Court renews arrest warrant on ex-militant Tompolo, orders security agencies to produce him

Photo Credit: Vanguard Newspaper

A Federal High Court in Lagos, Monday, dismissed an objection by Government Ekpemupolo (also known as Tompolo) to his arrest brought and renewed a warrant order it had earlier issued on the former militant leader.

Judge Ibrahim Buba said the application by Mr. Ekpemupolo’s lawyer, Tayo Oyetibo, urging the court to set aside an order of substituted service was “misconceived, misplaced, and misapplicable.”

“Up till today the first defendant has refused to honour the invitation of the court to appear before it,” the judge said.

“The whole essence of service is to make the person aware of charges facing him.‎ By bringing an application before the court, the first defendant had become aware of the charge before the court.”

Mr. Buba adjourned till February 19th and ordered all the relevant security agencies to produce Mr. Ekpemupolo.

Mr. Ekpemupolo and Patrick Akpobolokemi, the former Director‎ General of the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, NIMASA, are accused of a multibillion naira fraud at the agency.

Others charged alongside the duo are Global West Vessel Specialist Ltd, Odimiri Electrical Ltd, Kime Engozu, Boloboere Property and Estate Limited, Rex Elem, Destre Consult Ltd, Gregory Mbonu, and Captain Warredi Enisuoh.

Festus Keyamo, counsel to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, said all the accused persons reported to the Commission’s office by 7 a.m. on Monday ahead of their court appearance, except Mr. Ekpemupolo.

The former militant leader had continued to ignore the court’s order for his appearance.

However, unlike previous court sittings, he sent a lawyer to represent him on Monday.

Mr. Oyetibo, a senior advocate of Nigeria, announced his intention to challenge the manner in which the prosecution effected the court’s order for substituted service on his client.

“On January 12, this court made a specific order for substituted service on the first defendant to be pasted on the gate of No.1 Agbamu street in Warri, Delta State,” said Mr. Oyetibo.

“In purported execution of that order, the prosecution deposed an affidavit of service on 14th January and exhibited a photograph of the premises to which the service was pasted.

“The building shown in the photograph is a completely different property.

“The question is whether the prosecution has carried out the order made by this court. If the answer is yes, then we can proceed with the hearing of this matter.”

The judge, however, made it clear he would not entertain any attempt to delay the trial, adding that the new Administration of Criminal Justice Act 2015 had ushered in “change.”

He dismissed Mr. Oyetibo’s application.

Mr. Keyamo had earlier told the judge that Mr. Ekpemupolo’s continued shunning of the court as well as EFCC’s invitations were an affront on the judiciary.

He also urged Mr. Oyetibo to sign an undertaking that he would produce his client at the next adjourned date, a request the latter flatly turned down.

“It is the duty of the prosecution to produce the defendant, not his counsel.”

Speaking to journalists after the court’s sitting, Mr. Keyamo said Mr. Ekpemupolo can no longer be issuing directives “from the comforts of his bedroom.”

“His lawyer refused to an undertaking to produce him in court, so everybody is avoiding Tompolo,” Mr. Keyamo said.

“So the security forces should make sure they produce him before the court, and that is the Chief of Army Staff, the Chief of Naval Staff, the Chief of Air Staff, the Inspector General of Police, the Director of State Security Services, the EFCC, and all other…. They should produce him before the court.

“This is the Federal Republic of Nigeria, no one person, I repeat, no one person is above the law. It’s not possible. They should produce him.”


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  • PolyGon2013

    Tomplotamus must get out of the creeks. It is Getty muddy.

  • Baba B

    I wonder why he is scared of going to jail when legend has it that he vanishes as the custodian of the infamous egbesu deity

    • Sparzo

      Na wah! I think it is because that legend has made him above the law in the eyes of his people.

    • Observer

      hahahahahahahah, Baba B, abeg no tear my belle with laff, na ur comment i like pass for here, as for the GEJ apologists , una never chee chon chin

  • Chuks

    This illiterate has continued his lawless militancy after receiving hefty federal payments in exchange for pardon and commitment to the law. He is stupidly pretending to be above the same federal government that pays him. The Buhari government has acquired a moral advantage by being liniment to Tompolo for a while. When federal law enforcement agents go after him, Nigerians will support a ‘massacre’ action against this economic saboteur. Buratai is not Badeh who was playing escort to militants! It is very dangerous for any country to support militants who hardly finished high school disobeying constituted authority. Amnesty has conditions.

    • Arabakpura

      At least the man has removed ” government” from his name!

  • FreeNigeria

    Creeks will dry up soon for this weak catfish Tompolo. Then he’ll become dried fish in Kirikiri where he truly belongs.

  • Julius

    This is not going to end well for this dude . He would either be dead or end up in jail for a long time. The government will also get the money back.

  • Chuks

    Oil price have fallen, amnesty allowance must be cut by 70%. These creek dumb heads must find something to do or register for unemployment allowance.


      Ibo–man——————let me tell u the Ijaw Nation has never enjoyed the crude oil found in their backyard–Oil was found in 1957———–It is not the 200 dollars paid top some 1,000 militants that will help develop—the Ijaw Nation—-The Souith south was once with the south east–Show us the things that they did—-for us——–We the Ijaws are very much aware of the negative role the Ibos have been playing—in the destruction of the economic tree of the ijaw nation—We shall pay back one day————-meanwhile u can go on with your fruitless efforts of dragging asare dokubu into your camp—-U put yr ibo nmae on so that the Fulanis would know u are for them–tomorrow the same u the ibos will come and talk about the SE and SS–marraige–animals

  • I Hate Sycophant Truly

    Good story. Tompolo is tired of this world. If he continues this way, he may lose his life in all shoot out that will accompany his arrest before 19th February. He did same to GEJ, he told him not to come to Delta state for a government programme and GEJ sat in Aso Rock. That was a slap to the C-in-C of the Armed Forces to be restricted to a geographical location.
    Tompolo MUST bow, the era of lawlessness, brigandage and militancy is over in this nation. Everyone MUST subject himself/herself to the law of the land or preferably relocate to Tanzania or its affiliate countries.


      It is better for him to lose his life than be poisoned to death–by Buhari——-and the Itsekiri thieves like Sagay and keyamo—The Ijaw Nation will rather die than be enslaved by the tripod again –where is Ojuku–Awo ati Zik-?—–Is it the death of Tompolo that should trouble our soul-?—-He has fought a good battle-produced the first Ijaw president——————–what we now yearn for is our freedom—Not for animals like u to tell us about the death of Tompolo—Are u preparing to chew his flesh-? Have u not cheated the Ijaw nation enough–since 1957–when oil was discovered———-Tompolo did not steal any government money–it is about a land dispute between ijaws and itsekiris it does not concern Buhari and the apes in APC———period

  • I Hate Sycophant Truly

    The end of the road calling. Tompolo is tired of this world. If he continues this way, he may lose his life in all shoot out that will accompany his arrest before 19th February. He did same to GEJ, he told him not to come to Delta state for a government programme and GEJ sat in Aso Rock. That was a slap to the C-in-C of the Armed Forces to be restricted to a geographical location.
    Tompolo MUST bow, the era of lawlessness, brigandage and militancy is over in this nation. Everyone MUST subject himself/herself to the law of the land or preferably relocate to Tanzania or its affiliate countries.


      Have your Buhari who called Nigerians abroad criminals ever obeyed a single court order in his thieving life–Buhari shwon any respect for the Rule of Law? -Why was he Buhari not present at the Oputa Panel when invited to appear?–Did Buhari not use the courts to hide his theft of 2.8b–? Nigeria is after Etete—an Izon man————Now it is Tompolo sponsored by the Itzsekiris warlords led by Sagay———————–Yet they will not let my people go–Every Ijaw Village has been razed by Fulani ati Yoruba soldiers all in the name of searching for tompolo————-and etete—-soon it will be Deizani and Jonathan for the Itsekiri people ati the tripod

      • Arabakpura

        A panel is different from a court!


    For all of us bursting arteries in account of the latest display of foolishness by the brainless one, let me beg you all to vociferously condemn his proclivities without bitterness; that is whom he has always been, a bitter insecure narcissist with a complex. Let me tell you how.

    Remember senile blast from the past truncated our democracy in our second republic? Well, that’s not the news really. The gist is in the state of things before this despot came along. Before 1984, all you had to do to school abroad in any of the wonderful schools was just pass your Cambridge and show up at the embassy for your visa. It was as simple as that. The moment you have passed Cambridge and can pay for your plane ticket, it was bienvenue to Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, Carnegie Mellon, and indeed any other university your brain can carry.

    Buhari, this same sick relic destroying Nigeria once again, he changed all that. Buhari it was that OFFICIALLY WROTE THE EMBASSIES asking them to demand for proof of funds to the time of N10,000 Naira then! Please, perish the thought that N10,000 Naira today is same as N10,000 Naira then. As a pointer, as at then, Volkswagen Beetle was going for less than N1,500 Naira, our national prestige, the Right Honourable Peugeot 504 was a little above N2,000 Naira then. As a pointer, as at September 1980, the exchange rate was at N1 = $2.06 dollars! It was still this same Buhari that came and dollar started rubbishing the Naira. Today, I hear it’s now N320 Naira = $1 dollar, that is if you see it. The best way to understand what this criminal did is by projecting the cost of goods then that are still in existence today, these are what can capture the influences of devaluation and inflation at the same time. In that case let’s look at Peugeot 504. Today, though almost extinct, but in 2008, someone bought one for N3.8million. Let’s assume a base price of N2,500 for the car in 1984. That means we multiply by 4 to get N10,000. This is, what Buhari was asking the embassies to demand from Nigeria was proof of funds to the tune of four Peugeot 504s. By today’s standard and using a baseline of N3.8million for a brand new Peugeot, we are talking of an equivalent of over N15million Naira.

  • Analyst

    Mr Aloku and Tompolo are both wanted. Lets see who the APC security agencies want to bring to court.

    • Burning Spear

      Was Buhari not once in prison—then became president with his vindictive hatred for the ijaw Nation—–VIA THE USA———We shall over come no matter the efforts of the Fulanis–Yorubas and their Ibo surrogates- to place us in economic bandage—Buhari did not answer to the call by the later Justice Oputa to appear before him—-He has never obeyed a single court order—in his thieving life-So is Tompolo the first that the Itsekiris will declare wanted for the Fulanis ati Yorubas-via sagay and keyamo—-?—-‘Where is Abacha today?——–What on earth ever last forever–how old is buhari–75———–So let him continue with his foolishness–the world is watching him–destroy his soul—U declare a man wanted because of land he sold–u must be crazy–we all know Tompolo will not come out alive–with Itsekiris like Sagay and his hate filled soul c hasing him about–the creeks of the niger delta–

      • Arabakpura

        Economic “bandage” must never be the lot of the ijaws!

    • Arabakpura

      Who is Mr Aloku? Is he that Fayose accomplice? He cannot come to court now since Fayose cannot come too; so, that will be pending until Fayose is ready!

  • Dazmillion

    The height of Tompolo impunity was when he told Jonathan not to come to Delta state and Jonathan sat back at Aso villa like a mouse. I was thoroughly ashamed of Jonathan and his family that day. But thankfully that era of imbeciles is over.

    Tompolo will attend to this court case whether dead or alive.

    • Right Minded

      And you think you will be alive to witness the case on TV or maybe in your grave!

  • let the war begin

    When Buhari disobeyed court orders with impunity –the 9jas from the old regions clapped for him—–when he refused to show face at the Late Justice Oputa Panel–we said nothing———————————————because of the Fulanis tribal marks of Buhari——Not Ijaw man Tompolo with the Itsekiris now in power—under Buhari-led by Sagay and Keyamo—So Tompolo must die—for the Itsekiri kingdom to expand beyond warri to koko–animals

  • IZON Redeemer


    On Abacha, Buhari, IBB, OBJ and Abdulsalami.

    Our people have suddenly become anti corruption crusaders because of the bad belle syndrome that prevails.

    Despite all the money Abacha stole, no northerner, not even, Buhari, had accused, nor spoken ill against him. In fact our present president has nothing but praises for him.

    Despite all the money IBB stole from the gulf war oil boom, nobody had questioned him or disgraced his lieutenants just to make a point.

    Despite all the obvious money OBJ stole to become one of the richest men in Africa on retirement from govt, when all he had was 2700 naira in his account just before he became president, no Yoruba man is calling for his head.

    Despite all the loot Abdusallam gathered in less than one year in govt, the country did not cave in, the world never came down and all hausas kept mum.

    Just because a south south man became president by divine intervention of God which is against the will of the northern oligarchy and probably tasted the national cake that’s even baked and prepared in his backyard, hell is being let loose and his blood brothers are been used against him to disgrace and bring him down

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m in no way in support of corruption if proven but we should understand these games and plans by the north as the real threat to our nation’s survival and condemn it rather than insult and blame Goodluck Jonathan!!! -Now the Itsekiris want the head of Tompolo for the Fulanis—via Sagay ati Keyamo

    • IZON Redeemer

      Buhari never won the 2015 presidential election after all. His ‘victory’ was nothing short of a criminal conspiracy likened to the Sicilian Mafia bound by oath of omerta calling to mind the gross electoral malpractices and irregularities that took place in the desert northern city-states of Bauchi, Kano, and Sokoto where polling stations swarm with underaged voters, the camera, it is said, cannot lie; they were caught in the act. This would have made enough evidence to have the victory of Muhammadu Buhari upturned had the incumbent President gone progressively to contest the results in the nation’s apex court in Abuja. Against all odds, he was allowed to assume the reigns of power. All criminal behaviours involve the use of force, fraud, or stealth to obtain material or symbolic resources. Self-styled grandees who commit white collar crimes, like he did, appear more self-centered and indifferent to the sufferings of other people. The President did say Nigerians propensity for criminality has made it hard for them to be accepted abroad.Focusing on criminality in this regard rather than political-legal definitions also allows us to finesse the perplexing problem of why some acts are defined as crimes while similar arguably more damaging acts – white collar crimes which he has been traced to him and his cohorts – are not. Evidence abound where Buhari shields his cronies and party partisans from criminal persecution and these, I dare say, are the real criminals. Does that not make him an accomplice? Then why on earth would one throw stones while one lives in a glass house?…

  • Igwe

    Who is coming up with this kind of names? It seems they just kicks a Tin can down the road and name the child whatever noise the can makes.

  • favourtalk

    The MN will surely smell hell when they produce him. Nigeria is not joking with the corruption that he involved himself in and we need a better nation. This nation will surely move forward.

  • Right Minded

    I Pity Keyamo, he is playing with his life. He is saying nobody is above the law but his illiterate President refused to obey court laws and orders. Let all the security forces use their mights to bring Tompolo before the parasitic fulani judge called Buba, and lets see how far they can go. Bokohari has refused to obey more than four court orders, and you want Tompolo to present himself and be treated the way Nnamdi Kanu and other innocent citizens are treated? We are waiting for the security forces. 2016 is the year we have been waiting for……