Court of Appeal voids Nyako’s impeachment

FILE PHOTO: Murtala Nyako at a lobby in the court

A Court of Appeal sitting in Yola on Thursday reversed the impeachment of Murtala Nyako as governor of Adamawa State.

Mr. Nyako was removed on July 15, 2014, after 17 of 25 members of the Adamawa State House of Assembly adopted a report of a panel set up to investigate him for alleged corruption.

The report found the governor guilty of all the 16 allegations of gross misconduct.

But in its Thursday’s ruling, the Court of Appeal ruled that the impeachment of Mr. Murtala Nyako as governor of Adamawa state in 2014 was not done in accordance with the provision of the law.

In the lead judgment read by Justice Tunde Ayotoye, all the judges unanimously agreed that Mr. Nyako was not given fair hearing in the impeachment proceedings.

The judges said that the governor’s right was violated and declared all the process that led to the impeachment null and void.

The court ordered that Mr. Nyako be accorded all right of the office of the governor of Adamawa State through the period of office, and be paid all his entitlement as governor of the state while it lasted.

The court however, struck out Mr. Nyako’s appeal to be returned as governor of the state.

The judges ruled that his tenure as governor had elapsed.

The Court criticised the “impunity and arrogance” of the House of Assembly of Adamawa State and some politicians, in setting up a panel to investigate Mr. Nyako despite a court order against such move.


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  • T-Rex

    E no concern me.

  • Watch man

    Our legal system needs a serious overhaul. The speed with which cases are adjudicated is grossly poor. Now, the state govt that seems to be crying for money will now have to start looking for money to pay Nyako. Too poor!

    • TrueNja

      PMB is vindicated.

  • Ochon

    How about the multi billion naira corruption case against this man

  • Spoken word

    GEJ wasted billions of naira to get Nyako removed, at the end of the day dumbo gained nothing but waste the country’s resources.

    • michael

      u r a liar like ur father buhari, buhari who is brain dead has thought u people how to quote billions. everything is billions to u people, aboki.

      • Spoken word

        look at this wailer talking, you will come here and tell me that GEJ developed this country to become the most developed country in the world.snap out of your day dreaming. Your hero is a failure and a buffoon.

        • Peter

          Michael is right. Buhari will never rival Jonathan – bigotry and Hausa/Fulani/Yoruba propaganda nothwithstanding. The Yorubas have learnt their lessons and have stepped back, watching Buhari and his drama. The Nigerian politics today is between the Hausa/Fulani and their Yoruba collaborators. The Buhari that Tinubu the Yorubaman invited to APC has ditched them, finding them unfit to work around the President.

          • Spoken word

            LOOOOOOOOOOl.only a buffoon will defend a buffoon.

      • Ahmad

        Chai! This your English tells me that Mama Piss, the Shepopotamous of Otouke and Mamy water of the creeks taught u English. Chai!

    • Ahmad

      U have spoken well. Truth is sacrosanct.

  • Harry

    Nyako the theif…ur time will surely come!

  • MilitaryPolice01

    hahaha this shameless man also wanted the CA to reinstate him as Governor.He should go and collect his outstanding benefits ‘owed’ him although by the time efcc finishes with him he will be paying it back

  • Amir

    Jonathan from the creek with loads of inferiority, timidity and mediocrity to the city with misunderstanding and abuse of power. Who knows how much of federal money was wasted by the ‘ineffectual buffoon’ to impeach Nyako?

  • Darlynstar

    How can a court give an order stopping the state house of assembly from investigating the state governor… What kind of court order was that and why did Nyako refuse to appear before the panel…this is how APC manipulates the judges in the court of appeal ….

    • ‘In the lead judgement read by Justice Tunde Ayotoye, all the judges unanimously agreed that Mr. Nyako was not given fair hearing in the impeachment proceedings.’
      Nyako was not given a fair hearing because his impeachment was politically motivated.

    • tundemash

      If Buhari has the power to stall Nyako’s case in court, why would he allow the case to get to the court at all ? Think before you type rubbish !

      • Peter

        Because Buhari wanted his appeal courts to free Nyakoand thereby showcase him as being innocent of the impeachable offences for which he was removed as governor of Adamawa State. Darlynstar had asked why did Nyako refuse to appear before the impeachment panel. You should answer that for him.

        • tundemash

          I don’t know what they feed you with at the amnesty camp but certainly it is polluting your mind. What has EFCC’s case against Nyako at the court got to with the case where Nyako is the one instituting a case against the state ???
          As per your query why Nyako didn’t appear before the so-called panel, I thought the judge had answered that in his judgement or did you and your co-traveler read this story upside down ? If you are not happy, instead of wailing online, appeal the judgement !

  • Rommel

    But they said buffoon did not abuse power

    • tundemash

      Buffon did not only abuse power, he raped power: you recollect no one was allowed within PDP to contest against him at PDP primaries.

    • New Nigerian

      He was an “Ineffectual buffoon”..the ineffectual part is what made him abusive.

  • Jonathan made a lot of enemies during his tenure because he refused to focus on the nitty-gritty of governance but was distracted by other inconsequential issues.
    He spearheaded the illegal impeachment of Nyako because Nyako challenged him on issues of national importance so he saw it as a personal affront, considering that Nyako belonged to the opposition party.
    Nyako accused the federal government of complicity in the spread of BH? Was he off the mark? Technically, he was right and I am going to give some reasons for making this assertion:

    i) Jonathan once claimed that BH sponsors were in his government.

    ii) During the Chibok abduction saga, Jonathan refused to act on time thereby reducing the chances of the rescuing the girls alive.

    iii) BH was highly degraded few weeks to the commencement of the 2015 general elections, so the issue is why was there a remarkable improvement in the fight against BH at that time?

    iv) Gen Andrew Azazi accused PDP of being behind the sponsorship of BH and we saw how it ended for him.

    I am not going to point fingers at anyone because insurgency is birthed by so many factors but the truth is the laissez-faire attitude of Jonathan and his siddon look approach to governance helped prolong the fight against insurgency coupled with the massive looting of funds that were meant for arms purchase.

    • tundemash

      Spot on !

    • New Nigerian

      You have given long prose to why Financial Times called Jonathan “an ineffectual buffoon”. Many Thanks!

    • Mayo

      Everything is GEJ’s fault. Na wa oh…
      When do we start holding people responsible for their actions. We have grown men who fell out with their governor and decided to impeach the guy because of that and you are here blaming someone sitting in Abuja. Even if GEJ wanted the man impeached, aren’t the state senators adults? Couldn’t they stand up for themselves? You have also conveniently forgotten that EFCC was probing the man for alleged cases of corruption.

  • Kez Ebed

    Cant all our social-justice gurus invent some other ways to do justice to matters apart from the present confusions? Now Nyako was unlawfully removed, was not given fair hearing, his rights were infringed, all according to the judges. yet he cant go back to his seat because his tenor has expired! Who expired the term – Nyako, or the illegal removal? Do all these things follow the so-called precedents or are our laws kind of different strokes for different …? or are these mere mutual games!

    • Sir Charles

      End Time!!!


      Rosary of the Unborn

  • Sir Demo

    See the mess we all are in just because of a set of patently sick minds on our bench. The ruling was ready but delayed until it makes no sense. JUSTICE DELAY THEY SAY IS JUSTICE DENIED. And yet PMB is forming a gentleman. Go on.

    • Sir Charles


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      MTN app store



    What do they mean by fair hearing when the facts and reasons for impeachment are so clear and have never been contested by Nyako.

    The truth is that Buhari and APC have turned the Federal Courts of Appeal to a mere extension of the Legal Department of APC with the help of rogue President of the Federal Courts Appeal – Justice Zainab Bulkachuwa whose husband is a founding member of CPC/APC.

    Thank God …, this Ghana-Must-Go judgment will meet its waterloo at the Supreme Court.

    • Mayo

      The issue is not the facts and reasons for impeachment but rather the process. There is a reason why people talk about due process. You must follow due process when doing stuff. I said the same thing about Nyako’s deputy. I predicted his ‘resignation’ would be overturned because the state assembly ‘forced’ him to submit his resignation letter to the assembly when the law says he has to submit it to the governor. The deputy went to court and the courts said the same thing.

      This is also the problem we have with EFCC in most cases they prosecute. They do not follow due process and so when they get to the courts, the courts dismiss the entire case.

      • Peter

        You seem to have forgotten some of the drama that followed when Nyako deliberately made himself inaccessible to the authorities throughout the trial. The matter should be tested upstairs, please.

  • Omole

    I could remember my meeting with him at Asokoro Friday prayers. i saw in him Humility; Spiritual strength and extreme confidence. Victory to U sir! and pray more…

    • Igwe

      You met him at Friday prayers and you saw humility??
      You sir, are a cow!

    • Peter

      Wonders shall not end! Is it not the Nyako that publicly tried to incite the northern governors against the former president, Dr Jonathan for stepping up attacks on Boko Haram, calling the action of the Nigerian military a genocide and threatening to take the president to the ICC? Was it not clear that Nyako was in fact one of the northern leaders who created and financed the murderous insurgent group that is now decimating the population of northern people? The defendants in that suit should proceed upstairs, that is, to the Supreme Court for a thorough test.

  • ’70

    Nyako should go to the supreme court, now that the judges are so confused, they might just reinstate him to complete his tenure

  • Burning Spear

    What happens to his corruption case by efcc–closed abi? Buhari should do hurry out of Aso rock back to Niger Republic wherwe he hails from-as for the court of Appeal–they are ready to Salami any

  • Igwe

    This are the types of Judges that Buhari was complaining about!
    Does current events hold no water in the eyes of these id1ots?
    NBA………look and see some of your bad eggs in action! Are you going to do something or just run and hide your head in the sand?

  • favourtalk

    They used power to rubbish victory of nyako then but the truth will surely come out now. PDP was pained because he left thier party and that was the reason they impeached at least cost