Nigeria’s electricity output in sharp fall to 2,800MW — Regulator

Power Lines [Photo:]
Power Lines [Photo:]

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has said that power supply through the national grid which peaked to 5000mw in past two weeks had dropped below 2,800mw due to vandalism.

Anthony Akah, the Acting Chief Executive Officer of the commission disclosed this while signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the Consumer Protection Council (CPC).

In a statement issued on the ceremony by Usman Abba-Arabi, Head, Public Affairs Department of NERC, on Wednesday, Mr. Akah expressed dissatisfaction and worries over the spate of vandalism in the power sector.

It stated that the NERC boss enjoined the public and the CPC to collaborate with Distribution Companies (DISCOs) and security agencies to safeguard electrical installations.

The statement also said that the NERC would soon compel the DISCOs to publish their meter deployment schedules.

It added that the publication would ensure adherence to the meter roll out plan contained in the performance agreement signed with government by the utility firms.

“Such publication will make unmetered customers to be aware of the estimated period they have to wait before they can be metered,’’ it stated.

The statement stated that NERC had issued warning to the DISCOs against wrongful estimated billings and acts of compelling customers to buy, install and repair transformers and poles.

The statement said the MoU between, NERC and CPC was part of concerted efforts to reduce the incidence of estimated billing completely.

According to the statement, the Director General of CPC, Mrs. Modupe Atoki, commended NERC for the long standing relationship between the two agencies.

Atoki, according to the statement, expressed CPC’s cooperation and renewed effort to protect electricity consumers from abuse of their rights.



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  • Paul Young

    Everything seems to be going south at the same time. I hope the Government acts fast

    • Otile

      You mean acting fast as in finishing Nigeria off?

      • Paul Young

        I’d rather see the glass as half full than half empty thank you. I am an optimist


    Nigeria is still going round in circles—————-rahter than have us rent THE BRITISH or the Americans to put things right—we are here dancing dan maria goje song with buhari—no head no tail

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    This is the CHANGE that APC and senile, illiterate certificate forger and perjurer MuhamMADu (alias Customs and Exercise, French Franc, Deutch Mark and President Michelle of Western Germany) Buhari promised Nigerians!!!

    • Rommel

      Possibly you are among those unpatriotic citizens who are responsible for these things


        The suffering is probably going to get worse because the present administration is so confused. When they came ,they thought governance was all about locking people up .or shooting unarmed protesters.

        • Rommel

          I can understand now that you people have decided to make Nigeria ungovernable,I only feel sorry for the families that will be wrecked by this economic sabotage and government counter offensive to instill discipline in Nigeria,to the civilized world,the black stereotype is still very much unchanged,I am happy you must have heard what Lord Lugard wrote in his dual mandate about us as a people,sort of the wikileaks of those day,check and see if the man’s assessment of us is not accurate at least 80%, the president has my support in prosecuting the war against corruption and lawlessness,so they can blow up gas pipelines as much as they want,it will not stop the prosecution and Tompolo would be fished out soon irrespective of what many think.All these corruption /ethnic agitations will not derail Nigeria,if you are happy with the way Nigeria is,I am not


            I say,the federal system is a failure,let’s revert to regional governance and make the centre weak. People are fed up with being alienated from the centre.The only time Nigeria experience real progress on all fronts was during the regional governance of the 60s,there was more zeal to develop the hinterland and there was a healthy competition amongst the regions on development.

            Do not forget that the tribal mosaic of Nigeria was taken into consideration when the regional system was adopted in the constitutional conference held in London before independence. As long as the present system of waste which lives a lot of room for looters to operate is in place,we shall keep going round in circles.Every 4 years ,there will be a do-or-die battle for the centre which is operated on a winner take all basis,Buhari style and we will go back to square 1 and start again.

          • Rommel

            Meaning you are advocating for federalism as was obtainable in the 60’s before the military intervened and introduced unitary system for which Ironsi was killed and yet Gowon refused to revert back to ironically,federalism was the only reason why the north agreed to join Nigeria for independence but today,they don’t want to hear anything about it instead preferring this pseudo federalism with the help of the Niger delta who for decades were lap dogs to northern Nigeria oligarchs,today the table has turned,the mumu have become wise and we are now struggling

  • arewethishopeless

    The silence of the minister is ‘deafening’. He should be out explaining the situation to the public and measures being taken to remedy the situation. The minister should know better. If you are over-worked please say so. The problem started over a week ago and no official comment till now …..

  • Kevin Peter

    This is serious indeed. I thought the “body language” of Mr President should have scared all sorts of “vandals” from our society. Worst still is the current megawatts expected to have reached over 5000 under the current change mantra! Surely, the last administration should not be held liable for this.

  • North/West Allies

    I really don’t know if we are going forward or backwards in this country

    • FreeNigeria

      “peaked to 5000mw in past two weeks had dropped below 2,800mw.” Hope you know where we are going now

    • Otile

      It is self-induced backwardness. Nigerians have capable young men and women who can lead them both at Aso Rock and House of Assembly instead they went for the dull old cargo in the person of Imam Mohamed Buhari. People deserve the kind of leader they get.

      • longben

        True to type. a relative of mine who was screaming “sai Buhari” on the phone everytime we spoke just over a year ago called this evening to demand a little “change” through western union from me because the situation according to him, has become so unbearable that he might be forced to do something nasty to himself if no “change” comes from my angle as soon as possible. No electricity, no fuel to power his i-pass-my-neighbour ( heard the HEAT in Nigeria is terrible right now) and his salary has not been paid three months in a row. True to type too, i told him to stew a bit more in his “change” pot-pouri and while at it, cook himself a pot of “change” rice to go with the stew. Funny thing is, instead of enjoying their “change” they are busy looking for us anti change mugus to salvage their sorry asses. Me and western union na enemies for now.

  • evidence

    When Jonathan complained of sabotage then, Fashola vilified him and said if he was given the opportunity, in six months he would improve power beyond expectation. Providence has smiled on Fashola and has given him the opportunity to perform his magic, instead he increased tarrif by 45% and told us to swallow the bitter pill. Now power has dropped even lower than where Jonathan left it. Fashola, how far? ‎

    • Ahmed Liasu

      A million gbosa for you. The present occupant of Aso Rock have lost control.

  • Rommel

    Time has come for shoot at sight orders for utilities vandalization

    • longben

      Bros, you nor get shame? Even small?


      Buhari is a failure in governance,Shooting at sight does not provide electric power.

  • Isi Agwo

    The illiterate and certificate forger, terrorist president Bokohari, is not slow. He is moving very fast – on reverse gear.

  • Dazmillion

    I am ashamed of this country. Heathrow airport alone generates 5000MW for its use and here we are, a nation of 150 million people, an oil producing country, grappling with 2000MW and talking about vandals as if they are some sort of spirits that cannot be seen.

    Shame on all our past leaders, both living and dead. Shame on our current leaders and shame on all the goats chopping all the yam in this country.

    • Ahmed Liasu

      1,000 gbosa

    • Dr.Dan

      Its a shame. The same story year in year out. Circling the same spot without progress. Until we restructure this country and practice true federalism we will be going round this circle of ineptitude. Rich states like Lagos, Rivers should be allowed to generate power and transmit within the state. This centralized system is not working and will never work.

  • McAlfred Uta

    This aint looking any better. Aren’t Nigerians in for hard times considering the current fuel scarcity that will make the alternative “I pass my neighbour” impossible. Can Fashola consider thermal power as the viable alternative for now even with all the hazards associated with pollution of the atmosphere. Come to think of it these are the hottest months all over the country. May God save the downtrodden and vulnerable members of the public.


      Thermal is environmentally destructive,Nigeria has abundant gas,liberalise the ownership of gas plants and build the infrastructure. Every state should invest in a gas plant of at least 1000 MW and the federal government should allow individuals to invest freely in the sector on PPP basis.


    ..While Fashola is going round in circles looking for contracts to inflate and award. Most regions in South Africa generate more than 2800MW.

  • Luke






  • favourtalk

    It can only be God that will safe us, we are in this world when PDP privatized the companies under nepa for personal benefits and friends. That is why it hasn’t worked well so far

  • aiyeniromo

    lets profer solutions to issues and stop abusing others. This is what this platform is all about.

  • ed

    The love of country is hard for Nigerian to display in the presence of calamities unaddressed by the President.
    Over three hundred Nigerian were killed. Their farms and homes are currently under Islamic Fulani herdsmen terrorist control in the last week in the middle belt.
    President Buhari pretend as if he’s elected to impose sharia rules and transfer Nigeria to Fulani / Boko Haram colony.
    Poor and failing power supply is a direct result of a government that lost focus on the solution to Nigeria problem.
    To solve a problem you must first understand the source of the problem.
    Nigeria is a basket case because Nigerian are not in the business of solving Nigeria problem. We’re only interested in advancing our own personal agenda.
    President Buhari’s personal agenda is to impose Sharia rule on the nations. The other issues are secondary.
    We have the capacity to generate more than enough power for our needs.
    That can only be done with application of common sense solution. That means using what we have to get what we want.
    We have gas but we lack the flexibility to use it for our own advantage. We’re looking for solution to come from outside our country.
    The truth is that Nigerian are making things happen around the world. Corruption and backwardness of our leaders continue to make it impossible for Nigerian to use our own talent and know how’s to solve Nigeria problem.
    Why can’t Buhari shelf the idea of Sharia and stay home to address the restlessness in the Niger Delta.
    Why should a real government allow Fulani’s herdsmen to go about killing unarmed farmers and take over their property. The logic that Nigeria armed forces are in place to protect the Fulani’s interest only is troubling.
    Nigerian need to address the sources of our problem.

  • Nigeria4u

    Buhari’s government is not proactive, always giving excuses without apologies. Buhari’s government is very good in INTIMIDATING and MANIPULATING Nigerians, it is just like a scam. They can not inspire Nigerians.