SHOCKING: Nigerian govt sidelines own regulator, NCC, strikes secret deal with MTN, collects N50 billion

MTN Nigeria office

The Ministry of Communications on Friday confirmed it collected N50 billion from MTN Nigeria on behalf of the Federal Government as part payment for the N780 billion fine imposed by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC).

The NCC had in October 2015 sanctioned MTN, one of Nigeria’s largest mobile operator, for failing to disconnect 5.1 million improperly registered lines within a prescribed deadline.

MTN thereafter challenged the fine at the Federal High Court, Lagos, but announced on Wednesday that it was settling out of court with the government.

MTN Nigeria’s Chief Executive Officer, Ferdi Moolman, announced in a statement on Wednesday that the company was withdrawing the case and making a “good faith” payment of N50 billion.

“This is a most encouraging development. It demonstrates a willingness and sincerity by both parties to work together towards a positive outcome,” Mr. Moolman said.

But the decision to settle out of court along with the payment of N50 billion appeared to have been shrouded in secrecy, as the NCC, the regulatory agency at the centre of the issue, saying its management was unaware of the deal.

Hours after Mr. Moolman’s announcement, the Director of Communication, NCC, Tony Ojobo, told PREMIUM TIMES exclusively his Commission was unaware of MTN’s decision to withdraw its court case, and the payment of N50 billion to the Nigerian government.

“We (NCC) are not privy to it (agreement to withdraw a case from court and pay N50 billion by MTN). We do not have anything to do with it. We do not have any evidence of payment of any money to the Nigerian government. There is no invoice to that effect. We have also not gotten any official information or confirmation that they have withdrawn their case in court,” Mr. Ojobo said.

“We have not even met to take a decision like that. There was no discussion whatsoever with NCC on the matter. MTN has not even met with the committee that was set to discuss these issues. We do not know the basis on which they arrived at the N50 billion they claim to have paid. We are just hearing it in the news like every other person” he added.

However, in a telephone interview with PREMIUM TIMES on Friday, the spokesperson to the Minister of Communications, Victor Oluwadamilare, confirmed the N50 billion was actually received by the ministry on behalf of government.

“I can confirm to you that MTN Nigeria has paid the sum of N50 billion to the federal government as part payment for the fine,” Mr. Oluwadamilare said. “I am sure during the coming week, further negotiations would hold on the matter. MTN wants to negotiate with the federal government. As a listening administration, government is willing to listen.”

He also confirmed that the suit against NCC had been withdrawn by MTN to pave the way for further discussions.


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  • udemeobong

    Because no one respects the law. That is corruption and inferiority complex syndrom that is also a major virus in our country. South Africa dictating for Nigeria. Wonders shall never end!!!

  • udemeobong

    Where is our common national pride as a (disunited) nation?

  • Logically speaking

    This will only encourage impunity from other foreign companies. The ministry would have allowed NCC to do their job.

  • Höly Wähala

    So much for a government of probity that parades a Law Professor VP who himself holds major share interest in MTN and is friends with those corrupt SA Zulus, this is a direct affront on our extant laws which Osinbajo should know in his professional capacity. Cutting a deal that burns the rubber on Nigerians if allowed to stand is outrageous and a further proof this Govt. is not serious with her war against graft and corporate corruption. Anyway, this report also says futher talks are in the works, I will wait for the talks to prove fruitful and further financial settlement made to obviate the need for wasteful and prostracted court processes. Prof. Osinbajo was also involved in the illegal and secret talks to free Sen. Bukola Saraki from his CCT trial, so much for my peoples’ education ati enlightenment… Fraudsters!

    • Otile

      The Yorubas and their law profession sef. Most of their lawyers are very disgusting.

  • Dominic Jaja

    Opportunists in high places….shameless idiots in the ministry of communications.

  • Dominic Jaja

    How can we free Nigeria from this chain of recklessness? Who are the brains behind this crazy deal? Is Buhari/Osinbajo a party or simply a rogue minister’s decision? Is this the change we voted for?

    • musa aliyu

      But what has happened? Did the report say the money was eaten by the minister or carried to his own account? Remember TSA is there.

      • Dominic Jaja

        The issue is not about the money being stolen, its about the chaos and indiscipline being exhibited by the ministry. When you have a regulatory body, you allow them do their job…..where was the ministry when NCC started the investigation that led to the fines in the first place?

        • MaskedPhantom

          The fcuking fulani herdsmen don’t get it, bro. Don’t be wasting ur saliva

        • Duruoha1

          Good question

        • share Idea

          My gee, it is difficult to comprehend how Nigerians do not understand that abusing processes is more grievous than actual loss of money, as destroying of processes by undermining them is creating a chaos situation which anybody can exploit without mechanism for detecting or stoping them.

  • Factsay


  • isioku

    NCC was the body that imposed the fine, why go behind it to strike a deal on a fine it imposed drawing on its statutory powers to do so as a regulator? We keep talking about strenghting institutions but this is a clearest example of how government undermines its own institutions. That communications minister has never appeared to me as a proper person for the job. He talks loosely and behaves like so someone fit to only be a Minister of Islamic and traditional affairs. Pray! What incentive does NCC now has to continue on strict enforcement of regulatory and compliance laws and regulations when it knows it can be embarrassingly sidelined on its own job? Maybe someone in the Ministry has already paid the 50B into an interest yielding account and kept quiet. If MTN didn’t spill the beans no-one including the NCC would have known that money has been paid. This is unacceptable

    • MaskedPhantom

      It is debatable as to whether the Minister of Communications acted on his own authority…. C’mon bro, this must have had the sanction of Buhari, unless of course you admit that he has lost the reins of government.

      • isioku

        A Principal is responsible for the actions of his delegate or agent. He rises or sinks with him. I am not in anyway exonerating PMB because since he appointed the Minister as his delagate any negative action of the minister such as this must reflect badly on PMB’s sense of judgment particularly if PMB does not act quickly and decisively too to restore confidence .

    • share Idea

      My gee, the main reason why I criticise Buhari administration is his disdain for following instructions but his gullible followers will not understand the danger in his actions. Under normal circumstance, the minister needs to resign or sacked based on this action. My greatest fear is what has been going under administration that has not been reported. If we extrapolate this action to what foreign exchange regime of this administration, one can only imagine the level of abuse that would be going on and it is not been reported.

  • Paul Young

    I said it yesterday and i maintain same view. 50 Billion naira is a whole lot of money and a good deal to me, though they could have probably held out for a little more maybe 100 billion, but i see this as a victory nonetheless. The point has been made solidly. Now the multinational companies in the country will be on their toes, obey every instruction and pay every tax/royalty due them or else we will sanction them harder until they comply. I dont believe we need too firm a hand in a case like this because if MTN folds up 90% of people on this forum will be affected and many Nigerians depend on MTN services to conduct their business. I hope the government goes after DSTV and the IOC’s next.


    • musa aliyu

      Let MTN fold up. Glo is there for us and by us.

    • Sir Demo

      That is even the first installment!

    • Duruoha1

      For your information , Mtn makes over a billion Naira everyday from Nigerians

  • Omo Akin

    This Minister of Communications should be fired. Something is wrong with the man’s carriage and now this action supports my fear that all is not well with the man. Even if MTN appeals to you, both MTN and the Agency that imposed the fine ought to appear before you and you will not sideline the Agency that imposed the fine.

    • Sir Demo

      Isn’t the payment of the fine the priority? Intra agency squabble is normal. For all care, collect the fine whichever agency

    • arewethishopeless

      You have a point. We may not be privy to all the facts but still, people and agencies should be allowed to do their jobs unless there is evidence proving otherwise.

      Government employees should not allow companies such as MTN create a charged atmosphere where they start to fight themselves. Its time government workers and agencies start working as professionals and not like road-side touts ….

    • share Idea

      When I said that agencies of government that worked under GEJ performed because the the leader did not exert undo pressure on them, people called me name – I wish this action has confirmed my assertion. Can we remember the pressure on GEJ by both his party members or others to stop Card Reader or Sack Jega but he resisted and non of his minister dared interfered and we know enjoy the benefit of the innovation even though it would have been tested properly by INEC before the elections.

      Compare how this administration handled this MTN fine with Obasanjo’s NCC team that handled GSM auction and see the difference between executive interference on government agency’s actions. Dangote had to forfeit his initial bid fund for not meeting BPE set criteria during privatisation of power under GEJ, and no minister or VP/President intervened on his behalf, contrast with charade happening under Buhari.

  • 9ja is finsihed under buhari

    I said it severally that the Minister of Communication was a thief–operating with Buhari quitely to swindle us–Most Nigerians thought I was just joking—-Soon they will come here and begin to blame Innocent Civil Servants, over the alleged padding the budget by Buhari himslef-When the Ijaw manu in charge one of the agencies in the Minstry of Communication–Mr. Jack was suddenly fired for hiring Nigerians, i did say it was because the Minister wanted to go solo with Buhari——-now it has happened—-99.9 percent of the Apes in APC are rogues–hardened criminals–who should never have been allowed near aso rock in the first place by the CIA-that imposed Buhari on us–With these thieves in power–there is no hope of Nigeria ever getting out of the woods in the next 40 years–Thank God the price of oil is now below 30 dollars–These crooks would have shown Nigerians pepper with their oily Fulani ati Yoruba fingers! There is nothing lke transparency in them at all————-The deal was with the Oyibo people in MTN–the very Yeye South Africans who took the $6m that Jonathan paid for arms and handed it over to the worst thieves in human history-Buhari

  • 9ja is finsihed under buhari

    I said it severally that the Minister of Communication was a thief–operating with Buhari quitely to swindle us–Most Nigerians thought I was just joking—-Soon they will come here and begin to blame Innocent Civil Servants, over the alleged padding of the budget by Buhari himslef-When the Ijaw manu in charge one of the agencies in the Minstry of Communication–Mr. Jack was suddenly fired for hiring Nigerians, i did say it was because the Minister wanted to go solo with Buhari——-now it has happened—-99.9 percent of the Apes in APC are rogues–hardened criminals–who should never have been allowed near aso rock in the first place by the CIA-that imposed Buhari on us–With these thieves in power–there is no hope of Nigeria ever getting out of the woods in the next 40 years–Thank God the price of oil is now below 30 dollars–These crooks would have shown Nigerians pepper with their oily itchy Fulani ati Yoruba fingers! There is nothing lke transparency in them at all————-The deal was with the Oyibo people in MTN–the very Yeye South Africans who took the $6m that Jonathan paid for arms and handed it over to the worst thief in human history-Buhari–where is the money now–Instead buhari is sending his wife all over the globe–as second abi first lady-animals

    • Omotolaaraujo

      You posted this emotional disaster twice?

      • 9ja is finsihed under buhari

        your brother Minister of communication is a thief–barawo—ole——

  • Sparzo

    That is what the owner of MTN would have us belief. The government has denied it.

  • GbemigaO

    Lol. Lobatan !

  • FreeNigeria

    Nigeria Politicians are the worst things to ever happen to our country

  • Bello Bidemi

    It seems Nigeria house of communication is divided against itself.

  • Omotolaaraujo

    I don’t believe it.


    Racketeering is the use of legitimate business or public office to collect money illegally. What’s to say that the government minister/President was even ever going to disclose the transaction, how much declare the proceeds, without the MTN executive’s revealing it?

    This is fraud, period. It’s elementary corruption.

  • DOD

    I blame jonatham

  • Watch man

    Well, I hope the Vice President is not interfering here. I say this because he is a shareholder in MTN.

    • Ashibogu

      MTN is to the Telecoms Industry what Juluis Berger is to Construction Industry. FG should plough the money into Primary Healthcare and Universal Basic Education.

    • Bigtin


  • Sean

    Quick thinking Nigerian officials, Nigeria needs money after the disgraceful looting by the last regime, no need of too much bureaucratic process, let the money go to the govt coffers not third party, development must start in earnest

    • Duruoha1

      Mr Man, everything has a process. If we continue to run Govt business without due process, one day somebody will start using his personal account to collect revenue for Govt.

    • Say the truth

      You are not better better than people of the Stone Age with your reasoning. It is either you an APC zombie or just being plain naive.

  • Sir Demo

    Collecting the fine is the priority!

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Shame on APC apes.

    • MilitaryPolice01


    • Abdul


      • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya


  • Otile

    It is frightening when Buhari associates with his co-jihadist in Saudi Arabia and Somalia. Militants have stormed a hotel in the Somali capital Mogadishu, leaving at least nine people dead, in an attack claimed by al-Shabab. The attackers set off a car bomb outside the heavily fortified Somali Youth League hotel before moving in.

    An explosion also targeted a popular park known as the Peace Garden. Police say the attack is now over after they shot and killed four attackers.

    • Daniel

      This is how you intend to shout for the next four years? Was anyone accountable in Jonathan’s government? Even militants were in charge of Aso Rock.

      50 billion to show good faith means more will be paid. You need to understand before you write.

  • Burning Spear

    If with Corruption:under Jonathan • Dollar was 180 and without Corruption under the Luciferic rule of Buhari, Dollar is now 425 • Rice was N8,500 and without corruption it is now N12,500 • Pampers was N1,450 and without corruption it is now N1,850 • Petrol was N87 and available; without corruption it is now N120 and scarce • Garri was N250, without corruption it is now N500 • Transportation was N500 Lagos – Ibadan, without corruption it is now N800 • Poor Electricity, tariff was not increased during corruption, now about 40% tariff increase without corruption but worst power supply • Presidency Food was N1billion, but without corruption it is now N2billion • Presidential Jets maintenance was N600/ year, now N2.5billion in just 4 months without corruption • Aso Rock Clinic maintenance was N500million, now N3.9billion without corruption. • Vice President was paid N75million for reading just books; without corruption the Vice President will be paid N430million • We didn’t pay rent in Aso Rock; without corruption we will be paying a rent of N350million to an invisible landlord. • Rats never ate our budgets, but rats now snuggle fictitious unimaginable figures into our budgets without corruption Brother and Sisters, you will agree with me that one way or the other, we need corruption in this country via Jonathan -before APC kills Nigeria with their own brand of packaging corruption! Open your brains, not all dogs are straight! # For under Jonathan” the Hips of our women never told us lies–He had respect for the Rule Of law–But now it is total disregard for court orders-The armed forces now send their personnel to be detained by Efcc—–The Nigerian Bar Association ati the Judiciary are being treated like motor park touts—-by Buhari via Efcc—-what a country– what a shame-

  • FactsandFigures

    Where is @tundemash that said “Where in this report did you read MTN negotiated with anyone in Nigeria aside NCC or you are just desperately looking for a smoking gun”.
    Well, you have your answer now. I wonder how many people MTN bribed to come to this settlement.

    • ed

      A lot money probably change hand, that’s Nigeria factor. The minister had no business by passing NCC. House divided…………..

    • share Idea

      Please don’t give APC e-mob high BP as they believe that this administration is populated with saints that do not engage in backdoor deals. Have we ever heard this kind of absurdity that a regulatory body will impose a fine and the ministry will go behind them and collect a different fine without consultation with the regulatory body.

      Only God knows what is currently going on in this secretive administration that have failed to carry its citizens along in its action. I keep saying it that the level of fraud and corruption going on in this administration will make a blind person see and deaf, restore his/her hearing when made open.

    • tundemash

      Olodo, for once you had something to hold unto, i guess. The only mistake the silly Minister made was not to have informed NCC. Money was paid to the FG unlike in the past where instead of penalising MTN at all, the dollars would have been paid to Dasuki for onward transmission to PDPigs.

      • FactsandFigures

        I called you out because you refused to call a spade a spade….There is a difference between being a Buhari supporter and a champion for the Nigerian cause (good governance)…..Do not sell out. NCC should have been involved, that’s it. It is not about comparing the Buhari administration to the Jonathan’s.

  • Mizch

    This saintly administration will waste more money, energy and time investigating corruption outside and inside itself. For example, who pays those who will investigate the fraud in first APC Budget 2016? Who pays the panel to investigate this? And Baba is on journey. By the time he comes back, the old layers would have finished the mash.

    • Elder Statesman


      The rest of the world cynically sniffed at the Buhari government last year
      as utter chaos and has been of the same opinion. Assessed for rational policy
      and procedures the BUHARI government is a shambles. The 2016 budget fiasco
      illustrates the vividness of that shambles. The right hand does not know what
      the left hand does inside the same government. That’s not how to run the
      affairs of 180 million people – virtually by rule of thumb.

      How can the NCC, as Plaintiff, in a court case against MTN, be kept in the dark
      that another unit of government collected settlement fees from MTN – the defendant?
      What sort of governance theory is that? Never heard of it in history!

      The Vice President himself, Yemi Osinbajo, is not seen
      as adding value, according to Catholic Cardinal Olubunmi Okogie. To an
      outsider, Yemi Osinbajo seems more interested in preaching platitudes than doing
      concrete things to set Nigeria right on rectitude path. Little wonder the country has
      regressed on all indices since June 2015 when Buhari took office and later clumsily
      lost his way, without getting anything right till date; neither the 2016 annual budget,
      nor any rational economic policy.

      • Bigtin

        Na wa ooooo!

      • realnigerian1982

        “Elder Statesman” you are 100% right!! This is becoming a joke government and the government’s election goodwill will soon run out.

  • Say the truth

    What do you expect. An Adebayo Shitu who appears to know nothing but was appointed on sentiment.

  • Original_Raskal

    Time to Tame Our Globetrotting President

    By Yemi Adebowale, 27 Feb 2016

    As usual, President Muhammadu Buhari’s media aides were last Sunday struggling to justify to the citizens why his foreign trips were necessary after announcing that their boss was off to Saudi Arabia and Qatar for a week. I thought that by now, they ought to have been fatigued by this same old story. To be honest, these presidential spokespersons should find more profitable things to spend their time on instead of this dreariness. Many are fed up being told over and over again that the president’s numerous trips are in the interest of the country. Within nine months, our globetrotting president has visited 26 countries in search of foreign investors, looted money and other humdrum things for poor Nigerians. There are no results to justify these trips while state resources are being depleted on them. Last year, we were told that he went to the United States and Europe to recover our stolen money stashed in foreign banks. So, how much of the loot has the United States and other European countries returned to us in the last nine months? I very much doubt if they have any positive story to tell us in this direction.

    This time around, Buhari went to Saudi Arabia and Qatar to discuss how to halt crumbling crude oil price so that Nigeria can earn more from oil. It is obvious that our president did not take anything new to the negotiation table to warrant the visit to Saudi King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. There is really nothing to discuss with Saudi Arabia on the issue of production cuts that had not been addressed by OPEC. The Saudi government had made its position very clear at different fora. This country is prepared to cut back on production to raise price only if non-OPEC production countries lead in this direction. Just as I had expected, nothing came out of the meeting on Tuesday with the Saudi monarch. By Wednesday, Saudi Arabia’s Oil Minister, Ali bin Ibrahim Al-Naimi again emphatically ruled out crude oil production cuts by his country. Al-Naimi, who spoke at the 35th Annual HIS Energy Convention holding in Houston, Texas, added: “There is no sense wasting our time seeking production cuts. That will not happen.” Al-Naimi simply alluded that our dear president ought to be talking to non-OPEC members; not Saudi Arabia and Qatar. I am horrified. It is either Buhari genuinely does not know this or he is pretending not to know. The meeting with the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani was also a tea party. Nothing new came out of it.

    Our president also seeks to attract investors to Nigeria from these Arabian countries during his one-week visit. According to his media aides, the president is scheduled to meet with leading Saudi and Qatari businessmen in Riyadh and Doha, and “invite them to support his administration’s efforts to revamp the Nigerian economy by taking advantage of the great investment opportunities currently available in Nigeria’s mining, agriculture, power supply, infrastructure, transportation, communications and other sectors.” Haba! Foreign investors from Riyadh and Doha? What a preposterous agenda. How many of such foreign investors have Buhari attracted to this country from Europe and the United States in all these months of globetrotting?

    It is a surefire fact that a country needs to first put its house in order, before talking about attracting foreign investors. The operating environment must be conducive. Electricity supply, security and infrastructure must be of world-class standard. The tax system and ease of doing business must be attractive. All these attractions have deteriorated in Nigeria in the last nine months of this administration. It is an illusion to expect foreign businessmen to bring their money into a country where they will have to struggle to operate and also struggle to take their profit out. No foreigner will bring his hard-earned money into a hostile environment.

    This is what exists in our country at present. Existing foreign investors in this country are gasping for breath because of unfriendly working environment. Many are even pulling out. Just last week, South African retail giant, Truworths shut its four outlets in Nigeria as a result of the economic crisis in the country, coupled with Buhari administration’s muggy policies. The company’s Chief Executive Officer, Michael Mark said: “We were unable to operate the stores properly any longer because we were unable to send merchandise to the stores; there’s regulation preventing that. Aside being unable to stock our shelves, we were struggling to pay rent and get access to foreign exchange which has dried up. We can’t get money out, so there was no point staying any longer.”

    Many can now see why I said Buhari should stop deceiving Nigerians with stories about going to attract foreign investors with his numerous foreign trips. His media aides should also think of other ways to justify their boss’s fascination with foreign trips. For now, this country lacks the enabling environment for foreign investment. The hefty $5.2 billion fine levied on MTN Nigeria is one of such disincentives to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). It could have dire consequences on the country’s economy if not resolved quickly because it is currently making investors a little bit more wary of Nigeria. This administration’s economic policies are hurting foreign investment. If we do the right things, foreign investors will come on their own. Our president needs not travel abroad to attract investors. With new media, foreign investors get the true picture of developments in Nigeria and other countries on a daily basis daily. They will come once they know that the environment in any country is conducive. It seems most of them even understand Nigeria more than our president does.

    Again, Buhari needs to understand that foreign investors are not charities; they are profit optimising and risk minimising capitalists looking for good environment for the investment of their cash. Places like Hong Kong, Malaysia, UAE and Singapore that are favourites of investors are known for their world-class facilities. The most attractive destinations for FDI also have unwavering macro-economic environment.

    It is very sad to note that we are fast losing the gains of FDI made under the Jonathan administration. For five years, Nigeria was the leading destination for FDI in Africa. Global confidence in the Nigerian economy soared during this period. The undisputable facts are there. Between 2012 and February 2015, the Jonathan administration received a net Foreign Direct Investment, FDI, of over $21 billion. In 2012, former United States Assistant Secretary of State, Johnnie Carson confirmed that the second-highest recipient of American direct private sector investment in Africa was Nigeria. Again, according to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, UNCTAD, Nigeria emerged the fourth in the world in 2014 when investment destinations are ranked on the basis of returns. Under Jonathan, South Africa energy firm, Stefanutti kicked off a partnership with One Nation Energy Platform, to build a 500 megawatts (MW) coal-fired power plant in Enugu.

    Also, Cantor Fitzgerald, a United States-based global investment firm with strong expertise in asset- backed mortgage securities, concluded plans to invest $1 billion in the Nigerian mortgage sector. Unfortunately, money that flowed into stocks and bonds in Nigeria under Jonathan, which McKinsey & Co. says could become one of the world’s 20 biggest economies by 2030, is now fleeing as growth prospects diminish.

    I strongly believe that Buhari should spend quality time engaging the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) and National Association of Chambers of Commerce, Mines and Agriculture (NACCIMA) on how to encourage existing investors and save our economy from ongoing crisis instead of looking for imaginary foreign investors. The MAN has already raised the alarm that many of its member companies may shut down operations at the end of the first quarter of this year due to raw materials scarcity. The President of MAN, Dr. Frank Udemba Jacobs, said that since the introduction of foreign exchange restrictive policy by the Central Bank of Nigeria about eight months ago, their members were finding it difficult to import raw materials. “The policy seems to be like throwing the child out along with the bath water,” remarked Jacobs.

    Buhari should spare a thought for the suffering masses of this country by spending quality time at home to tackle the countless problems facing us instead of wasting our limited resources on these worthless trips. Our federal lawmakers have failed to do the needful in this direction. Our fate is in our hands. Going forward, at our different levels, we all have to mount pressure on our president to reduce his foreign trips.

    Again, our president should do less of propaganda and face the economic realities on ground. The rise in the number of media aides for this purpose is becoming worrisome. Buhari recently added Tolu Ogunlesi to his team as Special Assistant on Digital/New Media. Bashir Ahmad is also on board as Personal Assistant on New Media. Of course, Femi Adesina and Garba Shehu are still there as senior media assistants. There are now four men working on the media for our president. This is clearly not justifiable in an era where emphasis ought to be on reducing the cost of governance. For me, Buhari has simply strengthened his propaganda machinery instead of economic management machinery. This will not get him anywhere. Only the truth and pragmatic actions will make the desired change in the perception of this administration. After nine months with a prostrate economy, our President still can’t appoint a Chief Economic Adviser. Yet, the number of media aides keeps mounting. Something is clearly wrong somewhere.

  • Sir Louis

    This Minister of Communications is raising suspicion. Why did he not inform the NCC which made the latter to look bad? Minister Shittu should be investigated in the name of anti- corruption.

  • Maria Darego

    MTN paid 300 million United States dollars bribe to a close associate of President Buhari, at about the time when we had the 25% and 35% “typographical” error! Mr Buhari was fully in the know about the money paid by MTN to his associate! When MTN did not get the discount it paid for, it filed a lawsuit against the Federal Government. Mr Buhari has now quietly settled to avoid the shady dealings being exposed.

    • tundemash

      wow !!! What brand do u smoke ?
      And what is the name of that close associate or the demons of drugs haven’t told u that yet.

    • realnigerian1982

      I heard something similar….

    • realnigerian1982

      But the amounts i heard they paid was a lot smaller…

  • Man_Enough

    Right from day one, this minister of communication had been blundering yet the Senate and the president went ahead to appoint him. This is not only disgusting but disgraceful. Has Nigeria become so poor that it will accept crumbs? I just hope that the president and the presidency is not involved in this. Definitely some people in the ministry must have been compromised.

  • Bunduma Mohammed

    If this is true then the Minister of communication should resign as he has failed the nation. NCC is an independent regulator which should not be subjected to this underhand arrangement. This government must come clean because MTN has already rubbished them.

  • realnigerian1982

    Change….we are all watching and history will have no filter for failure.

    • Abdullah Musa