Senior Nigerian lawyer, Rickey Tarfa, arraigned; floods court with over 90 SANs

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, on Tuesday arraigned a senior lawyer, Rickey Tarfa, before Justice Aishat Opesanwo of Lagos State High Court, Igbosere, on 2-count charge of obstruction of justice and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Mr. Tarfa pleaded not guilty to both counts.

Based on his plea, the prosecution counsel, Rotimi Oyedepo prayed the court for a trial date and to remand the defendant in custody.

However, Adeniyi Akintola, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, SAN, who led a team of over 90 Senior Advocates and other lawyers to represent Mr. Tarfa, said they had filed an application for bail which he said was served on the prosecution on the 10th of February, 2016.

In his application for bail, the defence counsel told the court that the defendant went to court voluntarily and that he was granted administrative bail by EFCC on self-recognition.

He said the defendant was a very senior member of the bar with no criminal record. He said there was nothing to show that the defendant would jump bail.

However, prosecution counsel, Rotimi Oyedepo, urged the court to dismiss the application as the offence was grave. He urged the court to dismiss the application and order for an accelerated hearing.

Justice Opesanwo, in her ruling, granted bail to Mr. Tarfa on self-recognition but ordered that he must not travel out of the country without the permission of the court.

The trial judge bemoaned the number of counsel who were in court for the defendant. She noted that there was no need for such magnitude of support as it amounts to harassment and intimidation of the court.

Soon after the ruling, Mr. Akintola told the court that he had filed an application to quash the charge.

Mr. Rotimi responded that he had not been served. He was subsequently served by the defence counsel in open court.

Justice Opesanwo adjourned the matter to March 14, for hearing of the application to quash the charge while the substantive case was fixed for April 20, 2016 for trial.

Mr. Ricky Tarfa, SAN, is accused of willfully obstructing two officers of the EFCC, Moses Awolusi and Sanusi Mohammed from arresting Gnanhooue Sourou and Nazaire Odeste, who were suspected to have committed economic and financial crimes in contravention of Section 38(2) (a) of the EFCC Establishment Act of 2004.

Also, he is alleged to have engaged in improper communication with Justice M. Yunusa of the Federal High Court Lagos between May 11 and June 25, 2015 while the case between the EFCC and two others was pending before the judge.

Count 1:
“That You Rickey Tarfa (SAN) on or about the 5th day of February, 2016 in Lagos within the jurisdiction of this honourable court, wilfully obstructed Moses Awolusi and Sanusi Mohammed, authorized officer of Economic and Financial Crime Commission from arresting GNANHOUE SOUROU and NAZAIRE ODESTE who were reasonably suspected to have committed economic and financial crimes by keeping the said suspects in your car between 11.00 hours to 16: 30 hours”

Count 2:
“RICKEY TARFA (SAN) between 11th of May and 25th of June, 2015 in Lagos, within the jurisdiction of this honourable court attempted to pervert the course of justice by communicating with Hon. Justice M.N. Yunusa of the Federal High Court through your mobile Telephone No. 08034600000 whilst suit No: FHC/L/CS/715/2015 between Rana Prestige Industries Nigeria and EFCC and Suit No: FHC/L/CS/716 between Hair Prestige Manufacturing Nigeria and EFCC filed by you on behalf of the applicants in the two suits seeking to retrain the commission from performing its statutory duties were pending before the said judge”.


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  • Jika

    Charlatans posing as senior advocates.What a shame!!!!!!

  • Ashibogu

    These lawyers don’t know who Buhari is. Have they been paying their taxes; VAT, Witholding Tax, Personal Income Tax, Company Income Tax, Education Tax etc. ? Trouble dey for wayo lawyers because Buhari will turn them inside out. It is not by flooding the Court rather they should go and tidy up their tax papers for I see trouble ahead for them. They have been perverting the course of Justice for years with no one holding them accountable. Now is the hour of judgement. Otulugbeke!

    • objective

      I think you are so on point.

  • kunle

    lawyers are really one of the main problems of this country …. just for a 2 count charge , over 90 lawyers showed up at the court to INTIMIDATE the judge…… it is time this country jettison the colonial carry-over , “SAN CULT “and let all lawyers be equal before the law and the court……….

    • delta K

      Foolani slave you free to join your Moslem brothers in Afghanistan cave

  • whales1212

    These are the rogues we call lawyers! They belong to occult and what do you expect than for them to behave like mafia, you will find 90% of these irresponsible things in ogboni, how can a country move forward with these bunch of evil creatures.

  • The truth will set you free

    First the it was the Senators, now we have the lawyers…. Nigeria, what have we become?

    • FreeNigeria

      Next na armu robbers go do solidarity for dem mates

      • The truth will set you free

        At this rate yes

  • Maria

    Criminals….Nigeria is doomed! We need a radical blood thirsty anti-corruption government to flush these animals into their graves for this country to move forward.

    • West

      Yes you are right. This democracy will surely lead us nowhere. We need a young, brutal, ruthless and decisive young man to cleanse the entire country. Far more dangerous than Rawlings of Ghana

      • Omoba1

        The democracy is even too expensive. We need liberal dictatorship that can be rotated every 6 years

    • Julius

      Well said. See how they all look like a monkey !. This is shameful. Nowhere in the world you will see this.

  • Daniel

    Is anyone still crying for human rights or rule of law for crooks ? Buhari please increase the momentum on anti-corruption. Nigeria is in trouble.

  • peaceometer

    Set of Anti Nigerians (SAN). It’s a pity.

  • peaceometer

    We condemn you all SAN

  • OGK

    The SANs appearance or what they called solidarity was nothing but judicial terrorism. The judge should not buckle under this weight of intimidation.

  • FreeNigeria

    Demonstration of shamelessness. What type of society do we live in when people are proud to associate with criminals and are proud of it? may the SUN never shine in the house of those SANs. Insane people

    • Omoba1

      It is so disgusting. Seems we have an abnormal society. We appreciate everything bad

  • Abdul

    wicked SANs

  • bikky

    Senior Atrocities of Nigeria.

  • Action Group

    Shameless Advocates of Nigeria !!!

  • Omotolaaraujo

    A pack of Bums representing a Bum. The judge should limit how many of those monkeys can be present in the courtroom.

  • Abate Dokpu

    This is a disgrace to the legal profession. This so-called SANship needs to be abolished. The SANs pervert justice, they make ex parte communication with judges when they have cases pending in their courts, they funnel bribe money to judges after taking a huge chunk for themselves, they suborn witnesses and they engage in all sorts of despicable conduct all because they want to make money. It was these same SANs that represented Ibori in his ex convict case and actually went to bribe judges. The shameless midget called Utuama was using a newspaper to cover his face in court so that he will not be identified as the person who went to bribe a judge who had previously convicted Ibori. Useless and shameless so-called SANs. What point were they trying to make going in droves to court to defend a common criminal like Tarfa? Idiots. In what way have these SANs advanced the cause of justice in Nigeria? Instead they actually obstruct and pervert justice. Away with them. Nigeria will be better off without the institution of SAN. Everybody now knows that SAN is not awarded on merit but on your connections and ability to bribe the Supreme court judges and others who have a say in the process. Useless people. Cretins.

    • Ashibogu

      They represent the very worst of the gate of hell. I pray God will open their eyes of understanding to see the eternal damage they are doing to their souls just because of transient wealth. Nigerians have lost faith in the Judicial System because of their demonic manipulations. Buhari should ask for their 10 years Tax Papers. Yeye people!

  • Ashibogu

    Senior Advocates of Nonsense (SAN)

  • Julius

    Thy should have been rounded up and locked up in jail ! This is absurd and a mockery of the judiciary process. The Judge was right, it is an intimidation of the court. Nonsense !

    • Holy truth

      Julius, I busted into serious laugh when I was reading ur post. U are damn right dey should been rounded up & chained dem to each other then frog jumped those criminals with their questionable sanship into kirikiri prison & crammed dem together in one cell.SILLY AND NUISANCE (SAN) lawyers.

      • Julius

        No mind dem. What they were trying to do is so blatant that everybody should be concerned .

    • Ashibogu

      They are so wicked! They pay junior lawyers under them monkey wages in spite of all the money they make from their dodgy deals. Magu should not fear them. Let him ask for their ten years tax papers. It is corruption that is fighting back. Yeye people!

      • Julius

        Good point, he should ask them to produce their Tax record papers ,even for the last 5 years. I bet they dont have them. Nonsense ! These are the shameless people that had enjoyed the best this country had provided for FREE!!. When the country was good.

  • Ashibogu

    The National Looters Association of Nigeria (NLAN) has unequivocally condemned the arraignment of a Senior Advocate of Nigeria for perversion of Justice. They argued that the EFCC lacked the locus standi to bring the case to Court . In a statement issued today by its Protem President, Judas Lucifer, the Association reckoned that it will encourage the SAN to obtain an order of eternal injunction restraining the EFCC from further prosecution of the case. It remains to be seen how the case will be decided but indications appear that the SAN will not have it easy as the Presiding Judge is reported to have a heart of steel and a resolve that is harder than the Rock of Gibraltar. Please keep signed in as we await further details.

  • Burning Spear

    Magu of EFCC, will never win this case-no matter how he is able to twist facts into fiction-for the woman from Benin Republic–who now resides in France————-The only reason why Ricky Tarfa is being harassed by EFCC, is because one Fulani or Yoruba elite like Obj, is handling the laps of this Lawyers are trained to handle cases involving even murder suspects-It is really sad that Buhari had to pick such an erratic personality to handle efcc—Do not forget——-Buhari in his ignorance once tried to slug it out with the Nigeria Bar Associaition–(NBA)——-he lost the fight so shall this mumu end up failing in his attempt to pull down–men of the legal profession——————-for the Apes in APC–who fought for Tinubu to be freed from going to Kirikiri prison–following his opening of 16 foreign bank accounts——like Aisha Buhari–and Co

    • Contact Point

      Shame on you, so you decided to change name. well as a leopard that you are, you cant change your spots.

  • Ashibogu

    What is your definition of SAN? Let us start the conversation.

  • Redeem

    fter Buhari’s 2nd Term, Osinbajo Will Serve As President For 2 Terms – El-Badawy

    While many Nigerians may still be seeing the next election cycle as far away, a former member of the House of Representatives from Yobe State, Alhaji Hassan El-Badawy has averred that President Muhammadu Buhari is has already creayted so much havoc for the economy, and the fake anti corruption crusade must be allowed to stay in office for two terms–under his Hitler like government–

  • Fadama

    If you comment on this forum and your father is among them SANs that went on this solidarity of shame, please tell him to stop this embarrassment on your family name.

    • whales1212

      What of if the children are as shameless as the father?

      • Fadama

        In that case the family is completely doomed. The blind cannot lead the blind.

    • 9ja deserves better dan Buhari

      Only a rogue who colllected money from thieves like Amaechi–Fashola will be scared of laywers……..and till your dying day maybe in the gulag of Buhari not one member of your thieving family will ever———be ranked among the Sans we have in 9ja-cursed like Buhari to be a curse unto your ancestors—

      • Fadama

        You are a complete wanker. I am sure you are from the loins of one of them evil men that have looted us dry. Like Father like son. Tell your parent(s) that their evil will soon catch up with them. I reject to be ranked in the same category like those immoral men. SANs my foot. Anu mpama!

        • Old No7

          Go sleep!

  • Burning Spear

    I was detained for 6 days because I criticized Buhari – Danfulani

    A lecturer at the Kaduna State University, Dr. John Danfulani was arrested late January because of a Facebook post he made which was critical of President Muhammadu Buhari and his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC). He was detained by the police, remanded in prison, and charged for “incitement” by the Kaduna State Government

    • Omoba1

      Next time don’t criticize

  • nosa iyamu

    if people would actually take time to find the facts of the case surrounding the man who has been charged to court I doubt the comments here would be the same. we are very prejudicial. it is not everyone arrested that is guilty. we still have a presumption of innocence enshrined in our constitution. why do we feel that anyone arrested by the efcc is corrupt. why do we judge others so quickly. did anyone even stop to think why so many sans would stake their reputation defending someone who was guilty? I am not saying he’s innocent i’m just asking how are we so sure he is guilty

    • objective

      My brother you may have a point there. But I have a question sir. What reputation?

    • abodes_124

      Lynch mob mentality is second nature to Nigerians from ‘head’ to toe.

  • objective

    I think EFCC should Investigate the Tax Payment culture of these SANs. Look at their Tax Records via-a-vis their incomes.

  • Angry Niaja

    Thieving lawyers, I know someone who works in one of their chambers, they never pay salaries of their staff, they are being owed salaries since November 2015. They are shameless these so called SAN’s



    Save the S.A.N; and this is how……….

    The only way to save this meaningless S.A.N title is to cancel it. There’s no other way. It has become laughing stock.
    Just imagine 90 so called S.A.Ns escorting a criminal accused amongst them to court in a terrible show of huge shame.
    What public example is being set for criminality by what looks like a procession in ode to crime? What’s the point here?
    Let the Body of Benchers save our blushes and cancel this disgraced S.A.N rank which now sounds more like ‘criminal’.
    Once the public have started laughing at the so-called rank, in no distant time these S.A.Ns will be smelling to each other.

    • flex

      Don’t worry, when you have that case which I know you will soon have, you will also hire one

  • Usman

    90 senior idiots

    • Esquire2000



    • REDEEM

      SAN can never be wrong—————-it is about the respect for the rule of law–not about hired APC thugs on the web–trained to post the views of the thieves in efcc

  • Arabakpura

    Time to scrap this SAN thing!

  • favourtalk

    Those are the failed and confused lawyers that brought us here, they will never allow Nigeria to move forward but always wanna be at the back of the wicked ones and those that brought us to this point. Pmb and the teams of EFCC are capable to handle the situation

  • Burning Spear

    APC is Full of Lairs Don’t Expect Much From Them — Lamido

    Alhaji Dr. Sule Lamido, former governor of Jigawa State,on Wednesday disregarded President Muhammad Buhari-led All Progressives Congress, APC-led government change mantra

    • Rommel

      Any Hausa man that does not fear and respect Buhari must have skeletons hidden somewhere,only thieves have something against this president


    I was detained for 6 days because I criticized Buhari – Danfulani

    A lecturer at the Kaduna State University, Dr. John Danfulani was arrested late January because of a Facebook post he made which was critical of President Muhammadu Buhari and his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC). He was detained by the police, remanded in prison, and charged for “incitement” by the Kaduna State Government

  • IBB

    I Built Aso Rock, Who Is The Landlord You Pay Rent To? – IBB Asked Buhari

    “I built Aso Rock and I wonder who the current Landlord is. I read a certain N22M for the payment of Aso Rock rent. Rent to who, Me or GEJ?

    The former head of the state in his reaction to the ongoing criticism trailing the alleged payment of rent in the Aso Rock , requested to know who the landlord is.


    Buhari’s reputation for honesty, frugality and fiscal responsibility has taken a hit from the self-indulgence embedded in the proposals. How can a government of change justify spending N3.8 billion on the State House Medical Centre, over N1 billion on the purchase of vehicles and N89.17 million on canteen/kitchen equipment at a time of austerity and belt-tightening for the State House?

  • Sanmi Falae

    These people are way too many. That is the reason that they are corrupt, inept, and ignorant- too many SANs chasing too few jobs. Can you imagine 90 British Queen’s Counsels leaving their jobs and destroying their own reputation and job prospects by publicly supporting a corrupt, unprofessional, and inept colleague trying to bring their profession into disrepute? These robots should not be anywhere near legal practice. Nigeria should stop this industrial production of SANs.

  • Alhajivinco

    It’s akin to going to a funeral. Everyone wants the bereaved family to notice them. It’s like “see me oh. I dey here too.” In this case, it is despicable.

  • Dazmillion

    This only shows how worthless the SAN title is

    • Soctatesplato


      No question; a highly irresponsible conduct in public. Why give the impression that
      what Ricky Tarfa is charged with is exemplary lawyerly behavior, when it’s an outrage?
      Kunle Kalejaiye (S.A.N) was expelled from the legal profession last year for exactly this
      same offence of improper communications with a Judge on a pending case. That should
      have counted as sufficient fair notice to Ricky Tarfa (S.A.N) never to do such a thing or
      ever be suspected of it. Heedless to precedent, Ricky Tarfa walked right into the middle
      of criminal justice system to face expulsion from the legal profession on the precedent
      set by the decided case of Kunle Kalejaiye last year. What’s 90 S.A.Ns got to do with it?

      • Dan maikoko

        And which court ruled that Tarfa was guilty of improper communication with a judge, any judge for that matter?

        • Ashibogu

          The call data record is there. There is SIM card registration. He cannot deny his line. There is evidence of SMS communication. Na so Mutuh do shakara until dem catch am pants down. By the time they present the evidence of the communication he will keep quiet and his supporters will melt away. Go ask Ibori for London Magu is not a Jaiye Jaiye man, the guy means business! Criminals are in trouble. They used to get away with murder but not now. You steal you go in for it! Wahala dey for barawos! No more sacred cows! Anyone who considers himself as a sacred cow should pack his bags, go to Indian High Commission and get a visa, get on the next available flight to India and settle there. But for Naija no more sacred cows!

  • Sonny Martin

    Ali Baba and the 90 thieves.

  • Sonny Martin

    When you wear a wig in that heat, you can’t be playing with a full deck!

  • Kenny

    Those SANs are Shameless Animals of Nigeria

  • ed

    Over 70 Nigeria senate followed Saraki to court. The corruption infeasted SAN are following their unfit corrupt leader to court in the only in Nigeria show of shame.

  • alhambra

    At last we have one issue discussed on this blog in the past several months that all of us have the same view. Yes, I’ve always been of the opinion that the lawyers, judges, and auditors are part of our problem. If it were in a serious country like China they should all be lined up in one day and given the Jerry Rawlings treatment. All the ministries, parastatals, state government accounts where fraud of significant amounts take place, have auditing firms who are contracted and paid huge amounts every year to audit the accounts, but not even one out of thousands of them is touched by conscience to produce a truthful report that exposes fraud. If some of the auditing firms are honest then there would not be need for EFCC. An audit report that exposes fraud needs no witness (as with EFCC that is stuck with inviting witness). The purchase orders and vouchers would be the witness.

    • Dan maikoko

      You are wrong I dont share your opinion.

      • Ursala

        Then you are definitely one of them, blogging with a fake name. Look in the horizon and see that the days of criminals in power are numbered.

  • Rommel

    Senior advocates of corruption

  • Sumanguru Horop

    Those SANs are the enemies of Nigeria may thier Light be turned to darkness forever.

  • True Nigerian

    That is Nigeria on display – a country that in moral crisis.
    90 SANs coming to stand in support of a criminal conduct and to intimidate a fair trial over what is clearly an unconscionable conduct by their colleague.

    Who will stand for honour and justice among them? Nobody. Another evidence that the profession is as corrupt as the country in which it exists. As I have often said, Nigeria would not be so bad if it was only the politicians who are corrupt. But the problem is that the church is corrupt, the Islam is corrupt, the politics is corrupt, the political parties are corrupt, the legal profession is disgustingly but shamelessly corrupt, the university system is endemically corrupt; the judiciary is corrupt; the emirates, Obaships and Igwes are terribly corrupt; the legislature is corrupt and the legislators pass votes of confidence on corrupt leadership of the legislature.

    I have not heard one of these senior adocates claim that what Ricky Tarfa is right and lawful. Not one of them has said so. Every young lawyer is reminded at the Law School that the duty of a lawyer to Justice and the court is greater than the lawyer’s duty to the client. What Ricky Tarfa has done is something that every newly enrolled lawyer have been told at the Nigerian Law School that they should never do in defence of their client. Yet, these f00ls are willing to put their names down as the first to take the bullet for Ricky. They won’t even let Ricky have a fair trial in the court. They have to intimidate the court to stop it from having a fair trial of the matters, as if Ricky Tarfa has been arrested arbitrarily for doing no wrong. It tells you all that is wrong with Nigeria. Shameless Senior Advocates.


      Happily u are from the far east where u need all the SANS in the world to get Kanu the leader of IPoB out-to make Buhari stop killing protesters-So wake from your paid slumber by the Apes in APC

    • Ashibogu

      May God bless the womb that bare thee!

  • Dan maikoko

    Senior Advocates of Nigeria and that is their true title, that is what they represent in the true sense of the word. This show of solidarity for a colleague who is doing his utmost to protect his client is commendable. Justice Tarfa is not found guilty of corruption (he was not even accused) he was found guilty of protecting a client who is definitely not guilty, from being treated by overzealous EFCC officials, as a convicted criminal. Nigerians must not allow preconceived opinion that all “big men” are criminal from beclouding their sense of fairness and justice. How much did SAN Tarfa steal? How much is he accused of taking from his client? He protected his client from extra-judicial treatment that is his crime.

    • Ashibogu

      All big men are guilty until proven innocent! Let them tell us how they made their monies and how much tax they have paid to the State. f I were Ibrahim Magu I will ask them to show me their tax records based on the incomes they have earned. For instance, they collected $20M on Haliburton fines, no problem. The question is, how much did they pay as VAT and Witholding Tax? I am sure they paid nothing. Dem go hear am! Dem no know anything. Abeg Oga Magu, ask them for their tax record, all SANs.

    • Onike24

      It is not for an officer of the court, to take the law into his hands. It is not your place as a lawyer to hide your client in your car! I am so sorely dispointed by the caliber of lawyers especially so, those that are supposed Senior Advocates( so called). Why should one person have 90 lawyers, representing him? 90? The judge should have told them where to go, what is the point they are trying to make? That lawyers cannot break the law? How farcical.

      • emmanuel

        What about engaging 90 Lawyers when they already know where the case is headed? Someone had collented once that you are a Lawyer, so wetin u dey do for UK, when so much window exist here to compromise Judges and get rich? Tell us you are different, but let us have your antecedent.
        Fraud, bribery, outsmarting powerless property owners and obstruction of justices are known to have their origin from the Legal profession. So we do not expect sanctimonoius attitude and posturing from them.

    • Abilingo

      You are wrong with your statement, in any circumstances you should be able to provide your client any time or day and that does not mean he can not get arrested or not detained..its you as a lawyer to encourage your client to obey the law but not to disobey.

    • Joe


  • IZON Redeemer

    Lawyer to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has provided indication that Former National Security Adviser (NSA), Col. Sambo Dasuki, was being held for other allegations apart from the arms procurement scandal. – EFCC’s Lawyer Exposes FG

    This revelation came to the fore when counsel to Dasuki, Joseph Daudu (SAN) and Rotimi Jacobs (SAN), representing EFCC, were addressing the court on a motion praying for the release of Dasuki.

    Dasuki had been denied freedom despite at least two court orders.

    DAILY POST recalls that he was, after his release from Kuje Prison, rearrested by the Department of State Services (DSS).

    During Thursday proceedings, the prosecution explained that DSS rearrested Dasuki on the grounds that it was investigating the former NSA on alleged breach of service law when he was in the army.

    The offences were allegedly committed 22 years after he left service in 1994.

    The prosecution counsel said: “Dasuki was a fugitive for seven years and he is being investigated for series of alleged offences he committed when he was in the army.”

    He, however, advised Dasuki to evoke section 46 of the constitution and institute a civil action to challenge his arrest and enforce his fundamental right to his liberty.

  • Rommel

    I think that the entire Nigerian judiciary needs an overhaul,Nigeria is made up of those who have never had it so good,who don’t want changes and those who want changes,the people to whom Nigeria is paradise are mainly found in the PDP,to them,Nigeria is doing very well,it’s a shame

  • Abiboss

    Senior advocate of nonentities! I think the judge needs to give bail to notorious armed robbers due to self recognition because during Lawrence Anini time everyone was afraid of him with Monday Osunbor. They should have given them bail. If it is poor man, no bail would have been granted. These are the people that destroyed Nigeria. Outside Nigeria most of them can’t win any case. Nigerian lawyers don’t have any specialty. They are jack of trade master of none. Majority of them are charge and bail lawyers. They only know how to bribe judges to win cases. Their expertise is in bribery and corruption.

    • Abilingo

      Its only in Nigeria, at times few Lawyers do not understand the kind of embarrassment they do give themselves ,may be they do not know the world are watching them.

      • Gbadebo S.


        Before now, ordinary Nigerians had just a lingering suspicion that these
        so-called S.A.Ns do not think, besides a suspicion that a good few of S.A.Ns
        are as dubious as career criminals. But all that was mere suspicion. All bets
        were off immediately ninety (90) of these self-described S.A.N took to the
        streets like a pressure group desiring to be publicly identified with crimes.

  • tuby NY

    What else is NEW in this our HIGHLY-moral-bankruptcy society!!? Anything n everything unbelievable in this world seems 2b a normal thing or a way of life here. Is it not d same way d “so called senators” followed an accused (Saraki) colleague of theirs 2court singing solidarity songs n acting lik bunch of touts in d court premises months ago.

    This is how far d country had degraded 2 n I blamed d religious leaders first followed by d politicians — but this is another day talk. This is what PMB has 2contend wth.. I wish d man is in his 50s wth more vibrant energy because this country needs him n MORE of him! Corruption, 419, drug money n quick money at any cost have impaired our sensible-mental-judgment largely in this country, n this is WHAT WE ARE WITNESSING TODAY!!

    • TrueNja

      People like Senator Shehu Sani of Kaduna State, Ret. Col .Ali controller general of customs and Kachikwu, junior petroleum minister are the more like Buhari we have presently in this government These fellows need our prayers and encouragement.

      • tuby NY

        Yeah, i heard a little about the PMB appointed custom controller Retired Col. Alli 2..

  • Emeka

    Thank you your honor for your observation. They sought to intimidate and harass you but from your comment t ploy did not work. It’s unfortunate that our senior learned men have chosen to join th political class in there show of same in the name name solidarity. When the learned and the elite behave thus what becomes of the common folk?

  • New Nigerian

    These many lawyers are Senior Advocates of Nonsense!

  • MushinSpeaks

    If our senior lawyers can be committed to CHANGE and not protecting robbers, Nigeria will be more better

  • kolawoleishola


  • ijelejames

    Nonsense! Senior advocates of nonsense! N2:50k SAN bought through bribery and corruption. Rubbish!

  • Spoken word

    Conspiracy of thieves

  • javscong javscong

    I really do not know what these gangsters are up to if not, as the judge observed, to intimidate and harass the court. I expected the judge to have gone a stage further by fixing a date for hearing of the application for bail whilst remanding Tarfa in the custody of EFCC or Ikoyi prison, if only for 24 hours. Having granted him bail on self recognition, she finally succumbed to the mob. These people have brought shame to the “senior” bar and quite honestly I will be ashamed to be one of them.

  • 9ja deserves better dan Buhari

    Zakzaky’s son, wife, other Shiite leaders killed

    Zakzaky’s son, wife, other Shiite leaders killed – No less than 20 members of the Shi’ite sect were killed, yesterday, as the military cracked down on the sect for blocking the highways during their public procession in Zaria, Kaduna State.


    Lawyer to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has provided indication that Former National Security Adviser (NSA), Col. Sambo Dasuki, was being held for other allegations apart from the arms procurement scandal. – EFCC’s Lawyer Exposes FG

    This revelation came to the fore when counsel to Dasuki, Joseph Daudu (SAN) and Rotimi Jacobs (SAN), representing EFCC, were addressing the court on a motion praying for the release of Dasuki.

    Dasuki had been denied freedom despite at least two court orders.

    DAILY POST recalls that he was, after his release from Kuje Prison, rearrested by the Department of State Services (DSS).

    During Thursday proceedings, the prosecution explained that DSS rearrested Dasuki on the grounds that it was investigating the former NSA on alleged breach of service law when he was in the army.

    The offences were allegedly committed 22 years after he left service in 1994.

    The prosecution counsel said: “Dasuki was a fugitive for seven years and he is being investigated for series of alleged offences he committed when he was in the army.”

    He, however, advised Dasuki to evoke section 46 of the constitution and institute a civil action to challenge his arrest and enforce his fundamental right to his liberty.

  • Cleartruth

    Instead of facing real corruption , efcc is decipating energy on distraction such as this.

    • Julius

      This is a distraction ? Charging a lawless lawyer that was trying to prevent the cause of Justice to court is a distraction ?. Okay o

  • Debekeme

    I am in insider. I will tell you that you have no idea the havoc lawyers and judicial officers are causing in Nigeria.

    All the crimes, impunity we complain about are fueled by the disgraceful connivance of of legal officers with the perpetrators.

    Check the leadership and most senior echelons of the legal profession, they are billionaires. Who are their key clients? The Answer? politicians and corruption public officials.

    The solution? Elect an activist NBA president, appoint an honest and activist chief justice.

    Make SANships not solely based on how many cases you have done, or how many times you have appeared before Appeal or Supreme Courts, or how long you have been in practice or who recommends you for SANship.

    SANship should be based on how you have impacted the legal profession and how you have used you legal learning to impact your nation positively.

    if they used the above criteria, i can tell you maybe only 2% of existing SANs will qualify.

    They are part and parcel of Nigerians problems. Period.

    • shola

      Get this useless, meaningless TITLE off! It is nothing but a masquerade and a money generating emblem. The question is not how long but how far.

  • Son of Truth

    Na true i want talk again O!….well well….if i dey lie O….well, well……
    ….Make Edumare punish me O….well well …..make Chineke punish me o….well.



    • Julius

      hahahahahahaha, danmmmmmmmmm ! Man,that song right there is da bomb. ITT. Abeg make I go listen to am small , thank you

  • Bimbola

    This man should be allowed to clear his name if he is innocent. Why are all these so called SANs disgracing this country with this shameful solidarity. This act goes to confirm the much reported corruption in the Judiciary in Nigeria. We can now say without any shade of doubt, that corruption is fighting back in Nigeria through the judiciary. We are really in a deep mess.

    • ’70

      I would have really loved to see Nigerians line up at the court & toss rotten eggs at them.

  • endipin

    Birds of the same feather flock together!

    • Tunsj

      Indeed. Bunch of corrupt SANs.

  • emmanuel

    So happy Yunusa was moved out of that Court. He stinks and act compromised. The 10.00am Judge!

  • SAM .A

    Let us rename some of them as Senior Goats of Nigeria , these are the faces of Goats eating the fattest and sweetest yams of corruption , they take their slice , craw at night to meet the Judge , grease his palms , at the last hearing , the case is buried ,The truth , Justice and the future of our children is buried . It is time for law to separates the weeds from seeds in the Temple of Justice , these temple has been part of machine breeding corruption in Nigeria, The good , the bad and ugly are intertwined in this temple . Some of them have used their gowns and wigs to rob Nigeria. God will judge the few members who has been exploiting justice to make blood money.

  • olu obanla

    They are the Senior Army Robber of Nigeria

    • Ode


      This is the end of law profession in Nigeria. Useless criminal partners called S.A.Ns are walking naked.

      Goodbye to law and order. The barbarians are walking nude on the streets – without gumption or sense!

    • Kachell Daniel

      ===>£V£N IF Y0U HAV£ N0T D0N£ £XP0RT B£F0R£

      The exchange rate is in your favor seriously …1 Dollar is sold for N200 and above as at today. Smart investors are taking advantage of the situation and making huge profit over night.

      The truth must be said. Whats happening in ths country favours ‘Exporters’. Be it small scale or large scale ‘exporters’.


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      Note : Make sure you remove the dot and replace with (.)

  • Rommel

    Can someone with proximity please make available to us a list of those elements that followed this suspect to court so that we can expose them as collaborators in the fraud enterprise,this news is making round and has exposed our judiciary for what it represents

  • shola

    The legal Mafia syndicates and advocates. If the EFCC transfer this case to the United States or UK or Germany or even Israel, we would be talking another language entirely. No wonder Nigeria is leading the chat of the most corrupt country in this world. Nigeria Number ONE. Should this award not give our LAWYERS and LAWMAKERS = LAWMAKERS a great concern?

  • shola

    What we are witnessing daily in Nigeria is just above human imagination in a sane country. A large number of our SENATORS marching to the court in support of a SENATE PRESIDENT facing PROSECUTION. Now a team of lawyers flooding a Nigeria court of law in support of a colleague facing charges punishable by law.
    It is only in Nigeria that a lawbreaker is honoured. LAWMAKER = LAWBREAKER, HALELUYA!.

    • Tunsj

      You got that right, I love that last sentence!

  • dr okonkwo f c

    Nigeria is lawless and corrupt. Nothing will change the mindset except desolution of that british mess but the quest for oil and gas will not allow the mafias agree to that. I am sure this is not a biafran otherwise some will open their mouth are say blablabla!!!!