wear your seat belt while driving or been driven.

  • Artful ºDodger

    In a country where arrogance, ignorance and disregard for norms rules, misfortunes will always be the lot of the lawless. All these accidents are preventable if only people will drive with common sense.

    • Peter

      It is not only that. It seems that the Almighty God is taking it back on the voodoo party. Look at how Abubakar Audu died and now how the man that contested with him in the primaries for the governorship race is now said to have died. Equally curious is the hideous and unclear nature of Ocholi’s accident in which he, his son and his wife died. The Deputy Governor of Yobe by this media reort may have escaped death, I believe there is the Arrow of God at work to avenge the deceit that the evil perpetrators in APC have foisted on Nigeria.

      • Peter_Edo

        abeg go baff!!

  • Otile

    How come haughty politicians are causing lots of accidents under Imam Mohamed Buhari? Very soon Mohamed will issue a decree compelling passengers to clear the road for his politicians. Nigeria we hail thee.

    • tundemash

      Even when you are impotent, Buhari is to blame. What a powerful omnipotent man he is in your miserable life!

      • emmanuel

        your life is messed up. Bad roads and road users take quick dive to aoid pot holes discovered suddenly.
        Your case of insanity is not different from Buhari’s.
        Let him send the Lame Duck Fashola to take elementary Works Class from Onolemhemen.
        That guy was quinesstential!
        Buhari is rotting away with his clueless team and Nigeria is carrying the wieght of maggots overhead.

      • Otile

        Abubakar tundemash, what happened, have you degenerated this low? You are now defending Mohamed’s inability to grade roads. Is it ok for that people perish in multiple road accidents? Wallahi, the devil has taken the hindmost of you.

  • Ashibogu

    It is time sack the Head of Federal Road Safety Corps. He is not fit for purpose. No driver education, no safety compliance. Even blind people collect drivers license which they use for identification purposes. Blind men with drivers license! Only in Nigeria! People don’t know basic Road Safety Rules. They don’t even know what to do at Round Abouts. So, so sad!

    • emmanuel

      Mumu drive through Nigeria highway and come face-to- face with Trialers in their attempts to avoid deep pot holes they suddenly discovered and you would shut your dirty trap.
      The Roads are bad and Buhari is abroad all the time talking fables.


    The prayers of poor Nigerians are working. We expect those flying in the skies from country to country on tax payer’s money while Nigerians suffer from Islamic terrorist attacks and bad management of the economy to also be involved in this crashes. At least they are not owed any salaries since they all collect their salaries and bonuses in FULL. So they will have monies to treat themselves and bury themselves. Their planes can crash. Who cares!

    Dear God, please protect ALL the poor Nigerians especially those who have not been paid salaries for months. Protect them from any accidents no matter how benign. Give them sound health and vitality.

    May God bless the poor in the Islamic Republic of Nigeria.

    • Basketmouth

      You betrayed your name. Ecclesiastical is a misnomer in the context of your comment and mindset. There is nothing absolutely ecclesiastical about your thought because the people involved in these accidents are the fathers and husbands of some people. While I also will like to see our leaders live a frugal and austere life, it doesn’t go to the extent of wishing evil on them. Remember when you point a finger the rest four is pointing back at you. Purge yourself of evil thought.


        You are wrong my dear. They were first to wish us evil by their very evil and oppressive conducts far removed from the poverty stricken lifestyle and hardships we poor Nigerians face everyday. These men go in convoys of cars when they move on our roads. They fly private jets in the air. Even at airports we can’t see them because they pass through the VIP lounge. Even when they die the security around them is even higher. But there is one thing to which they are not immune. Death. Do these miscreants deserve to live to continue to maltreat us? Methinks it’s time we change our prayer strategy to reflect the very exigencies of the times.

        When Buhari budgets monies for himself and family in the Aso Rock presidential clinic 3 times more than all the teaching hospitals for 195 million Nigerians, then our prayers must change. When Kabiru Sokoto who killed over 78 persons in the Church bombings is sentenced to 20yrs and another Pastor who killed less than 10 persons is sentenced to death, then you have to change your prayer strategy and ask if these men are worthy to live amongst us?

        Drastic ailments deserve drastic treatment. I and many Nigerians that I know have long changed our prayer strategy. Honestly I wish them all Ebola.

        • Henry_Itopa

          You still don’t get his point. There is nothing ecclesiastical about wishing evil on another no matter the reason.

        • Okafor

          That’s the beauty of Democracy. Next general election change them.

        • Rommel

          If you did not pray like this when Jonathan Goodluck who was the worst thing that happened to Nigeria having presided over the highest number of violent deaths outside the civil war and looting that baffles the whole world was president,then your present prayer will reverberate only in your fathers compound.Amen !!!

        • Otile

          Your prayers are our prayers. We also wish them mass leprosy, meningitis, paralysis, and Arewa blindness. They deserve no peace. May their supporters and sympathizers share in their various ailments. Amen

    • Otile

      I say Amen and Amen. This is my kind of prayer.

    • kazkaz


    • Okafor

      This prayer will not 1 foot above your head, not to talk of going to heaven. I don’t your religion but I as a Christian know that the Almighty God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth and the Father of Our Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST will not hear such prayer not to talk of answering it.
      Deputy Governor I wish you speedy recovery. In Jesus’ Name. Amen

    • Whalerolex

      “Islamic Republic of Nigeria” Stop embarrassing yourself with comments like this. I am a Christian and have nothing against muslims. I have a mentor who is a Muslim. If you want to leave in an Islamic country, I will advise you move to Mali or Syria. You are one of the problems of Nigeria. Shame on you!

  • humm

    Stop speeding and overtaking cars. No need rushing to a destination you will eventually get you. It is getting there safely that matter not how fast you get there.

  • George

    the gathering of animals will never know peace

  • Rommel

    Road safety corps should step up their game and reign in careless and over zealous drivers,life has no duplicate,we lost more than enough souls in the wicked administration of Goodluck Jonathan to last Nigeria for 5 years so no more violent deaths

    • Whalerolex

      Is it only GEH that messed up Nigeria. Abeg the clueless man, came chop and left. Lets learn from voting just anyone into office simple under the assumption he will be better (same we doing with Buhari). Regarding the accidents, these politicians should focus on basic needs of people and not just sharing public funds.

    • kevenreal

      APC crooks are dying faster than you can shake a stick at them. The dullard might be next.

      • Rommel

        You might think you are being smart while in reality,you are gradually losing it,soon you will start picking empty cans along the road,watch it

        • kevenreal

          You might be the next APC thug to go.