Ex-Borno Gov. Sheriff, accused of Boko Haram ties, emerges PDP chairman

Ali Modu Sheriff

A former governor of Borno State, Ali Sheriff, has been named the new chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party.

The PDP is Nigeria’s biggest opposition party, and was defeated only in May 2015 after holding power for 16 years.

Mr. Sherrif, who is replacing Ahmadu Mu’azu, the former chairman who resigned shortly after the polls, has been a controversial figure amid allegations he funded and sponsored the extremist sect, Boko Haram. He denies the allegation.

The spokesperson for PDP, Olisa Metuh, who addressed journalists at the Abuja’s Wadata plaza secretariat of the party, on Tuesday, said all organs of the party, including, the national caucus, PDP governors’ forum and the national assembly caucuses agreed on the choice of Mr. Sherffi, who is also a former senator.

Mr. Metuh said the decision would be communicated to the Board of Trustees and subsequently, the National Executive Committee, NEC, for ratification before a formal announcement would be made.

More details coming.


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  • Gerald Okoduwa

    OK. PDP is the new Boko Haram party.

    • Peter_Edo


    • dele20

      That is it, they are truly the boko haram

  • Debekeme

    LOL.. PDP, in a world of their own. Wow!

    I can just imagine Sheriff would have told them ‘ i will finance everything, money no be problem’..

    And once Metuh and co heard ‘MONEY’, that was end of discussion, Sheriff was promptly appointed.

    PDP; a disgrace of a party.

  • sir Oscie

    Ali Modu Sheriff of all people….SMH………..Pdp, it’s finished… I see a new party before 2019 and the total collapse of the pdp.

    • dele20

      Pdpigs is a corrupt party

  • ed

    PDP is morally and interletaually bankrupt. Nigeria may follow. Please let’s pray for the rescue of our people.

  • DARE


    • dele20

      Pdpigs are thieves


    What? Can this be true? In any case, the worst that can happen to the PDP has already happened: The party is dead!

    • dele20

      Not only dead, but also buried in a coffin

  • Julius

    What else is new ? Jonathan told the whole world that he has BK members in his government/cabinet but, did nothing about it. No arrest, no identifying /exposing any of them. So this is just a confirmation of what he said then.

    o, this is

    • dele20

      What do you expect
      That is the reason he spent our $2.1bn for his selfish interest
      Jonathin and his other looters can no longer deceive us
      Our eyes don sharpen

      • Julius

        Yes oo !. PDP ought to be banned as a political party. How wicked and uncaring can people be ?

  • FactsandFigures

    Really? PDP, you have learned nothing. You could have changed the narrative about your party by appointing a not too “notorious” person……..preferably someone younger with a few achievements under his/her belt. But as usual you failed to seize the moment.

  • Adekunle

    This is the best choice for PDP. There’s no way a gang of robbers can choose a Pastor as their leader.

    • Ha


    • Gugurus Ekpa


  • Burning Spear

    I was detained for 6 days because I criticized Buhari – Danfulani

    A lecturer at the Kaduna State University, Dr. John Danfulani was arrested late January because of a Facebook post he made which was critical of President Muhammadu Buhari and his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC). He was detained by the police, remanded in prison, and charged for “incitement” by the Kaduna State Government.

    • Artful ºDodger

      Six days? You should have been detained forever for hypocrisy moron!

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    This is what desperation can do. PDP is, to all intents and purposes, dead and buried.

    • dele20

      Pdpigs are dead and buried

  • The PDP Gods are Now Officially to be Blamed…

    • Fadama

      I wouldn’t blame the gods. I would rather blame other characters/individuals that make up PDP.

  • tunde

    Majorities of nigerians especially kanuris know boko haram sponsors.I do not why it takes long time to expose them.This is what most people have been complaining about for years.These politicians used these boys and dumped them.When they did not find anything to do,they formed gang ,looked for international exposure by aligning themselves with other terrorist groups.This is what you get when government neglects its duty.GMB, you have herculian task to deal with in getting nigeria back.

    • REDEEM

      The Boko haram fighterrs are not Kanuris—they are Fulanis from the ECOWAS REGION———The only ethnic group with roots among the Tuaregs are the Fulanis who are also presumed to be Fulanis–u cannot find Kanuris in Kenya—or Central African Republic–But the Fulani yes—–even in Rwanda and Uganda

      • tunde

        Would you tell me the tribes that live in Mumtum – Daya, Nguru,Gwosa, all the way to Burum Baga?I worked in that region in 1975.Is it not the same area the country is having problem now?

  • Burning Spear

    I was detained for 6 days because I criticized Buhari – Danfulani

    A lecturer at the Kaduna State University, Dr. John Danfulani was arrested late January because of a Facebook post he made which was critical of President Muhammadu Buhari and his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC). He was detained by the police, remanded in prison, and charged for “incitement” by the Kaduna State Government.

    • Sparzo

      For incitement to violence like that British citizen kanu of Biafra.

  • Public Records

    Why Bola Tinubu will now be very afraid…..

    “FORMER Borno State governor Ali Modu Sherrif
    threatened to slap party leader Asiwaju Bola Tinubu at a recent All
    Progressives Congress (APC) national executive committee meeting in Abuja over
    a dispute on its forthcoming congresses. At a recent meeting at the party’s
    headquarters, a debate about how to finalise the merger between the APC’s
    component parts, got very heated. It almost turned violent with Alhaji Sheriff
    exploding midway through the meeting, raining abuses on Asiwaju Tinubu and
    threatening to slap him.”


    [30th March, 2014]

    • ??????????

      @Public Records: But this is face that has been waiting to be slapped all these days for all manner of evil.

      Why do the Yoruba want to pass the slapping duty to a Kanuri man as if the Yoruba are not man enough?.

  • Sparzo

    PDP needing a breath of fresh chose bad breath.

    • dele20

      Pdpigs is already dead

  • Abidilagungun

    I don’t know about his sponsoring BH but I think that accusation was made when he was in the ANPP and the APC people defended him and accused President Jonathan of trying to set him up. So, please leave those accusations out, they have been cancelled by politics; I’m however surprised that the PDP chieftains think this half-baked former governor is the best person to lead their party at this time when its image is terribly soiled by allegations of corruption. Truly baffling.

    • Arabakpura

      you were in Niger Republic when he visited Chad with the grand commander of Boko Haram, Jonathan; afterwards, he was denied!

    • Hassan Lawal

      …you people are not sincere,what do you want them to do again?…..when Ribadu and other credible people refused to take the mantle.. of chairmanship,we just have to put somebody there,credible or not!..even if na Bode George or Ibori, we no mind now oooo!

      • Arabakpura

        how do you then want Buhari to defeat Boko Haram?

    • Onike24

      That is not true, he attempted to decamp to APC but they didn’t want or trust him and he went to the PDP, where he was always a member!

      • Mayo

        Please see below. Since I can’t embed links directly, I will break down the link (replace the dot and slash to get the complete url)

        twitter dot com slash daudoh1 slash status slash 699641109576818688

      • Abidilagungun

        Are you sure? Google the facts and come back here

        • Onike24

          When I say he attempted to decamp, I know what I am saying. He was NEVER accepted by the other parties that amalgamated to become APC.

  • Amir

    This is the why the execution of Anini was wrong. PDP would have found a perfect Chairman in him.

  • Arabakpura

    At last, PDP agrees to the friendship of Boko Haram! They have clandestinely befriended them and used them to make money! Now, they have called the bluff of the Nigerian People! They have now moved from P D P, share the money to P D P, shoot the gun! Anyway, supreme cult is always there to back their violent tendencies!

  • bash

    Haha haha I de laugh ooo.

  • the truth

    I am indeed disappointed in this move from PDP. To all neutrals like me who do not affiliate with pdp or apc this is a big blow to the opposition.

    • Sparzo

      What opposition? Tis a self fulfilling prophesy of accusing APC of becoming dictators.

    • dele20

      Pdpigs is a party that has no human feelings

  • Artful ºDodger

    Excellent choice, a very befitting representation of the PDP- the congregation of the descendant of the demons the bible said once roamed the earth. He is a perfect representation of the image of the party. Igbos, enjoy!

  • dpfrank

    This is a ratification that PDP is a BH party

    • Comfortkay

      So True Bros

  • MI

    Excellent choice PDP!! Great choice!!! Hahaha @adekunle’s comment is right, ‘gang of robbers and killers can’t have saints as leaders’. They have now confirmed its truly a boko haram party. Be rest assured Ali Sheriff who has many EFCC cases against him, will surely end up in jail sooner or later. Whatever is boko haram, he strengthen them. He’s perhaps today the most cursed person on the northeast of the country. And no one in his former party, state or region ever defended sheriff on this allegation, rather, he was hated by his people leading to his temporary exile from Borno for almost two years. As we write sheriff leaves in Abuja, seldom visit Maiduguri. It was the PDP that shielded him, gave him place of prominence in their party, and, indeed retired the current NSA because of his report on boko haram indicting sheriff and others of deliberate oversight on issues pertaining to the terrorists. I’m happy once again the PDP is going down and down the drain. May God humiliate and annihilate them.

  • Onike24

    “PDP is Boko Haram and Boko Haram is PDP”

    • Mayo

      While I’m disappointed in this choice, it is not enough to say PDP is Boko Haram and vice versa. I posted a link to one of your other comments and I’m posting another link here (please replace the dot and slash to get the complete link)

      twitter dot com slash daudoh1 slash status slash 699645632676503553

      • Onike24

        Thank you! I will have a look at this. But this were the words of General Azazi, they are not my words.

      • dele20

        Pdpigs is a fake party

    • dele20

      That is the truth

  • Comfortkay

    With this choice of Alhaji Sheriff shows that People Destruction Party (PDP) has not learn from the mistakes of the past.

    • asuevie

      let PDP sort out their problem.
      Whatever Sherif had sown he will reap, this wil not affect Buhari ineptitude performance pls!,
      Improve economy as promised pls!

      • Abdul

        Sharrrrrrrrrrrrap, we are talking about ali modu and PDP here not Buhari

  • Ima

    It shows the PDP as an opposition should not be taken seriously by all Nigerian.A snake will remain a snake.

  • Rommel

    PDP has been talking of forming a broad coalition so merging officially with Boko Haram is the broad coalition they have been talking about? wunderbar!

    • countryman

      Buhahahaha !!!
      You are a 5 star comedian

  • clairvoyance

    When this same sheriff was planted by the PDP as a mole in the party this same metuh called APC Boko Haram sponsors because of him now he as been made the chairman of the PDPigs metuh now see’s it as a good choice that would be communicated to their board members. Boko Haram is officially the opposition party of Nigeria that would be flushed out by the Nigerian Armed Forces and the EFCC.

  • Rommel

    While other ethnic militias like OPC,MEND,IPOD are busy engaging in criminality and vandalization of pipelines,Boko Haram on the other hand has metamorphosed into mainstream politics by becoming the largest opposition party in Nigeria

    • countryman

      Ol boy, you wicked ooooooo.plss show small mercy and respect on the largest party in SE.

  • The truth will set you free

    Na wa o, wonders shall never end.

    • dele20

      Imagine, the corrupt metuh could also appear,

      Aaba!! Nah wah for this party, then no dey shame again

  • Gabriel Olasebikan

    PDP will soon take APC to court for slander.. A game is about playing out.

    • dele20

      Stop your comedy, as if you dont know that pdpigs are political armrobbers

  • front man

    Pdp the most wanted criminal party

  • dele20

    The PDP is Nigeria’s biggest opposition party, and was defeated only in May 2015 after holding power for 16 years.

    pdp was not defeated only in May 2015,but also defeated for life
    Pdpigs is dead and buried in May 2015
    Pdpigs is the greatest looter
    Pdpigs is an outdated party
    Pdpigs is Nigeria-forwardness restrictions
    Pdpigs is a callous and selfish party
    Pdpigs is

  • dele20

    Just imagine, this useless, good-for-nothing party needs a chairman that will mislead our youths how to loot
    To be sincere, this party has to be blown like Xmas bangers and cancelled before orientating the youth wrongly on corruption

  • MushinSpeaks

    One would have imagined PDP to be responsible to be a credible opposition. But No. They have lost every sense of reasoning. Adopting an alleged Boko Haram sponsor as their chairman is solution to their trivail. Shame on them. This party is not only dead but out of space. CHANGE is here.

  • Say the truth

    Just like Amaechi, Fashola, and Fayemi were accused of corruption and looting of government money in their states and got rewarded with ministerial appointments. Modu has not even be charged to any court for any offense. It will amount to grand hypocrisy and double standard for anybody to conclude that Modu is guilty. Ali Ndume is an APC SINNATOR who had already been charged to court and standing trial for sponsoring terrorism. Bukola Saraki is an APC sinnate president who is standing trial for false declaration of assets yet he did not vacate his seat. Fingers crossed and let’s see how things play out.

  • Tunsj

    PDP is proving yet again just how worthless they are.