Catholic Bishops attack Father Mbaka for anti-Jonathan prophecies

Fr. Mbaka received wife of the President, Patience Jonathan, few months ago, but said the Holy Spirit spoke to him that day saying something was not right.

The Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria, CBCN, has condemned the recent criticism of its decision to transfer a Priest of its Enugu Diocese, Ejike Mbaka.

Mr. Mbaka was transferred from his former parish, Christ the Kind, to Our lady’s Parish Emene, in the same diocese.

The transfer of the priest from his parish of over a decade, where he introduced the popular Adoration-prayer Ministries Enugu, Nigeria (AMEN) met with various criticisms from those who regarded it as a punitive measure by the church against Mr. Mbaka.

Critics had at various points attributed the transfer to Mr. Mbaka’s repeated sermons where he condemned the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan, and proclaimed a revelation that the former President will lose the 2015 presidential election.

Mr. Mbaka had not only stated ahead of the 2015 election that Mr. Jonathan would lose, but condemned the former president’s performance in office particularly on corruption matters.

When Mr. Jonathan lost in the election, Mr. Mbaka’s courage was praised by President Muhammadu Buhari, who received the priest at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

The fiery priest’s subsequent transfer was condemned by critics including the South East chapter of Nigeria’s ruling party, APC, who claimed Mr. Mbaka was being victimised.

In its earlier reaction to controversies trailing the transfer, Secretary-General of the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria, Ralph Madu, told PREMIUM TIMES that the transfer is a “normal church procedure.”

Addressing the church at its opening session of the CBCN on Sunday, President of the Conference, Ignatius Kaigama, condemned Mr. Mbaka’s prophecies stressing that the church and particularly its priests and leaders must avoid the what he regarded as the “melodramatic displays that resembles modern broadway shows.”

“Those priests who tend to compete with so-called trendy pastors to dream dreams, see visions and utter prophecies are reminded that not all dreams, visions and prophecies are revelations from God.

“They are sometimes the product of one’s psychological disposition, brain waves or even the result of mental fatigue and should not be confused with absolute reality,” said Mr. Kaigama, a bishop.

He called on leaders in all facets of the nation to work for the unity of Nigeria.

“We need to think positively about the Nigerian project and act in a manner that builds rather than destroys,” he stated.

Also in his brief remark at the introduction of guests, the Assistant Secretary General of the CBCN and Bishop of Ekiti Diocese, Felix Ajakaiye, said, “When I am transferred I am transferred; no sensation should be attached.”

Speaking earlier at the sermon, during the opening mass, Bishop of Abuja Arch Diocese, John Onaiyekan, said Nigerians have a right to be angry at the ‘criminal corruption,’ which led to diversion of funds meant for the purchase of arms, stressing that it is the hope of all well meaning Nigerians that such fraudulent acts are now a thing of the past.

“Our gallant troops must never again be left with inadequate resources to carry out the dangerous acts imposed on them on our behalf,” he said.

Mr. Onaiyekan called on the current administration to keep up its legal efforts to thoroughly investigate the crimes of the past, transparently prosecute accused persons and hold the guilty accountable according to the law.

He reiterated his earlier call for collaboration with the church and religious bodies in the effort to bring about a transformation of minds and action by Nigerians.

As part of its annual practice, Mr. Onaiyekan said the CBCN will make suggestions at the end of its session on January 17, on ways to move the nation forward.


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  • Hannatu Adamu

    Consequence of speaking truth to power!

    • Nwa Aba {Proud Biafran}

      Why not convert and join Mbaka adulterated ministry?
      If what he is saying is the truth

      • Good samaritan

        How do you know I’m not his follower let those who are critical of him repent of their evil and selfish ways

        • Nwa Aba {Proud Biafran}

          You can’t be Hannatu Adamu and Good Samaritan same time

          • Good samaritan

            What is wrong with Adamu aren’t white black Christian Muslim etc living together in other parts of the world

        • debarim

          Then waht stops you from following him to the new place he has been posted. That was what Jesus’ disciples did.

          • Good samaritan

            I will never complain about him being transferred my argument is about those of you criticizing him because of what he said before the election

    • share Idea

      Are you saying there is no Truth he can tell the present government, why silence? Nigeria we hail thee

    • janky

      Hannatu, yaya kekye. Don’t be deceived. Some of these prophecies that causes hates and bad blood may not be from God, after all most of these preachers do not understand the ministry of the holy spirit. They use human senses and experiences of life to predict what may happen. Read your bible and you will see how Jesus’ responds to the pharisees, the scribes and the saduccees; full of wisdom, even the enemies said” I have never seen a man talk like this man”.

  • Good samaritan

    Do we still have church in Nigeria this are the same people that took money from Jonathan and Dasuki what is wrong with this people, after all, everything Mbaka predicted are all coming to fulfilment, if all this so called church leaders do not have visions anymore why are they discouraging the few with one, there’s nothing wrong if they transfer him but why the criticism in some of them are just too cold to see beyond their stomachs

    • Danladee

      I am not a Christian. But Bishops Onaiyekan and Kaigama can never take money from anyone in the course of their duties, talk less of the blood money shared by GEJ’s desperados.

      • Good samaritan

        If you are not a Christian then you can’t know the value or the meaning of true prophecies just like those people criticising Mbaka for saying the truth

      • Contact Point

        They did, Onaiyekan and Kaigama, even from late President Umoru Yar’Adua. Check and get your facts well

  • Angry Niaja

    I am a catholic and can categorically tell you guys that no catholic priest is allowed to stay in one parish for longer than a few years, Mbaka stayed for over 10 years at the parish before he was moved. Enough of this whining lots of other priests are moved on a yearly basis to very remote places without light and water, they do not go to newspaper houses to complain. Mbaka has a choice, if he does not want to abide by the rules, he can leave. Enough of this politicising everything. The Catholic Church has stayed out of politics so far, that was why they abstained from CAN when Oriestjafor was CAN president and became GEJ’s personal pastor, Mbaka should not drag them into it now.

    • Contact Point

      You mayb a catholic but am sorry you are not aware of what you are saying. Can you tell me how many years Rev. Fr. Ede has stayed in Elele Parish?

      • Factsay

        Ede is not a diocesan priest. He is a congregational priest. Know the difference b4 commenting coz ignorance can destroy

      • Okafor

        He has gone now. Matter closed

  • tundemash

    But why has CAN President Ayo “Kanye West” Oritsejafor suddenly gone deaf & dumb over the $2.1b arms money stolen, money meant to protect Nigerians, especially in the light of his usual lies that Boko Haram activities mostly affected christians ?

    • delta K

      You can continue to ask your useless father and mother that question

      • tundemash

        Another hopeless one from the despair street of amnesty camp.

    • Buhari4Ever

      Magu and EFCC will soon expose him. He is a criminal beyond measure

    • Burning Spear

      Pastor Ayo is an Itsekiri man—Sadly the ungrateful Itsekiris are now using Itsekiri man Prof Sagay and Keyamo–to Chase Tompolo—-in the creeks of the Niger Delta for Efcc–Aware the Itsekiris have all forgotten how Jonathan sweated for Ayo–That is the blackman Karim for u—-Now it is the turn of Father Mbaka——Happily for us—Ayo was more interested—in the war with Boko haram than creating enemies for the state—–Mbaka—set the Ijaws against his Ibo ethnic group—–Happily for us, God worked against his- evil wish-against the Ijaw Nation That is why the——Ibos voted for Jonathan—Although their votesd were not as good as 2011—when Abia gave Jonah 1.3m and Imo almost 1.5m—votes respectively————————-Anyway-that is history today sha———-Separation is the answer now.- not the rule of the Fulanis ati their Yoruba—traitors and Ibo surrogates like Mbaka—–Yes Efcc was created to haunt the Ijaw Nation in the creeks of the SS———animals

      • Okafor

        For Prof Sagay to come against SC judgement on Wike, Emmanuel and Ikpeazu is unbelievable. He has sold his conscience as a constitutional lawyer for a bowl of pepper soup and can now challenge the SC.
        Itsekiris don’t like us the Ijaws,so I’m surprised. Just like they hate the Urhobos and Isokos

        • Alamu

          And your name is Okafor!
          Do the Ijaws like the Itsekiris?

      • Alamu

        I like your argument: Jonathan and Oritsejafor were in some kind of relationship, therefore Itsekiris all over the world were in the same “relationship” with Jonathan!

      • tundemash

        Usual ethnic nonsense from a mor0n .

  • onyefeze

    Why is Rev. Fr. Mbaka always preaching hate messages among
    the people? Why is he always inciting people against one another? Is fr.
    Mbaka’s message truly the message of Christ? Why does he always like to do his
    things for show? He has whipped up so much sentiment with his transfer even
    against the Bishop of his Dioceses and the entire Roman Catholic Faith. Is Fr.
    Mbaka more Christian than the rest of us simply because he is commanding a large
    followership? When has crowd become a measure of a true man of God? Any
    so-called man of God who preaches hate messages and does things for show and
    popularity is both anti-Christ and a hypocrite. Jesus Christ enjoined us to love
    one another, to preach the Good News and do our good deeds secretly and with
    humility. Is Rev. Fr. Mbaka likely to be among those who will come to Christ on
    the last day claiming to have preached the gospel and done many miracles in His name but whom
    Jesus would deny knowledge of them and asked to go away because their deeds are
    evil? Is fr. Mbaka not being worldlier when he is lamenting over losing his
    mansion of 20 years for a room apartment?
    Is he not being more carnally minded when he is lamenting about where to
    keep his Adoration ministry’s properties; the properties he acknowledged to
    belong to the church? Is he not behaving
    like the wealthy man in Jesus story who
    was asked to go and sell all the things he had, give the money to the poor and
    come follow Jesus, but who turned away from Christ because he was too rich? Remember
    what Jesus said concerning the man’s attitude: ‘It is easier for a camel to
    pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom
    of God.’ There is no doubt that the
    large followership may become a source of pride to some preachers but they
    should always bear in mind that the road to hell is broad and smooth and many
    multitudes prefer to follow that way
    than to follow the narrow road which leads to heaven. Rev. Fr. Mbaka should
    either submit to the Authority in the Catholic Church or resign to become his
    own General Overseer in his Adoration Ministry.

    • Contact Point

      Your “sermon” gets no where. Your hate towards the man is clear so needless answering your long questions

      • Okafor

        Are you a true Christian? What did Onyefeze say that is not there in Holy Bible? Do you read the Holy Bible?

    • Burning Spear

      I beg ask am for me—–See the man Mbaka is a 419ner period–and a dsigrace to the Catholic Church——Dame Jonathan gave him only 5m–But Buhari sent a Presidential jet to pick him up from Enugu and loaded the plane with my oil revenue-based Ghana Must Go Bags–Buhari as u know was also at the airport to receive him-Then arranged to have him flown back to Enugu–with tonnes of newly minted (Nairasis)-in the presidential Jet that brought him to Abuja—-Aware-the Apes in APC used all sorts of tricks to impose themselves on the masses–such as the CIA– Psstors–Bablawos———-419ners————–magicians–just name them—That is why—–we are where we are with Rogues like Buhari now busy stealing budgets at night-in Aso rock–

  • IZON Redeemer

    The man is not a miracle worker–He is a Polititician–Hired by Amaechi and Rochas to help rebrand the work of the Apes in APC in 9ja–At most rented as a court jester for Buhari—and Tinubu–This was the same man of God who laughed while Buhari used the weapons Jonathan bought to chase Boko Haram–in pursuing Ibos protesting the arrest of Kanu his Ibo brother-who is in the Gulag of Buhari—Where was his thought when he met with Buhari who sent a Presidentail jet to pick hm–up-recently in Enugu?–A sane Rev Father would have told Buhari he will never visit him unless he releases his fellow Ibo man and head of the IPoB to him–monkey

  • favourtalk

    A lot of them seriously jealous of the height of greatness that the bishop has attained for year and speaking frankly the truth

    • Okafor

      The bishop was right: Test all spirits. You cannot create a church within a church and that was Fr Mbaka was doing. His followers who were weeping because he was going on Transfer mere Transfer, had made him a god unknowingly. And that’s IDOLATRY . I doubt if those cry cry babies were really catholics, who should know it was just routine transfer.

    • REDEEM

      What greatness mumu–then why did he not see his tomorrow–the man is a 419ner a thief like Buhari period—he has no fear of the Almighty God in him

  • Burning Spear

    Of the two main candidates that stood for last year’s election, I thought Buhari was the better man. I believe the description by Time Magazine of Goodluck Jonathan’s time in office was pretty accurate. But If I think back to 2011, then I believed GEJ was the right man; we were proved wrong. Buhari still has time to prove us right, but he can’t do that by changing back into military fatigues.” BBC

  • Maria

    Egunje bishops.

  • debarim

    Its a pity so many people make comment and judge on issues they know nothing about. You need to understand what obtains in a place before can arrogate power of assessment to yourselves. No priest is ordained for a particular parish in order to forestall this kind of attitude being exhibited by Fr. Mbaka as if some comfortable parishes are for the exclusive presrves of some priests. The furore about this transfer tarnishes the image of the man at the center of this imbroglio. Was he the one that posted himself to the parish he was asked to leave? Why does he think he has to choose when he has to be posted away from the place? If those who are now crying more than the bereaved think they are in the best place to hndle the case, let them write their own letters of posting to Fr. Mbaka and ask him to go back to that same parish he reluctantly agreed to leave or take the case to any competent court to decide for them. Enough of these shenanigans.

  • joelaw

    The only way the bible teaches we can recognize a true prophesy from God is that such a prophesy must stand. Call Father Mbaka any name you like, God spoke through him and we can all see the prophetic statement fulfilled. Take a glance back at the prophetic statements of many ‘men of God’ in the heat of the last presidential elections; prophet AYO NI O in Lagos, the WINNERS chapel prophet etc. These men are known by their fruit, prophets of the pocket all of them. Father Mbaka should ignore all these agents of darkness and focus on the cross of Christ. the jealousy that reigns among many ‘men of GOD’ stinks though heavens. LEAVE FATHER MBAKA ALONE. At the end of the day each of these men of God will stand before the judgement throne of God to receive their reward, including father Mbaka.

    • Right Minded

      Ode, even a child would know that President Jonathan was gonna be rigged out of the Presidential election. The same papa Mbaka who praised Jonathan when the going was good but now turned to criticize him when he saw that President Jonathan was loosing grip of the Presidency to the parasitic foolanis. He thinks all Nigerians are fools and dumb just like hausa foolanis, but he is dead wrong because being an Igbo man and a desperate person they are, Nigerians cannot be fooled by the cunny cunny ways.

      • joelaw

        A civilized way is not to use abussive or derogatory word to respond to bloggers statements. I guess people have the right to express themselves as they deem fit. Let’s display some finess and maturity please.

  • ken

    I think it will be nice if Fr Mbaka goes public to douse the ruse. In Enugu diocese, priests are transferred every 3years. My parish priest just got transferred two weeks ago after 7years. He stayed that long because it was a new parish and he needed more than three years to build it. Fr Mbaka should let both the catholic and non- catholic public know the true picture, to avoid this excessive politicisation of his transfer. I can count off the number of priests with prayer ministries in their parishes who were transfered to other parishes in the past 15 years. Please enough of the politics.

  • Kez Ebed


  • Valentine

    Open the Johnathan books wider let us know who and who partook in eating our yam. One northern Pastor accused them of sharing 6bn to Men of God, hmmmm, who and who got what and what? No 2, access to the Presidency is denied and they are angry (I didn’t call any bodys name)