EFCC arrests former PDP acting chairman, Uche Secondus

Uche Secondus Photo: PointBlank News

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has arrested the immediate past acting chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Uche Secondus.

The party’s director for new media, Adeyanju Ayodeji, said the EFCC accused Mr. Secondus of receiving buses illegally, and demanded he returned them.

Mr. Secondus’ tenure as acting chairman of the party ended last week Monday, with the selection of Ali Modu Sheriff as the party’s new national chairman.

In a statement by the party’s national legal adviser, Victor Kwon, the PDP said lamented “the oppressive and unfair treatments against its key leaders by the Federal Government”.

“The party alerts the nation that the arrest and detention of its Deputy National Chairman, Prince Uche Secondus by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is part of the grand script by the APC-led Federal Government to decimate the opposition,” the party said.

The party said it was also aware of plans to “arrest and detain the Deputy Senate President, Senator Ike Ekweremadu, Senate Minority Leader, Senator Godswill Akpabio and other leaders of the party on imaginary charges”.

“Indeed, intelligence available to the party shows that the Federal Government, using its various agencies, is bent on destroying any opposition to the ruling party as all indications show that the government is more interested in humiliating the PDP than fighting corruption.

“Finally, we state that this war on the PDP and its leaders has indeed gone too far. It has now become a mockery of democratic practice,” the party claimed.


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  • Spoken word

    About time.

  • Sean


  • Du Covenant

    It will fair game if the other two are equally arrested for the irresponsible behaviour of PDP over the past 16 yrs…

  • Shahokaya

    Secondus seconded the those that eat our yam. He should be sent to Kuje to second Metuish and others.

  • Godfrey Etokebe

    Received BUSES?

  • FreeNigeria

    Nothing is wrong if the entire PDP members are arrested and locked up forever. They’ve destroyed Nigeria for the past 16 years. Time for them to see Nigeria as the rest of us has been seeing it for 16 years of PDP imprisonment


      You have a point because the Igbos and the south south let themselves be fooled by SW and Hausa again!

      The generation of 1967 sparked, and killed those who plotted to enslave, and went to war!

      This generation is playing one Nigeria; well they will learn what Israel and the white man knew sometime ago: to deal with a certain religion and its zealots, you need to be strong, and equally ready to battle. They have no respect for democracy, civility, or tolerance, and differences.

      The north west is at war.

  • Otile

    Buhari is very stupid_indeed. There are two sides to corruption: Giving bribes is the first crime, then receiving bribes is second. Imam is stupidly saying “received buses”. Who gave the buses? Is Imam going to leave out the bribe-givers because they are his Fulani tribesmen?

    • Buhari4Ever

      You are a miserable goat in deed!! All your benefactors will be locked up one by one

      • Otile

        Parasite. Can you ever make sense? Say why you stupid_ruler should handcuff one alleged to have received buses but leave out the Fulani who gave out the buses. Do you have any commonsense at all?

        • Buhari4Ever

          And your idea of common sense is to insult the president everyday on the internet? You are an irredeemable lowlife

          • Otile

            You are here day in day out defending your stupid_illiterate provider. Say something about handcuffing a man accused of receiving buses, but leaving out Fulanis giving out the buses. Do you have any commonsense at all?

          • Buhari4Ever

            Where is your so called educated father? I bet he is somewhere in the creek blowing up pipelines or kidnapping people for a living.

          • Otile

            The topic is about the stupidity_of Buhari handcuffing a man he accused of receiving buses but leaving out the Fulanis giving out the buses, but your parasitic mind is fixated on oil and pipelines. Don’t mind, when those pipe lies are blown of you lazy parasites will perish of hunger.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    blame senseless, clueless, feckless, colourless, hopeless Gridlock Ebola Jonathan for handing over to senile, illiterate certificate forger and perjurer MuhamMadu (alias Customs and Exercise, French Franc, Deutch Mark and President Michelle of Western Germany) Buhari. PDP should suffer the consequences of not knowing how to use power. No sympathy for them from me. Serves PDP right.

    • Buhari4Ever

      You are worthless piece of SHIT!! Like father like son.

      • Otile

        Parasite like you do not worth anything. Go ahead an make a full sentence let us see how you can state your case. You think that name calling makes you smart. Dan iska kawai.

        • Buhari4Ever

          Go and find something meaningful to do with your life.

          • Otile

            You are a parasite, I am not.

          • Buhari4Ever

            Then you must be a f00l to allow a parasite control your resources

          • Otile

            A parasite is an armed robber. You don’t allow an armed to take your belongings, he does so by force.

      • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

        You and your parents are a poor excuse for human beings.

  • Outraged

    SECONDUS is irrelevant

  • Tufiakwa

    This is a call to war! And if all Nigerians, of all persuasions from henceforth refuse to be arrested by EFCC, the militant wing of APC, and start defying dictatorship by the sickly, hopeless, illiterate, certificate forging terrorist Bokohari, what will happen? It is time to rise against this terrorist from Niger Republic!

    • Otile

      The idiot_is on the verge of setting Nigeria on fire.

    • Akiika

      Exactly! it’s time for war. Go to your village and line up your extended family including all the children and wives, then go into the bushes to make bow and arrow, then proceed to Abuja (Aso Rock) to go and fight your silly war.
      Ode oshi!

      • Paul Young

        hahaha. hit the nail on the head

      • Olu from South Africa

        Oloriburuku ni gbogbo won. Remnants of Johnathan.

    • Fadama

      Keep licking your wounds. Ewu Gambia!

    • ritsa


  • Bunduma Mohammed

    PDP is association of criminals and sponsors of boko haram. They cannot win any more

    • jabi

      who be dis monkey? abeg hear talk. people wey been d sponsor boko boys all don ecamp enter APC to show u sey PDP don shift all d weed wey been dey.

  • sambo

    1st class degree partisanship on the part of the efcc. Efcc ought to be apolitical. we are tired of watching this apcwood movie. its becoming boring by the day. buhari should face visible infrastructure

  • Angelina

    Apc and mr Buhari they are just clueless and directionless that’s y they are winch hunting pdp just to put fear on them against 2019 election… But their plans has already failed….

  • Angelina

    Wat crime did secondus made? But come to think of it, wat abt Amaeche Tinubu nd the rest ? Are efcc not seeing them

    • Fadama

      If you have any information of wrongdoing by the names mentioned, please share with us or with the relevant authorities. If not, stop chasing shadows. You mock yourself by doing so.

      • MilitaryPolice01

        She is not mocking herself neither is she chasing shadows,why is it that when it comes to apc you people will repeat this same boring line >

        “If you have any information of wrongdoing by the names mentioned, please share with us or with the relevant authorities”

        if we were to ask for information for every accused politician in this country,nobody will be probed in this country,stop taking sides with these scoundrels wether apc or pdp,they will not give you a dime.Has anybody been able to provide evidence of the 90’s gulf windfall IBB cornered but even a kid born yesterday knows 25 bn was cornered.Open your eyes and let the scales fall off,stop taking sides,they are all the same thing and they dont care about you

        • Fadama

          Ode! Learn how to summarise information. I am too occupied with productive activities to read gibberish. Olodo

          • MilitaryPolice01

            mumu na so your people train you,why shouldnt you want summary mpama hahahahaha

          • Fadama

            Ibu ezi ofia. Nkita lacha gi anya. Better check yourself into rehab lest some village hunters mistake you for bush meat.

          • MilitaryPolice01

            wawa baban kato … bura ubanka na your family go check into rehab first… ohinu … idiiiiioooooootttttt … over i de wait you

          • Fadama

            Toto mama nka. Duru uwarka. No doubt you are from a family of karuwas. Baba, karuwa, Matar, karuwa, Dan uwan ka, karuwa, Kei kwuma, karuwa. I still mainatain you seek help and a good start will be a rehab home. I am sure good spirited people can help you raise the needed funds. Ekpenta!

          • MilitaryPolice01

            gindin mamanka nko … shege baban toto uwarka hehehe duru uwarshe toshe .. while I maintain you are from a family of deranged bastards .. products of a cross fertilization between dogs and pigs hahahahahaha afo anu gbefun …. papa gi rehabilitation there afo anu thunder fire that your yeye mouth,una think say na only una abi ngwanu …. over ..

          • Fadama

            Mama nka, dun ja’ama a agwan kwu, su na yi mata kwanan gida. Tota nta kwuma yana wari kifi kifi. Advice her to be hygienic regardless. It is well known that in addition to ‘karuwasm’, your family engages in incest and bestiality.Needless to remind you that these are criminal acts and when the authorities come calling, do not hide under the guise of mental health. Udene!

          • MilitaryPolice01

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          • Fadama

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          • MilitaryPolice01

            aturu awusa who is copying who go back and check and see,look at your last lines,this one no be me talk, why should I be copying your very dry lines which is the same pattern of insults you use on others on PT and SR,you be real banza nukwu afo anu,efulefu looking at your comments history tells me you are cursed hence the insults and rubbish that always comes out of you when you disagree with someone but everyday aburo xmas,no be everybody go ignore your insults and today you met Military Police and him go tell you the style your papa carry fire your sister wey she come born you hahahaha …ehe before I 4get I only copy things that would better me no be rubbish that emanates from a very very very terrible afo nsi, .. come up with my own Jabs ? you think say na competition ati na report,that shows how fooolish and childish you are kato banza wawa kawai hahahahahaha

          • Fadama

            Nzuzu nke gi a enwero limit. How jobless can you get reading through my comments? I rather have my finger nails all pulled than read your lifeless comments online. Yes, I use my attacks to flog into line, kuturus/ekpentas like you whenever they stray. You are yet to answer my question – how many pregnancies have your sisters terminated for your father? Your family history stinks and the ills going on there are now at a cancerous level. When next your father go into your sisters as usual, tell him to use a condom. This way further pregnancies will be averted. How delusional can you get by supporting threats using the moniker military police? Shows what an absolute wanker you are. Your father is Nkpi na gba umu ya, and you are npki na gba nne ya. Shameful! You can again copy some lines. Onuku, go and seek help

    • ritsa

      abeg help me ask oh


    Boko Haram took over from Jonathan. I wonder why anybody is surprised. Boko Haram triumphed in the last election. Cowardly South East, and South South are sitting ducks.

    Watch what’s coming; watch Buhari’s travels to Muslim countries.

  • tazo

    buhari leave PDP and face your AGENDA or BUDGET. Nigerians are suffering and need help,leave #wakawakabuhari and #nigeriasinchain and do what made us vote you in.