UPDATED: Supreme Court says Senate President, Bukola Saraki, must face corruption trial

Senate President Bukola Saraki CCB Trail

The Supreme Court has dismissed an appeal by the senate president, Bukola Saraki, against his trial by the Code of Conduct Tribunal for alleged corruption.

The court upheld an earlier decision given by the Court of Appeal, asking Mr. Saraki to face trial at the Code of Conduct Tribunal.

Mr. Saraki is facing a 13-count charge of alleged false declaration of assets.

The Code of Conduct Bureau says the senate president lied about his assets, and maintained a foreign account, when he was governor of Kwara State.

Mr. Saraki said the charges were politically motivated, and challenged the powers and composition of the Code of Conduct Tribunal to hear the case.

He asked the Court of Appeal to determine whether or not the tribunal was right in issuing a bench warrant against him, and asked the court to explain if any other person, other than the Attorney General of the Federation, could file criminal charges against him.

Overall, Mr. Saraki asked the Court of Appeal to nullify the decisions of the Code of Conduct Tribunal for allegedly violating the decision of the high court.

On October 30, 2015, the appeal court dismissed Mr. Saraki’s objection to the trial, affirming the powers of the tribunal to hear the charges against the senate president.

Mr. Saraki appealed to the Supreme Court on November 4, 2015.

But in its ruling Friday, the Supreme Court affirmed the decision of the Court of Appeal, and dismissed the appeal in its entirety.

A six-member panel of judges, led by Justice Walter Onoghen, said under the 1999 Constitution, the Code of Conduct Tribunal could validly sit with only its chairman and one member.

The court also ruled that the tribunal was right in issuing a bench warrant against Mr. Saraki, stressing that the constitution provides the tribunal with a “quasi” criminal jurisdiction.

The court also held that the office of the Attorney General is, as the name implies, an office, which should not seize to function in the absence of the attorney general.


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  • Rumournaire

    Nigeria is on the path to greatness. Despite the continuous negativism of many, the facts that corrupt people can face trial and be convicted, and that the Supreme Court maintains its integrity, are clear signs of progress. This is not to say we are where we should be – far from it. I know many would point at a thousand and one cases of suspected corruption that have not been addressed. But we are on a journey, and we should continue to uphold our government as it leads us on that journey.

  • monti omeka-agu

    Sounds good…
    “the COUNTDOWN just begun”
    Rogue-Saraki must go—

  • kevenreal

    The hope of this country seems to lay squarely with the supreme court judges. They have shown once again that they are not beholding to any big name. It’s left to Buhari the dullard to respect their judgements for the good of everybody and device better strategy to convict looters. All the present trials in the media isn’t effective at all. A better message would be sent out if 3 to 5 people are convicted and given maximum punishment allowed in the constitution. This is another good work of Jonathan, he really allowed the apex judicial body to organise themselves without interference.

    • Sir Demo

      Too much contradictions in your post for me to make sense out of it bru

      • kevenreal

        My post is only for those with very good critical thinking skills.

        • Arkhuma

          Unfortunately you lack that critical thinking yourself. That’s why it’s difficult for you to succinctly explain your view.

        • tundemash

          Stop smoking cheap drugs, it is making u delusional !

          • kevenreal

            Tunde ofe manu, is it excess palm oil that is blocking your brain or is the psychosis ravaging your family? I know my analysis is difficult for you to understand, but I have made it clear it’s not meant for people with your level of education.

          • tundemash

            A confused soul and analyses ? How do those correlate ?
            Do your mates at the amnesty camp understand you ?

        • Sir Demo

          I hear you o! Logic and Ekpas? Impossibility, water and oyel no dey mix, except you join a surfactant.

      • Room 23_@Radisson Blu

        You mean a contradiction that exalts a career illiterate failure and incompetence over an established academic and success story? Isn’t the existence of Nigeria as a country in itself the greatest contradiction mother earth has ever known? Take a look at all countries led by humans and take a glance at the Resumes of the man and women that lead these countries in the 21st century of our time. They are young, vibrant and well educated and experienced personalities. Not those whose only qualification are a negation of the core principles of democracy – coup plotting and terminating a democratically elected govt by use of guns. This criminality and treasonable act cannot become a model for rectitude even in the animal kingdom. But in our Nigeria, we love to forget and assume that it remains so…and it hunts us everyday and it will continue to…until we have courage to do the needful – BREAKUP!

        • Ways Inc

          Room23_@Radisson Blue, what I don’t understand about your comments is just that: are you from another universe or this same universe we are all in? Because there is no way truth can be hidden on this earth planet any more. If PMB is not educated why is he a General in the Army? Do you do you think a Doctor can carry a gun when his/her field of specialization is to take care of human body? Why not take your time and do some research about PMB before you say anything here on public wall? You don’t need to hurt yourself all because you hate him. The most discipline setting so far in any organization in this World is the Army. Check records, pick out the facts and learn from it. God Bless Federal Republic Of Nigeria. God Bless Me And You. God is Working.

    • Julius

      lolz. Oh my God, you are delusional !. Jonathan shouldnt be mentioned other than being clueless and a thief !

    • tundemash

      Duncee na one way. Abi you no dey listen to Fela song?

      • kevenreal

        I am too posh for anything Fela…am sorry!

      • tundemash

        Why use my moniker ?

    • tundemash

      Another hopeless one from the street of despair!
      Dasuki was arrested, you wailed, Ole Metuh was arrested you wailed, Dokpesi was questioned, you wailed and you want 3 to 5 people convicted; are those people coming from China ?

      • kevenreal

        You are in your propaganda auto mode as usual. Lies won’t help you!

        • tundemash

          Mor0n, learn from Dokpesi’s experience who just apologised for his lies.

      • duwdu

        Abeg, tell’am, tundemash!


  • David Adeniran

    At least we have a SANE Judgement.

    • duwdu

      +1. Couldn’t have put it any better.


  • Olu Picasso Lawal

    Just this morning i posted a message on facebook about Judiciary, still on the matter Judicial system needs to work or the country will be run down kudos to the supreme court for this judgement

  • Paul Haanongon

    There is hope for a better Nigeria. Next is Halliburton ans Siemens retrial. Up PMB

    • MilitaryPolice01

      halliburton case will not go anywhere,the file has been hidden under the inner recesses of Magu’s pit latrine. Why ? because Obasanjo is heavily indicted in that case and Buhari is not ready to fight the man

      • Nkem

        What are the allegations against Obasanjo in the Halliburton Report?

        • MilitaryPolice01

          look up at the sky, tell me if the color is blue or black

          • Reason-ability

            You actually need to answer his question since you seem to have insider knowledge. What are the allegations against Obasanjo. We need this information to bring the latter to justice. Please supply us with info.

          • duwdu

            @MilitaryPolice01, please answer @Nkem’s question, as buttressed by @Reason-ability. Don’t just throw such allegations up in the air, it isn’t fair.


      • tundemash

        So what happened to the file in the last 6 years Magu wasn’t EFCC Chairman and Buhari wasn’t the President ?

  • Omole

    Saraki should not be allowed to continually waste our resources to defend his CORRUPTION case. He should be arrested and thoroughly prosecuted. Ordinarily, he ought to av bin arrested by now. A more Credible Senator, not Ekeremadu, should be appointed. I wonda ao long CORRUPT ELEMENTS wil continue to preside ova our affairs & looting d RESOURCES of GOOD LOVING PEOPLE OF NIGERIA!!!

  • FreeNigeria

    Prodigal son Saraki should immediately step down as the Senate president.

  • Nelson

    Saraki made a mistake, he has shown remorse, lets forgive him and move on. the charges against him are simply trumped up..

    • MilitaryPolice01

      trumped up ?? chai Nigerians sef, is it till our politicians start taking money directly from our pocket that we go wise up

      • duwdu

        +1. Abeg tell them, MilitaryPolice01.


    • tundemash

      If the charges are trumped up, why can’t he just be man enough to go to court and prove that ?
      If a man comes to your house, rape your wife and daughter and shoots your mother to death and shows remorse thereafter, i guess we should let him off ?

      And you want Nigeria to be like US, UK, Singapore with this kind of silly mentality ????

      • duwdu

        Very well said, tundemash.

        Besides, which remorse?


  • agbobu


  • Julius

    The good effect of Buhari. Bribery is going out of style !

  • Prof Pat Mumuwole Onajite

    I hear the NLC and other labour Unions in Britain’s Nigeria are planning to go on strike. How mumuish Nigerians are. Now I have no doubts that our mumudity is irreversible. Which should have necessitated strike actions and/or protests? –
    (1) Increase in electricity tariffs OR
    (2) The continued receipt of over $1.7m pa as emoluments for Senators of the ‘Federal’ Republic?

    …and guess what? Even these miscreants who earn the afore mentioned Salaries don’t pay electricity tariffs. The state pays with our taxes. This is why I know that indeed we are all part of the 2oo Million Mumus that make up Nigeria. The Labour Unions are complete Mumus. Irredeemable Mumus. Doomed Mumus. Senseless Mumus. Zooooooooooooooooooombeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees. Edeorts!
    This is why a confederation ot outright break up is still the best solution for an incongruent Nigeria.

    • Igwe

      You are correct. Your mumudity is irreversible.

  • √๏и๏

    Five points :

    1. This is how democracy and its checks and balances is supposed to work. This is actually classic, and I like it; the other two co-equal branches had a dispute and it is settled by the third, so far so good.

    2. Let’s not forget that Saraki is still innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

    3. Saraki appears to have been ineffective in checking Buhari’s excesses, therefore he no longer has my support. He has rubber stamped all appointments, and failed to hold hearings to investigate massacre and disobedience of court orders, it’s time for him to go.

    4. Don’t be surprised if a deal was worked out to go through the process fully just as a show, and then exonerate him. These big men work together.

    5. However, I did believe his appeal had merit. But the court has spoken.

  • tundemash

    So can Saraki be man enough and use this opportunity to go to court and clear his name pls?

    • Reason-ability

      He really needs to simply resign as Senate President and remain just a senator. That way he will save our democracy from disrepute and will minimise the damage to him. It would be difficult to recover from being convicted of corruption as Senate President. It is lighter load to carry being a corrupt senator only-many are in the same fold with him on that. I just don’t understand why he is so stubborn? He is a medical doctor and a power broker in Kwara State. If he lives now (not so honourably) on his own resignation, he just may salvage some of his battered reputation and be warmly embraced by his people on his return. Na wah o! This is when he needs strategy most and he is failing.

      • duwdu

        Unfortunately for Saraki, there’s now no turning back, because he now has to go through this criminal trial. And, if found guilty, one of the punishments for that, as prescribed by law, is that he be barred from holding public office for up to ten years. So he won’t remain even a senator if convicted.

        The only way he can rebuild his political legacy stemming from this issue he’s going through, is if he’s found not guilty. And I’d like to think that sort of outcome is highly unlikely, even as The Supreme Court has become unpredictable and controversial these days.


    • Abilingo

      its time for you nigerians to speak with one voice to let Saraki Resign which court would he go again.

    • Angry Niaja

      I doubt it, watch this space, there is likely to be some abracadabra shortly, waiting with baited breath

  • DanielOsazuwa

    I saw this coming. His inability to arrive at “an internal family affair” settlement led to the criminal gang sponsored and planted stories about missing budget and the budget being altered.

    The new criminal justice law should now prevail: daily seating please.

  • musa aliero

    Saraki has been used and dumped by APC!! They soft peddled on him when they presented ministers for screening and budget and now that they have got all those issues passed they r back for him! Well that all depends on the CCT trial! If he is found guilty he must go! And if he is innocent he will rise In status even more

    • Abilingo

      Tell me how was he dumped? with all the confusions he caused to enforced himself to be the Senate President.

      • duwdu

        Abeg, tell’am. Senator ‘Bukola Saraki caused severe division and brought opprobrium/disgrace on his own party. He also handed over – on a platter of gold – the vice-presidential position of The Senate, to which his party members are duly entitled – to the party opposed to his own party! All because of his inordinate ambition to be senate president?

        Now, this chicken has come home to roost. Let Saraki bear his own cross.

        If Saraki were a clean politician one would have cared a little bit over his self-inflicted alleged crimes against his own people while Governor; Saraki, however, is clearly no such politician.

        Moreover, if The Supreme Court had ruled in his favour, some children of hate would have latched unto that and claimed that he was being let off the hook because he, after all, is a prominent member of the ruling party… yada yada.

        The Almighty God willing, Saraki and such co-travelers will forfeit to the Nigerian state their proceeds of corruption, and bear all other lawful consequences of their actions which have been to the detriment of our people.


  • Abilingo

    If the Judge could be Jailed at Gombe for fraud ,who says SaraKi can not.I beg Nigerians should speak louder with one VOiCE.

  • Gugurus Ekpa

    Saraki, have you ordered you preferred color of jump suit and handcuffs?

  • Emmanuel Maduagwu

    I see the beginning of the downfall of the APC as apolitical party!

  • Atlanatawaters

    Let the trial begin.

  • vincentumenyiora

    Somebody should tell them that Asset declaration does not mean or include anticipated Asset declaration otherwise we shall all wish to have castles on the Hills of Nigeria like IBB’s and OBJ’s kind in Mina and Abeokuta! Maybe Buhari will probe these also! You’ll deduce Gen. Sani Abacha’s loot derived from this kind of ambitious thinking in Nigeria – to be Richer than your predecessors in government!

    • ita ekpo

      Man where no dey alive na him fit chase. But those wey dey alive where drop uniform na him be his paddy. All of dem na so so their hand clean. This corrupt only target mufty people and the hate one for this prosecution.

  • ita ekpo

    Why the witness come out unmask openly. Is because is real story if not as on like cover up mask will be introduced.