How lawyers are acting as technical advisers to criminals — EFCC’s Magu

EFCC Chairman, Ibrahim Magu

The Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Ibrahim Magu, on Wednesday charged members of the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, to join hands with the commission to stamp out corruption in the country.

Speaking when members of the NBA paid him a courtesy call on Wednesday, Mr. Magu, in a remark titled “The NBA Must Not Allow Corruption To Kill Nigeria”, said unprofessional conducts of some lawyers is giving the NBA a bad name.

“Society is not served when prominent members of the bar not only take clearly tainted briefs, but even facilitate the commission of crimes by knowingly supplying the technical know-how and later, helping in the dispersal of the proceeds of crime.

“There are lawyers within the fold of the NBA who ought not to be among your noble ranks.

“Those people are not fit to be called ministers; rather, they are vandals of the temple of justice,” he said.

He also decried the practice by some members of the NBA who he said were aiding individuals and corporate organizations to perpetrate economic and financial crimes

The EFCC boss further stated that the input of lawyers would be needed to successfully wage the war against fraud, corruption and money laundering.

“Law enforcement, just as the judiciary, encompassing the bar and the bench, is a critical link in the justice delivery system of any society.

“I dare say that even when opinions and tactics differ, the interest of the two blocs cannot but converge on the overriding interest of the people,” he said.

Mr. Magu, who stated that no other anti-graft agency in Nigeria had beaten the record of the EFCC in the areas of prosecutions and convictions, further described the ordinary Nigerian as the victim of money laundering , embezzlement, diversion of funds and frauds.

He, therefore, urged them to share in the vision of President Muhammadu Buhari’s war against corruption, while also congratulating the body for supporting the EFCC over the years.

Earlier, the president of NBA, Augustine Alegeh, expressed the reason behind the courtesy visit, saying that it was to salute the courage of Mr. Magu in the corruption war.

Mr. Alegeh, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, also said the EFCC and NBA needed to work in synergy for the war against corruption to be won.


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    Mangugururu mangum, mantitiriri mantim!

    Duh! That’s what the constitution of Nigeria and virtually every civilized country in the world say is the job of lawyers. Their job is to defend and advise suspects and criminals, and you Magu is NOT supposed to be privy to it, talk less of criticizing it.

    When the state is the criminal, as now, then you defend and advise the state. Your administration is committing massacres against Igbos and shiites, disobeying court orders, and presenting and stealing fraudulent juvenile budgets and so on…

    • David Musaed


    • Paul Young

      What is your IQ?

  • FreeNigeria

    Nigerians and courtesy visit. Let everybody stay where they are supposed to work and do their jobs so the country can move forward. What’s the purpose of courtesy visit?

    • Angry Niaja

      That’s how they warm their ways into and compromise people, they have gone to test the waters, first solidarity visits, then the brown envelopes. Let EFCC do its work for now, no visits. We shall soon hear that Methuselah, Dansuki, Badeh and co are innocent. Last week we were told some EFCC operatives were bribed with 45,000 dollars, nothing has since been heard of that, Nigeria and abracadabra

  • domingo

    I disagree with the EFCC chairman,the job of a lawyer is to defend both the innocent and the guilty even when the lawyer knows they committed the crime so for him to say such he his out of point

    • blow fissh

      Did you miss this part of the statement? “by knowingly supplying the technical know-how and later, helping in the dispersal of the proceeds of crime.” It is called aiding and abetting.

      • PolyGon2013

        You said it better. Thanks.


        When a lawyer is helping in dispersal of the proceeds of crime, he is not acting as a lawyer; anybody can do that, and the person should be charged with any relevant crime for that. How can Magu know anyone convicted of a crime, when he has NEVER convicted anyone.

        If he is talking about people he accused of a crime, they are NOT criminals yet.

    • Paul Young

      And i this is what baffles me about lawyers. Frankly they are more of a problem than a solution sometimes. How can you know that your client stole billions of naira that could have been used to construct roads, schools, and provide enough infrastructure for a full city and then you go to court and defend this person and LIE that he is not guilty, just because he pays you well. How do these people sleep at night? I bet you every single one of the people currently accused of diverting the arms fund will be found innocent, after all the prosecution has to prove beyond reasonable doubt which is notoriously difficult, while the defense just has to create an atom of doubt in the mind of the judge and/or jury


        What you are describing as ideal is called “sharia”, if you don’t like our democratic society then move.

    • PolyGon2013

      The job of a lawyer is to defend the innocent and the guilty. However, his job is to plead for leniency, once guilt has been proved beyond reasonable doubt, and not to aid the criminals to get away with crime.


        Have you ever heard of the unjustly convicted, or an appeal? Even a convict could be innocent. So, lawyers are there to review, advise, and work with anybody they wish to work with. And it is constitutionally guaranteed.

        So, any one suggesting anything contrary to this, is not only ignorant, but dangerous to the society.

        • Sir Demo

          I for one can’t get the logic in your argument.

          • AFRICANER

            It’s contrary to common-sense expectation, or local mentality of Nigeria, but nevertheless true.

    • Du Covenant

      So you think in organised societies they don’t defend their clients professionally?. The NBA is supposed to put professional guidelines in place for all lawyers to follow while discharging their services. The NBA must define a reasonable time frame within which all cases must be dealt with, not perpetual adjointments, bails etc…,the NBA must also put sentencing gudelines in place to be followed by all and sanctions should be in place and not the current chaos we have.


        see below

      • Sir Demo

        NBA is but only a professional society and can not do what you are asking.

    • Onike24

      Ah, yes but he must do so as an officer of court, he cannot surborn perjury for instance, he should not communicate with the Judge Ex parte, etc. It seems Proffesional ethics have no place in Nigeria, this is the same NBA that cannot draw attention that we have a Judge serving on the bench of the same state that her husband is now Governor. How does that happen? What is the Judicial service Commision’s Job? It is starting to appear completely hopeless.

    • Sparzo

      He/she cannot defend somebody he/she knows is guilty.

    • Sir Demo

      And to pervert and facilitate defeating the end of Justice?

  • favourtalk

    They and the judges are the main problem if the judiciary because they want money from those criminal that stole Nigeria money and made us this way, they go to every length to defend the and let them go free by bribing the judges too m they will be sanitize and death with soon as PMB has now go the thier time

    • efcc needs a new leader

      The Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, yesterday, urged President Muhammadu Buhari to ensure that his fight against corruption was conducted within the ambit of the law. President Muhammadu Buhari NBA, which is the umbrella body of legal practitioners in the country, decried what it described as over-zealousness by security agencies currently engaged in the prosecution of alleged corrupt persons, who it said had by their conduct, exhibited little regard for the due process of the law. National President of the association, Mr. Augustine Alegeh, SAN, spoke at a valedictory court session held in honour of Justice Muhammad Muntaka-Coomassie, who bowed out of the Supreme Court bench, yesterday, upon clocking the 70 years mandatory retirement age. He lamented that recently, “security operatives moved inside a court room to arrest a suspect. We wondered why they could not wait for the person to step out of the court before executing the arrest. While we commend the ongoing effort to rid the nation of corruption, what we are saying is that the fight must be conducted within the law. “The NBA does not condone corruption, our point is that the war can be conducted within the armbit of the law and civility. Certainly, it can be won without breaching the principles of rule of law upon which our democracy is built.” The NBA condemns in its entirety the generalisation and/or categorization of the Judiciary as being corrupt and an impediment to the zero corruption policy of the present administration. “While acknowledging that there may be a few bad eggs in the system, the NBA restates unequivocally that the categorization of the entire Judiciary as corrupt is a misconception and will stand solidly behind the Judiciary in any attempt to intimidate or harrass its personnel.



    Nigerians are smarter than you think; just because you arrested someone doesn’t mean they are criminals yet; you’d have to go to court and secure a conviction before they are criminals.

    So, instead of barking on the media, or holding people incommunicado in gulags, go to court and prove them guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, until you do that, ALL those people you have been harassing and jailing are as innocent as you and I.

    You HAVE NEVER convicted anyone in court since appointed as chairman, remember that. Therefore, you are holding no criminals. The lawyers are free to represent their clients, before you came on board, during your tenure, and after you are long gone.

    • Alaba

      You are living in Nigeria of yesterday. More days to come you will wake up to see a new Nigeria where CDS is being question by bloody civilian of Efcc.

      • share Idea

        What has this your comment got to do with @187665873247990:disqus’s?

    • Sir Demo

      Where do you get that from. Every and all accuse of criminal cases are treated as criminal until discharge and acquitted. Only that you can put pronounced them guilty and jailed until proven so. So how do you treat an armed robber caught red handed killing his victim?


        If you catch an armed robber red handed, you arraign him in front of a judge, provide evidence of such red-handedness, take his plea, the judge will decide what to do based on the evidence you provide as the prosecutor, and commence trial to convict him. Theoritically, until convicted, he has not been convicted. But there are many mini trials, such as bail hearing where decisions are made to factor in the concerns you raised.

        • Rommel

          What happens when the judge is found to be selling judgement?

          • AFRICANER

            Nothing. That’s is both status quo, status quo ante, and the future.

        • Sir Demo

          Na grammar you dey blow and from a legal view a jejune. Why are accuse parade as criminal even in US during trial? Check up perp parade

  • Burning Spear

    I think this Magu of a man is going insane–period—The question he is really asking is why Murder suspects should ever be allowed to hire lawyers—-in court-?——–Once an allegation of murder is levelled against any human being pronto-that person must be executed by Buhari the boko haram way–Have his throat slit in the fire place!—-We call that the (muzo muzo) Jihadist boko haramic law of the Fulani North–It has no regard for the laws- of the land——-Monkey! —–See the type of drug affected mental cases we have as head of the Buhari Gestapo-in efcc?—-Sadly he is from the North- which has for 55 years, tried to destroy Nigeria with their draconian demonic law of the jungle ideas–Tribalism again abi?—Whether criminals hire lawyers to defraud government or not, is not the business of this mumu man–in efcc—period———That is for the courts to decide——-Only God knows how this man became head of EFCC—he is a National disgrace! Yet a media house carried this insultive news item in praise of such an empty brain-for us to read abi? Nigeria is in some real trouble–with these agents of the Fulani empire in Aso rock—now-

    • Sir Demo

      Your little brain is obviously burnt out. Read what the NBA said led to the development of KYC TEMPLATE twit

  • Iskacountryman

    magu is a buffoon..

    • Rommel

      You mean he is now president Jonathan?

      • Joe

        Rommel, what brought Jonathan into this matter?. Did Jonathan made your sisters your daughters?. Why the hate?

        • Rommel

          Well he used an expression that was used by a very credible international news media recently to describe president Jonathan,can you now see the linkage?

          • Darlynstar

            A credible international news media claimed recently that it is better to have a chimpanzee running things in aso rock then Buhari ….it also claimed that buhari has being a long time supporter of boko haram which makes him terrorist in aso rock… Then that brings me to the general view that buhari is an illiterate and official dullard of duara…

      • Iskacountryman


  • AGU

    if the criminals paid the lawyers to defend them there is nothing wrong with it. it is their profession to give best advise to their client. Magu was sacked because of corruption, before Buhari who glorify corruption people appoint him as EFCC chairman.

    • Sir Demo

      Are you awake?

    • henryhott40

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  • Kez Ebed

    The law is a trade, politics a trade, fuelsubsidying, a trade, importing and exporting a trade, forwarding and backwarding, a trade. All they that are involved in any trade in naija strive to make the best out of their trade; so called criminals not excepted. Besides, would the lawyer actually want to go for a cup of water instead of a bucketful when he needs to bathe? Everyone needs some share of the national cake – even they that are inside the efcc. Blink a moment and see what happens when you open your eyes. The efcc guys know sincerely that they are not wearing any immune shield against the virus that causes ”Pinch-the-Cake” syndrome. Just that the chance hasn’t slipped in yet.

  • Jacky

    Magu is absolutely the right man for the EFCC job. His intelligence and boldness can be seen in recent cases the commission is prosecuting. The NBA President; Mr Aleghe can pretend all he wants but the truth is that he doesn’t support the anti-corruption war. The same NBA President who didn’t see anything wrong when Joseph Daudu (SAN) publicly lampooned Justice Umar of the CCT and accused him of bias for his insistence on the trial of Bukola Saraki, has now turned around to accuse President Buhari of intimidating the Judiciary for the mere reason that Mr President said “the Judiciary is his main headache”. But isn’t the Judiciary a big problem for Nigeria?

  • isaac

    This magun man shouldn’t b allowed to open his terrible gob in public places for goodness sake. His type shouldn’t b heading sensitive govt agencies in this modern times. What a disgrace.

  • Darlynstar

    Is his name Magu or Mugu or does illiteracy run so deep in aso rock…
    If a person is accused and charged to court, it is within the constitutional rights of the accused to seek legal advise from lawyers and be represented in court by a legal representative… What kind of system does EFCC and buhari want to run in the country, is it the boko haram method of judgement where an accused just has his head cut off once he is seen as gulity…

    • Salihu

      You are the Mugu, because you seems not to have red and properly understand what he said. My prayer to you is that may you fall in the hands of 419ers and after duping you heavily, one lawyer will come and use the legal technicalities Magu is talking about and turn you to a suspect and not complainant. May be only then you will understand what he is saying.

      • Darlynstar

        Maybe when the police arrest you and throw you in cell under the pretence of you breaking the law then claim you are guilty without you being taken to court then pass judgement on you thereafter shoot you …all this while you will be screaming ” human right, human right, I need to see my lawyer”….then just before the police officer puts the trigger, you remember that you have no means of proving your innocence and will not have your day in court ….hmmmm …then you will understand the importance of everyone having their day in court…the only body empowered to pronounce an accused guilty is the court of law… for the educated minds, they understand the importance of separation of powers between the cops, jury and executioners…tthis is not the era of judge dredd