N6billion spent on new Vice President’s residence a waste of resources — VP Osinbajo

Professor Yemi Osinbajo, Vice President of Nigeria

There is no need for a new residence for the Vice President as the current one, called Aguda House, is up to standard with enough space and well managed, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has said.

The Vice President said this on Friday while responding to questions at the Pastors and Leaders Retreat of the Fountain of Life Church, Ilupeju, Lagos.

Mr. Osinbajo said the N6 billion already spent on the project was a misapplication of fund but added that with the level of construction already done, it would not be abandoned.

He said the present administration would complete it but consider putting it to other use.

“There is no need for a new Vice President’s house; it is a kind of waste; we are now in a situation where we cannot abandon it; it has to be completed and used for a different thing,’’ he said.

The Vice President also explained the misunderstanding about the State House Medical Centre which he said was not only for workers at the state house.

He said it was a general hospital with a lot of facilities and serving all Nigerians, adding that he would prefer that it be further equipped to provide higher medical services to those in need.

Mr. Osinbajo debunked insinuation of lack of data in the country, saying the Nigeria Bureau of Statistics had enormous data resources rated highly by the World Bank and other international agencies.

He, however, said that the country had yet to have adequate data.

He added that the intention of government was to aggregate the scattered data in INEC, CBN, National Population Census Commission into one by the National Identity Card Management Commission.

He also said the education sector lacked not only standards but adequacy of institutions which led to Nigerians sponsoring their children abroad for tertiary education.

He explained that while 1.8 million Nigerians sat for university entrance examination yearly, only about 300,000 were offered admission due to dearth of universities.

He said the government was planning to convert many of the existing universities into centres of excellence and support the private sector in the running of universities to enable more Nigerians to have access to tertiary education.

He said infrastructure development was key in the administration which informed the voting of 30 per cent of the 2016 appropriation to capital projects.

Mr. Osinbajo added that the Ministry of Industry had 18 months mandate to improve the ease of doing business.

He, however, said the Bank of Industry was collaborating with other financial institutions to bring down the interest rate on loans for small businesses.

The VP said the judicial system was replete with problems which needed the collaboration of the states and the Federal Government to make it faster and enable more Nigerians to obtain justice.

Before responding to questions, Mr. Osinbajo had said that what the country needed was truth and integrity which the Church should spearhead.

“The Church is where the truth is; the Church has the answer to the nation’s problems; one of the problems of our society is integrity,’’ he said.

He explained that the corruption in the country was not caused because a few individuals chose to be corrupt but that the entire system was built around lack of integrity.

Mr. Osinbajo said the country would be great again but noted that the foundation for the greatness had to be laid with a lot of pains.

“Unless we tackle graft, we may not be able to achieve something.

“The Federal Government in the past 10 years could not build a single new road, not repairing existing ones alone.

“Now we have a President who will not steal money and who will not allow anybody to steal money,’’ he said.

Mr. Osinbajo said the nation lacked the capacity to get things done which was difficult to understand but “with God on our side, our country will set the pace for Africa”.

“Our people are ready to do it and they can do it but they are waiting for the right kind of leadership.

“I know why you are praying for us is that this is a good opportunity to get it right and we don’t want to miss this chance.’’

Taiwo Odukoya, the leader of the Church, asked Christians to continue to pray for the administration as Nigeria had a great future.

He said the present administration would lead the people to a more prosperous and secure nation.

Earlier, Mr. Osinbajo had preached at the burial service for his childhood friend, Bola Omotesho, at the Olive Parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Banana Island, Lagos.

He urged Nigerians to lead good lives to rest in peace as there was actually no peaceful rest for a bad soul in spite of the earthly prayers offered for the soul.

He said the late Mr. Omotesho lived lives worthy of emulation and having been born again since 1994 and living it until he died, God would accept his soul.(NAN)


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  • Rommel

    What the VP is the gospel truth,no new roads were constructed by the Jonathan administration,only indiscriminate awarding of fake road rehabilitation contracts to cronies and shell companies in the name of transformation agenda,it’s a shame

    • Factsay

      Thats a big lie.

      • Julius

        Name me the roads that were constructed under Jonathan. Not maintenance, lane expansions. Just new roads

        • Factsay

          East west. Kano to maiduguri

          • Julius

            lolz. Okay .

    • MilitaryPolice01

      take it easy,you are beginning to breathe,sleep,dream and eat Jonathan..even VP that made the statement did not tell such lie.Can you put your hand on your chest and swear that no new roads were constructed under Jona,one day you people will blame your inability to perform bedroom marital duties on Jonathan

      • Rommel

        You would have helped me by mentioning any instead of this….

      • Baba B

        I would have expected you to name the new roads in this your response rather respond with gibrish

        • MilitaryPolice01

          taah keep quiet there,that type of yeye logic doesnt play with me,if you are confident the man built no roads for six years swear and then I will name at least 10 roads for you

          • Baba B

            You surely must be a daft as this comment. Because I think it would have been easier to just name the roads in question and save yourself the headache you have brought upon yourself for no reason. Perhaps the roads are in your village. MUMU!

  • Olu

    If dem no build new buildings and fake roads, wetin dem go steal. AWON olé gbogbo! VAGABONDS!

  • Factsay

    How can sick person get access to aso rock clinic passing all security details of aso rock?

    • Julius

      Maybe they will set up a system that can allow that.

      • Factsay

        With boko?

        • Julius

          No, with the bravest IPOB soldiers !

  • Invitro

    Editor Premium Times,

    The water bed mansion of Alhaji Kayode Fayemi in Ekiti

    Nigeria’s kleptocrats’ squander-mania was signalled in Ekiti state under Kayode Fayemi whose recklessness, ironically, got him a Ministerial job under Buhari’s double standard. The successor government in Ekiti state found the state house that Fayemi built obscene and has refused to use it in good conscience. This is another instance of the same irresponsible instinct to steal by awarding bogus elephant project contracts. We are being told by Yemi Osinbajo that the Buhari will
    fund the obscene six (6) billion Naira project to completion but will revolt against it when completed as a corrupt waste.
    Who gains from the infamy across the land? The man who awarded the contract and the contractor are the gainers.

    • Artful ºDodger

      Since you are stup1d, what would you rather they do? Abandon the project because you bastard igbos have issues with godliness and the fact that someone has already gained from it? If you have grown a brain yet you would have been able to know it is better to complete the house and put the it to other use than abandoning it like you are suggesting. Moron!

  • q & a


  • MilitaryPolice01

    I have always said it that apc and pdp are the same thing,the same rogue elements that have dragged us on the floor for over 16 years, can you pour coca cola into pepsi bottle and call it Pepsi drink ? mbanu you cant it is still going to taste like coke. Only Mallam Buhari and Prof Osibanjo are serious about anti-corruption in this govt and am happy that both of them are at the topmost echelon of enforcing things.I can imagine what Atiku or Sambo would have done with the 6 billion if they were the ones on seat ajo ife nesi

    • Artful ºDodger

      Another igbo moron!

  • favourtalk

    That is the best the past government offered Nigerians when we needed them most, they were just satisfying thier own pleasure. Thank God we voted them out

    • REDEEM

      For how much—at least Jonathan never stole budget from the Senate at night

      • Artful ºDodger

        No, he didnt, he is Ijaw and couldnt have done that. But that does not take away the fact that you igbos are bastard sons of whores with hypocrisy for mentality!

  • Sir Louis

    Thank you VP. Please get the President to investigate those behind the construction of the outrageously expensive new Vice President’s residence, and get them to book in the name of Change and anti- corruption.


      If with Corruption:under Jonathan • Dollar was 180 and without Corruption under the Luciferic rule of Buhari, Dollar is now 425 • Rice was N8,500 and without corruption it is now N12,500 • Pampers was N1,450 and without corruption it is now N1,850 • Petrol was N87 and available; without corruption it is now N120 and scarce • Garri was N250, without corruption it is now N500 • Transportation was N500 Lagos – Ibadan, without corruption it is now N800 • Poor Electricity, tariff was not increased during corruption, now about 40% tariff increase without corruption but worst power supply • Presidency Food was N1billion, but without corruption it is now N2billion • Presidential Jets maintenance was N600/ year, now N2.5billion in just 4 months without corruption • Aso Rock Clinic maintenance was N500million, now N3.9billion without corruption. • Vice President was paid N75million for reading just books; without corruption the Vice President will be paid N430million • We didn’t pay rent in Aso Rock; without corruption we will be paying a rent of N350million to an invisible landlord. • Rats never ate our budgets, but rats now snuggle fictitious unimaginable figures into our budgets without corruption Brother and Sisters, you will agree with me that one way or the other, we need corruption in this country via Jonathan -before APC kills Nigeria with their own brand of packaging corruption! Open your brains, not all dogs are straight! # For under Jonathan” the Hips of our women never told us lies–He had respect for the Rule Of law–But now it is total disregard for court orders-The armed forces now send their personnel to be detained by Efcc—–The Nigerian Bar Association ati the Judiciary are being treated like motor park touts—-by Buhari via Efcc—-what a country– what a shame-

  • 9ja is finsihed under buhari

    These APC liars have started with their lies again—If it is a waste then why invest money into it again? Besides which ordinary Nigerian citizen would be allowed into the Aso rock clinic? The same Clinic whose over 3b budget, Buhari said was padded by civil servant is the one that a Pastor of the Redeem Church, is lying to Nigerians that will accomodate—–every Tom, Dick and Harry in Nigeria? Which Nigerian does not know about the tight security arrangement in aso rock? When will these so callped Pastors stop sellling lies to the masses———Most especially inside churches–where they are supposed to be guided by the Holy Spirit—what a shame

    • Artful ºDodger

      When you are igbo with an evil spirit reconfigured brain you begin to reason from your anus because deep down your brain is laced with mediocrity, hypocrisy, acute ignorance and f00lishness! Continue to stew in your hate and mediocre propaganda you were brought up with. By the time you realize your life is as useless and meaningless as the very word itself you would have been long gone beyond redemption. Enjoy and accept my sympathy o!

      • Danjuma

        This one sounds like APC / Buhari’s hired thug. See how he is spewing out rot everywhere. What a pity.

  • Excisionist

    Why did they not ask him what he is doing about Buhari’s Islamization of Nigeria ?

    • Artful ºDodger

      Oh, they did not ask him because the people at the service unlike you were not morons with hypocrisy for mentality!

      • Excisionist

        “Artful Dodger” Oh !, that was in primary school literature. lol

  • Excisionist

    ” The Vice President also explained the misunderstanding about the State House Medical Centre which he said was not only for workers at the state house.

    He said it was a general hospital with a lot of facilities and serving all Nigerians, adding that he would prefer that it be further equipped to provide higher medical services to those in need. ”

    REALLY ?