How my son brought Ese Oruru to Kano – Yunusa Yellow’s father

Yunusa's father, Dahiru Bala, speaking to PREMIUM TIMES
Yunusa's father, Dahiru Bala, speaking to PREMIUM TIMES

The father of Yunusa Yellow, the alleged abductor of Bayelsa teenager, Ese Oruru, on Wednesday gave details of how his son met and took the teenager to Kano in 2015.

Dahiru Bala, 55, told PREMIUM TIMES in his Tofa village home in Kura Local Government Area of Kano State that sometime in 2015 his son called to inform him about his plan to come with Miss Oruru from Bayelsa State.

“When he told me about the plan to come with a girl from Bayelsa to Kano, I asked him not to,” the man said.

“But he insisted that Aisha had become a Muslim, fell in love with him and wanted to marry him. I still warned him against coming with her,” he said.

Mr. Yunusa’s father said his son, being the domestic servant of the Orurus, fell in love with their daughter and that both agreed to travel to Kano.

“Yunusa ran errands for Aisha’s family and at the same time riding commercial motorcycle to earn a living. They fell in love in the house and eloped to Kano,” he said.

Mr. Bala said while he had strictly opposed his son’s decision to come to Kano with Miss Oruru, his son informed him that the girl had threatened to commit suicide if she was not allowed to travel with Yunusa to Kano.

The house Miss Oruru spent her first night in Tofa village
The house Miss Oruru spent her first night in Tofa village

He said Ese decided to travel because he was afraid Yunusa was getting married to another person in Kano.

“Still, I warned him against coming with her,” the father said.

“Surprisingly, the boy called me the following day to announce his arrival with Aisha, saying they were on their way to my house.

“On hearing this, I then quickly rushed to our village head to inform him about the development.

“The village head then said I should take them to his house immediately after arrival. They arrived late at night, so she passed the night in my house.

“The following day, we went together to the village head of Tofa, who then led us to the house of his superior, the district head of Kura.

“On arrival at Kura, the district head studied the case and ordered that we be taken to the emir’s palace in the city.

“When we arrived at the palace, the emir was away in Saudi Arabia, but the Wambai of Kano [a senior councillor in the palace], directed a palace guard to take us to Shari’ah commission office. Aisha was then taken into custody by the Shari’ah office.

“From that day, the officials kept calling to draw our attention that she cried every day that she wanted to see my son.Yunusa Yellow's mother

“On Thursday same week, the family of Ese arrived from Bayelsa and on Friday the Emir came back from Saudi Arabia. Emir looked at the complication of the case and after interviewing the family of Ese, who told him that she was still 14 years old and she could not decide for herself, and since Ese was crying that her family might kill her because she converted to Islam, the Emir ordered that we were taken to the police office [Zone 1 Police Headquarters, Kano].

“At the police office, and before Ese’s family, the girl cried that her life was in danger and that she rather died than go back with her family. In sympathy, the police said Aisha should be taken back to Kura.

“Back in the village, I took her to the house of the district head. I refused to let them stay together in my house since they were not married.

“The district head then enrolled her in both Western and Islamic schools,” Mr. Bala said.

According to him, Miss Oruru accepted Islam in the house of the district head.

Miss Oruru was reunited with her family on Wednesday, following the intervention of the Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase, who ordered that she should be taken to Abuja, Nigeria’s capital where her mother joined her from Bayelsa.


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  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Islam is from the pit of hell.

    • Mc Fola

      May you spend your eternity there.

      I wonder if your pseudo brain functions (I can’t even ask if you have a brain). There is no religion except Islam and you can please die in your hatred of it and in debilitating anguish.

      This man has just made a rational explanation of not falling for his son’s gimmicks and took legal steps to address the issue and you can’t even try to be reasonable.

      • Ed

        Rational explanation???????? Are you on drugs?

        • sam

          This is a criminal offence.Yunusa should go to jail for a very long time. If you want to marry a girl, the sensible thing is to ask for her age and Yunusa knows clearly that the girl is 13 and still took her away from her parent and impregnated her. Even if the girl said the parent will kill her, Yunusa parent should have still contacted her parent to confirm and let police know immediately.

          • Otile

            Unfortunately fish rots from the head. Their heads Yerima married a minor from Egypt aged 12, Sanusi married another aged 17. Their leaders are deaf to our hurts.

          • Guest

            Hausa or Fulani no dey go jail for services to Islam o!

      • Otile

        May your daughters and sisters fall into the hands of raping Islamists. Ogbeni Fola say Amen.

      • TrueNja

        No wonder your religion is associated with terrorism.

    • Omilade

      I dont blame you because when u look at the behaviour of the Emir, District head, Father and Sharia head and their decisions then you begin to wonder and ask the very simple question: —Where is the place of Common sense, fairness and Justice? We thank God they didn’t cut her throat and call her an infidel.

      • peaceometer


    • peaceometer

      And Jesus (asw) was a muslim and practiced Islam as a religion. If not tell me the religion of Jesus (asw)

      • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

        You can’t be referring to my own Jesus.

        • peaceometer

          What’s the religion of your own Jesus (asw) the son of Mary? Proof to me and let me educate you with bible.

          • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

            You don’t know the difference between “proof” and “prove”. So, go and educate yourself first.

          • peaceometer

            What’s the difference?

          • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

            One is noun, while the other is verb.

          • peaceometer

            Thank you teacher

      • Guest

        Yet another dumb muslim (most likely NOT Yoruba)!
        Islam started about 600 years after Jesus had died and resurrected. So he could’nt have been a muslim, as Islam did not exist. That is one of the reasons most stories in the Koran are copied from the Old testament and New testament of the Torah and the Bible which have been in existence hundreds of years before the Koran, which muslims believe is a “revelation” to Prophet Mohammed.
        Jesus Christ was born a Jew. The religion of Jews is Judaism. Jesus came to point all mankind to a new relationship with God based on a once and for all time atonement for the sins of mankind. His followers were called ‘CHRISTIANS’ after his death. It simply meanS the followers of the ways of ‘CHRIST’.

        • peaceometer

          What was the religion of Jesus? No long story. Make your reference to the bible. Simple.

    • Guest

      Na now you know??
      up A-FEE-CEE!!

  • emmanuel

    This is clearly a Cock and Bull story written by a Lawyer who obviously did not also pass his WAEC exams too. The flaws in the story are too legion that even the dumbest of Olodos will easily spot the inconsistencies.

    1. Why did the Father not get the phone numbers of the parents of Ese and call them to express his disagreement with the kidnapping?
    2. Why did the police release the girl back to the STRANGERS?…even when her parents were already in Kano?
    3. Did the Emir not get feed back on this development?
    4. Would the Emir, Sharia office head and the Police who are all Muslims tolerate that had it been their daughter who was kidnapped at 13 and married to a Pastor in Bayelsa? Wouldnt churches have been burnt in protest?
    5. Why did all parties remain silent and allowed the parents of Ese to go through all this pains?
    6. Who will pay for the ill treatment and harassment meted out to Ese’s family by the Emir, Police and the Kidnapper and family?

    The Orurus should go to court without delay. They should not accept any out of court settlement. Period.

    “At the police office, and before Ese’s family, the girl cried that her life was in danger and that she rather died than go back with her family. In sympathy, the police said Aisha should be taken back to Kura.” ……..In other words, the police sanctioned the kidnapping.

    • Original_Raskal

      You forgot to add that Sanusi claimed that he wrote a letter to the police in August 2015 that the girl be returned to bayelsa, so how come the paedophile father skipped that bit of the story and also how come such letter was blatantly ignored by the police who instead gave the girl to Yanusi? Was there ever such letter? This story is all cock and bull!

    • Otile

      My brother, separation is the only solution. We are dealing with animals in human form with immoral religious doctrines. The Emir, Muslim police, Bala and his criminal kidnapper son, and in fact the whole Kura community who knew and abetted this crime are in cahoot with this kidnap and rape of a minor.

    • Okafor

      Please don’t call her Aisha. Her name is Ese. Immediately that higab should be removed. Annoyingly she was enrolled in Koranic school. I’m boiling in anger! Let us hear what the real AISHA will say, as she sometime said girls should marry at 19

      • aisha ani

        Abeg leave that side.

    • Dan Taraba

      Justice emmanuel,
      Yellow is an Aboki riding Achaba(Motorcycle) in Ese’s Village and House, they started their love story right from Bayelsa………………………Ask any Benue Mna near you how do we Marry? Simple Abduct your lover and pay later if she tests find( this acceptable with more than 100 Tribes in Nigeria. We are not form the MOON. Suffice it to say that Oruru too Maried Ese’s Mother that way, What is new

  • Ahmed Liasu

    The case is clear, the girl eloped with her lover and not abduction. Yes, she is not ripe to take such decision and she has been reunited with her family. Yunusa Yellow should walk freely as no crime have been committed.

    • Mayo

      Who says no crime has been committed? Since the girl is a minor, it is the job of the boy as the adult to have refused for her to go to Kano with him. You can argue that ‘abduction’ was not intentional but to say no crime was committed is wrong because under the law, it is an abduction.

      In addition, this is only one side of the story from the boy’s father. This still has to be verified that this is what happened.

    • Original_Raskal

      pig! you will die like a chicken!

    • Wetin Naija

      Hausa people with cow brain. How can 13 years old minor fall in love. You people are dumb

      • TrueNja

        With the exception of Christian Hausas, the rest are dumb.

        • Guest

          Mostly true.
          Point of correction, though there are indigeneous Hausa and Fulani christians, the majority of the millions of Christians in the North belong to hundreds of other tribes-From the Zuru in Kebbi State to the Margi in Borno and downwards to the borders of Southern Nigeria. Unfortunately, they all tend to be referred to as Hausa by Southerners. This may however be to the wide usage of Hausa language as a lingua franca, not just in Nigeria, but across most West and Central African countries.

    • Nonsoufo eze

      may it happen to your daugther at 13

      • Ahmed Liasu

        Thanks. The Saint.

    • Otile

      What kind of justice is this, that a little girl was kidnapped by an adult, then after her rescue the kidnapper should be applauded and allowed to walk freely. Only in Buhari’s Nigeria can this happen. Nigeria should separate. Nonsense.

      • Okafor

        ‘Yellow’ was the only person she knows even as her abductor, among those strangers in a strange land. We in the south do things differently. I as a father would’ve personally returned the girl to her parents the next day. She is a minor and requires protection. Hear the story: From village head to the district head to the Emir and to the Sharia council. Instead of reporting to the police immediately knowing the scandal. We are operating on different frequency with our northern brothers. Yellow’s father failed woefully as a father.

        • Peter

          Reporting to those authorities, i.e., “village head to the district head to the Emir and to the Sharia council”, is like a situation where you picked up a package in the street of Kano. Nonsense. The man is wishy-washy. You can tell his background from his homestead.

    • TrueNja

      This is the reason why most Muslims from the north are backward.


      Did you read what you wrote? why are you people this backward?

    • Guest

      But southerners fell for their anti-KWARAPSHON gimmick and happily handed power over to them. Una neva see anytin yet!

  • Otile

    I can’t bear the thought of the little girl Ese being constantly raped behind the walls of those mud houses shown here. The thought is unbearable.

    • forestgee

      …terrible. The result is out; she’s 5 months pregnant. That should be 50 years in prison for Yunusa

    • Omoba1

      She wasn’t raped. They made love. Didn’t you read the Yunusa’s father. The pregnancy has complicated a lot of things.

      • Otile

        This a clear case of statutory rape.

      • TrueNja

        What love, a 13 yrs old girl? May almighty God let what happened to Ese be your daughter(s) portion.

      • FormerNigerian

        It’s rape. She is 13 years old.

  • Wetin Naija

    Hausa people with cow brain. How can 13 years old minor fall in love. You people are dumb. A 13 years old kid can be deceived and manipulated with anything. This is horrible to read

  • Angry Niaja

    This story doesn’t make sense, so Ese said she would commit suicide, that’s why they kept her. The Emir, the village head, Yinusa’s father, the police all have a case to answer. I have young children, so if my child tells me he wants to drink alcohol, would I give to him, of course no, if he decides to cry for hours, let it be so, but as a responsible adult I would not give in to the request. All these stories, from The Emir and all involved is an after thought.

    • Rumournaire

      You’re spot on. Furthermore, how could they accept a child’s claim to conversion to Islam without her parent’s consent? It is gross irresponsibility in high places. Why did Yinusa’s father not contact the girl’s parents when his son turned up in Kano with her? What was the business of the village head? If your son shows up in your house with a girl he claims he wants to marry, the responsible thing to do is to ask if the girl’s parents agree to it, and you speak with the girl’s parents – not you village head!

      • Omoba1

        Nna those people no dey reason like you o

      • Dan Taraba

        Rumounaire, Pls Travel and learn, in the north we report community matters to community leaderships and not just judgements like calling the parents, after all where do you expect them to get the phone number et.c.

        • Rumournaire

          If you want to know, I schooled and lived in the north for at least 20 years, so I know the culture and I know about involvement of village heads in dispute settlements. In fact, I lived and worked in Kano for several years and I am familiar with all those neighbourhoods – Wudil, Hotoro, etc. (I consider myself to be one of the most traveled Nigerians. I have been to EVERY state in Nigeria.) You really think Yinusa’s father did not have a phone? Did you read his story? Did you read where he said his son called him several times to say he was coming with the girl? How did his son call him?

          If your 18-year-old son drives a Mercedes Benz 500 into your compound and says that a certain Uncle Salim gave it to him as a gift, is it your village head you would contact to confirm if it is true? Common sense says you would contact Uncle Salim – nothing to do with your village head!

        • Guest

          Your son, living far away, comes home with a girl he wants to “marry” and the first thing you do is to contact your Village head and not the parents because it is a “community matter”?? How about personal responsibility for once?
          I guess all the actors (Parents, Village head, District Head, Emir, Sharia commission, Police) are complicit in this matter because of the attraction of the possibility of conversion of one “arne” (especially from Bayelsa) to islam. This happens all the time in the north.
          The catch in this matter is the girl is underaged, therefore the reponsible thing that ought to have been done by all the actors in this case is to return her to her parents.
          If Yellow, truly loves her, why cant he continue to live in Bayelsa till she is of age and ask for her hand in marriage from her parents, like all responsible men should do? Is that too much to expect of a Hausa commercial motorcyclist cum domestic servant?
          BTW, has anyone noticed the abject poverty demonstrated in the photographs of her “in-laws” house? Love, must indeed be very blind!!

      • FormerNigerian

        Because islamists have no respect for anyone outside their religion.

    • TrueNja

      I concur, stories from Emir Sanusi , police AIG for Kano and this wicked Yunusa Yellow”s father are after thought. They should all be jailed.

  • Alpha

    cock and bull story

  • Ha

    The words ‘abduction’ and ‘kidnapping’ only reached the North very recently, five years ago, maybe. These words are synonymous with the words South, South-East, South-South, Niger-Delta, etc. Those at the other side of the country have really taught the North a bad business.

    • Alhaji yusuf

      Because it has always been a norm in the north to kidnap, while it is a crime in the South

  • item7

    In as much as we condemn Yellow Yennusu for the “abduction” of Ese, We should ask questions on the environment and situation that nurtured Ese into delving in adult game. I know she was just thirteen at the time of abduction but she contributed to all episodes of this unfolding drama. The pregnancy issue have changed the equation. From every available report she preferred staying back in Kano. It is my suggestion that she should be nurtured by the government to reach 18 years and be allowed to make an informed decision. On yellow it will be counterproductive to dump him in cell or prison for an act of unguarded and guided endeavor. He should reprimanded and allowed to go and work for the unborn baby. Probably in the next for years Ese will be ripe to answer Aisha.

    • Otile

      Death to crooked thinking
      Death to all Islamist rapists

      • Hans Oreva

        ahaha ur blind hate is making you scream Death like all is not well upstairs

        • Otile

          No use responding to a madman.

    • TrueNja

      May the same faith befall your daughters

  • ed

    Premiumtimesng is engaged in white watch of Islamic Sharia evil acts. Yesterday you first feed us with a false story of Mrs. Mohammed interview Ese with a story that didn’t add up. You fail to disclose the fact that the kidnapped victim had been rape and impregnated by the kidnapper.
    You’re losing your hard earned credibility.
    You’re free to promote sharia law and rules. Or justify the unjust all you want.
    Premiumtimesng is not entitled to your own facts.
    The common sense should tell you to get the story of the living victim and her parent. Stop feed us with half baked lies.

  • North/West Allies

    It is clear to me that this premiumtimes is a big disgrace, trying to paint this evil news good. God don’t catch una…infarct this is the last time I will visit this site

  • McAlfred Uta

    I believe Premium Times is trying to exonerate someone in high place. If this is so I can only say goodluck to you. But a discerning mind will pick lots of hole on the story of Yunusa’s father and could have asked some questions especially with pregnancy now forming part of the conundrum. Since your reporter failed to do so and the editor published what he turned in, you can now define your own values with regard to journalism.

  • Fairgame

    After reading this story all I can say is God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob please deliver Nigeria from these perverts …from the kidnapper Yinusa to his Father to their district head to the emir to the shariah council to the police accomplices. All perverts. It is the code of pedophilia that has existed in the north for decades among Hausa Fulani Moslems that this Ese’s case has exposed just a little and is threatening to expose. May God expose this disease and ugliness in those so called palaces in the north where girls are used for sex rituals and depraved sex orgies. May God set Nigeria free.

    • Guest

      Which God wan deliver you when you willingly and happily voted them in so that they will fight KWARAPSHON and rebuild NAJERIYA for you??
      I voted PDP not because I agree with the corruption of the PDP, but because of the subtle islamic subtext of the APC which I consider to be of greater existential threat than corruption. You can fix corruption, but cant fix ideology and a way of life.

  • FormerNigerian

    When children are victims of pedophiles, they report on being groomed. Grooming is the process of brain washing a child to allow defilement by the pedophile. This is what has happened in this case. Islamic perverts then paint this as love. Very soon the poor child will come to her senses and realise what has happened to her, ie, violation and forced conversion. She’s no different from the Chibok girls and the girls snatched from their school in Lagos this week.

  • Rommel

    So this is the rat hole that this girl went to stay? this place is still like the days of Othman dan fodio

  • Peter

    This Dahiru Bala, the father of the criminal abductor is an accomplice. The whole cock and bull story was what his lawyer educated him to feed the police as his statement but in his illiterate life, he failed to piece the lies together where the whole thing could have made some little sense. I bet you the girl was charmed in the usual Fulani tradition to the extent that she will deny her own parents and even forget her own identity. Both father and son, including all those village heads mentioned together with that criminal emir that stole CBN blind, should be prosecuted. They should be tried in Bayelsa State where the crime took place.

  • Peter

    Good for you so that you use the forum for all that it is established to do – to peddle lies, falsehood and hatred among Nigerians while extolling evil acts being perpetrated by PT sponsors.

  • Netanyahu

    “In sympathy, the police said Aisha should be taken back to Kura”. This is all made up. What nonsense! Why didn’t the police return a minor to her parents instead they returned her to Kura. Is she from Kura? The father and all the jihadist village heads are accomplices and should be tried with yinusa. These lies will be shown for what they are when the girl regains herself. She was badly hypnotized and charmed. These awusa/foolani are very diabolical.

  • Netanyahu

    At least the arewa has one nonentity that can use the computer. Go ahead and defend your stupidity and bestiality.

  • magogo

    The hausas and fulanis are fund of using magic charms to get any woman they want. They simply go to their witch doctors, which they call “baba”, and he gives them something to hypnotize the woman. I’m sure that’s what he did to the girl.

  • North/West Allies

    Leech, your dirty parasitic @ss will die in hell

  • Comfortkay

    Looking at Ese (now Aisha) the Chibo girls must be mothers by now if in 8 months of abduction she (Ese) is 5 months pregnant and she did not go to school. There is something wrong with different laws in this country.The police should comply the abduction case and hand over as quickly as possible to the prosecutor.